Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 69: The Current Murderer (Part 2)

Ha, another small plot is resolved in this chapter. Can anybody guess who the real murderer is? And then, the surprising relationship between the murderer with another person who is part of the bigger plot case (which is the missing gold case) and why that person concocts the whole things??? Insomnianoodles, I have to admit that your momo’s investigation skill is so awesome!!! Over 2,660 words.

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Originally, the small house was still pitch dark but it was lighted up by the torches in all of the directions, everything could all be seen in the inside of the room (nothing was hidden because of the lights). The small house with the roof tiles all around was ambushed by more than a dozen bailiffs, a group of people were standing in the middle of the courtyard, including Dan Yu Lan and Gu Yun.

The black clothing person started to panic after he saw clearly that he was already surrounded in the danger zone, on the contrary, he was calm and his pair of cold eyes took precautions to stare at the delegation of people on the outside, the long sword was held on his hand firmly.

“Madam Yang, give up, ok, there is no way for you to go.” Gu Yun walked forwards slowly, Dan Yu Lan blocked her path, but Gu Yun waved her hand and went inside the house with an indifferent face.

Dan Yu Lan’s complexion sank, he knew that she was a tremendous investigator to solve the case but if she was captured and took as a hostage by the criminal, that would be bad.

Still wanting to step forward to block her, his sleeve was suddenly pulled to stop him, Dan Yu Lan turned his head around and only saw Zhuo Qing was shaking her head towards him. She hinted to him that he needed to be quiet and did not need to be tensed, since she was also making him not to be worried, maybe Qing Mo had her own plan, right. The Imperial archers were hidden all around and with a single instruction, the long arrows would immediately be sent inside to the room where the black clothing person was. As long as she was somewhat making an abnormal move, she would be shot like a hedgehog immediately.

Gu Yun entered the inside of the house unarmed and defenseless like this, calmly looked at the person inside the room, the black clothing person was staring now. Pulling down the face mask directly and efficiently a moment afterwards, a blazing lotus face shined upon, it was actually somewhat pale. The owner of this face was exactly that Madam Yang who professed to have many illnesses!

Her cold eyes were staring at Gu Yun, Yang Shi coldly asked: “How do you know that it is me?”

Having no other choice but to speak, Yang Shi’s acting was already regarded as excellent, her normally gentle and soft’s appearance during the day, who would have ever believed that after removing her female clothing, she unexpectedly had this pressing murderous spirit like this. Comparing to her impetuousness, Gu Yun seemed exceptionally relaxed, she smilingly said: “When we went to Yang family’s home for the second time, I discovered that you were lying. Your expression showed me that you understood throughly why Yang Liu were able to have so much money, moreover, you also showed an extremely loathed expression. Originally, I thought that you committed adultery with Li Zhi, then conspired to kill Yang Liu and shifted the blame on Qian Jing, but I negated this guess after I had met Li Zhi.”

The archers outside were at least more than a dozen people, not every one would shoot with great precision, right, if two people shot on her, she would completely be an arrow’s hog. Silently cursing in her heart, Gu Yun used her body to move forwards the side a little and leaned against the side of the door near the narrow wall, then continued to say: “From all of the people who were at the scene on that day, if you eliminated Li Zhi and Qian Jing, the most likely person who committed the crime was you. But you were only one weak woman, how could you murder a person? Therefore, I was suspicious that you have an accomplice and this accomplice killed Yang Liu. You helped him to put away the throwing knife, after that, you concealed it at Li Zhi’s home. After he was arrested, you would worry if he had that so called evidence and could prove himself that he did not commit the murder, so you simply used poison to kill him.”

Yang Shi’s face flashed through a trace of extremely rapid disdain, Gu Yun affirmed her own guess again and said smilingly: “All of this predictions had also been thrown out again when I saw you this afternoon. Because I discovered that you did not need to have an accomplice, you really concealed the expert in your own body.”

Yang Shi twisted her eyebrows and said: “How can you be sure?” She should not reveal any mistake today, right?!

Both hands on her chest, Gu Yun leisurely laughed and said: “Do you remember that beautiful flowers shelves at your home? The flower shelves have four layers, the first layer has eight flower pots, the second layer has seven flower pots, the third layer has six flower pots and the fourth layer has nine flower pots. All together have a total of thirty flower pots, when Qing Ling bumped into the flower, you supported her with your hand, afterwards, the two of you went to the inside of the room. I felt something wrong at that time, because after watching it again, the fourth layer was missing one flower pot and the second layer had one excess flower pot.”

Listening to her words, Yang Shi’s complexion changed, however, Dan Yu Lan who was outside the door did not understand clearly, he asked: “Can you explain anything about this?” This could only prove that Qing Mo’s ability to remember was very good, that was all.

“When Qing Ling bumped into the flower shelves, the flower pot from the fourth layer that was located in the furthest side fell down, you were a person who extremely loved the flower so you reached out your hand to catch the flower pot. You were afraid that Qing Ling would knock down your other flower one more time, so you supported her with your other hand. But you were worried that I would see this act so you just continued to put the flower pot easily at the nearest area which was on the second layer afterwards, was it right?”

A clear and bright’s voice of a woman was saying those line of sentences, Yang Shi only felt that her own hand was somewhat uncontrollable and slightly trembled. This person was very sharp, she remembered that Qing Mo did not practically look at her flowers shelves in the afternoon time, she unexpectedly could verify thoroughly and in detailed like this and spoke up about the quantity of the flower pots on every layer. She put the flower pot that she grabbed properly beforehand, she obviously saw that Qing Mo just turned around, she should not see her own movement but she unexpectedly said it without any slightest difference?!

Her breathing already started to be in chaos, Yang Shi breathed deeply, she pretended to be calmed and said: “Brilliant speculation, but everything was only your guess, what evidence did you have to prove it that I was the murderer? Even if I have martial art and appear at the home of Li Zhi in the middle of the night, can it prove that I really kill Yang Liu viciously?”

Earnestly nodding her head, Gu Yun answered: “With only these, we really can not prove that you are Yang Liu’s murderer.”

Yang Shi was just relaxing secretly, Gu Yun’s quiet voice echoed again: “But can you explain why you are dressing in a night walk clothing in the depth of the night, your hand is holding a long sword, and appear in Li Zhi’s home, you come here to look for something, right, Madam Yang? Not right ah, I should address you__ Qu Xin.”

Once ‘Qu Xin’, these two words came out, Yang Shi’s eyes filled with amazement, the blood seemed to freeze up for a moment, after a while, she suddenly laughed heartily: “I thought that I had concealed myself properly, who would have thought that a person could already see it through.”

Dan Yu Lan sighed secretly, as it turned out, Qing Mo asked him about Qu Ze’s information was because of this investigation.

After speaking about this matter, the few people who were inside the courtyard could also guess about the whole story of the case, Ye Mei and Ao Tian looked one glance at each other. They both found appreciation in each other eyes towards that woman who was speaking frankly with assurance, her perception and speculation’s abilities were strong, they had never seen a person like her before.

Inside the house, Gu Yun discovered that Qu Xin’s hand that was clenching at the sword, was no longer tight, so she advanced for one more step but she still did not dare to lower her guard and she continued to speak with her: “Actually after I know that you have martial art and guess that the murderer is you, but I can not find what motive you have to do this after all. If you were after Yang Liu’s money, he was already dead, there was no need for you to do so many things like this to shift the blame to Li Zhi. Until I discover that Qu Ze unexpectedly has a younger sister. In addition, because he was judged to have secret ties with the thief who was planning for an upheaval and stole the money, so as his only sole relative and younger sister, you, Qu Xin had to be arrested as a criminal also.”

Qu Xin apparently did not sense that Gu Yun was near, perhaps she sensed it but just did not want to injure her, sighing, Qu Xin nodded her head to admit and say: “I am Qu Xin.”

She had not used this name for the last three years, since her older brother’s death, she was always immersed to take revenge on his suffering. Looking towards the eyes of the woman who seemed able to see everything clearly, Qu Xin took a deep breath eventually, with a cold voice, she said: “What you said was right, I was the one who killed Yang Liu. From the beginning, I set Qian Jing up, during that time, if it was not because of him, my elder brother could run away so he should also receive the first imprisonment. Furthermore, in his capacity as a bounty hunter, he surely had many friends who could help him to wash clear the guilt, just as expected, he found you all. I had already anticipated this but you unexpectedly was so good like this, it actually went beyond my expectation.”

As expected, it was like this, actually Gu Yun did not really have any evidence in her hand to prove that she murdered someone, but luckily, this psychological attack’s trick was effective. Qu Xin was a wanted criminal, once her identity was really exposed, it was possible that she could plead guilty.

Gu Yun continued to entice her to say: “Also, there was one component that was beyond your anticipation, Li Zhi’s death, you put the throwing knife at Li Zhi’s home to shift the blame that he killed a person, was in order to make him desperate and demanded to prove himself that he did not have any motive to kill anybody. You just wanted him to speak up about that year’s gold case, this way, the truth of the matter was sure to be revealed and it could prove that your elder brother was innocent.”

Qu Xin slowly nodded her head, with a bitter laugh, she said: “Yes, that was right. I did not anticipate that Li Zhi would be dead unexpectedly. There must be a mastermind behind the scene. You deliberately left behind Li Zhi’s evidence to thread and pull me to take the bait, I did a lot of things like this in order to find who the mastermind behind the scene to take revenge on my elder brother. Therefore, even if I sensed that this was a trap in advance, I would also must jump in it.” She already did not have any way out from early on, was it not so?

Gu Yun who was already walking to her side took advantage of the opportunity when she was absent minded, suddenly closing forward, she grabbed the sword.

Using her wrist, she captured her hand extremely quick and extremely fierce, Qu Xin was in pain, the long sword fell down. Qu Xin turned over to want to grab Gu Yun’s throat, Gu Yun had already guarded it early. Using at close fitting tactic, with a low body, her right hand grabbed Qu Xin’s belt, her shoulder stroke her abdomen with one hard stroke, Qu Xin was thrown outside the room.

Everything happened so sudden, apart from Zhuo Qing, nobody would ever think that this petite woman unexpectedly could throw out a person like this…..

Recovering, the bailiffs who were guarding aside hurriedly stepped forward and pressed Qu Xin on the ground firmly.

Beautiful face, because of not being resigned to and twisting, Gu Yun stood on her side on purpose, calmly said: “If you want to help Qu Ze to wash his injustice, you should not use a method like this, you are originally a victim, but you make yourselves a murderer now.”

“The both of them need to die! Winner takes all, I lose, I do not have any complaint, it is just a pity that I can not find the secret person behind the scene! I will die with a remaining grievance!!”

Qu Xin used her strength to twist her body similar to the feeling of insufficient sorrow, a hooting yell was echoing in the night sky.

Her body was tied together with ropes, that meager silhouette that was escorted by a group of bailiffs, looked even weaker, waiting for her was the outcome of murdering people.

Recalling that woman’s gentle eyes in front of the still flowers and plants, recounting the miserable past events, also the sinister from a moment ago, Zhuo Qing did not know if her psychological feeling was pedantic or obscure. Raising her head to look towards the night that was especially clear and bright’s full moon, Zhuo Qing lowly sighed: “Behind every case, there is a story, a reason, some people are even so lamentable and pathetic. I think I still suit more doing autopsy to face the ice cold’s corpses forever, and I only need to write down the real course of events of the death.”

Walking ahead behind Zhuo Qing’s back that was slightly stumped for words, Gu Yun stopped his footsteps, with a low voice, she answered: “If everyone believes that one is righteous, one can think according to one own’s aspiration to give virtuous punishment to evil, this world will just lose its righteousness. Since the law has been drawn up, everybody should just comply with it. If you violate the law, you will receive punishment, no matter how many helplessness you have, how many bitterness.”

The serene voice sounded like it was not impassioned, the fact was each line of the sentence was so firm, Zhuo Qing lightly smiled and shook her head, and answered: “You are forever this black and white clearly.”

Gu Yun did not say anything, both of them were walking alongside under the moonlight night in this different era, with different thoughts.

Chapter 68: The Current Murderer (Part 1)

Chapter 70: Forced Marriage (Part 1)


A Generation of Military Counsellor Chapter 24 : A Fair Hearing

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Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 68: The Current Murderer (Part 1)

I already updated the character lists… ๐Ÿ˜ƒ Over 3,380 words. Btw, there are tons of new names in this chapter. But I think most of the names won’t come up again in the future chapter. I will update the character lists again sometimes in the future though.

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“Madam Yang.”

Arriving in front of the Yang family’s courtyard, they just saw Yang Shi was stepping on the stool on the side of the small courtyard to arrange the flowers and plants. Her hands were all dirty, Yang Shi turned around to look one glance at them, she said with a soft voice: “Please come in, the courtyard door is not locked.”

Going through the door hurriedly and entering the inside of the courtyard, they discovered that the flowers and plants blossomed beautifully, they were different varieties of plants and flowers. Gu Yun was not interested with the flowers and plants but she was looking at them up and down customarily, Zhuo Qing walked to the side of the flowers and asked: “Did you plant all these flowers?”

Yang Shi used her hand to move the flower pot, smilingly said: “En. I am usually not busy and like to plant some flowers hastily.”

“You planted them really good.” Discovering several pots of lavender flowers on the top of the shelf that were very beautiful, each string of flower was very special, Zhuo Qing asked: “What kind of flowers are these?”

While she was speaking, Zhuo Qing’s hand stroke the petals lightly.

“Be careful!” Yang Shi’s speaking voice was still not off yet, Zhuo Qing already shouted lowly and she withdrew her hand hastily, her body retreated unconsciously but she was not careful and knocking against the side of the flower shelf. Luckily, Yang Shi who was standing on the side to support her with her shoulder so she did not fall down.

Hearing her yelling, Gu Yun came over in a hurry and said urgently: “How are you?”

Shaking her head, Zhuo Qing answered: “I am ok.” Her fingers were only a little sting, she was only a little bit frightened a moment ago, nothing more. She was looking towards that delicate, colorful and lovely small flowers, Zhuo Qing asked curiously: “What kind of flowers are these, they unexpectedly have long thorns!”

Yang Shi walked down from the stool and explained: “These are my hometown kind of flowers, they are called aromatic herb, these flowers will be quite fragrant during night times. The fragrance can expel and exterminate mosquitos so I have planted some of these at home.”

“Where are you from Madam Yang?” Gu Yun only asked customarily, Yang Shi’s face flashed through a trace of faint distressed and answered: “I am from Huai Zhou Li county.”

Why was she sad when she spoke about her family’s hometown?

Lightly patting off the dirt on her hands, Yang Shi said in a soft voice: “Let us go inside to talk, ok, but it is very messy inside.”

“Good.” Zhuo Qing and Yang Shi walked towards the inside of the house.

Turning her head around to look one glance at the flower shelf on the side, Gu Yun’s eyes flashed through a trace of different color. But she only looked for one glance and then she entered the inside of the house along with them.

“Please drink tea.” Yang Shi placed the teas in front of them. Not waiting until she put the teacup properly, Gu Yun said with a heavy voice: “Li Zhi is dead.”

“What?!” Yang Shi’s hand that was still holding the teacup trembled, said urgently: “Who killed him?”

Gu Yun raised her eyebrows lightly, she said ‘who killed him?’, it seemed that she knew that he was killed ah!

Covering up her radiant eyes, Gu Yun answered: “The authorities found a murder weapon that was used to kill Yang Liu at his family’s home. Since Li Zhi borrowed money from Yang Liu repeatedly and owed him a big amount of money, so we suspected that he wanted to escape due to the debts and killed Yang Liu. But he insisted that he did not kill anybody and still said that he had an evidence that the money was given to him voluntarily by Yang Liu . Originally, he would have been prepared to return home to get his so called evidence, but he was poisoned to death inside the prison!”

Yang Shi lowered her head one more time, Gu Yun could not see her expression clearly, so she could only continue saying: “We came this time, just wanted to ask you if Yang Liu had ever said to you if Li Zhi had any information on his hand that could be used against him. Maybe you had heard while they were discussing about some strange matter.”

Yang Shi shook her head lightly, but she still did not raise her head up.

Gu Yun faced Zhuo Qing to send a meaningful glance, Zhuo Qing understood clearly. Grasping Yang Shi’s hand lightly, Zhuo Qing said: “Madam Yang, please look at me.”

Yang Shi finally lifted her head up, Zhuo Qing soothingly said: “The murderer killed your husband, shifted the blame on Qian Jing and poisoned Li Zhi. You might just be the person whom he is targeting next, I hope that you can cooperate with us and bring the murderer to justice. Not only that this will console your husband’s soul and spirit, but we can also guarantee your safety.”

Yang Shi appeared somewhat lost in thought, she answered after a long time: “I also wanted to help you, but he had never spoken to me about these, they always sent me away whenever they were talking, I really did not know anything.”

She was lying again!

Gu Yun narrowed her eyes slightly and got up all of a sudden, she said: “Fine, ok, since it is like this, we will not disturb you.”

Both of them departed Yang Shi’s home again, but comparing at the time when they came, their eyes seemed to have a lot of traces of understanding. Looking at each other one glance, Gu Yun laughed and said: “We are going to Dan Yu Lan next.”


Inside the prison, Qian Jing was still tilting his tall leg over to the other leg on that slab bed, but there was no dry grass inside his mouth, rather he was chewing a greasy chicken leg.

Running around for the whole day, Zhuo Qing’s stomach was still empty up until now so when she looked at the relaxed and free eyes of the man in front of her, she could not help to lowly cursed and said: “We work ourselves to death, on the contrary, you are so free and unfettered ah ๐Ÿ‘ฟ.”

Sitting up, Qian Jing laughed and said: “There is nothing that I can do about it, who makes me to become a criminal.”

Her back was leaning slightly on the cool stone wall, Gu Yun looked one glance at the outside of the window through the black sky, she asked: “Have they not come yet?” It was already in the evening and she was afraid that they missed the good show from the other side.

Under Zhuo Qing’s fierce staring, Qian Jing who was eating unhappily, shrugged his shoulder and said with an indifferent smile: “Not yet, they will naturally show up when the time comes.” If it was not secretive in movements and traces, then it would not be those two people, he had never seen anyone who liked to be mysterious this much!!

Rolling her eyes over, Zhuo Qing cursed, if she had known earlier, she ought to eat until she was full before coming here again!

Gu Yun suddenly asked: “How was it? Did you find anything?”

Zhuo Qing turned around and only saw Dan Yu Lan who come in with an exhausting face. Shaking his head, Dan Yu Lan said with a sigh: “All of the prison’s food were provided in unity, other people’s food did not have any problem, except Li Zhi’s food that had poison in it.”

Zhuo Qing lightly raised her eyebrows, the prison’s food was provided in unity? Then, what was that thing on Qian Jing’s hand, the prison’s food was already so good that each meal could have chicken leg?!

Finished eating the chicken and throwing the bone inside the paper pouch, Qian Jing grumbly said: “Do not look at me, I request the bailiff who is guarding to buy this for me. I am not the one who says this, but the food that is provided in this prison cell can not really be consumed by human!” It still cost him three coins (money) for this errands fee, snatch his money!!

Dan Yu Lan did not pay attention to Qian Jing’s grumbling, he continued to say with a cold voice: “The bailiff who was in charge in distributing the prison food was already locked up. After investigating for one day, he insisted that he, himself was accused wrongly, did not admit to put poison in the food. There are four Imperial bodyguards who patrol at a fix time inside the prison and they also do not see any suspicious person.”

In other words, this day was in vain, he did not have any favorable impression towards the officials at the Ministry of Justice to begin with, Qian Jing immediately mocked and said: “In other words, Li Zhi’s top secret and bizarre death, I see that the Imperial prison at the Ministry of Justice is the most dangerous place!”

Dan Yu Lan investigated for a whole day and he did not even make a little progress. He listened to Qian Jing’s comment now and his complexion was black and somewhat scary. Zhuo Qing lightly coughed to think hard on what to say to bring relief to the atmosphere, just about to stand her body straightforwardly, one black and one red silhouettes already stood at the gate of the Imperial prison, it seemed that they had come for a long time.

Qian Jing and Gu Yun’s faces were serene as if they already detected their arrivals at an earlier time. Even Dan Yu Lan also kept his calm in the face of the unexpected, but Zhuo Qing was unable to endure and lowly shouted: “Please! Can you or can you not show up like normal people a little next time! You will frighten people to death!” She did not have any martial art so it would be impossible to remain calm in an event like this, ok?!

Unfortunately, Ye Mei and Ao Tian absolutely ignored her, they entered the inside of the prison and looked one glance at Dan Yu Lan but did not say anything.

Dan Yu Lan had little interaction with them directly but the names of these two people were absolutely well known in reputation. They practically brought to justice all of the criminals whom the Ministry of Justice and Ministry of War could not arrest.

Gu Yun did not need to explain why Dan Yu Lan was there with them, she believed that they were already clear about it. The gold case had a wide implication, if there was no government personnel who took the lead, they would be unable to do many things.

Looking at the color of the sky (to indicate time), Gu Yun did not beat around the bushes, immediately said: “We are all here, I will say to make headway, ok. With regard to Yang Liu’s case, we have already found the murder weapon, Qian Jing can basically clear from the murder crime. But because Li Zhi is dead, he has not admitted to the murder before his death so Qian Jing is still the criminal suspect at the moment, we need to lock him up temporarily. I suspect that the murderer who killed Yang Liu and Li Zhi, was also enormously affiliated with the gold case during that time but they were both murdered. My trail on this side has already been broken, do you find anything?”

They already helped Qian Jing to cleanse the criminal charge? Not bad, that they cooperated with them to investigate the case so it was not considered to be a wrong decision.

Ye Mei still did not make any brief remark and was only standing to the side, Ao Tian was explaining the three days’ result expressionlessly: “During the gold case at that time, there were Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Appointments and Ministry of War, these three ministries gathered up and chased after the information together. There were five people who were included among these and had the opportunity to overtake the control of the case, respectively, the Ministry of Justice’s government minister at that time, Fang You An, Ministry of Justice’s assistant minister, Ping Ran, Ministry of Appointments’ assistant minister, Tai Xin, Ministry of Appointments’ middle rank minister, Huang Zhong Qu, Ministry of War’s assistant minister, Wu Guo Cheng. Furthermore, there were three people whom Yang Liu had some contacts with, Fang You An, Ping Ran and Wu Guo Cheng. Qu Ze, Yang Liu and Li Zhi were all Ministry of War Wu Guo Cheng’s subordinates. At that time, when Yang Liu returned to report, Wu Guo Cheng was not present, it was Ping Ran who deployed the troops to provide assistance. The outcome when they arrived at the rock cave was that they only saw a lot of wagon’s marks on the ground, the gold were already disappeared.”

Gu Yun asked: “Where are these three people now?” Were they also died, right? Since that day, she always had this feeling that there were a pair of gloomy and cold eyes staring at her. The cold eyes that were staring at them, as long as they made a little progress, he would undertake the task. This feeling was terrible!

“Because he did not do his best to investigate the case, Fang You An was transferred and assigned to be Governor of Tong Zhou’s province. Due to old age, he had to step down and retire to return home on the second year and he died of illness at the beginning of this year. Ping Ran was also demoted, he was transferred to Ministry of War’s middle rank minister, on account of his three years of good performance, he was promoted as the assistant minister this year. Since Supervisor Wu Guo Cheng’s subordinates did not do their best, he had to surrender his middle rank minister position, once he stumbled, he was unable to rise until now.”

It sounded like there was no room to be suspicious, Gu Yun continued to ask: “What are the condition of their financial affairs?”

The condition of the financial affairs? Except for Zhuo Qing, everybody else was staring blankly, Zhuo Qing lowly smiled: “The meaning of her words were their food and clothing expenses, real estate, bank deposits, whether or not they exceeded the proper range of their official salaries.”

Recovering, Ao Tian continued to answer: “After Fang You An’s death, the Fang family has suffered a reversal of fortune, their current life is a little bit better than the ordinary people. As far as Ping Ran, he is always an honest and faithful person, the condition of his home is not better than the ordinary official. Wu Guo Cheng drinks excessively all day long, he owes a lot of money for beer money.”

Qian Jing blew a whistle sound, smilingly said: “The meaning of this word is that they are even poorer lo~~.”

Gu Yun lightly sighed and said: “1 million taels of gold, they would need at least 7-8 chariots if they divided them to be put into the chariot. At the time this matter happened, there were already a group of people who pursued immediately, they unexpectedly did not discover the gold, this was also very strange!” It had been three years since this matter happened, it could be that the mastermind of this case was not a stupid person, it was also possible that he could hide the wealth meticulously. But that large amount of gold, they needed to be circulated, right, it was impossible to disappear without any cause or reason!

Dan Yu Lan was silent from the beginning to end and just listening to their explanations and analysis. The gold case made a lot of noise during that time, he was always responsible to supervise the miscarriage of justice so he was not familiar with this matter. But this case from three years ago, Ao Tian was not the intermediary of the authorities, unexpectedly, he was able to use three days to really investigate this throughly and in detailed.

These people were standing inside the prison now, if they could enter and serve as an official, then it would be very good. But he also understood that trying to persuade them was not an easy matter.

Gu Yun suddenly asked: “Did you finally find the specific location for that rock cave?”

Ao Tian coldly nodded his head.

“It will be necessary for us to go to investigate the site of the rock cave tomorrow, maybe we can discover something new.” Looking towards the color of the sky from outside the window for the third time, Gu Yun craftily smiled: “We just have to see whether or not the fish has taken the bait now!”

What was the meaning to that? Ao Tian and the other people were at a loss this time, Qian Jing faintly thought that it would surely have a good show for him to see tonight, and he shouted: “I want to go also!”

Zhuo Qing casted sidelong glances at him, she answered in a deadly earnest: “Please do not forget that you are a criminal now!!”

After he ate his fill, he was thinking to watch a show? No way!

Gu Yun broke into laughter, Qian Jing indeed bumped into an iron panel, he did not know why Qing held the most grudge for……


Night time, a great number of dense vegetation was entirely silent, behind the simple and crude of the roof tile house, two bailiffs were guarding outside the door. In this broken roof tile house, Daren had sent someone to search all over once, but they could not find any valuable thing, they were unable to understand why they wanted to have this place guarded! The night vigil was the most boring matter, the two people were leaning lazily against the gate. One person was paying attention to the circumstance of the surroundings, while the other person was closing his eyes to rest.

One black shadow flashed past, vanished rapidly among the motley tree under the moonlight, the body shape rapidly made people to believe that they would merely see their own shadows vaguely.

The silvery light flashed through a night sky, it could only hear a depressed groan, the guarding bailiff’s voice collapsed. The bailiff who was resting his eyes heard the strange sound, just barely opened his eyes so he could not see the shadow clearly before his eyes. He only felt an acute pain on his neck and he was already unconscious before his eyes.

The black clothing person agilely dragged the two unconscious men inside the courtyard, lightly closed the door of the house, leaped to enter the inside of the house rapidly and began to rummage through to look for something. He did not let off every corner of the place, the inside room was rummage through in a complete disorder, the black clothing person did not appear to find the thing that he was looking for, his expression was cold. The black clothing person unexpectedly picked up the iron hoe from the corner and started to dig the kitchen counter, the corners and other places.

Soon, the house was filled with flying dust…..

“He does not want to tear down the wall, right?!” A doubting and mocking sound of a female’s voice echoed faintly.

Another clear and bright sound of a female’s voice said smilingly: “It is very possible.”

In the dark, there were sudden noises and somewhat relaxed laughters inside the uninhabited house, it was somewhat strange to listen to the sounds. The black shadow person was in great alarm and turned his body around suddenly, the cold pupils slightly narrowed to watch attentively at the location of the voices. He threw aside the iron hoe that was on his hand and unsheathed the long sword from his waist, the silver white of cold ray of the moon was especially dazzling to the eyes.

Chapter 67: Caught Up In The Deadlock

Chapter 69: The Current Murderer (Part 2)

Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 67: Caught Up In The Deadlock

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The light ray in the summer time was dazzling directly from the half opened lattice window on the top of the bed curtain, the person who was on the bed grabbed the side of the silk quilt to cover her face, she intended to continue her good dream.

Bang, bang, bang……. (A loud banging sound)

An intense knock on the door sounded almost deafening, even if one had covered the ears with hands, one was impossible to ignore, moreover, the person who came, appeared to have perseverance as knocking on the door sound was heard repeatedly. Zhuo Qing cursed lowly and did not have any choice to wake up from her beautiful dream!

Did this person want to die, whoever came to disturb somebody’s quiet dream first thing in the morning! Striving to get free of her misty eyes, Zhuo Qing was struggling to open the door.

Once the door was open, she only heard the young servant girl, ‘Fei-er’, who was assigned by Lou Xi Yan to attend to her, she was apologizing humbly and anxiously: “I am sorry, Madam, I am sorry. This young lady would not agree to wait for me to relay the news, she was just stubbornly rushing to come in on her own. I am sorry, Madam.”

“Fine, fine.” Zhuo Qing waved her hands to see clearly a grave expression of Gu Yun, Zhuo Qing thought that something surely happened. And she tried to find her urgently like this, it should be because of the murder case, right.

“Follow me.” Grabbing her wrist, Gu Yun just grabbed her to go out essentially.

Zhuo Qing grabbed her collar and said urgently: “Hold on, hold on, Miss, in any case, you should let me put on a dress, ok!”

She was only wearing the night clothing now and even though it was not regarded as being exposed, but it was only a thin robe. When one entered a village, one had to follow the local customs, in any case, here was the ancient time, if she went out with this clothing attire, she would estimate that she would be crushed to death by eggs and tomatoes.

Releasing her hand, Gu Yun urgently said: “Hurry up.”

Gu Yun’s complexion was extremely ugly, Zhuo Qing also felt that this matter was urgent, she grabbed a raw white silk cheong sam to put on conveniently. Then she used the water that was near the headboard to wash her face by patting her cheeks randomly, Fei-er stepped forward to help her to comb her hair. Zhuo Qing waved her hand and while she was braiding her long hair in passing, she asked: “What happened?”

Gu Yun with a heavy voice answered: “Li Zhi is dead.”

Dead?! Zhuo Qing stared blankly and asked: “When? What is the cause of death?”

“Yesterday evening. The initial determination is poisoning, Dan Yu Lan is in the middle of investigating the Imperial bodyguards who were guarding and the bailiffs who were delivering the food last night. He will let you do the autopsy and I want to listen to your opinion.” Unexpectedly, Li Zhi could be poisoned to death inside the Ministry of Justice’s prison, this murderer really had a great ability!

Her hair was already tied up properly, Zhuo Qing nodded and answered: “I am good, let us go, ok.” Both people walked out for a couple steps, Zhuo Qing stopped her step suddenly, she faced Fei-er who was standing at the doorway expressionlessly and said: “You need to go and tell Prime Minister Lou that I and Qing Mo are going to the Ministry of Justice for a while, I will return in the evening.” He had said that she could have the freedom to enter or exit the Prime Minister’s manor last night, he would not interfere and restrict her movement. This being the case, he could be so lenient towards her and had confidence in her, she should also somewhat be accountable.

“Yes.” Fei-er nodded.

Gu Yun’s elegant eyebrows raised lightly, when did Qing start to be obedient like this, she even provided her own whereabouts? She remembered that Qing was working and busy for several days and several nights and did not see anybody in those days. There was no news at all so the elite’s company that had been chasing after her for two years felt defeated and finally gave up on her. But she took the initiative to explain her whereabouts today, Lou Xi Yan was indeed remarkable ah~

If this was an ordinary time, she would surely ridicule her about this, unfortunately, today was not the time to do that. Pulling Zhuo Qing, both people left the Prime Minister’s manor hurriedly.

The main entrance of the Prime Minister’s manor was on the other side of the trail, two people were just about to go out, but because of the two energetic silhouettes who just left the manor, they stopped their footsteps.

“A woman who is showing her face in public all day long, can you not control her? This kind of woman does not deserve to be your wife.” A muffled voice that carried a deep displeasure, Lou Mu Hai’s dark complexion declared his full dissatisfaction.

Smiling and looking at that white silk back, even if she was in a simple ornament, she was already so beautiful. Not paying attention completely to the person next to him who was really angry, Lou Xi Yan faintly smiled and answered: “I think that she is very good like this .”

If Qing Ling was like the so called girl from a wealthy family, the golden branch, jade leaves type (blue blooded nobility) who was always cautious and careful with her words, cautious and solemn in all respects, he could not be certain that he would be like this now where he could not control himself to love her dearly.

Lou Xi Yan could hardly cover up his bias to help her, it made Lou Mu Hai to loath Zhuo Qing even more, angrily said: “If you really like her, just accept her as a concubine, that will be good. Princess Chao Yun is dignified and beautiful, she has already admired you for a long time, she is the best choice to be your wife. You as the Prime Minister, and one of the Lou clan’s family member, you should really consider how to balance this concern, not only to follow your own heart’s desire!”

Lou Xi Yan groaned softly, he had already done a lot for the Lou’s family! His eyes flashed through a trace of deep resentfulness and disdained, Lou Xi Yan coldly answered: “At the second month of the three years’ prayer for blessing celebration, I intend to get married with Qing Ling after the celebration event. I will deliver the invitation card to the West General’s manor.”

“Lou Xi Yan! I am your dad!” Lou Mu Hai rebuked angrily, he did not pay attention completely to this disobedient son of his every time he returned, why could they, father and son not be able to be like the other father and son?!

Dad? Looking towards this relative who was glaring at him and then flaunting his own identity as a man, Lou Xi Yan was laughing. Why did he not see him as a dad when Xi Wu was born, when he was growing up and when mother was facing death? Raising his head with a trace of mocking smile, Lou Xi Yan with a cold voice, smilingly said: “I like this woman and just want to marry her as a wife, moreover, there will be only her. I am not the same like you, I, Lou Xi Yan do not need to lean on a woman to balance my official career.”

Finished speaking and also not caring on what the reaction from the person who was behind him, Lou Xi Yan turned around and went out of the Prime Minister’s manor. The complexion of the person who was left behind was ashen, the painful eyes of Lou Mu Hai were in a daze, watching at that meager rearview attentively, he was unable to move a single step for a very long time.
The icehouse was still chilly, the several oil lamps were still shaking violently, this was the second time that Zhuo Qing was doing an autopsy at the Ministry of Justice.

There were ice and coffins everywhere, Gu Yun simply sat on the top of the coffin, she was listening to Zhuo Qing’s autopsy analysis: “According to the rigor mortis (the stiffness on the corpse), the livor mortis (the black bluish color on the corpse) appeared to be in the early phase on the corpse, the time of death of the deceased was between ten to twelve hours ago.”

“Eh, I am sorry, Madam Lou.” The young bailiff who was recording at the corner did not understand and he asked: “This, hour, what does it mean?!” (Hahaha… I was thinking why ZQ was using between 10-12 hrs in the paragraph above. ๐Ÿ˜œ Remember that they don’t use hour). He wanted to do this matter everyday, just to record the conclusion of the examination of the corpse by the coroner, it must be detailed and accurate, especially for this Madam Lou so he could hand it over to Dan Daren. Every words that she said about the autopsy time would be recording without missing any word.

How could she forget that there was another person, seeing Gu Yun so she recalled that they used to work at the same place previously, she was used to use hour and just blurting it out a moment ago. Thinking, Zhuo Qing answered: “You just write five to six shichen, ok.” (1 shichen equals to 2 hours).

“Oh.” The young bailiff lowered his head hurriedly and recorded it down.

“The deceased’s complexion was greenish black, the eyeballs were protruded, mouth, nose, eyes had equal flowing foul blood. The skin was light bluish green color, fingernails were bluish dark, the abdomen was slightly extended.”

The deceased had not been dissected for the advance examination, Zhuo Qing asked: “Have Dan Yu Lan finished examining the corpse?”

Shaking her head, Gu Yun answered: “I was just about to look for him at dawn today, he just sent somebody to ask me to come, then I finally discovered at the prison that Li Zhi was dead. Dan Yu Lan only looked at it in a simple way to say that he died of poisoning, then asked me to ask you to come over to do the autopsy. He would wait at the prison to interrogate the Imperial bodyguards who were guarding last night.” Dan Yu Lan understood clearly that Qing’s autopsy skill was better than his skill.

Picking up the already prepared tools on the side, Zhuo Qing cut open the abdominal cavity carefully to carry out the in depth dissection.

“The inside thoracic cavity of the deceased were smidgen by dark red liquid, each of the internal organs in the thoracic cavity was in normal position. The esophagus mucous membrane was slightly corroded, the stomach area had the remnant of the food, the mucous membrane sticked together, the stomach wall had three corrosion holes. The myocardium was stiffed, the inner membrane had a small amount blood, kidney was greenish black, the skin of the membrane shed.”

The cause of death was very clear, Zhuo Qing took off her gloves and said: “The cause of death was due to food poisoning. But I did not have any toxicology report so I could not specify it for the time being, what kind of poison that he died from.”

Li Zhi was in the prison at that time, it was impossible to involve poison, even if he really carried it in order to want to kill himself, he could just take the poison directly and did not need to eat it with his food. There was no doubt that this case was a homicide case.

“Let us go.” Jumping off the coffin, Gu Yun took the lead to leave, Zhuo Qing was also following her to go out of the icehouse.

Gu Yun kept silent along the way, her complexion was heavy, Zhuo Qing asked: “What are you thinking?”

It was already mid summer, the sun was somewhat dazzling, Gu Yun stopped her footsteps near the big tree on the roadside, leaned against the tree trunk lazily, Gu Yun answered distressingly: “Our opponents are so much worst than we can imagine. The criminal who was inside the Ministry of Justice’s prison just died unexpectedly, moreover, how coincidental that he almost wanted to speak up about the inside story of the gold case! This person is indeed omniscient and omnipotent compare to us in the open, he is in the dark, it is not easy to want to bring him to come out.”

“You doubt Dan Yu Lan?” The person who knew that Li Zhi was almost falling apart and also who could kill a person inside the Ministry of Justice’s prison, the most possible person was Dan Yu Lan.

“He should not be that stupid to this degree.” Gu Yun shook her head and analyzed: “If he is the master of the matter behind all these, he can do this matter more beautifully, I guess it is because Dan Yu Lan who has interfered, the lead master is panic and does not hesitate to destroy all evidences at all costs. Yang Liu is dead now, Li Zhi is also dead, there are only two more Imperial bodyguards who were guarding the cave during that time. One is transferred to station in the East China Sea and one has already resigned the official position and nobody knows where he is now. The trails appear to have been broken, we can only wait Ye Mei and Ao Tian’s news tonight.”

She hoped that they would have good news, ok, but it was only a short three days, could they already find out about the gold case? The evidences that should be destroyed must have already been destroyed at an earlier time, right.

Extremely hot, using her hand to fan her face as wind, Zhuo Qing’s eyes were bright suddenly, she smiled and said: “Actually, there is one person who knows this and has not died, is not that so?”

There was one more person?! Gu Yun made a tapping sound with her fingers, she smiled and said: “We are going to find her.”

Two people’s footsteps accelerated unconsciously, they wished that she would not suffer any mishap either.

Chapter 66: Was This Regarded As A Proposal?

Chapter 68: The Current Murderer (Part 1)

Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 66: Was This Regarded As A Proposal?

Ok, the title gives away what is going to happen in this chapter. ZQ, if you’re still doubting our foxy PM, I’m going to steal him from you!!! What more do you want him to do???

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The chariot was galloping rapidly, Zhuo Qing was pondering all along secretly on why the Empress Dowager looked for her after all, was it another trick from Yan Hong Tian?! Or was it because of Lou Xi Yan? When her train of thought was still in confusion, the chariot stopped inside the palace, then Zhuo Qing followed the momo to walk east and west. Finally it stopped in front of the palace, Zhuo Qing raised her eyes, the gate of the courtyard had a written ‘Xi Xia Palace’, was it not just the West Empress Dowager’s palace, right, this was not very creative at all…..

Secretly cursing, Zhuo Qing remained at the outside of the courtyard, that momo came back once again soon and spoke towards her: “Miss Qing, this way please.”

Following her to go to the inside of the palace hall, Zhuo Qing was a little shocked, she originally thought that this Empress Dowager wanted to meet with her alone, she did not expect that there were also many women inside of the palace hall. Each and every woman was absolutely beautiful, she received a touch of surprise and bewilder eyes, Zhuo Qing raised her eyes, unexpectedly, Qing Feng was also there.

Moving forwards once more, Zhuo Qing finally saw the Empress, after the Empress saw her face clearly, she flashed through a trace of complicated mood that came out discriminatingly for a moment.

“Are you Qing Ling?” A gentle voice of a woman faintly echoed, Zhuo Qing looked towards the furthest seat of the master, one slightly plump madam was looking her up and down. (The wording that the author used could be translated either fat or plump, ่ƒ–-pang so I used the word plump instead). She was wearing a dark reddish purple cheong sam, simple head ornament, it seemed to be very plain and simple, her smile was also cordial.

“Yes.” Zhuo Qing generously answered.

“Come here next to Aijia.” (Aijia, a similar third party calling for self for the empress, the same as Zhen for the emperor).

Zhuo Qing did not hesitate at all, walked to her side magnanimously, this Empress Dowager started to size her up, down, left and right. She almost got goose bumps, she grasped her hand suddenly and smilingly said: “Prime Minister Lou’s foresight is indeed pretty good, you are really a vivid girl, this acquired name was also good, the person is as her name, what do you all say ah?”

“What the Empress Dowager has said is correct, Miss Qing…. not right ah, we should call Madam Lou, this person not only looks beautiful but also seems like a fairy, clever and quick witted also, really makes people to admire her.”

“Yes ah, we hear at an earlier time that every one of the three Qing family’s women is overflowing with emotion, they are very beautiful, we see the two of them today, as expected, their names are not in vain.”

Even though they were disfigured, they could still be called beautiful as fairies………

Meeting for the first time, they already knew that she was overflowing with emotion, also clever and quick witted…… Zhuo Qing’s head was filled with sinister lines immediately. If these women continued on saying this again, she was afraid that she could not endure not to vomit. Seamlessly retaking her hand, Zhuo Qing immediately asked: “The Empress Dowager, what matter do you have to look for me, there is no harm to speak, right?”

“There is really nothing either, I hear that Prime Minister Lou is preparing to get married, Aijia wishes to take a look which kind of woman can get Prime Minister Lou’s favor.”

It could not be this boring, right…….. This Empress Dowager should be the West Empress Dowager, who was exactly Yan Ru Xuan’s mother. Zhuo Qing thought that she called her to come to bully her, who knew that this person was so affable, she was not sure how to response!

“Ling-er just sit next to Aijia’s side, ok, the people are all present, pass on the meal, ok.” While speaking, she really arranged for her to sit on her left side, not too far away from the Empress.

Soon, the dishes were also served on the table, one group of women were saying and smiling, Zhuo Qing thought so powerless throughly. Looking at Qing Feng one glance, her face also had a look of impatience, Zhuo Qing lowly smiled, they seemed to really have connection at this point.

The culinary delicacies were exquisite, but Zhuo Qing’s interest to eat came to an end, she did not know which person asked her this sentence at this moment: “Miss Qing, what do you do for your recreation during the day ah?”

Recreation? “Doing autopsy.”

Zhuo Qing did not think too much when she answered the question without thinking it through, she was an workaholic in the past, a lot of her friends often ridiculed and said that her hobby was doing autopsy. She was also accustomed to self mockery, unfortunately, these group of women who were in front of her did not appreciate or understand her humor.

The inside of the main hall was in deathly stillness for a moment, almost all of the people took the same action by pushing the nearby meats farther away, especially the Empress who had experienced that disturbance during the palace feast. Her complexion was white and she felt really nauseous.

No need this much exaggeration, ok…..

In comparison, the Empress Dowager was clearly calmer, the hand that carried the dish only paused slightly, her face was smiling amiably like before and she asked: “Ling-er really stands out from the masses, no wonder that Prime Minister Lou favors you so much, who is Ling-er’s master ah?”

“I do not know, I have amnesia.” Zhuo Qing answered without thinking, this excuse was really good.”

“Poor child, Aijia will let the Imperial physician to diagnose and treat you properly for another day.”

Zhuo Qing answered smilingly: “Thank you, the Empress Dowager.” Her heart was somewhat jittery, how long would this boring party to continue on!

“Imperial concubine Qing has not seen your older sister for quite a while, you surely miss her, right, what if Ling-er stay at the palace for a few days, both of the sisters can speak nicely.” Just right after Zhuo Qing shouted boring, the Empress Dowager’s one line sentence that appeared to be a consideration for her, let Zhuo Qing had goose bumps all over.

Zhuo Qing had still not opened her mouth to decline the offer, but Qing Feng was already quicker than her by a step, she answered: “Thank you for the Empress Dowager’s favor, the wedding ceremony is imminent, I am sure that elder sister still has so many matters to prepare. Moreover, it is always not good for the important minister’s wife to enter or exit the gate to the palace casually.”

“Hand over that many matters to the man to do will be alright, but what the Imperial concubine Qing has said is also reasonable. This way, ok, since Ling-er wants to marry Prime Minister Lou as a wife, she still needs to learn the court’s etiquette. Aijia will request the Imperial edict from the Emperor on your behalf to enter the Imperial palace to study the etiquette honorably. This way, you and your elder sister can be together nicely.”

“The Empress Dowager….”

“Alright, it is decided.” Qing Feng was still thinking on what to say, the Empress Dowager waved her hand and not allowed her to talk again.

Qing Feng apparently still wanted to talk, Zhuo Qing sent a meaningful glance towards her to prevent her to say anything again. Qing Feng would have to live for a long time in the palace after all, she would give herself a bigger trouble if she offended the Empress Dowager.

Why did the Empress Dowager want to make her to enter the Imperial palace at all costs? Zhuo Qing was thinking deeply on how she should break away from this kind of dangerous circumstances. At the same time, the sharp and high pitch of a palace eunuch arrived from a far and near: “The East Empress Dowager has arrived.”

Why was there another person who came?!

The palace eunuch’s voice was just off, the grand clothing and ornaments, a married woman who was covered by a dark red clothing near the palace eunuch, she was escorted by many palace maids to enter the palace hall. Her face was taken good care of properly, tall figure, made her look younger than the West Empress Dowager, no more than 40 years old, magnificent golden hairpin, extravagant air that compelled people, in comparison, the West Empress Dowager seemed plain and simple, as well as amiable and approachable by a lot.

Her sudden arrival made a group of Imperial concubines were panicky, they paid respect hurriedly and said: “Pay respect to the Empress Dowager, we wish the Empress Dowager a long good fortune and peaceful.”

“Stand up, ok.” Not looking at the women who were kneeling, Lou Su Xin walked towards Yan Ru Xuan’s side.

The West Empress Dowager got up to welcome her, said smilingly: “Please sit down quickly, elder sister, how do you have time to come to my place?”

Touching Yan Ru Xuan’s hand, Lou Su Xin answered: “Xuan-er was sick for a long time and she did not seem to get better, Aijia just wanted to take a look at her, who knew that she was not at Qing Xuan palace hall. Aijia heard that younger sister arranged a banquet at the palace, Aijia also came over to join in the fun.”

Yan Ru Xuan hurriedly answered: “Many thanks to Empress Dowager, Xuan-er is already a lot better.” The low voice like a mosquito, people could see that she was also in fear towards this East Empress Dowager.

“That is good.” Letting go of her hand, Lou Su Xin swept one glance at everybody, she seemed to ask consciously: “Continue whatever words that you were saying just now.”

It was a pity that everybody lowered their heads, nobody dared to reply, Zhuo Qing was somewhat curious, everybody seemed to be afraid of her. Zhuo Qing was still observing secretly, her hand was gripped suddenly, she recovered and just saw the West Empress Dowager was patting her hand lightly and she said smilingly: “Xi Yan will get married quickly, but he really conceals his new wife so good. I especially request the person to enter the Imperial palace to take a look today, she is sure enough a fragrant orchid and good hearted young lady. Looking at her make people like her, we were discussing to make the Emperor announce an Imperial decree for Ling-er to enter the palace to learn the royal family’s etiquette a moment ago. She also can accompany Imperial concubine Qing, both of them have left their home for a long time, they surely have a lot of things to discuss.”

The gaze merely were drifting away faintly, Zhuo Qing suspected that Lou Su Xin simply did not look at her appearance clearly. Carrying a somewhat arrogant personality, Lou Su Xin said with a clear voice: “Yes, this matter ah, Xi Yan only spoke with Aijia about this matter only several days earlier. His health is always not good since young, he will fall ill every spring and summer, Ling-er will use the needle to stop the inflammation to give him treatment when he falls ill. He has begged Aijia to let Wu momo to come out of the palace to give Ling-er the etiquette’s instructions, Aijia can not refuse him and can only agree with him.”

The West Empress Dowager very clearly knew about the situation and changed the subject, she said smilingly: “So actually it is like this, since it relates to Xi Yan’s health, then there is nothing more to this matter, right. Older sister rarely comes over so let us dine together, ok.”

“Fine.” Both of the Empress Dowagers sat down the atmosphere could originally be regarded as joyous but it became oppressive immediately, but Zhuo Qing’s mood was pretty good. This was also good, finally there was nobody who looked for any trouble for her, every woman in that group was somewhat thinking and looking, Zhuo Qing finished eating the cuisine comfortably.

She was brought out of Xi Xia palace by the East Empress Dowager, she thought that this East Empress Dowager would say something to her, who knew once they were out of Xi Xia palace, she only looked at her eyes one glance and said one sentence: “Xi Yan is waiting for you outside the palace”, she meandered and left right away…..

She was Lou Xi Yan’s paternal aunt, right…. The mind of the Lou’s family was still not easy to guess!

Zhuo Qing followed the old momo to go out of the palace gate, as expected, she saw Lou Xi Yan’s low profile chariot. He unexpectedly did not sit to wait for her, rather he was standing at the outside of the chariot. Under the moonlight, his white cheongsam (long gown) looked like an elegant deity, it was perfect and made any person who was standing next to him feel ashamed of one own’s inferiority.

Looking that Zhuo Qing had come out, Lou Xi Yan came up to greet her.

“Did you wait for a long time?” He still had that unhurried and contended manner, from his expression, one could not see if he had been waiting for ten minutes or ten hours.

Lou Xi Yan smiled mildly and answered: “Only for a moment.”

Ok, he said only for a moment so it should be only for a moment. She could only see Lou Xi Yan and Mo Bai beside the chariot so Zhuo Qing surprisingly said: “Where is Qing Mo?” How come she did not see Gu Yun’s shadow?

“She came to inform me that The Empress Dowager took you away and then she left afterwards.” When she came, she was somewhat hasty and irritable, he thought that she would follow to come over. He did not expect that she would leave serenely after she finished speaking, she was really a strange woman.

On the contrary, Zhuo Qing was accustomed to Gu Yun’s personality as she knew that he would be calm and she believed that he would be able to save her so she just left afterwards.

Stretching her waist, Zhuo Qing said: “It is late, let us go back, ok.” It was a very busy day today so she was so exhausted.

Zhuo Qing prepared to get on the chariot, her wrist was suddenly grabbed by Lou Xi Yan, Zhuo Qing turned around because she did not understand and looked towards him. She could see that Lou Xi Yan was watching at her attentively and conscientiously, he asked: “Do you not want to ask me anything?”

Zhuo Qing pondered for a moment and answered: “What should I ask you?”

“You can be angry since I do not enter the palace to look for you and harm you by letting you stay at the palace this long.”

Holding her hand tightly, Lou Xi Yan’s serene eyes were watching at her attentively and deeply.

So, actually, as it turned out, he was talking about this, Lou Xi Yan’s slightly nervous look pleased Zhuo Qing, she admitted that this vanity that she got was satisfying. But it was just that she did not have any desire to use this opportunity to take away the shameless lovable and extensive sympathy, slightly smiled, Zhuo Qing candidly spoke out with her own attitude: “The Empress Dowager only summoned me to enter the palace, what could she want to do to me, you were a state official so did not need to inconvenient yourselves to enter the harem. On the contrary, if you really wanted to come and get me, you would fall from the common people’s perception. You still asked the East Empress Dowager to help me out of this trouble, this was already enough. I do not think that I will need to get angry for any reason, the most important thing is that I am not that weak. Even though one group of women who are like wolves and tigers and they harbor malicious intentions, unfortunately, I am not a small rabbit either, you can be at ease.” (I think there’s a rule that any official can not enter the harem where those evil women usually are so that’s why LXY can’t enter the harem and can only ask his paternal aunt to rescue ZQ).

Smiling eyes with high spirits, the faint smile on her water chestnut lip was pursing up, her face did not have any trace of cowardliness under the moonlight. That kind of self confidence was even so dazzling, maybe his anxiousness was unnecessary. Lightly holding up her scattered long hair on her back with his fingertips, Lou Xi Yan lowly smiled and said: “Yes, my Ling-er is a small fox.”

My Ling-er? There was that faint pampering and spoiling tone again that made people to become intoxicated with that soft whisper, her jet black hair was twisted on his hand. Zhuo Qing felt that deep ambiguous feeling between the two people again, her heart could not be contained and palpitated violently. After that lack of soft kissing event last night, her heart seemed to change. But what did Lou Xi Yan think about this?

She wanted to continue with this kind of worry about personal gains and losses and let herself to be in this kind of passive circumstance all along? The answer was ‘no’.

“I hear that you are preparing for a wedding?” She must make him confess first!

It seemed as if the satin hair felt the same as a good imagination, Lou Xi Yan continued to fiddle with her hair and answered absentmindedly: “Yes.”

Softly pulling her hair back, Zhuo Qing did not allow him to be distracted and continued to ask: “With who?”

Lou Xi Yan wished to continue saying something, the kind of cool and silky smooth touch that let people to linger on. Facing Zhuo Qing who was arguably pressing on her line of sight, Lou Xi Yan answered generously: “You.”

With both hands on her chest, Zhuo Qing laughed: “Why is it that I, the person who is involved in this does not know it?”

His innocent face frowned, Lou Xi Yan answered: “You do not deny that you are my madam at the main hall, is this not a proof that you have promised to be my wife?”

He unexpectedly gave her this innocent look!! Zhuo Qing was happy and also angry, she lowly roared: “That was obviously just a plan of convenience!” The time when he said that she was his madam, she did not give her consent, ok!!

“The civil and military officials can not think like this, I can not think like this either.”

Was he acting shamelessly like this?!! This could actually be called a marriage proposal? Zhuo Qing would simply not allow to force a smile!!

Zhuo Qing disapproval’s face was hardly concealed, Lou Xi Yan’s expression was gloomy, asked in a low voice: “Are you going to suffer if you marry me?”

Zhuo Qing shook her head and answered candidly: “No, your perfection makes people feel ashamed of their inferiority.”

This was a strong point? His serene eyes were locking up tightly at her eyes, Lou Xi Yan asked: “But, you do not wish to marry me?”

Did I wish to marry him? Recalling the women guests at the banquets today, they were enchantingly beautiful, everyone of them possessed charm but they were all trapped inside the palace wall and they all belonged to one man. She did not know how they would think but she would absolutely not let this to happen to her. Facing to look at his eyes, Zhuo Qing answered: “How do I say this, my husband should respect me, both of us will protect and support each other, take care of each other, trust in each other. I will not allow another third party to appear, of course, the fourth, fifth and sixth parties will not allow to appear even more! Do you think that you can achieve this on your own?”

“The matter that you care about is that I will take a concubine in the future, right?”

Zhuo Qing nodded candidly, this was the problem that could not be avoided in this era, she did not have any interest to share him with other people, even though his perfection made every woman emotionally affected.

Lou Xi Yan gently smiled, there was no need to be perplexed with regard to this problem, he calmly answered: “I, Lou Xi Yan will only have one woman in this one life, that is my wife.”

Zhuo Qing’s surprising mouth was slightly opened and she forgot to close it, according to his identify and status, he would absolutely not required to try to please her and lie to her. Zhuo Qing had already guessed in the past that this kind of elegant and gentle man would stand out from the masses. But she had never thought that he was so unique, he would only have one woman throughout his life, not to mention this kind of commitment from one powerful Prime Minister from the imperial court and ordinary people in this ancient time, the man in the modern time would not dare to promise it easily like this, right? How could she not amaze by this!!

Zhuo Qing’s foolish appearance caused Lou Xi Yan to smile, he continued to fiddle with her hair one more time, Lou Xi Yan distorted his facial expression deliberately and said smilingly: “My small fox, do you really need to be this happy?”

Coughing lightly, Zhuo Qing finally closed her mouth, embarrassingly smiled and said: “I am sorry, I was just surrounded by a group of women who were very frightening and irritating just now, their facial expressions were somewhat dysfunctional, please understand this__ shocking expression, thank you.”

“This was not the exact answer that you wanted.”

“Yes, it was.” The answer was not the one that she would disdain on her own pretentious~.

“Then, what problem do you still have?”

“What other problem?” Zhuo Qing was somewhat at a loss…

“What problem do you still have to be my wife.” Lou Xi Yan asked very naturally, but Zhuo Qing wanted to curse at people. How could she answer to this person?! ‘I do not have any problem, please marry me, ok?!’ Let her be dead, ok, she could not say anything!

Zhuo Qing sighed: “I am under the impression that you are a very romantic person, it seems that I am somewhat mistaken now.” Even though she had never received any marriage proposal before but there was somebody who proposed marriage like this……

“Romantic?” Lou Xi Yan raised his eyebrows lightly, his eyes flashed through a trace of doubt, Zhuo Qing cursed herself for being an idiot secretly, perhaps, he simply did not know what the meaning of being romantic was.

Just when Zhuo Qing was doing her own self criticism, her waist was tightened suddenly, Lou Xi Yan’s low voice was echoing in her ear: “I understand.”

What did he understand?! Zhuo Qing raised her head startlingly, she was only able to see one bright dazzling man who was approaching towards her. Zhuo Qing retreated unconsciously but the hands that were holding her waist would not let her to run away, instead he tightened up both of his arms, Zhuo Qing only felt her lips were heating up….

“En…” All of her crying out in surprise was transformed into the other person’s warm breath. Zhuo Qing opened her round eyes, her brain was blank momentarily…. He…. kissed her….. He appeared to not let her continue to stare blankly, the warm breath had his smell, his kiss was gentle as before, but his arms were still holding onto her waist tightly and rubbing her back. Lou Xi Yan only released her lips until she thought that she could not breathe, his head was pressing against her forehead, his dull voice sounded even more fascinating: “Can you marry me like this?”

Zhuo Qing’s brain was still a little stupid for a short period of time, he should not be as gentle as jade, he should be polite, modest and courteous, and he should be tender hearted….. Who could tell her what was going on after all, this was the gate of the palace ah!

! How many Imperial bodyguards were still behind them, he unexpectedly kissed her like this?!!

Both people were still breathing and entangling with each other, his perfect and long single eyelids raised slightly, there was still actually a kind of strange sex appeal and charm. She was insane, she seemed unable to resist this kind of Lou Xi Yan. She had no choice but to say that her feeling was good with that warm kiss just now~~~

Chapter 65: Mental Battle

Chapter 67: Caught Up In The Deadlock

Sian’s notes:
Oh my gosh, I’m just about to faint reading and translating this chapter. I swear that I’m going to smack ZQ if she still thinks that LXY is not serious about marrying her. Awwww… How sweet is LXY!!! Where can I find this kind of guy ahhhhhh??? I’m overloaded by LXY’s sweetness in this chapter. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

We all know that LXY is a foxy… How sweet of him calling ZQ a little foxy!!! My Ling-er is a little fox…

I totally forgot that they were still outside the palace gate when he kissed her… Such a foxy LXY…

Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 65: Mental Battle

LXY, oh LXY, I need you to rescue me… ๐Ÿ˜ด๐Ÿ˜ด๐Ÿ˜ด Over 3,700 words.

For those of you who are still waiting for a new update for Gu Yun’s story, I’m not the person who translates that story. I’m a guest translator here on Nutty’s blog and will translate only ZQ’s story, so I don’t know when Nutty will update GY’s story. Nutty is busy with writing her thesis now, so when she’s done with her thesis, I’m sure she’ll continue on posting GY’s story.

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Ying Tian Government Office

The spacious and bright lobby in the middle, a solemn face of Dan Yu Lan who was wearing a government official garment and behind the enormous case table, the just and honorable’s characters plaque was hanging on the top of the wall above his head, the dazzling golden and big characters shined sparklingly. He was even more dignified against this prominent background, two rows of strong bailiffs who were wearing dark red clothing and separated in the left and right areas, their hands were grasping long staffs, their attitudes were very threatening.

Zhuo Qing was holding the autopsy report on one hand, the other hand was holding the murder weapon that was just found a moment ago to compare it. The measurement of the pattern in this case was basically right, this throwing knife was indeed identical with the wound on the deceased’s chest but could you also be certain that the man who was kneeling at the lobby was actually the murderer? Zhuo Qing was skeptical but Dan Yu Lan was in the hall and also Gu Yun to judge the case and she did not need to be anxious, she could only look calmly to any change and it would be good.

This location could see clearly Li Zhi and Dan Yu Lan’s expressions. Gu Yun was leaning satisfyingly at the furthest side of the pillar with a lazy attitude, her petite figure did not attract any attention but if you looked face to face with that pair of elite eyes, you would immediately have this feeling like you could not hide anywhere.

“I did not kill Yang Liu, this was a set up! He was my good friend, I absolutely did not have any reason to kill him.” Li Zhi who was kneeling in the middle seemed to be calm now, his complexion was not so confused anymore.

“You owed a lot of money because of gambling for these past several years, the money that Yang Liu lent to you was more than 300 taels in the past. You owed fifty taels at the Wan Hao gambling house just this past three days, you went to the Yang’s family in order to borrow money, was it or was it not?”

Imposing voice and steady intonation made people to have a slight trembling feeling unconsciously, Zhuo Qing raised her eyebrows softly, the Dan Yu Lan who was in the law court was stricter and sharper than in ordinary times.

Li Zhi winced his nose slightly but his tone of voice was still unyielding like before: “So what, we were good buddies, it was not my first time to ask him to borrow money, could it be just because of this that you said I killed somebody?”

Confronting Li Zhi’s stubborn resistance, Dan Yu Lan seemed to be very calm and was still with that steady intonation, he continued to say: “According to Yang Shi’s testimony, Yang Liu did not plan to lend you the silver taels this time. He still wanted you to pay back the money instead so you were angry because of it. Also because of the unpaid debt, during the fights between Yang Liu and Qian Jing, you used the throwing knife deliberately to kill Yang Liu and then pushed the blame to Qian Jing.”

Did Yang Shi really say this? After she heard the inquiry, she put down in writing and could see it every day, Gu Yun raised her head to look one glance at Dan Yu Lan’s solemn face, raised a faint smile. Sure enough, the method of inquiry of the police officers from all times and in all places were the same virtually, appropriate swindling would receive the correct result.

As expected, Li Zhi was panicky now, then shouted immediately: “That woman understood nothing! Yang Liu only urged me not to gamble anymore. If I gambled again, then he would not lend me any money next time, I already promised him not to gamble anymore and he also prepared the silver taels to give to me, what did I kill him for?!”

This confession was somewhat effective evidently, Dan Yu Lan with a cold voice said lowly: “This is only your side of the story, you still owe Yang Liu 300 taels even though you do not gamble anymore. Even if you do not eat or drink for seven to eight years, you still can not pay back this sum of money. And he has never made a loan receipt to you, so if you kill him then you do not need to pay him back!”

“I absolutely did not need to kill him, Yang Liu would not force me to pay back the money!”

Sticking out his chest and lifting his chin up, intonation was raised slightly, he was proud of himself! Gu Yun’s expression shimmered slightly, Li Zhi really knew some inside story, at the minimum it was enough to blackmail Yang Liu.

“Paying back the debt that you owed was a matter of course, why did he let you not pay back the money, what kind of agreement did you all still have?! Or did you use any information to blackmail him?!” Dan Yu Lan’s voice was very loud and appeared somewhat emotional. Zhuo Qing guessed secretly on how much Dan Yu Lan knew about the gold case after all. He would ask these kind of questions, at the minimum it proved that he already guessed that this case could involve someone who had ulterior motives.

Li Zhi finished listening to Dan Yu Lan’s words, pursed up his mouth consciously once again, hastily answered: “No, we were very close friends, if I had some difficulties, he would help me, just like that, nothing more.”

Li Zhi refused to admit that everything seemed to come full circle.

Zhuo Qing looked towards Gu Yun who was not too far, Gu Yun also looked towards her, she pointed a finger at herself, Gu Yun produced a ‘I will ask next’ gesture on her lips. Zhuo Qing nodded understandingly, she walked to Dan Yu Lan’s side and asked in a low voice: “What is your government official’s rank?”

Dan Yu Lan stared blankly, what was she doing asking this in the law court? He could of course ignore her but her big bright eyes had incomparably serious radiance, Dan Yu Lan answered: “Just second grade.”

Just second grade, he was already the same as the high official in the Ministry of Justice’s official, he could also be regarded as a high government official, right. If the gold case could only rely on her and Gu Yun, it would be impossible to succeed. They needed to look for one person whom they could trust and this person should also able to lead and investigate this case, Dan Yu Lan would be the right candidate.

Softly leaning over, Zhuo Qing whispered in Dan Yu Lan’s ear: “You ask the bailiffs to withdrew outside, I have a way to make him speak the truth.”

She had a way?! Dan Yu Lan was looking at Zhuo Qing amazingly, she had self confidence’s radiance in her own eyes. Thinking about it, Dan Yu Lan still said clearly: “Everybody withdraws.”

“Yes.” All the bailiffs went out, Li Zhi’s eye flashed through a trace of fear and suspicion.

Dan Yu Lan was waiting for Zhuo Qing’s so called way, who knew that she was motionless and standing on the side without saying any word. It was rather the tiny woman who was always leaning against the corner moved, stretched her body and walked to come over slowly.

Seizing the throwing knife that was on Zhuo Qing’s hand, Gu Yun walked in front of Li Zhi’s front, swayed the throwing knife with her hand and smilingly said: “Li Zhi, after the comparison, this knife was exactly the murder weapon that pierced into the deceased’s chest and caused his death. At the time when Qian Jing and Yang Liu were fighting, you were at the scene so you had the opportunity to dispose the murder weapon. You were also near the corpse after the deceased died so you had the opportunity to conceal the murder weapon. How coincidental that you were still owing Yang Liu a large amount of silver. You had the opportunity to kill and you also had the motive to kill. Even the murder weapon just happened to appear in your home. Think for yourselves, in these kind of circumstances, do you not think that you are screwed?”

The row of sentences seemed to be spoken carelessly but if one analyzed it they were already through enough. Li Zhi originally was squinting with some contempts at the tiny young lady, but his complexion was dark now, urgently said: “I do not kill Yang Liu, this knife is really not mine.”

Gu Yun nodded her head, understandingly answered: “I believe in you but all the evidences were pointed towards you now, the murderer wanted to make you the scapegoat clearly!”

Lowering his head, Li Zhi’s expression was fluttering left and right in confusion, one could only hear a stuffy sound came through: “I….. I am accused wrongly!”

Carrying a trace of helpless smiling expression, Gu Yun pointed her finger at Dan Yu Lan and stared at Li Zhi who was already somewhat frenetic and said: “I believe that you are accused wrongly but it is useless because Official Dan will not believe you, unless you speak out about your and Yang Liu’s secret that can prove that you do not have any reason to kill him.”

Li Zhi finally lifted his head but did not dare to look face to face at Gu Yun, his eyelids were throbbing slightly, Li Zhi reluctantly answered: “We.. We are just good friends, there is no secret.”

Going around to circle Li Zhi, Gu Yun pretended to smile consciously and said: “So you certainly did not know, Yang Liu was only a small Lieutenant General at the General’s manor, how could he have so much silver taels and lend them to you lo?”

Li Zhi’s body was trembling and the same as Yang Shi, hastily answered: “I did not know.”

“You were lying!” Standing in front of Li Zhi, Gu Yun suddenly bended slightly, almost pressed on towards his eyes, that face that was always smiling suddenly sinking, she coldly said: “You not only knew, but also felt that you should have some of this money so you kept asking him for this money repeatedly and with absolute unrestrained!”


Gu Yun did not wait until he reacted and asked in attacking fashion: “You also participated in the gold case during that time, you knew that Qu Ze was accused wrongly. You also knew who was the secret hand behind the scene at that time, was it right or wrong!?”

“You……” Li Zhi finished talking Gu Yun’s words, stared frighteningly like he wished to kill, he was unable to finish his sentence, she, she, she…… How did she know!! Impossible!!

Li Zhi was surprise by the line of questions, Dan Yu Lan who was sitting upright at the law court was also surprise. What ability did this woman have to go through the sky after all, she would actually know this matter who was unknown to the sky?!

Having looked at Li Zhi’s appearance that was extremely frightened, Gu Yun raised another smile once again, stretched out her hands, unconcernedly answered: “There is nothing to be amazed about, we already seize the evidences in our hands. I let you to speak to give you the chance to make up for your earlier mistake, nothing more.”

Li Zhi got completely panicky this time, he had not thought that the hidden matter that was concealed anxiously by him, was unexpectedly known by this tiny young lady, but how much did she know after all?! His own heart could only be panicky again, Li Zhi was mumbling lowly and repeatedly, and looked like he was comforting himself: “I…… can not say it…… If I say it, it will be the same as dead……”

That person would not let him off!

Furthermore, his familiarity with the situation was not announced during that time, he would not be alive either if the matter was exposed by him!!

Very good, he could just at least pretended to admit that he knew the inside information of the gold case! Not allowing him to think, Gu Yun exploded ferociously and said coldly: “If you do not talk, you are screwed! Do you think that the murderer will let you off? There were five people during that time, Qu Ze was dead, Yang Liu was also dead, would the murderer let you live?! You do not have any alternative now except to cooperate with us. Not only we can get rid of your criminal charge, we can also protect you. Otherwise, even if we let you leave this prison gate, how long do you think you still can live.”

“I…” Li Zhi’s mind flashed through Qu Ze’s torturing face that did not look like a human shape, also Yang Liu’s blood that was flowing on the side of his feet. His body seemed to feel like he was in an icehouse, but Li Zhi’s forehead was sweating a cold sweat and it was flowing to his cheeks.

A hand was suddenly on Li Zhi’s shoulder, Gu Yun continued to question near his ear intensely and said: “Speak up about the whole story of the matter during that time, speak up about the name of the person who has planned the whole thing!! Speak up!”

“I… I can not say it… Can not say it! I do not know… I do not know!!” Being questioned intensely and repeatedly by Gu Yun, Li Zhi already slumped on the ground, his face did not require any interpretation, he was already frightened extremely and clearly.

“You all do not force me, I do not know…. I do not know anything!!” Practically out of his wits, Li Zhi roared continuously and lowly, he was already unable to stand in front of the tiny young lady who was only more than ten years old.

Gu Yun regained her hand slowly, did not say anything and turned around to Zhuo Qing’s side, she handed over the throwing knife to Zhuo Qing who helplessly shrugged her shoulder, his mental capability already changed a little bit weaker… Or maybe, the person who was behind the scene was extremely powerful?!

“Someone comes.” Dan Yu Lan called lowly, the bailiffs who were guarding outside entered the hall immediately.

“Hold the criminal to enter the prison and look after him sternly.”

“Yes.” The limping Li Zhi was dragged out, Dan Yu Lan looked towards Qing Mo, puzzlingly asked: “Why did you not continue to ask?” If she continued asking, he might already reveal the truth.

Qing Mo looked towards Zhuo Qing, Zhuo Qing sighed and explained: “He was already on the verge to collapse, if we kept to say something, he would not listen to anything now. According to a point of view of psychology, the more he would ponder in this kind of circumstances, the more it would make him panicky. We will add more fire tomorrow, he will surely speak the truth.”

She was used to Gu Yun’s way in asking the case incisively, people could practically not able to grasp it!

“Official Dan, we say goodbye now, it is best that you reinforce the protection for the criminal from now on, do not let the murderer to have an opportunity to exploit this situation.” Finished speaking, Gu Yun pulled Zhuo Qing. Two people were just about to leave the outside of the law court, Dan Yu lan called out to them suddenly: “Miss Qing, please stay.”

Whom did he call out? Zhuo Qing and Gu Yun looked at each other one glance, turned around to look towards Dan Yu Lan, they only saw that he was walking over really fast and stopping in front of Gu Yun, he cupped his hands and asked: “Dan mou has several questions that I hope Miss Qing will grant the teaching.”

Gu Yun answered generously: “Say it.”

Obtaining a nod of approval, Dan Yu Lan did not speak around the bushes and said: “You were only at the Yang family’s home no more than a quarter hour, how did you know the position and location of the corpse at that time? How did you also know about the gold case? What kind of evidences and clues did you also have on your hand?”

“The first question, my own nose was especially sensitive with the smell of blood, even though it had been cleared up after the event, I could still feel the scent for a short time and the throwing knife left behind a lot of marks and the sword left behind the marks were a big different. I believe that I do not need to say, Dan Daren can distinguish them either, and the majority of the marks from the throwing knives inside the room, no matter the strength and the direction, they all were basically identical, only one knife’s trace that was especially different. Summing it up, it was easy to guess where the location of the corpse was. Second question, we had met Qian Jing alone and he was the one who provided us with the clues of the gold case. Third, I did not have any evidence and clue with regard to the gold case in my hand, I was only… just now.” Lightly raising her eyebrows, Gu Yun smilingly said: “Speaking recklessly.”

Ao Tian and Ye Mei who were investigating the gold case had not returned either, she would naturally not know about the matter of the gold case but she had already said an appropriate lie and was threatening with regards to the investigation of the case, there was much benefits.

“I have finished speaking, I will take my leave.” Looking at the one green and one blue silhouettes who were leaving unhurriedly, Dan Yu Lan with a pondering face did not stop them, he looked forward to some more abilities that they had.

When they left Ying Tian government office, it was already in the afternoon, Zhuo Qing asked: “Should we go to look for the other two people now?”

“En.” Even though she thought faintly that those two people were not the people who had any key figure, but she would not permit any trace of negligence in handling this case’s objective, so they would still go to take a look, ok.

“Miss Qing Ling.” After the two people walked out for several steps, an older woman’s voice faintly echoed. (See 1 below).

The two people were shocked a little, Zhuo Qing looked towards the old lady who asked the question: “Who are you?” (See 1 below).

The old lady smiled and answered: “This servant is Liu momo.” (See 2).

Calling herself momo, she must be the person from the palace, Zhuo Qing was jittery in her mind, that Emperor did not look to inconvenient her again, right!!

Zhuo Qing impatiently asked: “What do you want?”

That momo still maintained a smiling expression and answered: “The Empress Dowager has an Imperial decree to declare Miss Qing Ling to enter the palace to have an audience.”

The Empress Dowager?!

Zhuo Qing stared blankly, when did she also arouse the attention from the Empress Dowager?! One Yan Hong Tian was enough to trouble her!

Gu Yun was watching the married woman’s face attentively, then she asked: “Are you the Empress Dowager’s person?”

“Yes.” Looking towards Zhuo Qing, the old lady said: “Please, Miss Qing.”

Gu Yun was following Zhuo Qing’s side but the old lady obstructed her with courtesy, however her manner of speaking was not gentle: “This lady, please stay here, the Empress Dowager has only called for Miss Qing Ling.”

Even though the old lady’s face was smiling but it was not sincere, however, she should really speak the truth. She should really be the Empress Dowager’s person, a chariot was park not too far away. There were four well built men by the sides of the chariot, it appeared that if Zhuo Qing did not submit obediently, they would also have taken her away.

Gu Yun did not observe that several men seriously, but the opposite side was the Empress Dowager so she was afraid if she could afford to offend her.

“You go now, I will help you to look for Lou Xi Yan.” Gu Yun said it very clearly to comfort Zhuo Qing and also to warn Liu momo not to act blindly without thinking.

“En.” Yun would handle the next affair, Zhuo Qing felt relieved. Looking towards the side of the momo, she generously said: “Then, I will have to trouble momo to lead the way.”

The chariot carried Zhuo Qing and left, Gu Yun hurried to go to the Prime Minister’s manor urgently.

Chapter 64: Who Was Lying

Chapter 66: Was This Regarded As A Proposal?

Sian’s notes:
1. Again that term old/older woman are using ่‹่€-canglao which means old/ages and ่€ๅฆ‡ไบบ-laofuren which means old lady. ๐Ÿ˜ณ Isn’t that crazy how many titles this author, Qian Lu can use to describe old woman…

2. The term that she uses is ๅˆ˜-Liu which is her surname and she uses her title as ๅฅณ้บฝ-momo. I actually can’t find the character in my phone keyboard but the character is a combination of that two characters. Some people translate this character as wet nurse, but it feels weird to use wet nurse. Since the character can also be translated as an elder lady, originally I want to use elder lady instead, however I have decided to keep the pinyin words momo rather than trying to translate the words.

Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 64: Who Was Lying

I have to admit that I get so lazy doing a translation when LXY is not in the chapter, like this long chapter. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Over 3,550 words.ย  Victoryqueen, you guessed it right, ZQ could not sleep after that soft kiss last night. ๐Ÿ™‚

This chapter was translated for only. And only for those people who don’t mind reading unprofessional translation that was being translated FREELY using the translator’s and editor’s own free times.ย So rude & entitled people aren’t welcome to read this translation!!! So GO AWAY….


Zhuo Qing appeared at the gate of the Prime Minister’s manor at 10 o’clock in the morning punctually (see 1), she saw Gu Yun who was leaning at the outside of the fence of the manor, shutting her eyes to rest.

Walking in front of her, Zhuo Qing did not start talking, Gu Yun already opened her eyes, she casted one glance afterwards, raised her head with a trace of strange smile and asked: “What, did you go to be a thief last night? Or too intense………” The enormous dark circles under her eyes, swollen eyes, looked like she could not sleep well at all during the night. This appearance of Qing made her difficult not to let her imagination to roam ah~~~~ One look at her pervert expression, Zhuo Qing did not need to think and already knew what kind of hideous messy things in her mind!!

Recalling that one soft kiss last night, Zhuo Qing’s expression was somewhat floating unnaturally, lowly scolded to say: “Stop your gossiping manner, I merely do not have enough sleep, that is all, you think everybody can be like you with so much vigorous energy!”

Yun was still wearing that blue skirt, she surely did not go back to the General’s manor, sometimes she was very doubtful on Yun’s body composition. It appeared as long as she could close her eyes to rest, her physical strength could recover rapidly, absolutely did not need to take a rest! This was different than another person’s physique and really made people puzzle and enough for her to be jealous!

Unable to endure Gu Yun’s probing look, Zhuo Qing changed the subject hurriedly: “What did you find after you looked at the transcript?”

Withdrawing her line of sight, Gu Yun did not continue to bother her, Qing was an adult, and whatever matter that happened with Lou Xi Yan was also normal. According to her opinion, it would be best if Qing acted quickly, ate him up and wiped her hand clean, then put him in the purse (see 2)! After all, a man liked Lou Xi Yan was not many either.

Both hands were still on her chest, Gu Yun shrugged her shoulder and answered: “It could be rated as perfection, that content of the transcripts was less pitiful, the four people said exactly the same statements, it was like they were in agreement with each other, I did not find anything.” That was exactly her achievement from last last! Simply wasted her time.

Zhuo Qing raised her eyebrows, “So?” She estimated that they would be busy next.

Not letting her to be disappointed, Gu Yun helplessly smiled and said: “So we can only investigate one by one now, ask them one by one, look____ who is lying after all.”

Zhuo Qing nodded her head, swept one glance at a man who had an impatient face and was not too far away, Zhuo Qing mockingly said: “When did you start having a small tail?” One was Gu Yun who with regards to a male and female’s matter was extremely unstable. One was a young and vigorous’ youngster with a rash head. Was it good that they were inseparable like this? What about Su Ling? In Zhuo Qing’s heart, Yun would still be better with Su Ling, after all, Su Yu was absolutely unable to resist Yun.

Zhuo Qing looked pensively, but Gu Yun’s face was calm, smilingly said: “There is nothing I can do, the identity of that person is a General, compare to us both who are nobodies and do not have any weight when we speak. Lou Xi Yan does not have any free time to accompany us, I can only find an alternative lo.” If it were not because of him, she would not ask about the transcripts last night.

“Qing Mo, whom did you say as an alternative!” Originally, he was not sleeping for the whole night to accompany this insane woman to run around everywhere last night, just enough to listen to Gu Yun’s words that could not recognize his good intention, his irritable roar echoed immediately.

“We will look for Li Zhi first?”

Gu Yun shook her head and answered: “No, I think we should pay a visit to Madam Yang first.” Yang Shi was the only woman from the four people, it should be easy to break her through the loop, it would be better to start from her.

“Good, let us go.”

Two people were talking over softly all the way, walking all the way without even paying attention to the man who was almost exploded with anger.

“So hateful!” This was the first time that Su Yu was ever ignored completely, he punched the brick stone on the wall to vent his rage. Glaring ferociously at both of them who were joking together, the women were proceeding and getting apart gradually, he was still following them closely after cursing at them.

Arriving at the Yang’s family small courtyard again, they saw Yang Shi was standing at the garden, bowing her head to sweep. Knowing that Gu Yun and Zhuo Qing arrived at the courtyard’s front door, she lifted her head to see their face clearly, Yang Shi asked strangely: “The government official just left, what do these two young ladies still need?” They were the women who came together with Dan Daren last night, she recognized them.

What was the government official doing to come this early? Gu Yun’s heart was pondering, her face laughed generously and said: “Right, Dan Daren will judge the case so he will need to gather a lot of evidences, there are some questions that we want to ask to make things convenient comparatively, so Dan Daren let us to look for you to chat in private.”

Yang Shi was somewhat ineffable, but she still nodded her head and opened the courtyard’s door: “Please come in, ok.”

Zhuo Qing and Gu Yun entered ahead, Su Yu who was on the back also followed to come in, Yang Shi recognized this person was the master of the General’s manor. Not daring to neglect him, he was also welcomed to come in, she was still attending to serve the tea: “Please drink the tea, but it is only some coarse tea, so please do not take offense.”

Zhuo Qing and Gu Yun sat at the side of the dining room’s round table, Su Yu was still angry so he sat on the bench near the side of the door, while drinking the tea depressingly.

Gu Yun was facing Yang Shi and smilingly said: “Madam Yang, you do not need to be busy, we will ask a few questions and then leave, please sit down.”

Yang Shi nodded her head and sat down in front of them. This time Gu Yun could really see the woman’s face clearly in the end, she was young, she seemed to be no more than twenty years old, and looked very pretty. Not knowing whether or not it was a habit for a woman in the ancient times to always lower her head, this made Gu Yun had a headache. Gu Yun with a gentle tone, asked the questions: Madam Yang, how long did you and Yang Liu……. married?” The sound was truly awkward.

“Already two years.” Yang Shi answered very tranquilly.

“How was your husband and wife’s feelings originally?”

Yang Shi was startled slightly, she answered immediately: “Our husband and wife’s feelings were good.”

Gu Yun’s expression flashed slightly and pretended to not paying attention and looked one glance at her wrist, she smilingly said: “Then, was your hand’s injury caused by your own falling?”

Yang Shi lifted her head astonishingly and looked towards Gu Yun, she was sweeping the garden and pulling her sleeves a moment ago. But the moment she saw them plainly, she put the sleeves down immediately, these were already old injuries, she was still able to see it surprisingly!!

Facing Gu Yun’s probing eyes, Yang Shi sighed lowly and once again lowered her head slowly, she answered in a low voice: “Husband’s temper was somewhat anxious, his temperament was also quite violent. He used violence towards me when he got drunk sometimes, but he was still very considerate during normal times. My health is not good, if it is not because of him looking for physicians to treat my illness for all these years, I am afraid that I will not live this long.”

Gu Yun did not continue to nag about this question, she changed the topic of their discussions and asked: “Is Li Zhi your husband’s good friend? Does he or does he not come to your home frequently?”

Yang Shi seemed to relax a little and answered with loathing words: “Yes, he came here to borrow money frequently, practically every day.”

“How much money did Yang Liu lend to him?” Gu Yun questioned closely.

Yang Shi was pondering for a moment and shaking her head, she answered: “I did not understand the family man’s affairs, but it should be a lot of money.”

Gu Yun exaggerated the “Oh” sound, smilingly said: “He was able to help you to treat your illness and also was able to lend money to Li Zhi. Looking at the stuffs in your home were not inadequate either, it looked like the official’s salary at the General’s manor was not low ah!” Finished speaking, Gu Yun casted a glance at Su Yu.

Su Yu carried the tea on his hand, he was very clear about the official’s salary of the General’s manor, according to this general’s income, it would truly be impossible to achieve these.

Yang Shi kept silent, Gu Yun continued to ask: “Did you or did you not know where Yang Liu’s money came from?”

Yang Shi shook her head: “I did not know.”

Gu Yun got up suddenly, smilingly said: “Very good, we disturb you this long, we should leave also.”

Just like this? She did not even ask anything with regard to the matter of the case ah?” Yang Shi’s face was puzzled but also did not say anything, she simply got up to give courtesy and then she answered: “Oh, good. Please take care.”

The three people left the Yang family’s house afterwards, after some distance from the Yang family’s house in silent, Zhuo Qing stopped her footsteps, urgently asked: “How was it?”

Gu Yun raised the corner of her mouth slightly, answered affirmatively: “She was lying.”

She just went in there, asked some trivial questions and already concluded that she was lying? Because of his early’s resentment towards them, Su Yu could not help to say snottily: “For which reason did you say that she was lying? I saw that she answered honestly ah!”

Gu Yun leaned her head to look towards him and threw out a short sentence unexpectedly: “Are you a virgin?”

What. What..! This.. question, Su Yu’s face was embarrassed, he could not help to roar loudly: “What did you say?!”

Zhuo Qing was holding back her smile slightly and waiting to see a good show.

His eyebrows were raised and pulled closer to the center, upper eyelids were raised, lower eyelids were braised. Pointing her finger at Su Yu’s face, Gu Yun lowered her voice and answered: “This was nervous.”

Su Yu stumped for words and did not react to what she was saying, Gu Yun continued to ask: “Answer the question, are you or are you not?”

“You are joking……. How can I still be a…” Su Yu ## was still roaring.

Gu Yun nodded satisfyingly and smilingly said: “This is a lie.”

Glaring tenaciously at Gu Yun, Su Yu said hurriedly: “I am not!!”

Patting his shoulder, Gu Yun with a pity face answered: “Ok, if you do not want people to see you are saying a lie next time, so please do not lie with hesitation and repeat the lie harshly, also do not retreat subconsciously and swallow a saliva.”

Su Yu bowed his head to look at his own feet, he really retreated one step unconsciously a moment ago, how could it be like this?! Seeing through the perception of his lying was really terrible, especially this type that made people to suffer frustration from the question. Hesitating and not knowing what he should say, Gu Yun was staring at his face, smilingly said: “This facial expression is called embarrassing now.”

Su Yu could not stop Gu Yun’s words and was unable to say anything, he did not know whether his face was embarrassed or angry, it was somewhat red unexpectedly.

Zhuo Qing could not help to laugh heartily at Su Yu’s embarrassing face, he answered unwillingly: “What is so amazing about this, how do you know that she is not pretending!?”

Su Yu’s voice was barely off, Gu Yun raised her legs ruthlessly and stamped on his foot firmly.

“Ah____” It hurt him so! Glaring at Gu Yun, Su Yu roared lowly: “Darn it! What are you doing!”

Both hands on her chest, Gu Yun explained with a stern face: “Your pain and anger are your real expression just now, the state of mind conveys your subconscious mind, basically it is hard to suppress and cover up the truth. The microfiber expression that happens in a moment is very intense to hide the expression, so if her facial expression somewhat surpasses one second, then it is fake.”

So it was like this, Su Yu pondered over seriously, Gu Yun who still wanted to show a serious face just now, ridiculed again and said: “I am just saying things randomly, you do not need to try too hard to ponder over, with your IQ like this, you will not have any result either even if you work hard.”

What was the meaning of her words!! Just wanting to flip out, Zhuo Qing walked to his side and pat his shoulder, sympathetically said: “Pitiful chick, who makes you to meet this woman with a malicious mouth, it is a pity, ok.”

Finished speaking, the two women were laughing heartily one more time.

“You two……..” Why did he want to be here being ridiculed by them?! Su Yu turned and left abruptly and angrily.

Looking at his back that kept going further away, the two people restrained their smiling expression simultaneously, Zhuo Qing asked puzzlingly: “Why did you make him leave in anger?” Yun, this person, even though she was quite a direct person when she spoke but she was absolutely not the person who was unable to differentiate good from bad, just liked to ridicule and tease other people, she must have had her own reason to do this.

Gu Yun shrugged her shoulder slightly, answered somewhat helplessly: “When I was looking at Li Zhi’s biography last night, I found out one interesting coincidence.”


“He was unexpectedly together with Qu Ze during that time, one of the four who was guarding the exit of the rock cave.” She wanted to look for some clues from Li Zhi’s side, but she did not wish for Su Yu to be pulled into the gold’s old case.

Zhuo Qing understood: “And so Yang Liu would want to lend him money continuously, perhaps only because he knew the secret of the gold case during that time?!” They finally made a little progress, Zhuo Qing was dragging Gu Yun and she said hurriedly: “Go, we can look for him now.”

Her hand was being pulled, Gu Yun did not struggle either, only harbored malicious intentions and smilingly said: “Your concern towards Qian Jing is somewhat excessive oh.”

Here we go again, she was staying idled and not doing anything to ridicule her all day long, not feeling like looking at her, Zhuo Qing with a cold voice answered: “He is my savior, just this and nothing more!”

“En, this sentence is the truth.” Gu Yun nodded unhurriedly, smilingly said: “Then, what about Lou Xi Yan?”

Still not looking at her, Zhuo Qing answered somewhat patiently: “He is only an ordinary friend.” She was somewhat jittery when she mentioned this, she did not know it herself what kind of relationship that she and Lou Xi Yan had! Male and female friends?! And yet there was no confession, maybe it was her own imagination that her love was reciprocated! But he kissed her last night…… Hey…….. “A lie.” Gu Yun exposed her lie relentlessly.

Releasing Gu Yun’s hand, Zhuo Qing was somewhat angry also: “It will be best that you stop before you go to far, less showing off of your power of observation.”

Eh, oh~ Angry la?! Both hands spread out, Gu Yun with innocent face laughed and said: “Please! Miss Zhuo, please look for a mirror to examine your own shy facial expression, I absolutely do not need to use any power of observation, ok!”

She still dared to say!

“Gu Yun, you look to get beaten!” Clenching her fist, Zhuo Qing hammered her hand towards her shoulder, unfortunately, Gu Yun’s vigorous skill dodged sideways effortlessly, the two people were teasing all the way and finally arrived at Li Zhi’s residence very quickly.

Li Zhi lived near the city gate in a small courtyard, shabby roof tile house, very small front yard’s door, it seemed to be somewhat unfrequented.

From a distant, Gu Yun and Zhuo Qing saw a few bailiffs who were guarding at the front door, numerous sounds came out from the inside of the house from time to time. The two people looked one glance towards each other thinking that maybe the matter was already changed. Walking to the front of the door, Zhuo Qing stepped forward and seemed to see a somewhat familiar looking bailiff and chatted: “What is going on in here?”

The bailiff looked at Zhuo Qing and Gu Yun one glance, he recognized them from yesterday who were following Prime Minister Lou and General Su together to the Ministry of Justice’s prison. Thinking, the bailiff answered obscurely: “Dan Daren asked us to bring Li Zhi back to the government’s office for questioning.”

They should already go to the Yang’s family home but they did not bring Yang Shi back, they wanted to bring Li Zhi back, could it be that they found out any clue?!

Zhuo Qing was still considering whether or not she wanted to continue asking questions, there was a man’s yelling sound that came from the inside of the house: “I did not kill Yang Liu, I had not killed anyone, that knife was not mine!!”

Knife? Zhuo Qing and Gu Yun were alarmed, did they find the murder weapon!?

Just when Zhuo Qing and Gu Yun’s expressions were passing on each other to guess, two tall and strong bailiffs already pushed down one thin and tall man to walk out.

That man was struggling incessantly, his mouth hooted loudly and said: “Let go, do not think that you all can accuse me wrongly, that knife is not mine.”

The bailiff who was at the foremost front did not pay attention to Li Zhi’s shouting, with a cold voice said: “Whatever words that you want to say, you can speak them at the government office, ok! Take him away.”

The delegation of men were pushing Li Zhi to walk over to the direction of the Ministry of Justice office.

“What should we do now?” Zhuo Qing saw a moment ago that bailiff who was leading in front was holding a package of stuff wrapped in a cloth on his hand. If she did not guess wrongly, that should be the murder weapon.

Gu Yun laughed softly and exposed her excited expression, she answered: “Li Zhi did not tell any lie, that knife should not be his, it seemed that the murderer got impatient.” Finished framing Qian Jing and again shifted the blame on Li Zhi, if it was not because of the murderer’s deliberate trick, it was already somewhat confusing a little.

Facing Zhuo Qing to blink, Gu Yun with high spirits, smilingly said: “We will go forward with the gold case and see if there is any big progress oh.” This murderer recruited Li Zhi and put him to die, she could maybe beat somebody at their own game………. Gu Yun’s face showed a strong excitement, Zhuo Qing guessed what good show should be on stage.

The two people were following a group of bailiffs to go to the Ministry of Justice office, the people were gone and the place was empty, naturally no one would find out. There was a shadow at the corner of the broken house with a spoiled roof tile, a pair of shady untamed’s eyes were watching attentively and coldly at the two people’s who already departed.

Really interesting game, the cat that caught the mouse, who was the cat after all and who was the mouse also~ a muffled secret laughter, gloomy and cold lingered for a long time.

Chapter 63: A Reputationโ€™s Crisis

Chapter 65: Mental Battle

Sian’s notes:
1. The author, Qian Lu really did use 10 o’clock for the time instead of the ancient time so I wasn’t sure if it was a mistake on her or a typo.

2. This whole sentence was implying that ZQ should just “eat” LXY and pretty much be his real Madam.