Record of Washed Grievances (By Qian Lu) Chapter 85: Who Would Be The Next Victim

Over 3,250 words.

This chapter was translated by Sian for https://nuttyisprocrasinating.wordpress.comย only and edited by Din2.


Lou Xi Wu frighteningly swallowed her saliva, went to sit on the side, she suddenly felt, that sometimes this sister in law was really strange, this kind of frightening matter, yet she would have an enthusiastic look.

Nevertheless, Zhuo Qing sank into her own train of thought, this case, the skill that the murderer used to kill was very unusual, picking this kind of unusual method to kill people was usually a chain violent crime (serial killer). Otherwise, just trying to provoke the police, or just to manufacture a terror atmosphere to satisfy the murderer’s objective, or maybe it was for the purpose of some abnormal hobby. She was very interested with this case, but Dan Yu Lan did not come to look for her help, it seemed that this case was not very difficult to solve.

Of course, she did not know, Lou Xi Yan already gave an order, not to allow anybody to disturb her rest and recuperation. Dan Yu Lan came over once, but he could not see her.

The two people had their own thinkings, both of them did not pay attention at the distinct, cold and tall figure who came out from the courtyard door, Su-er saw the person clearly, hurriedly said: “Miss, Su Gongzi is here.”

Lou Xi Wu and Zhuo Qing recovered, immediately looked at the door, both of them were somewhat absent minded. Under the sunshine during summertime, Su Mu Feng with a white clothing slowly came, his personality was exactly like his name, like a breath of fresh air, just liked his body. There was always a distinct chilly atmosphere around him, the restless blistering hot weather did not appear to be able to be closed to his body. That kind of distinct cold and graceful personality, that made people not to dare to come near but also unwilling to be far from him.

Lou Xi Wu hurriedly got up, slightly saluted and said: “It is good to see Gongzi.” He was the most graceful and talented man whom she ever saw, incorrect, besides elder brother, he was the most graceful and talented man, she admired him from the bottom of her heart.

Zhuo Qing was more curious about him, one person could have many kinds of personality traits, he could be cold and detached towards someone, but also warm and gentle like this, she actually had not seen many.

Su Mu Feng sensed Zhuo Qing’s probing line of sight, he nodded towards her, Zhuo Qing politely returned the greeting also.

Looking towards Lou Xi Wu, Su Mu Feng faintly smiled, and answered: “Miss Lou, do not need to be too polite, today will be the last lesson, I simply come to tell you this in person.”

“Why, then, I will not be able to see you?!” Lou Xi Wu urgently said: “We only have four classes ah! I still want to ask many guidances to Gongzi!”

Lou Xi Wu merely replied unconsciously, she really still had many questions about the zither skill that she wanted to learn from him, he was a very good teacher. Sometimes he seemed to give instructions randomly, but she could see and still understand it, she wanted to understand things that she did not understand originally. But she did not know, that careless sentence however, made one figure who was outside and wanted to leave, to become stiffed for quite a while.

Zhuo Qing secretly laughed, from her angle, she could see Jing Sa’s silhouette, he was sending off Su Mu Feng from the courtyard door, and intending to leave, who would have thought that that young girl’s words could stop him from going outside the courtyard. It seemed that Jing Sa cared about Xi Wu, a lot more than what she had thought previously.

Su Mu Feng seemed to have used to this kind of request to stay, his face did not express any praise or happiness, he only indifferently answered: “Your fingers technique is already very proficient, I can not instruct you on anything more.”

But Lou Xi Wu was not willing to miss this good opportunity, she really liked to play the zither, she, herself could also do some musics, they were just not so good. With great difficulty, Su Gongzi came, but why he wanted to leave quickly, Lou Xi Wu could not help to urge him to stay one more time: “But my fingers method does not always have adequate flowing ah, moreover, I still have several musics, I want to let Gongzi to point out for a few directions, then you give me a few more lessons, ok!! All right?”

Lou Xi Wu with heart filled with hope, looked at Su Mu Feng, but she did not know the man whose skin color was originally suntanned, his complexion was frighteningly darker now.

“Ahem!” (Trying to get LXW’s attention), Zhuo Qing firmly made a sound, she said with a low voice in Lou Xi Wu’s ear: “Jing Sa is outside the courtyard.”

Lou Xi Wu stared blankly at first, then raised her eyes to look, from her angle, she could only see that Jing Sa was clenching his fist on the lower corner of his jacket, her heart was happy, maybe he still cared about her. He would normally ignore her completely, she must make him angry this time!

Making a decision in her heart, Lou Xi Wu approached Su Mu Feng even closer, half throwing a tantrum, she said: “Su Gongzi, is it alright!”

Zhuo Qing narrowed her eyes, somebody’s blue vein on his hand was almost burst out outside the courtyard, very well, since Xi Wu wanted to make him jealous, she would just help her, ok. Zhuo Qing seized the opportunity to say also: “Xi Wu really admires Gongzi’s zither skill all along, it is with great difficulty that you can teach her this time, she is happy for this reason for quite a while. So Gongzi looks at Xi Wu’s sincerity, you just stay for several more days, ok.”

Lou Xi Wu suddenly approached, Su Mu Feng did not look like he used to this, slightly leaning his body, he answered: “Thank you for Miss’ good meaning, Su mou is actually occupied by an important matter.”

Looking at Jing Sa who appeared to be very nervous because of her, Lou Xi Wu was playing along happily, to one’s surprise, she became more intense, she suddenly pulled Su Mu Feng’s sleeve, lovingly laughed and said: “The fingers method, composing, melody, I still have so many things that I do not understand, what can I do? When Gongzi is not busy, can I go to look for you?”

Su Mu Feng lightly and seamlessly pulled his sleeve back, immediately declined: “Su mou likes to wander all over the place, normally there is no fixed residence during the day, I am afraid that I can not clear the confusion for the young lady.”

Actually, Lou Xi Wu did not care very much about Su Mu Feng’s rejection, she actually cared more about Jing Sa’s reaction, Zhuo Qing felt somewhat hurt, this young girl became addicted, she forgot how to stop before going to far. Not to mention, Su Mu Feng’s whose complexion was always tranquil, already looking somewhat unpleasant, the person outside was already provoked enough. If they kept playing this game, one could not say if it would have any opposite result.

“Ok, you do not have to be confused with the fingers method or composing or melody, what is more important in playing the zither is the environment, mental state, intention to play the instrument, even if the zither skill is not high, it still can move people’s feeling. On the other hand, a better skill or beautiful composition music, they are just some notes if there is no emotion in it.” Zhuo Qing hurriedly pulled Lou Xi Wu’s hand, while she was saying some nonsense, she was also pulling Lou Xi Wu to her side.

Lou Xi Wu’s set her heart on someone who was outside the courtyard, Zhuo Qing only said it casually also, who would have thought that Su Mu Feng unexpectedly nodded his head slowly, praising and admiringly smiled, he said: “Miss Qing is sure enough knowledgeable about the zither and knows how to play it for the people. Miss Lou, you have a famous master in your family, she can give directions to you, there is no need to say more about Su mou.”

“But I want you to teach me ah!” Lou Xi Wu still continued to provoke the person who was outside the courtyard, sure enough, as Zhuo Qing’s expectation, Lou Xi Wu just finished her words, Jing Sa who was outside the courtyard suddenly left quickly without turning his head around.

Lou Xi Wu stared blankly, she was disappointed and somewhat anxious, he would not think that she really liked Su Gongzi, right!! Why was he so foolish like this!!

Lou Xi Wu’s mood suddenly changed to be very gloomy, Zhuo Qing naturally knew why, Su Mu Feng seemed to be able to see a little clue also, the three people inside the courtyard were all silent, the atmosphere was somewhat awkward.

Lou Xi Wu was immersing in her own childish feeling, Zhuo Qing and Su Mu Feng were staring at each other’s eyes, without knowing what to do, Zhuo Qing could only continue the subject from a moment ago, smilingly said: “Su Gongzi is courteous, I was sick before, the fingers method, whatever tuning melody, I do not remember any of it, I can not even play the zither now, do not say teaching other people even more, I have only spoken without thinking a moment ago, and make Gongzi to mock me.”

Su Mu Feng did not resemble an ordinary person or the kind who could comfort her unfortunate situation, he rather smiled indifferently and said: “Just as what Miss has said a moment ago, playing zither is only about paying attention to the mental state, environment, nothing more. That melody, fingers method, one can forget about it afterwards, it is not important at all?!”

Zhuo Qing stared blankly, she did not anticipate that he would answer like this, for a zither player, melody, fingers method, the skill could not be said that it was his entire profession, but it was also an important part, right. He unexpectedly could be so confident and at ease, the sentence ‘forget about it afterwards, it is not important at all’, putting it clearly, Zhuo Qing, on the contrary, was really somewhat admired his indifferent and unconventional method, she appreciated him more.

Zhuo Qing sincerely urged him to stay and she said: “Xi Wu really wants you to stay sincerely, if it is ok with you, there is no harm to point out a few more things for her.” If Xi Wu could really learn the zither from him properly, needless to say, the zither skill would grow. If she could learn half of his approach to handle with some affairs, then it would be regarded as a benefit.

Su Mu Feng was no longer perfunctory this time, he rather shook his head softly, and answered truly: “The capital is not peaceful recently, I think Prime Minister Lou also does not wish the moment of danger like this, furthermore, there is a stranger enters and exits at the Prime Minister’s manor frequently.”

Lou Xi Wu finally recovered from her self ego confusing state, she just happened to hear Su Mu Feng’s answer, inevitably and urgently said: “Gongzi is not a bad person, moreover, my elder brother is also the one who especially requests you to come, how can he not wish for you to continue teaching me!”

Su Mu Feng indifferently smiled but did not say anything, his intention was already a certainty, Zhuo Qing did not urge him to stay any longer, the words he said were actually making sense, one had to be very careful at this time.

Lightly patting Lou Xi Wu’s shoulder to make her to keep her calm, Zhuo Qing generously smiled and said: “Then, ok, since Gongzi has already decided to go, we will not force you to stay, I wish that Xi Wu will have another opportunity to get some advices from Gongzi.”

“Miss Qing is courteous, Su mou will bid goodbye.” Usually when he left, Su Mu Feng left confidently and at ease, as if there was not any matter, it was his lingering personality that one was reluctant to part with.
At night.

Lan Yue Building

Zhuo Qing supported her chin, holding on the candle light, she conveniently flipped over the various medical books that Lou Xi Yan found for her. Stretching her waist, she looked outside the window, the moon was already slanting to the west gradually, it should already passed twelve o’clock, right. After the evening meal, Xi Yan only said one sentence to make her rest early and then he left, he had not returned up until now, she did not know whether or not there was anything that happened.

Xi Wu’s mood was not always good in the afternoon, she felt that it was necessary to speak with Xi Yan about Xi Wu’s matter, she was sleeping a lot these past few days, she was not very tired now. While she was flipping over the medical book, she was waiting for Lou Xi Yan to return. Not too long, Zhuo Qing heard some light footsteps, the door was immediately pushed open also.

“Xi Yan.” Zhuo Qing lowly called out.

Seeing clearly that it was her, Lou Xi Yan walked to her side, and sat down, with a somewhat displeased tone, he said: “Why are you not sleeping yet?”

It was indeed late, Zhuo Qing did not beat around the bushes, immediately asked: “I have one matter, I always want to ask you, do you or do you not plan on Xi Wu’s wedding?”

Lou Xi Yan stared blankly, he did not anticipate that Qing-er waited for him for the whole evening, to ask about Xi Wu’s wedding?! Lightly shaking his head, Lou Xi Yan smilingly said: “Xi Wu is still young, we can discuss this again when I see that she has someone whom she’s taking a fancy to.”

Zhuo Qing’s eyes were bright: “Your meaning is, if she has someone whom she’s taking a fancy to, you will not oppose it, even if the person is not suitable according to the family’s rule?”

Lou Xi Yan broke into laughter: “What do you think?”

Zhuo Qing slightly stared blankly, and could not help to laugh, she and Lou Xi Yan were also not suitable according to the family’s rule either. He did not have to marry her as a wife, he was not a person who looked at the differences in one’s family status, she asked him like this, it was somewhat insulting to Xi Yan.

Zhuo Qing felt apologetic towards him and smiled, Lou Xi Yan did not even mind this, softly encircling her waist, and bringing her to his bosom. Lou Xi Yan softly rested his head on her shoulder, gently smiled and said: “As long as the person whom she likes has a good moral character, and has a sense of responsibility, a man who is good to her, I will not oppose.”

His light breathing made her somewhat itchy, Zhuo Qing softly pulled her neck back, but she did not retreat backwards. Thinking, Zhuo Qing asked once again: “Then, if other people oppose, you will support her also, is that right?” Not opposing did not mean supporting either, if he supported her, Xi Wu’s feeling could be unhindered by half.

Lifting up his head, Lou Xi Yan lightly raised his eyebrows, faintly smiled, he asked: “Does Xi Wu tell you that the person whom she likes is not suitable according to the family’s rule?” How did he not know it, these two people’s affections were already advanced to this stage?!

This facial expression was wrong, Zhuo Qing flashed through a divine light, smilingly scolded: “Do not tell me that you can not see it!” Even she could see it, Xi Yan was so intelligent, there was no reason not to see it, he wanted to play with her!!

His Qing-er seemed to be more and more intelligent, slightly brushing over her hair to make her cool down, and fiddling her hair with his fingertips, Lou Xi Yan lightly sighed and said: “Jing Sa is actually a pretty good man, if Xi Wu wants to marry him, I will approve, but I will never order Jing Sa to take her as his wife!”

The affair between a male and female, how could he get involved with it!

He really knew!! Thinking that Jing Sa and Xi Wu were together every time, Zhuo Qing guessed and said: “Jing Sa appears to have a knot in this mind, is it the so called senior and junior separation?” (In this case, I think it’s more servant & mistress relationship).

Lou Xi Yan helplessly nodded his head, Jing Sa was very stubborn and he insisted on it, it made him to have a headache also.

It was really difficult to handle, but…… it was not like there was no way!!

The smile on her face was somewhat strange, Lou Xi Yan smilingly said: “What are you thinking now?”

“Nothing.” She could only tell Xi Wu this way, he absolutely could not tell Xi Yan!!

She must have thought of a way, moreover, it surely was not a right way!! Lou Xi Yan broke into laughter, but he did not plan to expose her. If she could make Jing Sa to untie this knot in his mind, using some emergency measures, he did not have any objection either. But since she did not want to tell him, he would just treat it as if he did not know anything, and that would be good.

Anyway, if there was someone who could help him solve this problem, he would also be happy!!

The corner of her mouth softly raised, Zhuo Qing wanted to think throughly and guess what this fox was thinking, she still needed a little bit of time!

Stroking lightly her soft hair, Lou Xi Yan lovingly smiled and said: “Wife, you have already finished asking the question, can we go to bed now?” (See below).

Zhuo Qing broke into laughter, barely wanted to reply, there was a burst of chaotic and rushing voice from the outside of the courtyard all of a sudden. The sound of numerous and disorderly footsteps went towards this one direction, the swaying brilliant rays of the torches felt so bright from the inside of the room.

Zhuo Qing was puzzled by it: “What are the voices from outside?” It was already very late!

Nevertheless, Lou Xi Yan’s complexion was suddenly stiff, urgently said: “Oh no, Xi Wu!”


Sian’s notes:
Oh oh… What happened??!!! LXY is afraid that the serial killer gets to Xi Wu??? ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”

Three quarter of this chapter was just a bunch of baloney about LXW & ZQ’s discussion trying to make Su Mu Feng stay to become LXW’s teacher. This is nonsense!!! ๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก With that said, sorry for another cliffhanger… ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ The author was dragging things for 3/4 of a chapter and then leaving us with a cliffhanger again… This really feels like watching an hour and 10 minutes of Korean drama. I get bored for 55 minutes and then it gets excited for the last 15 min of the episode. ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„

The raw character for Madam is using ๅคซไบบ-furen. This appellation can mean Madam, Mrs or lady. When other people, except her husband, call a woman “furen”, it does mean Madam. So Jing Sa, Mo Bai, Dan Yu Lan will call Zhuo Qing, Lou furen which I translate to Madam Lou. Sometimes informally, furen can mean wifey or wife if a husband is the one who calls his wife “furen”. I’m always confused whether I should translate furen as wifey or wife when LXY is the one who calls ZQ, “furen”. Using the word wifey/wife is kind of nauseating (in my opinion), especially during this ancient time when everything is supposed to be formal and proper. So that’s why I always translate the word furen as Madam regardless who says it. On the other hand, keeping it as Madam when LXY calls ZQ is kind of weird because it sounds too formal, especially when LXY is using the “furen” words in a teasing manner like in this chapter. For now, I’ll keep it as Madam but if you have any other suggestion, I’m open to change how to translate the appellation. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Record of Washed Grievances (By Qian Lu) Chapter 84: Panic Throughout The City

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This chapter was translated by Sian for only and edited by Din2.


Zhai Xing Pavilion

The sun shined brightly outside the window, Zhuo was lying on the bed, not knowing her own mood at the moment, what she should use to describe it!

At the bedside, Lou Xi Yan softly blew the decoction of herbs medicine inside the spoon, when he was sure that it was not hot, only then he sent it over to her mouth. His clear and glossy eyes were looking dotingly at her, this time, she would want to drink even poison, right! Zhuo Qing’s heart was crying piteously, but she still opened her mouth, and shallowed down that herbs medicine on the spoon.

She knew that Lou Xi Yan was really good to her, he was feeding her to drink the medicine one spoon at a time, moreover, they said that he asked the Imperial physician to concoct a special herbs so it was not too bitter, but Zhuo Qing who used to eat western medicine still became frantic. Even though she really wanted to continue enjoying his great care in feeding her, but this medicine was really extremely unpleasant to drink! When Lou Xi Yan gave her another spoon in front of her again, Zhuo Qing immediately took the medicine bowl from his hand, and finished drinking it in a mouthful!

Even though it was somewhat hot, and also bitter, but it was better to just get it over with, rather than prolonging her agony! Zhuo Qing poured down a couple big cups of water afterwards, to push down the foul taste in her mouth. Lou Xi Yan was laughing helplessly looking at her, Zhuo Qing pretended not to see it, she asked: “Are you not busy these days? How do you have time to stay at home all day long?”

She was lying down at home for three to four days, although he did not keep her company all the time, but the time when she had to drink the medicine three times a day, he would show up, she did not even have any chance to get rid of the medicine.

Lou Xi Yan took the medicine bowl, and put it one the short table, perfunctorily answered: “Sick leave.”

Sick leave? Zhuo Qing laughed, but she did not question closely either, but she was rather in high spirit and asking: “I heard that you waged a war with the East and West Empress Dowagers at the Imperial garden on that day? How unfortunate that I did not see your violent rage look.”

Xi Wu came over to look after her for the past few days, speaking with radiant and delight that Lou Xi Yan was very heroic that day, very cool, she simply exaggerated the fight like it was with a group of look alike devils. Even though she did not dare to believe Lou Xi Wu’s words entirely, but she probably knew, that Lou Xi Yan was surely angry that day, moreover, his anger was not small either.

Lou Xi Yan was somewhat between laughter and tear: “You want to see?”

Zhuo Qing was still nodding her head, laughing heartily, she said: “As long as it is not to me, I am really interested to see it quickly.” Who made Lou Xi Wu to speak so wonderfully like that! It made her curious endlessly.

Lou Xi Yan immediately ignored her words, nevertheless, he pulled up the thin quilt, and helped to cover her properly, with a soft voice, he said: “Lie down again and go to sleep.”

Even though it was midsummer, she was really not this weak! Zhuo Qing shook her head, while throwing the quilt to the inside of the bed, she answered: “It has already been a good several days, I am also a medical expertise, my health does not have any peculiar reaction, so it should not have any lingering repercussion from the drowning, you can feel relieved.”

She had cooperated with the medical treatments for the past few days, merely because she, herself also knew that drowning could very easily induce bronchitis afterwards, pneumonia, and so on. But it was already many days like this now, she felt that her own body was already in a stable condition, she certainly did not want to be trapped on the bed!

Her forehead really revealed a thin layer of sweats, Lou Xi Yan did not force her any longer, “If the Empress Dowager gives an Imperial decree to make you enter the palace again these days, you do not need to pay attention to it.”

Zhuo Qing lightly knitted her eyebrows, smilingly said: “As a matter of fact, is this not regarded as resisting the Imperial decree, not respecting it?”

“Before we get married, you possess a serious illness, can not go down from the bed, naturally can not enter the palace.” Lou Xi Yan deliberately aggravated ‘serious illness’, this two words.

Zhuo Qing understandingly smiled: “Understood!” She naturally did not wish to enter the Imperial palace, after the matter this time, she estimated to see that two old women again, it would be hard to have a calm attitude, not seeing them would be the best.

Remembering when Lou Xi Wu was talking to her, when she fell into the water, Qing Feng was crying until her eyes were swollen, Zhuo Qing hurriedly said: “Can you send a message to Qing Feng, telling her that I am fine, I am afraid that she will be anxious.” Even though she did not have any sisters feeling with Qing Feng, but Qing Feng was really sincere to her. She was still touched, since she occupied this body, she would consider Qing Feng as her own close relative, ok.”

“You can be at ease, I have already sent a message to her.” There was chaos on that day at the side of the lotus pond, he was anxious incessantly, but Qing Feng’s hateful eyes, he would never ignore it. He had this feeling that this woman, would definitely not going to accept anybody’s bullying and humiliation. That place in the harem, with her kind of temperament, she would not step on anybody’s feet, then she would get bully until she was completely covered with cuts and bruises, both circumstances were not good situations.

Zhuo Qing did not know Lou Xi Yan’s mind, and she was concerned with another problem: “Based on the investigation, who wanted to kill me?”

Lou Xi Yan stared blankly: “You knew?” He always thought that she could not swim, after she fell into the water, it was a chaotic situation, as it turned out, she knew it.

Zhuo Qing nodded her head, remembering her struggle in the water on that day, her complexion became somewhat cold: “Actually, I can swim, I have also looked at the wooden stakes under the water. The cause of the collapse was absolutely not because of the worn down by years of non repair, moreover, the cause of my drowning was because I was pressed down under the water. This was enough for me to make a determination that it was an intentional homicide, I think that the murderer is her, but I have no evidence.”

“I can not be sure whether or not it is her at the present time, but I will not drop this matter at this point, you rest properly, and do not be anxious again.” Hearing what she said, that she was drowned because she was pressed down under the water, Lou Xi Yan’s heart was tightened once again, she must be frightened and felt helpless at that time! Taking Zhuo Qing lightly and holding her in his bosom, he was caressing her hair gently, he was comforting her, but at the same time, he was comforting himself. He did not even dare to imagine, if he did not go to the Imperial garden on that day, or did not have Mo Bai by his side, what was the consequence? He would lose her forever, unaware that his hands were tightened up slowly, only her warm body temperature could make his heart to be calmed and quiet now.

Being in Lou Xi Yan’s bosom suddenly, Zhuo Qing stared blankly at first, when she sensed that his hands were tighter and tighter, she knew that he was still distressed because of her. Her face lightly leaned against his shoulder, Zhuo Qing stretched her hands, closely hugging him back, she said softly in his ear: “I am alright, really.”

Her soft voice actually appeased his heart, he wished to be able to protect her in his bosom continuously like this, but it was impossible. Merely seeing her soft hair, Lou Xi Yan lowly sighed and said: “Let Mo Bai protect you in secret in the future, ok?”

“No.” Zhuo Qing sat up suddenly, immediately rejected the offer.

Lou Xi Yan knew that she liked to have freedom, did not like to be restricted by anybody, but he did not anticipate that she would be this determined. Lightly caressing her cheek, Lou Xi Yan softly coaxed and explained: “He will not hinder or prevent you to do anything, you can go to any place, he will simply protect your safety.”

Zhuo Qing was smiling, and she answered: “I am not talking about this, he is your personal imperial bodyguard, I will feel relatively relieved if he is protecting you, you are the Prime Minister, there will be many more dangers on your side. If you are worry about me, you can look for another person to protect me, ok, anybody can.”

Lou Xi Yan cared and loved her dearly, she knew it, but she was not a porcelain doll, one bump and she would break into pieces, the matter at the lotus pond was her negligent. As a modern person, she had not changed the way she was thinking, and did not understand what the women in the harem were thinking. But she understood it now, and she would keep this moment in her heart.

“Qing-er, that kind of frightening from the last time, the first time was already enough. I will not be able to endure it a second time, I already have many people who can protect me by my side, I do not normally use Mo Bai either. I can not keep you company at all times, but I will be anxious at all times because of you. If Mo Bai is following by your side, I will have a peaceful mind, promise me, ok?”

His hands on her waist were tightened up again, both of them tightly embracing each other, Zhuo Qing could feel his heartbeats, compared to the first time, it was quicker. Zhuo Qing wanted to refuse again but she swallowed her words, smilingly said: “Ok.”

He was really thin, did not have a strong and muscular figure, but she felt very safe. Softly closing her eyes to enjoy his embrace, Zhuo Qing suddenly thought of something, she opened her eyes and said urgently: “I have one request, it is very important!”

Lou Xi Yan slightly stared blankly, and asked: “What is it?”

“Can I choose the wedding dress and the design of the phoenix crown?” She was wearing three layers of skirts on that day and she was nearly unable to breathe. Lou Xi Wu said that the wedding dress from the Imperial household was seven layers, even though the Lou family was not the royal family, there would have six layers at the very least, then she would be tormented to die again!

“Just this one matter?” Lou Xi Yan did not know whether to laugh or cry.

“En.” Zhuo Qing seriously nodded her head, strictly speaking, this matter regarding her wedding day was very important.

Lou Xi Yan broke into laughter, he held her in his embrace again, smilingly said: “The madam wants to say what, then it will be it!”
The delicate and magnificent of the inside of the lady’s chamber, it should have a lingering fragrance, unfortunately, the inside of the room was filled with the strong smell of the reeking of blood. The blood on the floor had not completely dried up yet, the light pink of the mattress was covered by the blood to become a scarlet, the bed clothing of the woman on the bed was entirely taken off. The bright and clean skin did not have any wound, after careful inspection, one could see a thin red line on the left side of the chest. Lightly supporting the skin, one could find about three inches length of an incision, the incision was very neat, it was thin and soft, where the blood was flowing, it was already dried up at this moment.

Dan Yu Lan slightly pressed the chest a little harder, the clear hollow was already shown, this corpse was missing a heart.

The murderer’s knife position was very accurate, the deceased did not have any binding mark in her body, also did not have any struggling bruise. The pair of eyes were opened, the mouth was slightly opened, the face’s expression was extremely frightened. They did not have any drug to knock them out, why they did not struggle either, what did one see that could show this frightening expression like this?!

After checking up and locking up the doorway, Lu Jin’s brows unconsciously knitted tightly, he walked to Dan Yu Lan’s back, and said: “Daren, the door lock does not have any damage, also does not have any trace.”

Looking one glance at the corpse on the bed, Lu Jin shook his head and said: “Except the left side of the chest, the other part of the body did not have any bruise, the door was also locked up tightly. The only thing that was missing from the corpse was the heart, and the technique in these two cases in the past were practically identical. It has been closed to two months since the third case of the removing of the heart, moreover, all the dead people were the offsprings of the famous family, the aristocratic family’s young ladies, this time was unexpectedly Princess An Ning.”

The other was leaning on one side, one tall and thin man whose hands were on his chest, his young face was full of anger, he lowly shouted: “The celebration is almost here, the case like this has happened unexpectedly, moreover, I see that the tendency is getting more and more intense also, if this case is not solved, the Emperor will also flip out.”

His speaking voice just barely faded off, one bailiff ran to come over, he stopped at the outside of the door, urgently said: “Daren, the Emperor’s order, to declare you to enter the Imperial palace immediately.”

Lu Jin looked one glance at the white man, his mouth did not conceal or block, it was good now, the dog’s mouth did not spit out the elephant tusk! (An analogy saying that a bad guy can’t tell good things with his mouth).

Cheng Hang curled his lips, his mouth did not guard the door, speaking without thinking, who would have imagined that it was coincidental like this! Carefully looking towards Dan Yu Lan, his complexion did not have any change, Cheng Hang admired him secretly, Daren was worthy to be a Daren!

Lu Jin and Cheng Hang were considered the skilled students whom he brought up, Lu Jin’s mind was meticulous, with a steady behavior, his autopsy was somewhat skilled. But Cheng Hang was usually somewhat careless, but his energy was very vigorous, he was dedicated to his work. They transferred back here because this case was very tough to crack!

“Lu Jin, Cheng Hang, I am handing this over to you.” Based on their experiences and abilities, there would not be any problem.


Taking off the gloves, Dan Yu Lan went out of the door with his large strides, Lu Jin and Cheng Hang looked one glance at each other, they were somewhat anxious.
Inside the Imperial study, Yan Hong Tian, sat on the dragon throne, his dark and heavy complexion was scary, one group of the maids’ heads were lowered on the ground, they did not dare to breathe with this type of atmosphere. Dan Yu Lan entered the Imperial study, he already knew why the Emperor announced him to enter the Imperial palace today.

“Pay respect to the Emperor.”

As expected, Dan Yu Lan’s words had not even finished yet, Yan Hong Tian did not ask him to rise up either, with a cold and firm voice, he asked immediately: “When can the removal of heart case be solved?”

Dan Yu Lan hesitated for a moment, and he could only answer according to the facts: “Chen does not know.”

“Absolutely disgraceful!” Along with the rage, a couple of dark red reports were thrown down at Dan Yu Lan’s feet. Yan Hong Tian slapped the table and stood up, pointing his finger at Dan Yu Lan and he said angrily: “If there are a few more days, the civil and military officials are grieving and sick because of the painful loss of their loved ones, they do not need to go to the Imperial court, do not need to handle the official business! The celebration is going to start soon, this kind of case happens in the capital unexpectedly, the people are alarmed, where will Qiong Yue’s prestige be put out?” The angry voice resonated in the Imperial study, all of the palace eunuchs and palace maids were kneeling on the ground.

Dan Yu Lan bowed down his head, confronting the scolding voice, he could not provide an explanation, it was already two months, they unexpectedly did not find any useful clue. The murderer still continued to commit the violent acts, in the capacity as a head of the Criminal Prison Division, he did not fulfill his duties.

He wanted to solve this case by any mean, still in silent, it was the most thing that he did not expect to see, angrily sitting down, Yan Hong Tian did not look at Dan Yu Lan anymore, with a cold voice, he said: “Chen will give you one month, no matter what method you use, whom you assign, you must solve this case. If you can not solve this case within one month, this Criminal Prison Division will be dissolved and you will be sent to prison for three years!”

“Chen accepts the Imperial decree.” He did not hesitate or could provide an explanation, Dan Yu Lan calmly accepted the Imperial decree.

His approach made Yan Hong Tian’s anger somewhat vanished gradually, and he did not want to make things difficult for him either, waving his hand, he said impatiently: “Withdraw, ok.”

Dan Yu Lan turned around to leave, but his complexion was never grave from the beginning.
Lying down on the bed for several days, Zhuo Qing could finally get down from the bed and walked everywhere, just like the previous days in the morning. Lou Xi Wu would come over to accompany her chatting, saying something about the wedding ceremonial robe and the style of the phoenix hat. Today was already noon, but she still had not seen her shadow, not knowing what to do, Zhuo Qing decided to go and look for her.

Just leaving Lan Yue building, she saw Jing Sa and about two dozens people who dressed as the Imperial bodyguards, he was in the middle of saying something, soon, they were divided into two teams, then went into two different directions, it seemed like they were patrolling.

But there was never any Imperial bodyguard who patrolled at the Prime Minister’s manor ah? Being curious, Zhuo Qing walked forward and asked: “Jing Sa, what are they doing?”

The wedding invitations were already sent out, the news of Zhuo Qing and Lou Xi Yan’s wedding had been scattering inside the capital for a long time. There was no doubt that Zhuo Qing was the mistress at the Prime Minister’s manor. Jing Sa could not say if he liked or disliked this new mistress, but since she was master’s wife, Jing Sa’s attitude seemed to be even more respectful: “Madam, the celebration is almost here, there are so many people mingling inside the capital, Master is worry about the security at the Prime Minister’s manor’.”

Still somewhat not used with Jing Sa’s transformation, Zhuo Qing embarrassedly smiled, and answered: “Ok, I get it, then you get busy, ok.”

She still could not adapt to the ancient time’s concept of seniors and juniors, just like Xue Xian Xin who was always looking to bother her. This time period, it was very unusual for her, every time she heard the calling of ‘Ling-er, Ling-er’ for the whole time, it gave her goose bumps.

Walking towards Lou Xi Wu’s courtyard all the way, Zhuo Qing discovered that there were more than two Imperial bodyguard teams whom she just saw, there were suddenly many bodyguards who were patrolling inside the manor, she felt somewhat strange.

Entering Lou Xi Wu’s courtyard, her maid, Su-er immediately met her up, Zhuo Qing made a silent gesture to her, because she saw Lou Xi Wu was sitting in the inside pavilion, lifelessly staring at one direction. Wanting to tease her, Zhuo Qing walked to her side, suddenly uttered a smile and said: “Who are you missing? Becoming foolish like this!”

Lou Xi Wu was really scared hearing the voice, but she did not return her usual curse and ruckus, she was rather propping her cheeks, her eyes unexpectedly had a little faint of teardrops.

There was something wrong with this young girl, Zhuo Qing sat down next to her, quietly asked: “What is going on?”

“I just found out today, that Princess An Ning was killed unexpectedly last night! Her death was very cruel! We played together regularly when we were small, I still met her at the clothing store last month, who could have thought that…… When I met her last time, I said that I wanted to send her a fine silk handkerchief, I made Su-er to deliver it this morning, but she returned with this kind of conclusion.” Thinking of the two of them who were having fun together in the past, Lou Xi Wu could not help to cry.

They were still together envisioning their future before, but now they were already separated by life and death, she was even more sorrowful, it was unexpectedly a violent death, she had seen many of this separation in life and death. Knowing that she was not good to comfort people, Zhuo Qing could only pat her shoulder, comfortingly said: “You must not feel too sad, the police…… The government office will find the murderer who kills her, they will not let her die with grievance.”

Sniffling her nose, Lou Xi Wu whispered in a low voice: “Nobody knew whether or not a person who did it?”

“What did you say?” Zhuo Qing did not believe her own ears.

Lou Xi Wu took the handkerchief that was handed over by Su-er, then she was gently wiping her tears, while saying in a low voice, with a bit frightened: “The people inside the capital are anxious, especially the aristocratic families, later the famous families, every home that has a young lady is anxious if she will meet with any unexpected circumstance. I heard that there were already three to four young ladies that had been murdered, when they found out, all of them were on their own beds gracefully, the beds and the floors were filled with blood entirely. The body did not have any wound, the only thing that was missing was her heart?”

“What?” Zhuo Qing frowned, there was no wound but the heart was missing, how could it possible, or the murderer’s suture skill was very good, or it was just Lou Xi Wu’s gossip. But, there could be a possibility, at the minimum, that there were several murder cases related to the aristocratic families’ daughters in the capital. The murderer’s method was cruel, it was possible that this was a serial killer case.

No wonder, the Prime Minister’s manor suddenly took some precautions with the security like this, Xi Wu was also included in the murderer’s possible victim.

But strictly speaking, if this murderer only picked the daughters of the aristocratic families, what similarities did their bodies have that triggered the murderer’s motive to kill?!

Zhuo Qing was just thinking deeply, Lou Xi Wu suddenly approached her, she whispered in her ear with an extreme mysterious manner: “All of the young ladies who died, their hearts were missing. The others did not say this, but their manors were being guarded strictly like this, but the Imperial bodyguards did not see any unusual condition either and the murderer could still remove Princess An Ning’s heart. Dying inside her room by herself, there was some rumors outside, that it was not a person who did it, but it was rather a demonic monster that liked to eat people’s hearts.”

Zhuo Qing snorted disdainfully: “Ridiculous, the so called demonic monster who kills people, it is nothing but a murderer whose skill in killing is brutal or peculiar, and make people to be frightened. Because they can not find the murderer for a period of time, the frightened people have fabricated the story, nothing more.”

Zhuo Qing’s face filled with disdained, Lou Xi Wu pulled back her shoulder, and asked in a low voice: “You are not afraid?” Even though she did not believe with this demon that ate heart either, but when she heard it, she still felt frightened! Their bodies did not have any wound, but only missing their hearts, would this not let people be afraid?

“Afraid of what?” Zhuo Qing broke into laughter, she answered jokingly: “If you say that it is a demonic monster, then I am not afraid, the heaven and earth have righteousness.”

Her long shape eyebrows slightly raised, her eyes flashed through a trace of sharpe edge, Zhuo Qing with a cold voice, smiled and said: “If what you say about the murderer is true, I am very interested to know, what kind of skill this evil person uses to remove the heart!”

He could remove the person’s heart perfectly like this, if this person’s profession was not a killer, then he would be a doctor.

Lou Xi Wu frighteningly swallowed her saliva, and went to sit on the side, she suddenly felt, that sometimes this sister in law was strange, this kind of frightening matter, yet she would have an enthusiastic look……

Sian’s notes:

The 3rd woman who died, her name & title used these characters ๅฎ‰ๅฎๅ›ไธป (An Ning Jun Zhu). We couldn’t really figure out what her title was so we decided to use Noble Woman instead of Princess (ๅ…ฌไธป – gong zhu). I went back and changed her title to be Princess. I’m watching nirvana in fire drama for the 4th time and found out that Ni Huang (the female lead) has this jun zhu title also and her title is being translated as Princess. But I do want to caution that this title of a Princess is slightly different than Princess (gong zhu) Chao Yun aka Yan Ru Xuan who has a direct blood with the current Emperor. The title of jun zhu doesn’t necessarily need any blood relation with the imperial family as the Emperor can issue an edict to make some of the prominant family daughters to receive this jun zhu title. For example as Princess Ni Huang in nirvana in fire.

Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 83: Xi Yan’s Rage

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In the lotus pond at this moment, a group of the Imperial bodyguards were jumping down, there were people within the lotus leaves, with some chaos, they were swimming to get to Lou Xi Yan’s side, there was simply no one who seriously wanted to save the person.

Yan Hong Tian also walked to the side of the lotus pond, when he was still far away, he already saw Lou Xi Yan jumped into the lake, he was not surprise by this at all, since Xi Yan would be flustered and lost his control because of Qing Ling. He already anticipated that he would go into the water to save the person earlier, but from the beginning, he did not anticipate that Xi Yan would really care about Qing Ling this serious.

“Long live, long live, long long live, the Emperor.” When everyone saw Yan Hong Tian by the lotus pond, they finally recovered, hurriedly made their salutations, everybody besides the anxious looking Lou Su Xin and Yang Zhi Lan, the icily arrogant Qing Feng and the panic looking Lou Xi Wu.

Not having any mood to deal with them, Yan Hong Tian waved his hand and answered: “Everyone can be excused to give courtesy, everybody can withdraw, ok.”

Besides the Empress Dowagers and several Imperial concubines, the other family’s young ladies, the madams, they all left the Imperial garden.

“Gao Jin, announce the Imperial physician!” This was already a very long time, they had not spread any news if they found the person from the lotus pond, if Qing Ling was in the water, she should already been drowned by now. Xi Yan cared about her so much, if he found the corpse, he was afraid that he……

“Yes.” Gao Jin went to accept the order, hurriedly to go to the Imperial physician’s courtyard, looking at the Emperor and Prime Minister Lou’s attitudes towards Miss Qing Ling, if she was not rescued alive, he did not know how many people would be implicated by this.

Qing Feng’s face was filled with tear stains, and those beautiful pair of eyes were flowing, hardly concealing the despair and hatred, those pair of eyes that were always filled with hatred, were precisely the reason why she seemed to start to get his attention. She just looked like a small beast, it seemed that as long as she was given an opportunity, she would surely pounce forward and bite, he liked to tame this kind of house pet.

Looking at the marks that she got struggling to get free on her raised sleeve, her wrists were entirely covered with purple bruises, Yan Hong Tian unconsciously wrinkled his eyebrows, he waved his hand towards the palace maids who were clutching her, with a cold sound, he said: “Let go off her.”

The palace maids did not dare to disobey, hurriedly released her hands.

Once they relinquished their grips, Qing Feng just wanted to rush towards the shuddered wooden stage, unfortunately, once she barely lifted her feet, her waist was immediately covered by a pair of powerful big hands to stop her. At the same time, an overbearing voice echoed on the side of her ear: “Too many people may not be able to rescue Qing Ling, it will be useless for you to go either, wait here obediently.”

Qing Feng firmly glared her eyes at this nasty man, her feet ferociously stepped on the top of his feet, unfortunately, Yan Hong Tian did not seem to feel anything, simply held her waist tighter with his hands, she was almost unable to breath easily.

“Ling-er!” After jumping into the lake, Lou Xi Yan just knew, the situation in the water surface was expected to be more complicated, there were wide and large lotus leaves all around. Let alone finding someone, he could not even see the situation near him. But because the pond was filled with the lotus leaves, Lou Xi Yan had a little hope, even if Qing-er was in the water, grabbing the lotus leaves could make her support herself for a moment, then she might not drown!

“Ling-er!!” Shouting with a louder voice to call her name again, Lou Xi Yan hoped that she could hear, and gave him a response.

Unfortunately, there were a group of Imperial bodyguards who jumped down the lake to come over, surrounding by their clamors and having no other choice, Lou Xi Yan could only shout with a loud voice: “All of you dive into the bottom of the lake to find her, hurry!”

“Yes.” The majority of the Imperial bodyguards obeyed the order and submerged into the water, unfortunately, the lotus leaves sheltered the sunshine, there were a lot of lotus flower stems that blocked the view in the underwater, basically, they were not able to see anything within half a zhang (one zhang is 3.3 meter).

Several distance from Lou Xi Yan’s closer Imperial bodyguards, some were gathering around to come up at the same time, one of them said solicitously: “Prime Minister Lou, they will surely look for Miss Qing Ling with all their strengths, please climb ashore first, ok, this water is very cold, it will injure your health……”

“Get lost.” Every minute and every second it passed, Lou Xi Yan’s heart got more and more panicky, he had never before flustered like this until he could not act on his own feeling, he could feel that she was by his side, but he just could not find her. Being powerless, impatient, and frightened already made him to lose his normal self cultivation. He only wanted to find her quickly now, and to take her out of this cold water lake pond.

Mo Bai already swam to his side, Lou Xi Yan grabbed Mo Bai’s shoulder, urgently said: “Mo Bai, where is she?”

Lou Xi Yan who always had white complexion, seemed to look even more deathly pale now, Mo Bai had never seen the panic looking expression from his eyes. The master whom he remembered, was no matter what matter he ran into, he would be calm and unhurried. Qing Ling was very important in his mind, this could be considered as the best confirmation.

Mo Bai lightly closed his clear eyes, thinking deeply for a moment, Lou Xi Yan could already feel that the shift of the river was occurring by his side, Mo Bai had a special ability, he started knowing this from the time that Mo Bai was following him by his side. In normal times, he would not wish for Mo Bai to show his capability in controlling the water and wind, the color of his clear eyes already made him unable to blend with ordinary people. If his ability was exposed, the common people would even more considered him as a monster, but at this moment, he was so glad that he sheltered him. If Mo Bai could not find Qing-er, nobody would be able to find her.

A moment afterwards, Mo Bai finally opened his clear eyes up, the original azure color eyes changed into lighter colors now, almost like white color, it flashed through a blue ray light from time to time, it was somewhat frightening to see. Fortunately, the lotus leaves separated from the other people’s line of sights, Mo Bai pointed towards the front left side and said: “Over there.”

Finished speaking, Mo Bai already submerged into the lake, Lou Xi Yan hurriedly pointed to the direction where he was swimming. Pushing aside layer upon layer of lotus leaves, Lou Xi Yan could see from a distant place two people who were wearing the palace eunuchs’ clothes. They were in the middle of pushing something inside the water incessantly, the sound of gurgling water when they slapped the water was very clear.

This direction was exactly the direction that Mo Bai pointed out, Lou Xi Yan was alarmed, immediately shouted with a loud voice: “What are you people doing?”

Because Zhuo Qing was going underwater all along, they were also struggling all along, and already swam too far from the ashore area. The two people did not think that layer upon layer of lotus leaves would be separated down, and there was someone who discovered them. Hearing the low roar, both of them were stumped for words, their hands were grabbing the woman who already fainted, no longer resisted. The two of them looked one glance at each other, then letting Zhuo Qing’s shoulder go at the same time. Feeling that the woman was slowly going down, the two people secretly relaxed, then turned around towards Lou Xi Yan’s overcast eyes. The two people were just about to reply, but they suffered an extremely powerful stream from under the water that was rushing forth and went up, one white transparent with blue eyes male split up the water to come out. And on his hands, he was carrying the woman whom they just threw under the water a moment ago.

The two palace eunuchs did not dare to believe and open their big eyes, was he a man? How could it possible that he would be wordless and uncommunicative like this to appear from under the water, moreover, he unexpectedly just happened to save the woman whom they pressed down into the water.

Lou Xi Yan already forged ahead to come over, the two people hurriedly put away their fear expressions (the actual idiom was losing one’s head out of fear), pretending to be calm and say: “This person….. detected a sound call for help from this side a moment ago, rushing to come over but we were not able to see any reflection of the person.”

The first time they saw Zhuo Qing’s frightened expression, Lou Xi Yan already took in the whole scene at once (he already knew what was going on), but at this moment, he did not have any mood to bother about them. Meeting forward to take Zhuo Qing who already lost consciousness from Mo Bai’s bosom, closely embracing her waists and putting her on his bosom, but his heart did not have any calmness, instead, he had a greater fear surrounded him. The present Zhuo Qing, her body was colder than the cold lake water, her eyes were tightly closed, her teeth were closed firmly, the original rosy lips appeared to be dark black like a black purple because of the long suffocation.

“Ling-er! Wake up, wake up! Ling-er, can you hear me speak?” Slapping her cheeks, Zhuo Qing did not have any response, Lou Xi Yan’s expression was dark, he spoke to Mo Bai who was behind him: “Arrest them to go ashore.”

Finished speaking, Lou Xi Yan was supporting Zhuo Qing’s shoulder, carrying her to the shore.

Returning to the shore, Lou Xi Yan was holding Zhuo Qing’s body to climb up. Lou Xi Wu who was standing at the shore, hurriedly ran forward, and holding Zhuo Qing’s hand to pull her up.

Seeing that Lou Xi Yan found her, Qing Feng seemed as if she tried to struggle to get free one more time, Yan Hong Tian did not make things difficult for her this time, and let go off her hand quickly.

Qing Feng rushed to the shore, and together with Lou Xi Wu, were pulling Zhuo Qing up to the shore, but seeing Zhuo Qing’s black purple lips and a very pale face, Lou Xi Wu was immediately scared and she dropped to sit on the side. Qing Feng was closely holding her sister whose body was ice cold, incessantly crying out and yelling: “Elder sister, elder sister, wake up, wake up!”

She already lost her mother and father, she could not lose her elder sister again ah!

Lou Xi Yan was also on the shore at this moment, Lou Su Xin who was always waiting anxiously on the shore immediately met him up, the momo who was behind her was holding two thick blankets on her hands. Lou Su Xin took the blankets, lovingly draped the blankets on his shoulder, urgently said: “Xi Yan, hurry drape it on, do not catch a cold!”

Zhuo Qing who was laying down on the ground at this time was only wearing a simple clothing and thin skirt, she was drenched all over, her whole clothes sticked on her body. Her cold body’s temperature stabbed Qing Feng’s heart of pain, secretly clenching her teeth, Qing Feng pulled open her belt. Just about to take off her own clothes to cover her elder sister, the similar cold ice hand grabbed her wrist at the same time, Qing Feng raised her head. Lou Xi Yan already held Zhuo Qing tenderly, and used the blanket on his own body to cover her, he threw one on the ground and used the other one to cover her body.

“Imperial physician.” Lou Xi Yan shouted with a cold voice.

Four Imperial physicians were running to come over at the same time, one took her pulse, one pressed her abdomen, they were unable to guard against the male and female rule at this time. When Gao gonggong came, he especially communicated that the one who fell into the water was Prime Minister Lou’s madam. If there was any little mishap, they might not be able to maintain their own lives!

Standing next to Qing Ling to observe, Qing Feng gratefully looked one glance at the always cultured and refined man, but whose complexion was gloomy, cold and fearful at this moment. It was him who rescued elder sister, elder sister did not pick a wrong person. She would think of a way to return this feeling to him, as far as those who owed them, she would asked it back little by little one day (this sentence might not be cleared enough. QF just thought that she would remember that LXY saved her sister in the future and she would somehow take revenge on those evil people in the future)!

Lou Su Xin’s face was stiff, but she did not say anything either, the momo who was behind her cleverly brought another blanket again. Lou Su Xin did not put it on Lou Xi Yan’s shoulder personally this time, it was rather that she sent an expression to the momo, the momo handed over the blanket on her hand in front of Lou Xi Yan’s face respectfully.

Lou Xi Yan’s face was expressionless and took the blanket to wipe dry the water from his face and body, then plainly returned the blanket back to the momo. Lou Su Xin’s complexion was even uglier.

Mo Bai forced the two palace eunuchs to the shore at this time, Lou Xi Yan walked to the shore, when he was next to Mo Bai, he said some words to Mo Bai’s ear softly, Mo Bai clearly understood and nodded his head. Then he submerged into the water again, nobody understood what he was trying to do, except for Yang Zhi Lan’s complexion that changed slightly at this moment.

Everyone was nervous waiting for the outcome of the Imperial physicians’ medical treatment, after all, Zhuo Qing’s complexion really scared people, at this moment, Lou Xi Yan’s voice that was so cold it could freeze people, suddenly said: “Someone comes, take those two people to prison.”

All of the Imperial armies stared blankly, inside the palace, only the Emperor could command them whom to arrest, they did not need to pay attention to other people, but Prime Minister Lou was the one who gave the order today. This made them to feel awkward, carefully looking one glance at the Emperor, the Emperor’s face did not change, merely nodded his head lightly. The Imperial armies immediately understood, four people rushed to step forward, and arrested the two palace eunuchs.

Yang Zhi Lan’s heart jumped out, could it be that Lou Xi Yan saw any mistake?! Calmly stepping forward one step, Yang Zhi Lan pretended not to understand and asked: “Xi Yan, what are you doing? Even though they did not do their best to rescue, they should not go to jail for their sins either, right.”

“Not doing their best to rescue?” His phoenix’s eyes slightly narrowed, hardly concealing his cold stare, Lou Xi Yan answered with a cold voice: “Chen saw it, it was actually an attempted murder!”

Having never seen this kind of Lou Xi Yan, first time knowing, the cold ray from his eyes was unexpectedly made people to tremble with fear, Yang Zhi Lan deeply breathing, forced a smile and said: “This…… was impossible, ok!”

Turning her head to look towards the two palace eunuchs, Yang Zhi Lan deliberately chided with a loud voice: “Dog slaves, what was going on after all?”

The two people hurriedly kneeled down, one person started talking soon afterward to state the injustice: “These slaves were accused wrongly ah, too many lotus leaves under the water, we were looking for a long time but did not find Miss Qing. With great difficulty, we found her, but Miss Qing was already drowned and fainted, these slaves supported Miss with our hands. When Prime Minister Lou rushed to come over at that time, he believed that these slaves harmed Miss Qing, these slaves absolutely did not injure Miss intentionally!!”

Yang Zhi Lan secretly relaxed, these two people were worthy to be her trained followers, in term of handling the matter, it could be regarded as appropriate. Recovering, and showing tenderness to look at the Imperial physicians who were still giving medical treatment to Zhuo Qing, Yang Zhi Lan sighed and said: “So it turned out to be like this, Aijia could understand Xi Yan’s impatient mood to rescue the person, this accident was extremely unexpected, nobody would wish to see it, fortunately, Ling-er was also rescued now.”

Lou Xi Yan’s uncharacteristically did not take advantage of the silent, he was rather look towards Yang Zhi Lan directly, he answered with a cold voice: “The meaning of the Empress Dowager was that Chen misjudged? Chen is not yet slow-witted that I can not see clearly the situation when one is trying to save or murder someone!”

Yang Zhi Lan stared blankly, she did not anticipate that Lou Xi Yan unexpectedly would contradict her words, she was speechless for a while, but Lou Xi Yan did not intend on dropping this subject. The moment that Mo Bai supported Qing-er out of the water, his heart almost stopped pulsing, and he even did not dare to go and look at her who was laying down on the floor and not making any sound at the moment. But he did not want to admit it either, simply waiting for the Imperial physicians to give medical treatments this time, it would be enough to make him crazy.

Being in fear and distressed, made Lou Xi Yan who was rarely exploded for the past many years to be in rage, and at this moment, he did not want to restrain himself, his gaze swept pass the slanting wooden stage. Lou Xi Yan’s anger flamed up and straightforwardly turned towards the East and West Empress Dowagers who were aloof, he said: “The palace held a banquet, it should guarantee their safety, the wooden stage collapsed without a reason, and someone already fell in the lotus pond. The courtyard was packed with the Imperial bodyguards and maids, unexpectedly, there were only four people who went into the water to rescue the person, this lotus pond was so big, why did you all not add the manpower to help out? Whether or not Chen could think that this was a deliberate murder scheme?”

“Impudent!” Lou Su Xin’s complexion was extremely ugly, the well maintained face became all wrinkled because of anger now, with a stern voice, she berated: “Lou Xi Yan, this is an internal matter in the palace, you are an external official, how dare you to intervene. Perhaps, this matter is simply an accident, even if there is really someone who has an ulterior motive, the Yuan family can investigate this clearly on their own. You speak so rudely like this, and acting on your own’s initiative, becoming an obstacle!”

He simply went against her, because of one woman, he lost his elegant demeanor like this, he really disappointed her very much!!

Lou Xi Yan immediately swept past her, looked towards the person who was standing aside silently all along, the mysterious Yan Hong Tian, with a clear sound, he pressed on forward and asked: “Daring to ask the Emperor, Chen’s wife has had an accident in the palace, the life or death is still unpredictable, whether or not Chen can have the privilege to investigate the person who is responsible for this?”

Yan Hong Tian solemnly nodded his head, earnestly answered: “You can.” It was very rare that Xi Yan showed his anger for the first time, he wanted to support him more just now.

Lou Su Xin’s angry face changed from blue to white, very well ah! They joined forces to go against her! She wanted to take a look today, she always put this good nephew in her heart and loved him dearly, how did he want to lay out the blame on her. Arrogantly lifting her head, Lou Su Xin coldly groaned and said: “Fine, you want to investigate who the responsible person is, is Aijia responsible for it? Or who has pushed your wife into the pond?”

Yang Zhi Lan lowly smiled, hurriedly helped to resolve the dispute by saying: “Xi Yan, this is simply an accident, there is no one who will deliberately want to harm Ling-er, do not provoke your aunt to be angry like this.”

Lou Xi Yan’s cold eyes slightly raised, looked towards Yang Zhi Lan who had a loving face, with a cold voice, he forced to ask: “What do you do if this is not an accident?”

Yang Zhi Lan’s heart was suddenly tightened, today’s Lou Xi Yan changed into someone else’s, she always felt that Lou Xi Yan somewhat knew something, but how could this possible, he just barely rushed over, nothing more. Just when she was anxious and frightened, Mo Bai who submerged into the water for a long time, finally floated up, he was holding a bunch of ropes on his hands. Throwing away the ropes on the shore, Mo Bai immediately crawled up, the pale skin, sky blue eyes color, made him to become everyone’s focus immediately, there was still some low whisper sounds from time to time.

Mo Bai’s cold face did not have any expression, directly walked towards Lou Xi Yan, Mo Bai said with a low voice: “Master, the wooden stage had a total of twelve stakes under the water, every stake was deliberately cut off for more than half a notch, moreover, the gap of every stump was connected with the rope. The vicinity where Madam fell down had two pillars that were already fractured, at that time when the rope was pulled to break the wooden stake, the rope should already been taken away, the rest of the ropes were still there at the moment. No matter where Madam would stand at that time, the wooden stage under her feet would collapse.”

His voice was not loud, but once he stopped talking, the shore became quiet at first, then there were rustling noises afterwards.

“So is there anybody who says that this is an accident now?” Lou Xi Yan collected the ropes that were on the ground, it appeared that his eagle sharp and fierce phoenix eyes swept pass everyone, one could not see what he was thinking, and one did not dare to answer him either.

Yang Zhi Lan secretly cursed, darn it! Originally, they could just take and pull the whole wooden stage to collapse, then took back the ropes, but this way, it would not look like an accident from the worn down by years of non repair. She originally planned to drawn Qing Ling to die afterwards, the palace eunuchs who went down into the water to save the person had to fasten up the ropes again before they left, there would be no evidence in this way. Top secret, but one could only calculate, she did not figure that Lou Xi Yan would come unexpectedly either, and jumped into the water, she did not anticipate his intelligent in this way even more, he immediately made people to check up the wooden stakes in the water, it seemed that she would have to find a scapegoat this time and it would be alright!

Taking advantage of everyone who was still surprise, Yang Zhi Lan was already in anger and she said: “Ridiculous, this kind of matter could happen in the palace unexpectedly, elder sister, this time we surely have to investigate this properly until the truth comes to light!”

Lou Su Xin’s brows knitted once again, unexpectedly, it was really not an accident, even so, she felt that her own authority was challenged, so her complexion was still not pleased.

How could Lou Xi Yan make this matter to become the investigation case of the inner palace on their own, then they would just find a scapegoat to settle the matter as their wishes. Looking towards Yan Hong Tian, Lou Xi Yan said with a cold voice: “Chen thinks even if this matter has happened in the inner palace, but there are many family influential young ladies on the scene, the prestigious house afterwards. Today’s palace banquet is to choose the candidates who will perform at Qiong Yue’s celebration, this case relates to the celebration, and no longer relates to the matter in the inner palace, it should be handed over to the Ministry of Justice to hear the case and simply must not trouble both of the Empress Dowagers!”

“Granted.” Yan Hong Tian had already felt faintly that this matter was odd, if he did not agree to hand over the investigation to the Ministry of Justice, he was afraid that Xi Yan would absolutely not drop the subject from then on!

“Somebody comes, take and imprison these four people in the Imperial prison. Imperial army, seal off the Imperial garden, this case will be handed over to the Ministry of Justice to hear.”


“Ou…..” (Vomiting sound). The person who was laying on the ground finally reacted, a mouthful of water was spit out, Zhuo Qing was coughing fiercely. Looking that she finally moved, Qing Feng’s tears flew out of her eyes helplessly, but this time was because of happiness: “Elder sister!”

Lou Xi Yan heard the coughing sound, and rushed over hurriedly to come, half kneeling by her side, closely pulling her hand, Lou Xi Yan urgently said: “Ling-er! You can hear me speaking, right?” He was anxious for her to be sure, to be sure that she was still alive!

Zhuo Qing’s consciousness was still vague, her chest was painfully hurt, she was unable to breathe, it felt like some thing was pressing on her. She wanted to open her eyes, but she was helpless either, vaguely, she could hear a clamoring sound around her, but it sounded like a buzzing sound. Carefully hearing, she seemed to hear Lou Xi Yan’s voice, but it also did not seem like it was his voice. He was always gentle and soft when he talked, it was not like this loud roar and loud shouting, her brain was still muddled, but she was unconsciously nodded her head.

Looking at her nodding her head weakly, Lou Xi Yan’s worry in his heart could be put down finally, holding her in his bosom, Lou Xi Yan asked: “How is she now?”

Qing Ling had already woken up, the Imperial physicians were the happiest, their lives were saved at last.

“Even though Miss Qing has drowned for a long time, but she has finally woken up and will slowly recuperate. But there is still a possibility that the mucus on the throat will warmup to obstruct her lung, maybe from the outside cold but we have wait for the root that causes the trouble. She will need a lot of conditionings and has to take good care of her health.”

Using the two blankets to closely wrapped Zhuo Qing’s body, Lou Xi Yan said to the Imperial physicians on the side: “You will need to write out several prescriptions, take the medicine and herbs to the Prime Minister’s manor.”


Yang Zhi Lan came up, looked one glance at Lou Xi Yan’s bosom where Zhuo Qing was still unconscious, distressingly said: “Xi Yan ah, Ling-er is still unconscious now, it is inappropriate for her to travel and be tired, it is better to let her stay and rest at the Xi Xia palace properly, wait until she wakes up, and nurses her body a little, will this be better than taking her back to the manor?”

Qing Ling unexpectedly did not die, if she woke up and said that the palace eunuchs made her drown, that would be troublesome, if she could make her to stay to see what she said when she was awoken, then she could decide how to handle the stuff and whether or not not to use those people who did not do their best the first time around.

Holding her waist and getting up, Lou Xi Yan coldly answered: “No need. Xi Wu, go.”

He would not let Qing-er taking any risk, this would be the last time, and also the only time!

“Oh.” Lou Xi Wu stared blankly and followed Lou Xi Yan’s back, her head did not dare to turn around, she was scared to death!! Their aunt’s complexion was frightfully black a moment ago, but she still wanted to say, elder brother was extremely……. extremely cool today!

She could already see that Qing Ling was set to be her sister in law, but elder brother burst with rage this time, she estimated that their aunt would be insanely mad also, she must not enter the Imperial palace to act as a good cannon fodder these days. (It’s a saying that she should avoid the palace as her aunt would probably get mad at her also).


Sian’s notes:

Wow… Mo Bai has this special ability… I’m quite shock. Or should I be shocked at this finding? Knowing this author, she can throw out some pretty neat plots or relationships. I like Mo Bai even more.

Ch 83 – Arrrggg!!!

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Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 82: Hero To The Rescue

Wohooo… From the title, we know who’s coming to rescue his madam… Oh my gosh, but this whole chapter did not have ZQ’s rescue until a few paragraphs towards the end. I should have known it but at least there’s our favorite guy in this chapter as our consolation. This is a very very frustrating chapter… I feel like smacking both the EDs. Over 3,600 words.

This chapter was edited by Din2.


Imperial Study Room

On the long huge table, there were a high stack of reports, the celebration would arrive soon, each ministry submitted more and more reports to the Emperor. He made Su Ling to recover the stolen gold urgently like this, it was really an urgent need to get the silver taels for the state treasury. Even if there was no gold yet, Qiong Yue could also manage to do a prestige and large celebration, but if the treasury could retrieve the stolen gold, it would be better.

Taking one of the reports with his hand to read through completely, Yan Hong Tian finally looked towards Lou Xi Yan who was sitting on the side and sipping tea leisurely, he, himself was busy to death, but he still had a carefree emotion. His complexion was dark, Yan Hong Tian coldly groaned and said: “How is the preparation for the celebration?”

Putting down the tea, Lou Xi Yan, faintly smiled, he ignored Yan Hong Tian’s cold face, and unhurriedly answered: “Very smooth, the Ministry of Revenue and Ministry of Work has already assembled and prepared the necessary expenses for the celebration properly, this year’s celebration will surely be even more magnificent than the one from three years ago. But when each country diplomatic envoy gathers at that time, the various regions’ merchants from prominent families will also enter the capital city to make pilgrimage, the inside of the capital city will surely have a mixed of people. Chen and the Ministry of Justice will negotiate to deploy the armed forces quickly with the Ministry of War, in order to guarantee that there is nothing wrong during that time.”

“Good, you will lead on this matter, ok! Make the preparation.”

Lou Xi Yan’s matters were surely not sufficient enough, not enough chaos, looking at his methodically arranged and composed appearance, Yan Hong Tian was angry without any reason, even though he was always like this for so many years in the past, it was all like this!

“Yes.” Lou Xi Yan flatly gave his consent, and he still had an appearance that he would be able to handle any matter.

Yan Hong Tian lightly frowned, he could not be this rejuvenated like this in the past, could it be that one was in high spirits when one was involved in a happy situation? Watching attentively at Lou Xi Yan, Yan Hong Tian conscientiously asked: “You really want to marry Qing Ling as your official wife, and do not intent to take any concubine?”

Lou Xi Yan clearly smiling, he nodded his head and answered: “En.”

“She is worth it?” Actually, sometimes it was not the woman’s problem, but it was rather the problem of the balance in benefits (somebody’s interest), there were many women inside the harem, he did not even remember their appearances, but they represented their own clans, and powers. Political marriage, strictly speaking, it was not insignificant towards a man’s official career!

For Qing Ling, Xi Yan was really willing to sacrifice this much?!

Lou Xi Yan understood his meaning, but he still only smiled faintly, tranquilly said: “I think it is worth it, definitely worth it.”

For the past few days, he was always busy taming Qing Feng, that young wildcat, inattentive, it appeared that he let Xi Yan in making the decisive opportunity related to Qing Ling, he also missed a lot of good shows. Looking out the window, the warm summer time, brightly colored decorations, Yan Hong Tian’s eyes flashed through one trace of craftiness, smilingly said: “In the Imperial garden today, there are the talented and good looking women from the capital city, the virtuous, skilled and fragrant of each family’s daughter, do you want to choose another one?”

Lou Xi Yan was gentle as before and he answered: “Thanking the Emperor, Chen does not need to choose another one.”

Walking down from the dragon throne, Yan Hong Tian walked to the side of Lou Xi Yan, he asked one more time: “Really not going?”

Slightly bowing to salute, Lou Xi Yan immediately said: “Chen will send the Emperor off respectfully.”

Yan Hong Tian deliberately gave a pity face and shook his head, going outside through the door, while he was clicking his tongue to sigh and say: “Very well, ok, I hear that Ling-er also comes, Zhen has not seen her for quite a while, and rather misses her.”

Lou Xi Yan’s back was stiffed, he was so busy and had been leaving early and returning late these past few days, he simply did not know what she was doing, did she really come? If it was real…… Thinking a moment ago when Yan Hong Tian’s eyes flashed through that #, (again you have to interpret LXY’s thinking in this moment. He was prob swearing at YHT for teasing him), Lou Xi Yan resigned to his fate and lowly sighed, and followed Yan Hong Tian’s back, he said: “Chen will still accompany the Emperor to go along, ok.”

Looking behind at Lou Xi Yan who was seldom following him obediently, Yan Hong Tian’s mood was good and he laughed heartily, maybe letting Qing Ling to have Lou Xi Yan was not a bad thing after all. He could tease and mock Xi Yan as a bargaining chip, who made Xi Yan to seem able to handle any matter entirely with ease, having this no worry appearance, a person really could not be that perfect!

“Ah–.” Lou Xi Wu who was sitting on the wooden front stage playing instrument heard the sound of the wooden stage collapsed, she subconsciously shouted out, when she lifted her head, she happened to see Qing Ling fell in the lotus pond.

“Qing Ling!!” Running several steps, Lou Xi Wu could not swim, also did not dare to walk on that unstable wooden stage, she could only stand and anxiously stare by the side of the lotus pond that was filled with the leaves, while she was shouting: “Help ah! Qing Ling, she fell into the lotus pond!”

A group of women in the middle of the park also heard the sound of the collapse a moment ago, when they came over to react, they just saw Lou Xi Wu was standing at the front of the wooden stage, stretching her neck to stare at the lake front, her anxious mouth was shouting.

Hearing her shouting, Qing Feng hurriedly looked towards the vicinity of the wooden stage, Qing Ling’s reflection was nowhere to be found.

“Elder sister!” Her heart raised to her throat all of a sudden, Qing Feng pulled up her skirt to run towards the lake. But her arms were pulled tightly by some people, as it turned out, several palace maids who were standing by the side of the Empress Dowager were holding her up at the same time. They pulled her and not letting her to walk a step, her mouth was still nervously and with deeply concern, she said: “Imperial concubine Qing, you have a ten thousand gold body, you need to be careful with your health, you can not go ah!”

“Let go off my hands!!” Qing Feng disregarded her life and struggled to get free, unable to deal with the tearing pain on her arms, she was flustered and worry, it made her who was always icily arrogant, but could not help to have tears in her eyes. There was no wise and virtuous woman’s bearing anymore, only madly struggling to get free and shouting: “Get out of my way! My elder sister can not swim, you all let go off my hands quickly! Let go off my hands!!”

Yang Zhi Lan’s eyes flashed through a barely trace of sneer, it was best that she could not swim, even if she could swim, it would be useless also! Pretending to get angry and pointing at several palace eunuchs who were by her side, Yang Zhi Lan shouted: “What are you staring blankly for, quickly save the person ah!”

“Yes.” Four palace eunuchs ran to the lakeside, immediately jumped into the pool.

Lou Su Xin slightly got angry and knitted her brows, how could a good wooden stage collapse?! Looking that there were people who were already going down to save the person, she did not say anything either. She simply sat coldly on the master seat, looking at the flower pond in front of her.

Actually, after Zhuo Qing fell into the water, it was not anything that they were imagining in fear, or being in danger, because she could swim. Moreover, when she was attended school before, she was nevertheless a member of the school swimming team, so besides the collapse of the wooden stage and the somewhat frenetic situation outside, she was entirely not bad.

The worst part of the wooden stage collapsing was where her feet were standing at that time, after she fell down, she went straight into the water until she was below the wooden stage that was not falling down yet. The heavy skirt drenched heavier afterwards, the top of the wooden board was pushing her down all along, she was covered all over by the lotus leaves, it was very difficult for Zhuo Qing to swing her arms.

She could hear Lou Xi Wu who was shouting for people to save her, she also wanted to response that she was actually good, but to no avail as the circumstance was very messy, the water would pour in to her mouth, Zhuo Qing could only think of a way to go out first.

Using her feet to maintain her balance, Zhuo Qing rapidly undid her belt to take off the most outer layer of the skirt, she immediately felt a lot lighter. She kept moving forwards all the way, groping things around her, suddenly, she did not know what thing that her feet kicked, something stabbed her fiercely and she was in pain. She clenched her teeth, pulled out the lotus leaves and narrowed her eyes to look, she could faintly see the underwater stakes that were supporting the wooden stage.

Zhuo Qing pondered for a moment, deeply breathing, then she dived down. The view from under the water was very poor, she could barely see the approximate size of the wooden stake and it was very thick, she could only feel with her hands for the other stakes. The fracture of the wooden stake was relatively smooth, while the fracture of the log looked like a normal wood pierce with some wood splinters.

Holding for a long time, Zhuo Qing floated up and took one big breath, waiting until she breathed smoothly afterwards, her expression was no longer looking relaxed like before. These kind of wooden stakes were soaking inside the water all year round, so it was not strange if they collapsed, but when she felt the fracture a moment ago, she could say that when she felt it, it absolutely did not feel like the rotten and spongy wood, how could it possible that they collapsed? Or the matter this time was actually not an accident, it was rather a man made arrangement?!

Zhuo Qing still wanted to continue to look for the other wooden stakes, but she heard a few voices not too far away, pulling out the lotus leaves to look out, there were several people who were dressed up as the palace eunuchs went in the pond.

Zhuo Qing was thinking, she decided to drop the subject for the time being, her skirt and her hair were twisting her feet frequently, this outfit was really not suitable for diving. She should climb ashore first, ok, otherwise, Lou Xi Wu and Qing Feng must be anxious for her.

Pushing aside the lotus leaves, Zhuo Qing slowly swam towards the outside, she could reach the underneath wooden stage with great difficult, several of the palace eunuchs also saw her.

Two of them swam towards her immediately, looking at them moving rather quickly, their swimming abilities of these few people should not be to bad. Zhuo Qing barely wanted to say that she could swim, and she could advance on her own. Those two people already arrived by her side, one person supported her arms, but, they did not want to save her to climb ashore, rather—- they pressed down her head, inside the water.

The sudden turn of event, made Zhuo Qing not expecting at the situation, her hair was pulled firmly, the slightly cold lake water was unrestrainedly on her eyes, ears, mouth and nose. Choking severely, Zhuo Qing’s brain was exceptionally cleared now, everything about today was a conspiracy, making her to perform was a conspiracy, the wooden stage collapsing was a conspiracy, these people who came to save her, they were actually the people who came to kill her and they were sent by the person behind the scene, nothing more. And who was that person behind the scene, no need to say and tell.

Darn it!

She did not want to die like this!

Zhuo Qing was treading the water with great effort, but these two people’s ability to swim were excellent, their strengths were also big. Pressing her shoulder and head with their hands like two iron metal pincers, they simply did not give her any opportunity to come out of the water.

This would not do! Continuing like this, she would surely drown and die, Zhuo Qing clenched her teeth, simply no longer treading in the water, lifting her feet up, one left and one right towards both of the men’s stomachs and ruthlessly kicked them. She did not care where she kicked, then she raised her hands to grab their heads and scratch them violently.

When they were grabbing Zhuo Qing, the two people did not think that she would still resist, her fingernails were poking in their eyes for several times, noses, their waists were also kicked painfully. Both of them were forced to free their hands to capture Zhuo Qing’s waving hand, as a result, the strength to push down on Zhuo Qing was reduced. Zhuo Qing stepped on their waists, exerting her strength to go up, finally she could be out of the water surface, taking a few big breaths.

She had not recuperated her strength yet, the two people wrapped her around again, Zhuo Qing wanted to call for help, but those two people stretched their hands towards her arm. Having no other alternative, Zhuo Qing was forced to submerged into the water, at this time, she could vaguely hear Xi Wu’s anxious voice that came through from a shore that was not too far away: “Did you find the person?!”

The dense of the lotus leaves was natural barrier, and with the partition of the fracture wooden stage, the people on the ashore simply could not see what was happening in the water. The lotus leaves made Zhuo Qing unable to move easily under the water, in order to prevent being captured by the two people again, she could only go under the water. And at a place not too far away, the palace eunuch who was in charge to cover up went ashore and answered with a loud voice: “There are many lotus leaves under the water, we simply can not find the person!”

The two palace eunuchs were pursuing her closely and not letting go, they could clearly see that Zhuo Qing could swim, they started to be more cautious and more fierce.

Once again being pressed down by them, Zhuo Qing exhausted to struggle free with all her strength, she tried to call for help several times, but she was already pressed down into the water. Her physical strength just could not endure it anymore, if no one would discover it, then she would die unjustly inside the lotus pond today!

Drowning from being suffocated and choking the water made her heart and lung feel like exploding and feeling unwell, she gradually felt that her body was more and more exhausted, more and more powerless.

Yan Hong Tian’s mood was very good, Lou Xi Yan also resumed his constant unhurried way, both of them walked over to the direction of the Imperial garden, looking from far away, this simply should be lively soft music, graceful dance, poem incantation, the elegant and unbounded style of the Imperial garden. However, there was a lot chaos at this moment, he could only see that a group of people were completely surrounded the side of the lotus pond, not knowing what was going on, Yan Hong Tian said to Gao Jin: “Go to take a look, why is there so much chaos over there?”

“Yes.” Gao Jin accepted the order, and run towards the lotus pond.

Yan Hong Tian and Lou Xi Yan looked one glance, even though they did not say anything, but the two people’s feet clearly walked a lot faster.

Entering the Imperial garden, Gao Jin who made a discreet inquiry, also came back, Yan Hong Tian asked: “What is the matter?”

Gao Jin was hesitated, seamlessly looked one glance at Lou Xi Yan, then cautiously and solemnly answered: “Answering the Emperor, the wooden stage in front of the lotus pond was collapsed suddenly, Miss Qing Ling was showing her painting skill at that time, incautiously fell into the water, they were….. saving the person now.”

Gao Jin’s words had not finished yet, Lou Xi Yan already ran madly towards the lotus pond.

“Xi Yan!” Yan Hong Tian was staring at Lou Xi Yan’s back, he was surprised and unable to describe his impression at the moment, Xi Yan did not even wait to hear until the words were completely spoken, he just ran madly regardless of his image. He knew him for over 20 years, when did he ever lose his cool like this?!

Lou Xi Yan ran to the Imperial garden courtyard, many people heard the sound of his footsteps, so they turned around to see one by one, seeing Lou Xi Yan, a lot of the women made their salutations one by one. Lou Su Xin’s face was surprised, and she asked: “Xi Yan, why did you come?” This was the Imperial garden courtyard, the courtyard of the Emperor’s harem, he was a state official, he should not appear on his own here.

Lowly panting, Lou Xi Yan did not answer her question yet, simply speaking irritably and he asked: “Where is she?”

Lou Su Xin was startled, she rarely saw Xi Yan looking ugly like this, even more with the provoking manner like this. Recovering, her mind was not pleased, Lou Su Xin coldly answered: “Still in the water, already send people to go down to save her…..”

Her words had not finished yet, not caring how other people would look at him, Lou Xi Yan ran all the way to the side of the lotus pond. Lou Xi Wu who had been panicking for a long time, saw him, she immediately cried out: “Elder brother, what to do, Qing Ling fell down for almost half of an incense stick (about 15 min), they still have not found her!!”

She had been in the water for half of an incense stick time and still had not come out, he was afraid that this would be a disaster for Qing-er, his heart was jumping hysterically and almost to his extreme stage. Lou Xi Yan’s expression was dark, pushing away Lou Xi Wu who was crying on his bosom, he went directly towards the lotus pond.

Lou Xi Wu looked at Lou Xi Yan who was unexpectedly jumping on the almost falling wooden stage, hovering around the unstable wooden stage, and without hesitation, he jumped into the lotus pond, she was losing her head out of fear, and in panicked, she screamed: “Elder brother!”

At this time, another dark silhouette also jumped closely along with Lou Xi Yan, that was—- Mo Bai.

“Xi Yan!” Lou Su Xin who was always sitting steadily on the master seat, startled and stood up from the chair, confusingly pointing a finger at the Imperial guards on the side, and she roared with a loud voice: “Somebody comes, hurry, hurry, hurry, go down into the water to save the person! You must protect Prime Minister Lou properly!”

Because of the struggling, her whole body was already purple, her tears had already ran dry for a long time, Qing Feng coldly looked at the chaos in the courtyard. Lou Su Xin was yelling, the Imperial bodyguards were flustered and every one was striving to be the first to jump into the lotus pond.

Her hand was tightly pulled into a fist, she really hated!! She was wailing to request them to save her elder sister a moment ago, how cold and detached they were at that time, how they turned a blind eye!

Could it be that Lou Xi Yan’s life was a life, her elder sister’s was not a life?!

Could it be that the lives of a noble and lowly person would follow the definition of these powerful and influential people?! (Meaning that LXY & QL lives aren’t equal according to these morons in the palace ๐Ÿ˜ก).

Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 81: Danger Sprang Up All Around

Another never ending chapter… At least, that was how I felt when I was doing this translation… LXY should show up in the next chapter assuming the author did not drag this whole scene until chapter 83. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Over 3,475 words.

Disclaimer: translating painting was also horrendous… ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

This chapter was edited by Din2.


Imperial Garden

The jade color green shade (of a tree), the cluster of bushes were short, this was Zhuo Qing’s first impression towards the splendid Imperial garden, but a moment afterwards, she became somewhat dizzy. She finally knew why Lou Xi Wu wanted to decorate herself like a Christmas tree, because if you dressed in a silk clothing at this time, then one would really look very different!

Zhuo Qing was secretly glad, fortunately, she only partially cut the long cheongsam skirt, and only wore three layers of skirt from the original five layers, she removed half of the golden hairpins that were on her head, except for the golden head ornament, jadeite bracelet and dangling tassels. But she did not lack anything from these basic elements, strictly speaking, her whole body could not be regarded as too obtrusive!!

The more she went inside, the more she startlingly sighed, the room was filled with colorful brocade dresses, pearls and gold ornaments, dazzling her, it could even be said there was plump, swallow and thin women in front of her, beautiful women as cloud, every one of them was as delicate as a flower. But squinting her eyes, Zhuo Qing nevertheless felt like she was mistreated!

She really agreed to that sentence about many confusing eyes, she almost could not see clearly what their appearances were, naturally there were some women who were similar like her, the women whose complexions were not pleased, she estimated that this was due to various kind of reasons.

Zhuo Qing was following behind Lou Xi Wu, lowering her head to move towards the assigned place.

In the middle of the garden, an empty and small piece of an open space, both sides had about five to six rows of stools. Zhuo Qing and Lou Xi Wu were seated on the right side of the first row, Zhuo Qing closed her eyes to rest once she was seated, what the eyes didn’t see, the heart didn’t grieve over it! (ZQ pretended to sleep and tried to ignore everybody). Automatically ignoring to hear the low laughter from a group of women who were exchanging conventional greetings by her side, soon, the voices around here were quiet all of a sudden. Zhuo Qing opened her eyes, and saw that the East and West Empress Dowagers were walking with the escort from a group of the palace eunuchs and maids.

In today’s occasion, both of them adorned themselves with utmost care, but in comparison, Yang Zhi Lan’s dress was still relatively plain and simple. Her face still had a benevolent smile, and the dress on Lou Su Xin’s body was an extreme dark red changpao, the golden silk belt appeared to be vivid and through on her good figure, a string of green jade pearls was on her neck. It really matched with her arrogant look and really still made people not to dare to watch intently.

Both of them were seated at the masters seats in the middle of the garden, all of the people were orderly half kneeling to salute and say: “Pay respect to both the Imperial palace’s Empress Dowagers, may the Empress Dowagers have good fortune and peace.”

Zhuo Qing slowly half squatting her body down, Lou Su Xin’s arrogant voice faintly echoed: “You may rise, ok.”

“Thank you Empress Dowager.”

After the salutation, each family’s young lady returned to their seats, calmly lowering their heads, gentle, refined and graceful, it was really in contrast with the distinct noise from a moment ago. Zhuo Qing sniggered, she also lowered her head, and continued to close her eyes to rest.

Yang Zhi Lan looked towards Lou Su Xin, after seeing that she lightly nodded afterwards, still smiling and saying at the same time: “Today’s invitation to all of you, young ladies, madams, to enter the Imperial palace to attend a banquet, is to select the talented and good looking, women who will have both integrity and talent at the celebration’s talent show. With regards to this, it can be say that this is Qiong Yue’s credibility matter, Aijia will not say anymore, using the old established standard, you can do the four arts (zither, go, calligraphy, painting), poetry, singing and dancing, the highest skill will be victorious.”

“Let us start with the zither skill, ok, which young lady will come first?” Yang Zhi Lan finished speaking, with a smile on her face, she swept everybody’s eyes with a glance, the women were still shy timidly and lowering their heads, whispering, nobody came out.

Yang Zhi Lan gently smiled, and said: “Everyone modestly declines like this, then Aijia will just appoint to one person to throw a brick to attract a jade (she’s offering a humble remark so the young ladies will give their opinion), ok.”

“Aijia has heard that the Qing family sisters’ reputations are outstanding within the six countries, during the celebration three years ago, Hao Yue put forward a paradise landscape picture, a splendid object, it was reportedly to be drawn by the the three young ladies. Two of the ladies are in the Imperial palace today, it will be better to throw a brick to attract a jade at the Qing’s family eldest daughter, Qing Ling to do these refined activities (regarding literature, paintings, etc), what does everyone think?” Finished speaking, she still looked towards Zhuo Qing with an incomparable concern.

The Imperial concubines who were sitting on the side also agreed hurriedly and said: “This is extremely fine, Chenqie (third party calling for concubines when they speak to emperor or empress dowager or empress) always hear from some people that the zither skill of the Qing’s family eldest daughter is extremely high. Playing for two to three days and the sound still lingered on, the people will praise without ceasing after listening to it, there is finally an opportunity to increase our knowledge today.”

Originally Zhuo Qing was still concerned about her own matter by closing her eyes to rest, she suddenly opened her eyes, and looked at Yang Zhi Lan, both of their expressions met, Yang Zhi Lan still had a loving smile, Zhuo Qing’s expression was actually dark, was this her purpose? Making her like a fool in front of everyone, this was considered taking a revenge for her daughter?!

Both of their expressions were in confrontation, Yang Zhi Lan was smiling all along, with a clear sound, she called out: “Someone, prepare the zither.”

“Hold on.” Zhuo Qing stood up, it would not be this easy to make a fool of herself.

Performing a lady like courtesy by bending over, Zhuo Qing raised her head, then with a grievance face and eyes filled with melancholy, she answered with a low voice: “Many thanks to everybody’s love, but unfortunately, I have suffered injury on my way to come to Qiong Yue, I can only remember a lot of things vaguely. Those melodies that I was familiar before, I could not remember any of it now. I am afraid that I will make everybody feel disappointed today.” Being together with Lou Xi Yan for this long time, she just looked at him, she had also learned a lot on how to pretend, how could this be difficult?!

Yang Zhi Lan barely wanted to open her mouth, Zhuo Qing pulled out another unfathomable mystery again, and continued to say: “But I know that Xi Wu’s zither skill is definitely not beneath my skill. She was practicing zither with Su Mu Feng a few days ago and he spoke about Xi Wu’s zither skill, and he also praised her skill. It will be better to let Xi Wu be the person to throw a brick to attract a jade, she will surely not let all of you to be disappointed.”

Lou Xi Wu was surprised at first, after she reacted back, she ferociously pinched Zhuo Qing’s waist, this woman really dared to speak like this!! When did she and Su Gongzi speak about the zither skill, when did Su Gongzi praise her skill?! Obviously, the one whom she was referring to did not know it! Unexpectedly, she still had a very familiar look!

Zhuo Qing was in pain, but she still could not show anything, this darn girl was very fierce, she did this for her sake, if maybe, she would be chosen to play for the esteemed guests at the celebration, and her social status would rise highly at that time.

“Oh?” Yang Zhi Lan looked towards Lou Su Xin who was by her side, smilingly said: “Elder sister, unexpectedly, Xi Wu’s zither skill has a breakthrough after all these years, since it is this way, just let Xi Wu to play one song, ok.”

Lou Su Xin who always had an arrogant face finally was somewhat at ease, she quietly laughed and said towards Lou Xi Wu: “Xi Wu, then, you play one song, ok.”

“Yes.” The matter was already like this, besides bracing herself to do it, Lou Xi Wu did not have any other way either.

Zhuo Qing secretly relaxed, Lou Su Xin’s attitude towards Lou Xi Wu was gentle like this, it seemed that she really liked her. She did not need to be anxious for Xi Wu, even if the performance failed, nobody would dare to do anything to the Empress Dowager’s niece, right!

Barely wanting to sit down, however, Yang Zhi Lan was not ready to let her off either, with a deliberate soft voice, she smiled and said: “But only listening to the music is rather monotonous, Ling-er does not remember the melody, but can always remember to write characters, right. That paradise landscape painting from last time is still at the Imperial study room, Ling-er can do another one and it is good to let them increase their knowledges.”

This clearly some hidden derogatory words, listening to these, Zhuo Qing was somewhat angry, Yang Zhi Lan was deliberately after her with a sharpen knife, right!

Getting up one more time, Zhuo Qing’s complexion was clearly dark: “I …..”

Zhuo Qing only said this one word, she was already interrupted by a clear and cold sound of a woman: “Answering to Empress Dowager, normally, we, sisters, like to paint to amuse ourselves cheerfully, just let Chenqie and elder sister to paint together for everybody today, Chenqie is not sure if it is possible or not.”

Zhuo Qing looked up to see, the person who spoke was Qing Feng, she was unexpectedly here also, but she was sitting across with a group of women. She did not even look carefully, and did not find that it was strange, but painting together? Was she harming her or helping her?! Could you regard grinding the ink stick as painting?!

Yang Zhi Lan looked towards Lou Su Xin one more time, and smilingly asked: “What does elder sister think of this?” Fine, she did not have to make things difficult for her even more, the conclusion would be the same in a moment anyway.

Zhuo Qing did not have Lou Xi Wu’s good luck, Lou Su Xin casted a sidelong glance at her, with a cold voice, she said: “This is also fine, Aijia wants to see it also, what wonderful talents that the Qing family’s sisters have after all.” She really wanted to see what was so special about the woman whom Xi Yan kept going to the Imperial palace to request for a marriage with her over and over again.

Pointing ahead at the pond that the gorgeous and lovable lotus started to open, Yang Zhi Lan smilingly said: “Elder sister, it is exactly the time for the lotus to bloom at the moment, it will be better to let them paint by the side of the lotus pond, playing the zither, the lovable flowers will conform together with the beauties, is it not a wonderful thing?”

“It is also good.” Lou Su Xin indifferently said: “Someone comes, prepare the tools to paint.”


Soon, several agile palace eunuchs already put a big table and moved it by the side of the lotus pond, the back of the table was a slab to support the platform, this desk was fortunately above the lotus pond. Standing here to appreciate the flowers, it just seemed like being surrounded by the flowering shrubs, and was really beautiful.

It was a pity, Zhuo Qing did not have the mood to appreciate the flowers at the moment, she said towards Qing Feng who was standing beside her confidently and she urgently said: “I really can not paint!!” She was not Qing Ling, and did not understand anything about painting ah!

Smiling confidently, Qing Feng answered: “It does not matter, wait until I blend some good colors, you just use the writing brush to draw several circles on the paper, it will be good.”

“Draw several circles?” Zhuo Qing stared blankly, very quickly asked again: “How big? How many? Do you want round circles or ovals? Where will be the specific position?!” If it was merely drawing circles, she could still accomplish it, but she would have to trouble her to tell her about the specific of the circles! She was really good at geometry subject all together!

Qing Feng answered without thinking: “Whatever you like.”

“Ah?!” Zhuo Qing felt stupid, how did she want to draw them?

She was still in depression, the ink stick on the table was already grounded properly, the paper was also spread out properly, the palace eunuchs retreated to the side, respectfully said: “The tools for painting are already ready, these two mistresses, please start.”

Zhuo Qing was standing by Qing Feng’s side, she could only see her skillfully held the ink stick and poured half of it inside the porcelain dish on the side, then carefully transferred the clear water in it, a moment afterwards, Qing Feng said: “Start, ok.”

The big piece of fine writing paper was spread out in front of her eyes, Zhuo Qing really had this mixed feelings (not knowing whether to laugh or cry), where to start?! If she had known earlier, that she would encounter this kind of adventure, she would consider to learn the calligraphy and Chinese arts with her mother before, it was unlikely to go so far now and she did not know where to draw the circles!

Let it be, Qing Feng did not worry at all, what should she worry about, deeply breathing, Zhuo Qing drew one circle larger than a fist on the paper. Qing Feng transferred the ink stick that was somewhat light in color, leaving behind a shallow color impression on the white paper. Zhuo Qing looked at Qing Feng one glance, her expression was the same as before, she just prepared the red color cinnabar, she estimated that she wanted to draw lotus.

Since she did not have any opinion, Zhuo Qing did not care either, boldly drawing ten circles on the paper, big and small circles, after painting the circles, Zhuo Qing did not know what to write, the white paper that she played with was in complete disorder……

At this time, Qing Feng seemed to be ready, she picked up a comparatively thin brush, in lightning speed, those 7-8 random circles that were drawn with the writing brush, one leaf lotus unexpectedly appeared quickly. Her movement was quick, as if there were several brushes, the original numerous and disorderly composition became a realistic lotus on the pond, it was extremely awesome!

Just when Zhuo Qing started to admire, she heard a clear, exquisite and melodious’ zither sound echoing, Zhuo Qing lifted her head up, not a distance ahead, Lou Xi Wu’s naturally and unrestrainedly sat in front of the zither. Her fine and long fingers were on the strings smoothly playing the zither, the light and quick melody echoed within the Imperial garden, this girl’s zither skill was really not bad!


Zhuo Qing was still admiring Lou Xi Wu’s zither sound, Qing Feng’s cold voice echoed lowly.

Done!? So quick, the time that she used was almost the same as when she drew the circles!

Bowing her head again, Zhuo Qing was staring blankly on the painting completely, the painting that was in front of her was a refined ink and wash painting composition, it only used the deep or shallow colors of black, only the lotus leaves and the water on the lake were expressed in great detail. The cinnabar (some kind of chemical that can make a red color) set off some contrast colors, the complete painting seemed to split the new lotus at the seam, it reflected with the color of ink stick, and it looked to be soft pink, fresh and clean. The most amazing thing was the lotus leaves, the lotus petals seemed to have condensation of water droplets, the whole painting seemed to show a hint of moisture, haziness was enveloping the lotus leaves with pink color, similar to when the new lotus started to bloom after the rain!

The upper left corner of the painting still had several small words ‘The hidden morning dew, The human world who was jealous’, the calligraphy style was graceful, and the technique was smooth and easy.

How could this even possible, this short period of time, Zhuo Qing did not dare to believe, this was the piece of paper that she was being tormented a moment ago!

She regarded this as her knowledge and experience, what a real talented girl.

Qing Feng slowly laid down the writing brush, then she pulled Zhuo Qing to retreat one step, she let those several palace eunuchs whose heads were down and calmly stood aside while they lifted the wooden table to head towards the direction of the Empress Dowagers.

The painting that was just drawn a moment ago, the paper was extremely soft, so they could not hold it up, Lou Su Xin and Yang Zhi Lan got up to the direction of the long table. Looking at the painting, both of their eyes were bright. Lou Su Xin was rarely boastful and she said: “As expected, the name is not in vain (a well deserved reputation)!”

This kind of art work, even if a specialist learned to paint, it would take about 30-50 years of skill, not all of them could come out of the painting!

Yang Zhi Lan also nodded her head and said: “Imperial concubine Qing, come here to give us the explanation of the meaning of the verse, ok.”

“Yes.” Qing Feng walked slowly to go, Zhuo Qing was standing on the wooden stage and breathing some fresh air, if she could, she would really wish to leave early.

Looking that Qing Feng had walked to come over, Yang Zhi Lan seamlessly swept one glance at the palace maid who was always standing behind her, the palace maid slowly retreated to go out.

Walking to the front of the painting, Qing Feng slightly lifted her head, proudly smiled, with a clear voice, she said: “The meaning is actually very easy, the lotus’ noble and virtuous is unflinching in righteousness, it will not be infringed in the impurity of the secular world, it is precisely because of this quality, that the common people are also jealous.”

“Very well spoken.” Lou Su Xin praised and nodded her head, she really liked a woman who was proud and arrogant!

The phrasing sound was continuous over there, Zhuo Qing was simply stretching her waist lazily, the women in the ancient time were really not easy, the four arts, not a single one was dispensable ah!

Standing on the side of the wooden stage, Zhuo Qing was sighing, while stroking the lotus leaves conveniently, suddenly, Zhuo Qing felt something under her feet, the side of her ears heard a sound of the breaking apart of the wood. She did not have enough time to react either, the wooden stage was unexpectedly caved in and was unstable, then Zhuo Qing fell into the lotus pond…..


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Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 80: Accident

Sighing… I thought starting chapter 79, we would get a normal chapter but this was another long and boring chapter. But this chapter will set up another unpleasant experience that ZQ will have to encounter. For those of you who have read book 3, you know what I mean… Btw, chapters 81-83 are quite frustrating chapters so some of you may want to wait until those three chapters are posted. Over 3,300 words.

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Qing Xuan Palace Hall

Outside the carved wooden window, there was a beautiful pear tree, it was a pity that the flowering season had already past, the only thing lacking was the beautiful pear blossom, but in between the emerald green leaves, one could see the small unripe fruit vaguely.

Inside the window, a beautiful shadow was leaning softly against the bedside, her pair of eyes were in a daze and watching attentively at the pear tree outside, the beautiful eyes, but one could not see whether she was sad, angry, resentful or pitiful. The pink light muslin inside the room was gentle and beautiful, along with the unhurried cool breeze was playing leisurely, but no one in the mood to enjoy it.

There were maids kneeling all over the place inside the room, both hands were carrying all kinds of delicious delicacies, but the woman was simply looking out at the outside of the window.

These had been how many days? After the Princess returned from the Prime Minister’s manor, she was always like this, she did not cry or make any noise, and kept silent. Feeding her to eat anything and she would just eat them, she almost did not chew other stuffs and just swallowed them immediately. Xiao Lian did not dare to make her eat too many hard stuffs, she could only send ginseng soup to her mouth, choking with emotion, she said: “Princess, drink this ginseng soup, ok.”

Yan Ru Xuan’s eyes were always watching attentively at the outside window, her mouth was unconsciously opened up, swallowed the stuff down in a mouthful. Feeding for a few mouthfuls, Xiao Lian did not dare to feed again, if she was not mistaken, after several feedings, she would throw everything up soon. Her originally dainty’s face, it was thin and only remained like a bone now.

Handing over the ginseng soup that was on her hand to the young palace maid behind her, Xiao Lian saw just now, that the Empress Dowager was standing behind them all along. Xiao Lian was startled and hurriedly kneeled down to pay respect: “May the Empress Dowager have a thousand of good fortune and peace.”

Paying no attention on the maid who was kneeling in the ground, Yang Zhi Lan lightly caressed Yan Ru Xuan’s pale, skinny and shriveled face, she was unable to control her heartache. This one daughter of her was being taken care of for so many years, it really hurt her dearly that her look actually became so haggard like this!! As her mother, how could she not in pain!

Holding Yan Ru Xuan to her bosom, Yang Zhi Lan softly coaxed and said: “Xuan-er, what do you want after all? Only when you say, Imperial mother will surely think of a way to make you get it!”

Did she want to marry Lou Xi Yan? If this was the only thing that could make her to live, she would just force Lou Xi Yan to marry her!

Yan Ru Xuan did not seem to hear anything, she was still staring blankly outside the window, and did not react towards anyone or anything.

Looking at her appearance, Yang Zhi Lan lovingly shook her shoulder, lowly choking with sobs and she said: “How can you be this foolish ah! You are tormenting yourselves like this, being heart broken, this is only mother ah!”

No matter how she was shaking and slapping her, Yan Ru Xuan was still like a puppet and did not say any word, Yang Zhi Lan was holding her thin daughter to her bosom, who was looking at the slightly blue horizon outside, her tears were silently rolling.

Heavens, why did you do this to me?!

I already lost a son, did you still want me to lose a daughter?!

What kind of enmity did I have with the Lou’s family after all, first, it was Lou Su Xin, now again, it was Lou Xi Yan!! I really hate ah. ๐Ÿ‘ฟ
Xi Xia Palace Hall

There was no soul in sight inside of the palace hall, only Yang Zhi Lan was sitting upright on the master seat, Xiao Lian lowered her head, and was still standing on the side.

“What was the matter after all, Xuan-er only went to the Prime Minister’s manor for one day, and she could change like this?!”

Yang Zhi Lan’s complexion was gloomy and cold, her ordinarily kind appearance looked very different, Xiao Lian hurriedly kneeled down on the floor, lowly sobbed and said: “The Empress Dowager, please give Princess some justice ah, Prime Minister Lou is bullying her intolerably!”

It was really Lou Xi Yan!! Yang Zhi Lan secretly clenched her teeth, her voice was still steady: “There is no harm in saying what you think.”

Xiao Lian secretly reckoned, it was all Lou Xi Yan, the Princess would change to look like this, she surely should not let him to have an easy time! But he was the country’s Prime Minister, and also the East Empress Dowager’s nephew, even if she wanted to accuse him to the Empress Dowager, how could the Empress Dowager suppose to handle it!

He treasured that Qing Ling so much, she wanted her to die! Let him know and feel this kind of pain that penetrated through his heart!

Planning a solution in her heart, Xiao Lian lowered her head, and cried while she said: “After you left, Prime Minister Lou was leading along Qing Ling to return to Lan Yue building, they obviously knew that the Princess was at Zhai Xing pavilion. With one look, one could see the lotus pond in front of Lan Yue building, but they still deliberately did not enter the room, they were kissing in the courtyard, the Princess had already been crying inside the room at that time. During the afternoon time, the Princess lowered her noble status and wanted to speak with Qing Ling and interacted with her nicely, who would have thought, that woman’s manner was extremely nasty.”

Finished speaking, Xiao Lian deliberately stopped, carefully raised her head to observe Yang Zhi Lan’s complexion, her complexion was not pleased like before, but it did not change to become worst, only said with a cold voice: “Continue to speak.”

Secretly clenching her teeth, was this Empress Dowager still not angry?! Working harder, Xiao Lian distorted the facts even more and wail accusingly and she said: “The Princess mentioned about getting married with Prime Minister Lou, not only Qing Ling talked maliciously at once, she still said that she would not share one husband with the Princess, because she would not allow Prime Minister to take a concubine, using Prime Minister’s doting towards her as a weapon, she simply considered that everyone else was beneath her!! During the night when the Princess had a nightmare, she woke up crying incessantly, this servant went to Lan Yue building to ask Prime Minister Lou to come over to look, Qing Ling unexpectedly did not let Prime Minister Lou to come over. After waiting for a long time, Prime Minister Lou finally came, he still said that he would not marry the Princess, and only liked Qing Ling, ferociously hurt the Princess’ heart, he would not say any harsh word to Princess before.”

Finally, Xiao Lian simply threw herself on the ground, she was kowtowing while shouting: “Empress Dowager, it was all because of that woman who instigated and baffled Prime Minister Lou, and she still harmed and turned the Princess like this. Requesting the Empress Dowager to help the Princess with this grievance!!”

Yang Zhi Lan’s eyes were slightly narrowed, Qing Ling did not look like a stupid person, could it be that she misjudged the person?! No matter what, Lou Xi Yan doted on her and one could see clearly that she should not live!

Even though, her heart was already decided, but Yang Zhi Lan simply said: “You have said that she relies on Lou Xi Yan’s doting, and she does not pay any attention to anybody, if she has a contingency, Lou Xi Yan will be unlikely to take things lying down (letting it go).”

This young girl was actually very loyal to Xuan-er, but not sure if she could use her, she wanted to see if she had enough intelligent!

The meaning of the Empress Dowager’s words were……###, ###.

Replying: “There is no one who will conspire to murder her, but in this earth, there will be many unexpected accidents inevitably.”

The corner of her mouth finally perked up with a trace of smiling expression, Yang Zhi Lan nodded her head, faintly smiled and said: “Yes ah, accident will always be hard to avoid.”
Zhai Xing Pavilion

After Yan Ru Xuan left, Zhuo Qing moved back to live at Zhai Xing pavilion. First, Lou Xi Yan would not let other people to gossip, and second, he always came back really late, she would already fall asleep, he was unwilling to wake her up with any noise. He was sleeping on the small bed by the side, Zhuo Qing did not have the heart to see his tall figure sleeping on that small bed, so she simply moved back.

Gu Yun went to annihilate the bandits, the case was also closed, she resumed her boring life again. She tried to sleep until late in the day everyday, her boring time would be shorter a little this way, but during her tiring life, she would always wake up before ten, just lying down on the soft bed, she did not wish to get up either, and only to stare at the drapery blankly.

What could she do during the day later on? Doing nothing all day except enjoying the flower, playing the chess, throwing herself to recite butterfly poetry?? Solely thinking it, Zhuo Qing could not help to laugh, living as a young lady of the house, not everybody could experience it, but she would not!!

Letting her imagination to run wildly in her mind, the sound of an urgent knock from the door scared her to jump!

Zhuo Qing frowned, the ordinary maid would absolutely not dare to knock on the door like this, Lou Xi Yan was also impossible, who would it be? Lifting open the quilt, Zhuo Qing walked to the side of the window, separated by a thin paper on the window, she looked towards the outside courtyard. There was a group of women who were standing inside the courtyard, there were trays on the hands of some of the women, but she could not see what stuffs. And it was unexpectedly headed by Lou Xi Wu?!

Zhuo Qing was puzzled, but she still opened the door and asked: “What are you doing first thing in the morning?”

Lou Xi Wu’s walked into the house, along with a dozen women who came in together, Lou Xi Wu slightly raised her hand, several thirty something women came up immediately, they were busy pulling her clothing.

During her sleeping time, her original clothing was a thin unlined garment, they were pulling this, Zhuo Qing would practically be naked. Grabbing the sleeve piece of her clothing, Zhuo Qing urgently said: “Hey! What are you all doing!”

Several women simply did not care when she was shouting, they just continued to pull her clothes, Zhuo Qing was at the end of her patience, she pulled the wrists of the two women who were pulling her clothes, and said with a cold sound: “If you do not let go, I will punch you!!”

Both of the women were in pain, lowly shouted, the other women in the side retreated one step when they saw Zhuo Qing’s anger’s appearance, and did not dare to pull her clothes again.

Shaking off the hands of the two women, Zhuo Qing walked to the front of Lou Xi Wu, with an annoying face, she glared at her, and with a cold voice, she snorted: “Lou Xi Wu, it will be best that you give me an explanation, otherwise I will be rude to you!”

Lou Xi Wu swallowed a mouthful of saliva, slightly retreated one step, but she still self confidently answered: “I came today for two matters! First, you were not home this past two days, but elder brother already announced publicly at home that he wanted to marry you. I also did not know what he was anxious about, in short, the time was tight, and I was very unlucky that elder brother wanted me to arrange and prepare your wedding dress.” She did not want to come to provoke her either ah, this matter would be more suitable for second mother to do, right! But elder brother just gave this matter for her to do, he also only gave her one month time.

She was by no mean trying to cause any trouble, who would have thought that Qing Ling’s temperament was this big!

Pointing at those several women who were scared and retreating in the side a moment ago, Lou Xi Wu said: “They are the best embroidery workers at the thousand silk workshop, they want to take your measurements just now. They have to rush to make a collection of the member of the royal family wedding ceremonial robes for you within one month, so you will be better to cooperate. Otherwise, if they can not finish it on time, there will be many unlucky people at that time!”

Zhuo Qing stared blankly, she only heard two days ago that Lou Xi Yan wanted to get married immediately, she still thought that he was cracking jokes. At the minimum, they should wait until he finished getting busy with the celebration matter to begin the preparation, right. Looking at this attitude, he wanted to get married before the celebration?!

Looking at Zhuo Qing who was silent, Lou Xi Wu conveniently said about the second matter: “There are several collections of good clothes here, I need you to try them on, and pick a collection, we will enter the Imperial palace to attend a banquet this afternoon.”

Sweeping one glance at the trays where layer and layer of clothes were on, also there were matching bright and multicolored type of pearls on the side, Zhuo Qing did not understand and asked: “Why do I want to enter the Imperial palace?”

“The Empress Dowager mentioned your name in the Imperial decree, so you must go.” Second mother was still angry for a long time due to that matter, because she had never had the opportunity to enter the Imperial palace until today, and she saw her stomping on her feet as she was feeling so unhappy.

Zhuo Qing faintly felt uneasy, why would the Empress Dowager summon her to enter the Imperial palace for no cause or reason, was this related to Yan Ru Xuan’s concern? Maybe Lou Xi Yan knew something, so he wanted to get married urgently?

Getting stuck into her own train of thought again, and waiting for Zhuo Qing to recover, those several women were already assisting swiftly to take her measurements, while Lou Xi Wu self-servingly picked up those jewelries for the clothing and compared them on her body.

She did not catch on Zhuo Qing who was not even thinking, one comparison on her body, Zhuo Qing turned around immediately and have a supercilious look. Those clothes had layers upon layers of garments, there were several layers inside and outside, this hot day, could they let a person live wearing them?!

Then, there was still that long skirt that was falling on the ground, one could sweep the floor immediately, right!

Casted sidelong glances at Lou Xi Wu’s head above, she estimated that the gold jadeite tassels’ hair decoration could weigh about ten catties (one catty equals to 0.5 kg & 1 kg equals to 2.2 lbs). That lake blue color with golden silk embroidery cheong sam from head to toe was so excessive, Zhuo Qing lowly laughed and said: “Entering the Imperial palace is alright, but why do I want to dress like a Christmas tree!? It is not like I have not entered the palace before, take away all of these stuffs, I have some dress to wear.”

Lou Xi Wu did not understand what Christmas tree was, but she heard Zhuo Qing’s mockery on her dress, grabbing the long golden skirt and squeezing it on Zhuo Qing’s hands, Lou Xi Wu snorted and said: “Entering the palace this time is not the same, for my elder brother and the Prime Minister manor’s reputations, you must wear them!”

Lou Xi Wu was acting somewhat strange today, Zhuo Qing did not want to quarrel with her either, immediately said: “Explain clearly.”

Sitting down on the wood chair on the side, Lou Xi Wu was somewhat excited and she said: “Qiong Yue’s three years prayer celebration is not only Qiong Yue’s grand occasion, it is also the six countries’ grand occasion, at that time, each country’s merchants, high officials and noble people, important court ministers, even the emperor’s relatives, will all come to express good wishes to Qiong Yue, I can not say for sure if you will be able to see your friends from Hao Yue.”

Zhuo Qing frowned: “Say what the important point is!” Making her to listen to her chat idly like this, when would it be finished!

Flinging aside and curling her lips, Lou Xi Wu answered: “The important point is the celebration can not do without performance naturally, after each country appointment arrives, they all are not just simple and ordinary people. Qiong Yue, as the head of the six countries, there can not be any person who is lacking in manners in front of those people, it is certainly important to choose the women from Qiong Yue with good appearance and the best talents who will offer the art skills. The prestigious families, the daughters of the aristocratic families will be the first choices, this is the goal to go to the Imperial banquet this time, in order for the celebration to have an absolute safe performance, both of the Empress Dowagers will choose ten famous talented and good looking young ladies as reserves.”

As it turned out, they were just going to choose the elegant women this afternoon! Zhuo Qing mockingly laughed at herself and said: “What does this have any relation to me?” Speaking about her appearance, she was disfigured, speaking about talent, she only likes to do autopsy. She did not have any talent that she could show off, what did she go there for?!

Even though Lou Xi Wu was also puzzled that the Empress Dowager made Qing Ling to go, but the Imperial decree was already heard, she did not have any choice. Taking the jadeite jade pearl and hanging it on Zhuo Qing’s neck, Lou Xi Wu smilingly said: “You are the Lou’s family wife now, that is your relation with going to the palace, since the Empress Dowager appoints you to go, that is also your relation.”

“Sh**!” Zhuo Qing lowly cursed.

“What do you mean?” She said several terms that she did not understand today, Lou Xi Wu was really curious.

Zhuo Qing stared at the heavy and magnificent pearls dress, powerlessly answered: “You do not want to know!!”

She really wanted to decorate herself like a Christmas tree?! NO!

Tossing the clothes back to Lou Xi Wu, Zhuo Qing lightly raised her eyebrows, smilingly said: “I can wear a dress, but I will have the final say on what kind of dress!”