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A Generation of Military Counselor HIATUS

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Destined Marriage With Fragrance: Yan Yu/Cang Su’s Side Story Part 2

This chapter was translated for only. And only for those people who don’t mind reading unprofessional translation that was being translated FREELY at the translator’s and editor’s own free times.

Side Story: Yan Yu & Cang Su

Part 2

Murong Shu Qing took the letter from Feng Yu Lou (“spy agency”) and put it on the table, she was still sitting on the wooden chair in between the two beds. But her mood at this time was as pleased as a moment ago. She did not even have any intention to look at the book that was in her hands. Looking at the two people whose bodies were wrapped up by the bandages, her mood also became very heavy. She could understand their moods, the hatred when their entire families were being exterminated, the pain when their close relatives died was the same as if their hearts were twisted and torn apart.

Comparing with the people who died, the people who were alive, had to bear the pain even more, the hatred and responsibility (to take a revenge). She only met once with that sunshine girl, and she was also sad for her, not to mention that they were always associated with her all the time so they would be even sadder.

Looking at the blazing redness outside the window, that was the last unbending sunshine. When the two people woke up again, it was already sunset. When they woke up this time, their vitality was so much better than in the morning. Looking that Murong Shu Qing was still sitting by the side of the bed, they were somewhat puzzled. They were neither relatives nor friends with her, but why were she willing to keep watch by their side?! 

Yan Yu and Cang Su looked one glance at each other, and they did not plan to investigate Murong Shu Qing’s intention at all. The two people secretly regulated their breathings for a moment, and wanted to get out of the bed to leave. They had more important things to do.

Even though it was difficult, but the two people were barely able to sit up, both of their legs had not reached the ground yet, but Murong Shu Qing who was always looking at the evening cloud in the sky, gently said: “If you guys want to take revenge, you have to get and keep your bodies well first, then you can go and find the person to take the revenge!”

Just like a soft feather bass (sound), the inner door was slowly opened, this made Yan Yu and Cang Su’s minds were startled. Yan Yu was staring at Murong Shu Qing, and coldly said: “How do you know that we want to take revenge?”

Murong Shu Qing did not answer at all, only looked at the letter that was on the table. The two people followed her line of sight, and could also see the dark yellow letter that was on the table. Underneath the right side of the letter was a faint reflection of several dark red color words. Yan Yu startlingly said: “Feng Yu Lou?!” The news from Feng Yu Lou was extremely quick and accurate, as long as one was willing to spend money, so one would know anything, everyone in Jiang Hu knew about this matter.

Murong Shu Qing gently sighed and said: “I can help you guys.”

Yan Yu and Cang Su looked one glance at each other first, originally they wanted to decline (the offer). But looking at their own bodies that were covered all over by bandages, and when they looked at the letter in the table, they changed their minds. Cang Su bit and clenched his teeth, and firmly said: “Alright, if you help us to take this revenge, we will promise you to do whatever you want us to do for you.”

They had to take revenge of this animosity, but it would be very hard to succeed if they were relying on their strengths. They did not care about dying, but if they died before they could take revenge for their junior sisters and more than ten junior brothers, then they could not even close their eyes even if they died. Moreover, Cang Su felt that this woman upfront, was not simply a simple woman from a rich and wealthy family, her whole body showed a gentle and calm (personality), not anybody could have this (personality).

Murong Shu Qing shook her head, and faintly said: “You do not need to promise me anything as I do not need any payback from you guys.” Could it be that she wanted to make them to help her to kill someone in the future, that would not do!

“Why?” Yan Yu’s face was filled with unbelievable (expression), what was the reason that she wanted to help them unconditionally.

Why?! Mu Pin’s catchy smiling face showed up in front of her, her anxious eyes, and that sweet voice, or maybe because of that sentence ‘elder sister, do you need my help?!’ that showed her concerns. Murong Shu Qing quietly said: “Just say it for Mu Pin!”

Mu Pin? It was because of junior sister, because she helped her once last time?!

Murong Shu Qing did not pay any attention at their suspicious expressions, she got up and lighted the candlesticks inside the room, and asked: “Tell me the whole sequence of the matter first.” The letter from Feng Yu Lou only said that Yan Yu and Cang Su’s sect, Mu (solemn) Xu (empty) Men (sect/school) was exterminated one night. The perpetrators were related to the government authorities and another Jiang Hu’s faction, Hong (large) Bang Bang (help), but there was no other details. She did not know if Shen Xiao Yun deliberately only gave her half the news or not! 

One did not know what Yan Yu and Cang Su remembered, but both of their eyes were burning with bloodthirsty radiance. Murong Shu Qing did not urge them at all, for a very long time, Cang Su was somewhat calm down and narrated the whole story. 

Mu Xu Men sect was established by Master’s ancestor, Mu Xu Zi, when it was just established, it was only a small faction in Jiang Hu. The Founder, Mu Xu Zi’s martial arts were extremely high, he created an inner strength skill. This inner strength skill was extremely unique, as one only had to learn this inner strength skill, but no other movements. But if one learned it successfully, one could use this inner strength skill to do whatever other movements, so one’s power was greatly increased. If one suffered an internal injury, one could also use this inner strength skill to harmonize one’s self breathing. Even though this skill was very magical, but because the Founder was very low-profile, and did not like to show off, so not too many people knew about this at all.

This inner strength skill that was created by the Founder, was extremely profound. Master only learned successfully to the seventh level, when the Founder passed away. This inner strength skill required two people who learned similar martial arts, identical minds, who would be studying together and dedicated themselves to some extend. After the founder passed away, no one was able to guide Master, and no one could study together with him either, so Master could only pass on this inner strength skill to them. But the three people had been studying for more than ten years, and they could only stop at the seventh level. Because Master was often learning this skill on his own, and because they could not get this skill yet, he was injured and died at the end.

After Master passed away, and because they wanted to accomplish Master’s wish, they still did not give up studying the inner strength skill, but as they practiced more and more, it was more and more difficult. Because of the powerful inner strength skill, the two people were often injured. 

One month ago, two of their junior brothers were captured by the authorities, the reason was that they were fighting with the authorities down the mountain when they (the authorities) disturbed the people. They repeatedly confronted the authorities, but the authorities always ignored them. During this distressed time, the Master of Hong Bang Bang’s faction, Chen Yan approached. Chen Yan and Master were old friends, but afterwards, not knowing any reason or why, their contacts were nonexistence anymore.

Chen Yan said that the reason that the authorities made things difficult for them was because they heard about Mu Xu Men faction’s inner strength skill. The Xi city’s head magistrate wanted to curry a favor with the most influential general in the Imperial court, so he offered to give the inner strength skill (to the general). If they did not hand over the inner strength skill, then the authorities would disturb the Jiang Hu’s faction by disturbing the people, and sending troops to harass them. Chen Yan stated that because of the friendship between him and Master, as long as they handed over the inner strength skill, they could socialize with the authorities, and release their two junior brothers, and they would not make things difficult for Mu Xu Men’s faction anymore. 

Although the people were not fighting with the authorities, but this inner strength skill was created by the Founder, so how could they just took it like this, moreover, they still had to curry a favor and bribe these Imperial thugs. At that time, they were proud and arrogant, so they sternly rejected Chen Yan. Who would have thought that on that evening, the authorities dispatched people to surround Mu Xu Men’s faction. In order to save junior brothers and junior sisters, they had already done their best efforts, but they still suffered extermination of their faction. If there was no thunderstorm that washed away the bloodstain and feeling of blood smell that evening, they would certainly and undoubtedly be dead also.

Yan Yu ferociously hammered the curtain, and said with a stern voice: “This kind of dangerous and shameless group of people, we will absolutely want his life.” He actually did not want to use any force with the authorities, after taking into consideration of the junior brothers and sisters, he decided that he wanted Liu Xu’s Head today.

After listening to Cang Su’s explanation, Murong Shu Qing was actually exceptionally calmed, and she asked: “At that time, Liu Xu asked you guys to give him the secret book?!”

Cang Su thought for a moment, and answered: “No, it was Chen Yan who spoke to us.” They basically had never seen Liu Xu’s face before.

Liu Xu was a corrupt official, so she understood it, but what did he want to do with that inner strength skill?! There were three dominant Generals in the Imperial courts, the country’s General, Xuanyuan Yi, Dong Hai’s General, Qi Yu, and the Ministry of War’s Minister, Feng Li. Even though she had not met with these three people, but she could somewhat understand (about them). Xuanyuan Yi’s martial arts were outstanding, he was proud and arrogant, and would not mix with the (people) in Jiang Hu. Qi Yu could be said to be her maternal uncle, the legend said that he was an upright and straightforward person, and his martial arts’ skills should be somewhat high. So he should never do this, moreover, he defended Dong Hai, and would not have any benefits being in a tangle with Liu Xu, and Liu Xu would not curry favor with him. The next one would be Feng Li, this person was a rough person, and attached importance to be a hero throughout his life, and he would not pay any attention to a corrupt official like Liu Xu.

As a result, the person who wanted the inner strength skill should be that Chen Yan. It seemed that there was a mutual collaboration in doing a shady business, with concerns in her heart, Murong Shu Qing asked: “Where is the inner strength skill (book) now?” If the inner strength skill was still in their possession, that Chen Yan would not give up at this point. But they had not made any movement these days, so she thought that he already got hold of it.

Agreeing with Murong Shu Qing’s anticipation, Yan Yu annoyingly said: “When the authorities surrounded us, we went to look for the inner strength skill (book) again, and it was already stolen.”

“Have you guys ever thought that since you guys were martial arts people, how could the authorities be able to exterminate your faction?!” It was already very doubtful on this point only.

Yan Yu and Cang Su muttered to themselves for a moment, and Yan Yu ferociously answered: “They used poisons and fire to attack (us), and there were a lot of archers outside who ambushed us.” At that time, they did not pay any attention to the officers and soldiers, but in the end, their poison gas along with the fire allowed them to come in. If there was no fire, junior brothers and Pin-er would not die either.

Murong Shu Qing continued to question them closely: “Looking at this clearly, those people were from the authorities?”

“They claimed to be, the head of the people was wearing a bailiff clothing. The other people were too dark, so we could not see them clearly.” There was no moon nor stars in the sky at that time, when the flame blazed, they were simple unable to see clearly.

Suddenly, Cang Su thought of something, both of his hands were completely in fists, and he said: “The archers…. were black clothing people!!” Why would there be black clothing people within the authorities!!

It seemed that they could finally see that the matter was not as simple as they thought at all, so Murong Shu Qing asked with a light smile: “Whom did you plan to look for revenge! Liu Xu?!”

“We must investigate this matter clearly.” After carefully thinking this over again, there was indeed many strange points, but now, they did not want to make any subjective decision anymore. But they would not let go off the people who had anything to do with this matter.

Finished speaking, the two people made their movements together to stand up, even though they were still staggering, but they walked over to the outside door stubbornly. Only this time, Murong Shu Qing did not let them do as they pleased like last time, with a soft voice but a firm tone, she said: “You guys can not go anywhere now!”

“Impossible.” These two people who had never been restricted before, would simply never listen to Murong Shu Qing’s words.

Already knowing that they would be like this earlier, Murong Shu Qing was not anxious either, and was still sitting on the bamboo chair, she faintly said: “Someone comes.” 

Four well-built and gray clothing men came from outside the door, Yan Yu and Cang Su took precautions and looked at Murong Shu Qing. Even if she wanted to do anything to them, they were powerless to resist either. They only saw that Murong Shu Qing slowly got up, and said: “You guys should be clear on what to do now. This kind of self-sacrifice spirit simply does not have any meaning. I have promised that I will help you guys, so I will naturally take care of it, and I will surely set a side the ultimate culprit for you guys.” 

Finished speaking, she walked out of the door, and Murong Shu Qing suddenly smiled and said to the four people: “Guard them, if their injuries are not well properly, do not let them get down for even one step from the bed.” 


Yan Yu and Cang Su did not have any alternative but to return to their beds, but there was another (type) of understanding in their eyes in regards to that women called Murong Shu Qing.

End of Yan Yu & Cang Su’s side story.

Sian’s notes:

That’s it for now, folks! With the end of this side story, it’s the end of this novel. We can probably assume that they get the secret book back after they kill that Chen Yan. That’s why Cang Su was able to heal Shang Jun when she had a serious internal injury during the battle with the Jiang Hu’s man who injured MSQ also. Anyway, I bid you all goodbye for now so I can rest my thumbs properly. Thanks again for reading this translation, it’s been a good journey!

Yan Yu/Cang Su’s Side Story Part 1