Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 13: Autopsy (Part 3)

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Evidence? Zhuo Qing smiled sarcastically and got up suddenly: “I let him tell you all where the evidence is!”

He? Everyone followed Zhuo Qing’s gaze to look at Lin Bo Kang’s already stiff body that was laying on the ground. Obviously it was already a dead body, what did he want to tell them where the evidence was?! Everyone could breathe the smell of the dead body and could not help to come out to retreat one step themselves, except one peaceful face of Lou Xi Yan. Continue reading


Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 12: Autopsy (Part 2)

Since I’m bored and tired waiting at Narita Airport for my last flight to visit home, here is a bonus chapter for you all. 😃

This chapter was edited by Din2.


Once Zhuo Qing finished talking, everyone immediately looked at the dead body. That’s right. His clothes were cleaned and well-ironed and his shoes were spotless. Somewhat, his hair was carelessly bound. Not to mention that he was a criminal in prison for two months, how could he have new clothes and shoes? Continue reading

A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 18-11

Only spiritual force? Gu Yun somewhat disappointed and replied, “So the family’s emblem was just a pattern. I thought it had some origin.”

“Yes, it came from a common golden bagua.” Su Ling casual sentence made Gu Yun’s disappointed heart once again excited! There really was! There really was the golden bagua! If Gu Yun had not always calm and forced herself to restrain, she would be cheering. She forced her excitement down and calmly asked, “There really is? Could I see it?” Continue reading

A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 18-10

Afraid to make it too obvious, Gu Yun could only pretend to be interested and asked, “It is just a pattern, how can it be said that it can protect Su descendants? Or is it just a legend? Where did this pattern derive from?”

Although Gu Yun had been careful, Su Ling still felt unease. He smiled, “You seemed to be particularly interested in Su Family’s emblem.” Continue reading

A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 18-9

Gu Yun was well prepared. She coughed a bit and smiled, “General Su is talking about this matter. Then, I can only defend myself. You’ve mentioned about ‘Military order’, I’ve never said it was a military order. I only said that it was your intention. They treated your intention as a military order, this can only tell how respectful they are towards you. You should be happy. Saying that I am faking the information, you haven’t married anyone. In the future, it is a sure thing that you will marry someone. From the beginning, I am not your Madam and you are against them calling me ‘Madam’. I only conveyed your intentions, how could it be said that I am faking the information? Or does General wants them to call me ‘Madam’?” Continue reading