Destined Marriage With Fragrance Chapter 6: Releasing The Grains

This chapter was translated by Sian for only and edited by Din2.

By Qian Lu

Chapter 6

Releasing The Grains

Following to enter Zi Yuan was a forty year old’s robust man, who was wearing a large navy blue Chinese attire, he had a square face with tiger eyes, his forehead was plump, his whole body was robust. Walking to the front of Murong Shu Qing, he cupped his fists to salute.

“What is the matter!” Murong Shu Qing’s hand was firmly holding a newly steep tea, and she did not say any superfluous words.

“The upstream of Hong river are in torrential rain for several months, and it triggers flooding, there is not a single grain that is reaped this year, the flooding’s outbreak is extremely fierce. The majority of the grains inside of the authorities’ granary are destroyed, the Imperial court has sent out the grains but after so many days, they have not arrived yet, the starvation is difficult to endure. A small number of refugees have begun to rob some millet shops, if this continues on, it can threaten the Murong family’s granary and millet shops.” Feng Yi respectfully reported the situation at the Zi city, then he was standing to the side, waiting for Murong Shu Qing’s commands.

“What about Li Jing Jia?” She would really like to see how this loathing government official’s head merchant dealing with this issue.

“Li Daren has already taken the remaining grains that are in good condition and distributed them to the refugees, and used his family’s own grains to be used as a disaster relief. The victims have already been placed into a safe area. But the numbers of refugees are a lot, the grains are not enough, the grains that the Imperial court have sent out, are delayed, the people do not have any confidences in the Imperial court, so the popular feelings are unstable.”

“Why are the grains that the Imperial court has sent out, delayed?” The government official was really a good government official, but unfortunately, the cleverest housewife could not cook without rice ah! (One won’t get anywhere without equipment).

“This time, most of the grains that have been sent out, are from Yuncheng region, to get to Zi city from Yuncheng is quicker by water, but because of the flooding, they have no choice but to use the land, so it takes a lot more times.”

“Still how many days for them to arrive?” Murong Shu Qing knitted her eyebrows.

“According to the scout’s reports, the quickest time will be another 20 days, the slowest time will be one month.”

“Contact the other millet shops’ bosses, let them to release about 20 percent of their own grains, if that is not enough, the Murong family’s will make up the difference. Tell Li Jing Jia, the Murong’s family will open the granary disaster relief, make him to deploy the officers and soldiers to provide assistance, and maintain the order. As for the refugees, arrange for someone to pacify and tell them that we have sufficient grains so they do not need to rob the grains anymore. Additionally, arrange someone to provide support for the Imperial court who is deploying the grains, they must arrive in Zi city within 20 days.” After pondering for a moment, Murong Shu Qing slowly instructed Feng Yi.

“Yes, this subordinate will immediately go to handle this!” Finished speaking, a shadow of the navy blue man already disappeared from the bamboo room.

Afterwards, the inside of the room was quiet, everyone was somewhat thinking on their own. Xuanyuan Yi’s face that was serious before, appeared to be even heavier. Even though he regularly went to fight the battles, he had never grasped the matter within the Imperial court at all. But he also knew that five years ago, after half of Dong Yu’s country was flooding, the Emperor assigned a specialist to control the water. Five years later, how was it that the city was flooding again just because of heavy rains, and let the whole Zi city become in this serious calamity?!

Pei Che’s face was pondering and looking at the shadow of the navy blue man, his steady and reserved inner breathing, he looked like lightning that was stuck in speed. It looked like that Official Feng was a secret master, his martial arts were not beneath him either. This kind of man unexpectedly agreed to be under one person, moreover, the person was not even 20 years old’s woman yet. Looking at his respectful manners, it should be completely sincere. Transferring his line of sights back to Murong Shu Qing again, he only saw that she was lightly patting the young girl who was sinking into her own land of dreams. Her face showed a gentle smile, where was the person who was bossing people around firmly just a moment ago!

“Elder sister, we will probably suffer a loss of 30 percent of our granary during this disaster relief in Zi city.” Murong Xing Hun roughly calculated the damage during the flooding this time. He could not help to wrinkle his eyebrows.

“En.” Murong Shu Qing nodded to agree with him, looking at the young girl who was already in a deep sleep, she handed her over to Lu Yi who was by her side, so she could carry her to the bedroom to rest. Kneading her arm that was somewhat sore, then she continued to say: “Even though it will be like this, we will still have to release the grains, otherwise the victims will simply suffer the hardships! If one wants to fundamentally solve this problem, one can only succeed if one controls the water, otherwise this situation will still happen again in the future.”

“The Imperial court had arranged an expert to control the water a long time ago, it looked like there was no result.” Xuanyuan Yi’s deeply locked eyebrows had not been untied.

“Sure, the wormwood like grass that took the bloated embroidered pouch were many.” (Saying that even the Emperor was trying to fix the problem, there were too many corrupt officials so in the end, the flooding problem was still not fixed yet). En, even frowning his eyebrows did not destroy his handsome face, instead, it even added more of his cold temperament significantly, he was very visually attractive.

Xuanyuan Yi had not spoken anything, his complexion was more and more gloomy.

“We release the grains for disaster relief this time, let us see what that Li Daren will say.”

Murong Xing Hun had already heard a long time ago that surname Li had always made their lives difficult. If the Murong’s family did not agree to release the grains this time, he (MXH) was afraid that he (LJJ) would not be able to avoid wearing black muslin. (Because of the severity of the flooding & the other issues after that, MXH is implying somebody will be punished severely if Murong’s family doesn’t help out).

“I can say that Li Jing Jia is actually a good official, but he is inflexible, believes that merchants have huge profits, and everything is calculated with money. So he always makes life difficult for us. This is also a good opportunity to make him change his point of views to us, we are doing business, and there will be a lot of benefits if the authorities have a good relations with us, as for the other merchants, they will also follow our leads in the future. Either way, instead of seeing them robbing and damaging the stores, the loss of 20 percent of grains is nothing. Then we will also establish kind, charitable, and good reputations to the people even more, so in the future, they will first think of our Murong’s family when they want to buy grains.” Murong Shu Qing had tea in her hand, speaking clearly and gently, the people who were listening to her, were at a loss for words.

No wonder Murong’s family had been raising abruptly for the last three years, even when they would be suffering a loss when they released those grains, but she was actually controlling their loses to their advantages. Pei Che was examining Murong Shu Qing seriously at first. The sun that shined down on her white face, showed a continuous light smiles all along. Her face could be regarded as delicate and pretty, at the most, with a light green dress on her body, and fine black hair, but she could be regarded as graceful and free.

But Xuanyuan Yi had a smiling expression, it seemed that his mood was good. His eyes were still locking tightly at that person and not moving as if they were mountains, his light smile showed a longing for the woman.

This smile from Xuanyuan Yi was strange, his face was as black as a dense cloud just a moment ago, but it was glittering with sunshine now. Murong Shu Qing gave him a ‘gentle’ look that gave off a bitter grievance. He was extremely peaceful, did he want to take her as a prey!

“Are you guys not planning to go out?” Murong Shu Qing was looking at the glittering sunshine outside, and reminding them that they should go out.

“That is right, we are going to that mountain-like place in Zi Yun city, does elder sister want to go together?”

“I am not able to, I caught a little bit of cold last night, Yue-er came over here at dawn, so I am somewhat tired. I want to rest for a while, you guys just go, ok, take care of the two Gongzi properly.” She hoped that this Xuanyuan Yi would not look for any troubles for her like last night.

Beyond expectations, Xuanyuan Yi did not say anything in regard to Murong Shu Qing’s unwillingness to accompany them, he was just staring fixedly at Murong Shu Qing. Murong Shu Qing conveniently took out a book from the bookshelf, and allowed him to watch her. But she did not pay any attention to him, but she could say that his gazing was really oppressive.

“Alright, then we are going.” After saying this, the three people left the table to prepare to leave. Xuanyuan Yi’s handsome face was still brimming with smile, and looking one glance at Murong Shu Qing who was leaning beside the bookshelf. He was suddenly laughing heartily, and taking a lead to come out of the bamboo room. Pei Che and Murong Xing Hun were baffling with his laughter, and unable to understand it.

“En!” Lightly responding, she did not even look at them. Even though her eyes were looking at the book, but Murong Shu Qing’s attention was actually fixated at the laughter that shocked and distracted her. Looking at it, Xuanyuan Yi was extremely interested with her, and would also show his aggressiveness towards her like this, this handsome, bright and out of the ordinary man was moved by her and she was afraid that this would be a simple matter. But she was not Murong Shu Qing, looking at the purple bracelet that was on her hand, how long would she be staying here, she did not know it either, so could her heart be moved also? If she could not be certain that she would stay here forever, then if her heart was moved, and she fell in love with him, she would only harm him and her own self.

If she would be able to stay here forever, then she would definitely unable to accept the three wives and four concubines marriages. If she already allowed her affection towards him, then she found that that he was not the right person whom she could trust, then how could she endure this ah!

The sun was glittering outside, the water in the lake was clear, the cool breeze was blowing smoothly and making a rustling sound of the opening of a book page. Murong Shu Qing was leaning at the side of the window, allowing the cool breeze to brush her face off. Looking at the bamboo forest that was as wide as if it was a green sea, she could not help but smiling. Let it be, her other homework was always done outstandingly, but unfortunately, she neglected to take a course about affections. She was accustomed to be an apathetic person, even if she was falling in love with another person, she would not be able to be a raging firewood either, world-shaking, ok. Since it was like this, why she should care about many things. Love was just a part of her life anyway, nothing more.

Still having a light smile on her face, but this time, Murong Shu Qing’s mind was captured by the book that she was reading.

Destined Marriage With Fragrance Chapter 5: Sui Yuan

This chapter was translated by Sian for only and edited by Din2.

By Qian Lu

Chapter 5

Sui Yuan (The name of the courtyard)

“Where did you go last night?” At down, Pei Che teasingly asked Xuanyuan Yi who was reclining at the side of the window, gazing at the pine forest.

“Releasing a burden!” (I think this has a connotation as if he is saying that he’s enjoying himself aka the “M” word).

“Pu ~~” (sound). Pei Che sprayed out the tea all over the place, fortunately, Xuanyuan Yi had an exceptional skill, so he gracefully got out of the way, and was able to dodge a fate of getting bathed by the tea. ‘Releasing a burden? ~~ So it turned out that you still have this type of refined and elegant attitudes in mind ah!” Putting down the teacup that was on his hand, Pei Che’s mischievous eyes were staring at Xuanyuan Yi, as he wanted to see something from within him. Unfortunately, apart from when he was avoiding the spurting tea and knitting his eyebrows, that Xuanyuan Yi’s ruthless face did not have any expressions anymore.

“Good morning, Xuanyuan dage, good morning Pei dage.” When Murong Xing Hun entered Ting Feng pavilion, he actually saw the scene that these two big men were staring at each.

“Good morning ah! Very beautiful orchid. Xing Hun, what are you doing holding a pot of orchid first thing in the morning?” Pei Che turned his head around. Seeing his purple clothing, his hand was clasping a pot of orchid, and Murong Xing Hun was standing at the side of the door.

“Very nice-looking, right, I planted it!” Murong Xing Hun put the flower down on the table, his hand was barely brushing the orchid off, and he said it with a proud face.

“You plant flowers on your own ah, en, it is blooming well.” Pei Che looked at Murong Xing Hun’s proud appearance, so he continued along with his words. Even though he accomplished a lot while he was young, but he was still a child after all.

“Yes ah, I have planted green vegetables also in the past, corn, fruits, and many things!” Hearing Pei Che’s compliment, Murong Xing Hun was even more excited, and said the things that he had planted again.

Xuanyuan Yi looked at him putting energy out to talk, and could not help but be amused also: “So, it turns out that you like to be a farmer even more ah!”

“Hehe ~~ (chucking).” Hearing Xuanyuan Yi’s mocking, Murong Xing Hun’s face was embarrassed, and said mockingly: “It is not like that, at first, elder sister has asked me to plant things, later on, I feel that it is very interesting, so I always plant something.”

“Miss Murong wants you to plant things?” Why was it again? Pei Che’s curiosity was stirred up, he looked at Xuanyuan Yi who was also full of interest looking at Murong Xing Hun.

“At the beginning, elder sister let me to plant corn, our Murong family’s biggest business is in grain, oil, tea and silk, all of these are related to planting. Elder sister says that I can not be a parasite, so she makes me learn how to plant crops. At the beginning, I was not used to it, and it was very exhausting, but when I could eat the things that I planted, I felt a sense of accomplishments. I seem to like planting these things now. Moreover, elder sister still gives me a reward, such as this, if I can plant and produce an orchid, elder sister agrees to give me a pair of ponies, and let Master Feng to teach me how to ride a horse!” Murong Xing Hun finished speaking, held the orchid and prepared to go out. “I am planning to go to elder sister’s place first, and just come over to see if you guys have already woken up. Then I will come and look for you guys, I will take you guys to watch the Zi Yun Feng today.” (A place with mountain-like peak).

“Hold on, anyway, we do not have anything to do, and let us go together, ok, and we can also thank Miss Murong for last night’s hospitality.” Once Pei Che said this, he followed Murong Xing Hun to go out of Ting Feng pavilion together. Behind him, Xuanyuan Yi was looking pensively, then he was slowly following the two people afterwards.

Soon, the three people arrived in front of a bamboo gate, the door was half opened, and one could vaguely see the gate that was expanded from a strong verdant bamboo inside. The lintel of the bamboo gate used a rough blueish paint with two words __ Sui Yuan. Unlike Ting Feng pavilion’s calligraphy that used a huge rock with a bold calligraphy style, this Sui Yuan, two words were simply casual and graceful.

“Is Qing-er not staying at Feng (phoenix) Xi (light) Yuan (park)?” After last night, he found out that calling her Qing-er did not seem to be too uncomfortable.

“Elder sister has not lived there for a long time ago, elder sister has rebuilt many courtyards three years ago, and changed the names also. The former Feng Xi Yuan has already been changed to Cang (conceal) Xue (snow) pavilion now, and it is dedicated to the females in the family’s residence.” While speaking this, Murong Xing Hun pushed opened the bamboo gate, a nice looking scenery made Pei Che and Xuanyuan Yi’s eyes looked bright. When one could pry to see from outside the door, the bluish bamboo was only a small portion, as far as the eyes could see, there was no end to the greenish-blue color. Layer upon layers made people feel that they were among the bamboo sea. The bamboo forest was surrounded by a small lake, the water in the lake was clear, there was a three floors’ bamboo house in the middle of the lake. Because of the swirling of the white muslin that cut off one’s line of sights, one could not clearly see the arrangements inside of the small building.

Again with the three years ago, could it be that a different soul entered and lived in that body? Otherwise, how could one explain her action? This kind of ingenious arrangements, it was such an impressive design. Xuanyuan Yi’s train of thoughts were perplexed again. Pei Che was sighing in his heart, entering this kind of courtyard, made people to want to look whether or not the Master was as lucid and elegant as this scenery.

Following behind Murong Xing Hun, after they walked pass the bamboo bridge, they arrived in front of the small platform of the bamboo house. Lu Yi was standing at the door, looking at the three people, she stepped forward to salute: “Master Xing Hun, Xuanyuan Gongzi, Pei Gongzi.”

“Lu Yi jiejie, did elder sister wake up yet!” Murong Xing Hun was holding the orchid, and asking with a favor.

Looking at Murong Xing Hun’s smiling mischievously, Lu Yi lightly smiled: “Already woke up, Miss Xing Yue came here first thing in the morning, she is inside now, you guys can follow me, ok.”

“Miss, Master Xing Hun and the two Gongzi are here.” Lu Yi lightly lifted the white muslin, a soft voice echoed from inside the room.

“Come in, ok!” A clear and bright voice of a woman came through from the inside room.

Inside the room, the decorations were not luxurious at all, by passing a thin green jade bamboo screen, there was a round table, chairs, and a countertop. The one special thing in the room was the bookshelves that surrounded the whole study room, books were spreading all over the top shelves, this study room was filled with books and the smell of ink slab. Directly facing the countertop was a huge window, it was almost as big as the wall, as far as the eyes could see, the bamboo ocean and bluish green lake took in the whole scene. Behind the countertop was a very big word, it was written very carelessly, one almost could not see anything, it vaguely made out one word ‘Sui.” But this word Sui made people to feel aggressiveness and gracefulness which were completely inconsistent with the scenery, but it made people unable to shift their eyes.

Several morning rays went through the white muslin inside the bamboo room, it was a hazy ring of light, Murong Shu Qing did not put her hair up in a braid today, she only casually bound it together into one small bun, and with a jasper hairpin. She had an indolent bearing. Holding Xing Yue in her bosom, her other hand was holding a piece of osmanthus flower cake, feeding a young girl whose small hands were busy playing with her hair. Her face was carrying an indulgent pampering smile. After Xuanyuan Yi entered the room, he just saw this type of warm and beautiful scenery, in a split second, he stared blankly right where she was.

“Elder sister, look here, the orchid that I have planted, is blooming!” Murong Xing Hun’s words were smashing the (magical) spell, Xuanyuan Yi just recovered.

“I have seen it, not bad, this breed is very difficult to survive, it seems that you have spent a lot of thoughts, I already help you to prepare a good pony. You can just find Xian tomorrow and let him to teach you!” While Murong Shu Qing was feeding Xing Yue and talking to him at the same time.

“Very good, thank you elder sister!” He could finally learn how to ride a horse, Murong Xing Hun was incessantly excited.

“Yue-er also wants a pony!” A childish voice took part in the conversation at the same time. Her mouth was filled with the osmanthus cake, but did not forget to talk her complaint.

“You are still young, when you grow up, elder sister will also give Yue-er a pony, alright?” Murong Shu Qing did not know whether to laugh or cry.

“Really!” Xing Yue opened her eyes with her eyes that were like a small deer’s eyes and they were looking at her. Murong Shu Qing felt that besides nodding her head, there was nothing she could do anymore.

“You ah, can only act like a spoiled child with elder sister!” Xing Hun scratched the nose of her darling younger sister, and provoked a grimace from the young girl.

Pei Che and Xuanyuan Yi were just standing there, looking at the joyous and harmonious scenes, they could sense a warm feeling. Xuanyuan Yi knew it now, why Xing Hun worshiped Murong Shu Qing so much, also knew why the gloominess and coldness surrounded him, gradually disseminated. That was because Murong Shu Qing, not only gave him plenty of livelihoods, well educations, but also a mother’s feeling. Even though this one word, mother, was not appropriate for someone like Murong Shu Qing who was only 19 years old. But her words, actions and bearings, should not be knowledgeable for a girl who was only 19 years old.

“These two Gongzi, sit down ah, have you eaten breakfast yet?” Looking at the two handsome men who were just standing by the door as if some door’s Gods, Murong Shu Qing could not help to laugh. This was indeed unprecedented that it was so lively at her place first thing in the morning ah.

“Not yet, we see Xing Hun come over, and just follow him to come here, we have disturbed you these days.” Pei Che exchanged a conventional greeting with a smile on his face, but his eyes did not leave to see the undercurrents between the two people, Xuanyuan Yi and Murong Shu Qing.

“Lu Yi, ask the kitchen to prepare some breakfast and deliver it here.” Being subjected at these two handsome men’s ‘heated’ line of sights, Murong Shu Qing was somewhat unable to deal with it. One pair of eyes were gazing mischievously as if he was watching a good show, the other pair of eyes looked like he wanted to make a hole with a ‘deep’ investigation. Was she really an attractive person? Her heart was secretly complaining, but her mouth was still saying some boring and petty talks: “These two Gongzi are too courteous, the two of you are seldom coming to Huadu, we should entertain you properly, you regard me as an outsider if you say that you are disturbing.”

“Since it is like this, then, do not call me Gongzi, just call me Pei dage, or you can call me Pei Che.” He actually was not the type of person who liked polite greetings, calling Gongzi, Gongzi all day long was very awkward. But looking at Xuanyuan who suddenly knitted his eyebrows, his mood was better, furthermore, he sat next to Murong Shu Qing, waiting for her to call his name.

Murong Shu Qing was smiling as before, she saw Pei Che’s teasing eyes and Xuanyuan Yi’s sudden solemn expression, but she absolutely could not call him elder brother, she should have similar ages as them, right. Moreover, calling him elder brother would give her goose bumps. Then, she could only call his name reluctantly.

“Alright, Pei Che.”

“Then, can I call you Qing-er?” Someone clearly did not know how to stop before going too far.

Qing-er? When did it start that this name could be used by any person, not waiting until Murong Shu Qing’s refusal, a cold’s man voice answered: “You are not that familiar!”

Pei Che raised his eyebrows: “What is your concern, are we not familiar now? Moreover, we will still be staying at this manor for a few more days, is calling Miss Murong not be regarded as an outsider!” For a long time, he had not seen Xuanyuan’s sudden hostile face, he should put more efforts to tease him.

“It is alright to call my name.” A name was just a name anyway, one could be called whatever name one wanted. Pei Che was clearly teasing Xuanyuan Yi, and Murong Shu Qing was not a narcissist to think that she was the reason why Xuanyuan Yi was not happy. But because she felt that she could actually be classified as someone’s ‘toy’ and being shared by the other people, because of that she was unhappy in her heart. Since they liked to play, she would just play along with them.

“Miss, breakfast is here!” Lu Yi came in to see Xuanyuan Gongzi’s expressionless face, Pei Che’s proud face, and Miss’ helpless and strange sights.

All kinds of cakes, and snacks were placed on the table, all the delicate and meticulous cakes, the people’s mouths would be watering even if they only saw them. The servant girl put down the cakes and left afterwards, one woman quietly walked to the inside of the bamboo room. This woman was wearing a light purple skirt, her face was beautiful, her figure was tall, even though she had a smiling expression, but her eyes showed through a stubborn and uncompromising eyes. Her gestures had much manners.

“Miss, Manager Feng asks to see you, it is concerning the flooding in the eastern river region, the matter about the refuges within the Zi city who are looting the rice stores.” Zi Yuan was standing behind Murong Shu Qing and saying it in a whisper.

Looking at the young girl who was sleepy in her bosom, she would certainly wake up if she moved, let it be, it was not any major event either, just let him say it here, ok. So she turned her head towards Zi Yuan and said: “Let him come in, ok!”


Sian’s notes:

I didn’t translate the word ‘Sui’ from Sui Yuan because the word is actually a verb that means to follow, to comply, to allow so I’m not sure why MSQ picked that word to name her courtyard.

I really want to live in Sui Yuan. I think that place is awesome from the description in this chapter.

So we’re up to ch 5, I know considering that the raw that I’m using has 151 chapters, we’re still not even close to knowing what the big plot for this novel. However, I want to point out why after only reading this novel up to ch 5, I found that MSQ is so much cooler than ZQ. Don’t get me wrong, I love ZQ & the combination of ZQ & LXY is on the top of my most favorite C-novel’s couple, along with Ye Hua & Bai Qian. However, if I look at ZQ’s character in the mistaken series book, she really didn’t have to change any of her characteristics when she somehow transported back to the ancient time. Yes, she had to adapt to her new environment & I bet it was very hard for us modern people to have to live in the ancient time. But ZQ was still doing what she did best, both in the modern & ancient periods, which was being an awesome forensic investigator. Now, look at BYF, in chapter 1, we knew how she could be regarded as an adult woman (26 yrs) who was still confused on what she would like to do for her career. She was definitely a smart woman, after all she graduated with three different degrees in undergrad & grad schools. But she ended up working as a librarian in the modern time. Flashed forward to the life that she had in the ancient time, within 3 years, she became a successful business woman in an era when a woman was looked at as no more than an “accessory” and being treated so badly. She definitely matured a lot & knew that in order for her to survive, she had to be powerful in that era. After all, MSQ didn’t have LXY, the powerful prime minister who would back ZQ up. For that, I really think that MSQ aka BYF is so much cooler than my ZQ…

Destined Marriage With Fragrance Chapter 4: Studying

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This chapter was translated by Sian for only and edited by Din2.

By Qian Lu

Chapter 4


The night time at the Feng Ting pavilion was more charming compared to the day time, layer upon layers of the shadow of the trees were intertwining, as if they were revolving around the mountains. Because looking at it was not clear, it made people wanted to pry into the full view even more. The sound of the wind that came through from the pine forest could be heard gently. The crescent moon was very beautiful, but it was not bright, it only showed a vague reflection of the three people who were sitting on the rock benches in front of the small building.

“Xuanyuan dage, do you really want to cancel the wedding with elder sister?” It seemed that his current elder sister and Xuanyuan dage were well matched now, and he wished that they could be together.

“En, Murong Shu Qing is also agree.” Pertaining to this matter, he also thought that it seemed to be too smooth.

“She is looking forward to it, of course, she will agree.” Even though Murong Xing Hun was muttering the words in a whisper, but the two people who had profound skills could completely hear him without missing anything.

Xuanyuan Yi’s complexion was startled, his brows were knitted. Pei Che was also very interested, and exploited the opportunity to ask: “Why? Is Miss Murong not very fond of Xuanyuan?”

“Three years ago, because of her accident when she fell into the water, she almost lost her life. After she woke up, her temperament changed, there were many things that she did not remember. These past three years, elder sister had never mentioned this wedding arrangement. There was a time when I asked her, and she said that she would not have the wedding, so I thought that elder sister already planned to cancel the wedding a long time ago.” He did not understand the reason either. But he could sense that his current elder sister did not seem to like Xuanyuan dage now, could it be that elder sister also forgot Xuanyuan dage?!

Even though Xuanyuan Yi initially wanted to settle the wedding affair as quickly as possible, but he also did not expect it to be so smoothly like this. As it turned out, Murong Shu Qing also wanted to cancel the wedding, but why was it? Because she already lost her memory? Since she already thought of cancelling the wedding a long time ago, why did she wait for these three years? Could it be that ~~ “Murong Shu Qing knew that I was planning to cancel the wedding, so she was not worried, and made me to be the person who broke the promise?!”

“I think it was exactly like this.” Murong Xing Hun looked at Xuanyuan Yi whose eyebrows were already knitted quickly, he could not help but to laugh out loud.

“Then, if I did not come to cancel the wedding, then she was planning to marry me!”

“No, I guess that elder sister always has a way to make you come to cancel the wedding, even if you do not come, this wedding will definitely be canceled. These past three years, everything that elder sister said that she wanted to do, she would surely complete it quickly.” Speaking until here, Murong Xing Hun’s face was filled with pride.

This made Xuanyuan Yi to be puzzled, when did these sister and brother’s relationships become good like this. He could also see that Xing Hun adored Murong Shu Qing, what did happen in these past three years after all?!

“Are you saying that Murong Shu Qing becomes a scheming woman?” Pei Che could also see the tone of adoration from Murong Xing Hun’s tone, this woman was really not simple.

“No, elder sister is a very smart person, moreover, if there is no elder sister, then there will be no me at the present.” Recalling his life for these past three years, Murong Xing Hun knew that if there was no elder sister, he and Xing Yue would not receive any attentions from the family, they were doomed to be impoverished.

Xuanyuan Yi looked at this precocious child, he had to admit that the current him, was totally different than from three years ago. His tall stature could not be regarded as well-built, but he was strong, he (XY) could faintly see the energy that was flowing from his body, even though it was unstable, but it was already producing. It should be from the directions of the Master, often, practicing martial arts everyday could produce this, one could see that he had an excellent temperaments with his firm eyes. Were all these because of Murong Shu Qing?

“I heard that she found a Master to teach you at home, why did you not go to the academy? Were you afraid that she had some plots?!” Pei Che thought that the changes in Murong Shu Qing was extremely quick, so there certainly had some problems.

“At the beginning, I also thought this way, so I did not go to class (to study), but was just disturbing the Master. But elder sister told me these sentences, she said ‘in this world, there was only one thing that nobody could take away from you, it was just __ knowledge.’ If I want to defeat the enemy or detest somebody, I will have to make myself strong. To be strong, I have to learn the knowledge from all directions. Only in this way, I can obtain whatever things that I want, protect the people whom I want to protect or protect things that I want to protect.” Murong Xing Hun’s bright face carried a smiling expression, and picking up the new tea that was on the table, he sipped it gently.

If one said that about Murong Shu Qing to Xuanyuan Yi and Pei Che before, they would only be puzzled, but now, they were actually shocked. Even though Xuanyuan Yi did not like Murong Shu Qing’s proud, reckless and willful personalities, but the two families were long time family friends. It could be said that he watched her growing up, she had never liked studying. How could she say those kind of words, just because of the so called losing memory? No way, it was too suspicious.

“Do you not hate her so much in the past, is she not afraid that when you are strong, then you will eliminate her first?” Pei Che wanted to know what was Murong Shu Qing trying to do?

“I also ask her like this, but elder sister has said that hate is also a type of driving force. Hehe (chucking), it has been three years, I know that elder sister has done all that for my sake, how can I hate her anymore?” When he became strong, he would also protect her, definitely.

Pei Che secretly sighed, a good move to retreat in order to go forward, this way, she was able to recapture this tough youngster, very amazing move.

“Then, what lessons do you usually take?”

“Elder sister said to strike a balance between studying and resting, after I study for five days, then I can rest for two days. These five days, I learn poetry, calligraphy, history, art of wars, martial arts, painting, to play instruments and so on.

“The others are good, but why do you want to learn history and art of wars?” Why did Murong Shu Qing make this child to learn these? “Can it be that Miss Murong wants you to snatch General Xuanyuan’s place when you grow up, as to avenge him from cancelling the wedding?!” At this time, Pei Che wanted to mock Xuanyuan Yi. Xuanyuan Yi just forced a smile, this Pei Che really did not neglect him at all.

“Elder sister said to use a copper as a mirror in order to see the whole right perspectives; use the past time as a mirror to be able to know the rises and falls; use the people as a mirror to understand the successes and failures. Learning history is to be able to learn how the other people use their own experiences properly, so one can be warned for one own’s weaknesses, then one can make adjustments to correct it. Learning the art of war is because the business world is just like a battlefield, although there is no blood, but it can also make people to be consigned to eternal damnation. The business world must not lose its key moments, and it also needs to plan for different strategies. Managing a family, or a career, just likes managing a country, what I want to learn is still a lot.” Speaking frankly with assurances, Murong Xing Hun’s forehead showed graceful bearing.

“No wonder, no wonder ah!” He could not help to sigh praises in this kind of woman, Murong Xing Hun’s adoration to her was definitely justified. “Hearing what you have said, can it be that the outside rumor about Murong family’s actual master is Murong Shu Qing, this thing is true?”

“Certainly, all of Murong family’s business are being taken care of by elder sister, my old man has not been involved for a long time.” Not getting involved was also good, otherwise Murong family’s fortunes had already been squandered a long time ago. “It is late, I must go back, Xuanyuan dage, Pei dage, I will look for you tomorrow, and take you to have a stroll everywhere.” Finished speaking, Murong Xing Hun walked towards Xing He Yuan (his courtyard) in large strides.

“It seems that we must get acquainted with this new Miss Murong again, she is definitely not the same person as the previous Murong Shu Qing that you know in the past.” Originally thinking that it would be very boring to accompany Xuanyuan to come to the Murong’s family this time, but after today, it looked like it was right that he came here. Ignoring Pei Che’s cheerful talks, Xuanyuan Yi followed Murong Xing Hun’s footsteps, and went out of Ting Feng pavilion.

“Xuanyuan ~~ where are you going?~”

Xuanyuan Yi followed Murong Xing Hun to leave Ting Feng pavilion, but he did not follow him, he was merely walking without any purposes. The Murong family’s manor was very big, there was a small lantern for every partitions, it was not very bright, but it gave sufficient lightning. Unconsciously, he arrived in front of a big lake, a faint lotus fragrant was floating along with the cool breeze, as if there was nothing so it made people to feel refreshed. It also pulled Xuanyuan Yi out of his chaotic thoughts.

Even though it was a crescent moon, but the red clouds were scattering out, the moonlight was a little brighter, so Xuanyuan Yi could clearly see a trace of white reflection at the side of the lake. It was her! His brain was still pondering deeply at all of her anomalies, but his feet appeared to have their own mind and walked over towards that trace of white reflection.

Murong Shu Qing looked at the bracelet that was on her wrist, she could still faintly feel a slightly cool feeling (from the bracelet), but the light purple ray that was flowing within the bracelet did not reappear. Three years ago, when she woke up and saw this bracelet at that time, she just knew that it took her to this place, and she also believed that it would take her back, but when would it be? There was no explanation!

A pair of black boots came up behind Murong Shu Qing without any sounds, she still thought that he would not come over, it seemed that she underestimated any mankind’s curiosity. Murong Shu Qing did not know martial arts, so she would be helpless to track the whereabouts of this expert. But she had a very sharp sense of smell, she was very sensitive towards people’s smells, if someone approached her within ten meters, she would find out. So, she did not need to see and already knew who was standing behind her, it should be that outstanding and extraordinary’s General Xuanyuan. But since the person did not say anything, then she would just take it as if she was not aware of it. Maybe the other person would only having an ‘endless night, unable to sleep’!

Casually sitting by the lakeside, the two like white jades feet were gently swaying on top of the water surface, the moonlight was enveloping gently, as if she was a pure jade. The cool breeze was playing with her black hair, she seemed to be so peaceful under the moon. But Xuanyuan Yi felt that his own tranquil’s heart was like a ripple water lake. Unconsciously, he mumbled lowly: “You ~~ who are you?”

“Tonight’s moonlight is very beautiful!” A woman’s gentle voice with a trace of chuckling, answered his question, but unfortunately, the content was completely irrelevant.

“Who are you?” With a powerful emotion!

This man was really not able to tolerate a trace of perfunctory and ignorance. But who was she? How could she answer it? Could it be that she should say that she came from the 21st century? Murong Shu Qing found out, after this man appeared, that she had many helpless facial expressions and forced her smiles. For example now.

Murong Shu Qing did not turn around at all, her feet that were in the cold lake water really made her feel comfortable. Lightly brushing away the lotus leaves to the side, she raised up the corner of her mouth, and lazily said: “I do not know who I am either? Maybe I am only a trace of lonely soul, who lives far away from home and is living inside this body!” This kind of answer could not be regarded as lying to him, right, it would be up to him how he would understand it.
“Are you a lonely soul? You really make people to be suspicious!” Hearing this kind of answer, Xuanyuan Yi unexpectedly felt better than if she answered that she was Murong Shu Qing, this made him to have more faith and be at ease. Walking next to the riverside, he was also sitting on the ground next to her, the corner of his mouth was unconsciously raised up in a curve.

Looking at Xuanyuan Yi who was sitting next to her, Murong Shu Qing could not help wanting to sigh again, with this kind of casual attitude, this man did not seem to look ordinary even more, on the contrary, he was more breathtaking, his resolute face showed more prominent and handsome under the moonlight.

“I am only a passing traveller, there is no need to be suspicious.” Sighing inside her heart, Murong Shu Qing slowly got up, and she did not pay any attentions to her wet legs that sticked to her skirt. Barefooted, she was standing on the soft grass, lightly patting her body and the tip of her hair that had bits of grasses. Picking up her embroidery shoes but she did not put them on, then she turned around to walk on the grass to fly out of there.

A passing traveler? Until the white reflection disappeared in front of his eyes, Xuanyuan Yi only regained his line of sight. Only the curve on the corners of his mouth did not drop down, on the contrary, they expanded. Looking at the new lotus that was swaying gently, his eyes showed brilliant rays in the deep of the night.


Sian’s notes:

More explanation on the paragraph that uses a mirror as an explanation is taken from a poetry during the Tang Dynasty. You can read about it on this Wikipedia.

Destined Marriage With Fragrance Chapter 3: Family Feast

This chapter was translated by Sian for only and edited by Din2.

By Qian Lu

Chapter 3

Family Feast

“This is that arrogant and irrational person whom you have said before, the eldest daughter of the Murong’s family who is so unreasonable and willful?” Pei Che calmly drank this year’s new spring tea that was just picked. Murong’s family was still really wealthy ah, this tea was indeed very difficult to find ah.

“No.” Xuanyuan Yi was looking at the pine tree that stood outside the window, when he spit out that one word. Who would have thought that the Murong family’s manor had scenery like this. In the past, because he loathed Murong Shu Qing, he never stayed at the Murong family’s manor too often. Unexpectedly, he did not know that this Ting (listen) Feng (wind) pavilion’s scenery could shock people like this. The two floors in the small building were surrounded by the pine trees, its big courtyard did not have any other plants. There was one huge rock at the courtyard’s gate, and a bold and powerful three letters (calligraphy) __ Ting Feng pavilion. Inside the room, one could clearly hear the sound of the wind that was blowing from the pine forest, it was really worthy of the name, Ting Feng.

“No? Are you saying that person from a moment ago is not Murong Shu Qing?” Pei Che gave a mischievous smile.

“It is Murong Shu Qing, but her temper is completely different.” One could not see what Xuanyuan Yi’s deep eyes were thinking.

“Can it be that she lets loose her own self in order to be captured?” Pei Che walked to the side of Xuanyuan Yi, and gave him a cup of tea. In passing, he was also enjoying that huge pine forest.

“Impossible!” He was familiar with Murong Shu Qing so it was impossible for her to have this kind of charm and graceful temperaments. The moment when she entered the room, his mind was in a trance. Her simple looking face had a warm smile, her careless attitude showed self-confidence, that kind of her made him unable to move his eyes. This kind of magnificent personality, how could she be able to act it!

“Yeah ah, it does not look like she is acting. Moreover, you should also take note of how the old father’s attitude (towards Shu Qing), it seems that his loving and pampering are not that simple. He seems to have more fears ~~ this is very worthy of thinking it over. Besides, Murong family’s movements were so great for the last three years. They are the first or second best family within the Dong Yu country now ah, are you not curious as to what has happened in the last three years?” Pei Che looked slowly at the floating tea leaves that were in the cup after he said the words. His interest on this subject was even stronger.

“This is the reason why you insist on staying here?” Even though he was also curious because of this, but in order to lessen unnecessary troubles, he would never approve to stay here.

“Anyway, we still have to participate in Yi Xiong’s (elder brother Yi) wedding ceremony, then we can go. Staying here is not bad either, look, the scenery is very good.” He was also infatuated with this pine forest.

“Are these two Gongzi resting?” Lu Yi who was standing at the door, asking in a low voice.

“No, Miss Lu Yi, please come in quickly.” Pei Che raised his smiling face to welcome Lu Yi.

“Do these two Gongzi need anything more, Lu Yi will go and prepare them.”

“We are good, we do not lack anything, Miss does not need to be inconvenient.”

“Gongzi is too courteous, this is within this servant’s work.” Lu Yi was smiling when she replied. “Miss has already arranged a family feast at Luo (fall) Yun (cloud) Yuan (park) to welcome these two Gongzi.”

“Miss Murong is too courteous. I have heard that your manor has a young master?” Hearing Xuanyuan mentioning these several times, that this child was intelligent and stubborn, maybe, they could find out something from him.

“Is Gongzi asking about Young Master Xing Hun? Young Master is still studying at Xing (star) He (and) Yuan (garden), Gongzi can meet Young Master during the family feast.” Why did this Gongzi mention Young Master Xing Hun?

“Is he studying at home? Why does he not go to the academy?” Hearing that this Murong family’s young Gongzi who had never received any favors, how could the Master ask the specialists to teach him?

“This is Master’s arrangement, Lu Yi is not clear about this.” What did this Gongzi want to know after all? Saying less would be good. “Then, Lu Yi will not hinder these two Gongzi’s rest.” Finished speaking, she bowed her body politely, and then went out.

This servant girl knew a good sense of propriety, and was very clever. “This servant girl who is besides Murong Shu Qing is very special and particular ah!” Pei Che just finished speaking, and immediately was given a supercilious look.



It was really a family feast, as all of the people from the Murong’s family were all present. When Xuanyuan Yi and Pei Che entered Luo Yun Yuan, the people from the Murong’s family were already sitting on the table. On the left and right sides of Murong Xiang were two women, one was about 40 years old, but she was still beautiful, dignified and virtuous. The other was about 20 something years old, with elegant almond-shaped eyes, cherry lips and flirtatious expressions. Sitting opposite them was an expressionless youngster, his young age seemed to show an out of ordinary personality traits.
“It seems that we are late!” Pei Che said with a clear voice and smile, and Xuanyuan Yi also entered Luo Yun Yuan at the same time. The name of this place was really good, the door was directly facing the west, when they were having the meals, they could still watch the sun set, with the beautiful and dazzling scenery. There were beautiful landscapes everywhere within this manor ah.

Hearing the voice, that youngster stood up, and said smilingly: “Xuanyuan dage (elder brother)! You are here, sit next to me.” While he was speaking, he pulled Xuanyuan Yi to sit next to him.

Xuanyuan Yi smiled at the youngster and patted his shoulder. He had not seen him for three years, this child had grown very tall, but the coldness that surrounded his body had not changed, but his resentments and gloominess were reduced by a lot.

“Will there be Yue-er’s favorite legs (chicken legs) to eat tonight?”

“There will be, Yue-er is very obedient, I will give you two pieces to eat tonight!”

“Very good, my small belly will look round after I eat.”

“Good ~!”

A childish dialogue along with a light laughter were heard, Murong Shu Qing who was wearing a white dress, pulling a three year old little girl and chatting with her while they entered the Luo Yun Yuan. The little girl was wearing a pink dress, with two pigtails on her head, her sweet smile was hanging on her red cheeks. She looked like a jade craved doll. The moment Murong Xiang looked at the little girl, he showed a disgusted expression, although it was only for a short moment, but Pei Che could take in the whole scene at once.

“Everyone is already here, then serve the meals, ok.” Murong Shu Qing took the little girl to sit on the chair next to hers, while she was speaking to Lu Yi who was behind her.

This looked like a casual instruction but Pei Che was startled, this type of rich family household attached the importance on dining table customs, only the family master could instruct and start the banquet, even if the old father was sitting in the master’s seat, but Murong Shu Qing was the one who started the banquet?! Pei Che and Xuanyuan Yi looked one glance at each other, he also saw the same question in his eyes. Anyway, the two people did not show any movements. Very quickly, many dishes were brought out and filled the table.

“Yue-er, which chicken leg do you want to eat ah?” From the start to finish, Murong Shu Qing was taking care of the little girl’s meal, and she had not even looked at Xuanyuan Yi’s eyes. The outsiders could not see it, but Pei Che could clearly sense that this ‘important general’ who was by his side, did not appear to have a good mood tonight ah.

“En ~~, I want ~~ that one.” Xing Yue said it with a whisper, her straight body was currying for Murong Shu Qing’s favors. Her small head was lowered, as she was afraid of her father, and thought that her father did not like her. Moreover, there were so many people today.

“Good!” Murong Shu Qing took the little girl’s chicken leg and put it inside Xing Yue’s bowl, “Smells very good oh, quickly eat it.”
Murong Shu Qing looked at the little girl who used a great deal of efforts to eat the chicken leg with her chopsticks, the ‘kuang dang’ sound of the bowl that was collided with the chopsticks echoed, she could not help but laugh: “Yue-er, use your hands to eat.”

The little girl heard this encouragement, so she happily put down the chopsticks that made her distressed, and her two hands were stretched out to grab the chicken leg.

“You can not even follow the etiquette to eat a meal, how can you be an elegant person ah! Do not make the guests mock us!” A gentle sneer from a woman’s voice made the small hands as if they received an electric shock.

Xing Yue put her hands down, lowered her head into Murong Shu Qing’s bosom, this child was always sensitive, perhaps because she had never had a mother since she was small, and her father was never shown any interest to her, so it made her feel a lack of security. This also made Murong Shu Qing’s felt the most distressed, picking up the chicken leg and putting it in her hands, she smilingly patted her head: “Using your hands to eat a chicken leg is the best way to eat, does Yue-er forget about it?”

With an encouraged expression, Xing Yue was picking the chicken leg again with her hands, she was after all a child, so she put all of her attentions very quickly in eating the chicken leg.

“Zhao Yiniang (an appellation for her father’s concubine) was reasonable, it seems that a family education during childhood must be very strict ah!” Murong Shu Qing’s voice was not loud, but it was enough to make everybody who was present, heard her voice clearly.

Zhao Ling Long’s complexion was immediately deathly white, her family was poor when she was small, her mother passed away early, the only person remained was her father who would get drunk all day long and her three siblings. She was sold to a brothel when she was 10 years old, only because she looked pretty, and played a few schemes, that she could enter the Murong’s family as a concubine. Murong Shu Qing’s words today, made her ashamed and unable to show her face, so she could only store her melancholy in her heart. Even if her teeth were all broken off, she did not dare to open her mouth again to talk.

Xuanyuan Yi was somewhat bewildered, this person who was smiling all along, but who was this woman whose words were so sharp? She was definitely not Murong Shu Qing who would bother and throw tantrums all days long to win some favors. And she was also not that person who was so arrogant, and a thick-skin young girl. So who was she?

“Since Xuanyuan Gongzi and Pei Gongzi are in Huadu district, you can not miss the annual lotus festival. Xing Hun, you should entertain these two Gongzi properly during this time, ok.”

“I will, elder sister.” He respected Xuanyuan dage deeply all along, this time that he could stay in the house, Murong Xing Hun was very happy.

It seemed that Murong Shu Qing planned to ‘load’ the burden of these two people to Murong Xing Hun, he stayed behind because of her mysterious situations, how could he let her escape easily like this: “I am under the impression that Qing-er will personally entertain us!” His muffled voice could really entice people.

Murong Shu Qing forced a smile, ‘Qing-er’?! When did they become so familiar like this, she heard that he had never looked at Murong Shu Qing with a good expression (in the past), more over, he would never use this gentle tone to call her Qing-er. It seemed that Xuanyuan Yi was interested in her, this fake Murong Shu Qing, fine, she had never planned to hide her own self from the beginning anyway.

“These two Gongzi were seldom coming to Huadu district, you naturally want to go sightseeing nicely, Xing Hun just happens to be able to guide the two of you. My body is always weak, I am afraid that I will spoil these two Gongzi’s moods, so there will be one less person to accompany you.” Even though she was curious with this general, but Murong Shu Qing did not want to be too close to him.

Her tone was gentle, her etiquette was proper, and she was very good in making an excuse ah. But unfortunately, he, Xuanyuan Yi was also able to strike properly like this: “Qing-er’s health is not good? Then, you should go out and walk around even more, do not be in the stuffy home all the time.”

“Thank you for Xuanyuan Gongzi’s concern.” Xuanyuan Yi and she were like sharpen knives, if she did not agree today, it seemed that he would not let it go. Fine, she wanted to see what this ‘fiancé’ wanted after just cancelling their wedding. Sometimes, too many miseries would actually arouse a man’s desire to investigate. She did not want this, ‘going out on a scenic tour when she had a chance, I would just accept his request.’

“It will be extremely good if Miss Murong can accompany us.” Pei Che appeared before her eyes with a mischievous smile. Xuanyuan Yi had already been affected by this young lady who was completely inconsistent with the legend’s story, but he was not aware of this yet. This was really interesting.

Even though the arranged meal time was not really a joyous time for the host and guests, but it seemed to be at least harmonious. After the evening meal, everyone was dispersing out.

Destined Marriage With Fragrance Chapter 2: Murong Shu Qing

Over 2,620 words.

This chapter was translated by Sian for only and edited by Din2.

By Qian Lu

Chapter 2

Murong Shu Qing

The warm wind was blowing on the surface of the lake, creating a burst of ripples. The lotus leaves were incessantly swaying gently and beautifully, several peach blossoms that started to bloom early were weaving in and out as if they were playing hide and seek with the lotus leaves. The faint fragrant was seeping through the heart. By the side of the lake, there was a woman who was laying half-down, her hair did not appear to be rolled up in a bun, but it was only plaited and braided casually, several strains of hair were flowing loosely in tune and dancing with the wind. The woman was not concerned either, her eyes were watching attentively at the book that was on her hand. She was wearing a white dress, the front jacket and the cuffs only had bamboo leaves embroideries, and no other decorations.

There was another woman who was wearing a green dress, sitting next to the woman, her appearance was lucid and elegant. She was holding a satin peony tree fan on her hand and fanning the woman in white dress with it. She did not appear to enjoy the beautiful scenery during this early summer, her bright and large eyes were only watching attentively at the woman with a white dress.

Lu Yi was looking at the other young lady whom she had been serving for five years, her heart was filled with a lot of questions that were still not answered, about what happened when the young lady fell into the lake three years ago and was being rescued, everything was very different?! The character of the previous young lady was unreasonable, and ruthless, a whip had never left her hand. She would wave the whip to whomever displeased her, whether they were from within the family, or the common people within the city, they were all afraid of the eldest daughter from the Murong’s family. She also did not know how many times she was scolded or beaten up. But after Miss fell into the lake and woke up, she did not remember anything, her temper also changed, she became very intelligent, and very gentle. In short, she did not know how to describe it, Miss just changed into a different person. In the past, she would be afraid to serve Miss, was always trembling in fear, but she really like being next to Miss now. She would frequently look at Miss foolishly, and would always be puzzled if she saw a light smile on Miss’ lips, she felt that was like a spring breeze.

“Miss, Miss ~~ Miss, he, he came!” A woman voice that came through from a distant, interrupted Lu Yi’s thoughts, when she recovered, she saw that Miss unhurriedly laid down the book that was on her hand. The corner of her mouth helplessly smiled, and looked at the red figure who was coming hurriedly.

Murong Shu Qing gave a cup of tea to the young servant girl whose brows were beaded with sweat, then she smiled and said: “Say it slowly, do not be anxious.”

Hong Xiu poured down a cup of tea in a big gulp, with her glittering eyes, she said excitedly: “Miss, Xuanyuan Gongzi came!”

“Xuanyuan Gongzi? Who is it?!” Murong Shu Qing still did not understand who was this divine person, who could make this young servant girl to be excited like this? But she was afraid that cup of top notch long dan xin’s tea (tea brand) would be a waste (the way she was gulping it).

“He is your sweetheart ah, your future husband!” Miss did not even remember Xuanyuan Gongzi?!

Oh! As it turned out, it was that man who was engaged to her before she was even born, but who kept on delaying their wedding day again and again ah.

“What is he doing coming here?” Murong Shu Qing was holding a cup of green tea, and looking at the pond that was filled with swaying lotus leaves, she asked carelessly.

“Eh~~ he came, he came to cancel the wedding!” Hong Xiu lowered her head, and summoned up a courage to answer it with a low voice. She secretly looked at Miss’ complexion. Even though Miss changed by a lot now, but if she was provoked again, she might just return back to the previous person, and that would be bad.

“Cancel the wedding?!” Murong Shu Qing’s smiling face did not change, her eyes flashed through a radiant light, then her smiling mouth changed into a ridicule.

“En, Xuanyuan Gongzi and Master are at the reception pavilion, Master is very angry!” Hong Xiu had a worry face. Her eyebrows were quickly knitted together.

“It seems that I have to go and look!” She was the leading role after all, how could she not show up when there was a show?!

“Oh! Then, I will immediately prepare a dress for you to change into, what color of dress do you want to wear now? Red color or purple color that you like the most? Maybe white color? I will comb and roll your hair up in a bun, it will look noble and stylish, it will surely suit Miss~~”

“Stop!” This young sparrow could really be vexed!

“Have I said that I want to change my dress?”

“But~~ but when Xuanyuan Gongzi came in the past, Miss wanted to make yourselves presentable with your dress and hairstyle ah!” Hong Xiu’s voice was lower and lower. Even though Miss did not whip and beat people anymore now, but as long as Miss’ voice was lowered, she would be flustered unconsciously, it was worst than when Miss still beat people up in the past as one did not know what she was thinking.

“That was in the past.” Murong Shu Qing helplessly sighed when she spoke, if she wanted to go see a man, and the man who wanted to cancel their wedding, why would she need to make herself presentable by dressing up and doing a hairstyle?! And she still needed to take a long bath! Women ah, sometimes they liked to complicate themselves, and made themselves to be embarrassed.

“I remember that there is an engagement token?”

“Right ah, it is a South China Sea’s pearl, it is almost as big as a clenched fist!” Hong Xiu had seen it twice, it was very beautiful ah, dazzling.

“Lu Yi, go and bring it here. Then we will go to the reception pavilion.” Finished speaking, she started to walk out, and go to the reception pavilion.

Miss really wanted to cancel the wedding ah? Both of the young servant girls were looking at each other, but they did not dare to open their mouths either, and promptly followed to go.

Murong Shu Qing, nope, it should be Bai Yi Fan. It had been three years, she almost forgot that she was Bai Yi Fan. Three years had gone by indescribably, it also made her not knowing what to do because of it, but she always had a ready to adapt character so her heart was quickly settled after a period of time. At first, she would just continue to read her books as her companion every day, that would not be bad. But when she saw that the old Murong family’s Master had three wives and four concubines, the Murong family’s eldest daughter was married off to a stranger because of a matchmaker’s words, and this Murong Shu Qing was unexpectedly already engaged before she was even born. She knew that the freedom that she wanted while she was in this era, was only a delusion. In order for her to live the life that she wanted, she knew what she was required to do, she needed powers and wealths. For three years, she exhausted all of her intelligent and capabilities to make the Murong’s family who had been declining gradually, to be the first influential family in Dong Yu country again. She became the real Murong family’s master. Since she was already Murong Shu Qing, then she would control her own life. And this fiancé actually came at the right time. It should be the right time to settle this matter.

“Kuang dang~” A crisp sound of a teacup that was being thrown down broke Murong Shu Qing’s train of thoughts. “I will never agree to this, I have said it three years ago that the wedding has been set up by the two families, you cannot cancel it just because you say so!” Full of anger, it appeared that this old Murong’s father was really angry ah!

“I simply came to inform you that I wanted to cancel the marriage.”

En, very magnetic voice, it was deep, low and hoarse, moreover, it was also domineering. The voice was not loud but it gave people the oppressive feelings. He was really worthy of being the most powerful General in the Imperial court. Murong Shu Qing was suddenly looking forward to see this accomplished youngster, her world famous ‘fiancé.’ It would definitely be interesting, with a light smile, she stepped into the door of the reception pavilion.

“Father.” Her voice was not loud, but it made the three men who were inside the reception pavilion to stare blankly, the hostility within the inside atmosphere dissipated by a lot.

“Qing-er, you come just in time, this youngster has unexpectedly said that he wants to cancel the wedding! You can be at ease, father will never agree to it.” Murong Xiang looked at her darling daughter who just came, and he clearly stated his approach promptly.

Murong Shu Qing looked towards the two men who were in the reception pavilion, they all looked very outstanding, with impressive appearances. Meeting two completely different personalities, it was not difficult to guess that the person who was wearing a greenish jacket, with an expressionless face, a completely ruthless and strong man, he should be her legend ‘fiancé.’ He was really a handsome man, with eyebrows that looked like a double-edged sword, arrogant nose and thin lips, knife-like stone face that showed his unruly characters. Not only his appearances, but this man also had a sense for his absolute existence. But this man had a strong violence attitude, while his eyes did not have any desires? Bai Yi Fan had never met with this type of man in all of her 29 years of age. She could not help to want to admire this person, what was more for a 17-18 years old young girl who was awakening in her first love?! No wonder, one would not agree to cancel the wedding even in death. And the other man who was wearing a gray dress had a smiling expression on his good-natured’s face, his manner had a proper sense of propriety, it made people to feel cultured and refined. But that pair of eyes with interest eyes made Bai Yi Fan’s intuition to think that he was not a simple person either. The common saying was like a smiling fox (sly and treacherous person).

“Father, since Xuanyuan Gongzi is determined to cancel the wedding, and he has a fix reason for it, it is not good for us to force him to follow through with the wedding.” A clear and moist voice echoed gently, as if the early summer’s dry and warm heat were changed into a trace of fresh and cool airs.

“This was your deceased mother and Madam Xuanyuan’s marriage agreements, so he did not have a final say on it.” Murong Xiang was curious secretly, was his daughter not extremely liking this youngster, she tried to kill herself in the past because of him, how could she agree to cancel the wedding today?

“Since the two families older generations’ decision for this marriage, it was also to wish for our happiness. Since Xuanyuan Gongzi is not willing now, if we have to force him to fulfill the wedding agreement, how can we have any happiness? I believe that my deceased mother will understand this, and will also be understanding on my decision.” Murong Shu Qing smiled even deeper, her eyes were looking straight at Murong Xiang to let him see that she was determined on this.

“But how can we tell your maternal grandfather ~~”

“Father does not need to worry about maternal grandfather, I will explain to him on my own.”

Murong Xiang knew that talking too many words would not be beneficial either, this last three years, she insisted on wanting to do her own matters, she was always successful. But as her parents, he still wanted to say: “You are already 19 years old, if the wedding is cancelled ~~”

“Father, this daughter still wants to look after you for a few more years, also with this daughter by your side, I believe that you will be even happier in your life.” Although her words were warmth, but her eyes were carelessly looking at the scenery outside the window.

These words made Murong Xiang’s complexion got panicky, yeah ah, he did not have to work so hard for the family’s business for the last three years, and it was still bigger and bigger. If his daughter got married, then, would he be responsible for the business again?! Since she wanted to cancel the wedding, then they would just cancel it, it seemed that she already had some arrangements, he did not have to be anxious about it. “I will comply with you all, we will cancel the wedding.” Finished speaking, he stormed out in a huff.

Murong Shu Qing had known that there were two sets of eyes that were looking at her since she entered the room and they had not been moved away from her body. But she did not mind it, turning around to face the eyes that were like the deep ocean, she smiled gently: “Since the wedding has already been cancelled, then I will also return this engagement token. Lu Yi, give it to Gongzi.”

“Yes.” Lu Yi gave that precious South China Sea’s pearl to Xuanyuan Yi. Xuanyuan Yi did not even look at it, his eyes were still staring at Murong Shu Qing and would not let them go.

The smile on Murong Shu Qing’s face did not change at all, she just let him look at her, and did not avoid him either. She already returned this thing, it was his business if he did not want it. She was a business woman now, so she could not fail to show any etiquettes: “Since these two Gongzi have already in Huadu district, it will be better if you stay for a few days to enjoy the beautiful scenery here, and let me be the host.”

“Then, we will be troubling you.” The man who was wearing a gray dress, was the one who gave the answer.

Murong Shu Qing looked at Xuanyuan Yi who clearly wrinkled his eyebrows, but the man who was wearing a gray dress was just holding a fan on his hand, with a gentle smile on his face, and ignored Xuanyuan Yi’s frowning eyes.

It seemed that this man was very interested in her! It did not matter to her, having two more guests would not harm her either, she also wanted to take a look to see what kind of a person was that youngster’s general. How could he have those kind of eyes. “Lu Yi, bring the two Gongzi to Ting Feng pavilion. Do not neglect these noble guests. I will bid goodbye.” Finished speaking, she nodded a little bit, then her white figure went away quickly.


Sian’s notes:

Gongzi is an appellation for sons who are from the wealthy families or higher government officials during the ancient period. There’s really no English words for this so I’m keeping the pinyin words.

As you can see, I’m also keeping the pinyin words for the names of courtyards or buildings or the names of teas or wines, as it really doesn’t make any sense to translate those words. But I’ll usually put the translation words at least once in the chapter where those words are found.

Destined Marriage With Fragrance Chapter 1: Bai Yi Fan

I apologized for the delay in posting this chapter. The alarm to remind me to post the chapter didn’t go off… 😂😂😂

I changed the title of this novel to Destined Marriage With Fragrance as it’s closer to the title in Chinese. Without further ado, let’s start our adventures with Miss Murong Shu Qing aka Bai Yi Fan. Over 2,600 words.

This chapter was translated by Sian for only and edited by Din2.

Volume 1 – Magnificent Beginning, By Qian Lu

Chapter 1

Bai Yi Fan

The bright sunshine reflected into a light purple room, a figure who was on the bed was groaning, with her head that was still buried under a yellow silk blanket, and continued to sleep. Unfortunately, a burst of sweet sounding music was echoing at this moment, it seemed that one would deliberately not let this figure who was on the bed to continue sleeping again. Grudgingly, a slim hand grabbed a cell phone that was beside the bed.

“Hello.” A hoarse voice faintly came through from under the silk blanket.

“Little pig, you are still sleeping!” A pleasant man’s voice with a light smile came through from the other side.

“Elder brother, today is the weekend!”

“I know that today is the weekend, but mother wants us to return home earlier and have a meal together today. It is already 1 o’clock now, this girl, you should also get out of the bed, Yi Fan?”

“En, I heard it.”

Bai Xi Fan helplessly broke into laughter, towards this darling younger sister, he did not have any ways at all. “Good, I will pick you up in about an hour, remember to get out of the bed.” He felt that his own self quickly becoming like an old woman. But the phone that was on his head, was silent, it seemed that there were some people who were working on the weekend.

The spring just arrived recently, a warm atmosphere was revealed everywhere, those men and women who were on the road, turned their heads around one after another, just because of the white BMW X5 with a handsome man next to it. The men’s gazes were gathered towards the famous car, and the women naturally would not let go admiring this elegant and beautiful man.

Bai Yi Fan who was relaxed, cracking jokes and smiling, also moving towards Bai Xi Fan, even when he was picking her up, he did not forget to play cool.

“Handsome guy, can we go now?” A clear and bright voice had an indolent hint in it.

Bai Xi Fan was looking at Yi Fan who was beside the car, and looking like himself, faintly smiling, with a casual gesture, but it made people unable to move their eyes. When many people saw her for the first time, they would think that she was not as outstanding as her two older brothers. But once they were staying by her side for a long time, they would know that she had a simple and elegant personality, indolent bearing that was bewitching. But unfortunately, this girl did not have any feelings on her own charm, because of her own ‘mediocre’ appearance and fortunate.

“Of course, Princess, please!” Bai Xi Fan gentlemanly opened the car door for the lady.

“Elder brother, why is mother requesting us to return home earlier today ah?”

“Eldest brother is bringing his girlfriend home today, mother is certainly nervous.”

“Eldest brother, when does he start having a girlfriend?” Bai Yi Fan was startled.

“You, ‘who have never paid attention to outside matters’, naturally do not know it.” Bai Xi Fan mocked her.

“Am I?” Bai Yi Fan forced a smile. She thought that her own self was merely indifferent, a little casual, did she really become a person ‘who had never paid attention to outside matters’?

“How many weeks have you not been home, mother is nagging until my ears hurt.” Bai Xi Fan intentionally complaint about this.

Bai Yi Fan knitted her eyebrows: “Then, what are we still waiting for, let us return home!”



“Xiao Zheng, eat a little bit more, you look thin. Pu Fan, why do you look stunned, give Xiao Zheng more dishes ah, you look like a piece of wood.” Fang Fei Qing passionately took care of it, and she did not forget to glare once at her eldest son. She, as a mother was indeed born under an ill star (unlucky), she had three children, all her sons were handsome, smart and out of the ordinary, even though her daughter was not a beauty unmatched in her generation, in any case, she was still pretty and unique ah. Her eldest son was more than 30 years old, and her smallest daughter was already 26 years old. But why would they not obediently get married, and make her craving as a paternal grandmother, or maternal grandmother a reality ah! Since Pu Fan brought back home his girlfriend to her, then, she would grab this opportunity to make them get married a little sooner, that way, she would hold a grandson soon!

“Mom, you should not frighten the person, her bowl is still so full.” Bai Xi Fan reminded her smilingly.

“Muddled youngster, eat your own food, less talking long winded things.” Fang Fei Qing kicked her second son’s foot from under the table. But looking at Qin Zheng’s bowl, it was indeed piling up with food, she could not even put her chopstick down on it.

“Aunt, you do not have to take care of me, you should also eat ah!” Qin Zheng awkwardly smiled, Bai Mama was so passionate, she still did not know how good it was. She looked at the ‘small mountain’, then she looked towards Bai Pu Fan for help.

____ It was useless looking at me, I would not be able to help you, you should make an extra effort on your own! Bai Pu Fan used a helpless eyes and smile while he was looking at her. Qin Zheng stared coldly at him, but she did not have any methods either, and could only be forced to turn towards the attack of the ‘small mountain’ that was in front of her.

“Yi Fan, you also eat a little bit more, it has been a long time since you come home to eat, here, drink more soup, this was your most favorite chicken soup.” Fang Fei Qing was busy giving her daughter the flourishing soup. Her only daughter was the one whom she was worried the most, she could never show what was in her heart since she was a child. She was studying a dual degrees in finance and marketing in college, but when she sat for the entrance exam for a graduate program, she unexpectedly chose psychology?! She did not know how she passed the college’s entrance exam. She graduated with great difficulty, and let her work at Pu Fan’s company as a marketing person, but she said that she did not like it. Then, she let her go to Xi Fan’s advertising business to be a design assistant, she did not like it either! Good, ok, then she started to do consultation as a psychologist, which would be the best, but she said that it did not suit her!! Then, what was she doing studying psychology?? It was good to let her choose on her own, she finally worked, but unexpectedly, she chose __ to become __ a librarian!!! But let her be, she only had this one daughter, as long as she was happy, she did not care what she wanted to do. The most important thing to do now was to take care of her body properly. So __ a big bowl of soup was put in front of Bai Yi Fan.

Bai Yi Fan forced a smile, she had not said anything, but still could not escape from her mother’s soup. It was not like the soup did not taste good, speaking the truth, mother’s soup was very good. But if she drank three big bowls of soup continuously, she thought that anybody would not be able to endure it! However, she still accepted her misfortune and drank it, otherwise mother would begin to nag again.

While she was drinking the soup, she secretly looked at eldest brother’s girlfriend __ Qin Zheng. She was petite, her facial features were not really outstanding, but it let people to have a deep impression with her brilliant smile, and she gave some mix feelings like she was glowing under the rays of sunshine. It gave people a warm feeling. And even though eldest brother did not say anything, but when they communicated with their eyes, their facial expressions showed their continuous happiness. This delightful girl really matched with her serious eldest brother, they really complimented each other ah. She thought that if they set up their wedding quickly, mother’s wish should be achieved quickly.

“Yi Fan ah, your paternal grandfather said yesterday that he found a mysterious good stuff, when you have some free times, you should return to the old home (usually this refers to the grandparents’ house or ancestor’s house), he was not willing to say what he found out though?! Really annoying!” Bai Chu Yan suddenly thought to tell Bai Yi Fan something.

“I know, father, I will go tomorrow.” Paternal grandfather was her most favorite person whom she loved and respected, because she felt that paternal grandfather understood her.



Bai Yi Fan was walking on the pathway up to the hill, and looking at the small birds that were traveling back and forth in between the forests. She had a cheerful mood, her most favorite thing to do when she was a child, was when paternal grandfather built a bird nest to give to her. Recalling this back now, she spent all of her childhood’s times here. She felt so familiar and close with everything in this place.

“Paternal grandfather, I am here!” Even though she had not even entered the courtyard, Bai Yi Fan called out with a loud voice.

One elderly who appeared to be more than 70 years old, with a head that was filled with white hair, came out, his voice was actually loud and clear as a bell: “This girl, how long have you not come back here to see this old man.” While saying that, he reached out his hand to pinch Bai Yi Fan’s small face. He always loved and bonded with this child since she was a child, in a wink, she was already big like this.

“Am I not here now?! Paternal grandfather, I miss you the most!” Bai Yi Fan hurriedly acted like a spoiled child to rescue her own face. Heaven ah! She was already this big, but paternal grandfather still pinched her face just like in the past.

“Ha ha, this girl, you really know how to coax me to be happy, quickly go in, the sun is so bright outside.” Bai Jing Yang hugged Bai Yi Fan’s shoulder, one tall and one small figures entered the second floor of the wooden house.

“Is this the good thing that you want me to come back to look at? Heaven ah! It is extremely beautiful! Where did this thing come from!!” Bai Yi Fan felt that her speech was incoherent quickly. A black velvet tray was on a whole body of snow white, the sparkling and translucent, pure and limpid’s jade bracelet was blossoming in gentle brilliant rays. Examining it carefully, one could see the light purple brilliant among the grains, as if it was faintly flowing. Her heart seemed to be bound by this thing for a while, her eyes could not leave it.

“When I seized it, I knew for sure that you would like it.” Bai Jing Yang was looking at Bai Yi Fan who was unable to take her eyes off it, and then, he was laughing heartily when he said the words.

“Can I touch it?” Bai Yi Fan felt that this bracelet was enticing her, so she wanted to touch it. She wanted to see whether or not it would seem to be as gentle as it looked.

“Of course, you can. Professor Feng brought it back from the city of Lou Lan (modern Xin Jiang city), he let me to determine what century this treasure was from. But I still have not made any conclusion up to now.” This was also the reason that she called for Xiao Fan to come here, even though Xiao Fan did not major in ancient study, but she had been studying next to him since she was a child, and she really had a talent in this field.

Bai Yi Fan put on the gloves, and picked up the bracelet, she immediately felt some cold energies on her fingertips. Facing towards the sunshine to see it, the quality of the bracelet was very good, under the sunshine, the purple color was even more distinct, so it caused a faint purple mist to surround it.

“It would be hard to determine which century this belonged to. Looking at the degree of luster of this bracelet, it did not look like it was a new polish, but it also did not look like it experienced a long term periods of erosion for an antique. Furthermore, the body of the bracelet did not have many scrapes and traces, one could still clearly feel the cold energy, it seemed that the texture should not be a jade either.” Then, what would it be? Playing with the bracelet, she was more puzzled over it.

“It was indeed not a jade, I found someone who had determined (that it was not a jade). The specific compositions report about this has not come out yet, the initial look appeared to be the type of magnetic ore (mineral rock), it was harmless to the body.” He was also distressed, but his interest was also aroused. He had been appreciating antiques for so many years, but he had not seen any treasures like this.

Bai Yi Fan walked to the balcony, the sunshine was even more abundant outside, the bracelet emitted even a colder energy, it really made one’s body to feel relax and comfortable, and also made the sunshine did not appear to become too hot either. What was this after all?

Bai Yi Fan looked in a trance, and was totally unaware that her own body was also surrounded by the purple mist. When Bai Jing Yang turned around to look at this strange scene, his heart was suddenly startled: “Xiao Fan~!” Hearing paternal grandfather’s call, Bai Yi Fan turned around, but the scenery in front of her was fuzzy. Suddenly, she felt that it was empty air under her feet, and she fell down, what was going on? Did the balcony just collapse? The only thing that met her was darkness.


Sian’s notes:

This chapter was actually a rather sad one to me as we were shown how our female lead’s life in the modern time before she somehow went back to the ancient time. Most of the transmigrated novels that I have read, didn’t really show the MC’s old lives. Sometimes they would show a little bit here and there when they were recalling their lives. But this chapter actually hit me harder especially knowing that our female lead have such a great family in the modern time. Can you imagine how guilty her grandfather is, watching his favorite grandchild “disappearing” like that. 😭😭😭 In the future chapters, we will also see how sad Murong Shu Qing is whenever she remembers her family in the modern time…

This chapter is also the reason why I decided to translate this novel from the beginning as the other previous translators didn’t include this part. For whatever reason, this chapter was omitted from the raw that the other two translators were using.

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