The General Only Fears The Maiden’s Escape Chapter 7 Part 1

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This chapter was translated by Sian for only and edited by Din2.

By Ye Shuang

Chapter 7 (Part 1)

Pa! (Slapping sound).

A loud and clear slapping sound was suddenly echoed in a flash, that blasting slap hit on the snow white cheek, a red hand print suddenly appeared on it. People could definitely see that she was exerting all of her strengths to do it.

“You already know earlier that he will come, right?”

After getting the notification from someone, Liang Yu Xia hurriedly went to the front door, then she saw the confrontation between Chai Zhe Xia and Wu’s landlord. She still did not have enough time to intervene, so she saw that the Wu landlord’s bride escort procession went back after Chai Zhe Xia exchanged a few words.

Believing that her thorough plan was completely failed now, Liang Yu Xia was obviously furious, so she went to Cui Miao He’s small pavilion with her anger, and without saying anything, she flung her hand to slap her.

This wretched girl was simply her enemy, when she just got married, in order to get Laoye’s favor, she exhausted some mental and physical efforts to curry the favor from Cui Miao He. With great difficulty, she finally had her own daughter, so believing that she already had someone that she could rely on, she gradually alienated and treated her coldly.

This time, she already plotted very well on her own a long time ago, and intended to sell Cui Miao He and use the money to pay a trouble that was created by her elder brother. Then, she would use the remaining of the money for the Cui’s family to live steadily. In the future, she would look for a husband for her daughter to enter the Cui’s manor, this way, these mother and daughter would finally rely on each other for a lifetime.

She did not expect it, that everything was unexpectedly and completely wrecked half way by that Chai Zhe Xia.

She was flustered and exasperated, and determined that everything was secretly arranged by Cui Miao He, a new animosity and old hatred were bubbled up in her heart for a while.

“What are you saying?” Being slapped suddenly, Cui Miao He quickly raised her back, looked at her stepmother’s ferocious face, and she faintly said.

“You have known earlier that Chai Zhe Xia will come to escort the bride today, right?”

It was her carelessness, she should actually know from that day when she saw Chai Zhe Xia’s protections towards Cui Miao He, that these two people had friendships.

But at that time, she believed that Cui Miao He strongly opposed getting married to Chai’s family, and when she house-arrested Cui Miao He, she did not see Chai Zhe Xia appear either. She believed that these two people’s relationships should not be that deep, so she did not guard against it.

“Did he come?!” Having heard what was said, Cui Miao He’s heart was suddenly excited.

Did he really come to kidnap the bride? Even though she knew that he was a person who would certainly do what he said he would do, but it appeared that it was not only a dream that he came last night, so she was skeptical that he would really show up for her today.

She did not expect that he really came, what about the other one (Wu’s landlord)?

Outside, the sound of joys from the bride escort were lively and noisy, with firecrackers sounds that made earth-shaking noises, brimming with cheerful atmospheres.

At this moment, Cui Miao He finally felt a trace of reality, the edge of her lips were raised with a trace of relieved and light smile.

“Are you still laughing? Do you not know that what you have done will cause the Cui’s family into hopelessness and eternal damnation?” With her eyes bursted forth with resentment, Liang Yu Xia felt like destroying the smile on her face again.

She spent so much times and attentions to scheme this, because she only wanted to make the Cui’s family to be able to avoid this concern. At the end, Cui Miao He was unexpectedly destroyed her scheme, and yet she was still smiling.

Facing her stepmother’s attack one more time, Cui Miao He did not have any time to deal with it this time, so she gently turned around to avoid the slap.

“Do you still dare to avoid (the slap)?” Liang Yu Xia was glaring and roaring at her.

Cui Miao He did not like to have a direct open conflict with her stepmother in the past, she just did not want to increase anymore troubles and cause any worry to her father. But she had been framed like this repeatedly by her, so she just did not have any trace of mutual affections anymore.

“Why should I not dare to avoid?” Cui Miao He did not think that she should be waiting calmly to take a beating.

“You…..” With this kind of condescending bearing, Liang Yu Xia was even crazier, she vowed angrily that she would bring Cui Miao He under her control properly today. “Huan Huan, help me catch your mistress!”

Huan Huan was looking at her two mistresses, and she did not know who should she help.

After all, she was originally determined that her Miss would be married off to the Wu landlord’s house, and would be having a miserable’s life throughout her life, so she definitely did not take into consideration when she betrayed Miss. But hearing what the Madam was saying now, her marriage to Wu’s landlord clearly failed, and Chai Zhe Xia’s marriage sedan also arrived.

If Cui Miao He could enter the General’s manor, then she…..

Just because of this, she had a trace of hesitation, Huan Huan did not dare to make any movements for a period of time.

Upon seeing this, Liang Yu Xia who was always good in guessing on what people were thinking, she knew exactly what Huan Huan was thinking about. Therefore, she raised her eyebrows, and said to Huan Huan. “Do you think that the Mistress whom you have betrayed, will still put you in an important position? One betrayal will represent forever betrayal, even if you still want to stay by her side, it is impossible to have any good days with her, do you still have hope to look after her?”

These words seemed to pour iced water down on her face, Huan Huan rushed without any hesitations in a split second. Her face showed an embarrassment and suddenly shed her image, and completely turned into somebody who was self-centered.

She rushed forward to help Madam to catch her Miss, even though they were all women, but Huan Huan was a servant girl, so she could normally handle many more matters, and her strength was also a lot bigger than Cui Miao He who was raised as a rich lady.

Soon, both of Cui Miao He’s hands were caught and put behind her back, upon seeing this, Liang Yu Xia promptly took a big stride forwards, and slapped both of her (CMH) cheeks ferociously.

A hot and painful feeling bursted on Cui Miao He’s cheeks, she lost a little bit of consciousness due to the pain, one would be dizzy and did not know the directions (after being slapped that hard).

“Huan Huan, carry her away, if she cannot sell her openly, can it be that I cannot sell her secretly either?”

Since she did not want to be a rich man’s small concubine, then she would just sell her to the flower lady (lady pimp) at the flower pavilion (brothel) in a far away place. At that time, if she was in an unfamiliar place, she wanted to see how she could escape her life.

Listening to the Madam’s explanations, Huan Huan was actually hesitating, although she was the one who captured Cui Miao He, but she still did not make any movements.

“Madam, if we carry Miss away now, and when Chai Zhe Xia comes in and if he can not find Miss, this will only ruin the Cui’s family ah!”

“Even if he finds this dead girl, do you really think that we will have any peaceful days in the future?”

This dead girl was very proud and arrogant as a child, she had never put her in her eyes (care about her), today was the second time that she wanted to entrap her, she was afraid that she already bore grudges in her heart for a long time ago.

Rather than letting her enter the General’s manor to be the young master’s wife, then she would use the Chai’s family strength to deal with her, she would be better off to strike first and gain the upper hand.

If Chai Zhe Xia could not find the person, he might be angry for a short while, but as a man, how many men could really put one woman genuinely in his heart. After a period of time, she would wait until Chai Zhe Xia forgot about this girl. And as long as the Cui’s family was wealthy, if she wanted to make another raucous, then it should not be too difficult, right.

Moreover, this girl had a good look, if she sold her to the brothel, she would definitely worth some money. In order to get this money, there was no harm if she would take the risks one more time. As long as she could make a comeback, she could sacrifice anybody.

“Madam, we should think about this, ok!” Towards Madam’s determined method, Huan Huan still thought that it was inappropriate. Once she raised her voice to say that, there were sound of some footsteps coming from the outside door.

Liang Yu Xia was startled, she was still trying to think what she should do to trap the beast, but it was already too late.

An upright and unafraid figure who resembled a deity already entered the inner room, the person displayed his anger ostentatiously from all over his body, and it made the atmosphere condensed immediately.

Huan Huan saw Chai Zhe Xia who resembled an Asura (a type of malevolent spirit in some mythology), and did not dare to capture Cui Miao He anymore. She loosened up her hand and quickly retreated for a few steps.

“Where do you want to take her?”

Once he entered the room, Chai Zhe Xia asked a panic looking’s Liang Yu Xia immediately with a cold voice. But her eyes did not forget to change direction to look at the direction of Cui Miao He, as he wanted to confirm that she was safe and sound.

But with just one glance, he saw some scarlet palm prints that were on her cheeks.

Squinting his eyes suddenly, he rushed to take a large step forwards to caress the side of her red cheeks lovingly. Then he turned around and glared at Liang Yu Xia with his eyes that showed more murderous spirits.

“You dare to hurt her?!”

“I…..” Facing Chai Zhe Xia who was so furious, Liang Yu Xia was really frightened, and trembling that she could not even say anything.

Upon seeing this, Chai Zhe Xia turned his head to look at the attendant who was following behind him, and explained to him. “Go and please ask the second Cui family’s young lady to come see me.”

Having heard what he said, Liang Yu Xia who loved her daughter as if it was her own life, was immediately anxious, she asked in a hurry. “What are you trying to do?!”

“Giving her a taste of your own medicine.”

She dared to hurt his woman, then he would retaliate on Cui Yun Xiu’s body, he always believed in returning good for evil, and he even more believed in a tooth for a tooth.

“You….. cannot do it, Yun Xiu is very delicate, she will not be able to stand it.”

These words that Liang Yu Xia had said, unfortunately, once it came out, Chai Zhe Xia was even angrier and he looked like he wanted to roast somebody in anger.

Her daughter was delicate, then was it possible that his woman was not weak?

His chest was suffocated by some resentments, Chai Zhe Xia coldly looked at Cui Yun Xiu who had been found by his subordinate, and who was already frightened and turning pale, she was struggling because she was being dragged (into CMH’s courtyard).

When Cui Yun Xiu went in, he did but say anything further and just stepped forward. He raised his hand so high, but before his palm even fell on her face, she was already weeping and tears were falling on her beautiful face.

“Do not be like this, they are my dad’s relatives after all.” Cui Miao He only said these simple words, Chai Zhe Xia’s originally raging temper, was extinguished in a flash.

“But are you willing like this?” Not paying attention to his own anger, but he only cared about her mood. He was looking at her serene eyes, and was not able to hide his love and favor towards her completely.

“I am certainly blaming them, but I do not want my father to be broken-hearted and feel sad.” Looking at him with her smiling face, Cui Miao He faintly said.

She would not continue to interact with this family, but she could not make her father be lonely either, so even though she hated them, but she also did not want to use this kind trick to retaliate.

“Very well, then we will go back quickly to have the wedding ceremony, if we miss the time, it will certainly not be good.”

His whole body that was entirely filled with viciousness before, faded now, but Chai Zhe Xia still had some manners to let someone go and find the matchmaker who came with him and let her watch the bride.

Cui Miao He had been to the General’s manor before, that place was richly ornamented, and she already praised the manor when she went there before.

When the procession to escort the bride was actually a lot worst than what was showed at the General manor’s splendid style. And when the busyness and the noise actually stopped, Cui Miao He lifted her red covering sadly, she knew with a quick glance that Chai Zhe Xia, this youngster was acting willfully.

She was afraid that the Chai’s family did not agree with this marriage, it was even more possible that they did not know that he was going to kidnap a bride to bring her to the house today.

Allowing him to lead along to get off of the marriage sedan, her hand tightly grasped a red satin ribbon (this is a red ribbon with a big red flower in between the ends of the ribbon that usually connects a bride & groom’s hands during wedding ceremony), and she was quietly following behind him for a few steps, but she suddenly stopped.

Actually according to her current circumstances, she did not have to pay attention to the rumors and slanders, and just followed him to have the wedding ceremony, this would be the simplest matter to do, but she definitely did not want to do this.

From the first time when he came out to rescue her, and he did this matter for her also this time, she already engraved him in her heart.

It was exactly because of this, she should not let this willful youngster to do too many things for her, but she could only accept it passively, and could not repay any of his helps.

Even more, it was impossible for her to look helplessly at his flourishing and bright futures, be destroyed by those rumors.

Cui Miao He who was pulling along the red satin ribbon, even if she was being dragged, she was not willing to step forward.

Filling blissful in his heart, Chai Zhe Xia who thought that he was holding a beauty back for a good moment, just found out that Cui Miao He who was supposed to be following him, was not actually following him at all.

Looking at the hand that was holding onto the red satin ribbon, because of the two people, one was going forward while the other one had stopped walking, so the stretch between the two ends of the ribbon was rather tight. The red flower in the middle was turning around more and more ah, and it made people to feel dizzy.

Thinking that she just went through a torturous act just now, Cui Miao He was not feeling well, so she stopped walking, therefore, Chai Zhe Xia suddenly took several big strides back. Regardless whether or not the matchmaker would block him, his big hand suddenly lifted up (the veil), and it made the red veil that was on her head, floated and fell on the ground. His sharp eyes carefully looked at her, then he asked in a gentle and soft voice. “What is wrong with you? Are you feeling unwell?”

Their eyes were looking at each other at first, Cui Miao He stared to look at him and look at his eyes that were filled with concerns. She actually believed that regardless what the rumors said, beneath the surface, he was definitely a gentle and soft man.

Being taking care of by this kind of man was a blessing, it was many women’s prayers for their lives, and this was also naturally her own wish.

But….. she could not be selfish like this.

“It is nothing, I just can not marry you.” She had thought it through, and knew that this decision was proper.

She was actually emotionally affected towards him and loving him, because of this she could not harm him and let him be abandoned by the Imperial court, and furthermore, she could not make him not to see his parents and family.


Sian’s notes:

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The General Only Fears The Maiden’s Escape Chapter 6 Part 2

Over 2,770 words.

This chapter was translated by Sian for only and edited by Din2.

By Ye Shuang

Chapter 6 (Part 2)

This quick? Did they not say that there were still a few more days? Hearing what was said, Cui Miao He was a little fearful, her eyes suddenly flashed through a trace of frightened.

She thought that there would be several more days that could let her think of a way to run away, but she did not expect that her stepmother unexpectedly wanted her to be married off at an earlier date.

“Madam has said that the long night have many dreams, it will be better if the rice is cooked earlier in this matter.” Since everything was concealed from the Master, they would naturally arrange everything hurriedly before Master came back.

This way, even if Master came back, everything was already settled completely, so there was no more variables.

Hearing what was said, she should be flustered, but when Chai Zhe Xia’s firm eyes appeared before her, her heart that was originally not peaceful, was unexpectedly calm and settled.

Raising her eyes, she still looked at everything that was inside the room, she liked the landscape painting. Looking at the half pattern of the embroidery clothing, a typhoon embroidery. Then she was looking at the dresser that her father gave her, her heart inevitably flashed through a trace of melancholy.

Inside of this room was filled with everything that her father doted on her, maybe exactly because of this, it would make her stepmother see her as a thorn in her side. A thorn in her own flesh, right!

She understood, but she could not accept it.

Her line of sight suddenly arrived at Huan Huan’s expressionless face, Cui Miao He reached out her hand to take off the jade ring that she had always been wearing, then she passed it on to her.

“You can keep it for you, ok.”

Staring at that jade ring, Huan Huan did not reach out her hand to accept it, she only wrinkled her eyebrows to see Cui Miao He, and appeared to think unclearly on what kind of scheme that she was planning.

“You have served me for many years, after today, I will not be living at the manor anymore. Just consider this as your reward, if there is a day that he is in any difficulty, you will have money on you.”

Although they were master and servant, and their mutual affections could not end virtuously, but they were interdependent for so many years after all. Cui Miao He had not criticized her excessively from the beginning to the end.

“But…..” She knew that Miss treated her good in the past, but she could not believe that someone would actually have a good heart like this. She was fully aware that she was betrayed, but she (CMH) returned her (HH) betrayal with a reward, should there be some hidden plans?

Knowing exactly what Huan Huan was thinking, Cui Miao He faintly raised a laugh, then she just simply stuffed the jade ring inside her hand and held it completely into a fist.

“Just take it as a commemoration fate between us, master and servant, alright!”

“Miss…..” Looking at Miss’ face that had a light smile just like in the past, Huan Huan’s thought suddenly flashed through a trace of hesitation, especially when she heard this ‘master and servant’s fates, these four words, her thought that was originally firm, it unexpectedly was wavering slightly.

“In the future, do not call call me Miss anymore, once I leave the Cui’s manor, besides my own father, everything does not have any relations to me anymore.”

“But…..” Looking at Miss’ face that was determined to sever all of the relationships, Huan Huan was anxious unknowingly, when she wanted to say more words, but Cui Miao He already got up, and walked to sit in front of the copper mirror on her own.

Upon seeing this, Huan Huan silently stepped forward to serve her.

Cui Miao He quietly drew up long indigo eyebrows, then she put on face powder lightly on her face, she was slowly touching up and carefully drawing. In a split second, the sound of firecrackers started, and Huan Huan was holding her dazzling red wedding dress.

Looking at her magnificent self from the copper mirror, Cui Miao He quietly put her own hands inside her wide sleeves.

He would come, right!

Even though she was hoping from the bottom of her heart, but if he did not come, she would also try to find a good way on her own. Once she entered the Wu family’s door (married off), that was also the end of her life today.

She knew exactly what her own heart wanted so it was impossible to marry Wu’s landlord, she had already understood clearly what was in Chai Zhe Xia’s heart now, that even if she had to die, she would never married the other person even more.

Everyone was pointing out at the two crimson marriage sedans that were on the street, both seemed to stop together in front of the Cui family’s front door, there were still two bright and shiny fine horses that were following from behind.

One person who was wearing an official red groom gown was sitting on each of the horses, the two people turned over to dismount the horses at the same time. That one young person naturally looked handsome and bright, with those elegant and sharp movements. He immediately provoked a burst of crying out in surprise from the spectators and common people.

While the other official groom looked somewhat fat, even if the people helped him to dismount from the horse smoothly, when he just reached the ground, he seemed to be somewhat gasping for breath.

Hey, two official grooms!

Obviously, everybody heard that the eldest Cui family’s daughter wanted to get married today, she was going to marry the famous pervert, Wu’s landlord from the West city. They did not expect that there would be two official grooms, everyone made big comments one after another.

“Who are you?” Seeing a clear bright young man’s face in front of him, Wu’s landlord knotted his eyebrows, he was quite displeased that someone was actually snatched his own elegant manner.

He actually did not need to personally come and escort this small concubine, it would remain valid as long as the marriage sedan was raised and entered into the manor. But the Cui’s family was an official, the family could be regarded as a flourishing and luxurious one in the city, Wu’s landlord naturally did not dare to neglect it, in order to give a marriage courtesy.

“Chai Zhe Xia.” Pursing up his lips, Chai Zhe Xia’s sharp eyes looked up and down at the person who was in front of him. Looking at his conspicuous and old appearances, a trace of cold ray momentarily appeared in his dark eyes.

Chai Zhe Xia remembered him, and also determined the future of the Wu family’s fortune.

“Are you General Chai?” Chai Zhe Xia’s military glory was famous a long time ago, Wu’s landlord naturally had heard about it. Once he knew his identify, Wu’s landlord immediately became somewhat respectful.

But his heart was still bewildered inevitably, why would the General wear a red gown, ride a fine horse and also come here?

“Yes!” Chai Zhe Xia was very satisfied towards Wu landlord’s respectful attitude, so he slightly nodded his forehead.

“What made the General come also?”

Although he clearly understood the identity of the person who came, but he was still unclear with the purpose of him coming. He had not heard that the Cui’s family would marry off both daughters at the same time. But if he could have in laws’ relationship with Chai Zhe Xia, that would also be a beautiful thing ah!

Wu’s landlord became lecherous, his heart was actually turning very quickly, and believing that his own infallible was complete, so he promptly put a full smile on his face.

Who did not know that the General’s manor had a military glory that scattered all over and was an ancient clan, its powers were deeply rooted and intertwined, it also had its own trading company and numerous homes.

One who usually wanted to climb, but could not climb to get this type of rich and noble household, if he could actually become his relative, he would not be able to contain his own joy.

Immediately, he extended his fat palm, and wanted to take the opportunity to hold Chai Zhe Xia’s hand, with a face that contained a magnificent smile, it was so glorious that it really made people unable to open their eyes.

“Chai xiong (another way to say elder brother), so it turns out both of the Cui family’s daughters are getting married today, then it is really two joyful occasions ah.”

Wu’s landlord really believed on his own infallible to call themselves elder and younger brothers (people who call each other xiong-elder bro or di-younger bro are usually close friends), but Chai Zhe Xia’s expression changed even chillier.

Two joyful occasions? Chai Zhe Xia narrowed his eyes, coldly pursed his lips, he even showed more hatred towards this Wu’s landlord who did not know that his death was very near.

Dashing against his wishful thinking, he turned around to think an absolute and possible method to make him die.

Was it the mind of a vile character? For Cui Miao He, what was the harm to answer this vile character.

“The person whom I am going to marry as a wife is Cui Miao He.” Chai Zhe Xia looked like he was spitting out an ice pearl, and telling the name of the bride whom he wanted to marry to Wu’s landlord who was still happy and did not know anything.

Wu’s landlord naturally did not react for a period of time, he only mumbled out Cui Miao He’s name several times. Just now, his complexion changed when he discovered that the Cui’s family would not marry their two daughters at the same time, it was rather someone who was trying to snatch his bride openly and without fear.

“You, do not talk nonsense, I have paid a big amount of betrothal money to ask Miss Miao He to be my small concubine, I have a matchmaker and betrothal gift.” Thinking about a fat meet that was already near his mouth, but it flew out again, Wu landlord’s face immediately turned red (he was angry), and was ready to threaten and reprimand the other person.

“So what if you have a matchmaker and betrothal gift? I have a jade pendant that is used as a betrothal that is personally handed over by Cui Daren. You tell me if this Cui’s family will listen to Madam Cui, or listen to Cui Daren?” Chai Zhe Xia coldly asked a rhetorical question, he did not pay any attention to everyone who was standing, watching and discussing this spiritedly. If he cared about it, he would not come over with a crimson marriage sedan to carry her away.

“You…..” Having heard what was said, Wu’s landlord could not help to feel somewhat foolish, and he could not say anything for a good while.

“I come today to take the eldest Cui’s family and escort her back to be my (the General’s) wife.”

Even though he was able to dash into the Cui family’s house at night and rescue Cui Miao He who was still arrested inside the house, but he did not want to spoil her reputation sneakily like this. So he insisted on taking the person away in this earth-shattering way like this.

“You….. you….. you…..”

Facing this situation that had arisen abruptly, Wu’s landlord who was originally complacent, looked really foolish now. But when the sound of voices from the common people became louder and louder, his self-respect also recovered continuously, his face still looked really red, but he practically could not breathe one breath.

“You….. come here to kidnap the bride?” Wu’s landlord did not actually dare to believe that this absurd thing had happened, so his voice sounded trembling when he asked the question.

“I have the jade pendant for the betrothal that has been handed over personally by Cui Daren, what are you saying that I want to kidnap the bride?” But this jade pendant was actually delivered urgently into his hand early morning, it was just in time to block up Wu landlord’s mouth now.

“Who has promised that you can marry Cui Miao He, you go and find that person, the Cui family’s eldest daughter is my wife.”

“You….. you….. even though you are a General, but there are still laws in the ways of the world.”

“There are definitely laws in the ways of the world, but according to the agreement, I come to take her as my wife, there is nothing inappropriate at all.”

Hearing Chai Zhe Xia’s righteousness and self-confident words, Wu’s landlord felt even more pitiful. Liang Yu Xia’s greedy expressions suddenly appeared in his brain, he wrinkled his brows and asked. “What your meaning is that the Cui family’s first daughter is being married off to two families?”

Chai Zhe Xia did not reply, but he simply took out a block of dark green fine jade from inside his sleeve, there was one word ‘He’ that was engraved on it, the thing that was taken out belonged to Cui Miao He.

Chai Zhe Xia was staring at Wu’s landlord, and did not speak anything, it seemed that this block of jade pendant could explain everything.

“Is it possible that the first daughter of the Cui’s family is being married off to two families?” Staring at that block of green and right jade pendant, Wu’s landlord immediately got angry.

“Who the Cui family’s elder daughter wants to marry, Cui Daren should be the one who has the final say, right?” Chai Zhe Xia’s expressionless face looked towards Wu’s landlord when he said this, although his tone was soft, but there was an angry power within it.


If the person who confronted him today was an insignificant soldier, perhaps, he could still use his identity as a weapon and insisted on taking the bride. But the person who confronted him now was the famous, brilliant General. Since the ancient times, the citizen would not fight with the official, even if he relied on his power, he did not have a big power like this General ah!

“So General is determined to marry her?” Even thought Wu’s landlord knew in his heart that he would not win, but his heart was still unwilling, so he could not help to say it. “The reputation of the Cui family’s eldest daughter had already been ruined a long time ago. If you marry her as a wife, in that case, can it be that the General’s prestige will be damaged?”

Once these words came out, all of the ordinary people who were standing and watching, were also agreeing for a short period of time.

“I believe that Cui Miao He is as clear as ice and clean as jade. It was nothing more than a set up from the other people who made her to lose her reputation entirely. I (the General) am known to carry out heavy duty works, how can I care about this minor matter. Miss Cui is definitely worthy of getting a better treatment, and is definitely matched up well with the General. Only according to a heart of a vile person who thinks that Miss Cui’s reputation and integrity are ruined.”

“You…..” The praising words about Cui miao He were so high, and they made Wu landlord’s contempt words that were just said now, looked so ridiculous.

Hateful! He did not expect that he was deliberately provoked on his own words, and then he become a vile character completely.

Wu landlord was very furious, after staring at everyone in anger, he knew that he did not have any ability to face and match the General as his enemy, and could only make Wu family’s marriage sedan to turn around to leave resentfully.

Looking at the angry figure who was leaving, Chai Zhe Xia was extremely glad that he came here today. If he ignored it and let Cui Miao He to get married with this fat man, how could she have any future?

Coldly stroking his lips, Chai Zhe Xia swept off the dust of his red gown, and got ready to marry his bride.


The General Only Fears The Maiden’s Escape Chapter 6 Part 1

Over 2,730 words.

This chapter was translated by Sian for only and edited by Din2.

By Ye Shuang

Chapter 6 (Part 1)

Would he come?

From noon today, since after Che Yuan Yu and Ji Jun He came, not knowing how but Chai Zhe Xia’s firm face had been in her mind from time to time.

Moreover, every time she was thinking of that face, Cui Miao He’s pale face would have some colors unconsciously.

As a result, when the moonlight in the sky appeared at night time, she was sitting up in front of the copper mirror. Unexpectedly, Chai Zhe Xia’s tall and strong figure appeared on the copper mirror, and she was staring blankly.

What was going on with me? Was it possible that she unexpectedly made the person in her fantasy came out to be a life person?

She suddenly turned around, she saw Chai Zhe Xia’s reflection, not knowing if the reflection was her unconsciousness that was deceiving her, just because she wanted him to rescue her from the deep water and scorching fire and be her hero. She felt that the time stopped and her heart was beating like a drum, it seemed to want to jump out of her mouth.

Gazing at the figure that was closer and closer to her, Cui Miao He could only foolishly gaze at it, she was afraid, afraid if she moved even slightly, that person’s shadow would just be the same as when one saw flowers in the mirror and the moon that was reflected in the lake (not real object), then it would immediately faded away and disappeared.

“I will not let her get away with this.” Gazing to look at her, Chai Zhe Xia’s words appeared to come out from the gaps between his teeth.

At this moment, she only felt that his anger would quickly burst out.

In this lifetime, he had never felt this furious in the past, but staring at her who looked so weak and pale, he felt like wanting to kill somebody and he was thinking for ways to expel the urge to really do it.

“You really come.” Gazing at the real him even more, Cui Miao He who had been stiff for a long time, finally convinced that this was not a dream.

She was clinging to look at his handsome face, even though she thought that he was indifferent to her, but forgetting that thought, his figure often appeared in her mind anyway.

As it turned out, missing someone was actually accumulating little by little in the bottom of her heart.

Her heart was already moved at an earlier time!

Exhausting her strength to push away her own sincerity, as if she would be inured, scattered and smashed away.

But the calamity this time, and being able to see him again, Cui Miao He who had worked hard to build a wall in her heart, soon after, it collapsed with a response, she was unable to be calm anymore.

“If I do not come, is it possible that I will just look on helplessly to see you being sold to the Wu’s family?”

“What can you do by coming here?”

During these few days, she finally understood this, since her stepmother determinedly wanted to sell her, then it would be impossible for her to be lenient. Adding that to the clan elder’s supports, she would presumably be more unrestrained.

“As long as you agree, the Chai family’s marriage sedan will come and carry you tomorrow.”

Because he knew that it was impossible for him to sit and look when she was being pushed into a pit of fire. So since his parents did not agree with his method the other day, he went to find Zhangsun Cheng Yin and Ju Su Sheng to scheme together.

“This matter has already turned like this, according to that shrewd stepmother of yours, she naturally will know that you will get more protection from me. But at this moment, if she agrees to let me marry you, she will not be able to gain much.” He could see this point a lot better, because of her pride, she would go to find that Wu’s landlord who had a bad reputation.

“Do I need to care whether or not she will agree with me?” The meaning of this words made his face unexpectedly raised up for a moment and made Cui Miao He look a little foolish,

Looking at his knitted eyebrows, and raised up expression, she could only feel that the bottom of her heart was already somewhat soft like silk floss.


How much money was the reason that her stepmother would feel anxious because of this, Cui Miao He was even more clear this kind of stakes that she had to throw now, it was absolutely impossible for her stepmother to give her up easily.

“There are not many buts, I only want to ask you, do you or do you not want to go with me?”

Facing his concentrated expression and serious tones, it would be a lie if Cui Miao He’s heart was not moved, one was a young and proud General, and the other was a rich and powerful man who was near death, any person would pick him (the General).

But….. would she inconvenient him instead?

After all it was said and done, she was still worry about her own bad reputations and troublesome that would infect his status, Cui Miao He spoke with a heavy tone. “A man like you, should be worthy of a better woman.”

Based on the other people’s wild beliefs, he was a person who cut the sleeve (gay), then what else now? In her eyes, he was very good, it was so good that she could not match with him.

“Then what about you, do you really care about me?” He had never cared what other people would think about him, he only cared what she would think about him.


She was extremely late to discover that she cared about him, it was already too late, the Wu family’s marriage sedan would come and carry her. Even if it did not care anybody, her reputation and her own everything would be destroyed. This kind of her….. definitely did not match with him.

She discovered this deep feeling too late!

Inducing a trace of bitter smile on the corner of her mouth, she faintly said. “If you are willing to save me out of this, I will plan on becoming a Buddhist nun, I will accompany the green light Buddha, and live a quiet life.”

She did not want to implicate him, but she also was not willing to be insulted by the Wu’s landlord. For her, this was the best choice.

“I do not agree!” Thinking that she would have to shave the satin dark and long hair that was on her head, how could Chai Zhe Xia accept it.

His domineering and aggressiveness immediately raised up again, thus, he reached out his hand to poke her thin forehead and force her to look straight into his bright eyes, then he used a sort of like promise tone to speak to her. “I will not let you be a Buddhist nun, I want you.”

These past few days, he was busy outside and secretly became muddle-headed day and night, one did not know how many people who made the round trips to deliver the letters, and how many horses died because of this. After everything was done entirely, how could he let her willfulness to reject him again.

“It cannot be!” Cui Miao He shook her head painfully, but she also knew that her own heart was shaken up by his words,

This aloof and remote man inexpertly made a promise to her, her heart was fully trembling.

Not paying attention to her rejection, Chai Zhe Xia gently and softly supported her to sit in the small round table in the room.

Cui Miao He just discovered, and she did not know when he arranged it, but there were many fine lacquerware on the table, and bursts of plain smokes and fragrances.

She was watching that he looked like he was performing some tricks, it was the same as if things would come out of a head.

Looking at the sour vinegar fish, braised pork and lotus root with osmanthus flower soup, every dish that was on the table, was her favorite dish, but how could he know it?

Cui Miao He suddenly looked towards his gaze with concentrated, astonished and happy looks, that expression was also looking at Chai Zhe Xia with a somewhat embarrassed feeling.

He reached out his hand to touch the back of his head, he was somewhat embarrassed and said. “It was Che Yuan Yu who told me (about your favorite food).”

Hearing what he said, there was a sudden trace of redness on Cui Miao He’s eyes, they immediately flickered and filled with bright water.

Upon seeing this, Chai Zhe Xia was somewhat embarrassed and at a complete loss, consequently, he impatiently said. “You can be at ease to enjoy the food, I have asked the cook at my house to make these stuffs. I can guarantee that there is nothing added to it (eg. sleeping pill), furthermore, your Yuan Yu’s jiejie (elder sis) has said that you love to eat sour food, so this is a sour vinegar fish, I have also made the cook add some extra vinegar…..”

Finished speaking, he hurriedly reached out his hand to give the food to her, even the warm fragrant tea leaves was not overlooked either.

Following to look at the bowl that was covered with food that was the same as a tall mountain, Cui Miao He was touched until her tears were shedding and coming out rapidly.

This small pavilion building was indeed surrounded by Liang Yu Xia’s subordinates, even though he was very skillful, wanting to enter here on his own would not be too difficult, but wanting to bring in these many dishes was not a simple matter.

She had never thought in the past that she would desire to escape with a man, and this person would use this kind of treatment to her, her heart immediately became stiff.

“I do not want to implicate you…..” Her mouth already had the food, but she was still deeply worried and sick at heart that she would say the words.

Hearing what she was saying, Chai Zhe Xia’s face raised up and filled with smiles, his Miao He was really good and honest, it made any person unable to bear to see her being hurt even for a tiny bit ah!

“You can be at ease, you will not implicate me.”

Showing his affection, he reached out his hand to caress the top of her head, the strength of that soft hand made Cui Miao He’s tears to fall again.

“But….. but…..”

Even if she did not get married, no matter what, the family clans and the elders would listen to her stepmother, she would be married off to a rich and imposing Wu’s family. She already knew that her reputation was deliberately controlled and toyed by her stepmother, she was afraid that she was not worthy for a long time ago.

He was a grand and important general, once he followed her together, he would receive the court councilors’ criticisms sooner or later. If she would hinder his future outlook on her own, how could she be at ease?

Looking at a pair of her eyes that still had worry, doubtful and indetermination, Chai Zhe Xia knew that he had not been able to persuade her yet.

But there was no harm, as he believed that he still had a lot of times to persuade her later.

From the moment that he realized that she had disturbed his mind, he knew that he could not sit and look at her when she was in danger and not be concerned at all.

If her own family could not properly protect her, in that case, he would be willing to be the person who would protect her.

Because she was in all of his thoughts, so he naturally knew what she was thinking and considering,

He would not regard the other people’s talking, anyway, was the misunderstanding matter that he had, a small matter? So the other people’s foresights, he did not even care a tiny bit ah!

“There is no buts, you only need to believe in me, then it will be fine.” Staring at her eyes, Chai Zhe Xia’s one sincere and assured sentence that he said, was sufficient to shake up any person’s heart.

Could she really believe in him like this?

Seriously speaking, in between this short period of time, Cui Miao He really wanted to believe this so much. She really wanted to throw herself into his bosom so much, and to let him shield her from the wind and rain (trouble).

But could it really possible?

In no time, she really wanted to gamble.

Seeing that she was wavering, Chai Zhe Xia put down the food that was on his hand, then he extended his hand out to her.

Looking towards that big palm, Cui Miao He still did not dare to extend her hand, during a moment that she was hesitating, his hand moved forwards to grasp her hand to cover and hold her soft hand.

“Wait for me tomorrow.”

Leaving this sentence was apparently not enough, he agilely leaned forwards again, and stole a kiss from her cherry and red lips.

“You…..” Towards his rash action, Cui Miao He originally wanted to scold him, but the fiery lips immediately attracted all of her attentions. The words stopped in a split second, she lifted her hand to stroke her lips unconsciously.

Chai Zhe Xia was satisfied looking at her reaction, it was a good while before she could recover herself. Feeling his warm gaze, she was shy at once and tried to lower her head down. Even though he was reluctant to give up her lovable and charming expression, but he still did not forget that there would still a more important matter waiting for him to do.

He was coaxing her to eat more food, then agilely tidied up the tableware. Looking at his movement, she finally understood to whom she gave her heart to now.

Tidying up the things properly, he raised his eyes to see that she was staring blankly towards himself, promptly, he drew her to his bosom lovingly, and said quietly. “You have me for everything, do not be afraid!”

Before leaving, he showed a winter sun like smile, and the person looked like a bird with wings, then he disappeared within the boundless and dark night.

She subconsciously lifted her hand to caress her lips, then she looked into the distance at the dark and boundless horizon again, and tried to cover up the throbbing. Even though she still had to confront all of the frenetic feelings, but his promise just seemed to look like a sharp hooking arrow, perfectly embedded into her heart, she was afraid that it could never be pulled out in this lifetime.



The sky appeared to look like a marble white color of the dawn sky, Cui Miao He originally thought that it would be a sleepless night, but she slowly fell asleep indistinctly until she woke up.

Because of Chai Zhe Xia’s visit last night, the Cui Miao He who did not eat for several days and conspicuously weak was gone. Not only that her physical strength came back, her spirit was also better by a lot.

Her long eyelashes were moving, but Cui Miao He’s consciousness was not completely clear and bright. Feeling that she saw someone who was standing in front of the couch, looking down at her.

When her consciousness came into her mind, she was startled immediately and quickly stood up.

The person who was standing in front of the couch was actually the person who sold her out, Huan Huan, Cui Miao He’s expression that was originally indolent, suddenly changed into being cautious.

“What are you doing here now?”

“Miss is going to get married today, Madam makes me come to serve Miss to freshen up and dress up, and to change into a wedding dress.”




The General Only Fears The Maiden’s Escape Chapter 5 Part 2

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This chapter was translated by Sian for only and edited by Din2.

By Ye Shuang

Chapter 5 (Part 2)

Because she (LYX) was afraid what she would be the source of ridicule from the other people, even though she was loathing her (CMH) in her heart, she should still do the right thing. So when the Cui family’s eldest daughter was getting married, she would purchase things, excluded the dowry, other things like the wedding dress, the rouge (cosmetics), the five different type of brocades, etc, everything that Liang Yu Xia purchased was the best things.

Cui Miao He’s wedding news was impossible to wrapped tightly, the news naturally circulated to Che Yuan Yu and Ji Jun Yin’s ears, the two people promptly and hurriedly came over.

Due to the fact that they were the Cui’s families distant relatives, Cui Miao He’s close friends, and she was afraid that there would be issues that arose, Liang Yu Xia originally was not willing to let them enter the manor. But the other people would not stop pestering her if she did not let them enter the manor to see Cui Miao He. She also saw that they brought some money, and said that they came to pay the debt, so it was still because of money and for the sake of those money, that she let them enter the manor.

But she was not easy to be dealt with either, even though she let them see her (CMH), she openly arranged many guards who encircled the courtyard inside Cui Miao He’s small pavilion, she wanted to dispose of any of their desires to bring her (CMH) away.

This ‘battle-field’ looking courtyard, made Che Yuan Yu and Ji Jun Yun cry out and they looked at each other in dismay, they could not say anything for a while. They could only watch and be angry secretly, and follow the servant girl who was leading their way to enter Cui Miao He’s pavilion.

“Miss is just inside, Madam already ordered that you all need to be quickly, our young lady will get married in two days. But it just happens that her health is still unwell, so it does not suit for her to reminisce, so I hope that these two young ladies do not alarm Miss’ moods too much.” Huan Huan stopped her steps at the door, and turned around as if she wished a good fortune to the two guests, however her words had a heavy warning tone.

“Huan Huan, is the person who locked inside not your Mistress?” Seeing that Huan Huan betrayed her own Mistress, Ji Jun Yin was not able to hide her disdain when she asked the question.

Huan Huan had been following Miao He to their gatherings countless times, they naturally knew that Miao He had never considered Huan Huan as a servant, but she unexpectedly suffered from this betrayal, she obviously felt an injustice on behalf of Miao He.

“This servant’s Mistress is the whole Cui’s family, anything that is good for the Cui’s family, this servant will naturally know.”

“You….. what a good traitor who seeks glory, I actually increase my knowledge today.”
Hearing Huan Huan’s words, Ji Jun Yin who was always calm and had self control, could not help to be angry, she suddenly stepped forward, and without any explanation, she raised her hand to slap Huan Huan’s face.

“This one slap is for Miao He, I consider it as a break off relationship between the mistress and servant’s feelings, if you ever encounter a problem in the future, do not ever return and seek Miao He.”

Those cold and sarcastic words that were said, make Huan Huan’s face become pale and scrunched, but since it was already like this, she still straightened her back and stubbornly opened her mouth to say these words.

“These two young ladies have time to teach this servant a lesson here, but it will be better to go in and advice Mistress to drink and eat some food. These few days of torments make Miss unable to stand steadily, what an illness ‘look’ to be married and entered the Wu’s family. If she cannot make Wu’s landlord happy, there will only be bitterness in the future.” Finished speaking, she pushed the door for the two people, then she was standing and guarding the door.

Upon seeing this, the two people were completely disappointed with Huan Huan, but they did not say anything again, and each could only sigh secretly that there were people who had ambitions. Just when they came in to think, that if Liang Yu Xia could sell her step daughter like this, that would be expected as a matter of course, but this one merely servant girl, what kind of good treat that she would get from this?

These acts of this servant girl who sold her Mistress to seek glory, but she naturally would not get anything in the end.

Let it be, the road that this person had chosen, since she had already chosen this road, what could they say anything anyway?

After sighing gently for a few times, the two people entered into the room and saw a figure that was in the couch, the two people’s eyes were suddenly brimming with tears.

They hurriedly walked to the side of the couch, but they could only see the pitiful and agitated’s Cui Miao He who just seemed to struggle with someone in her nightmare.

It had been three days that even a drop of water had not entered her mouth, even if one was a hammer (strong person), one would also be unsteady (after not drinking or eating for 3 days).

However, it was only a short period of three days, the face that was originally beautiful and charming, already became hollow. Her graceful figure was also somewhat thin, more over, her face was also completely pale like snow.


That Liang Yu Xia seriously had a ruthless heart ah, she would unexpectedly take an advantage like this when Miao He’s dad was not here, and plan to torment her to become like this!

At this time, the corner of Cui Miao He’s eyes produced a couple of clear tears without warning, Ji Jun Yin reached out her hand immediately to shake her hand that was as cold as ice, she wanted to get her out of her nightmare.

“Miao He, wake up, quickly wake up…..”

After a few gentle call sounds, Cui Miao He who was originally closed her eyes tightly, faintly opened her eyes.

At first, she was still sinking into a few trace of mistiness, so she was not clear who was coming, with great difficulty, she could see clearly Che Yuan Yu and Ji Jun Yin’s faces.

“Elder sisters…..” Cui Miao He’s gentle voice was scattering, after many days of being helpless and tormented, she let out her cry first without saying anything, so she was curling speechlessly.

“Good child, do not cry now, you should drink some water first, ok!”

Ji Jun Yin hurriedly went to get water, so she could moisten her thirsty throat, but Cui Miao He shook her head. Thinking of the Cui’s family food and the tea that were prepared for a while, she did not dare to put anything in her mouth, and was afraid that she would sleep again.

“How can you not drink any water?”

“I do not want to lose consciousness deeply and then being sent to the Wu landlord’s bed by someone.” Cui Miao He forced a smile when she said this.

Even if the people who served her in the past, had already had a change of hearts for several days earlier, but if a close person like Huan Huan could betray her, such a big family as the Cui’s family was, how could she dare to trust anybody?

So this was the reason why she did not drink any drop of water for these several days, and eat any grain of rice, then she could become weak, pale and haggard rapidly like this.

“Are you saying that….. this water has any problem?!” Ji Jun Yin was always an intelligent person, Cui Miao He’s self mocking sentence made her realize the key point in her words. Her face immediately became heavy, how could one imagine that Liang Yu Xia would have the impertinence to be absolutely unrestrained like this.

“Hateful, I will return now to find my father, let him step in personally to take care of this matter.” Since their feelings were the same as sisters, how could Ji Jun Yin be able to look on helplessly when her younger sister had suffered hardship, consequently, she wanted to furiously turn around and immediately leave.

“Wait a minute!” Che Yuan Yu and Cui Miao He blocked her together, they did not let Ji Jun Yin to leave.

“What am I still waiting for, Miao He’s situation is already difficult like this, if we do not help her, who can help her then?” Ji Jun Yin wrinkled her eyebrows, then she saw that Che Yuan Yu who blocked her earlier, said the words.

“You naturally can go back to look for your dad’s help, but the problem is that as long as that Madam Cui will say to your dad this sentence, this is the family’s matter, who has the courage to prevent her from marrying Miao He?”

Just with this one argument, since Cui Daren was in Zhejiang province now due to the Emperor’s assignment, the place was even further away, that the distant water could not put out the close fire. Therefore, if they were going to do according to what Ji Jun Yin’s words, they absolutely could not afford to be taken advantage off.

“Then, what should we do? We definitely cannot let Miao He to be married off by the Wu’s family, that old meat, right?”

He was already old but he still wanted to dip his fingers on Miao He, this lovable and good looking young lady like this, it made people unable to gnash on their teeth in anger.

“Do not be anxious!”

Even though Che Yuan Yu really hated it and was angry towards Liang Yu Xia’s conducts and deeds, but the reason why she came today was not only that she wanted to see whether or not Miao He was safe and sound, but she also had a purpose to determine her feelings.

“How can I not be anxious, in the next two days, Miao He will be married off to the Wu’s family, when the sedan chair is raised to go in to the Wu’s family, she will be destroyed for this one life.

As she always considered Miao He as her own younger sister, seeing her run into misfortune today, Ji Jun Yin was naturally anxious as if she was burned. Wishing that she could have God’s ability so she could transfer Miao He out of the Cui’s manor, as to avoid holding a funeral procession and burial in her one’s life.

“I have said not to be anxious so you can hear what I am saying slowly and calmly, maybe someone can help us to save Miao He.”

“Who is it?” Listening that someone was able to help, Ji Jun Yin promptly questioned it closely.

However, Che Yuan Yu merely smiled and did not say anything, she turned herself to face the weak and powerless Cui Miao He who was half-leaning on the couch and she asked this. “Miao He meimei (younger sister) is familiar with General Chai, right?”

“I am familiar with him.” Cui Miao He slightly lifted up her neck, Chai Zhe Xia’s face that was full of heroic spirits appeared in her brain.

Everyone was saying that Chai Zhe Xia had a berserk personality, and he was also known to like men, but after she had several contacts with him, she felt that even though his temperament could somewhat scare people, but he had never injured one hair on her body in the past.
Even though he did not look like a modest nobleman, but he was also an open and honest person.

If she knew earlier that Chai Zhe Xia was this kind of person, maybe she would allow Liang Yu Xia to marry her off to the Chai’s family at that time, and she would not be in this predicament.

“If I am saying to abandon Wu’s landlord, and then marry Chai Zhe Xia, are you willing to do this?”

Che Yuan Yu would ask her this question, because that day before she came to see Cui Miao He, that Chai Zhe Xia who was unpleasant to the eyes, suddenly came to visit. He asked her if she would be willing to help him, and save Cui Miao He from being married off as a man’s concubine.

At that time, she just found out that these two people unknowingly started to have concerned for each other. If it was up to her and she could marry Chai Zhe Xia, it was naturally better than Wu’s landlord. But the thing that Chai Zhe Xia was thinking to do was world-shaking, since she was not the actual person involved, she should ask Cui Miao He what she wanted to do.

“I…..” Facing Che Yuan Yu’s inquiry, Cui Miao He suddenly recalled that he said he wanted to marry her as his wife the other day, her face that was originally pale, suddenly became red. This girl’s shyness was unexpectedly revealed on her face, but when she recalled her stepmother’s greed and unfairness, her amorous feeling’s moment was halted once again. “Older sister, because of stepmother’s conscious effort, younger sister’s reputation and integrity as a woman were already done for in the eyes of the common people, how can the person I am now, be suitable with General Chai who is an outstanding and proud man?” She did not want to implicate him.

“Elder sister sees your countenance, and you do not seem to loathe him, you and him…..”

“General Chai is a good person, he has already helped younger sister a few times, this younger sister naturally has unbounded gratefulness towards him.”

“Then, do you like him?”

“I….” Do I like him? She was not actually sure either, but she could not deny the truth, that when she was being arrested inside the house these past few days, his figure would float in her mind from time to time.

She had that kind of faint longing in her heart, she would even be dreaming about him who appeared to look like a deity several times at night, and he would rescue her from this severe calamity, was this the same as liking him?

“Chai Zhe Xia has said that if you are willing, the day that the Cui family’s marriage sedan went out, he would come to rescue you. But if this is done like this, your reputation will be completely destroyed, beside him, you will never be able to be matched to anyone in this life, are you willing to do this?”

Actually, just the fact that Chai Zhe Xia went to a lot of trouble like this, just to make her come here to ask Miao He about this, her impression towards him being a rude man had already changed completely.

A man like him, if he had already decided on any matter, he would not need to ask the other people’s consent, but he was actually willing to ask her to come here, because he wanted to properly obtain Miao He’s giving her consent on her own mouth. Just from looking at this point, she would feel that Miao He should pick him.

When her ears heard Che Yuan Yu’s words, Cui Miao He was staring to look at her, after a good while, she finally started talking. “I….. can I meet with him?”

Even though there were a lot of people who were guarding everywhere around the small pavilion, but she believed that with Chai Zhe Xia’s skill, he would not have any problem entering this place.

There was something that she had to ask him personally, otherwise she would really have a hard time making the decision.

“Good, I will let him come here to see you.”

Moreover, it would have to be quick, she did not know that she should bring food and water to this place this time. But she knew that if Miao He kept going to be in a hunger strike, she was afraid that she would not be able to hold on. So even if Miao He did not say it, she would still want Chai Zhe Xia to think of a way to bring some food and water to this place. Otherwise, even before Miao He was rescued, she would have to be carried away for her burial.

The General Only Fears The Maiden’s Escape Chapter 5 Part 1

Here we go. Happy Memorial Day! Over 3,670 words.

This chapter was translated by Sian for only and edited by Din2.

By Ye Shuang

Chapter 5 (Part 1)

Enduring by himself for not hearing any news about her for two days, and speaking according to reason, she should be very anxious wanting to know the conclusion of the investigation, but why was she disappeared without any trace like this?

This foolish maiden would not not anything that could happen to her, right?

His brain just flashed through that kind of thought, one ferocious fist blow suddenly attacked Chai Zhe Xia’s handsome and leisure face.

Ju Su Sheng believed that according to Chai Zhe Xia’s martial arts, he would surely dodge easily, who would have thought that he unexpectedly did not dodge or escape, and suffered one fist blow strongly.

“Eh……” A thumping sound echoed, regardless whether it was Chai Zhe Xia or Ju Su Sheng, both of them were shocked.

Their eyes were looking at each other, Ju Su Sheng actually recovered and stoped his fist blow, he somewhat did not really believe and asked: “What is wrong with you?”

“I am alright!” Confronting his close friend’s inquiry, Chai Zhe Xia shook his head promptly, that denial was very quick and in a hurry, and it made people easily see that he was not telling the truth.

Ju Su Sheng knew that he was not like their other close friend, Zhangsun Cheng Yin, who was always calm and composed. He was not that sophisticated like him either, so as long as he had something on his mind, it would be seen by others.

Taking a handkerchief that was handed over by the maid, Ju Su Sheng gracefully wiped the sweats that were on the edge of his forehead.

“If you are alright, then the fist blow would not hit you just now, is there a need to deceive others and yourselves like this?”

Chai Zhe Xia’s martial arts was the best among the three of them, even if he was not in a state of perfection, it was impossible to hit him like this easily.

The Chai Zhe Xia who was always infatuated with learning martial arts, was unexpectedly in a trance during practice, it might be assumed that the reason would worth pondering.

“I am really alright!”

Avoiding the look and expression from his close friend, Chai Zhe Xia was naturally unable to say anything for a while and he was dodging for the whole time because he was thinking at that foolish maiden, Cui Miao He.

There was absolutely no news for two days, looking at his real restless heart, especially when he knew the actual reason why Madam Cui wanted to marry out Cui Miao He urgently, was because she coveted the betrothal money to make her parents and the Cui’s family passed through the crisis by marrying her, he was even more anxious.

“I have heard that the Cui’s family appears to set up a wedding within two days.” Ju Su Sheng unexpectedly said like this.

The housekeeper from the Cui’s manor, not only came to his family store this past two days, but also bought a lot of things that would be used for the wedding.

In reality, he was probing deliberately by saying like that, the matter at the Ying Liu’s pavilion on that day, it was already spreading everywhere in the city. According to his understanding towards Chai Zhe Xia, he was really not a person who would see injustice, and would definitely help another person. And his answer would unexpectedly showed a shed of mix tears in his eyes, it was clearly that he absolutely did not know anything.

“What are you saying?” Having heard what he said, Chai Zhe Xia’s heart was anxious, a pair of his hands grabbed Ju Su Sheng’s collars when he asked impatiently.

Not happy with his close friend’s cold glance, he still said that he was alright, if he was really alright, could he react with this kind of big reaction when he heard his sentences?

Ju Su Sheng shook his head, and confronted Chai Zhe Xia, who was stirring up emotionally like this, he could have choked him to death, so he hurriedly opened his mouth to say. “I said that the Cui’s family seemed to purchase some things to be used to marry the maiden for the past few days.”

“Which Cui’s family member is getting married?” Chai Zhe Xia was unable to look dignified entirely, he questioned closely and anxiously, his mind was also overflowing with a trace of bad premonitions.

“In order of the seniority, the one who is getting married should naturally be the eldest daughter of the Cui’s family ah!”

Knowing that Cui Miao He wanted to get married with another person, he became emotional like this, if he knew whom she would be getting married to, he (JSS) was afraid that he (CZX) would think of killing someone in anger, ok!

Throwing off Ju Su Sheng’s chest consciously and promptly and shifting quietly, even if he loved to watch the show, he did not love to see that person who looked so lost in this situation.

“Getting married to whom?” Chai Zhe Xia wrinkled his eyebrows and asked once again.

Recently, there were rumors everywhere in the city, discussing about the night Cui Miao He was at the brothel, he did not believe that honorable family would suggest marriage in spite of those public opinions.

“The West capital’s Wu Landlord.” Ju Su Sheng eyes were observing all over first, his ears listened to all directions alertly, after that, he just heard an answer.

“Damn it!” Chai Zhe Xia’s complexion was increasingly darker, and he still cursed a sentence lowly and gracefully.

Old man’s Wu, that old person had been known to age earlier, furthermore, he already had a main wife and countless favored concubines, he unexpectedly still dared to get his fingers into the young Cui Miao He!

“Does the Cui’s family not care about their face?”

Taking their eldest granddaughter to marry this kind of person to become his concubine, it would be extremely embarrassing.

One might assume that Madam Cui really wanted money urgently, and would put out this kind of excessive matter like this.

He did not seem to know about this but he knew it now, would it be possible not to be concern about this matter, thinking about the kind of good heart that Miss Cui Miao He had, she should not be wasted this way by the other person.

Looking at Chai Zhe Xia’s expression that suddenly turned gloomy, Ju Su Sheng was very certain that he was moved emotionally (he started falling for her), his heart did not merely move because she was forced to marry. Otherwise, the portraits of those many beautiful women on the paintings (it’s common that the women who were marriageable aged sent out their own paintings to the families of those eligible men so the men could choose which women they liked based on those paintings) that were as high as a mountain, he would not need to be extremely worry because of this one Cui Miao He?

Figuring this out, there was a sudden trace of bullish smile on his face. He wanted to see it on his own, how Chai Zhe Cia would fight for this bride. This good show would not only be very good, but it would also be very rare to watch ah!

The tea fragrance was penetrating strongly inside the reception pavilion, Chai Mu Xiu was looking satisfyingly at the small desserts that his lovely wife was feeding him to eat, that sweet and fragrant tea mixture was inside his mouth, this perfect satisfaction was hard to describe.

“Lovely wife ah!” Chai Mu Xiu called out, a trace of sweet and soft smile was immediately on this lovable wife’s gaze.

“Laoye, what is the matter?” (A wife often called her husband Laoye in the ancient period so I’ll keep the pinyin words). After feeding him the sweat but not greasy lotus cake, then Ruan Gui Lin asked with her soft voice.

“I have said it in the past that you should take care of our son’s marriage urgently, how is the matter now?” Actually, because of his age, how could he not want to have a grandson urgently, but in the capacity as the majestic old general, then he could only keep the idea of playing with a grandson. If it was exposed, after all, it would hurt his dignity so because of that, his wife had a full authority to take care of it.

Anyway, Zhe Xia, this youngster was fearless of the heaven and earth, then there was also the need to have this fiery temperament wife who would be able to control him.

“Speaking of that youngster, he makes me angry!” Once she heard Laoye’s question, Ruan Gui Lin immediately had a heavy complexion, thinking about the subject. “I let him choose from so many young ladies, unfortunately, he did not choose anyone, and he instead chose the Cui family’s young lady surprisingly, and stirred up a few rumors and slanders.”

Originally, when Miss Cui paid a sudden visit on that day, she liked the tip of her brows and thought that they looked like brush strokes (of the calligraphy) from the birthdate characters. After all, that Cui’s family young lady was not only full of life, but she also looked very intelligent. If that young lady was matched to her foolish son, it was definitely a match made in heaven.

But, who would have imagined that young lady was being talked about as a leading role by the common people recently. Not only that she went into a brothel but she was also associated with the famous courtesan very closely, she even stayed at the brothel for a whole night.

Although she started to like her for her own son, but her favorable impression on Cui Miao He took a beating forcibly.

“Really unfortunate, this one family’s young lady who is full of life, she unexpectedly cannot observe the code of ethics.” Ruan Gui Lin sighed, she clearly and genuinely thought that it was unfortunate.

“Do you seriously and really think that she is the girl who does not abide by the rules?”

He had seen the eldest daughter of the Cui’s family once, but he did not see anything that could be considered abnormal. Because the first impression was good, so he absolutely did not believe those rumors from those people on the street.

This matter only made his wife to change her impression on her.

But she also could not be blamed on this, after all, she, herself became pregnant and gave birth on the tenth of the month. Even though she always shouted and quarreled with him, but who would be willing to accept grievances for her own son ah?

“I….. If there is no wind, will there any waves?” Covering Laoye’s question like this, Ruan Gui Lin stared blankly, after a good while, she finally came back afterwards.

“But I always think that this matter looks a little strange.”

In this world, what kind of a mother would beat drums and gongs to go to a brothel and look for her daughter like this?

“Whether it is strange or not, in any case, I do not want it that my daughter in law who has not entered the door yet, but she is already affected by the right and wrong matters like this.”
Because of a misunderstanding, Ruan Gui Lin who was originally had a favorable impression early towards Cui Miao He, changed her opinion completely. Fortunately, her son was not moved, so she could not help to want to rejoice.

Ruan Gui Lin’s heart was calm for a while, but suddenly the side of her ears heard a thump sound, the door was suddenly kicked opened by someone.

The wood planks of the door were flying everywhere, Chai Mu Xiu’s eyelids jumped unexpectedly. There was a frightening cloudiness on his son’s face, his heart was also following to look very heavy.

What was wrong with this fellow?

Although his usual anger was not small, but as his dad, he could feel his son’s indescribable anxiousness, anger and this time was definitely different.

But he still had not figured out what the matter was after all, and his fiery personality’s wife already jumped up first.

“This child, do you not know that the door is meant to be pushed?”

Even if their family had a mountain of golds and silvers, and there was no lack of money to replace the door, but there was no need to use this kind of earth-shattering way to show up, right!

“I want to get married!” Chai Zhe Xia coldly said it to his mother.

These world-shaking words, sure enough made his mother who was talkative to become like a cluster of block up successfully.

“You, what did you say?!” He appeared to look very intimidated, Ruan Gui Lin who was always eloquence and intelligent unexpectedly stammered.

“I said that I want to get married, immediately.”

That time, he believed that when he appeared personally on his own, Liang Yu Xia should not have have any courage and dare to scheme at Cui Miao He this soon, but he did not expect it that she still dared to do it again, and tried to harm her again.

Thinking about this, his eyes that were always serene, suddenly flashed through a trace of rage, if the Cui’s family was unable to protect Cui Miao He, then he would protect her.

“Immediately?!” Ruan Gui Lin got really angry, did this fellow think that marrying was like shopping, when he said he wanted to buy, then he would buy it?

“I do not care what provokes you to want to get married, but if you want to get married immediately, where do you want mother to go to find your bride? Do you not know that one needs to pick the day in order to get married, also those things that must be bought. Even if it is a few simple things, it still needs at least half a year of time to prepare it.”

“I already have the bride, as far as the others, our family has plenty of money.” Having money, one could even make a ghost to do anything, he did not believe that there was anything that was impossible.

He would use the quickest way to place Cui Miao He’s safety under his wings, he could absolutely not tolerate other people to frame and dip their fingers into her again.

Looking towards her son who had that vowing’s expression, she was startled, then she could say something after a good moment.

“Then, who do you want to get married to?”

“Cui Miao He!”

If she heard what her son was saying it in the past, Ruan Gui Lin would be happy and jumping up, but she could not even have a trace of smile at this moment, her complexion was heavy, and she snapped. “I will not allow it!”

“Why do you not allow it?” His mother was the one who found the portrait, he had already decided this now, but mother actually did not allow it, was it possible that she wanted him not to get married?

“That young lady’s reputation is not good, and she is also associated with that lady from the brothel, nevertheless, our family is a great family, you are a member of the emperor’s family, how can you have this kind of wife.”

Hearing his own mother’s spoken words, Chai Zhe Xia’s complexion was even heavier, as it turned out, this was the reason why the Cui’s family urgently wanted to marry Cui Miao He.

Because the great families inside the capital were afraid and unwilling to marry Cui Miao He as the main wife, so Liang Yu Xia would take the highest price to sell her.

“She was framed.” Staring at his own mother, Chai Zhe Xia coldly cried out for Cui Miao He’s grievances.

“How did you know that she was framed?” Ruan Gui Lin asked with a heavy face, she somewhat regretted that she brought Cui Miao He’s portrait for her son to choose. How could she know that her son would really choose Cui Miao He, it seemed that there was no way to discuss the look, she inevitably felt discouraged in her heart.

Moreover, even if it looked like her husband had actually talked, there was a hidden motive in this matter, and that also had to wait until she could handle this matter clearly, right. He was saying that he wanted to get married like this, how could she agree.

“So you do not want to help me handle this matter?” Seeing his own mother’s persistent in her eyes, Chai Zhe Xia was also impatient, and he just simply got right to the point to ask.

“Right!” She did not want that kind of daughter in law, and did not want the people to point their fingers when she was out, and became the object of gossip from everyone.

“Then….. fine, ok!” Chai Zhe Xia turned his head to leave his mother, and turned his body around to leave.

Since mother did not agree, he would not force her to do it, he was not a child anymore, there were a lot of things that he could accomplish on his own.

Anyway, he already sent out a letter early morning, and let someone to go and deliver it to Master Cui as fast as possible. He just did not believe that Master Cui would not do anything when his daughter was given to that old Wu’s pervert.

So whether or not his mother would stand on his behalf, was not important, as long as he had money, was he still afraid that he was not able to have an impressive marriage?

Ruan Gui Lin originally thought that her son would fly into a rage, or maybe he would argue strongly with her, but she did not expect that he who always had this fiery temper, would unexpectedly be so simple to accept it like this.

But….. did he really accept this?

Looking firmly and persistently towards her son’s straight figure, she really did not believe that her son would concede this easily. Her heart swept past a burst of inauspicious premonition for a split second, thus, she promptly yelled to ask him. “What does it mean that you sound so easy like this?”

“Since mother does not want to help me to handle this mater, this child will just handle it on my own.” Chai Zhe Xia’s footsteps paused, but his head did not turn back around.

“How do you want to handle it?”

“Kidnap the bride!” Cui Miao He’s situation was certainly pressing in his heart, so Chai Zhe Xia did not feel like using a roundabout route way. Kidnapping her would be a direct way, and it was also his most expertise. Cui Ming Yuan’s quickly return would be the best way, even if he did not return, then he would just kidnap her.

“You are insane!”

Having heard what he said, Ruan Gui Lin took a mouthful of cold air, she simply did not dare to imagine that if this matter really happened like this, how could she step out of the Chai’s manor with her face.

“It is mother who does not agree to help this child.” That tone that he used to speak was so very innocent, anyway, it was absolutely impossible for him to just do nothing to see that Cui Miao He was insulted by that kind of person.

“You…..” Ruan Gui Lin still wanted to say more, but Chai Mu Xiu grasped his wife’s hand firmly, and did not let her to continue speaking.

“Laoye, why are you pulling my hand? I want to properly scold and wake your muddle-headed’s son up.” She was unhappy so she nagged a few words at her husband, who would have imagine that once she turned around, apart from the wreckage of the door that was in front of her eyes, her son’s shadow was not even around anymore.

“Furen, do you think that our son is a fool?” (Since I decided to use Laoye as an appellation for husband, so I’ll keep Furen for wife). Chai Mu Xiu unexpectedly asked his wife who was in a rage.

She did not need to think to answer it. “How can our son be a fool, he was already a respected important general when he was still young, because of his many heroic contributions to the Imperial court. If he is stupid, how can there be many intelligent people who exist in this world.”

“Since this is the case, then should we not believe his foresight!”

“But…..” Although her husband already said his words, but she still did not want to believe this woman whose reputation and integrity were already ruined, would match up with her son. But comparing her attitude from before, she also had a little hesitation.

“Our son has a big temper and crabby, if you are firm and resolute like this, he will not be afraid of your venting, instead of like this, it will be better that we sit by the sidelines for a time, maybe the rumors that are floating around on the street are not trustworthy at all.”

“Is it alright like this?” Chai Mu Xiu always loved his wife dearly, he would never interfere with her decisions in the past, but this time, he had already said it like this, so she should at least a little appreciative. “But, he is going to kidnap the bride!”

If this matter really happened, she was afraid that it would cause a sensation in the Imperial court and themselves, ok!

Ruan Gui Lin only anticipated the consequences and already felt the headache, and because of this, that future wife who had not even entered the door yet, but she already did not like her.

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