Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 22: Strange Illness (Part 1)

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“What!” Xue Xian Xin stared blankly, casted a quick look at Zhuo Qing, simply did not pay attention to her, unable to tolerate, she shouted: “Where did this mad woman come from to have the impertinence to behave atrociously at the Prime Minister’s manor, give her to me to throw out.”

“Stop.” Lou Xi Wu pointed at Zhuo Qing, and shouted: “She is elder brother’s woman, who dares to throw her out!?” Although she disliked this ugly woman but in contrast, Xue Xian Xin was even more hateful, she and her were just being acquainted today.

The people were looking at each other in dismay, Zhuo Qing used to follow with the flow, the first time she was known to be a certain person’s woman, this appellation was truly @@$@$….. For the purpose of using this Madam’s spirit, also to let her fulfilled her wish to go into the small storied building, Zhuo Qing softly sighed and smilingly answered: “I am…. Qing Feng, they said that your Emperor ordered to bestow me as Lou Xi Yan’s woman. In the event that there is no first wife, a young concubine is precisely the mistress, like this madam. The Prime Minister manor’s mistress already changed its owner now.”

She was the Imperial Beauty bestowed by the Emperor?! Xue Xian Xin snorted disdainfully, sneered and said: “A bunch of nonsense! You, this ugly woman was absolutely impossible being a beauty whom the Emperor’s order to bestow to Xi Yan.”

Frowning artificially, Zhuo Qing pretended to be alarmed and shouted: “Are you doubting Qiong Yue Emperor’s foresight ?”

“I, I… I am doubting you!” Who is this woman after all?!

Clearly nodding, Zhuo Qing with an innocent face threw out a question to Jing Sa: “Jing Sa, you can answer this question better.”

This time Jing Sa actually abnormally cooperated, coldly answered: “Second Madam, she is indeed Miss (actually the words used here were 姑娘 – guniang which should be translated as young lady, but it felt weird to write young lady QF so I used Miss instead) Qing Feng who was bestowed by the Emperor to Master.”

Xue Xian Xin was somewhat panicky, she absolutely did not expect, this woman was unexpectedly really Hao Yue’s beauty who was bestowed to Xi Yan. Regardless of her first appearance, watching this temper that was not meek and could easily deceive any individual, she could not let her to be arrogant. Waiving her hand, Xue Xian Xin disregarded the other person as if she had a lower status and said: “Ok, since you are the Imperial Beauty bestowed by the Emperor, I will not make things difficult for you, but I am Xi Yan’s mother, the West General’s Madam. As long as I am here, the mistress’ position will not go to you. Ok, ok, return to your courtyard.”

Was this second mistress giving her an obstacle? Zhuo Qing laughed, if it was not because she wanted to go in to take a look at Lou Xi Yan on what sinister plot he was doing, she would quickly jump out to contradict with her? She was really hungry and unexpectedly wasting time with her nonsense. Zhuo Qing did not show mercy and answered: “Second Madam, right. If I am not mistaken, here is the Prime Minister’s manor, it is not the General’s manor. This being the case, the Prime Minister’s manor, naturally, the Prime Minister’s woman is the Mistress. You, as the mother, could still enjoy a good health properly in later years.”

“You, you, you…” She went so far as to curse her early demise!

Xue Xian Xin’s angry complexion blushed, her spoken words were all unclear, Zhuo Qing unhurriedly laughed and smilinglyy answered: “Your old body must be taken care of ah! I go in to take a look at Xi Yan, you return to rest, ok.”

Finish speaking, she did not turn around but moved forward to walk. Xue Xian Xin was angry and her face looked like she was about to collapse. Lou Xi Wu did not give any face and laughed heartily and chased after Zhuo Qing to come near to the small storied building.

Glaring to look at that leisurely white shadow, Xue Xian Xin’s eyes filled with bitter resentment, hand was holding firmly in a fist, her finger nails were deeply stabbing her palm. Well, this Qing Feng! We would wait and see who would die first in the end!

Feeling a bitter expression behind her back, Zhuo Qing did not pay any attention and walked to the side door. Against watching a farce, stiff at the side of the Imperial Physician and quietly said: “Imperial Physician, I just want to see him properly from outside of the living room, will not disturb you to treat his illness.”

Yang Mu finally recovered, promptly nodded and said: “Ok, ok.” Even though this woman’s face was damaged, still artistically as if it was made by heaven. Her words were sharp and eloquent a moment ago, she was good at understanding others and sensible now, clearly not an average family’s young lady! Yang Mu saw how many woman fought openly and maneuver covertly within the palace. He understood throughly early that behaving with integrity to handle matters was the way to survive.

Slowly opening the door, Zhuo Qing took the lead to walk in, directly facing the door was a set of seats to receive visitors. There were several calligraphy and paintings hanging on the wall, very simple. Across the side of the big screen, although hazy, it could clearly be seen that the inside room was more spacious compared to the outside, but the specific decorations could not be seen meticulously.

The Imperial Physician and the medicine child walked to go in, Zhuo Qing and Lou Xi Wu could only wait at the outside.

Actually standing outside the screen, she could not see very clearly the situation inside the room, illuminated by candle-light, could only see Mo Bai.s tall body who was guarding at the side of the bed. The Imperial Physician sat on the bed to feel the pulse, carefully listening to the heavy panting like asthma attack, but unable to see the patient, Zhuo Qing could not make a conclusion.

Foolishly standing at the outside of the screen was really boring, Zhuo Qing turned towards one side to stare at the not blinking Lou Xi Wu and asked: “He falls ill frequently?”

It was probably because Zhuo Qing helped her a moment ago, Lou Xi Wu’s impression was a little good towards her, eyes not leaving the person, Lou Xi Wu softly answered: “Usually in the spring, usually all are good, as soon as he is falling ill like this, he is unable to breathe.”

“For how long?”

Mentioning this, Lou Xi Wu seemed somewhat jittery: “This ailment was from childhood, treatments for how many years, also did not see any good result.”

From childhood? That should not be too difficult to fix, but congenital asthma should not break out seasonally ah? Secretly pondering, both people in the room suddenly heard the sound of a few urgent grasping sounds, followed by a burst of trembling and hectic sound.

“Master!!” Along with Mo Bai’s worry and low cry out, the anxious Lou Xi Wu was unable to deal with these many things, straightforwardly burst into the inside room. Zhuo Qing hesitated for a moment, nevertheless finally followed to go in.

The candle flame shined upon very brightly inside of the room, an incredibly large bed, covered with a thick and long feather silk quilt, snow white of silk quilt, against the skin of Lou Xi Yan’s original fair face made him even paler. He was laying down on the bed, abnormal shortness of breath, overbearingly short breath, one hand tightly pulled the front jacket on his chest. On the forehead and cheeks were full of sweats, black hair was half bound and also covered with sweat. He could not control his body with violent movement with every breath he had. This… was not fake, also did not appear to be faked.

“Elder brother…” Lou Xi Wu was sobbing. Looking at this kind of Lou Xi Yan and recalling that he was in his prime with a high-spirited appearance in the daytime, Zhuo Qing could not adapt, even more so for Lou Xi Wu.

Yang Mu’s one hand was pressing Lou Xi Yan, while calling out loud: “Hurry, hurry, come over and get my needle.”

“Yes, yes!” The medicine boy was flustered and rummaged through to try to find it, finally brought a small box of silver needle to pass on. Taking the silver needle, Yang Mu however did not know how to put down the needle. Lou Xi Yan was always violently moving up and down every time he was breathing, his whole body moved, how could he put the needle down?! If he made a mistake in one acupuncture point, did he want or not want his life?!

Yang Mu hesitated not knowing how to do it properly, Zhuo Qing grudgingly shook her head. Everyone had a shocked and amazed expression, Zhuo Qing lifted her feet to directly step across to go to the bed…

Chapter 21: Exchanging Blows

Chapter 23: Strange Illness (Part 2)


Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 21: Exchanging Blows

While I was doing some editing on chapter 23, I found out that there were at least two online versions of this novel out there. I was using the one from 19lou and apparently Din2 was using the one from bestory. I don’t think there’s any major difference in these two online versions. So far we only found a couple of things that the version from bestory actually had slightly different details than the version from 19lou. Again this was not major and did not change the story at all. For consistency, both Din2 & I will stick with the version from 19lou.

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Zhuo Qing was puzzled for a time, the door inside the small storied building was suddenly opened. Mo Bai’s tall figure appeared at the door, the original indifferent face, showed even colder now. He was slightly rude to a 30 year old female to ask her to get out, the female was not willing and turning around repeatedly. Mo Bai’s thick and broad shoulder blocked her line of sight, the female ferociously glared a glimpse at him and angrily walked out. Behind her, a black clothing elderly man with worry on his face also walked away from the small storied building, the door was tightly closed again.

Seeing the elderly man came out, Lou Xi Wu immediately met him up, anxiously spoke: “Imperial Physician Yang, how is my elder brother!”

Yang Mu shook his head, sighed and answered: “Prime Minister Daren’s old illness recurred a little bit earlier this time compare to the previous years, additionally it was rapid and serious, this small subject also did not have the ability, could only let Prime Minister Daren to take the same concoction of medicinal herbs like in the previous years. Waiting for this subject and the other Imperial Physicians to consult together and detailed references afterwards, after that we would decide to use a new medicine.”

Listening to Yang Mu’s words, the female who was still angry a moment ago, once again raised her voice: “Fortunately the Princess delivered the medicine today. Somebody comes over here! Quickly go to prepare the medicine!”

“Yes.” The servant who kept watching at the side answered hastily and went hurriedly towards the outside of the courtyard.

Yang Mu turned his body around towards the two youngsters, softly and hurriedly said: “You two, hurry go to invite Imperial Physician Liu, Imperial Physician Li, Imperial Physician Fu to come to Prime Minister’s manor, quickly!” If the Prime Minister had any mishap, the Imperial Dragon Yan (aka the Emperor – dragon was usually associated with the emperor in ancient China) would be furious, not only a few of them would probably be buried!

“Yes.” The youngsters nodded, broke into a run to go out. An ice-cold voice echoed timely: “The two medicines that should help, I will ask somebody to send them quickly.”

Yang Mu lifted his head to look, precisely speaking, the housekeeper of the Prime Minister’s manor, Jing Sa, there was a common saying among the people, the servant girls at the Prime Minister’s manor were over seventh ranking officials. Not to mention that the other person was nevertheless the housekeeper of the Prime Minister’s manor. Yang Mu cupped his hands to greet, turned around and said: “This will inconvenient Head Housekeeper Jing.”

Jing Sa slightly nodded to return the greeting, facing the gray clothing man behind him, he muttered a few sentences, the man rapidly moved out of the courtyard.

Inside the room, there were severe gasps of breathing sound from time to time, Lou Xi Wu’s pair of large eyes were anxious and they were watching the small storied building anxiously, her heart was worry. She was unconsciously snapping her own fingers, her slender fingers were red and swollen, it seemed that she had not become aware of it, the tears were in her eyes. Lou Xi Wu was pleading in a low voice and said “Imperial Physician Yang, I want to go in to take a look at elder brother.”

“This….” Yang Mu hesitated in a moment, the female next to her was not patience and lowly shouted: “Xi Yan is feeling unwell at the moment, what do you want to do to go in, you are also unable to help him and will only be in the way.”

Not accepting and glaring at her, Lou Xi Wu angrily said: “And yet, you could go in!”

The female slightly raised her head and with an arrogant face, answered: “Are you and I the same? I am Xi Yan’s mother, with me by his side, I can let him feel relieved a little.”

Mother!? At first, enjoying to watch a bustling scene and feeling happy, Zhou Qing started to be alarmed, her eyes were almost fell to the ground. How did she take good care of herself? Could it be that a sarcastic person could feel easily to feel cheerful, therefore she looked young?!

Zhuo Qing was casually thinking of the subjective idea, Lou Xi Wu could not bear it and roared: “Second Mother, I am elder brother’s sister! When it comes to let him feel relieved a little, it should also be me, this younger sister to wait next by his side, not you, an outsider!”

Xue Xian Xin’s complexion changed momentarily, one group of servant girls were watching, was unable to punish her today, she still had no sense of shame, coldly groaned, Xue Xian Xin loudly reprimanded: “More and more outrageous, I am this family’s mistress, I am not allowed to go in!”

In normal times, Xue Xian Xin was also a tyrannical abuser, but she did not mind it. But she did not even let her to see elder brother today, Lou Xi Wu young lady’s bad temper also flared up, she did not care that the courtyard was filled with a lot of people, scolded: “You… are just a concubine, small concubine, nonsense about being a mistress, for which reason do you not let me to go in!”

Oh… As it turned out, she was a concubine ah, she totally forgot that having 3 wives, 4 concubines was often the case in this era, only blaming that this concubine was too arrogant, so it caused her to misunderstand. Zhuo Qing softly yawned, once again was sleepy, although there was a pretty good show before her eyes, but her stomach was really hungry now. Zhuo Qing decided to go find something to eat first.


Zhuo Qing stepped across to go out one step, only to hear a clear and loud sound, Zhuo Qing stared blankly, then turned her head to see, Lou Xi Wu covered her face, eyes were amazed and humiliated, tears were falling down. Directly in front of her, the hand of the person who was hitting her was also trembling violently, the eyes were moving restlessly, the voice was also trembling unconsciously: “Do not think that Master is not present in the house all year around, Xi Yan is also pampering you, you can exaggerate your own opinion, older sister died early, I… I am this family’s mistress, nobody disciplines you, I will take care of it!”

The courtyard was full of people but nobody dared to speak out, it was silence.
Oh… The conflict escalated, but Zhuo Qing decided to stay behind to watch the excitement of the reason, as a matter of fact it was not because of this, but because of that one who continuously stood on the sidelines. The ruthless and powerful Head Housekeeper Jing ever since Lou Xi Wu was beaten afterwards, his eyes were raging in anger, nearly could burn a person in a whole.

“You dare beat me!” Only hearing a roar, Lou Xi Wu already rushed out, grabbed and pulled Xue Xian Xin’s hair in a fit of confusion. Along with strength, Lou Xi Wu laid to sit on Xue Xian Xin’s body, practically punching and kicking… “Ah…” An intense yelling and crying out in alarm shouted: “Somebody comes, somebody comes ah, quickly grab this insane girl, are you all also against me?!”

Not knowing if Xue Xian Xin ordinarily behaved with integrity or extremely lacking in behavior, or the people were really terrified, after a moment, they just “woke up”, were stepping forward to help Lou Xi Wu up and advised: “Miss, calm down!”

Everyone dragged Lou Xi Wu who had not resigned, once again was kicking a few kicks, then struggling to get free from people at her side, crossing her waist to scold: “Let go, Xue Xian Xin, you dare to beat me, I tear you!”

Extremely stylish, Zhou Qing would almost applaud, this girl had temperament, she was fond of her!

However Lou Xi Yan was also able to restrain himself, outside could result in somebody’s death quickly. If he was feigning illness, whatever the outcome was, he could also make a sound, or… his illness was really serious?!

Secretly considering, Zhuo Qing decided to go in to take a look at what exactly Lou Xi Yan was doing in the end.

Xue Xian Xin stood up with great difficulty, messy hair, tilting clothes, neck had a few strips of scarlet paw prints also to show that there was an intense battlefield situation a moment ago. Well you, Lou Xi Wu, you really think that this old woman (she’s calling herself 老娘 – laoniang) is afraid of you, if I do not lecture you today, just do not call this old woman’s surname Xue!!

Taking a deep breath, Xue Xian Xin turned her body, no longer looking to face Lou Xi Wu, with clear sound shouted: “Jing Sa.”

Jing Sa, with coldness in his eyes, stepped forward one step, coldly answered: “Second Madam.”

Looking at Jing Sa, Xue Xian Xin in a quite awe-inspiring manner brightly said: “The Lou family does not have any rule, it may be said, a daughter can hit a mother, Master is outside all year around, Xi Yan also possesses serious illness. Head Housekeeper Jing, I will ask you now, according to the Lou Family ancestor’s rule, this way to offend one’s superior, what section of the law should be used to punish the rude children?!”

Jing Sa’s complexion was the same, nevertheless his heart sunk, Xue Xian Xin no matter how repulsive, she was still Master’s wife, what Miss did today, according to the rules, she would be flogged with a stick 50 times and had to sit while facing the wall in meditation for 10 days.

Jing Sa kept silence, Xue Xian Xin also did not press, she wanted to see how long he could keep silent!

One person who did was the one who withstood, she hit her, what to do!? Just receiving punishment! Not having a heart to see Jing Sa was in a difficult situation, Lou Xi Wu clenched her teeth. Just about to open her mouth, there was a relaxed, joyful female voice echoing faintly: “Lou Xi Yan has not died yet, but I suppose he will die in anger quickly. How can everyone have a good mood to discuss the family rules, it will be better to go in to quarrel properly, whatever the outcome will be more lively.”

Everyone gasped, she was the first person who cursed at the Prime Minister to die at the Lou’s manor.

“Who are you? Where do you come from?” Before everyone’s eyes, a female suddenly appeared, the whole body was covered in white clothing, hair was not bundled, not caring about her appearance and incomparable with the surroundings, especially that hideous ugly face, looking at the strange and scary person in the depth of the night would rather frighten people.

Both hands on her chest, Zhuo Qing was pretending to reflect for a moment, leisurely smiled and said: “According to your logic just now, I should be this family’s new mistress…”

Chapter 20: Princess Chao Yun

Chapter 22: Strange Illness (Part 1)

Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 20: Princess Chao Yun

Ok, since the majority of the readers don’t mind the explanation in parenthesis, I will keep providing these explanations. For a few of you who don’t like them, you can skip reading the explanations. 😜 Thanks for your comments & inputs!

This chapter was translated for only. And only for those people who don’t mind reading unprofessional translation that was being translated FREELY using the translator’s and editor’s own free times. So rude & entitled people aren’t welcome to read this translation!!! So GO AWAY….


At dusk, the most beautiful moment of the day, fragments of the golden light pierced the clouds, adding a red color into the sky blue horizon to cover an equal colored of sunrise and sunset. With the exception of the fragrance in the garden, the rugged stone mountain, was also having a smile on his face, Lou Xi Yan’s mood was extremely good.

Walking to the outside of Hua Ting pavilion through the front door of the courtyard, Lou Xi Yan stopped his footsteps. In a low voice, he said: “Mo Bai, watch her properly.” According to her character, she would certainly not be well-behaved staying at the Prime Minister’s manor. She had too many elusive matters that had not been handled clearly before, he would absolutely not let her leave outside of his control.

“Yes.” Mo Bai’s voice barely left and the shadow of the person suddenly disappeared between the stone mountain. One big person disappeared in a flash just now, whoever saw it would feel frightful. Lou Xi Yan was accustomed to it, lightly straightened his lapel, the corner of his mouth was raised softly, there was no smile in his eyes and he raised his steps to enter Hua Ting pavilion at the side of the courtyard.

Lou Xi Yan entered the interior of the courtyard. Sitting at the master’s seat above, Yan Ru Xuan saw him right away with one quick glance. The sunset came from behind his reflection and he seemed to step on the coming golden ray. Putting on a white jade Dijon’s hat, dark golden robe set off his increasingly majestic presence and handsomeness. Especially the corner of his mouth seemed to have no lack of smile, feathery light, warm, shallow and faint. Every time she saw him, her heart would jump violently and incessantly.

Lou Xi Yan had not entered the room yet, Yan Ru Xuan already got up slowly to wait for him to come in. A light golden long skirt following her movement softly, Fushun’s hairstyle (the original words used were 抚顺的发丝-Fushun de fasi, I googled it trying to see what this was but couldn’t find anything related to this) was also slightly raised, quietly standing at that place, quiet and dignified temperament so much so that it could bewitch any person, not to mention that the appearance of the bright moon was pouring on the face.

Yan Ru Xuan suddenly got up, Xue Xian Xin also hurriedly stood, following her line of sight to look, just to see Lou Xi Yan was walking slowly, smiling clearly, waiting for Lou Xi Yan to enter Hua Ting pavilion. She impatiently and immediately pretended to complain and said: “Xi Yan had returned, Princess Chao Yun waited for you for a long time.”

Lou Xi Yan simply nodded lightly towards Xue Xian Xin, faced Yan Ru Xuan, he greeted and clasped his hands and said: “Greetings to Princess.”

Yan Ru Xuan advanced one step and urgently said: “Yan gege (the words used were 颜哥哥-It can be translated to elder brother Yan but it sounds weird so I’m going to keep the pinyin) does not need to be so polite.”

Xue Xian Xin rejoiced covertly in her heart, Princess Chao Yun’s heart was tied up to Xi Yan. If the two of them advanced to forge an alliance, that would be good, that the Lou family’s authority would not collapse in the imperial court, she was trying to hide her true intention!! (Original words used were 一手遮天-yi shou zhe tian, an idiom that literally means to hide the sky with one hand). Wishful thinking (original words used 如意算盘-ru yi suan pan, another idiom that literally means counting one’s chicks before it is hatched), Xue Xian Xin got up to attend to the guest and said: “You chat first, I will go to take a look at how things are for the evening meal’s preparation.”

Xue Xian Xin left perfectly satisfied, Yan Ru Xuan faced Lou Xi Yan’s fluttering tiny eyes, her face was somewhat red-hot, hurriedly pointing at the medicine herbs on the side, with soft voice said: “Spring finally arrived, Xuan-er (Er means child and it is usually attached to the last character of a person’s name as an expression of affection in ancient China) is worry that Yan gege’s illness will once again reappear so I am delivering some medicine herbs. This medicine was searched and concocted by Imperial Mother’s famous doctor for you. You must take care of your body properly, do not work too excessively.” Every time she heard that Yan gege’s old illness recurred and could not attend the Imperial court, her heart was anxious incessantly.

Lou Xi Yan looked one glance at the medicine package on the desk, with clear voice said: “Many thanks to Empress Dowager, Princess’ grace, this subject will pay attention.”

Must he call her princess and himself a subject?! She had been chasing him this many years and he did not have any feeling at all?! She heard that Imperial Brother, bestowed him an exceptionally beautiful woman, he would despise her even more later, right?! Her heart was slightly in pain, concealing her tightfisted hands inside the wide sleeve of her garment, Yan Ru Xuan’s pair of eyes were filled with hope and stared at Lou Xi Yan, quietly asked: “On the 15th of next month, Bei Qi Country’s diplomatic envoy will come to make customary deferences to Qiong Yue, Imperial Mother and Imperial Brother will certainly not remember that day is also Xuan-er’s 16th birthday, at the time that Yan gege enters the palace, can you come to visit Xuan-er?”

Meeting her longing gaze, Lou Xi Yan quietly comforted and said: “Princess does not need to worry about this, the Emperor and Empress Dowager will not forget your birthday.”

“In that case, will you come to Qing Xuan’s palace hall to see me?” She definitely did not care that other people did not remember, she only cared that he would not forget!

Lou Xi Yan hesitated for a moment, but finally answered with a soft voice: “I am afraid that it will be difficult to leave the official business when the envoy pays a visit, this subject will send someone to deliver a gift to Qing Xuan’s palace.”

Gift… She was not a small girl anymore who would be happy and excited to receive a gift, he refused her request once again, this time was the 57th times.

“It is late, Xuan-er will return first.” Yan Ru Xuan was somewhat dazed and walked away from Hua Ting pavilion, Lou Xi Yan could not bear it in his mind, he sighed and said: “This subject will send Princess to go out.” Xuan-er was a kindhearted woman so she ought to receive a better treatment, but he could not give it to her.

“There is no need.” Faintly sighing and preventing Lou Xi Yan’s step to follow, his visual was directed at the beautiful picture of the meandering skirt away. Lou Xi Yan turned around to look towards the table where a large number of packages of medicine herbs were, his cold eyes flashed through chilly cold rays, no longer gentle and soft.


The dim light of night as if it was an ink, outside the room was pitch-black, inside the room, the yellow candle light passed through the heavy curtain shining inside the bed curtain, the light was barely enough to look at an object. Zhuo Qing softly opened her eyes to see a place full of cotton yarn curtain screen, she was absent-minded for a split second, but she recalled where she was very quickly.

Prime Minister’s manor had no deficiency, the high bed was warm, this was the best sleep that she had after arriving in this world. Stretching her body, Zhuo Qing lifted the bed curtain and she went to the outside direction of the screen barefooted. The floor was covered with a thick carpet, soft and very comfortable. There was a round mahogany table outside the screen, furthermore there was a soft couch. On the side of the screen, there was a high copper mirror, unexpectedly the copper could be polished so it was flat and smooth. Even though you could not compare it with a glass mirror, but it would be absolutely enough to use it everyday.

Standing in front of the mirror and after occupying this body for several days, Zhuo Qing finally had a chance to properly look at herself.

Willow leaf eyebrows, bridge of nose, perfect oval-shaped face, Zhuo Qing’s most favorite was the eyes, not too big but sparkling and pure, as if they were two deep and clear spring, tiny and raised lip that was full and moistened.

The information flourished at the modern era, the size of the celebrity was extremely a lot. Zhuo Qing also figured there were countless beauties and this woman’s features were indeed a rare beauty, even better if the packaging was good, absolutely could frighten the heaven and earth. But it was a pity that the right cheek had two scars from a knife wound that destroyed some sense of beauty. After all, using this body at the moment, even though Zhuo Qing did not feel ugly, but also could not help to say it was a pity. This face was extremely young, at most probably 16-17 years. Zhuo Qing laughed mockingly at herself, it seemed that she earned something in the end, completely uncalled for that she was 10 years younger.

Lightly touching the long fine black hair that reached to the calf, Zhuo Qing forced a smile, this long hair was truly baffling her. Softly ditching her collar, Zhuo Qing bowed her head to look down, could not help to blow a whistle. Lordy, what this child ate to grow up, she was a size 34D at the very least, her development seemed to be a little too good, right…….
Zhuo Qing was still minding her own business then gasped in surprise, the window of the room on the other side was half opened. A few gleam of light was somewhat dazzling to the eyes, she was walking to push opened the window to see, there was a lake that separated her courtyard and a small storied building, her next door neighbor. Not knowing what had happened directly in front, there were more than a dozen people who were assembling outside the room, the room was also brightly lit.

She drove out the maid before going to sleep, her stomach was terribly hungry now. She wanted to go and see what the situation was, then conveniently tried to find something to eat. Pushing opened the door, Zhuo Qing faced directly in front to walk to the three-stories building. Looking not too far, but on the top of the lake was bent, winding and turning into a long bridge, making Zhuo Qing completely miserable and with great difficulty she reached the small storied building in front, just to see that everybody’s face was anxious. Watching attentively to see the room inside the small storied building and standing in front of the people, Zhuo Qing recognized Lou Xi Wu whom she had seen in the afternoon.

“Excuse me, may I ask what is going on?” A clear and cold female’s voice leisurely echoed. The sound made a group of nervous people to be frightened and jumped.

Lou Xi Wu turned her head around and saw it was Zhuo Qing, impatiently said: “Go away, ugly woman, I do not have time to pay attention to you.”

Zhuo Qing lightly raised her eyebrows, indifferently answered: “Fine, I will go in to see on my own.” After she finished talking, she blatantly walked toward the small storied building.

She, she, she… Too outrageous!

After recovering, Lou Xi Wu hurriedly and powerfully stepped forward to block in front of Zhuo Qing and scolded: “You are not allowed to go in. Elder brother’s old illness has recurred, the Imperial Physician is treating his illness, you can not go in to disturb him!”

Zhuo Qing already guessed earlier that Lou Xi Wu would come over to block her, but hearing her saying that Lou Xi Yan was sick, Zhuo Qing was a little startled and asked: “What illness?” When he grabbed her for a length of time in the afternoon, the strength was not small, the complexion and breathing were as usual, did not resemble any illness appearance, he was not playing any trick, right!


One loud sound, it should be a sound of something that was being smashed, then a tensed voice roared from the inside of the room.

“Get out!” A fierce sound gasping for breath echoed, containing a repressed emotion and different unfeeling.

Zhuo Qing was frightened, this was… Lou Xi Yan’s voice!

Lou Xi Wu’s complexion was somewhat white for a moment, her nervous hands were trembling. Looking at her appearance, it did not look as if she was pretending, could it be that Lou Xi Yan was really ill? What illness could make a cultured and refined person, at the very least in front of people that he was a cultured and refined man to become this impetuous?!

Zhuo Qing was puzzled for a time, the door inside the small storied building was suddenly opened…

Chapter 19: Entering Prime Minister’s Manor

Chapter 21: Exchanging Blows

Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 19: Entering Prime Minister’s Manor

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Inside the chariot, each Lou Xi Yan and Zhuo Qing occupied one side of the area, in any case, entering the Prime Minister’s manor was already settled conclusively. Zhuo Qing also would no longer bring trouble to herself. She was always flexible in the past, in all respect, for a homeless, everywhere was a home. Tossing from side to side, Zhuo Qing’s head felt somewhat dizzy, but luckily the chariot was running figuratively smoothly. Propping her head, Zhuo Qing caste sidelong to glance at Lou Xi Yan. He was lowering his head to read a book, did not know if that was or was not his habitual facial expression. The corner of his mouth appeared to be always raising slightly. Speaking the truth, this kind of him was really good-looking. It was a pity that Zhuo Qing’s perception was not enough for her to properly and joyfully smile, just looked like… the same as professional smile, courtesy and estranged.

Lightly yawning, Zhuo Qing tapped her eyelids, she was extremely sleepy. Zhuo Qing’s breath gradually became even, Lou Xi Yan softly closed the book just now. He was gazing at this strange woman continuously. He did not even read one word a moment ago while she was watching attentively. He unexpectedly could be absent-minded… even more strange, he could watch attentively at her like this, until the chariot stopped. From the outside, Mo Bai’s voice echoed, Lou Xi Yan just recovered now.

“Master, we arrived.”

Mo Bai’s low call had also woken up Zhuo Qing who was closing her eyes to rest. Lifting to open the hanging clothing curtain, Zhuo Qing took the lead to jump down the chariot, completely ignored Lou Xi Yan, the owner.

Standing firm on the ground, Zhuo Qing was immediately overawed, before her eyes 5 to 6 meters tall and 7 to 8 meters wide of a bronze entrance gate. It was spacious and concise of a lintel door, the vermilion color of the 相府-Xiang Fu (Prime Minister’s manor), the two words embedded with a gold plaque that was hung in the middle of the door. Both sides of the entrance doors did not have guardian lion statues as Zhuo Qing had imagined. Nor were there formidable, well-built, arrogant and overbearing men who were looking after the house to protect the courtyard. Going into one section was a garden with stone and brick mountain, not only blocking the line of sight, but also revealing the master’s magnanimity. The entrance was already open unrestricted like this but faintly revealing the dignified air of the influential family’s manner. It would make people to sense an indescribable reverence, did not dare to rush in.

Zhuo Qing stepped across the inside of the entrance door, a suntanned person, Jing Sa just happened to approach to welcome, looked a quick glance at Zhuo Qing. His eyes flashed through in astonishment, but very quickly disappeared. Facing Lou Xi Yan who was behind Zhuo Qing, he slightly bowed and called out: “Master.”

Zhuo Qing recalled Lou Xi Yan at this moment, she seemingly should be waiting for the owner to bring her in and should not try to intrude on her own. Slightly retreating one step afterwards, Zhuo Qing naturally felt courteous and waited for Lou Xi Yan to come in.

“Master…” Jing Sa still wanted to ask something when a quiet and exquisite woman’s voice echoed in a distant: “Elder brother!” From the back of the stone mountain, a pink silhouette straightforwardly was facing the entrance door and ran to come over, her skirt looked like a meandering pink butterfly. Zhuo Qing was worried that she would step on her own skirt and fall down, but she thought too much. The woman safely rushed to the front of Lou Xi Yan in the end.

Watching attentively and gently at the woman, Lou Xi Yan who was practically spoiling and pampering her, with the same smile said: “What are you doing to go hurriedly like this?”

“Waiting for you.” The woman raised her head, slightly rosy lip was pouted, bright and beautiful big eyes with brilliant colors, she appeared to have grievance and was stubborn. Mixing a grief, resentful and low voice, she scolded: “Renjia, (courtesy calling for the Princess) Princess Chao Yun waited for you for half a day, second mother urged me to catch you at the gate, once you came back to hurriedly go to Hua Ting pavilion to wait upon her… Humph, a person with no bone!”

What is so amazing about the Princess?! A lackey appearance, they, the Lou Family, when and who do they need to wait upon like a slave?! Such a disgrace!

Looking at Xi Wu’s appearance, Lou Xi Yan probably knew what matter had occurred. Gently patting her shoulder, Lou Xi Yan smiled and said: “You spoke like this ah! Ok, I got it, you go to rest now.”

Lou Xi Wu was reluctant and unwilling to turn around to leave, Lou Xi Yan spoke to Jing Sa: “Jing Sa, tidy up Zhai Xing pavilion, find several intelligent servant girls to serve Miss Qing and be sure to invite the doctor to treat Miss’ wound.”

“Yes.” Jing Sa’s double-edged sword eyebrows wrinkled a little, the original black complexion was even somewhat darker.

Lou Xi Wu who already went to go back stopped her foot steps, Zhai Xing pavilion? That place was a two adjacent building with Elder Brother’s Lan Yue and in the same courtyard. At that place they could appreciate the star in the sky, it could even be said to be breathtakingly beautiful, therefore it was called Zhai Xing pavilion. However, on account that older brother liked to be quiet, that house was always unused in the past, who this big honorable person was to reside at Zhai Xing pavilion. Lou Xi Wu’s curiosity made her turned around, only to see a thin woman who was leisurely standing at the side.

Lou Xi Wu asked: “Elder brother, who is she ah?”

Lou Xi Yan serenely smiled and said: “Hao Yue country’s Miss Qing.”

“Qing Feng?! She?!” Lou Xi Wu bewilderingly shouted. How was it possible that this woman was Qing Feng?! Messy hair and did not know how to bundle her hair, furthermore, that clothes, even her family’s servant girls would be unlikely to wear green clothes. Even more the hideous scar from a knife wound on her right cheek, this woman was Qing Feng! It was a joke, right?! On one side, Lou Xi Wu was seizing up Zhuo Qing and on the other side, she snorted disdainfully and arguably said: “What was the meaning of Hao Yue’s country to give this ugly person to come over? As expected, the rumor could not be trusted, it was still saying that the 3 Sisters of the Qing’s family were devastatingly beautiful (the words used here were 倾国倾城, it was translated literally as a person who is so beautiful and capable of causing the downfall of a city or state or country) and graceful. What was this!”

Really ugly, right?! Zhuo Qing lightly caressed the cheek once that was already not giving her too much pain. Speaking the truth, she still had not had the chance to properly look at this face but if this young girl was thinking that she could provoke her this way, she was just too naive.

“Xi Wu, who taught you to be so undisciplined like this?”

Lou Xi Yan lowered his voice, Si Wu was somewhat afraid but thinking of this woman who was this ugly, nevertheless she was still elder brother’s woman. Inevitably annoyed: “What I said was a fact, she originally was just…”

“Sorry to disturb you.” A cold voice faintly echoed. Zhuo Qing’s hands were on her chest and somewhat impatiently smiled and said: “You, brother and sister can reminisce as I do not have any opinion, but can you take me to the guest room first? I am very tired. As far as my features, you can slowly discuss it.”

Lou Xi Yan stared blankly and afterwards chuckled, in all cases, woman put a serious importance to her face but she actually did not care about it at all. She was good now! At first, hearing that Princess Chao Yun came made his mood somewhat depressed, but he seemed to be a lot better now.

“Jing Sa, take Miss Qing to rest.”

“Miss Qing, this way please.”

Facing them to smile, Zhuo Qing indifferently said: “You can continue.”

“You!” She simply did not pay any attention to her!! Lou Xi Wu’s angry eyes were almost glaring to come out.

Zhuo Qing absolutely refused to acknowledge her and crossed over Lou Xi Wu. She just minded her own business and advanced to walk inside the courtyard. Lou Xi Yan smiled and also advanced to walk over to the other direction to Hua Ting pavilion.

“Hey…” Lou Xi Wu looked to the left side, then looked at the right side and angrily stomped. Elder brother was clearly favoring that ugly woman! She would not give up like this! Humph!

Chapter 18: Prime Minister Lou, “The Fox”

Chapter 20: Princess Chao Yun

A Generation Military Counsellor Chapter 20

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Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 18: Prime Minister Lou, “The Fox”

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Freezing at the door side, Zhuo Qing had no room to advance or retreat. She lowered her head in defeat to look at her light green skirt that was tied at the waist. Zhuo Qing’s eyes were bright, secretly warned herself, calm down, calm down. He might not necessarily recognize her!

Raising her head towards Lou Xi Yan with a soft and depicted eyes, Zhuo Qing howled in grief. If he did not recognize her, that would mean he had something wrong! Clearly understanding that she deceived others and herself, Zhuo Qing was still sighing and softly pulled down her skirt. One side was trying to retreat and the other side was using herself to consider the most gentle voice and stated: “I feel embarrassed, I… went to the wrong chariot.”

Lou Xi Yan lightly raised his eyebrows, a clear voice with a smiling expression echoed lowly: “I am still under the impression that you will say that you are just passing by…”

Zhuo Qing was stiffed, ferociously glared a glance at Lou Xi Yan. She raised her head so the dark blood red of the scar became undoubtedly visible. Lou Xi Yan narrowed his slender and tiny eyes, his complexion changed a little and asked: “Did you hurt?”

It had been a little less painful on the throat, the blood was basically dry, Zhuo Qing indifferently asked: “It is nothing, just a little skin scratch.” It was more painful on her waist now!! A woman really was not suitable to fight violently. Of course, except for Gu Yun who had that kind of genetic mutation type of woman!

Zhuo Qing’s heart was cursing silently, her wrist was suddenly grabbed by a person. When she recovered, she was already pulled into the chariot’s soft couch by Lou Xi Yan. Paying attention to Zhou Qing’s nape that had a large area of bloodstain, Lou Xi Yan’s heart was tensed. Feeling a little pain on her wrist, Zhuo Qing looked towards Lou Xi Yan, only to see his pair of eyes that were serenely watching attentively at her neck. Recalling that the bearded man sprayed his blood on her body a moment ago, Zhuo Qing hurriedly said: “This was not my blood!”

Lou Xi Yan lightly lifted up her collar a little, indeed, he could only see the bloodstain but could not see the wound. This woman was really rather complicated ah… She escaped for one shichen time (2 hours) just now, but could provoke one “murder case.”

Feeling a little itchy on her neck that Zhuo Qing was not really used to, she struggled to stand up.

“Do not move.” Lowering her shoulder, Zhuo Qing once again was pushed by Lou Xi Yan on the soft couch. The clear and shallow sound in the past was mildly different, it sounded somewhat deep and low. Zhuo Qing looked up to look, Lou Xi Yan found a piece of white silk handkerchief from the chariot. With one hand, he lifted her chin and with the other hand, he lightly wiped the silk handkerchief on her neck. His hand was somewhat cold. Being extremely close, his body had this faint smell of sandalwood aroma, it was not very strong compare to the average men’s well-known perfume but it smelled better. Lou Xi Yan’s nearly perfect side of the face was also dangling in front of her eyes. Zhuo Qing felt somewhat difficult to breathe, but she was extremely unlikely to admit to herself that his charm was actually puzzling. She firmly concluded that it was because of the silk handkerchief that was wrapped around very tightly… Sensing that Zhuo Qing’s body became more and more stiff, Lou Xi Yan’s corner of mouth was lightly and distinctively perked up. When it was necessary, a handsome man’s trick could also be feasible. Lou Xi Yan’s hand movement was even more gentle, tying a knot and also gently stroking for quite a while.

Zhuo Qing was secretly cursing, he surely did it on purpose! Was it really necessary to stand by her side this much close in order to wrap the wound?! With great difficulty, he wrapped it up properly. Zhuo Qing was embarrassed and retreated a little, getting up she said: “Thank you, I am going now.”

Even if he knew that she was only the gray clothing’s youngster, he also did not have any reason to block her departure.


“Qing Feng, if you leave like this and the Emperor knows it, I am afraid that your other sisters will also consequently be put in a lot of trouble. Just like the country of Hao Yue will not escape from this predestined fate disaster.” Once again, that kind of faint, light, soft and indifferent smile, it almost made Zhuo Qing mad.

Grief and indignation ah… She just knew it that those villagers were absolutely unworthy to be trusted! Unexpectedly, they betrayed her!! Ironically, she helped them so much!

With so much resentment, Zhuo Qing coldly answered: “Are you threatening me?” She is not Qing Feng anyway, it will be best if he does not threaten her! Impossible.

Back against the chariot and sitting with cross-legged, Lou Xi Yan mildly smiled and answered: “Miss Qing accuses me wrongly, this type of threatening has not produced any real result in the matter and I will never do it.” This kind of casual appearance, out of the ordinary did not make Lou Xi Yan appeared coarse. On the contrary, it was rather graceful and completely free and at ease.

Unfortunately, Zhuo Qing did not have a little bit of mood to appreciate, this man also held too much grudges! Unexpectedly, using her past words and threw it back at her once again. Calm down, calm down! Accomplishment, accomplishment! Zhuo Qing took a deep breath several times, was trying to stabilize her upcoming unstable mood. She simply sat down next to Lou Xi Yan, Zhuo Qing provoked: “In that case, Prime Minister Lou, what do you want to do?”

Looking at her who was making an effort to constrain her own angry appearance, Lou Xi Yan inwardly laughed, softly answered: “Actually, Miss Qing does not need to think too much, please live at the Prime Minister’s manor. I am not really trying to make things difficult for Miss, it is merely the broad and powerful benevolence from the Emperor, as such Lou mou (original words used 楼某-Lou mou, it’s a third party calling to call himself instead of using 我-I, it’s more formal & there’s really no English substitution for the word. Similar to an emperor who calls himself “Zhen” instead of “I”) also has no choice but to receive. Miss Qing is also injured so you can recuperate at my manor properly. In addition, Lou mou can strive my hardest to arrange you to meet with your sisters. This way, is it good or not?”

Sisters? She fainted with Gu Yun together, was there any possibility that she was inside the Qing family’s sister. There was just one of them who was Gu Yun?! Although the possibility was not very big, Zhuo Qing still wanted to meet them. She would not let this opportunity slipped by whatsoever! Looking straight at Lou Xi Yan, Zhuo Qing’s heavy voice asked: “Are you able to let me see them?”

The fish bit!

With gentle and soft eyebrows and matchless serious intonation, Lou Xi Yan clearly answered: “Lou mou will surely do my best.”

Zhuo Qing turned over to give one supercilious look, so much of a perfunctory answer. She would not believe in this crafty plot. “I want to know if you can or can not.”

His eyes flashed with a hint of interest thinking that this girl was not stupid.

Slowly nodded, Lou Xi Yan firmly answered: “I can.” The only issue was whether it was soon or later.

Thinking deeply in a moment, Zhuo Qing once again asked: “I will go to Prime Minister’s manor, and my status will be your young concubine?”

Lou Xi Yan’s face was honest, smiley answered: “Of course, it will be a noble guest.” The Emperor already bestowed to give her to him, her side had already been determined at an earlier time, exactly a young concubine… He also did not have any way to help.

“I can have freedom to go out and come in to the Prime Minister’s manor?”

Nodding indifferently, Lou Xi Yan generously answered: “You can.” However he will oversee her freedom.

Zhuo Qing refreshingly answered: “Deal!”

She did not have any choice, penniless, covered all over with wounds, not to mention that Lou Xi Yan went around to block and stop her. It was absolutely impossible to let her go, even if she really wanted to be free, she would have to find money in a short time! Only an outstanding talent could recognize the current trend (ZQ realized that she would be doomed if she did not live with “the fox”), she still only temporarily surrendered.

Not knowing if Zhuo Qing heard Lou Xi Yan with regards to the additional answers and explanations afterwards, whether or not she could still feel rejuvenated this much, but at this moment, she still did not know it well.

“Back to the manor.” A relaxed voice showed the master’s good mood.

“Yes.” Hearing the sound coming from outside, Zhuo Qing was stiff once again. Lightly opening the curtain, outside the chariot, Mo Bai proudly stood beside the chariot to see Zhuo Qing. His face still looked indifferent, his eyes were dazzled for the first time to ridicule her clever thinking.

Everything that happened today was probably Lou Xi Yan’s plan to control and follow his skill to scheme… Feeling cold on her spine, Zhuo Qing felt cheated!

She just barely came out of the tiger’s den, and again entered into the wolf’s den.

Chapter 17: And Into The Wolf’s Den

Chapter 19: Entering Prime Minister’s Manor

Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 17: And Into The Wolf’s Den

Finally a beginning of another encounter with LXY… Unfortunately for ZQ, she is not a match to LXY’s schemes and for us, another cliffhanger from the author. 🙈

This chapter was translated for only. And only for those people who don’t mind reading unprofessional translation that was being translated FREELY using the translator’s and editor’s own free times. So rude & entitled people aren’t welcome to read this translation!!! So GO AWAY….


The bearded man was already met with desperation when the smell of the blood forced him to be on the verge of being mad. The blue veins on his forehead raised violently, the scarlet red eyes were staring at the man, his mouth shouted: “It is you who force me! You force me!!”

On one side, he was shouting and on the other side, the large knife on his hand was wiping toward Zhou Qing’s fair neck. Darn, Zhuo Qing’s heart was tensed, the other hand of the bearded man was continuously sticking closely to her shoulder. Zhuo Qing was unable to move a single step, soon the point of the knife would close in on her and she also could only wait to die.

Just when the bearded man was in between raising his knife and lowering it, the man with the blue garment and tiny phoenix eyes raised to capture a split second of the time when he was raising hand, one knife as a cicada’s wing, the tree leaves size of a throwing knife caused the man’s finger to crack with flying speed. Zhuo Qing only felt one extremely powerful strong wind had swept on her neck, after that the neck suddenly felt hot and the blood splashed on the top of the neck.

“Ah!” A similar yelling as if a pig was being killed was heard, the bearded man’s large knife fell to the ground but his other hand that was tightly grabbing Zhou Qing did not release her. Darn it!

Feeling less of a threat from the blade, Zhou Qing grabbed the opportunity, grasping the elbow with her left hand, grasping the shoulder with her right hand, fastening on a steady horse stance to lower the central core (I think this is one of the martial art moves when you make sure that your feet positions were steady before you do any other move), lowering her right shoulder, twisting her left waist, vertical downward force and throwing her mind to read silently the shoulder throw (judo move) formula that Gu Yun had taught her. Zhuo Qing closed her eyes and used up all her strength to throw down the bearded man. Bang, bang! After one beautiful judo move, the bearded man felt that his body was light, dizzy and he was somehow thrown to the ground. His back ferociously smashed the bluestone on the road and he was in endless pain.

Zhuo Qing herself was also not as good either, just now she did not fear for her life and used up all her strength. She seemed to twist her waist, was grimacing in pain and with great difficulty, separated from the bearded man. Braving her pain, Zhuo Qing stumbled toward the blue garment man.

The man raised his shoulder, lightly shook his head and he had a contrived extremely exaggerated facial expression. His mouth muttered a sound: “Jiang Hu is dangerous, Jiang Hu is dangerous ah…”

Boy, no wonder the old man said that Jiang Hu was the most dangerous, the scariest woman! She just had thin arms, legs and small physique, unexpectedly, could take a hold of almost twice the size of a man’s strength and threw him down…. The old man indeed had the highest insight…. This person could still have a little contrived!! Zhuo Qing ferociously stared to glance at him.

At this moment, the bearded man who was on the ground was also having a hard time crawling to stand up, with messy looks, he moved forward to run away, leaving a thin trail of blood on the ground. It could clearly be seen that the knife hit the right target a moment ago.

“You want to run!” The blue garment man shouted loudly. He unloaded a strip like a thumb size rope, made a harness and effortlessly trapped the bearded man to stop. Exerting his strength to pull, he knocked down the bearded man one more time. Maybe because of his injury that was extremely serious, the bearded man groaned on the ground and did not crawl to get up anymore.

Using the other rope that was fasten on his waist, the blue garment man proudly laughed: “I want to see where you can still run this time!” He had a value of 500 liang! Chased him for 3 months, if the man ran away, this deal was certainly a big loss.

Pulling the bearded man to turn around, the blue garment man saw Zhuo Qing was still leaning against the stone wall, her complexion was extremely wrong like she was gasping for air. Walking to her side, the man embarrassingly asked: “Hey, are you ok?”

“No.” Still rubbing a muscle cramp on her waist, Zhuo Qing was in pain and sweating profusely. Her complexion was exceptionally pale and the bloodstain on her neck was also particularly obvious for the eyes to see. She was after all a woman and also because of him, she sustained an injury a moment ago. He was somewhat a little bit responsible for her injury so no matter what, he should not leave her?!

Looking for countless of reason to convince himself, the man seemed to achieve an enormous general resolution. Cautiously and solemnly pulling a small bottle from his chest, he turned around after fiddling for a long time and said: “For you.”

Zhuo Qing raised her head, the man grabbed her hand and put a black shelled peanut size pill on her palm with a reluctant face.

Zhuo Qing was puzzled: “What is this?”

The man excitedly replied: “I tell you, it is to staunch a bleeding, frightened repose, detoxify fever/cold, a good elixir medicine! Hurry up and eat it.”

“Elixir medicine…?” Zhuo Qing bowed her head to see her palm that had this extremely dark pill, the pill was still emitting a strange smell. This one thing could really take care of 3 sicknesses, how very unlikely?! Zhuo Qing would definitely not eat this thing.

Zhuo Qing’s face snorted disdainfully, the man was in a bad mood. One side reaching out to grab and the other side scolded: “Return it to me if you do not eat it, if it is not to see that you are a young woman, I will definitely not give it to you. You are unable to recognize other’s good intention! Just this one drug, it is valued at 50 liang of silver!!”

Even though she would absolutely not eat it, but looking at the man’s love for money as if it was his manner of life, Zhuo Qing suddenly clenched her palm tightly, hid it behind her back, the man still wanted to step forward. Zhou Qing evilly raised her head to laugh while she was throwing it away. Along with her beautiful gesture, the pill disappeared among the debris.
She, she, she unexpectedly threw it away?! The man was glaring at Zhuo Qing, his young face was full of heartache, 50 liang of silver ah! 50 liang… In theory, just can not be a good person!

Her face was no longer so pale, in addition the neck was cut by a knife and dripped out some blood, nothing serious. Furthermore she also had the mood to argue, he simply should not meddlesome to take care of her.

Walking back to the side of the bearded man, he vented and ferociously kicked his two legs. Then, the man once again was pulling and dragging the bearded man while whistling and walking toward the outside of the alley, no longer giving a glance at Zhuo Qing.

This man was really somewhat interesting, slowly opening up her other hand, that pitch-black pill was still on her palm. As early as when the hand was on her back, in the split second, the drug was already changed hands. Conveniently stuffing the pill inside the pocket of the belt, Zhuo Qing turned around to look towards that swaying rear view of the man, with a loud voice asked: “Hey, what is your name?”

“Qian Jing…” (The Chinese character for his name is 乾荆, 乾-Qian as a surname & 荆-Jing as a chaste tree for herbal remedy). From the winding alley, the man’s distance shout was floating over.

“Qian Jing?!” (These are using different characters, 钱-Qian as money & 精-Jing as extremely (fine) – essentially Zhuo Qing thought since his name has a money character in it so that’s why he loves money). Zhuo Qing was startled, filling her head with sinister line, just how much love he had for money… Thinking of him a moment ago, he kept on saying about money as it never left his mouth. Zhuo Qing had no choice but to sigh in admiration, his parents indeed had excellent foresight ah…!

Sitting at the corner for a moment, her strength finally came back slowly, propping up on the stone wall, Zhuo Qing was walking at the alley slowly. However, after walking for a while, her waist began to ache, leaning against the stone wall, Zhuo Qing forced a smile. She really had too much bad luck!! After living more than 20 years, these two days were probably the most exciting time!

Supporting her waist, Zhuo Qing moved to go towards the entrance of the alley one step at a time. Suddenly, a bright black chariot appeared at the narrow roadway, the wide body of the chariot almost blocked the whole road. The chariot had a quiet and delicate canopy, tall dark horses, really showed the social status of this chariot.

Zhuo Qing looked around in a glimpse, there was no coachman, also did not see who the other person was. Anyway, the chariot was blocking the road. She also could not walk to pass through and her waist was tremendously painful. Zhuo Qing planned to go to the chariot to rest for a moment and to stretch her waist a little bit before walking again.

Zhuo Qing immediately decided to take action, tying her long skirt up to her waist, with one hand, she was grabbing the chassis of the chariot, the other hand propping up the shaft of the chariot, her foot was also kicking. With great difficulty, Zhuo Qing climbed up to lift the curtain open.

Unexpectedly, there was someone in the chariot? Seeing clearly this person’s looks, Zhou Qing was extremely regretting! A pair of thin and soft eyes that she had already disliked just shined lightly with a faint smile, raised thin lips, even more annoying!

Lou Xi Yan, this person whom she anxiously was trying to free herself from, was just calmed and unruffled at this moment. Seeing him so relaxed and at ease and by contrast, she ran a big circle, put herself into a difficult situation, unexpectedly came around to walk right into the same trap at the moment…

“What a coincidence, we meet again.” A clear and shallow’s male voice with a trace of repressed emotion and smiling expression echoed faintly.


Zhuo Qing wished to cry but had no tears, she was really not having too much fun…

Chapter 16: Barely Coming Out Of The Tiger’s Den

Chapter 18: Prime Minister Lou, “The Fox”