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Destined Marriage With Fragrance Chapter 90: Exquisite Jades

This chapter was translated for only. And only for those people who don’t mind reading unprofessional translation that was being translated FREELY at the translator’s and editor’s own free times. So rude & entitled people aren’t welcome to read this translation!!! So GO AWAY….

By Qian Lu

Chapter 90

Exquisite Jades

Qin Xiu Zhi carefully supported Murong Shu Qing who was excited and suddenly sitting up, so he took a cushion for her to lean on so she could sit comfortably. Then he got up and went to the carved table next to the bed, brought up a tray and lightly put it on Murong Shu Qing’s hand.

Murong Shu Qing bowed her head and only saw two pieces of identical sparkling and pure white jades on the dark jade tray. Under the dimmed candle light, the jade ornaments were still showing the soft light of the jade’s quality. Murong Shu Qing picked up one piece and gently caressed it, and could feel a smooth and delicate feel as soft as a wool. The front part of this exquisite jade was not a plum flower, but it was rather an orchid flower that had not bloomed. It also had a few written engraftments, but the secluded and calmed orchid really stood out on the jade. Turning to the other side, under the candle light, one could see a couple of small characters ‘unlike a new clothing, a person was not an old friend.’ It was the same free calligraphic style, and it made Murong Shu Qing to lowly sigh and say: “It is indeed a pair.”

Looking at the pair of exquisite jades that were in front of her, Murong Shu Qing actually had this regrets about things that had remained the same while the people had changed. She finally found the other part of the jade, but she still did not fully understand why Qin Xiu Zhi had the other part. Taking the tray and put it in the low stool by the bedside, Murong Shu Qing looked towards Qin Xiu Zhi, and asked: “Can you tell me why this other piece of jade is here with you?”

Qin Xiu Zhi was not being vague either, so he directly answered: “My father gave this to me.”

“Your father?” Could it be that the person who took away Mo Can’s mother was his father, without any emotion in her voice, Murong Shu Qing softly asked: “Did your esteemed father ever go to Dong Yu when he was young? Or did he mention to you where this exquisite jade was from?”

“My father was not from Hai Yu. After he fell in love with Mother Emperor, then he moved to Hai Yu. As far as this exquisite jade, father gave me this before he passed away, and only said that he saved a woman who was almost in labor 20 years ago. After he helped that woman to deliver a baby boy, the woman took this piece of exquisite jade to give him so he could hold it in safekeeping properly and wait for someone who would bring the other part of the jade. So that person could say the matching verses, just like that she gave this piece of exquisite jade to him. The next day, the woman took her child and went away. Afterwards, my father was looking for her for a very long time and had never had any information about her, and then he took it to Hai Yu.” This was also father’s regret for so many years, he felt ashamed to be trusted by the woman, so when they were framed and had to leave Hai Yu ten years ago, and after they arrived back in Dong Yu, father was always looking for the other part of the exquisite jade. But unfortunately, until he passed away, he could not find her.

As it turned out, his father was actually not from Hai Yu, she had no choice but to admire this deceased person whom she did not have an opportunity to meet. She admired his courageous and strong dedication towards romance, one might well ask, how many men in this world would be willing to move to a country because of the woman whom he loved and who was actually the Emperor. And with the existence of Xi Lie Yue, it could be said that this woman was not even his one lover (meaning that she has more than one male concubines). This kind of person surely had some tough, tenacious and tolerance heart. If what Qin Xiu Zhi was saying, was real, it was not surprising that Mo Can’s mother would give this exquisite jade to this kind of person.

After thinking, Murong Shu Qing hoped that she could know some matters about the exquisite jades from Qin Xiu Zhi, this contained Mo Can’s past history after all, so she asked: “In this case, your esteemed father actually did not know anything about this exquisite jade?!”

Qin Xiu Zhi nodded and softly sighed: “En. Father said that the woman was really unwilling to let go but also insisted that he must hold it in safekeeping at that time. She also told him that he could only give it to the person who had the other part of the jade. Originally, he planned on waiting until the woman’s mood was somewhat calmed before he returned it back to her, but who would have thought that she left without saying anything.” This was also father’s lifetime concern, so he also looked for that woman in the past, but there were multitude of people in the world so he still could not find any information in the end.

Looking at his appearance, she was afraid that she would not get any information from him here, since originally she thought that she would find the other part of the jade, and could still find Mo Can’s past events from 20 years ago. But it appeared that the trail was cut off now.

Looking one glance at the exquisite jades on the table again, Murong Shu Qing took the dark jade tray and hold it on her hand, and quietly looked over the two pieces of the jade ornaments. Suddenly, she said to Qin Xiu Zhi who was by her side: “I have to inconvenient you to light the lanterns so I can examine these pair of exquisite jades.”

“Alright.” Even though Qin Xiu Zhi did not understand the reason, but he still made the servant boy to hold the candle to light up the whole room.

Immediately, the originally dark room was brightly lit by the candle lights, just liked during the daytime.

Murong Shu Qing picked up the dark red thread that was on the top of the jade, and made it to hang in midair. The lights from all around seemed to gather among the white jade in an instant, within the inside and outside, slowly, it showed a slight purple glow. Murong Shu Qing wanted to pick up the other jade, but because of her left shoulder’s injury, she was somewhat not able to do it, so Qin Xiu Zhi helped her to pick it up and hang it in midair just like the other one, so both of the jades were hanging in midair at the same time.

Just like the first part of the jade, the other jade gradually produced a soft purple light, the purple light was more and more beautiful. When the purple light surrounded them, the two exquisite jades suddenly began to tremble softly, their vibrations produced a burst of low and shallow sound like a sharp ringing sound. The trembling sound was suddenly a loud chanting and suddenly a soft chanting, just like a cheerful and lighthearted couple who were drinking joyfully.

Qin Xiu Zhi did not dare to believe what he was looking at the exquisite jade that was on his own hand, he lowly sighed and said: “Very magical. Why was it when I picked up the other jade, I had never discovered this unusual condition before?” He had always picked up this exquisite jade in this kind of bright lighted room so he could look it over carefully. He even looked at it under the sunshine, besides its luster, glossy and perfectness, there was nothing different at all.

Murong Shu Qing slightly separated them, the purple light and the low chanting were clearly weaken, when they were near, they would produce that magnificent purple light and low chanting gradually again. Murong Shu Qing smilingly sighed: “Maybe only when they are together, then they will produce this kind of magnificent radiance and pleasant to hear sound.”

What kind of theory was this, she could not explain it clearly either, it should be when they were together that their magnetic fields would retract physically like this. Just wanting to put down the exquisite jade that was on her hand, suddenly, a burst of ice-cold chilliness attacked from her wrist (where she wore her bracelet), and it made Murong Shu Qing feel startled and she almost dropped the exquisite jade down. Fortunately, Qin Xiu Zhi who was by her side, had sharp eyes so he picked it up on his hand.

Discovering that Murong Shu Qing’s complexion suddenly became abnormal, Qin Xiu Zhi thought that her injury was hurt again, it was after all an injury from a strong and big arrow. It was actually pierced through her chest, if it was not a slanted shot, it would absolutely take her life.

Supporting her to half-leaning to sit properly, Qin Xiu Zhi asked with deep concern: “What is wrong? Does your injury hurt again?! I will make the physician to give you another medicine.” Saying this, he wanted to get up and leave.

Murong Shu Qing pulled the sleeve of Qin Xiu Zhi’s garment to prevent him to call anybody, she softly shook her head, and smilingly said with somewhat difficulty: “I am alright, I am just a little bit tired.”

Looking that her face looked tired, Qin Xiu Zhi was not reluctant anymore so he pulled the blanket properly for her, and said with a soft voice: “Then, you rest properly. I will leave first.”

Qin Xiu Zhi was just about to take away the exquisite jades that were on the low table, but Murong Shu Qing lowly called: “Wait a second, can you leave these pair of exquisite jades for me to look again?” Originally, she did not think it was necessary to continue looking at it again, but her wrist that received a slight chilliness a moment ago, she had never experienced that the bracelet would send out this kind of abnormal feeling for the last four years. Even though it emitted a faint chilliness in the past, but it absolutely never felt so ice-cold like this time. Was the difference because of these pair of exquisite jades?

Qin Xiu Zhi put down the tray again, smilingly said: “Of course, I can, you have the other part, this one part of the jade should be returned to you also.” Even though he looked at that marvelous view of this rare thing, but a nobleman should not admire unjust wealth, or long for another person’s thing, so it could be considered that he had achieved father’s many years desire to return this earlier.

His clear and bright smile and his elegant personality that did not long for other people’s things, made Murong Shu Qing secretly feel admiration to him, shaking her head, she smilingly said: “I am only being entrusted by somebody else.” No matter what, these exquisite jades belonged to Chu Yin and Mo Can, or maybe Qin Xiu Zhi could also be said to be the owner of the one of the jades. But they were definitely not hers, she only wanted to see what the relationships between them and her own purple bracelet that was on her wrist.

This was also the first time that he saw someone would anxiously and clearly distinguish a boundary about other people’s treasure, he put the dark jade tray within reach from Murong Shu Qing’s bed, and smilingly said: “You take them. I am going out, you rest earlier.”

Finished speaking, he extinguished some of the candles that were on the table, and only left several candles that were near the bed. Then he softly closed the door, and leisurely one could hear the sound of his footsteps that were gradually getting further apart.

Murong Shu Qing lifted the sleeve of her garment, the bracelet that was on her wrist had already receded gradually, but its surrounding was still slightly chilly, so Murong Shu Qing was startled with this matter. She saw this trace of faint purple light at her paternal grandfather’s house before, but the purple light that was surrounded these exquisite jades were different, the purple light on the bracelet seemed to be flowing even more.

Destined Marriage With Fragrance Chapter 89: Looking For

This chapter was translated for only. And only for those people who don’t mind reading unprofessional translation that was being translated FREELY using the translator’s and editor’s own free times. So rude & entitled people aren’t welcome to read this translation!!! So GO AWAY….

By Qian Lu

Chapter 89

Looking For

The night gradually arrived to devour the light, so one could enjoy the revelation of its devilish charm as much as one liked. Inside a beautiful and gorgeous room, there was a small candle that was in the table with its weak candle light that one could not see the full view of the room. But one could clearly see one white clothing female who was lying on the carved rosewood bed, who had a pale complexion and seemed to be in a nightmare with her low mumbling voices continuously. On a chair beside the bed, a tranquil and elegant person was sitting, the man was as gentle as a jade, and as clear as water. The man was casually flipping the page from a book on the table with a dim candle light. Whenever the female was tossing about in bed and murmuring, he would wipe the sweats for her, and gently pat the back of her hand until the female was calmed. Then he would return to his chair and flip through his book again.

There was darkness and coldness within Murong Shu Qing’s side, she alternately and gently rubbed her arms hoping that she could have some warmth. Without any direction, she walked forward, there was a faint figure in front of her, so even though Murong Shu Qing was suspicious, she was still walking so she could enter the place. The figure turned his head around, it was Mo Can, so Murong Shu Qing happily grabbed Mo Can’s hand. When she was just about to say something, Mo Can smiled at her, it was still that kind of pure and warm smile, but the smile seemed to make her heart feel pain. One of Murong Shu Qing’s hand covered her painful heart, while her other hand grabbed Mo Can’s hand, but Mo Can actually vanished in the middle of darkness, so Murong Shu Qing was unable to pull him. Again he took away her injured heart with his smile and disappeared in front of her eyes.

“Mo Can ~~” Murong Shu Qing called out his name, but there was no answer.

“Mo Can!” Murong Shu Qing suddenly shouted and opened her eyes, the cool sweat on her forehead made her able to look at the person who was wiping her sweat for her. His appearance was elegant, a bright male was sitting properly by the bedside. Looking that she had awaken, he was smiling at her, he said with a relieved smile: “You are awake.”

“Who are you?” Murong Shu Qing was puzzled? Her brain that was just awoken a moment ago, had not recovered yet.

The man did not speak, but he was only smiling and looking at her.

That clear and tranquil eyes that like the bright stars, also, that picture scroll!! It was him! “Qin Xiu Zhi?!” Murong Shu Qing did not dare to be certain in her question. Her appearance when she saw him last time, was very different. If it was not for that pair of eyes, she could not be able to recognize him.

“You still remember me.” Qin Xiu Zhi’s eyes that looked as tranquil as a lake, showed a burst of small waves, they departed more than half a year ago, but she actually still remembered him.

Murong Shu Qing, with some pains, wanted to knead her chaotic brain, but the sharp pain from her left shoulder made her unable to move. Her shoulder injury, and that strange dream just a moment ago, made Murong Shu Qing suddenly remembered that fall from the cliffs. Moreover, Mo Can was giving his life to save her, tightly grabbing Qin Xiu Zhi’s hand, Murong Shu Qing excitingly called out: “Mo Can, where is Mo Can??”

Qin Xiu Zhi allowed her to grab his own hand so she did not stir up too much and hurt her own self. He supported her injured shoulder, and gently asked: “Who is Mo Can? The person whom you had been calling out for two days?”

Murong Shu Qing stared blankly, and hastily asked: “Two days? You said that I lost consciousness for two days?”


Murong Shu Qing deeply breathed to let her own heart be calmed, the current her now could not think. With great difficulty and slowly, she let Qin Xiu Zhi to help her sit down, and Murong Shu Qing was looking at him sincerely, she said: “I am asking you for a favor.”

“You can say it.” Qin Xiu Zhi looked for a cushion so she could sit more comfortably. As long as it was within his power, he would do what she asked for.

“Under the northern side of the Feng Shan mountain, and within vicinity of the mountain stream, please help me look for a man. He is wearing a black clothing, his height is probably about 8 feet tall, he suffered a very serious injury.” Two days, she missed the most important time to save him, even if Mo Can’s martial arts were excellent and did not die from the fall, but his whole body was injured. Also, these past two days, Murong Shu Qing did not dare to continue thinking, but she could not abandon looking for this chance, as she believed that he would not give up either.

Qin Xiu Zhi called somebody from outside the window: “Xi Mu.”

Very quickly, a black dress male came into the room, his figure was tall and strong, with a handsome appearance, proud and imposing manner. Gazing fixedly, he stopped in front of Qin Xiu Zhi, and cupped his hands to salute: “Master.”

After Qin Xiu Zhi nodded his head, he immediately said: “You take 10 ten people to go down the northern side of the Feng Shan mountain cliffs, and look for one black dress man. Split up the search, and come to report the result between 3-5 pm tomorrow.”

“Yes.” After the man accepted the order, he rapidly departed.

Murong Shu Qing startlingly said: “They are your people?” That Xi Mu was clearly one of the person who was in Cheng Du that day, and had fought with them during the Winter Solstice night. He was the leader of that strange group of men who looked like ninjas. She would not mistake his voice and his eyes, but they were Qin Xiu Zhi’s people?! In that case, why did they leave when they saw the exquisite jade? And how did Qin Xiu Zhi and Mo Can were related in the past?

Furthermore, she was clearly thrown off the cliffs by Mo Can, why was she here now, how could Hong Ming let go of her, Yan Yu, Lu Yi and Zi Yuan easily like this? Where were they? Were they alive or dead?!

Heaven ah, with so many questions in her brain, her head felt like it was twisted by threads, and she could not find the main thread. Her head that was already in endless pain, it seemed that every nerve was even clamoring now. Using her uninjured right hand to lightly pat her head, Murong Shu Qing groaned in pain lowly.

Qin Xiu Zhi grabbed her hand that was torturing herself, and did not allow her to torment her own self like this again. Helping her lean on the soft cushion, Qin Xiu Zhi comfortingly sighed and said: “You were just woken up a moment ago, just do not make your body injures even more, you have to make your body better first.”

At this moment, one young and inexperienced black dress servant boy was holding a bowl of porridge, and walking to Qin Xiu Zhi’s side, he said in a whisper: “Gongzi, the porridge is here.”

Taking the porridge from the servant boy, Qin Xiu Zhi was blowing at that very hot porridge, while he advised: “You did not eat anything for two days, drink this porridge first.”

“I can do it on my own.” Not used to be fed by another person, Murong Shu Qing turned her face, and extended her uninjured right hand to take the bowl of porridge. But Qin Xiu Zhi did not give it to her, her left shoulder was hurt so it could not be moved freely, this porridge was extremely hot also, so he moved the bowl of porridge and did not let her touch it. Taking the spoon into her hand, he sighed and said: “Your shoulder is injured, you can eat on your own, but let me help you hold the bowl.”

Murong Shu Qing nodded her head, and she did not set herself against Qin Xiu Zhi again, what he said was actually a fact anyway, plus she was anxious and wanted to know a lot of things now also. She wanted to know some basic informations from him, so that she would be able to decide on what to do. And before she could do these things, she definitely must have a good health. Even though she did not really have an appetite now, but she did not raise any objection, so she picked up the spoon and put it into her mouth. Murong Shu Qing calmed down her somewhat chaotic minds, she turned back into a gentle and soft person, looked gently at Qin Xiu Zhi and gave him a smile, then she said: “I am fine, while I am eating, you can tell me how you have found me. What happened to the person beside me?!”

The person who was in front of him, even though her complexion was still pale, but he could she that her radiance eyes were the same calm, collected, wise and farsighted just like before. This kind of her made Qin Xiu Zhi feel at ease and he nodded his head as he knew what kind of urgent concerns she had about the people and other matter, so Qin Xiu Zhi said: “I received a letter one month ago from the highest woman, that is Yue-er, she told me to get to Dong Yu within half a month. She said that she had found you, also said that you needed help, and you wanted to see me as soon as possible. So I rushed over here.”

Murong Shu Qing’s hand that was holding the spoon, paused, she did not know whether to laugh or cry, this Xi Lie Yue really dared to say anything, but she really had to thank her now. Even though she still did not know what happened during the time when she lost consciousness, but she could safely stay here now, so Qin Xiu Zhi must have made a lot of efforts. Murong Shu Qing put the spoon down, and lightly shook her head, she pushed Qin Xiu Zhi’s hand back to indicate that she did not want to eat anymore. Adjusting her sitting position, Murong Shu Qing looked at him with concentration, and said: “Continue talking.”

Qin Xiu Zhi looked one glance at the porridge that was already eaten by half, so he did not force her to continue eating either. Taking the bowl to give it to the servant boy who was always behind him, he continued saying: “Mother Emperor was worried for my safety, so she sent the best secret army from the country to protect me. After I arrived in Dong Yu, Yue-er told me that you were not in the Capital anymore, so I went to the northern route to find you, but it was not safe for the whole journey. Not too long after I arrived in Dong Yu, I did not know what kind of people who were following me all along, but they did not seem to want to kill me, and looked like they were looking for something. One day, Xi Mu discovered an assassin, so he chased him out all the way. After he came back, he told me that he saw a woman who was holding the same exquisite jade as mine. He described the appearance of the woman, so I guessed that woman was you.”

“What did you say? The other part of the jade is here??” Murong Shu Qing startlingly asked. She was looking for it for a long time, the other part of the jade that was closely related to Mo Can, was actually with him?!


Sian’s notes:
Woohooo… Our Qin Gongzi is back but hiks hiks hiks, my Mo Can is missing… 😭😭😭 Didn’t I give you a hint to enjoy Mo Can’s appearance while it lasts!! Now, he’s MIA…

Eh, I didn’t notice that Mo Can is also about 8 feet tall. But anyway, I hope Mo Can is alright. I have cheated reading up to Ch 95 to see if he would show up but he had not shown up again. But this maybe the time for the other male lead to have his own screen time. But I hope the author didn’t kill off my Mo Can…

The highest woman’s appellation was using the words tai (highest) nv (woman). Not sure how to translate this appellation. As technically, she’s not the highest woman in Hai Yu, but her Queen Mother will still be the highest woman. Maybe she’s the highest woman below her Queen Mother. 😅

Hehehehe… Xi Lie Yue, Xi Lie Yue… Did she really know that MSQ would be in trouble or she was actually making it up in the letter??? If she made it up in the letter, the Chinese believes that one shouldn’t have “a crow’s mouth” meaning one should be careful on what one is saying so one doesn’t jinx oneself. XLY actually became MSQ’s jinx. 😅😅😅 If they keep up with their friendships, I’m afraid what unfortunate things that MSQ will encounter. Hehehe… But at the same time, our Qin Gongzi ended up saving our heroine…. so everything is good for now.

Destined Marriage With Fragrance Chapter 88: Heartbreak

Cliffhanger warning!!! And Gong Xi Fa Cai to those who celebrate Chinese NY…

This chapter was translated for only. And only for those people who don’t mind reading unprofessional translation that was being translated FREELY at the translator’s and editor’s own free times. So rude & entitled people aren’t welcome to read this translation!!! So GO AWAY….

By Qian Lu

Chapter 88


But they were just barely rushing towards Murong Shu Qing, but they were not closed to her side yet, when there were suddenly a rain of arrows that were piercing through that made them to withdraw back. The woman fiercely opened her eyes, but could only see that at a place above, there were about several dozens of black masked bodyguards standing, they were holding bows and arrows on their hands that were pointed at them.

The appearance of the black bodyguards made the position was reversed in a flash, the black clothing people and the woman were surrounded in the middle. Murong Shu Qing just planned to ask where Zi Yuan was again, when a melodious and clear voice of a man said smilingly: “I have said it earlier, if one can easily deal with her like this, she will not be called Murong Shu Qing.”

Murong Shu Qing raised her head to look towards the source of the voice, several dozen of people appeared in a flash from behind the mountain rocks that surrounded the white snow mountain range. These people did not have any complicated black clothing, they were only wearing the same dark blue servant attires. But since they were able to stand in silence like this, it showed that they appeared to be the experts, one could be seen clearly that they were out of the ordinary. The most eye-catching among them were the two men, one was wearing a faint blue brocade robe, his long hair was bound with a white jade crown, his face was cultured and refined, as if it was bathing with a warm spring smile. Beside him was a man who was wearing a plain red clothing, he had a slender figure, a living person would not come close to him, that pair of eyes could not be described as cold, but they were similar as if one was looking face to face with him and one’s soul was being absorbed by them.

Murong Shu Qing forced a smile when she looked at the group of people who suddenly appeared, everything was confirmed in front of her eyes with the old saying, the mantis stalked the cicada, but unaware of the oriole behind (to pursue a narrow gain while neglecting a greater danger). It looked like today was really not a good day. After Mo Can detected these people, he pulled her to go behind him. Murong Shu Qing walked out from behind Mo Can, and looked face to face at him with a smile, she stood next to him, and when she looked towards the blue dress man, she could still show that shallow smile and said: “Yan Emperor (Yan from Yan Ru, the other country), it is very rare.” It had been three years, she thought that she would not meet him again, who would have thought that they could still meet today. If her opponent was him, she did not have any assurance as this person had sophisticate schemes that were extremely deep.

Hong Ming softly knitted his eyebrows, she actually still remembered him, that quick look from three years ago, he was so wrong to look at this ordinary and inexperience young girl. His gentle voice showed a polite smile: “It is worth it for Miss Murong Shu Qing.”

He was worthy of the virtuous praise from all the people ah, he would forever have that gentleness and politeness, if only that eyes were tranquil and benevolent, he was indeed a good fortune for the common people. Murong Shu Qing calmly said: “Yan Emperor moves these many experts like this, Shu Qing is flattered.”

“Miss Murong is really courteous. It is not easy to meet with you.”

Murong Shu Qing smilingly looked one glance at these people shadows who almost filled the mountain top, she mockingly said: “Yan Emperor brings this big forces like this today, and also appears in person, are you planning to chat with me while appreciating the snow?!”

Hong Ming softly smiled and did not get angry with her sarcasm, consciously smoothed his sleeve, he smilingly said: “Can I not?”

They were naturally chatting as if they were old friends who just met together, and appeared to completely disregard the strange atmosphere within the perimeter and its clear murderous auras. But it was a pity that someone’s unpleasantly did not like their hypocritical intentions, and the violent undercurrent, so he impatiently said: “Are you guys done with your long-winded words?”

This person’s voice and his figure actually matched together, it was the same as if the cold wind was passing through, so Murong Shu Qing still felt that Mo Can’s cold stare was somewhat adorable. The shaping of the human character, environments and fate had close connections, Murong Shu Qing did not have any choice but to sigh, could it be that they would run into this bad luck?! But this person was also very intelligent, in any case, Hong Ming was a monarch for one country, but he still spoke to him rudely.

“Miss Murong, what do you think?”

His implication and his pulsing eyes were sparkling, one could clearly understand his intention, but Murong Shu Qing softly shook her head, could it be that they thought to posses her body or casually give a status, so they could just trap her! Conveniently patting the snowflakes on her shoulder, Murong Shu Qing turned it down: “The condition of your collaboration does not really attract me.”

Did she really think that she had the qualification to discuss the term with him?! Hong Ming casually swept one glance at the people who were at Murong Shu Qing’s side, the archers who were behind them immediately aimed the arrows at them. With a gentle tone that could make people who listened to it, felt gloomy: “I know that you are not afraid to die, but did you also not care about their lives?!”

“Yan Emperor has used them to threaten me earlier, maybe if you use the right approach, it will lead to a better result. But do you really think of me as a child who has not undergone affairs of life? You come to Dong Yu and can not let people know it, if I go to Yan Rui, then I can not let people know even more. So no matter what my answer will be, they all must die.” If she submitted to them and could exchange their lives, it would not matter, anyway, there was no difference in going anywhere. Moreover, with Mo Can and Yan Yu’s abilities to completely prepare, so they naturally could save her, but how could this Hong Ming hide this danger!

“Murong Shu Qing, it is actually unfortunate that you are a woman. Since you already know it, then there is no need to put any pointless resistance. If I can not use you, then there is only a dead road for you.”

Following Hong Ming’s order, the scene became somewhat chaotic, the former black clothing people who were following the woman, came rushing towards them. Yan Yu, Mo Can and her secret bodyguards who were waiting at the mountain ridge, were battling with Hong Ming’s subordinates. But they had a lot more people so they occupied a better position, the secret bodyguards were gradually not as strong anymore. From time to time, she and Lu Yi were shot by arrows that were blocked by Mo Can one after another.

Murong Shu Qing looked at the situation in front of her, she could not help to pucker her eyebrows again. This was not a way to continue to battle like this as she had no hands of winning at all, so she wanted to break the deadlock.

Within the wind and snow, Murong Shu Qing did not let herself to be affected by the bright swords that were in front of her, and she thought deeply on what she should do to come out of the siege.

Hong Ming must admit in his heart that Murong Shu Qing was certainly the most remarkable woman whom he had ever seen. In this world, there were women who had a lot resourceful, were strong and brave, were not afraid of death, but she was the kind who cherished other people, was warm-hearted, full of wisdom in her heart, and intelligent, the kind that he had not seen before. In the middle of the snowflakes that were floating down from the sky, she was standing there alone. She actually looked even more beautiful. He really was not willing for her to die, but the man who was beside him did not seem to be happy if Murong Shu Qing was alive. One could see that the two blue clothing men who were always standing behind him, slightly gave a hint, then the two people’s figures were flying rapidly as if ghosts, and they went straight to Mo Can.

Both of their martual arts were very high, so when they were tangling with him, Mo Can was fully occupied, at this time, a strong and powerful long arrow that could not be avoided by anybody shot out. The person who shot the arrow was the cold face and purple-red dress man, and his target was to force Murong Shu Qing to the edge of the cliffs.

Destined Marriage With Fragrance Chapter 87: In Crisis

This chapter was translated for only. And only for those people who don’t mind reading unprofessional translation that was being translated FREELY at the translator’s and editor’s own free times. So rude & entitled people aren’t welcome to read this translation!!! So GO AWAY….

By Qian Lu

Chapter 87

In Crisis

“Miss, look, it is snowing.” Lu Yi’s startling shout made Murong Shu Qing who was unconsciously flipping a page to lift her head up, lifting open the bamboo hanging screen, one could see that outside already looked silver white, so Murong Shu Qing smilingly said: “En, this is the highest mountain area, once we pass through this Feng Shan mountain, it will be Feng Cheng city, and Lin Feng Guan border is very close.”

Before they went up the mountain, there was no snow at the base of the mountain yet, who would have thought that once they were up on the mountain, the difference in temperature was really big like this, and one could clearly see that this mountain was very high. The area of Feng Shan mountain formed numerous mountains, layer upon layer of mountains, so the government was also having some big problems when they were constructing the road. So for one to get to Lin Feng Guan border, the only path to go there was through the Feng Shan mountain and it was the quickest also.

Lu Yi was just about to call Zi Yuan to come and appreciate the snow, but once she turned around, she saw that Zi Yuan’s complexion was somewhat pale and she was closing her eyes. So Lu Yi immediately went to her side, she grabbed her hand anxiously, and asked: “Zi Yuan jiejie, are you feeling unwell?”

Zi Yuan was leaning on the carriage’s wall, and smilingly shook her head, she said with a somewhat weak voice: “Nothing, it is possible because of too much bumping from the carriage so I am somewhat dizzy.”

Murong Shu Qing faintly said: “Then, just rest at the front for a little bit.”

Zi Yuan answered in a whisper: “Thank you, Miss.”

The carriage stopped at a place near the hilltop at a relatively wide open space, Murong Shu Qing took the lead to get down from the carriage. The snow had not stopped but it fell down less than before, taking the snowflakes that were floating down slowly and looking at them gradually melting on her hand, Murong Shu Qing took a deep breath, the cold wind and snow made her to have a light cough.

Bing Po was the most excited with the snow and cold weather, this kind of weather was the most weather that it liked and was accustomed to. So since it started entering the north side, it had shown its passionate mood, especially when it started snowing today, it was running happily even more. After going around for one big loop around the area, Bing Po was finally calmed for a moment, it stoped by the side of Murong Shu Qing, and used its forehead to sway her cheek incessantly. Murong Shu Qing helplessly dodged, as Bing Po’s nose was puffing a steam that made her itchy. Finally, she had no alternative but to pat its head, taking Lu Yi so she could feed the ginseng roots for it to eat, so it would be well-behaved.

“Miss, add more clothing, it is very cold.” Lu Yi was trembling while she handed over the other clothing to Murong Shu Qing, while she looked at Bing Po who was eating happily. In this cold weather and with its short hair, but it was not afraid of cold one bit, Bing Po was really enviable.

Lu Yi always grew up in the south, so she still had not adapted to the weather yet, she already wear three layers of jackets but she was still rubbing her palms incessantly. Murong Shu Qing gently patted her freezing and blushing face, and smilingly said: “You go back inside the carriage, do not catch a cold.”

Lu Yi promptly shook her head, and held the scarf that was on her neck tightly, that was given by Murong Shu Qing, she reached out her hand to try to catch the snowflakes continuously, and happily said: “It is beautiful here, I want to look around.” She had not seen this kind of world with a white snow scenery, there was no other color, it was pure color. As it turned out this was spectacularly beautiful, and it made people to feel inexplicable awe, she felt that she was only a tiny part of this world. Unconsciously stepping forward one step, she wanted to blend into the white snow, but she forgot that she was already standing at the edge, so this one step almost made her fall into the abyss.

Murong Shu Qing sharply pulled Lu Yi’s arm, and took her to leave the edge of the cliffs, she anxiously said: “Be careful, all around this Feng Shan mountain have many cliffs, it is no joke if you are falling from this place.”

Lu Yi was also frightened, and looked at the place that she just stood, the stone that fell down, did not make any sound at all, and she could not help but swallow a mouthful of saliva so she withdrew one step again. Hiding behind Murong Shu Qing’s back, she stared blankly when she nodded and answered: “Oh.”

Murong Shu Qing softly smiled, this girl seemed to be really frightened this time. But she understood this kind of experience, when one could not bear to control the need to be near that silver looking world now.

“Zi Yuan jiejie, are you feeling a little better?” Lu Yi looked at Zi Yuan who was not speaking all along, and only quietly looking at them. Since she was not feeling well, she should rest inside the carriage, since today was cold and freezing. Zi Yuan jiejie and her had never come to the northern part, and she was still wearing very little, no wonder that she fell ill.

Lu Yi was finally calmed down after she was frightened just a moment ago that her heart almost jumped out, after breathing deeply, she came out of behind Murong Shu Qing. She just wanted to go to the carriage and give Zi Yuan a piece of clothing, but Murong Shu Qing grabbed her hand, so Lu Yi puzzlingly looked at her, but she could only see that she was pulled by MSQ whose eyes were surveying at a distance place within the mountain range. For a very long time, Murong Shu Qing could only sigh and say: “It seems that it will be not easy for us to go down the mountain.”

Her words were just barely left out, then there were more than 20 black clothing people who leapt out of the original mountain road that was rather empty, they appeared wordlessly like this so they should already be waiting here at an earlier time. This place was originally not a very big open space on this mountain, and it became a little crowded now. Mo Can was standing behind Murong Shu Qing, he remained in silent, and did not look at those black clothing people. His eyes were even colder than the white snow that was filling the ground, and lingering heavily within the mountain range, but nobody dared to ignore his existence. Bing Po could feel the murderous aura from the black clothing people, so its nose kept puffing some anger continuously, with its dismissive look. Yan Yu appeared to have been prepared long ago, so he stood next to Bing Po with his stoic expression.

The situation became tense, so Lu Yi consciously withdrew behind Murong Shu Qing, she did not have any martial arts, so the best that she could do was to try to protect her own self and did not create any trouble for Miss, this was the thing that she had to do now. Zi Yuan was also standing by the side of the carriage without moving, so Lu Yi thought that she was terrified, and anxiously said to her: “Zi Yuan jiejie, come here quickly.”

Zi Yuan did not move for a long time, but her usual gentle smiling eyes were still sharply staring at Murong Shu Qing who was still appreciating the snow and listening to the wind. Her strange expression like this made Lu Yi feel scared, so she anxiously grasped Murong Shu Qing’s sleeve firmly.

Murong Shu Qing turned her head around, and held Lu Yi’s hand, her slightly cold palm was not able to provide warmth to Lu Yi, but the strength of her hold could make her feel at ease. Appeasing Lu Yi’s uneasy feeling, Murong Shu Qing was looking around one glance at the black clothing people who already surrounded them, then her line of sight moved to Zi Yuan, she faintly said: “You waited for a long time to choose, and finally decided to make a move here, it seemed that you made a complete preparation.”

Zi Yuan shook her head, while she smilingly said: “I was so careful like this, but you still seemed to be able to see it.” Her tone showed helplessness but she still spoke it out with admiration and excitement.

Completely different from Zi Yuan’s soft and gentle voice but the words came out of Zi Yuan’s body, it made Lu Yi to open her eyes big, and she mumbled unbelievingly: “Zi Yuan jiejie ~~!”

“She is not her.” Murong Shu Qing explained in a whisper.

As if she wanted I confirm her (MSQ) words, Zi Yuan softly raised her hand, a piece as if a delicate texture came off of her face.

Under the skin, it was a pale and ordinary face, and did not have any color on it, it practically did not have any expression, and completely lack of her facial features. If one would meet her on the street, one would not have any impression on the face. If one must say what part was special, that would be her eyes, they were ruthless and sharp.

“Where is Zi Yuan?” She already asked Feng Yi when she had to return a book, and he only said that Zi Yuan was suddenly missing, and she had not asked him to go to look for her. Zi Yuan was not this kind of unscrupulous person so it made her to be suspicious, moreover, Zi Yuan and Murong Shu Qing grew up together. When they were small, Murong Shu Qing closed the door with strength and her (ZY) right hand was nipped because of it. Zi Yuan’s right hand did not have any strength, but she was unwilling to mention this normally, and never used her right hand to do anything either, so nobody would know about this.

During the attack that night, when she looked at Zi Yuan’s right hand, she just found out that it was fishy, this woman yi rong shu’s skill (skill to change face) could be considered very high. Not only that it portrayed Zi Yuan’s appearance to the slightest difference, but even the way she spoke, was also the same.

“She is dead.” The woman coldly threw out those words.

Her words made Murong Shu Qing to pucker her eyebrows up, and also made Lu Yi’s frightened complexion to become deathly pale. But Murong Shu Qing did not lose her control at all, and said with her usual calmness: “She is not dead. Moreover, you still have and hide her within this vicinity.”

“How can you be sure.” The woman’s face finally had a trace of provocative smile.

Murong Shu Qing used her tranquil’s voice and faintly answered: “You handle the matters cautiously and carefully, and strive for perfection, so you definitely retain Zi Yuan. As long as you know more about her, you will not let yourself to expose any mistake. Everyday that you have not successful, is the same as the day that she is still alive.” Her heart was very nervous, she hoped that her guess was right, and this woman kept Zi Yuan to guard against the unexpected.

The woman lightly patted her palms, with unconcerned expression as if a human life was not worth anything to her: “Brilliant, but this girl, even is she is dead, or even is she is not dead, she is already half-dead and her life is useless.”

Zi Yuan was not dead, her words already revealed this information, but that girl was certainly in a lot of suffering. Thinking that Zi Yuan would suffer some torments, Murong Shu Qing’s face that was always tranquil, calm and elegant, also showed a layer of cold and frosty expression, she asked with a quiet voice but with clear intonation in every word: “Where is she!”

Murong Shu Qing suddenly changed in complexion, but one could say that it made the woman to laugh out loud presumptuously, but there was actually mournful sound within her laughter. Finally after laughing, the woman did not speak about Zi Yuan’s location, that stoic face regained its original silent, but his sharp eyes became apathetic. For a long time, she just lowly said these words that could not be understood by anyone: “Why did I not run into you at an earlier time?!”

Finished speaking, she closed her eyes, and lightly waved her right hand, the black clothing people were finally making their movements, her long, cold and ruthless sword was pointed at Murong Shu Qing.


Sian’s notes:
Kiranda, how do you feel about your random conspiracy theory now??? And novercrazy guessed it half correctly. Half correctly as this Zi Yuan is an imposter so it’s not the real Zi Yuan who is a traitor. I didn’t even think there was any possibility about this at all even though I should have guessed when Zi Yuan popped out of nowhere meeting MSQ. But once this imposter knew how MSQ treated the people around her, she had some regrets that she met MSQ too late. If she met MSQ earlier, she would probably become another loyal servant to her.

Hehehe… I’m like Bing Po. I love snow and cold weather. ☺️☺️

So now we know who poisoned Lu Yi. The fake Zi Yuan poisoned Lu Yi, hoping that she could use Lu Yi as her weapon against MSQ. Thankfully, that mysterious guy happened to see the poison. Now the question is who sent this imposter, you all have to wait until the next update. 😉

Destined Marriage With Fragrance Chapter 86: Lantern Festival (Part 2)

This chapter was translated for only. And only for those people who don’t mind reading unprofessional translation that was being translated FREELY at the translator’s and editor’s own free times. So rude & entitled people aren’t welcome to read this translation!!! So GO AWAY….

By Qian Lu

Chapter 86

Lantern Festival (Part 2)

The night without the wind also made the atmosphere became even more tense, nobody dared to act blindly, and they just kept maintaining this strange balance like this. The black shadow man who was in the middle, suddenly lifted his right hand to make a gesture, so the other people rapidly made some movements. Several people who were surrounding the black clothing man started to attack, their movements were quick but changeable, one almost could not see what kinds of movements they had. The three people who surrounded Murong Shu Qing, had not made any move, but they were closely staring at them. Mo Can took Murong Shu Qing to withdraw to Yan Yu’s side, and he changed his posture, the red sword that was on his hand, was attacking the three men upfront.

Murong Shu Qing softly sighed, how could Mo Can take a risk like this, but this was actually the best method, these group of people’s martial arts were unusually high, and they were very well coordinated. If they let the two side to unite together with the black clothing man, at that time, the odd for them to have any success was even smaller. So it would be better to settle the three people now, then they could leave a little bit earlier.

Mo Can and the three people were fighting together, the collision of the swords produced some bursts of fire, even though their movements were quick, and well coordinated, but Mo Can could still handle the fight with his martial arts. Murong Shu Qing was not anxious at all, so she turned to look towards the fierce battles on the other side.

The black clothing person who was surrounded in the middle, was about 40 years, his figure was robust, the pair of his eyes like tiger was still glistening and dazzling under the night scene. One person who was facing many opponents, but he was still capable to be calmed and at ease, but unfortunately, his forehead was continuously seeping out beads of sweat, panting heavily, and one could smell the strong blood smell within the atmosphere. This showed that he was already injured seriously, and several people were attacking from all sides now, he gradually had to resist continuously. Several of the black shadows were winning, the black clothing man had already been hit in many places after several moves, his blood was splashing on the ground.

The conclusion could already be seen, the black clothing man did not have anymore power to resist, several of the black shadows also stopped their attacks. When they were just about to capture him, the black clothing man suddenly spitted some black blood from his mouth, and fell down in the middle of the road.

Murong Shu Qing secretly shouted ‘oh no’, this person took poison to kill himself, in that case, Mo Can would be in danger. Sure enough, after several of them checked that the black clothing man had died, they immediately went to attack Mo Can. But Mo Can’s martial arts were excellent, they could not take any advantage after a period of time. So looking that Murong Shu Qing and the other did not have any martial arts, several of them turned around and attacked them instead. Mo Can turned around several times, even though he was anxious, but he could not break away from these several people.

Yan Yu was solemnly trying to protect them strikingly, but with a few difficult strikes, the black shadows finally had an opportunity that they could exploit. One of the person dodged and captured Zi Yuan’s shoulder, Zi Yuan cried out in fear, and struggled hardly, but she was still captured by the black clothing man, and Zi Yuan’s hand was being twisted behind her. Murong Shu Qing was quickly pulling Lu Yi to withdraw behind Yan Yu’s body, and yelled at Mo Can: “Mo Can, save Zi Yuan.”

Her crying out made the people who were surrounding Mo Can to throw everything at him so they could be in tangle with him even more, so he could not free himself. The black clothing man who already captured Zi Yuan, was nervously looking at Mo Can and raised his vigilant. But at this time, nobody had thought that Murong Shu Qing and Lu Yi would come at the quickest time by the side of the black clothing man at the same time. Lu Yi was holding a sharp stone that was given by Murong Shu Qing, and smashed it on the back of the black clothing man’s head with so much strength. Murong Shu Qing pulled away Zi Yuan, and ruthlessly kicked the black clothing man’s most important (groin) area with strength, Zi Yuan also cooperated and stepped on the black man’s foot strongly. The black clothing man’s thought was completely placed on Mo Can, but suddenly his lower abdomen was kicked by the enemy so he was not able to have any response. And that sharp pain also made him have no choice but to let go and wait until he got his strength back, but Murong Shu Qing and the other already ran away and returned behind Yan Yu.

The three people were gasping for air in panics and doubts, and stroking their chests in shock. Murong Shu Qing looked over Zi Yuan, and anxiously asked: “Zi Yuan! How are you?” She knew that she took a risk this time, if one of them was careless, the three of them would possibly be dead. But as such, Mo Can and Yan Yu were unable to do everything at the same time, and she definitely did not want to see Zi Yuan being harmed!

Zi Yuan looked at Murong Shu Qing’s eyes and flashed through a trace of peculiar spark, one did not know if it was because she was really frightened or what, but she answered somewhat rashly: “I am alright.”

Recalling that her hand was twisted behind her a moment ago, Murong Shu Qing grasped her right hand, and lightly stroke to examine it. Suddenly, she knitted her brows and asked: “Your hand?”

Zi Yuan seemed like she finally recovered slowly, she withdrew her hand, and smilingly answered: “Miss, I am alright.”

Murong Shu Qing did not speak anymore, and just paid attention to that the black clothing man who was not fighting anymore. But those group of people were just watching attentively at the side of their feet, so Murong Shu Qing bowed her head to see Lu Yi just happened to pick it up and wipe it, then she gave it to Murong Shu Qing: “Miss, your jade.”

It was the exquisite jade that Chu Yin gave her, it surely fell out when she was not careful a moment ago, fortunately it did not break, otherwise he could not explain it to him. But these group of people’s strange and heated up expressions, were staring at this piece of jade, was it possible that they knew the story of this piece of jade?!

The people who showed their strange expressions were not only them, but Mo Can who was already behind Murong Shu Qing also showed a strange expression. He knew that this piece of jade was Chu Yin’s beloved item that had never left his body, but why was it on her? Could it be ____?

And that man who seemed like the leader of the group, after his sharp eyes were staring to look at Murong Shu Qing, he lowly said: “Let’s go.” About a dozen shadows disappeared without a trace in a wink of time.

Yan Yu finally relaxed his breath and said: “We should also leave quickly, the martial arts of these group of people are very high and also strange.”

Clenching the exquisite jade in her hand, Murong Shu Qing nodded her head: “En, let’s go.”


Inside the meticulous and decorated courtyard, one could not see any trace of bleakness even though it was still the winter. By the side of the courtyard, several evergreen trees were planted, even though they were not verdant and lushes, but comparing to the fluttering dead leaves everywhere outside, they were full of vitality. Under the shadow of the moon, a white figure seemed to look especially dazzling. Her long hair was hanging down to her legs, and looked so black, shine and gentle, it contrasted with that shining and bright white robe that she was wearing. The moon gave her a faint layer of soft light. Murong Shu Qing was holding the exquisite jade on her hand, watching it under the moon. There was a reflection of the faint purple ray that she was very familiar with, it was the same reflection as the bracelet that was on her wrist.

This exquisite jade and her bracelet looked more and more identical and they seemed to be made of the same materials, was it also able to travel through time? In that case, how could she make it to display its function? Did she have to collect the other part? If she could still go back through it, should she go back or not? Moreover, those strange group of people from today, what kind of people were they, and Yan Yu and Mo Can had never heard about them. Also, why did they just leave when they saw this exquisite jade, did this thing have any relation with them? Were they enemies or friends?

These big questions were piling inside her brain, and they made her feel somewhat powerless. During this time, she just liked to be alone, free in this dark night. This could make her heart feel tranquil, but tonight, she seemed to be unable to feel any tranquility at all. Murong Shu Qing walked to the stone benches that were in the middle of the small courtyard and sat down. Gently putting the exquisite jade that was on her hand, back to the stone table, Murong Shu Qing said to the person who was already standing behind her for a long time: “Sit down. Do you have any matter to ask me?”

Sitting on the stone bench next to her, Mo Can’s sight had not left the exquisite jade that was on the table, he affirmatively said with a muffled voice: “This is the thing that he always carries on him.” But at the present time, it was actually in her hand.

Murong Shu Qing calmly nodded her head and answered: “Yes. I am entrusted to find the other part.” She felt that it was really a chore to look for it.

Mo Can lowly asked: “Is this piece of jade related to me?” From the time that he could remember, Chu Yin was always carrying this piece of jade, and frequently caressing it gently. When he was a child, there was a time when he (CY) was caressing the jade and staring at his (MC) own self, and his (CY) expression was chaotic, he (MC) did not know what he (CY) was looking at. He always knew that this piece of jade should be related to him, but he had not thought that there was another part of it. Hearing that Chu Yin did not give this exquisite jade to Murong Shu Qing, his uneasy heart that he felt for the whole evening, appeared to be tranquil indescribably.

“You can say it that way, but you can not say it that way either.” That other part of the jade was his mother’s thing, it could also have a relation to her death, so it was indeed related to him. But what was his business with this previous generation’s grievances?

Chu Yin did not explain anything to him for the past many years, he should also think about it.

Murong Shu Qing looked at Mo Can who was by her side, and smilingly said: “You want to know.”

Mo Can answered with a cold and indifferent voice: “Not interested.” For him, one’s past history was not important at all, who he was, he did not care even more.

Murong Shu Qing softly laughed, this person would always be ruthless forever, she had not seemed to see his smile yet. But since he had been following Chu Yin, who was a cold and ruthless person since he was a child, it would be best that she did not have any excessive expectation that Mo Can would have any warmth. Let it be, it was rare that tonight did not have any wind, so sitting on this small courtyard, did not feel cold at all. Raising her head to look at the bright sky and moon, Murong Shu Qing faintly said: “Then, just accompany me to admire the full moon, it is rare that the weather is good tonight.”

Mo Can did not answer, but he was just quietly sitting next to her to accompany her.


Sian’s notes:
Awww… Mo Can, you really make me fall for you more and more… Sighing… I’m going to cry if he doesn’t get MSQ. But then I can have him for me… 😃

Ok, so I think those black clothing men were pursuing that one person who died killing himself. But MSQ’s party just happened to be in the wrong place & at the wrong time, so they fought with MSQ’s group also. Now, we’ll wait to find out how that exquisite jade has any relation to those strange people. 😉

Destined Marriage With Fragrance Chapter 85: Lantern Festival (Part 1)

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This chapter was translated for only. And only for those people who don’t mind reading unprofessional translation that was being translated FREELY at the translator’s and editor’s own free times. So rude & entitled people aren’t welcome to read this translation!!! So GO AWAY….

By Qian Lu

Chapter 85

Lantern Festival (Part 1)

Cheng Du City was not big, but because of its position as a traffic hub, the people who were watching the Lantern Festival were actually many, many people from the various regions and dialects were actually gathered here. Actually the colored lanterns that were on the street, were not many, they were not very elaborate either. But since it was Winter Solstice Festival, the atmosphere showed everyone’s faces that were brimming with happiness and smiles, everything seemed to look especially harmonious.

Murong Shu Qing’s party were looking around while they walked all the way, they were wandering on this simple and enthusiastic small town, but one could feel more pleasant walking here than wandering around the bustling Capital City’s main street. The vendor stalls on the side were selling some rough handicrafts, or they were from the swapping of stuffs from the neighboring areas. Even though there was no expensive and quality goods, but Murong Shu Qing looked very interested. She was still choosing some unusual things to give to Lu Yi and Zi Yuan so these two girls felt happy incessantly.

Lu Yi looked at the lotus flower lantern by the curbside, she smiled at Murong Shu Qing and said: “It is a pretty lantern ah, Miss, look at it quickly.”

Murong Shu Qing looked at it, and it was indeed very pretty, the complete shape of the six sections of the lotus flower was very innovative. But there was still a poem that was written on each of the leave petals of the lantern to describe the lotus flower, which was mixed with a picture of a flower. Some flowers might be completely blooming, and some would be lotus flowers that had not yet opened up, it really complement one another well even more, just liked icing on a cake. Murong Shu Qing nodded her head and sincerely praised: “En, very pretty.”

At this time, there were a group of people who were encircling together in front of them, they let out a few exclamation and applause sounds. One could not see what kind of performance that was going on inside, from the sound of applauses from the spectators, one could guess that the performance should be quite wonderful. Lu Yi was pulling Murong Shu Qing’s sleeve, and lightly shaking it, she said in a whisper: “Miss, there is a juggling show up front, let’s go and see it.”

Murong Shu Qing lightly nodded her head, Li Yi waited until she gave an approval and pulled Zi Yuan to push themselves within the crowd. How was this girl so excited like this, it seemed that they were really bored during this period of time. Looking that they looked like fishes that were shuffling back and forth within a tide of people, Murong Shu Qing raised her voice a little and said: “Do not get lost.”

“Alright.” Her mouth was saying it properly, but her body was still pushing strongly inside the crowd. Murong Shu Qing was helpless and could only follow them to walk forward, Mo Can was always standing behind Murong Shu Qing, just like a boulder that was standing there, he used his body and hands to block the crowds of people. Murong Shu Qing gratefully looked one glance at him, she definitely could not do anything with regards to these crowds of people. In the past, she was always at home and going to the library, she had never been to a place where there were so many people. Today, she was forced to go to this lively place because of these two girls.

Murong Shu Qing squeezed into the crowd with great difficulty, and just stood there firmly, then she heard Lu Yi’s startling and sighing sound: “How awesome oh, how can he make the flowers come out.”

Looking at the inside of the large open space, there were two men inside, one was about 40 some years, the other was a little more than 20 years. Each of their skills were different, he was not a boxer, nor was he performing a monkey to do tricks or singing songs. One could only see that the young man was taking a black brocade to cover his empty hand, when he lifted it open again, his hand was actually holding a flower. After he gave out the flower from his hand to another person, he covered it again, but there was a flower again, he seemed to take out a stream of flowers that stirred the spectators to incessantly scream in surprise, and clapped their hands to incessantly cheer.

Lu Yi turned around to look at Murong Shu Qing who was behind her, she asked puzzlingly: “Miss, how did he do it?”

Murong Shu Qing softly smiled, how could she explain this? This should be a primary level of magic show, even though the technique was still quite clumsy, but it was already better that this era had this show, it was so rare. After thinking for a moment, Murong Shu Qing said: “Actually, he already had those stuffs in his body at an earlier time, they were hidden inside his robe, when he put the cloth to cover his hand, he made a quick action to take out the flowers. This was only a slight diversionary tactic, it was impossible that he would continuously take out the flowers without an end.”

Lu Yi clearly understood and nodded her head, at this time, a skinny man who was wearing a plain clothing, suddenly bumped into Lu Yi strongly. Trying to squeeze out of the crowd, and when he passed through in front of Murong Shu Qing, Mo Can grabbed and lifted the back of his collar. Mo Can’s cold eyes were staring at him, and he took out a light green lotus embroidery pouch from the man’s wide sleeve.

Lu Yi touched her waist, and her complexion was suddenly gloomy, taking the embroidery pouch from Mo Can’s hand, she said: “This is my purse.”

Murong Shu Qing lightly stoke her waist, and secretly relaxed, the exquisite jade that Chu Yin gave her, was still there. This exquisite jade was a priceless treasure for Chu Yin, as it could solve a mystery of Mo Can’s past history, and it was also an important clue. So she always carried it around with her, as she really did not know where to put this even more. Murong Shu Qing sighed, no matter where, there were always thieves and robbers in this world.

The plain clothing man had already sensed Mo Can’s cold stare, since he had been mingling in the market for a long time, he knew which kind of people he could provoke and which kind of people he could not provoke. So he immediately did not dare to struggle, and promptly scowled miserably, he said with a bitter cry: “Uncle, I, I was wrong, I still have an 80 year old mother in my house, I ___”

It could be said that the man had frequently staged this kind of show, so he was saying it very smoothly. There must be a grim and pitiful suffering about his life even more, but Murong Shu Qing wanted to smile. This person should fabricate a more realistic story, he seemed to look about 20 years old at the most, how could he have an 80 years old mother ah!? Mo Can also showed an inpatient face, so he coldly threw out these two words: “Get lost”, then he just threw out the man to the side.

The man promptly got up from the ground, while he cried out and said: “Thank you, Uncle, I will take a hike immediately”, while he was trying to escape frantically and going towards inside of the small alley, he disappeared before their eyes very quickly.

The show ended, seeing that the crowds were gradually dispersing out, Murong Shu Qing looked at Lu Yi and Zi Yuan, and softly asked: “It is late, we should go back?”

“Alright.” The two people answered it together. Getting mixed up with the thief, they did not have any more interest to continue strolling again, luckily, they had strolled for a while.

Today was a holiday so there were many people on the street, the small road was already filled with a tide of people, so Murong Shu Qing did not take a carriage. Several people were talking and smiling on the way back, but Murong Shu Qing did not say anything all the way and was just walking side by side with Mo Can. Listening to the two girls who were talking by the side, she could not help but to have a smile, sometimes people were really emotional creations during this auspicious and festive holiday. Even the chilly and cold wind seemed to disperse people’s enthusiasms so they became warmer.

Mo Can did not quite understand when he looked at Murong Shu Qing who was smiling happily, he felt that she was similar like him, that she did not like this kind of crowded environment, but because of the two girls’ wanted to go, she gladly went to this kind of place?! He had never thought what was important for other people, even if it would also be dispensable for his own things. Was it or was it not a type of happiness if one’s heart was somewhat tied up?!

Feeling a gaze from her side, Murong Shu Qing turned her head and looked at Mo Can face to face, she could only see that his brows were wrinkled thoughtfully. It seemed that he was looking at her, but again it seemed that he was looking at some stuffs through her. So she lightly patted his shoulder wanting to ask him what was going on. But before she started talking, Mo Can’s eyes suddenly flashed a murderous aura, his arms rapidly seized Murong Shu Qing’s waist and dodged to the furthest side of the road.

Murong Shu Qing was barely standing, when she saw Yan Yu quickly vaulted out to take Lu Yi and Zi Yuan to leave the middle of the road. At this time, a group of black shadows appeared from a distance and came close to them, they were very fast, their paces were light and relaxed. Looking at them, there were about ten people, but they did not make any noise at all, as if they were flashes of demons, and they were continuously closing in.

Murong Shu Qing was somewhat startled and sighing with regards to their strange martial arts, they looked like the Japanese ninjas, if this was directed to her, she was afraid that the battle would be very tough. Mo Can who was behind her, was stretching his body and already stroking his red sword, this movement showed her that her perception was right, and this group of people were their problem.

But before she could think too much, they (bad guys) were already approaching in front of them (MSQ & gang), Mo Can and Yan Yu were vigilant, and Murong Shu Qing was quietly watching to see the situation.

Just when they were about to meet up, Murong Shu Qing could see clearly that the group of people gradually vanished within the darkness, they were actually chasing someone. That person was wearing the same black clothing as them, but his face was not covered by a towel, and his strange figure was quickly and gradually approached by the black shadows who were behind him. When he brushed past Murong Shu Qing, he was surrounded by a group of black shadows.

After the black clothing man was surrounded by a group of black clothing men, they were standing still, then she just found out that there were still another group of people who were standing by the side of the road. After a moment of hesitation, but they were divided into two groups very quickly, the majority of the people were still surrounded the black clothing man, the other three people were tightly staring at them.

Mo Can and Yan Yu would protect the three people from behind, the two people were originally icy arrogant and uninhibited, at this moment, they released cold and imposing manners even more. Especially Mo Can, with his expressionless face, cold and tranquil eyes, furthermore, the long scarlet sword looked as if it was in charge of taking the dead souls under the moonlight, even Murong Shu Qing unconsciously withdrew one step behind him.

The black clothing people clearly felt Mo Can and Yan Yu’s murderous aura, so they took two steps back as a precaution, and did not dare to act blindly. Mo Can would only guard for the attack, as these group of people were not good to deal with, Murong Shu Qing and the two ladies did not have any martial arts, if they really wanted to fight, it would be difficult to escape from injuries.

Being surrounded in the middle of the black clothing men, one could see their strange appearances, the gasping atmosphere to maintain a status quo.

Just like this, the three side of the groups were standing in confrontation on this small official road!