A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 12-2

The Military Camp

Since early in the morning, seven thousands soldiers had lined up nicely in front of the camp. Su Ling’s face was pitch-black. He was a bit stupefied when he heard Su Ren’s report about Gu Yun leading the troop at dawn to enter the rainforest. Yesterday, she also insisted in going to the Crow’s Valley. How could she, after a night, give up? This was really out of her character.

For a long time, Su Ling didn’t say anything. Yu Shi Jun stepped forward and reported, “General, we are ready to set out.”

Su Ling focused back his mind and nodded, “Set out.” Forget about it! It was still better that she stayed.

“Yes, sir!” Facing the entire army, Yu Shi Jun ordered, “Set Out!”

The soldiers in formation set out to the Crow’s Valley. Very quickly, there were only Su Ren and red-clothed Mu Yi left in the field.

Su Ren curiously asked,”You aren’t going?”

Shrugging his shoulders, Mu Yi looked bored and replied, “I’ve seen too much killing and fighting. It no longer interests me. “

“Then, do you want to go and see Qing Mo’s training?”

Frowning, Mu Yi replied, “It’s dirty, not interesting.”

Not going to observe battlefield and also not going to see the training. Su Ren laughed,
“Please don’t say that you woke up this early just to chit chat with me?”

“Yes.” Mu Yi shortly replied, surprising Su Ren. It couldn’t be, right?

Looking at Su Ren, Mu Yi (in a rare moment) asked seriously, “I want to know something. Regardless of Qing Mo’s status, who is she, and what is her objective in coming to Su family, as long as Bing Lian choses her, she will be indeed the Su family’s eldest daughter-in-law. Am I right?”

Su Ren looked at him for a while before nodding, “Yes.”

Mu Yi lightly raised his eyebrow. Su Ren felt something wasn’t right and asked, “Have you got any news regarding Qing Mo’s background?”

“Not yet.”

Returning to his usual self, Mu Yi shrugged and replied, “There is nothing to do so early in the morning. I just talked nonsense. You don’t need to be that anxious.”

Leaving the anxious Su Ren, Mu Yi smiled. Once he turned his back, the smile on his face disappeared. In his heart, he worried about Ling. Although nothing could be decided about Qing Mo’s background, according to his analysis, this woman had a problem.


11 thoughts on “A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 12-2

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  2. Interesting,they are finally getting to the crux of the situation and questioning where she came from. I wonder if Qing Mo will ever tell them the truth, that she came from the future and posesssed that girl’s body. Anyway, thank you as always for the translation!!! 😀


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