Record of Washed Grievances (By Qian Lu) Chapter 97: The One Empty Happiness

Over 2,350 words.

This chapter was translated by Sian for only and edited by Din2.


Jiang Xin suddenly held back his smiling expression, staring at Gu Yun, bitterly laughed and said: “I have said it, I simply have not seen any jade ornament, if you do not believe my words, you can search as you wish!”

Search as you wish? How could he have this much self confidence, was it because of deceitful trick, or he had already prepared?!

Gu Yun’s complexion was even colder, she said in a low voice: “Search!”

Cheng Hang and Lu Jin looked one glance at each other, did not understand why Gu Yun firmly determined that Jiang Xin was the murderer. Since Jiang Xin already agreed to be searched, they would just search, ok.

Two people, one was in the living room, and the other was separated by the hanging curtain to search inside of the bedroom. Jiang Xin’s facial expression seemed to be calm and collected during this time, Gu Yun’s cold eyes were never moved away from his face all along.

Cheng Hang rummage through and shook the clothing inside the wardrobe, a bluish white object came down from the clothing. Cheng Hang was startled, hurriedly reached out his hand to catch it. That object was not very big, it hit his hand once, and it still fell on the ground in the end, it made a crips jingling sound to actually attract people’s attentions.

Cheng Hang picked it up while embarrassingly smiled and said: “I am very sorry, I manage to drop your stuff.” However, when he looked clearly at the stuff on his hand, his complexion was changed, Jiang Xin who was calm and collected a moment ago, his complexion was already green now.

Jiang Xin’s eyes suddenly opened big, firmly staring at the jade ornament that was on Cheng Hang’s hand, his complexion changed from green to white. His expression was clearly hysterical and in disbelief, lowly called out: “This…… is impossible, I obviously……”

Reclining on the round table, Gu Yun’s mouth raised a trace look of small smiling expression, her tone was actually colder and colder: “You had obviously destroyed it, why was there still a piece, was I right?!”

Staring in a daze at this cold woman, Jiang Xin only felt chilly all over! How could she know, as if everything was within her expectation, this…… was impossible!!

Jiang Xin was nervous and panicky, there was no need to have any insight, everyone could see it very clearly. Lu Jin walked to Cheng Hang’s side to take that bluish white jade ornament, there was a clear and lovely carving of the charming mandarin ducks. The side of the mandarin ducks was a lotus leaf, also engraved with a realistic bellflower, and the design on the paper was exactly the same!

Thinking that Gu Yun was pressing step by step towards Jiang Xin a moment ago, she seemed to determine that the murderer was Jiang Xin from the beginning, why was it? Lu Jin puzzlingly asked: “What is going on after all, how are you certain that the murderer is him?”

Gu Yun did not make things complicated either, bluntly said: “First, after he heard that Wu Xu was pregnant, his face appeared to be alarmed, an average person would be hard to believe it, at the most, and would not be likely to be frightened. So, he was suspicious. Second, his left middle finger and ring finger had thin calluses from holding the writing brush frequently, he was left handed. And from looking at Wu Xu’s incision on her chest, the murderer was extremely possible to be a left handed person.”

Cheng Hang was staring at Gu Yun amazingly, she only looked at Jiang Xin for a few glances on that day, and could unexpectedly see that he was left handed?! Could it be that when things pass through her eyes, she could have a highly retentive memory to analyze them? Too scary! Unfathomable!

“These could not prove that he was the murderer.” A hoarse male voice groaned coldly and noncommittally, as if thinking what Gu Yun’s words were not the important points.

Turning around towards Ao Tian who was standing near the door with relatively cold eyes, Gu Yun raised her eyebrows, was this considered as provocation? Approaching him step by step until the both of them were almost closed together, with a cold voice, Gu Yun smilingly said: “But I could prove that he was suspicious! Moreover, his house had the same stuff, it made me guess one step further that he was the murderer.”

Gu Yun was almost at his chest, but her approach unexpectedly made him feel oppressed, unconsciously he retreated one step. Originally, he was not interested towards her lovable and graceful face, but unexpectedly, he felt that her dainty face was so dazzling…… Zhuo Qing slightly narrowed her eyes, Ao Tina’s face flashed through a trace of stunning, was it because of Yun?

“What is this stuff?” Cheng Hang did not notice the undercurrent that was surging up violently on that side, he only wanted to know the answer anxiously.

Although Ao Tian already retreated one step, but both of their distances were still somewhat close, what was she doing?!

Ao Tian was still guessing Gu Yun’s intention, Gu Yun already half squatted her body, she smiled to Cheng Hang and Lu Jin and said: “Do you all not think that the wooden bolt on this door is very familiar?”

Cheng Hang hurriedly ran over and squatted down to see for a moment, his eyes were bright: “The wooden bolt on this door and the one in Miss Wu’s room are the same.”

“Look at it carefully.” Gu Yun satisfyingly nodded her head, this child could be taught!!

After looking at it carefully, Cheng Hang urgently said: “There is a shallow notch?” Yes, it was very shallow, if one did not look at it carefully, one could not see it.

“In order for him to be able to appear that the crime scene was the same as in the private room, he had to tie up and release the door, so he had been practicing in his own home for countless of times. So that he could absolutely accomplish it, he certainly thought that the door would be knocked open, so he selected a notch to fix the rope in its position, it just happened that the wooden bolt broke apart.” While saying, Gu Yun already took the jade ornament from Lu Jin’s hand, hanging the sling, the jade ornament was flowing down. Gazing at Jiang Xin’s disorganized eyes, Gu Yun with a cold voice, said: “Jiang Xin, what do you still want to say?”

The jade ornament that was at the crime scene appeared in his house, what could he still have to say? Deeply breathing, Jiang Xin finally regained a little bit of his consciousness from his frenetic appearance, puzzlingly said: “After it appeared inside the room, I definitely already broke the jade ornament into pieces, how could there was another piece?” After he smashed the jade ornament into pieces, he burned it along with the bloody garment, he did not really understand, why was there still a good piece that appeared here now!?

“Because that piece that you took away, it was not the original piece that Miss Wu gave to you, it was rather her own piece. She bought a couple love tokens with the mandarin ducks on the jade ornaments, even though she took one piece to give it to her lover, there was still another piece. But we searched everywhere in her room, but we could not find it, this could prove that the jade ornament was taken away by the murderer, why did the murderer want to take away Miss Wu’s stuff that was on her body? Because the murderer thought that piece of jade ornament was his! Therefore, he could easily pick it up and walked away. Also the only person who could make Miss Wu to drink wine with medicine in it unwittingly was that woman’s lover. Did I say anything that was wrong? Jiang Xin!”

Finished listening her words, Jiang Xin mocked and laughed at himself, as it turned out, the jade ornament was a pair, he thought the one that he took away from the crime scene was his own, but unknowingly, the one that he took away was unexpectedly the evidence for the murder that he committed?! Stupid destiny! His hand was covering his face, Jiang Xin crouched on the ground.

He admitted his guilt!! Lu Jin asked in a low voice: “Did you also kill the other three Misses? Why did you want to kill them?”

Crouching on the ground for a very long time without saying anything, he raised his head again for a moment, there was already tears streaming on his young face: “I did not kill them, I actually did not want to kill Xu-er, the two of us really loved each other! Originally, I and her came to an agreement, that we would wait until I had a little bit achievement, then I would request Wu Daren to betroth Xu-er to me. Who would have thought that Wu’s family suddenly required her to be married soon, she insisted that I asked Wu Daren to marry her right away, otherwise she would speak out that we were already in a physical relationship…… If the Wu family knew about this matter, they would never let me off, additionally, at that time, I really did not know that she was pregnant!! Otherwise, I would not……”

“Even if you knew that she was pregnant before, you would still kill her, because the person you loved the most was your own self, she hindered your future, so she must die!” Jiang Xin’s voice was choking with emotion and could not make a sound, but Zhuo Qing remained unmoved. He killed a person with his own hands, what qualification did he still have to weep, or recount their love? He absolutely did not fit with Wu Xu, this fresh, pure, steady bellflower!

“No!” Lowly expelling his breath, his redden eyes looked like a kind of wild animal that was wounded, staring at Zhuo Qing, he yelled out: “We were in love.”

Zhuo Qing ruthlessly sneered and said: “If you really loved her, how could you do this with your own hand? In order to cover up the fact that you murdered her, you even picked the cruelest way to kill her!! This was your so called love?!”

This kind of love was rather dirt cheap!
Criminal Prison Division Office

A delegation of people sat on the side of the long table in the study room, there was no one who was speaking for a very long time, did not have any easy case to solve, everyone’s eyebrows looked up deeply.

Half leaning his body on the long table, Cheng Hang sighed piteously and said: “We had some clues with great difficulty, I thought we finally solved the case, the conclusion was unexpectedly an empty happiness!”

Gu Yun coldly stared one glance at him, smilingly scolded and said: “At the very least, this Wu’s case was solved, it could also be regarded as giving justice to Wu Xu. The matter should always be settled one at a time, a high stuck up would not achieve anything! Did you find the files that I asked you to find?”

Bringing this subject, Cheng Hang’s vitality came back, urgently said: I found them, If I did not really look for them, I might not have noticed the cases, as it turned out, within the past six years, this kind of heart removal cases happened within Qiong Yue. It occurred more than two times, but it was not this kind of serial killer cases, the cases were somewhat solved. The murderers were already executed, and then there was no other case to solve after that. They were already old court cases ah, counting them now, unexpectedly, there were as many as 13 cases!” He had used more than a dozen bailiffs and wasted the entire night to find access to those files!!

Zhuo Qing who was originally lazy, supporting her cheeks, listening to his words, her vitality was also encouraged, and she asked: “All the deceased were women? They were all murdered in their private rooms, and died because of the blood losses from the removal of their hearts? And did their faces have frightened expressions?” Even though there were all these removal heart cases, but it did not necessarily be done by one person ah!

“En, they were all women. Only two of them were murdered in their private rooms, but they all died because of the blood losses from the removal of their hearts, the files did not have any record on what the deceased’s expressions were!”

The files came from many reports from all parts of the regions, the coroner’s records and the autopsy reports were also different, it would be very hard to compare them.

Gu Yun’s forefinger was lightly tapping the table, frowningly asked: “Was there any other common situation?”

“There was.” Even though he said there was, but Cheng Hang’s face did not have any excitement at all: “Three of the women were also learning the zither with Su Mu Feng at that time, maybe it was a coincidental, right.”

Zhuo Qing and Lu Jin showed looks of disappointments, Gu Yun asked: “Who is Su Mu Feng?” She had not heard him from them?

Zhuo Qing embarrassingly explained: “Qiong Yue’s most famous stringed instrument player, he is an indifferent and cold man, he has taught a lot of offsprings from the famous families, the first three deceased were all his students. But I have seen it with my own eyes last time, that he has blood phobia, moreover, it does not look like he is pretending about it.”

She believed Qing’s judgement, but there could not be these many coincidental in this world, whatever matter needed to be investigated!! Gu Yun confidently got up, smilingly said: “Since he has a suspicious point, no matter whether or not he really has blood phobia, we should still investigate him, is it not?”

Record of Washed Grievances (By Qian Lu) Chapter 96: The Murderer Was In Force

Over 2,350 words.

This chapter was translated by Sian for only and edited by Din2.


Yue Lai Tea Shop

“3,000 liang!! Are you sure?!” Qian Jing’s phoenix eyes were shining sparkly, his eyes swept away the regular careless and hooligan manners, and they were staring intently at Zhuo Qing now.

It was surely Qian Jing, his vitality would come when he heard about money, Zhuo Qing lazily nodded, Qian Jing immediately called out: “I will go.” 3,000 liang ye, really generous, even if three people would arrest the murderer at the same time, one person could be allocated 1,000 liang!! This business transaction would surely be done!

Looking towards the ones who maintained their calm themselves on the side, the two people who were calm, collected and did not speak from beginning to end, Zhuo Qing asked: “Ao Tian, Ye Mei, how about you two?” Both of them were her main targets today.

“I do not have any free time.” A hoarse male sound that was always cold, with some silver threads hair that were slightly down, and uninterested manner.

Fine, ok, she did not need to win him over, he already declined it clearly and it was shown on his face!

The golden mask concealed the woman’s facial expression, and only left behind a pair of cold and sharp eyes, Zhuo Qing could not see what she was thinking, and could only ask: “Ye Mei, how about you?” She was very suspicious, whether or not Ye Mei could not speak, she had met her 5-6 times, and had not spoken one word yet.

She did not decline immediately, her eyes were slightly restrained, indifferent and she was speechless, Qian Jing curled his lips, and said: “Senior sister, the criminal whom you were pursuing was already captured, you do not have any matter anyway, it will be better if you accept this case, right. The murderer has already killed four innocent women, this person should be captured ah!”

This senior sister, from the first time that he was acquainted with her, she was always indifferent, but she had righteousness in her heart. The person whom she captured, were all wicked beyond redemption, money would surely not able to move her, but the crime might be possible to move her.

Sure enough, the cold eyes slightly flashed, Ye Mei could not help to nod her head several times.

Zhuo Qing secretly relaxed, today could be regarded as a success.

“Dong dong (thumping sound).”

The sound of the soft knocks on the door echoed lowly, the people who were inside the room were looking at each other, Zhuo Qing lowly said: “Come in.” The boss had been specifically explained not to let anybody to disturb them, then who was outside?

And the sound of the soft knocks on the door was different, Zhuo Qing’s words barely left off, the door was already pushed open nimbly, a delicate shadow was leaning on the side of the door, Zhuo Qing lowly smiled: “Why are you coming here?” She just wanted to let her have more sleep, that was why she did not go to find her, she actually came here on her own.

After waking up from her sleep, Gu Yun’s vitality was clearly better, her complexion was no longer cold and firm anymore, softly smiled and answered: “I went to Prime Minister’s manor to find you, Lou Xi Yan said that you came here.”

“Do you have something?”

“En.” Nodding her head, but Gu Yun did not come urgently, waving her hand back and forward, she withdrew to go out while she said: “You all can speak first, ok.”

Zhuo Qing smilingly said: “I have finished talking, you come in and speak, ok.”

Entering the inner room, and closing the door, Gu Yun did not actually sit down, immediately asked: “Your autopsy report said that Wu Xu’s incision on her chest and the length of the incision were not the same as the other three deceased, this kind of distinct difference, whether or not it could be explained, that the murderer could be a different person?”

Yun’s temper was still anxious like this, Zhuo Qing shook her head, calmly analyzed and said: “I can only say, that the direction of the knife that was used on the deceased happened to change, but I did not explain that the murderer might be done by one person. The former three deceased, looking from the direction of the incisions, the murderer used his right hand. Wu Xu’s cut was caused by a left hand.”

Gu Yun lightly frowned her eyebrows: “Left hand?”


Left hand? If she was not mistaken that day, he should be left handed! Leaning against the door, Gu Yun feigned a mysterious smile and said: “I suddenly think that there is one person who is very suspicious, we must go to find and chat with him.”

There was a clue? Zhuo Qing refreshingly nodded, and got up to talk to Qian Jing and Ye Mei: “When I need help from you guys, I will inform you again, I will go first.”

“Wait a minute.” Zhuo Qing and Gu Yun barely pulled open the door, a low hoarse of a man’s voice started speaking coldly again.

Zhuo Qing turned around, Ao Tian’s face that was always cold and expressionless, only threw out these four words strongly: “I will also participate.”

Qian Jing had an amazed look on his face, Ye Mei’s cold eyes also flashed through a trace of peculiar, Senior brother always meant what he said, what could make him change his decision?!

Both of them thoughtfully looked towards the person who was leaning against the side of the door, the woman who looked as if she was lazy but constantly emitting an elite temperament, was it because of her?
The front courtyard of a small house was ordinary, a delegation of people were standing, not to mention whether or not there were handsome men and beautiful women. A delegation of people were cramming like this in front of the small front door, however one saw it, one would feel somewhat strange.

The gate was opened slowly, looking at the delegation of people who were at the front door, the man was startled at first, then he was puzzlingly asked: “Lu Daren, is there any matter?”

Lu Jin embarrassingly smiled, then he spoke a good excuse that he was already thinking earlier: “You were the first person who touched the corpse, I have some things that I want to ask for your confirmation.”

He did not know what was going on either, at noon time, Miss Qing Mo suddenly asked someone to pass on a message, to make him and Cheng Hang to come to the coroner, Jiang Xin’s house. Both of them came without knowing anything, and discovered that Qing Ling was also here, the three famous bounty hunters were also here.

Jiang Xin’s head was filled with fog now, but he was forced to open the door, he was also helpless…… was there a need to come to his house to ask? The official could also ask at the government office, right?! The people already stopped at the gate, Jiang Xin could only open the door, smilingly said: “Very well, please come in.”

Jiang Xin’s house was not big at all, Ye Mei was standing outside the door coldly, Qian Jing was also leaning against the side of the gate, and did not enter. The bounty hunters’ job was to capture people, investigating the case was not their business.

Ao Tian who was never fond of meddling in other people’s business, was completely changed today and entered the inside of the house. Ye Mei and Qian Jing were looking one glance at each other again, Senior brother was very strange today!

Jiang Xin and Lu Jin were sitting by the side of a small round table in the living room, one person asked and the other person answered. Lu Jin actually did not know what to ask, so he could only ask some questions that had some relations to this case: “When did you arrive? Who was inside the room at that time?”

Jiang Xin calmly answered one by one: “I arrived early morning around chenshi (7-9 am). Wu Daren and several servants were inside the lobby at that time, nobody entered the bedroom, but I did not know whether or not there was already someone who entered the bedroom before I went there.”

Gu Yun entered the inner room, her eyes were used to inspect her surrounding areas, even though she did not speak all along, but Cheng Hang already saw that she was surely looking for some clues. Her eyes were suddenly opened big, there was nothing peculiar after observing their surrounding carefully, but looking at it again, there was an obvious stuff inside the small room.

“When you inspected it, was there or was there not anything that was abnormal?”

“It was not even one burning incense (about 15 min) when I entered the bedroom, Lu Jin Daren, you already arrived, I did not find anything that was abnormal.”

Lu Jin was still asking some unimportant question to Jiang Xin, after he asked questions for approximately one burning incense time, he actually did not know what to ask anymore. Looking once glance at Gu Yun, Jiang Xin also turned around to look, she was just about to squat at the side of the door, did not know what she was doing.

Jiang Xin’s complexion was slightly changed, lowly expelling his breath and said: “What are you doing?”

Embarrassingly got up, Gu Yun shrugged her shoulders, smilingly said: “Nothing, just looking casually.”

Jiang Xin was already impatient: “Does Lu Jin Daren still have anything more to ask?”

“Eh…… nothing.” He really did not know what more good questions to ask…… Zhuo Qing who was always behind him, suddenly picked up the written inquiry record that he was pretending to ask in passing a moment ago, she handed it over to Jiang Xin and said: “This is the record of your inquiry, if there is no problem after you look at it, just sign this paper, ok.”

“Why?” Jiang Xin was looking at Zhuo Qing suspiciously, when did the Ministry of Justice asked to sign an inquiry?

The record of inquiry did not need to be signed during this ancient era?! If that official recorded it incorrectly, or wrote it negligently, was it not unfair towards the person who was being interrogated?! Zhuo Qing slightly frowned her eyebrows, her complexion was still calm, faintly explained and said: “Nothing, it will prove that this is really your words, and it is not forged by us.”

So, it was like that, even though he had never heard of it before, but what she was saying made sense, Jiang Xin picked up the writing brush, then he signed his name on the paper.

Looking at his hand that was holding the writing brush, Zhuo Qing was watching from a distance, he was left handed!!

However, could this prove that he was the murderer?! Zhuo Qing looked towards Gu Yun, only to see that she took out a piece of white paper, handed it over to Jiang Xin, she asked: “There is one more thing, have you seen this before?”

Looking one glance at the design on the paper, Jiang Xin shook his head and said: “I have not seen it before.”

His face concealed it really good, but his shoulder trembled a moment ago, what was he panicky for? Watching attentively at his face, and not letting go any of his slight moodiness that fluctuated, with a cold voice, Gu Yun asked one more time: “Are you sure?”

Swallowing a mouthful of saliva, Jiang Xin nodded one more time: “I am sure.”

Gu Yun was propping up the wooden table, even more pressing him forward, coldly looking at a slight trace of his eyes, Gu Yun said this sentence: “You– are– lying.”

Suddenly magnifying in front of his face, Jiang Xin was startled and his body moved backward unconsciously, his eyes did not actually evade Gu Yun, he persistently said: “I really have not seen it.”

He should not really look face to face with her! Only a person with a guilty conscience, would only anxiously pass through his eyes and look face to face to make other people to believe his words! Gu Yun lightly raised the corner of her mouth, straightened up her body to stand, smilingly said: “Fei-er said that Miss Wu gave it as a present for you.”

Jiang Xin was not in a rage at all, only coldly answered: “This is a frame, it is simply talking rubbish!”

His moodiness and calmness were meticulously maintained, but it was clearly unstable. He surely had seen this jade ornament, but, where was the jade ornament?

Gu Yun continued to strive to look face to face with him, her clear and cold voice was not in a hurry or slow, as she said: “You have seen the jade ornament, moreover, the jade ornament is inside this room!”

Her words, not only made Jiang Xin’s complexion to have a huge change, but also made the other people to stare blankly, how could she suddenly speak like this?! Did she or did she not have any proof?!

Jiang Xin finally went out of control and lowly roared and said: “There is no jade ornament!! None!!”

“You are Wu Xu’s lover!” Gu Yun dropped a large bomb again.

The full house was in an uproar instantaneously, Jiang Xin simply stood up, and laughed heartily: “Absurd! This is simply too absurd!”

Gu Yun’s produced a lot of deceits from her mouth, Zhuo Qing understood what she wanted to do, she wanted to see Jiang Xin’s expression!
Jiang Xin suddenly held back his smiling expression, staring at Gu Yun, bitterly laughed and said: “I have said it, I simply have not seen any jade ornament, if you do not believe my words, you can search as you wish!”

Search as you wish? How could he have this much self confidence, was it because of deceitful trick, or he had already prepared?!


Record of Washed Grievances (By Qian Lu) Chapter 95: The Arrival of A Noble Guest

I’m posting this chapter a little earlier today. Happy Thanksgiving to all… πŸ¦ƒπŸ¦ƒπŸ¦ƒ Over 3,000 words.

This chapter was translated by Sian for only and edited by Din2.


The chariot stopped in front of the Prime Minister’s manor, Zhuo Qing lifted opened the clothing curtain, and saw several really big chests were being moved from the door, the servants were just about to move them inside. Entering the inner manor, she just discovered that it was more bustling inside the manor, people were coming and going, some were moving the chests, some were moving furnitures, some were also carrying blooming flowers hastily, she did not know what they wanted to do either.

“You two, quickly move these, do not dillydally, lightly and gently, do not bump and break them!”

“These flowers, all will need to moved to Cui Xin courtyard, hurry, hurry, hurry!”

Not too far, Xue Xian Xin was shouting and commanding noisily, the whole front courtyard of the Prime Minister’s manor was very noisy.

Seeing that Zhuo Qing came in, Xue Xian Xin raised a smiling expression on her face, and welcomed her: “Ling-er, you have returned.” Xi Yan was determined to take this woman as his wife, she could only recognize it!

Zhuo Qing knitted her eyebrows, and asked: “What is going on?”

Xue Xian Xin happily smiled and said: “The Prime Minister’s manor has a noble guest who has just arrived!”

Noble guest?! A noble guest who could stay at the Prime Minister’s manor should be an Imperial family, right, Zhuo Qing lightly frowned her eyebrows: “Will there be another Princess?”

Xue Xian Xin stared blankly, how could it possible that it was the Princess, the matter about Princess Chao Yun from last time, both Xi Yan and the Empress Dowager were not pleasant, there would not be another one, Qiong Yue also did not have too many princess ah…… Xue Xian Xin hurriedly shook her head, and explained: “No, no, the one who comes to the Prime Minister’s manor this time is……”

“Very beautiful elder sister ah.” Xue Xian Xin’s speaking words had not yet finished, a clear sound of a man’s voice echoed at the side of Zhuo Qing’s ear. Zhuo Qing was startled, and she turned around to look at the pleasing eyes on a face that looked like a glittering and smiling sunshine.

The man who was beside her should be called a boy, right, between 13-14 years old, he was almost as tall as her, he was wearing a magnificent light purple clothing, with a flowing golden hat. Just one look and one could see that he was a wealthy and respectable individual, it made Zhuo Qing to be absent minded for a split second, as he looked like an angel with a pure and adorable face. Using an adorable appearance to describe the boy was somewhat strange, but it was definitely appropriate to use it. His black big eyes, high and straight nose, rosy lips, a smile that was similar to a brushing sunshine, it made people to be relaxed and pleased all over, and reluctant to say any harsh sentence to him.

Xue Xian Xin’s face showed some tenderness and she smilingly said: “Greetings to Seventh Prince.”

The boy stepped forwards for one step, grandly put on a glittering smile on his face, politely said: “Madam Lou does not need to be polite like this, I rashly disturb you at your manor, it is alright if you do not take any offense.”

“How can Seventh Prince talk like that?! You are willing to stay at the Prime Minister’s manor, we are really happy even if there is not enough time (to prepare for his arrival)!” How adorable of a child, when Xi Yan was young, he was also very courteous, but he always had a clear cold appearance. Not adorable at all, Lou Xi Wu, she would not need to say even more about that rough and reckless girl. If she could give birth to one adorable child like Seventh Prince, that should be good, whenever they saw him, it made people to like him!!

Seventh Prince?! Zhuo Qing’s brows were twisted again, he could not be Yan Hong Tian’s son, right, but Yan Hong Tian was not even 30 yet, could he produce a big son like this?!!

The boy seemed to like Zhuo Qing, he was encircling and currying favor with her, smilingly said: “Beautiful elder sister, I am Bai Yi, what is your name ah?”

Beautiful elder sister?? This child’s eyes did not have any problem, right?! Her two scars were so big like this and he could ignore them…… Unable to endure the excessive cordial smile, Zhuo Qing embarrassedly answered: “Qing Ling.”

His name was Bai Yi, then he was not Yan Hong Tian’s son, then whose family child was he, and why would he be here at the moment?!

“Refined and elegant spirit, it is a good name!” (See 1).

He would really make use of his own superiority, this elegant and adorable face really fitted with the bright warm smile as if the glittering sunshine, it would be very rare that people could resist it, right. Zhuo Qing did not know what she should say for a moment, she could only faintly answered: “Thank you.”

“Where is Xi Yan?” He should be back, right.

Xue Xian Xin was commanding the servants, while she answered without thinking it through: “At the study room, ok.”

The front yard was filled with people, Zhuo Qing did not use to it, bypassing the full obstacle, she walked over to the study room.

“Qing Ling……” Both hands on his chest, staring at the beautiful reflection that was hurriedly departed, his dark eyes radiated a different rays of light. The boy’s lips were lightly raised as before, but now, it was no longer like a glittering and warm angel.
Walking in front of the study room, the door was actually closed tightly, Zhuo Qing lightly knocked it for several times, there was no response, she was just about to leave, when a clear and cold voice of Lou Xi Yan came through from the inside the room: “Come in.”

Pushing the door and entering it, Xi Yan was lowering his head and she did not know what he was looking at, his expression was very focused. Zhuo Qing did not disturb him, and sat down on the wooden chair next to the door. Her brain was thinking deeply, about the difference between the incision from today’s corpse and the previous’ several corpses. The incision on Miss Wu’s chest was slightly above, furthermore, the cut was also bigger than half an inch in width compare to the previous wounds. The murderer was or was not the same, if he was not the same, how did the murderer in this case know about the details of the other murder cases?!

“Come over.” Zhuo Qing recovered, Lou Xi Yan was looking at her with a smile on his face, walking to his side, Lou Xi Yan was customarily embracing her waist like before, and fiddling with her hair: “Is there any progress on the case?”

“En, Miss Wu really bought that jade ornaments, Cheng Hang already investigated the cups that were inside the room, and found out that there was medicine in the wine. We are suspicious that the person who has committed the crime is an acquaintance at the present time. Dan Yu Lan has already arranged people to investigate it.”

There was still a lot of voices from outside the door, no wonder that he wanted to close the door, Zhuo Qing lowly asked: “You returned urgently like this, was it because of that little demon called Bai Yi?”

It seemed that she had already seen Bai Yi, helplessly nodding his head, Lou Xi Yan sighed and said: “Do you know what kind of a person he is?”

Zhuo Qing shook her head, she naturally did not know, but Lou Xi Yan carefully returned in a rush like this, and still had this helplessness on his face, she could guess that child’s identify as sure to be prominent.

“Even though the whole world is divided into six countries at the present time, but the great majority is several small countries, and Qiong Yue is taking the lead. But Liao Yue is not the same, Liao Yue resides in the east side, close to the East China Sea, rich and powerful, and the only one that can act as a second dominant country after Qiong Yue. For many years, the relationships between these two countries are relatively shaky and rocky, even though there is no break out war, but Liao Yue is Qiong Yue’s formidable opponent all along. And that little demon whom you has said is Liao Yue’s prince and the most possible who may inherit the future Emperor’s position.”

Then he would be Liao Yue’s apparent heir to the throne, Zhuo Qing suspiciously asked: “Is he not the Seventh Prince? He does not have any elder brother? Strictly speaking, he is the Empress’ son?” Successive seniority, it was not that the eldest son would be the crown prince in ancient time, even if it was not the eldest son, the rotation would not go to the seventh child, right!

Lou Xi Yan shook his head, sighed and said: “He naturally has older brothers, but they all have died young because of unpleasant ailments. His mother is an Imperial concubine (her rank is De Fei), his maternal grandfather is the late Emperor from the Ning An’s kingdom, his maternal uncle is a high official at the Ministry of Justice, his paternal aunt is Liao Yue’s famous general, Fei Yun Qi’s wife. Bai Yi can even be described as being doted by those famous people, Liao Yue kingdom is also preparing for him to be the crown prince.”

As it turned out, there were so many big trees that he could rely on his back, in order for him to become a crown prince, perhaps his mother also exerted her power in strategizing, right. Then, this child really had a lot of influences, but these were not related to her, she continued with her question: “Why does he want to stay at our house?” Even though, the celebration was coming, but it was not worthwhile to stay at the Prime Minister’s manor ah?!

Our house! Because of Zhuo Qing’s sentence that she said without thinking, Lou Xi Yan who was unhappy for the whole day, was inexplicably relieved, he liked this appellation, it was a lot warmer than hearing Prime Minister’s manor.

Softly rotating around Zhuo Qing’s soft hair, Lou Xi Yan indifferently smilies and said: “It is said that he wants to appreciate the view of the capital city better, he does not want to be bored at the guest house.”

“And in reality?” Zhuo Qing turned over to give a supercilious look, this excuse was too rotten, ok!! In any case, he should make it sound a little reasonable explanation, ok!

Lou Xi Yan shrugged his shoulders, smilingly said: “I am unable to find out.”

Only a demon would believe that he did not know it!! Softly pinching his face that always had a smile and indifferent manner, Zhuo Qing coldly groaned and said: “Prime Minister Lou, you are really a tall tree that attracts the wind.” (A famous person who attracts criticism). Most likely it was directed at him!

Grabbing her hand that was ravaging his face, Lou Xi Yan forced a smile and said: “Please Wife, show some generous tolerance.”

Looking at his ‘miserable’ appearance, even though it was a fake, Zhuo Qing generously forgave him properly, sitting down on his legs, lightly leaning on his embrace, and enjoying the summertime’s breeze that was stroking lightly, Zhuo Qing quickly fell asleep. For a very long time, Lou Xi Yan’s soft and low voice echoed at the side of her ear : “I still want to tell you one matter.”

“En.” Zhuo Qing was still closing her eyes, and somewhat absentminded.

“The Imperial concubine Hui was using some witchcraft to conspire to murder the Empress last night, she was already taken into the Imperial prison.” (See 2).

Lou Xi Yan’s voice sounded heavy, Zhuo Qing slowly opened her eyes, what was the relationship between the Imperial concubine Hui and her, unless if it involved Qing Feng. Zhuo Qing’s complexion was heavy, and she asked: “And then?”

Lou Xi Yan was caressing her back to pacify her nervousness, he answered with a soft voice: “Qing Feng is pregnant, the Emperor has already conferred her as– Imperial concubine Qing.”

For the past many years, Qing Feng was the first woman who entered the Imperial palace for half a year, and then became an Imperial concubine. This, perhaps, was done deliberately by the Emperor, at the same time, it could also explain that this woman had ability and ambition.

Was she pregnant? Zhuo Qing had always thought that this matter was somewhat wrong: “Was she implicated by the Imperial concubine Hui’s matter?”

“I do not know either at the present time.” The matter within the harem, how could it not have any implication, but the problem was whether or not the implication was a lot or a little! Qing Feng and Imperial concubine Hui were actually in the same faction, the incident about the witchcraft this time, how much did she participate in it after all, and it was possible that she was simply leading it? Lou Xi Yan’s heart was haggling, but he did not wish to let Zhuo Qing know about this.

The Imperial concubine Hui was sent to prison, Qing Feng was conferred as Imperial concubine immediately, in addition, she was fortunately pregnant at this fortunate timing, it was rather too many coincidences. Zhuo Qing looked towards Lou Xi Yan, urgently said: “I want to see her.”

“I am afraid that you can not see her now.”

“Why?” She was Qing Feng’s elder sister, entering the Imperial palace to visit should not be against any Imperial rule, right. Moreover, there was Mo Bai who was accompanying her, she would not be in any danger.

Lou Xi Yan took her into his embrace, appeasingly said: “The Emperor’s heir is scarce for a long time, she is pregnant now, whoever wants to see her will not be able to see her, wait for a period of time, ok, and wait until the circumstances is somewhat steady, then you can go.”

Actually, it was not because she could not go, but the present Qing Feng and the one from half a year ago, might not be the same person, he did not wish for Qing-er to be too close to her.

Zhuo Qing did not understand Lou Xi Yan’s concern, and could only nodded her head, and said: “Very well.”

She hoped that Qing Feng could be safe and sound inside the Imperial palace.


Sian’s notes:
1. There was one reader who asked me what the meaning of Zhuo Qing’s name in the previous chapters. I couldn’t really answer her question as I didn’t know the full words that Qing Ling’s name came from. Finally the author included the origin of Qing Ling’s name in this chapter. Qing Ling’s name came from ζΈ…ι›…-qingya means refined/elegant, 秀-xiu means graceful, handsome, elegant/refined and 灡-ling means spirit, soul).
2. The words here were actually using imperial prison, however, I know that Concubine Hui was actually sent to the Cold palace instead of the prison from book 3. QF was sent to the imperial prison when YHT investigated the mixed up at the beginning, but Concubine Hui was actually sent to the Cold palace so I’m not sure why the author used the words for prison instead. To be consistent with the raw, I’ll keep the prison. But please keep in mind that a cold palace isn’t the same as the prison that QF was sent to by YHT. The cold palace is usually located at the furthest back of the palace and anybody who is sent there as punishment can still have a somewhat “free” live versus if someone is being sent to a prison like QF. She just doesn’t have the luxury like when she was still a favorite concubine.

One more thing, we only have 17 more chapters after this one. I can’t believe that we’re almost getting to the end of this book. But I have to admit that translating the last 20 chapters are so hard that I get to the point of boredom, that’s why it’s taking a long time to finish this translation. Hehehehe… I’m still not done by the way (only done translating to chapter 102). Hahahaha… I give a lot of respects and admirations to the other translators who translate long novels (most martial art novels are LONG). I can barely finish 112 chapters… With that said though, both Din2 & I have been looking for a new project to translate. πŸ˜ƒ Originally, we wanted to translate Dragon Flies & Phoenix Dances that had been on hiatus for quite sometimes, because this novel had only 80 plus chapters so that was a good size of novel and the female character is also smart and very like-able. However, we found out that someone has already picked this project up although the update is somewhat irregular. So we’re still looking for a new novel to pick. If anybody has any suggestion on which novel you really like, you can let me know. I do prefer that the female character is smart sort of like Zhuo Qing or Qu Qing Ju from To Be A Virtuous Wife or Qu Qing Yin from The Demoness Is Not Evil. If you have read those novels, you know exactly what I mean about smart & like-able female character. And the novel has to be less than 100 chapters. 😜😜😜 We were also considering translating book 4 of Qian Lu which is a book about LXY & ZQ’s daughter, but this novel has even more chapters, like 120 or 140 plus… Plus from what I heard from some people who has already read the book, it’s not as interesting as the first three books of the sisters so we have to pass on it.

Record of Washed Grievances (By Qian Lu) Chapter 94: Important Clues

Second longest chapter so far. Over 4,650 words

This chapter was translated by Sian for only and edited by Din2.


“What did you say?” Wu Zhi Gang suddenly stood up from his chair, he went straight ahead to the other side of the screen, his finger was pointing at Zhuo Qing, Wu Zhi Gang angrily shouted: “This was impossible, my daughter conducted herself uprightly and honestly, she was clearly innocent and pure, it was absolutely impossible that she was pregnant! You…… for which reason did you determine that she was pregnant?”

Zhuo Qing’s complexion was as before, she faced Wu Zhi Gang accusation’s eyes, then answered with a cold voice: “The deceased’s abdomen was clearly bulging, moreover, she was not really a virgin……”

“Was having a bulging abdomen meant that she was pregnant? It was simply ridiculous!!” Unfortunately, Zhuo Qing’s words had not yet finished, Wu Zhi Gang already could not listen to it, and he said in a rage: “Xu-er was often complaining about stomach pain in the past, maybe…… maybe…… it was maybe some illness, in short, it was absolutely impossible that she was pregnant!” Unmarried woman who was unexpectedly pregnant, this was simply a disgrace to the family tradition. If there was this thing, how could he explain it to the Wu family?! Impossible, it was impossible for Xu-er to be pregnant!!

Jiang Xin who was always standing by the side was promptly supporting Wu Zhi Gang because of his grief, indignation and anger, he frowned and was staring at Zhuo Qing, and said with a rather heavy tone: “This Madam, the swelling of the abdomen might be because of the stomach illness, that was caused by sarcoma (a type of cancer), it was not necessarily because of pregnancy, you were carelessly making the final conclusion like this, it was really harmful for the young lady’s reputation.”

Zhuo Qing looked one glance at him, and did not say anything, then she turned her head to look towards Lu Jin, and asked: “Lu Jin, how did you see it?”

Lu Jin approached the deceased one more time, he lightly pressed on her abdomen for a good moment, her abdomen was really bloated, was it really a child? He had never examined any deceased’s abdomen that had a sarcoma, so he had no way of comparing it, he did not dare to conclude even more, and could only answer in a low voice: “If we want to prove that Miss Wu is pregnant or not, the best way will be to cut open the corpse to validate, and we can rely on what we see at that time.”

Seeing was believing, his cautious approach was correct, satisfyingly nodding her head, Zhuo Qing turned around to look towards Wu Zhi Gang who was in a fury, she explained with a low voice: “After death, the deceased’s organ would appear in different degree since it would dissolve by itself. If it was sarcoma, it would be soften after death, but because inside her abdomen was a fetus, moreover, it basically became shaped. There was blood, flesh and bones, even if it was a long time after death, the abdomen was still bloated as before. But Lu Jin is actually saying a good method to prove it, we will be able to see if we do the dissection of the abdomen, to see whether or not there is a child inside of her abdomen.”

“This…… how is it possible??” Zhuo Qing’s words were clear, Wu Zhi Gang collapsed and retreated for one step, yes ah, cutting open the abdomen would be able to know whether or not she had a child in the end. There was no need for her to frame Xu-er, but how was it possible that Xu-er was pregnant?! What was going on after all, a series of shocks, made Wu Zhi Gang’s turned dark, and he fell on the ground.

“Daren, are you alright?” Jiang Xin hurriedly helped him to get up from his fall, after lightly shaking him for a moment, Wu Zhi Gang opened his eyes again, but his complexion was as pale as a paper, and his expression was disorganized.

Dan Yu Lan shook his head, and said: “Jiang Xin, you send Daren out to rest first, ok.”

“Yes.” Helping Wu Zhi Gang to leave the bedroom, but they almost bumped into the cold spectator, Gu Yun who was leaning beside the screen. Looking one glance at her, Jiang Xin could not help to stare blankly, the expression of this woman with a black clothing was very cold, along with her appearance that was extremely not putting up. Withdrawing his line of sight, Jiang Xin supported Wu Zhi Gang to go out.

Gu Yun entered the bedroom, she only looked one glance at the woman’s corpse that was on the bed, she did not even examine it carefully. Since there was Zhuo Qing, she did not need to take a lot of trouble over the corpse. Walking to the side of the window, she examined the buckle for the window stopper, it was very hard. It seemed that this was really a private room, crouching on the ground, Gu Yun narrowed her eyes to look. She wished that she could find some useful footprints, but unfortunately, the carpet that was spreading inside the bedroom was very thick, she was simply unable to see any suspicious footprints.

Preparing to get up helplessly, but unexpectedly, she found a print under the bed, on the mahogany wood that was used to put shoes, there was a little bit of stain with dark dirt. Approaching to look, there was a vague round impression, the top had somewhat strange design, what was this? The side of the impression was a pair of embroidered shoes and a large pool of blood dripping from the bedside. Surveying to look around, she did not find any trace that could match this thing, was this left behind by the murderer?!

Thinking deeply for a moment, Gu Yun softly said: “Paper and pen.”

“Coming.” Her speaking words were just left off, Cheng Hang who was already holding the paper and writing brush, and running to come over, crouching by her side, he also looked at the hidden side of the embroidery shoes that had the dark red round print.

“What is this?” Looking for a long time, Cheng Hang could not make out anything either.

Writing brush was really hard to use, Gu Yun frowned, and said to Cheng Hang who was beside her: “You draw it.”

Cheng Hang distractedly took the paper and writing brush, grievingly sighed, he laid on the ground to draw. This woman made people unable to disobey, very mysterious, he unexpectedly could not help doing according to her commands.

Researching the bedroom one more time, she did not find any useful clue, Gu Yun looked towards Dan Yu Lan, and said: “Dan Daren, I want to look at the files from the three previous cases, it will be convenient to discuss the case in detail in the afternoon.”

Her expression was still clear as before, but her eyes were filled with bloodshot, she was still a woman after all, how could her body endure this kind of thing! Dan Yu Lan softly sighed and said: “Miss Qing, please rest properly, we can discuss this again early tomorrow morning and it will not be late.”

Gu Yun remained stubborn, she said with a cold voice: “I am alright, three o’clock in the afternoon…… shenshi (3-5 pm), I will wait for you at the Criminal Prison Division’s office.” Finished speaking, Gu Yun looked one glance at Cheng Hang who was still laying on the ground, she asked: “Are you done with the drawing?”

Cheng Hang compared it for a good moment, then he turned his head around, and answered: “Done.”

“You take me along to look at the files.”

Cheng Hang felt embarrassed and looked one glance at Dan Yu Lan, Dan Yu Lan contemplated for a moment, then slowly nodded. Cheng Hang got up from the floor, collected his paper and writing brush properly, then answered: “You follow me, ok.”

Before going out, Gu Yun turned her back to face Zhuo Qing who was inspecting the corpse, and said: “Will there be any problem if you give me the autopsy report in the afternoon?”

Having her attention at the knife incision on the woman’s corpse, Zhuo Qing answered soon after: “No problem.”

Her answer was so natural, just liked when they were working together in the past for countless of times, Gu Yun satisfyingly came out of the bedroom. Lou Xi Yan was watching quietly the way they interacted with mutual understanding, his eyes lightly flashed through a trace of rays that made people to predict difficultly, but he did not make any sentence all along.

Gu Yun left to the outside of the room, when she passed over that tall shadow, her hand was in pain, her wrist was held firmly as if an iron pincer was clenching it. The burning hot temperature made her to purse her eyebrows, nevertheless, a very cold voice echoed by the side of her ear with a somewhat hoarse sound: “Do you want to die like this?”

Five days and five nights, she only rested for one shichen (2 hrs), around zishi (11 pm-1 am) every night, she did not rest on the way. He fought the battle with the army for ten years, and experienced many army expeditions. These past few days’ endurance, he found it difficult to manage, she was a woman, what was she showing off for after all?!

Did he want to break her wrist?! He practically made her wrist feel like being prick with hot pepper, Gu Yun simply wrinkled her eyebrows, her face raised a trace of sarcastic smile. Facing that pair of fury and cold eyes, Gu Yun softly spat a laugh and said: “I do not know, as it turns out, Qiong Yue’s General is very idle, can it be that you do not have anything to do?”

Her speaking voice was just left, Cheng Hang who was standing beside her swallowed a mouthful of saliva, and unconsciously retreated one step. Heaven ah, this Miss Qing was not afraid to die, General Su quickly fumed with rage, and she was still pouring oil on the fire. She was so delicate and did not even reach General Su’s chest, and also was not afraid if he was in rage, he would break her arms that were as thin as a fire wood into pieces……

Cheng Hang was incessantly worried for Gu Yun, Lou Xi Yan completely saw the good show, he had not heard when Su Ling could be like this ‘considerate’ to hold a woman’s hand, and to urge her to rest her body, Qing Mo was really different.

Gu Yun cursed in her heart, she was already very tired, if he did not let go of her hand, she would not mind to strike to clear her mind!!

When Gu Yun was about to undertake the task, Su Ling suddenly loosened his hand that was grabbing her hand, his dark eyes were coldly watching at Gu Yun. Besides chilliness, Gu Yun could not see what he was thinking, she wanted to ask what he wanted after all, but Su Ling turned his head around and came out of the Wu’s manor.

The spotlessly white wrist, was red with a five finger prints that showed Su Ling’s cruelty a moment ago, what did he mean?!

This man was crazy ah! Unreasonable!!
Shenshi (3-5 pm)

Criminal Prison Division Study Room

A delegation of people as if they had appeared, two square tables were joined together, spreading the files on the table, several stools surrounded the side of the square tables. Looking at the layout, Zhuo Qing already guessed that Gu Yun was fiddling with them.

Sitting down opposite Gu Yun with Lou Xi Yan, Zhuo Qing looked around but she did not see Su Ling, lowly smiled and said: “Why is General Su not coming?”

Gu Yun was ferociously glaring one glance at Zhuo Qing, coldly groaned and said: “Where is the thing that I want?” This woman, once she arrived here. she started a meddlesome gossip!!

Taking the paper on her hand and throwing it to give to Gu Yun who was in front of her, Zhuo Qing turned her head around, pretending not to see her sharp eyes.

Lou Xi Yan smiled and looked at the familiar looks from the taunting expressions between them, his gaze swept through on the top of the table where a strange drawing of a blueprint was on. Holding the picture with his hand and looking at it for a while, Lou Xi Yan softly said: “This thing….. is very familiar.”

Gu Yun lifted her head up from looking at the autopsy report that Zhuo Qing gave her, she said in startled: “You have seen it.”

“This design is very familiar with the item from Ning Cui pavilion.” (the jade place where ZQ picked her jade for her wedding gift).

“Are you sure?” Zhuo Qing was also surprise.

Lou Xi Yan broke into laughter, and answered: “You should have seen it either, when we were at Leng Yue building, Ning Cui pavilion came over to deliver the stuffs, that pair jade ornaments were exactly this pattern.” She really did not look at those stuffs carefully, originally, he was fancying these pair jade ornaments, and wanting to give it as a present to her. Because the carving on the top was a pair of mandarin ducks (synonym to a happily married couple), but she did not like it. So he just dropped the subject, because that pair jade ornaments were the best in quality, moreover, the ones with the carving of the mandarin duck were rare and unusual, he had a deep impression.

Zhuo Qing did not have any impression completely, because she simply did not seriously choose at that time, but she believed that Lou Xi Yan’s ability to remember, if he said that was the Ning Cui pavilion’s item, then it should be from the pavilion, right.”

“Someone comes.” Dan Yu Lan took the picture and handed it over to the official from the government office to investigate, and said: “Take this design and go to Ning Cui pavilion to investigate, whether or not there is this decorative motif of a jade ornament.”

“Yes.” The official from the government office accepted the order and went, then another person came in hurriedly, with a clear sound, he reported to his supervisor from outside the door: “Daren, the Prime Minister manor’s person is looking to meet Prime Minister Lou outside the door.”

“Let him in.” Dan Yu Lan looked one glance at Lou Xi Yan, his eyes also had a trace of suspicion, after a while, the man who was dressing in a family servant entered the inside of the room, he cupped his hands and saluted: “Master, Dan Daren.”

Lou Xi Yan softly said: “What is going on?”

The man walked to Lou Xi Yan’s side, softly said several sentences, Lou Xi Yan’s complexion was still as before, there was still a faint smile on his face.

Lightly waving his hand towards the man, the man respectfully retreated behind his body, Lou Xi Yan suddenly got up and smilingly said: “Dan Daren, Prime Minister’s manor has some matters, I will leave first.”

Lou Xi Yan urgently left like this, it was sure because of something major, Dan Yu Lan remained calm and collected, he nodded his head and smilingly said: “Prime Minister Lou, please do as you wish.”

Slightly leaning down his body, Lou Xi Yan said with a soft voice at the side of Zhuo Qing’s ear: “I will leave first, I will leave the chariot outside for you, after you finish with your stuff, Mo Bai will take you back to the manor.”

Zhuo Qing obviously felt that he was different, in a soft voice, she said: “Do you need me to go home with you together?”

Lightly patting her shoulder, Lou Xi Yan’s voice was gentle and soft to appease her: “No need, you can be at ease, there is nothing.”

Thinking deeply for a while, Zhuo Qing slowly nodded, and answered: “Very well, you be careful, ok.”


Gracefully nodding softly to everyone, Lou Xi Yan turned around to leave, but his footsteps looked rather urgent.

Lou Xi Yan’s sudden departure, made Zhuo Qing and Dan Yu Lan to have separate thoughts, and were somewhat absentminded.

“This was the fourth victims, we still have not found any news about the murderer, while he kept murdering women again and again, he did not even let somebody who was pregnant off!! He was really repulsive!!” Cheng Hang annoyingly slapped the table, jolting back the minds of the two people.

Gu Yun finished looking at the autopsy report that was in her hand, and looked towards Dan Yu Lan who was silent all along, and asked: “How does Dan Daren see it?”

“Private room, sandalwood, the deceased did not struggle at all, heart removal, died because of blood loss, this case was very similar to the other three previous cases, but it was not the same totally. The deceased’s face did not have any frightened expression, the door was opened by knocking it, and it was not the servant girl who opened it, Miss Wu was also pregnant.”

Gu Yun lightly frowned her eyebrows, Dan Yu Lan was worthy to take charge in Criminal Division Prison, he seemed like he did not do anything to investigate the crime scene, but he could already see the crucial problem, Gu Yun nodded her head and said: “I also agree with your opinion, the result of the autopsy also shows that the incision on the deceased’s chest has several directions compare to the previous ones, the length of the scar’s from the knife is not the same. I think the most different thing from the other three previous cases is that the deceased, she is knocked out and then her heart is removed, I believe that the murderer is her acquaintance.”

“Correct!” Cheng Hang shouted, he took out a couple of porcelain cups from a pouch, he said with composure: “The cups that we brought back to inspect, there was a trace of powder medicine, moreover, a faint of alcohol. This explained that Miss Wu was drinking wine before she died, this late, and she was also pregnant, and still drinking with another person, that person was surely well acquainted with Miss Wu. I had asked the maid, Fei-er in the afternoon, she said that it was Miss Wu who did not let her to come over to serve her in the evening. It was clearly Miss Wu who opened the door for this person, I think that person could be her lover!!”
Looking at his clear, logical and high spirit, Lu Jin could not help to laugh and said: “He is making a lot of progresses.”

Unwittingly nodded his head, and looking at the two common but yet not common cups that were on the table, Cheng Hang could not help to ask: “Oh right, I always want to ask, how can you see that those two cups have any problem?”

Gu Yun answered without thinking: “The tray has five cups, only those two cups’ handles are facing the outward, it shows that they have been used.”

Just this simple? Cheng Hang was puzzled: “This can show that they have some problems?” The cups that were placed in the room, what was so strange if they were used?! This could not show anything, right?

Her cold eyes slightly raised, Gu Yun’s face was solemnly looking at Cheng Hang, with a low voice, she answered: “Everything that you see, and looks nothing out of the ordinary, is not a small point during an investigation of the crime scene, all of them shall be inspected and investigated, only then that you will have a chance to discover whether or not they have any problem.”

The loud and hoarse voice did not sound too pleasant, but Cheng Hang was shaking without any reason, the manner that she brought in treating this case made him blush with shame. Cheng Hang nodded his head strongly and answered: “I understand.”

Dan Yu Lan looked one glance at Cheng Hang who did not usually easy to be convinced by other people, he slightly lowered his head and sat next to Qing Mo. And with one look, he could see that the handwriting of the autopsy report that they were just talking was Lu Jin’s, when did he start liking to record this kind of trivial matter. Smiling, Dan Yu Lan asked: “Both of Miss Qing, I do not know whether or not you are interested in accepting any disciple.” If Cheng Hang and Lu Jin could learn their skills, as far as the Ministry of Justice was concerned, it was really a big helping hand. He could not always rely on both Madams from the Prime Minister’s manor and General’s manor to provide assistance to handle a case, right!!

Cheng Hang and Lu Jin raised their heads at the same time, they were staring at Dan Yu Lan in a daze, what was the meaning of Daren’s words, could it be that he wanted the two young ladies to be their teachers?! This…… how could it be alright! But on second thought, their skills were really not as good as them, they were still confused, two clear and cold’s voices of women already answered at the same time: “Not interested!”

It was one thing that they were not willing to formally become apprentices to masters, but it was another thing if they also refused to be their masters, both of their complexions were stiff, and awkwardly staring at them (GY & ZQ), they did not know what to say at this time.

Her hands were propping her cheeks, and ignoring the line of sights from the two people, Zhuo Qing lazily smiled and said: “They can understand how much understanding by themselves, I do not accept any disciple.”

“I agree.” Gu Yun bowed her head to look at the files, but her cold voice echoed.

The meaning of this was that they would still teach, but they did not accept any disciple? Lu Jin and Cheng Hang looked one glance at each other, they did not know whether they should be happy or angry. Not needing to call these young ladies masters were indeed a good thing, but they were upset that they (GY & ZQ) would not let them calling masters to them (GY & ZQ)…… The atmosphere in the study room was somewhat cold for a while, luckily, the official from the government office who left a moment ago to investigate, returned hurriedly: “Daren.”

“Come in.”

Standing in front of the long table, the official from the government office reported to his superior: “The boss at Ning Cui pavilion said, his place really has a pair of jade ornaments with this design, moreover, this design is the master of Ning Cui pavilion’s specialty, only a pair. The jade ornaments were purchased by Miss Wu five days ago, she requested them to carve a Chinese bellflower decoration on these pair of jade ornaments. At noon the day before yesterday, Miss Wu took the jade ornaments.”

“So these were taken from the design of the Ning Cui pavilion.” The official from the government office took out the design from his chest.

Dan Yu Lan took it, waving his hand, he said: “Good, you can withdraw, ok.”


Spreading the paper out on the table, the drawing on the top had clear four delicate round designs, both jade ornaments had positive and negative compositions. The front part was carved with the exact same happy character, combining them together to become double happiness (good luck in marriage).The back part was two charming mandarin ducks (synonym with a happily married couple), a really happy feeling.

Looking for a good moment, Cheng Hang sighed and said: “Miss Wu’s room was already searched thoroughly, but I did not find any jade ornament, could it be that she gave both of the jade ornaments away?” Even if she gave one to her lover, she should only give one of them ah!

Caressing his chin, Lu Jin guessed and said: “According to what the Manor’s servant was saying, Miss Wu did not usually step out of the house for a few days, if she had an affair with a man, he should be another person from the manor, that person might be able to enter and exit the Wu’s manor frequently.

“Cheng Hang, look for the painting master to draw a few pieces of the pattern of the several jade ornaments, inquire each and everyone at the Wu’s manor about this, whether or not there is anybody who has seen the jade ornaments. Lu Jin, you are in charge to make secret inquiries from Miss Wu’s maids and the other servants, who has a frequent contact with Miss Wu normally during the day.”

“Yes.” It had been one month, they finally had a little clues, they could absolutely not let the murderer to escape this time around.

In contrast with her black clothing, Gu Yun’s complexion seemed to be paler, Zhuo Qing lowly urged and said: “You are tired for several days, return to rest first, ok.”

Gu Yun lightly nodded her head, she seemed unable to resist her tiredness somewhat.

Both of them got up, Zhuo Qing was smiling towards Dan Yu Lan and she said: “Dan Daren, we are leaving first, if there is any news, I will inconvenient you to inform us.”

Dan Yu Lan answered: “Very well.” Looking at their backs that were gradually getting further apart, Dan Yu Lan had an unrestrained smile on his face, these two sisters, when they were in Hao Yue, what were they doing? Why were they so familiar with murder cases like this, what about Qing Feng? What was she capable of?!

Leaving the Criminal Prison Division’s office, Gu Yun’s complexion was more and more gloomy, Zhuo Qing asked: “What is going on? Still thinking of the details of the case?” Yun was more workaholic than her!!

Slowly shaking her head, Gu Yun lowly answered: “I am thinking, whether or not to return to the General’s manor!” Su Ling already returned, his birthdate characters absolutely did not agree to hers!!

As it turned out, she was worrying about this one, Zhuo Qing smilingly said: “You must ah!”

“Why?” What was the reason that she had to return to the General’s manor.

It was certainly because of Su Ling ah πŸ‘Ώ, but she could not say this, Zhuo Qing lightly coughed, seriously answered: “Because of the golden bagua plate!”

Correct lo! She was so tormented by Su Ling this time, she almost forgot about this thing, Qing had Lou Xi Yan, it was not important whether or not she would return back. She must return back, but thinking that she would have to be in contact with Su Ling, Gu Yun could not help to sigh grievingly and say: “I have doubts that I can be in the same place with that cruel and stupid man!!”

“Really?” Zhuo Qing clicked her tongue and smilingly said: “I think that General Su is still a very attractive man, both of you are well matched!” Just standing together, it already sparkled all around!

“OK! I will shut up!” A pair of sharp eyes came to attack, Zhuo Qing excitingly shrugged her shoulder, knowing that she should not provoke a woman who was lacking sleep.

Sending off Gu Yun to the General’s manor, looking at her door afterwards, Zhuo Qing made Mo Bai to drive the chariot back to the manor immediately. She was still very anxious, what was the thing that made Xi Yan to return in a hurry and rush like this??

Record of Washed Grievances (By Qian Lu) Chapter 93: One Corpse Two Lives

Over 2,250 words.

This chapter was translated by Sian for only and edited by Din2.


Gu Yun’s face was expressionless, a look of exhaustion was directed towards her, Zhuo Qing stepped forward, smilingly said: “You finally come back.” Today was the early morning of the ninth day, she already anticipated Yun’s appearance. Looking at her chilly expression and cold facial expression, Zhuo Qing guessed that Yun had not had any good sleep for the past few days. The condition of her body was really different than an ordinary person, an average person would be exhausted, one’s spirit would be more disorganized and more powerless. However, she would be more incisive and sharper, she did not know what her body structure was made from!

Su Ling unexpectedly returned also, she did not anticipate this, Zhuo Qing lifted her eyes to see, nevertheless, she was unable to cover up her smiling expression with a soft cough: “General Su? Are…… you ok?”

Su Ling probably had not slept for several days also, his appearance was a lot messier than Gu Yun, his black clothing was wrinkled, his serene eyes were filled with bloodshot at this moment. It looked like running quickly for a few days, it made his hair more frantic and messy on his head, his originally cold and firm facial features, looked like a carved bronze color at this moment. Comparing to when she saw him for the first time, Su Ling was covered with cold enough air to freeze a dead person at this moment.

Su Ling’s cold eyes swept one glance at her, he did not answer, Zhuo Qing already guessed at an earlier time, and she did not mind either.

“What case? What is the situation at the moment?” Gu Yun’s muddled and husky voice made Zhuo Qing frowned slightly, she was surely exhausted for this whole journey. Lifting opened the curtain of the chariot, Zhuo Qing lowly said: “We are just about to investigate at the crime scene, get in the chariot and then we can talk.”

“Fine.” Gu Yun’s agilely stepped into the chariot, Zhuo Qing was also following to go in, from start to finish, Gu Yun did not even look one glance at Su Ling, it looked like they were not together.

Su Ling’s complexion was more and more stiffly cold, nevertheless, Cheng Hang was aware afterwards, he laughed foolishly and said: “General Su, you unexpectedly return to the capital also, I have always high regards at the Su family’s military glory, moreover…..”

His words had not finished yet, Su Ling already strongly got on the horse, and chased after the chariot’s direction. Cheng Hang was standing there embarrassingly, Lou Xi Yan stepped forward for one step, lightly patted his shoulder, smilingly said: “Let us go, it is possible that General Su…… is too tired, right.”

“Right.” General Su’s appearance looked very very tired, Cheng Hang curiously asked: “Prime Minister Lou, who is that young lady?”

Lou Xi Yan stepped across on the dark horse that Qing Mo left behind, smilingly said: “The person whom your message pigeon was trying to invite.”

Looking at the tensed shadow that was behind the chariot, Lou Xi Yan had a light smile on the corner of his lips, General Su’s ‘loathing disease at a woman’ appeared to have a sign of improvement, the women from the Qing family, were indeed outstanding ah~

“Qing Mo?!” Cheng Hang could finally think of this person, but computing the time, today was only the early morning of the ninth day ah, how did they come back……
Wu’s Manor

Cheng Hang breathlessly rushed into Miss Wu’s chamber, urgently said: “Daren, Prime Minister Lou and Madam are already here, furthermore, that…… Miss Qing Mo and General Su are back also.” He rushed urgently and hurriedly, and could finally catch up with them, these two Qing Misses’ speed was really quick!

Dan Yu Lan coldly looked one glance at him, what was wrong with this youngster, Cheng Hang, he was so impatient like this today.

Still unable to speak to him, Lou Xi Yan and Zhuo Qing’s figures had already appeared near the door now, Dan Yu Lan slightly cupped his hands and said: “Prime Minister Lou, Madam.”

Still not yet entering the door, the smell of concentrated reeking of blood already permeated the atmosphere. Zhuo Qing only nodded her head lightly and took a deep breath, she asked with a low voice soon after: “Where is the deceased?”

“Still on the bed.” He did not think that they would come very quickly, they just arrived not long ago also.

Zhuo Qing nodded her head, hurriedly entered the bedroom.

“Dan Daren.” A loud hoarse of a woman’s voice echoed behind Lou Xi Yan.

Lou Xi Yan slightly moved sideways, Dan Yu Lan could see clearly the woman with a black clothing who was behind him. It was really Qing Mo, Dan Yu Lan’s flashed through a trace of amazement, today was only the ninth day, she really appeared just like what Qing Ling was saying…… This woman really made people to be amazed, covering up his surprising eyes, Dan Yu Lan slightly cupped his hands and said: “Miss Qing, making you to urgently come back like this, I am really sorry.”

Lightly waving her hand, Gu Yun did not virtually agree with him, she answered with a cold voice: “Dan Daren does not need to be polite, I already know the basic circumstances, I will take a look at the crime scene first, then we will discuss the specific circumstances again.”

Finished speaking, she conveniently lifted her legs to go to the inside room, but she did not urgently enter in to the bedroom, she was rather looking at the outside screen lobby, and one did not know what she was looking either.

Lou Xi Yan was standing quietly by the side of the door, and did not enter the inner room, next to him, was Su Ling who was silent all along. Dan Yu Lan slightly frowned: “Is General Su not suppressing the riot traitors?” Why was so lively like this today?

“Finished destroying them.” With a cold voice that could freeze a dead person, he threw out several words, Su Ling’s pair of black eyes were staring at the woman who was inside the lobby, no, she was absolutely not a woman!! These past few days, he almost could not keep up with her, how could there was a woman like that?!

Finished destroying them?! Dan Yu Lan stared blankly, if he finished destroying them, how come he did not return to the Imperial palace to report it, what was he doing coming here?!

Su Ling’s face was cloudy, Lou Xi Yan had interesting eyes, he naturally would not be stupid to ask it now. Dan Yu Lan turned around to walk and enter the lobby, Gu Yun was half squatting near the door, she gently groped at the already broken wooden door, lowly asked: “Who is the first person who discovered the crime scene?”

“Miss Wu’s personal maid, Fei-er.” But what was strange though, the discovery about her and the other maids were different, she did not accompany her mistress inside the room. It was rather she called out the young lady to get up in the morning, after calling for a long time and she did not come, she only found people to break the door down and went in, then she found the deceased.

Letting go of the door rope, Gu Yun asked: “Where is she?”

“She got scared and fainted, and has not woken up at the moment.”

This was very normal, the bedroom was almost completely in blood, the condition of the deceased was extremely strange, not to mention a woman, if a man saw it, he would also not be able to bear it either.

Gu Yun’s gaze suddenly fixed at the teacup that was on the top of the wooden table, walking forward, Gu Yun picked the teacup up to gently smell it, her hand paused, and opened the teapot, shaking the liquid inside, her eyes flashed through a trace of cold ray.

Cheng Hang who was standing by her side did not understand, and asked: “What was the problem with the tea? I looked at it a moment ago, there was no problem.” The tea that was put inside the room was not suspicious, right.

Gu Yun kept silent, she only handed over the two empty cups to him, Cheng Hang took them, and looked one glance at her, unconvincingly picked the cup up and lightly smelled it. After smelling it, Cheng hang’s eyes were suddenly opened big, and smelled at the other fine cup again. After a moment, Cheng Hang was staring to look at Gu Yun shockingly, how could she see that these ordinary cups had any problem? Moreover, there were many cups, how did she know that these two cups had problems?!!!

Cheng Hang put both of the cups into the inside of the pouch carefully, he blindly followed Gu Yun’s behind immediately.
In the Bedroom

Lu Jin was staring at the man who was moving things in front of the deceased, with a cold voice, he asked: “Who are you?”

Wu Daren was an official in the Ministry of Justice, so he naturally knew that the crime scene must not be destroyed by a stranger. In this whole bedroom, except for the people from the Criminal Prison Division, there was only Wu Daren who was already frightened and unable to move a single step in the lobby, and who was this person?

The man turned his head around, slightly cupped his hands, and answered: “This person is Jiang Xin, the coroner in the Ministry of Justice, Wu Daren has called this person to come.”

So, it turned out to be a coroner, waving his hand, the man nodded his head, and retreated to the side.

When Zhuo Qing entered the bedroom, just in time to see Lu Jin was doing an autopsy, and she did not step forward to disturb him. Zhuo Qing was half squatting her body, examining the blood that was not completely condensed, the bedroom was not very big, the amount of the bleeding was very large. Along the bedside until the screen, there was bloodstain everywhere, the deceased was completely naked, the bedroom was very neat, there was no trace of struggling and fighting.

Zhuo Qing suddenly appeared, and was still touching the bloodstain, this made Jiang Xin who was standing at the side startled, lowly called out: “What are you doing?”

Lu Jin turned his head around, seeing the person behind him, he hurriedly cupped his hands respectfully and called out: “Madam.”

Zhuo Qing got up, with a low voice, she asked: “How is the situation?

Lu Jin did not dare to have any slightest carelessness, immediately answered any discovery that he found from a moment ago: “The deceased died between choushi (1-3 am) and yinshi (3-5 am) today, the body did not have any other injury, there was only one incision on her chest, her heart was also removed, but her face did not have any frightening expression.”

Zhuo Qing approached to his side, looked one glance at the woman’s corpse that was on the bed, the deceased’s skin was slightly wrinkled and discolored, because of blood loss, but her facial expression was really tranquil, just like if she was falling asleep.

Jiang Xin was staring surprisingly at Zhuo Qing’s tranquil complexion that was looking over the corpse, what kind of person was this woman ah?!

Facing this frightening female corpse, she was unexpectedly still this calm, Lu Jin called her Madam, was it possible that she was Dan Daren’s family?!

When Zhuo Qing carefully inspected, she stroked the deceased’s abdomen with her hand, and lightly pressed it, Zhuo Qing’s eyes were dark, suddenly she asked with a clear voice: “Wu Daren, is your daughter married?”

A clear and cold voice of a woman came through from the inside room, Wu Zhi Gang who was almost knocked down because of the news of his daughter’s death, recovered with great difficulty, he answered after a very long time: “Not yet, Xu-er and the third son of the Ministry of Rites, Wu Shang Hu, are going to get married, the wedding will be in three months later. Our two families are preparing the wedding ceremony, who knows, that she will encounter this kind of thing……”


How could he anticipate this, that this kind of thing could happen to his daughter!!

Walking to the end of the bed, Zhuo Qing wanted to part the woman’s legs, but because the corpse was already stiffed, she could only say to Lu Jin who was beside her: “Help me to lift her legs a little.”

Lu Jin awkwardly nodded his head, it was not because he had never examined any private part of the female’s corpse, it was only the first time that he was doing an examination together with a woman. Slightly lowering his head, Lu Jin lightly lifted the deceased’s legs up.

After having a challenging examination for a moment, Zhuo Qing asked with a clear voice: “Did Miss Xu-er have another lover?”

One’s speaking voice was just off, there was a deathly stillness from the outside door, after that Wu Zhi Gang’s roaring voice echoed from the outside screen: “What kind of rubbish are you talking about!! My family’s daughter is already dead, you can not call into question her innocent either!”

Zhuo Qing’s complexion was the same as before, and she remained unmoved, she simply answered coldly: “She was pregnant, moreover, it was almost four months.”

“What did you say?!”

Record of Washed Grievances (By Qian Lu) Chapter 92: Gu Yun Returned

Hahahaha…. Our poor fox was interrupted again… and Gu Yun is back! Plus ZQ’s tricky mission related to Jing Sa was successful (?) πŸ˜‰. Over 3,000 words.

This chapter was translated by Sian for only and edited by Din2.


Night Time

Zhai Xing Pavilion

The midsummer night was somewhat hot and stuffy, the night wind was brushing away, it made people to have this kind of tipsy feeling. Zhuo Qing was half leaning against the front of the window, gazing at the brilliant stars on the sky, lowly mumbled and said: “I finally know, why this place is called Zhai Xing pavilion.” (ζ‘˜-zhai-to pick 星-xing-star).

Looking at the stars from here, it appeared the stars were brighter and flasher, as if one could reached out to pick and collect the stars from one’s hand. The stars on the sky were very bright, the full radiance of the full moon seemed to lose its splendor, she had not seen a beautiful night sky like this for a very long time, ok. The sparkling, translucent and soft radiances made Zhuo Qing could not help to sigh and say: “The night sky is really different without any pollution within the environment.”

Behind her, a pair of slender and spotless white hands had encircled her waist, he was holding a pamphlet on his hand, handing it over to her front, Lou Xi Yan’s soft voice echoed on the side of her ear: “You can look to see whom you want to add.”

Zhuo Qing bowed her head to sweep it one glance, shook her head, smilingly said: “No need to see, I am good with your decision.” This was a wedding ceremony’s guest list, right. She originally did not have anybody whom she had to invite, Qing Feng wrote those so called ‘relatives’, whether or not she looked at it would not make any difference.

“Is Qing Feng alright in the Imperial palace?” After the last time, she had not entered the Imperial palace, for this invitation list, she just let her write a letter to plan it, she also did not know whether or not her life was good in the palace.

Closing the pamphlet and put it aside conveniently, then holding her to sit on his embrace, Zhuo Qing conveniently leaned on his bosom, she seems to accustom to his hug.

She was only wearing a thin unlined garment during the midsummer, this kind of warm fragrance and soft like jade was in his bosom, Lou Xi Yan could not help to breathe tensely. He felt a kind of selfishness, and was unable to part with the warm feeling in his embrace, he could only fiddle with a trace of smooth and soft hair, while he was absentmindedly answered: “She has been doted on by the Emperor recently.”

Zhuo Qing frowned her eyebrows: “Strictly speaking, this can not be good lo?”

Lou Xi Yan stopped his hand and stared blankly, laughingly asked: “Why are you thinking like that?” The women in the harem, being doted on by the Emperor, was it not a good thing? What was she thinking?!

“Yan Hong Tian is a temperamental man, getting his doting, it is not necessarily a good thing either, she will stir up some jealousies from the other women in the harem, Qing Feng does not have any power in the Imperial palace, does not have any supporter either, I am afraid that her days will be even more difficult, right.” She absolutely did not remember what kind of offense that she committed to Yang Zhi Lan, and she already almost lost her life. If it was only because of Yan Ru Xuan, it should not be this vicious and merciless, within the surviving law in the harem, the Emperor’s doting should be a double edged sword, right.

Leaning on Lou Xi Yan’s bosom, Zhuo Qing slightly raised her head, and said: “Xi Yan, Qing Feng, as a girl, living in the Imperial palace is not easy, can you or can you not use your ability within your power to take care of her for me?”

Slowly nodding his head, Lou Xi Yan softly said: “I will.”

After all, Qing Feng was also his sister in law, he would naturally not just watch without doing anything, but, Qing Feng did not appear to be as simple as Qing-er. She was very close to Imperial concubine Hui recently, and Imperial concubine Hui was actually the Empress’ arch enemy. She entered the fraction within the harem to fight on her own, it was not simply because she wanted to enjoy the cool air like this simple, right.”

“Xi Yan……” Zhuo Qing’s low voice echoed.

“En?” Lou Xi Yan recovered.

“Your hands……” Zhuo Qing lowered her head, to stare at Lou Xi Yan’s slender fingers that stopped temporarily at this area.

The warm and soft feeling on his hands made Lou Xi Yan to stare blankly, his hands were really trying to find a very comfortable place. His breathing was also somewhat sluggish because of Zhuo Qing’s gradually faster heartbeats, there was still one month before the wedding day, he seemed unable to wait for that long……

The fragments of kisses and disorderly breathing, all the way down on her slender shoulder, Zhuo Qing did not resist, since she set her eyes on him, when the relationship happened, would there be any difference? Furthermore, the night scene appeared to be not bad tonight, turning her body around, Zhuo Qing was encircling his neck, her cherry lips were greeted with warm breaths, and sealing it on his lips……

“Madam!” An urgent voice from a woman came through from the outside of the courtyard, she already entered the side of the gate very quickly, then a soft knock on the door echoed.

Lou Xi Yan’s hands that were holding her waist were stiff, his breathing was hurried and brief like before, but his complexion became gloomy because of this sudden disturbance.

This voice…… was Xi Wu’s maid, could it be that girl had some matter? Softly patting Lou Xi Yan’s hands, Zhuo Qing made a ‘let go’ sign with her mouth, Lou Xi Yan was definitely not willing to let his hands go.

The Imperial bodyguards did not come to report, Xi Wu should not have any matter, this was already the second time that they were disturbed, it would be difficult for Lou Xi Yan not to feel depressed!

Opening up the door, she surely saw Su-er whose face contained a worry’s look and she was standing at the outside of the door.

“Su-er, what is the matter?”

Su-er anxiously answered: “Miss has not eaten anything for the past few days, she is in tears and muddleheaded all day long, she is quickly losing weight now, regardless what this servant asks or coaxes, it is not useful, Madam, please go and look, ok!”

This girl, made her to be like this, she did not need to be like this completely, right, waiting until Jing Sa’s stone heart to be melted, she already played with her own small life! Retreating back one step, Zhuo Qing smiled at Lou Xi Yan who was still sitting by the window with a cold face and said: “I will look at that girl to see what is going on.”

“En.” Lou Xi Yan lowly humphed, his complexion was really ugly like before, Su-er heard Lou Xi Yan’s voice and could not help to stare blankly, as it turned out, Master was here ah πŸ‘Ώ, then when Madam opened the door a moment ago, with a flushing look on her face……

She seemed to be in trouble……

Withdrawing her neck, Su-er did not dare to look one glance at Lou Xi Yan who was inside the room, following Zhuo Qing’s back like a wisp of smoke (disappearing in an instant) and she ran out, only Lou Xi Yan was left behind on his own sitting in front of the window suffering from pent up frustration.

When they arrived quickly at the gate of Lou Xi Wu’s courtyard, Zhuo Qing said to Su-er who was behind her: “Su-er, I will go to console Xi Wu first, you prepare some food to bring over.”

“Yes.” Su-er nodded her head, and ran towards the kitchen.

Her heart was thinking on how to explain to this girl, she only wanted her to pretend that she did not have any appetite, it was not that she should really not eat! At the gate of the courtyard, Zhuo Qing did not see Jing Sa’s shadow, could it be that he already left?

Entering the inside of the courtyard, Lou Xi Wu’s dispirited voice came through from the inside room: “You go out, I do not want to eat.”

“Open your mouth.” Said a cold and firm voice of a man that was completely lack of feeling.

Zhuo Qing’s footsteps were lagging, Jing Sa?!

With light footsteps, Zhuo Qing did not dare to be too close, she was afraid that Jing Sa would discover her, secretly retreating to the door so she could see with her narrowed eyes. In the inner room, Lou Xi Wu was resting her body on the table dispiritedly, her thin and pale complexion, with her perplexed eyes that seemed to really look bad. Jing Sa’s tall figure was standing by her side, his hand was still holding a bowl of soup. But because of the problem of the position where she was standing, Zhuo Qing could only see the side of his face, under the candle light, she could not see his expression on his suntanned face, only his persistent cold voice.

Holding her head towards her side, Lou Xi Wu listlessly said: “I am not eating, you go away.”

“Open your mouth!”

This time, Jing Sa directly put a spoonful of soup on the side of her mouth, but Lou Xi Wu did not appreciate his kindness at all, lifting up her hand, she pushed it away, and glaring at Jing Sa, she scolded with a low gasp: “I am not eating! My matter does not have any relation with you, you do not need to care.”

The hot soup was spilling on Jing Sa’s hand, since she was standing too far away, Zhuo Qing could only see his hand, she did not know if he was angry or because of the very hot soup but the veins on his hand raised up. Even though she could not see his expression clearly, but that ignited the fury from all over his body. Zhuo Qing could see clearly, she could somewhat admire Lou Xi Wu’s courage at the beginning or she could say her stupidity, this time, she still dared to make a big fuss about her life: “I am like this now, I do not even have any qualification to like you, whether I am dead or alive, what is the difference? You go away, ok, you do not like me anyway, there is no need to come and take care of me. Leave, leave, leave……”

“Open–” Jing Sa while almost gnashing his teeth roared lowly, a spoonful of soup was passed on to Lou Xi Wu’s front again.

“I have said it that I am not eating!” This time, Lou Xi Wu simply threw down the spoonful of soup on the floor!

The soup spoon fell on the ground, it already snapped out Jing Sa’s patience all along.

She could only see that he suddenly raised up the bowl of soup, poured a big mouthful of it into his own mouth, Lou Xi Wu was puzzled and Zhuo Qing was surprised, then he fed the soup in to her lips that could only continuously refuse him for this past few days.

Oh oh~~

Zhuo Qing’s eyebrows lightly raised, pretty good, as it turned out, when an indifferent person exploded, that person did not lose his passion.

“En……” Lou Xi Wu was completely in a foolish state and she stared blankly, a pair of bright eyes were opened big, staring at the handsome face in front of her, her brain was blank, and she could only passively drink the soup from his feeding, until he retreated back, she was still puzzled.

“Open you mouth.” When Jing Sa said it again, she could only foolishly open her mouth, to let Jing Sa fed her a mouthful of the soup to her lips and drank it readily.

There was a rare hint of faint flushing from that always cold and firm face.

Su-er was holding a ginseng bowl and small side dishes, entering the small courtyard, she was pulled by Madam whom she did not know where she was coming from: “Ma… Ma… (from Madam)……” Just about to open her mouth, Madam was already covered her mouth.

“Shhh….. (hush).” Zhuo Qing hinted for her to go out, both of them retreated all the way to the outside door, then Zhuo Qing let go of her hand, smilingly said: “Miss has already eaten some food, you do not need to attend to her tonight, you retire first, ok.”

“Yes.” Su-er was baffled, but looking at Madam’s confidence look, she could only leave embarrassingly.

Zhuo Qing returned to Zhai Xing pavilion with a pretty good mood, Lou Xi Yan was still half leaning on the window frame, but there was a book on his hands. Slowly raising his head, his complexion was already restored as always, looking at Zhuo Qing who had a smile on her face, he knew that Xi Wu surely did not have any matter. Putting down the book, he extended his hand to her, Lou Xi Yan asked: “What is the matter that makes you this happy?”

Walking to Lou Xi Yan’s side and then sitting down, she placed her hand on his palm, allowing him to hold her, Zhuo Qing smiled happily and said: “Nothing, you do not need to worry about Xi Wu, she will get better slowly.”

Raising the corner of his mouth to show a faint smile, Lou Xi Yan smilingly said: “Is there anything that I should know, but yet I do not know?”

Pretending to be mysterious and shaking her head, Zhuo Qing answered: “What you should know, you will always know, if you do not know now, it is because it is not the time for you to know yet!” She would not tell him now, that she was the one who made Xi Wu to use the trick to injure herself to gain the enemy’s confidence.

Holding her delicate fingers on his palm, Lou Xi Yan thought about this and answered: “So, it is like this.”

Her mysterious identity was the same, was it also because it was not the time for him to know?

Qing-er, you must not make me wait too long……
Early Morning

Zhuo Qing and Lou Xi Yan were having breakfast at the reception pavilion, Mo Bai’s indifferent voice echoed from the outside door: “Master, the official from the government office sends someone to request to see you.”

“Invite him in.” It had been several days, Dan Yu Lan did not have new news all along, was it possible that there was a new discovery?!

“Pay respect to Prime Minister Lou, Madam.” The person who came was Cheng Hang, his young face could hardly cover up his melancholy feeling.

Zhuo Qing and Lou Xi Yan looked one glance at each other, Cheng Hang’s complexion, it was not because of any good news. Sure enough, they had not opened their mouths to ask, Cheng Hang already gloomily said: “There was another same case happened yesterday evening, Daren made me to come to ask Prime Minister Lou and Madam to go ahead.”

There was already the fourth innocent woman who was murdered, Zhuo Qing slightly narrowed his eyes: “What was the identify of the victim?”

“Ministry of Justice’s Assistant Minister, Wu Zhi Gang’s second young lady.”

This time, the murderer unexpectedly came directly at the powerful Ministry of Justice, moreover, every start was completely in order, could it be that the murderer was simply not acting alone, and it was rather one organization? Was the objective directed at the celebration?! Lou Xi Yan was lost in thought.

Zhuo Qing lowly said: “Let us go, ok, we will go first and then we will discuss it again.”

The three people hurriedly went out of the Prime Minister’s manor, Zhuo Qing barely intended to climb into the chariot, a succession of the sounds of horse’s hoofs followed from far and near, they were coming very quickly. The morning ray shone upon them, two tall and pure black fine horses were advancing toward to come to them quickly. The horses’ speeds were very quick, to the point that they could only see one horse that had one tall figure on it, and it looked like there was no one on the other horse.

Lou Xi Yan was pulling Zhuo Qing’s hand, retreating to the front of the Prime Minister’s manor, Mo Bai and Cheng Hang already took precaution and stepped forward one step.

The fine horses already rushed to the front of Prime Minister’s manor very quickly, they almost bumped into the chariot at the front of the manor. The fine horses were neighing, and stoping, one tall and one short figures came down from the horses quickly.

Seeing clearly at the people who just came, Mo Bai coldly retreated aside, Cheng Hang stared blankly and looked at the girl in front of him, her whole body was in a sturdy black clothing and this petite woman was standing by the side of the fine horse. She looked even more fragile, with a high bun hair, and her lovable and beautiful appearance that were exposed completely, even though half of her face was destroyed by knife scars, but they did not reduce her adorable look by the slightest amount, instead, it would make people to take even more pity on her.

Meeting the woman’s eyes, Cheng Hang stared blankly again, who could have thought that this adorable girl, unexpectedly had so chilly eyes, her eyes were filled with bloodshot. It seemed that her face looked so tired, the woman immediately walked passed him, and went to the direction of Prime Minister Lou’s Madam. And behind her, was precisely—– General Su Ling?

Record of Washed Grievances (By Qian Lu) Chapter 91: Unexpected Discovery

The character list was already updated up to this current chapter. Over 3,400 words.

This chapter was translated by Sian for only and edited by Din2.


“Su Mu Feng?”

At midday, the street downstairs was filled with people’s voices, unusually lively, but he was actually the best person whom one could recognize, with a white clothing in the middle of the prosperous city center, he stood out. Walking slowly, all of the noises were unable to get close to him, many people were looking at him with admiration, but that indifferent and estranged personality did not let anybody dare to get close to him.

Following Zhuo Qing’s line of sight, Lou Xi Yan could easily find Su Mu Feng’s tall figure.

“Are you familiar with him?” Zhuo Qing was looking at Su Mu Feng who was downstairs, and she quietly asked.

Lightly shaking his head, Lou Xi Yan was also watching attentively at the man who was walking leisurely downstairs among a tide of people, faintly answered: “I am considered an old friend with the Su family’s master, Su Lao Ye (this lao ye isn’t a name, LXY calls him lao ye as a form of respect because he’s an older guy), when I was young, he also taught me how to play the zither skill. Su Mu Feng is one of the Su’s family children, his music attainment is the best. He played a song, Feng Hai Chao, at the celebration six years ago, it made him famous in the whole world. Many people admire his reputation and want to became his student, but he has never accepted any student. He will only give a few directions, but he will not teach for more than ten lessons, and even more, he will never repeat to give direction to one person for the second time! Even though he is like this, the famous families who are requesting him to teach the skill are still numerous as before. I can request him to teach Xi Wu this time, it is because of a lot of efforts!”

“So you can say, that he has taught a lot of people?” No wonder he only gave Xi Wu four lessons and then left, this so called capable person was strange, he seemed to be somewhat eccentric.

“Within the capital, if one figures the offspring of the famous families, all of them will issue the invitations to him, I guess half of the prominent sons of the officials, honorable daughters, they can be considered his students.” Looking at Zhuo Qing who was in high spirit, Lou Xi Yan lowly smiled and said: “Why are you so interested in him?”

Propping her cheeks, calmly looking back at Lou Xi Yan, Zhuo Qing lowly sighed and said: “He gives people this peculiar feeling and is very attractive.” The tranquil and distant personalities should make people to be carefree and relaxed, but he also had this indifferent and icily arrogant personalities. He gave people some oppressed feeling and was very different than any average person, she could say what kind of feeling……

Lou Xi Yan was smiling, Su Mu Feng was indeed a peculiar person, but she did not need to be this honest to discuss this with him, saying how another man was very attractive, ok!

The original clamor in the summer time was somewhat in commotion, a screaming sound and a hysterical sound of horses’ hoofs gave a jolt of surprises in great waves.

“The horses are frightened! Get out of the way, get out of the way!!”

Following the chariot was a violent roar that was followed from far and near, a pair of violent horses were pulling a chariot in a rush, advancing and coming towards the city center quickly. It was colliding with the roadside vendors’ stalls from time to time, the people who were walking, had to hide and flee all over the place. Even though they were able to avoid the chariot promptly, but they were tripping on something from the roadside and leaning unsteadily from side to side.

“Get out of the way!”

The flustered shouting and along with the pedestrians’ shrieking, the chariot continued to rush quickly and madly, across from Leng Yue building was a row of small shops that were selling ornaments. There were many people who were gathering at the shops, the great majority among them were women. If the chariot was rushing hurriedly to come, there would surely be a lot of people who would not be able to hide!

Lou Xi Yan’s expression was dark, he lowly called out: “Mo Bai!”

His words were just left, one quick silhouette was already risen and fallen, he was advancing right in front of the chariot in flying speed. Agilely getting behind the horseback, Mo Bai grabbed both of the reins of the horses, exerting his physical strength, he pulled them backward. But the wild startled horses were like the insane ones, after several mournful neigh’s sounds, the unexpectedly crazier horses were advancing towards the crowds quickly. Mo Bai’s eyes transferred a trace of strange ray, his body suddenly jumped up, with one fierce blow, his iron fist hit the horses’ heads. The pair of insanely running and startled horses did not have any opportunity to shout, the tall horses loudly tumbled on the ground, and the chariot finally stopped also.

Zhuo Qing and Lou Xi Yan could finally relax at the same time, looking one glance at each other, they walked down to the building to look over.

On the second floor of the private room, a trace of red shadow was half leaning by the side of the window, her hand was holding a long whip firmly to watch at the horses that collapsed afterwards. Slowly relaxing, the cold eyes stopped temporarily on Mo Bai’s body for a moment, and then, she withdrew her line of sight indifferently.

Even though the chariot already stopped, but there were many people who were already injured by the mad horses all along, one 60 years old man was standing near the area where the chariot stopped in a split second, he was frightened and firmly fell to the ground.

Su Mu Feng was also standing not too far from the area that the chariot stopped at that time, the disturbance also made him to have lingering fears a moment ago, only the expression on his face was already indifferent, one could not see any flustered expression. The old man fell on the ground, many people already surrounded him, Su Mu Feng crouched beside the old man’s body, he asked in a low voice: “Are you alright?”

Falling and sitting up on the ground he covered his leg with his hand, the old man painfully answered: “My leg hurts very much.”

Su Mu Feng who was always tranquil certainly, stared blankly and swallowed his saliva, staring blankly at the uncle’s leg, but he did not have any movement to step forward. At this time, Zhuo Qing and Lou Xi Yan already joined the crowd, looking that Su Mu Feng who was staring blankly and crouching at the side of the old man, Lou Xi Yan called out in a low voice: “Su Gongzi.”

Su Mu Feng recovered, and got up to retreat one step, he turned his head and said: “Miss Qing, Prime Minister Lou.”

The old man’s face filled with painful appearance, Zhuo Qing crouched at his side, quietly said: “Uncle, let me examine your wound.”

The old man nodded his head, Zhuo Qing carefully lifted up his right leg that was injured, lightly raised his trouser, some scarlet blood already flew on his ankle. Zhuo Qing carefully gave an examination on the condition of his injured leg, she quietly consoled and said a moment later: “Uncle, your leg is alright, but you must not move randomly.” Fortunately, the impact when he fell on the ground was not big, it was only a scrape and a slight fracture to the calf.

“Good.” The old man promptly nodded.

“Someone comes, send the injured people to the nearest doctor’s office.” This chariot that was rushing madly all the way, the injured people were more than just this one old man. Qiong Yue had a law long time ago, the horse was not allowed in the city center, the capital country was not allowed to whip horses to rush madly. If he did not put a stop promptly on today’s situation, he did not know how many people would be injured! Lou Xi Yan said with a cold voice: “Mo Bai, capture that person who has driven the chariot, send him to the government office, let the authorities do the investigation rigorously.”


The people on both side of the roads were cheering in loud voices continuously, and also towards this person who had an excellent reputation but he was extremely low profile. He was Qiong Yue’s famous Prime Minister, and they grew more respects and admirations in their hearts.

Drowning out of the crowd, one tall and one short shadows quietly withdrew from the tide of people, and entered the side of the alley, the youngster slowly stopped his footsteps to look at the incomparable honest, bright, pure eyes that flew by the midstream of ray, slightly raised his voice with a trace of ridiculing spirit, lowly smiled and said: “That person is the legend Lou Xi Yan?”

The tall person who was behind him half lowering his body respectfully, he answered: “Precisely.”

The youngster nodded his head, the corner of his mouth that was smiling was even more dense, it seemed that the Imperial father did not deceive him either, this Qiong Yue seemed to be very interesting.

On this side, Lou Xi Yan and Zhuo Qing just finished handling the Uncle’s injury, there was a gently sound of a man who was yelling behind them: “Gongzi! Gongzi!”

Zhuo Qing turned her head around, she only saw Su Mu Feng’s complexion turned pale, his head was filled with sweat, his breathing was urgent at once and slow at another time, his eyes were half closing before he dropped and sat on the ground. His appearance was even more miserable than the Uncle a moment ago, Zhuo Qing walked to his side, lowly asked: “Su Gongzi, are you alright?”

Su Mu Feng not only did not answer her words, his eyes were closed, immediately — passed out!

“Su Gongzi?!” Zhuo Qing stared blankly, her one hand grabbed his wrist to check his pulse, and her other hand looked over his eyelids, his pulse was thin and weak, his breathing was weak, it seemed that he really lost consciousness.

He was still well a moment ago, the horse did not bump into him, he should not sustain any injury, right? Why did he suddenly lost consciousness, could it be that he had some illness?

Lou Xi Yan already came to her side, looking at Su Mu Feng who remained unconscious, he sighed and said: “We will send him to the doctor’s office first, ok.”

The person who was always supporting Su Mu Feng, the young man who was wearing a family’s servant clothing, even though there was anxiety on his face, but he said assuredly: “No need, let Gongzi rests for a moment and it will be good.”

Zhuo Qing asked: “Does Su Gongzi always have some kind of an old illness?”

“Gongzi, he……” The man paused for a moment, then stammeringly answered: “Gongzi, he is afraid of blood.”

Afraid of blood? What kind of illness was this, there was no blood a moment ago either ah? Lou Xi Yan was somewhat stunned, but Zhuo Qing already understood it clearly. As it turned out, Su Mu Feng had blood phobia, then he did not really need to go to the hospital. Zhuo Qing said to the Imperial bodyguards who were on the opposite side: You help Gongzi to Leng Yue building to sit for a while, ok.”

The delegation of men were supporting Su Mu Feng to the private room at Leng Yue building and they sat him down on the bench, the young man was half kneeling in front of the bench, carefully wiping his cold sweat. Zhuo Qing sat on the other bench, quietly asked: “Is you family Gongzi always feeling sick when he sees blood?”

The man nodded his head and sighed: “En, everybody in the Su family knows that Gongzi can not be exposed to see blood, he will faint when he sees blood from childhood! The doctor has seen him, but he is not getting better.”

The blood phobia disease was just a type of phobia, having a doctor to see and check on him would definitely not useful! Only seeing a little bit of blood that was flowing out of the leg like that, he already fainted, Su Mu Feng’s illness was quite serious.

“Gongzi, you have awaken!” After a good while, Su Mu Feng finally opened his eyes slowly, his face was still as pale as a paper, the cold sweat was dripping, with the support from the man, he could barely straight his body up.

Taking the tea and handing it over to the young man, Lou Xi Yan quietly said: “Su Gongzi, drink a little hot tea, ok.”

The young man carefully took the hot tea and handed it over to the side of Su Mu Feng’s lips, Su Mu Feng reached out to take the teacup. His hand was unexpectedly still trembling a little, sitting for a while, he was slowly relaxing back. His lips had a little color, placing the teacup that was on his hand, Su Mu Feng lowly said: “Thank you, Prime Minister Lou and Miss Qing, I make you to be ridiculed.”

Zhuo Qing shrugged her shoulders, smilingly said: “Feeling sick when seeing blood is a type of common illness, Su Gongzi does not need to care about it too much.”

Actually, one big man would faint when he saw blood, it was somewhat funny, nothing more, but because of this, the him who gave this indifferent, proud and aloof’s appearance, it seemed to look more like an ordinary person a little.

His complexion was somewhat embarrassed, Su Mu Feng uncomfortably stood up, and said: “I already feel a lot better, I will not disturb the two of you, Su mou will bid goodbye.”

Lou Xi Yan did not block his path either, smilingly answered: “Su Gongzi, please.”

Su Mu Feng turned around to leave, Zhuo Qing and Lou Xi Yan looked one glance at each other, and smiled.
Government Office Study Room

Dan Yu Lan was just about to open the folder, Lu Jin was standing at the gate, he said in a low voice: “Daren, Prime Minister Lou and Madam are already here.”

Lifting his head up, Dan Yu Lan looked at the sun who was already slanting to the west, he answered: “Hurry and invite them in.” He thought that Qing Ling would not come today, who would have thought that she would come with Prime Minister Lou together. It seemed that even though there was still 25 days from the deadline time, however, the Emperor was already losing his patience.

“Yes.” Lu Jin went out for a moment, then he took Lou Xi Yan and Zhuo Qing to come in, he came back with Cheng Hang who just came back from investigating the case . He appeared to be very curious about Zhuo Qing, once he heard that she came, he immediately and hurriedly came over.

Dan Yu Lan got up to welcome them, cupping his hands and he said: “Pay respect to Prime Minister Lou, Madam.”

Lou Xi Yan smilingly answered: “Dan Daren, it is not necessary to be too polite, the Emperor hopes that you can solve this case as quickly as possible, he has ordered me to help you to solve the case promptly.”

It was indeed like that, Dan Yu Lan’s complexion was the same as always, he simply answered faintly: “Many thanks to Prime Minister Lou.”

“Dan Daren is too polite.” Lou Xi Yan was also accustomed to this empty response.

Zhuo Qing turned around and rolled her eyes, within the bureaucracy, every time they met each other, they would exchange this empty conventional greetings! Waving her hand, Zhuo Qing who was somewhat impatient, interrupted their words: “Ok la, do not speak too many conventional greetings like this, directly talk about the subject! Apart from the time of the first deceased’s time of death, it was already one month, what doubtful points did you discover?”

Lu Jin and Cheng Hang looked one glance at each other, both of them pursed up their lips tightly, and did not dare to utter some laughs. This Madam was indeed a quick person with some quick words, she did things on her own ways, but what kind of people were Dan Yu Lan and Lou Xi Yan. Facing Zhuo Qing’s impatience, both of them did not show any embarrassed appearance. Dan Yu Lan’s complexion was still the same as always, looking towards Cheng Hang who was bowing his head to laugh, he said: “Cheng Hang, you speak next.”

Suddenly hearing his name, Cheng Hang lightly coughed and pushed down his smiling expression, hurriedly raised his head, and seriously answered: “There are two biggest questions now, I have not been able to figure out all along, all of the deceased’s rooms, the door and the windows are closed securely. After the murderer killed the person, how did he leave after all, could it be that he could fly to the sky to escape? Furthermore, we have not understood the murder technique that this murderer is using. How did he accomplish making the deceased unable to struggle free without tying them, and looking at him helplessly when the murderer took out their hearts and left!?”

Lou Xi Yan’s brows lightly knitted, this case was indeed thorny, one month, Dan Yu Lan unexpectedly had not figured out the murder’s technique of the murderer, this one month period, he was afraid that it was useless.

Lu Jin continued to say: “During the investigation, we found afterwards, that there were several common grounds for all the three deceased, first, they were all at the thousand silk pavilion to order the embroidered silk fabric for their clothing. Second, during this time, they were all learning the zither from Su Mu Feng, and third, the inside of their rooms had sandalwood fragrances.”

They suspected Su Mu Feng! Zhuo Qing and Lou Xi Yan looked one glance at each other, Lou Xi Yan smiled and said in a low voice: “Dan Daren, we ran into Su Mu Feng on the road a moment ago, we have discovered one very interesting thing.”

“What is it?” Making Lou Xi Yan to call it an interesting discovery, he was somewhat curious also.

“When he sees any blood, he will faint.”

Cheng Hang lowly called out: “Is there something like this?” He would faint when he saw any blood? What kind of strange illness was this?!

Zhuo Qing lowly smiled, and explained: “This is very normal, the majority of girls will somewhat feel sick when they see blood, only relatively not too serious. The probability of the men who have blood phobia is probably small, but there is some men who have this phobia, he definitely has the kind that is more serious.”

“Is it possible that he will pretend to feel sick when he sees blood?” Lu Jin had heard that there was someone who was afraid of blood before, but when they thought that he was suspicious, he just happened to meet Prime Minister Lou by accident, and he had blood phobia?

Zhuo Qing shook her head, with a heavy voice, she answered: “The possibility is not big, his complexion was pale a moment ago, his limbs were cold, it did not look like he was pretending. Moreover, according to the Su family servant’s explanation, Su Mu Feng’s illness is from childhood.”

From childhood?! Since it was like this, or the Su’s family was lying, or there was already a proof, Su Mu Feng could not be the murderer. It seemed that they found one breakthrough with a great difficulty, but they had to declare failure again!


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