Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 78: Shattered Love

Another short chapter, only over 2,200 words. There was that #### signs again in this chapter so you have to interpret however you want to interpret when you see those signs. Btw, Dianachan, you have guessed correctly about the annoying Princess, but this isn’t the end of her though…

This chapter was translated for only. And only for those people who don’t mind reading unprofessional translation that was being translated FREELY using the translator’s and editor’s own free times. So rude & entitled people aren’t welcome to read this translation!!! So GO AWAY….


Yan Ru Xuan tightly grabbed his hand, a couple of clear tears fell on the wrists from her misty eyes, with her weak body, she was afraid that she would fall to the ground, Lou Xi Yan lightly sighed: “Fine.”

Once she heard his consent, Yan Ru Xuan was excited, but soon after, her excited heart was frozen again because of his sentence.

“I will keep watch outside of the door to wait until you are asleep, then I will leave.” His voice was still gentle as before, but the idea of his expression was so cruel. Her mood was too excited and too sad, and made Yan Ru Xuan’s mood was completely out of control, tightly pulling his hand, her fingernails were pinching into the meat on his hand deeply. Yan Ru Xuan cried and called out: “Why do you not agree to stay behind for me? Can it be that asking you to stay is really so difficult? You just want to return to her side this much?!”

Lou Xi Yan was in pain, but only lightly frowned, he did not push her away, consolingly said: “Princess…..”

Who would have thought, because of this appellation, Yan Ru Xuan was enraged one more time: “Do not call me Princess, you have called me Xuan-er since I was a child, why do you want to call me this distinct appellation now?!” He did not know, every time he called her Princess, she thought that he would be somewhat further and further away!

Softly and yet firmly moving away from her hand, Lou Xi Yan retreated one step, with a low voice, he answered: “Monarch is a monarch, the official is the official, Chen should comply with this etiquette.” He just did not want her to have too many misunderstandings, he could only deliberately distance himself, unfortunately, she did not understand his intention!

“That is a lie! I definitely hear that you have called the Imperial elder brother’s name, why do you want to follow the etiquette with me only?!” Lou Xi Yan’s distance and indifference towards her finally made Yan Ru Xuan’s mental state that was not good originally to collapse completely. “I like you, do you really not feel it? Or you feel it, but you still want to hurt my feeling?”

Yan Ru Xuan’s eyes were wet with tears, she was extremely hysterical, Lou Xi Yan understood clearly, whatever words that he would say to her, she would not listen to any of it, and she was just draining her depressed feeling, nothing more.

“You speak ah 👿.” Lou Xi Yan’s silent did not infuriate her again, it made her calm down slowly, unfortunately, the always dignified and elegant Yan Ru Xuan already sank into her own world, in her eyes, Lou Xi Yan’s silent towards her was impatience. At this moment, the red mark on his neck was like a fierce thin needle, the piercing entered her heart ferociously.

“Am I really not as good as her? Where is exactly she is better than me after all?!! Whatever she can give you, I can also give you!” Yan Ru Xuan was tightly biting her red lips, when Lou Xi Yan and Xiao Lan had not yet reacted, she already pulled apart the outside garment on her body, it rolled down on the ground conveniently. The pink undergarment could only cover up very little view, the bright and clean shoulder was exposed and because of that, she was shivering with cold.

Lou Xi Yan was in great alarm, hurriedly turned his body around, stood at the back of the screen, looked towards the palace maid who was lost in thought on the side. Lou Xi Yan expelled a breath and said: “What you are looking distracted for! Quickly help Princess to rest on the bed.”

Xiao Lian finally recovered, picked up the clothing that was on the ground, carelessly draped it on Yan Ru Xuan’s body who was already weeping in tears. Why was the Princess muddled like this ah, she was a noble Princess, if this was to spread out, Prime Minister Lou would resolutely not take her as wife either, her reputation and integrity would certainly be destroyed ah!

Lou Xi Yan absolutely did not think that the matter would develop to this degree, in his impression, Yan Ru Xuan was dignified, gentle and quiet, well mannered and polite, introverted and shy, how she could do this audacious thing to overstep her boundary!

“Chen asks to be excused first.” Lou Xi Yan took a step to leave, this time he would absolutely not stay inside the room anymore.

“Stop! If you go out of the door today, you will regret it.” Yan Ru Xuan shouted loudly, Lou Xi Yan’s reaction just now stabbed her deeply, the humiliation feeling made her somewhat incoherent in speech, she only knew that she would not let him to leave!!

Lou Xi Yan stopped his footsteps, completely stopped his footsteps, but the tall back, however, could not reveal any part that made people unable to ignore his cold thought, he was angry! Yan Ru Xuan was flustered and afraid, snuffled her nose and wiped the tears from her face, pleasingly said: “Yan Gege, do not get angry with me, all right, as long as you agree to stay, I will listen to anything that you say.”

“How is staying can change anything? I will not take you as a wife.” A cold and detached voice faintly answered, Yan Ru Xuan’s heart tightened again.

Deeply breathing, then pushing down the depressed and intolerable pain, Yan Ru Xuan asked: “Why?” She did not understand, was she so much lacking? Her chasing and admiration for the past years, just could not arouse his sympathy the slightest bit?!

Not waiting until Lou Xi Yan’s reply, Yan Ru Xuan seemed to mutter to herself again and said: “Marrying you is my dream from childhood, the first time I saw you, you were very attentive towards me, considerate, gentle and soft. From the very beginning, I really like you, in order for me to match up with you, I do not dare to neglect for one day, to be able to become your wife one day. Why can you not look at me clearly for one glance!! Why……”

So, as it turned out, it was like this? Lou Xi Yan secretly sighed, if she let him know earlier the origin of her adoration, maybe she would not develop this to this degree, right. Lou Xi Yan answered: “Actually during that time, I really did not take your silk handkerchief because of you, it was because I had an argument with the Second Prince, I could not bear to see his proud appearance, then I undertook the task. For the past many years, you and Xi Wu are the same in my heart, my sisters, I do not have any male female’s love towards you.”

Even though, telling the truth would make her suffer, but if he could make her to come to realize it herself, he would not be this repulsive.

‘Younger sister……’ ####, every time ###. Funnily, remembering their first encounter, unexpectedly, it was because he was angry with Second elder brother that he played a trick?! Younger sister…… Only younger sister…… Yan Ru Xuan’s heart #.

Tumbling to sit on the ground, her face did not have any smile, but the tears were flowing from
her eyes, it was hard to predict if she would sustain it herself.

“Princess!” Xiao Lian hurriedly supported her shoulder, but simply could not support her already frail body. Both of them fell down together.

Yan Ru Xuan’s eyes were desperately sorrowful to make Lou Xi Yan’s heart was in pain, he really loved her dearly as his younger sister, today’s result that was like this, maybe it was better that she would blame him for not being able to be heartless a little earlier!

Not daring to help her up this time, Lou Xi Yan could only console and said with a low voice: “Rest early, maybe when you wake up tomorrow, you will discover that you actually do not need me at all.”

Towards Xiao Lian who was on the ground, he said this sentence: “Take care of the Princess carefully.” Lou Xi Yan moved forward to leave.

The Princess who was in her bosom was not weeping anymore, her ice cold body was shivering, her expression was dreadfully emptied.

How much the Princess had done for him, she understood it the most, it could because he said this sentence to her, or his smile, she would feel happy for several days. It could be because of his preference, she would practice the zither until all of her fingers were blistering. Practicing calligraphy until her hand could not hold anything, today, but he made the Princess to hurt like this!

Xiao Lian was glaring at Lou Xi Yan’s direction, her eyes flashed through a trace of dark color, this man was cold blooded and ruthless, he was absolutely did not fit with the Princess, darn him!


“You have been lost in thought, what has happened?” Gu Yun was anxiously looking at Zhuo Qing who was preoccupied all day long, at dawn today, she made someone come to the General’s manor to ask for her to come over, and she said that there was a clue with regard to that piece of paper. They came out to look for the clue for half a day, but she was heavily worry all along, what had happened that made her think something throughly like this after all?

Zhuo Qing dis-spiritedly and listlessly answered: “Yan Ru Xuan returned to the Imperial palace at dawn today!”

“Ah?” Gu Yun stared blankly, soon after she said smilingly: “She came yesterday and left today? Your trick was really too amazing, ok.”

No mood to play a joke, Zhuo Qing answered: “It was not me, it was Lou Xi Yan. He went to her room last night, I did not know what they were talking about, then she returned to the palace at dawn today.” Her leaving was somewhat unexpected, she still made a solemn vow to marry Lou Xi Yan yesterday, but she suddenly left early today, how could this not make her suspicious!? What did Xi Yan say to her after all!?

Gu Yun was clearly thinking a lot simpler than her, smilingly said: “Maybe it was Lou Xi Yan who started the conversation with her, then she figured out that she would leave naturally.” He said that he did not like her, then she discreetly left so it was pretty normal! After all, who also wanted to be that indifferent person, ok!

“The problem is that she does not appear to be a person who will realize it easily.” Zhuo Qing did not believe that Yan Ru Xuan discreetly left, Gu Yun could think like this because she still did not understand the thinking method of the woman in this ancient time. When she spoke with Yan Ru Xuan yesterday, she obviously knew that Xi Yan did not love her, and yet she did not give up, and in the end, she would want to leave right away?!

Patting her shoulder, Gu Yun said with groundless fear and embarrassing smile: “Do not worry about it, at the minimum, the person has finally left, you should set aside any future matter for Lou Xi Yan to deal with.”

Zhuo Qing turned over to give a supercilious look, discussing any emotional matter with Gu Yun would forever be useless!!

Gu Yun suddenly stopped her footsteps, Zhuo Qing hurriedly stopped also and raised her head, she could only see a bronze inscribed table that was hung over on the gate, there were five big characters on it that were astonishingly eye grabbing ‘The Country Guard General’s Manor’! (For simplicity, I will call this General’s manor going forward).

With scarlet color, upright and strong calligraphic style, this inscribed tablet on the gate could already make people in shocked, the front door was in crimson wood, with two separate ink cloud engraved in auspicious animal, the carving was extremely delicate and fine, especially that precious stones were embedded in the pair of two eyes, as if it was really glaring to look at you in general.

There were eight soldiers who were holding spears on their hands on both sides of the separation, the military personnel’s’ specific temperament were not comparable to the common bailiffs, respectful, strict and aggressive. Even though the entrance was wide opened, there was nobody who dared to enter it casually either!

Zhuo Qing frowned and asked: “Are you sure that you want to come here?”

“We had already visited his house and the other locations that he visited frequently. This place can also be considered as Yang Liu’s work place, having a visit to look at this place will always be right.” If the expression of that piece of paper was the most plain idea, then they have to think the most of the oral map first.

Shrugging her shoulder, Zhuo Qing smiled and said: “Fine, ok.”

She had already experienced the Prime Minister’s manor, she could also take a look conveniently what kind of a place was the General’s manor now!

Not knowing whether or not Su Ling was present?!

Chapter 77: A Minor Incident That Sparked A War

Chapter 79: The General’s Manor


Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 77: A Minor Incident That Sparked A War

I’m posting this chapter a little earlier… This was kind of an embarrassing chapter to translate… ☺️☺️☺️ Darn it, I was still blushing when I did the proofreading… Don’t yell at me for the interruption though…  This was actually a short chapter, only over 2,500 words.

This chapter was translated for only. And only for those people who don’t mind reading unprofessional translation that was being translated FREELY using the translator’s and editor’s own free times. So rude & entitled people aren’t welcome to read this translation!!! So GO AWAY….


Thinking of Yan Ru Xuan’s provocation in the afternoon, and saying that she did not worry about it completely was definitely a lie, Lou Xi Yan was more of a nobleman, it made her want to have something to happen with him even more. Anyway, they loved each other, and getting marriage was the prerequisite of the relationship, if this relationship was to occur, it should be normal, right.

Building her mental state properly for a moment, she decided that she wanted to seduce Lou Xi Yan!

But saying was easy, how did she want to do it? She did not have any experience, while Zhuo Qing was trying to remember and compare the classical television soap opera, she walked to the front of Lou Xi Yan’s small bed. Her hair was a little bit messy, bowing her head to look at her own clothing, she clenched her teeth, Zhuo Qing removed the most outer light muslin garment of hers and threw it on the ground, there was only a thin clothing on her body now. If she took it off again, then the only thing left was her undergarment that covered her chest and abdomen…… Deeply breathing, Zhuo Qing with a soft voice, called out: “Xi Yan……”

“En?” Lightly humphing, Lou Xi Yan did not turn around to see Zhuo Qing who was behind him.

Zhuo Qing persisted and charmingly called out: “Xi Yan~~”

Finally, Lou Xi Yan helplessly turned around, he just heard a rustling noise of a person behind him just a moment ago, he suspected that this girl surely was setting up some crafty plot, who knew that once he turned around, he only saw Zhuo Qing who was barely wearing a thin clothing. The moonlight shined upon her, under the enchanting candle flame, her curvy figure was exposed completely, a water fall like hair was slightly messy behind her, following a lightly night wind that was floating, fine black hair and twining moonlight. Lou Xi Yan breathed and trembled in fear, she was still opening her pair of bright eyes, looking at him with fixed eyes, sparkling and attracting the rays of light.

Lou Xi Yan unconsciously swallowed his saliva, sorrowfully sighed and said: “Qing-er….. do not look at me like this.” She really should not imagine that his self control was so good!!

The result seemed to be good, Zhuo Qing smirked, continued to murmur and say: “Yan~~”

Darn it, she called out and his bone got soften quickly, Lou Xi Yan’s expression was dark, his low voice sounded like it was somewhat hoarse: “Qing-er, you are playing with fire.”

What she wanted was exactly this result, it seemed that seducing someone was not really that difficult, using her body to press closer fearlessly to Lou Xi Yan, her hand was going up to his neck.

“Xi……” Zhuo Qing’s words had not finished yet, she only felt like the sky span and the earth turned around, she was already taken advantage by Lou Xi Yan. Both of them went backward on the couch, Lou Xi Yan’s hand was already on her waist, the palm that was always slightly cool was unexpectedly and astonishingly scalding, through the thin clothing material, the heat passed over without reservation.

Lou Xi Yan’s long and narrow eyes softly squinted, with blurry charm, their bodies were tightly sticking, Zhuo Qing could feel that his heart was palpitating really quick. The scorching body temperature made Zhuo Qing’s face gradually blushed.

She had not thought yet, what she wanted to do next, her lips felt numb, Lou Xi Yan’s strong kiss was in her lips, the scorching temperature along with his breath attacked. Zhuo Qing was slightly shivering, Lou Xi Yan was holding her tighter, his kiss was gentle and soft in the past, but it was clearly infected with lush and exceptionally passionate now.

Lightly kissing all the way across her neck, he then arrived at the back of the ear, nibbling Zhuo Qing’s ear, his low voice as if it was a mellow spirit, intoxicating and puzzling sound echoed: “I want you.”

The warm breath, the numb and low mumble in repetitions, made Zhuo Qing unable to help herself and shudder once again, she did not speak, her bright wrist moved up to Lou Xi Yan’s neck, made herself to join deeper in his bosom.

Lou Xi Yan was encouraged, the fiery burning tongue went deeper and deeper, his hand dug into her clothing……

“Prime Minister Lou! Prime Minister Lou!!”

Along with an ill sound of the knocking on the door echoed astonishingly, the two of them were startled, Lou Xi Yan was reluctant to part with the soft and slender waistline that he was holding with his hand. Pulling the side of the silk quilt to cover Zhuo Qing’s body, striving to suppress his hysterical and restless breathing, Lou Xi Yan coldly groaned and said: “Who is it?”

The sound of a woman who was sobbing outside the door came through: “This servant, Xiao Lian, the Princess, she……”

Lou Xi Yan’s mind was startled, urgently said: “How is the Princess?” She would not do something foolish, right!

“The Princess has a nightmare, she has waken up being scared, does not speak all along and is only shedding tears. The Princess’s health is weak, and unable to withstand this sleepless night like this, if by any chance there is an unexpected misfortune, even if this slave dies ten thousand times, she can not afford it either ah, Prime Minister Lou, please come over to take a look, ok.”

She urgently and pressingly came over and wailed accusingly because her family Princess had a nightmare?? Zhuo Qing suddenly gave a supercilious look, even though Lou Xi Yan did not say anything, his complexion was somewhat dark.

“Mo Bai.” Lou Xi Yan lowly called out, but he did not hear any response, so he called out again: “Mo Bai.”

“Yes.” Finally, Mo Bai’s cold voice came through from the outside of the door.

He was outside the door listening to some noises a moment ago, so he walked to the gate of the courtyard to guard, and forgot that Zhai Xing pavilion was connected with Lan Yue building!

Lou Xi Yan said with a cold voice: “Announce the Imperial physician.”


Mo Bai left, the woman was still pestering outside the door, Lou Xi Yan impatiently said: “You return first to look after the Princess, ok.”

Xiao Lian did not have any opportunity to see Lou Xi Yan’s angry face, so she was still not afraid to continue to be long winded: “Prime Minister Lou, will you not go? The Princess is calling out your name all along, if she takes things too hard again……”

“Get lost! Benxiang (again a third party saying for I, usually for an official to a servant) has already made the arrangement, when is it your turn to question my decision?!”

Xiao Lian who was outside the door was terribly frightened, nervously answered: “This servant asks to be excused.” She ran away to leave Lan Yue building all the way.

Zhuo Qing stared blankly, this was the first time he heard Xi Yan speaking like this, the handsome face because of lust was still somewhat flushed. The always evoking corner of his mouth seemed to freeze now, coldly and lightly pursed up lips, that gentle and soft eyes did not have the previous calm anymore, they were full of restlessness. Zhuo Qing broke into laughter, was this the so called the look of dissatisfied desire?!

Zhuo Qing did not know whether or not Yan Ru Xuan was deliberate, if she was, it was indeed timely…… Sitting straightforwardly from behind to hold Lou Xi Yan’s waist, Zhuo Qing said in a low voice: “Wait until the Imperial Physician comes, then you go to take a look, ok, just in case she tries to kill herself again, you will be in trouble.”

It was not because she was generous, it was actually because the other person’s noble identity, she did not want Lou Xi Yan to get into trouble because of this.

Lou Xi Yan turned around, his face was still dark but his mood was very soft, helping her to lie down and putting the quilt to cover her, he said: “You sleep first, ok, I will come back really quickly.”

Zhuo Qing helplessly nodded her head.

“Hold on!” Lou Xi Yan just got up, Zhuo Qing suddenly sat up and pulled his hand to bring him down. Lou Xi Yan did not understand, but still conveniently sat down.

Zhuo Qing’s hands embraced his neck, bended forward and threw herself in his bosom.

Her lips was kissing his neck…… Biting him.

Lou Xi Yan melancholy groaned, the fragrant, soft and lovable’s body was still in his bosom, a moment afterwards, Zhuo Qing sat up. She was satisfied to see Lou Xi Yan’s neck that was covered by several conspicuous small marks from her kisses, her mood was rather good when she released her hands, then she waved towards Lou Xi Yan and said: “Very well, you can go.”

From the beginning, he did not have any reaction, but when he looked at her crafty face, Lou Xi Yan already guessed what she was doing, lovingly shaking his head, Lou Xi Yan left Lan Yue building.

This girl, he still needed to attend the Imperial court tomorrow morning……

Zhuo Qing was paralyzed on the bed, watching attentively at the light muslin curtain, Zhuo Qing was depressed, her first time trying to seduce unexpectedly failed! Although the main cause was not because of her, but she still blame her ‘business was not cooked’ (unfamiliar business as a saying that she’s not familiar with this art of seduction)…… Next time, she would do a good preparation, it would surely make him wild and spurt nose bleeding, and he would not care even if the sky collapsed! Otherwise, she would let down of Qing Ling’s 34D size!!


Lou Xi Yan had not gone to Zhai Xing pavilion yet, he rather went there with the Imperial physician. Outside the door, once he arrived, he paid respect and said: “Chen pays respect to the Princess.”

Once hearing Lou Xi Yan’s voice, Yan Ru Xuan who was originally lying on the bed and shedding her tears, immediately sat up, urgently said; “Yan Gege…… Come in quickly.” He really came, this was a proof that he was still concerned about her!!

Inside the room, there were several candles on the table, the light ray was somewhat dusky, Lou Xi Yan and the Imperial physician entered the inside of the room. Lou Xi Yan only stood at the outside of the screen, and said towards the Imperial physician: “Take the Princess’ pulse.”

The Imperial physician bowed towards Lou Xi Yan to perform a courtesy, then went inside.

After the light muslin drapery was opened, there was a disappointed face, Yan Gege did not come in.

“Princess, Chen will offend.”

Yan Ru Xuan expressionlessly extended her hand, the Imperial physician examined it for a good moment, then slowly got up.

Lou Xi Yan who was outside the screen, asked: “How is it?”

The Imperial physician withdrew all the way to the outside screen, then answered: “The Princess’ blood and vital breath were insufficient, she was too anxious and worried, emotional issue, that was the reason she would have nightmare. Prime Minister Lou does not need to worry, Lao Chen will treat the Princess with some medicine, and meditation to nurse her health, then her health will recuperate slowly.”

“You go and boil the medicine, ok.” Lou Xi Yan finally felt relieved, when he saw her thin and week’s appearance this morning, he was worried for her.

“Yes.” The Imperial physician went out, there was only Xiao Lian inside the room, only him and Yan Ru Xuan, Lou Xi Yan slightly bowed from outside the screen, and said: “The time is not early anymore, Princess should rest early, Chen asks to be excused.”

His speaking tone was just left, then he heard a low call out: “Yan Gege….. do not go!”

The white silk silhouette hurriedly lifted open the curtain covering veil, not wearing any shoe, she stumbled to run to him all the way.

Her health was originally weak, plus her heart was worried, she almost ran to Lou Xi Yan’s front, Yan Ru Xuan’s feet were soft, and she almost fell down. Lou Xi Yan did not have any choice but to support her arms, and steady her body: “Be careful, Princess.”

Waiting until she stood firmly, Lou Xi Yan was just about to withdraw his hands, but Yan Ru Xuan grabbed his hands tightly.

Originally, she had a small face, she became thin now, and her face was not as big as a palm, her crying eyes were completely red bloodshot. Yan Ru Xuan’s heart was filled with affection and watching him, but unexpectedly she discovered some distinct red marks on his neck……

Yan Ru Xuan’s heart was in pain, she knew these red marks, she had seen these marks on her Imperial sister in law (the Empress) and the other Imperial concubines. Her Imperial sister in law told her at that time, after the Imperial sister in law finished speaking, she also felt very embarrassed. But the Imperial sister in law said that these marks were left on a woman by a man, why did Yan Gege’s neck also have these marks? Thinking about that woman who was living together with Yan Gege, also her hateful manner in the afternoon, Yan Ru Xuan unconsciously and lightly bit her lips, that bad woman was not good enough for Yan Gege!!

Taking a deep breath, Yan Ru Xuan summoned her courage and said: “Xuan-er is really afraid, Yan Gege stays to accompany me, all right?”

Chapter 76: Between Laughters and Tears

Chapter 78: Shattered Love

Sian’s notes:
Boy oh boy…. I didn’t expect ZQ would do this. Hahahaha… I suppose that I shouldn’t be too surprised either. After all, the author implied that ZQ always has ‘yellow thought’ all the time. It was pretty embarrassing doing this translation. Thank goodness, the detail wasn’t too bad because the ‘action’ was interrupted. ☺️☺️☺️ I hope that I don’t have to do anymore translation on this ‘yellow’ action in the future. 😉😉😉 Plus ZQ was intentionally leaving the marks on LXY’s necks for YRX to see!!! Priceless!!! 😍😍😍

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Too bad, YRX!!! Even if you think that ZQ isn’t good enough for your Yan Gege, but your Yan Gege definitely thinks that she’s perfect for him. Your opinion doesn’t count!!!

Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 76: Between Laughters and Tears

Let’s try this chapter again… 😜😜😜 Sorry Aloha, I haven’t proofread chapter 77 so you have to wait until Monday for the chapter. At least I won’t take Dark Jackel’s bet for daring me to take a month or two months hiatus… so you only have to wait until Monday… 😉 Over 3,000 words.

This chapter was translated for only. And only for those people who don’t mind reading unprofessional translation that was being translated FREELY using the translator’s and editor’s own free times. So rude & entitled people aren’t welcome to read this translation!!! So GO AWAY….



Yan Ru Xuan’s ‘I’ for a while, she did not speak out another word, to be honest, one beautiful woman who was sitting in front wished to say something but still ashamed, nevertheless, she was still pleasing. It was a pity that Zhuo Qing’s patience was limited, lowly sighed and said: “You actually do not know what you want to say to me either, is that right?”

Originally, Yan Ru Xuan was still somewhat hesitating, listening to Zhuo Qing’s words afterwards, she suddenly smiled once, with a soft voice, she said slowly: “The first time that I saw him, I was only five years old, I remembered that Second Imperial brother was teasing me at that time, taking a hold of my most favorite silk handkerchief and hanging it on the tree branch. I was crying and calling out for a long time, the palace maids and eunuchs were berated by the Second Imperial brother, nobody was helping me. It was then, at that time, he appeared, that meager (thin) silhouette entered into my eyes, and also entered into my heart. He helped me to take the silk handkerchief down, still helped me to wipe my tears dry. I would never forget eternally, his smile was so gentle and so warm.”

Yan Ru Xuan’s facial expression was too dreamy and……. happy, completely immersed in her own constructed world, Zhuo Qing’s expression slightly flashed across in her mind, but she did not interrupt her all along, silently listening to her talk.

With great difficulty, Yan Ru Xuan recovered, the original happy smile immediately changed in to some bitterness: “Marrying him is my dream since I was a child until I grow up, I do not know if there is no him in my life, how can I survive?”

Zhuo Qing frowned and asked: “Therefore when you realized that he actually did not love you, you decided to kill yourselves?”

“Maybe what I did was foolish.” Smiling sweetly on her young face, she still did not know how to hide a trace of happiness in her heart, maybe could say that she did not wish to hide it, Yan Ru Xuan smilingly answered: “I think, he may have liked me a little bit in his heart, take a pity on me. Otherwise he will not let me recuperate in his home.”

“Your mother have told you this?” Her face hardly concealed her happiness that made Zhuo Qing was somewhat anxious, this kind of misleading, with regards to the current her, it might be the last straw to save her life, then again, it could push her deeper into the abyss.

Yan Ru Xuan lifted her head up swiftly, looked towards Zhuo Qing’s clear and bright eyes, urgently said: “Do not tell me that it is not so?”

The woman in front of her who was only a little over ten years old, with a confused face that was watching her attentively, Zhuo Qing could not bear to smash her dream. Even if she said it, Yan Ru Xuan would not necessarily believe her either.

Forget about it, Zhuo Qing did not reply to her, she changed the subject and asked: “Then what are you planning now?”

“I…… do not know.” Hesitating once again, Yan Ru Xuan forced a smile and said: “He does not love me.”

Zhuo Qing stared blankly, she thought that Yan Ru Xuan was always living in her own world, believing that Lou Xi Yan and her were in love, only then when she heard the news that he was getting married, she collapsed afterwards and attempted suicide. At the moment, it appeared that her heart was obviously cleared about this very much, Zhuo Qing did not understand: “You obviously know, why do you still want to waste time on him?”

“My heart is his, completely his, ten years, ten years, I can not be without him, from the beginning, I can never able to resist my own heart.” If it was indeed a waste of time, she had already wasted too much times, and was unable to free herself.

Watching attentively at the eyes in front of her that even though it had a damage feature, but it was still a glorious woman, deeply breathing, Yan Ru Xuan said: “Can I ask you a favor?”

Looking at her who seemed to summon her courage completely, Zhuo Qing could not help to ask: “What?”

Nibbling her lips, Yan Ru Xuan clenched her teeth, her voice was somewhat trembling: “Please let me marry him, ok.”

With a thumping sound in her heart, Yan Ru Xuan held her breath to wait for Zhuo Qing’s answer.

Yan Ru Xuan was nervous and also embarrassed, Zhuo Qing, nevertheless, broke into laughter and said: “This is not a problem whether or not I will let you marry him.” As it turned out, everybody thought that she was a hindrance and did not let Lou Xi Yan to take a concubine?! It seemed that Yan Ru Xuan still did not understand, the main point in this argument was not on her!!

Thinking deeply for a moment, Zhuo Qing bluntly asked: “You reply my questions first, ok, you can put up with the person whom you love, beside you, there is actually another person, still this other woman, he loves her so much more than he loves you? When he hugs you, kisses you, will you not think that he is kissing another woman? When you need him, yet he is with this other woman in another room, will you not feel heartache? Will you not ask for more? So through out the day, is this not the type of self torture? Can you entirely accept these?”

What Zhuo Qing said somewhat entered the bone, Yan Ru Xuan’s face was more and more white, solely imagining Zhuo Qing was saying these, it was already enough to make her in pain in her heart. But this ache, compared to the ache of losing him was insignificant, exerted herself to nod, Yan Ru Xuan with a trembling voice answered; “I….. I….. can.”

If she really could, why should she look almost fainted, Zhuo Qing shook her head, with a clear voice, she said: “I can not. Everyday I will live in jealousy, suspicion, demanding, loathing, make myself to become repulsive. I do not want this kind of life, also do not want this kind of man, so you do not need to ask me to let you marry him. If he wishes to take you as his wife, I will leave.”

The woman who was in front of her was enveloped by the setting of multicolored sun rays, icily arrogant expression, firm tone, self confidence with an elegant manner, Yan Ru Xuan conceded, she was convinced by her. It was Yan Gege who gave her this kind of confidence, right, Yan Ru Xuan was somewhat unwilling and sneeringly said: “You speak so free and at ease, it is because you know that the person whom he loves is you, it is also because you do not love him enough either.”

Zhuo Qing simply did not know whether to laugh or cry, she could not tolerate Lou Xi Yan taking a concubine, in that case, it showed that she did not love him enough?! In her heart, this so called love was whether or not it was endlessly sacrificing one’s life? Endlessly indulging?! Endlessly abusing oneself?! Zhuo Qing immediately stood up and answered: “Very well, between you and I, there is really nothing to say.”

If she continued to talk with her again, she would be furious, looking at Zhuo Qing who wanted to turn around to walk, Yan Ru Xuan also got up promptly, lowly shouted: “I must become his wife, I….. can not not have him.”

Her feet that were lifted up stopped, lightly raised her eyebrows, Zhuo Qing coldly groaned and said: “You will declare a war with me?” Being soft could not do, then she would be tough?

Facing Zhuo Qing’s ice cold question, Yan Ru Xuan hastily shook her head again: “No, I only hope that I can be together by his side, and get along peacefully with you.”

“It is impossible.” Zhuo Qing’s answer was extremely quick, hardly compromising, she said: “I have said it, if he picks you, I will leave immediately, I will not come between you and him, because at that time, he is not the person whom I love. If the person whom he picks is me, I will absolutely not allow him to have a second woman, this is not targeted to you, I will have the same attitude towards whichever woman.”

“Why do you sever any relation with him like this?” Yan Ru Xuan did not really understand.

Zhuo Qing did not conceal her own opinion, tranquilly answered: “Because, I love him, but I love myself more.”

Zhuo Qing’s answer made Yan Ru Xuan’s original pale face to become annoyed and flushed in anger in a flash.

“How can you be selfish!” She indeed did not love Yan Gege enough, would only consider her own needs, this kind of woman absolutely did not match with Yan Gege!

Yan Ru Xuan’s indignant explanation, she simply did not understand the meaning of her own sentence, both of them were not from the same world. Zhuo Qing felt tired and were not in the mood to explain, coldly answered: “Maybe.” Finished speaking, Zhuo Qing walked towards the inside of the house.

Staring at that ‘bossy and domineering’ back, Yan Ru Xuan clenched her fists, and with a loud voice, she said: “I will not give him up.”

Not turning around, her footsteps were the same as always, Zhuo Qing coldly said these three words: “As you wish.” Her patience was already running out!


The night was like an ink stick, the moon liked a hook.

A woman’s long hair was draping over her shoulder, half lying on the window frame, her hand was pinching one piece of paper, her eyes were always staring at the densely packed characters, but her expression was unfortunately empty, just like she had lost her soul.

After chatting with Yan Ru Xuan in the afternoon, Zhuo Qing had this incapable than desirable feeling, it was maybe from childhood’s worldview and value, the romance outlook was entirely different. She could not understand the ancient period woman’s way of thinking, did not know how to communicate with them either, she was glad that she met with Lou Xi Yan, if it was another man, they should also think the same as Yan Ru Xuan and would use ‘selfish’ to evaluate her, right.

Lou Xi Yan was standing by her side for a good moment, she was still in her own universe, he thought if he did not say anything, it was reckoned that she would not discover that he had already returned.

Lightly patting her shoulder as he was afraid to scare her if he suddenly said something, Lou Xi Yan with a soft voice asked: “What are you looking at that makes you so entranced like this?”

Sure enough, even though Lou Xi Yan already lowered his voice as much as possible, Zhuo Qing was still startled, raised her head to look towards Lou Xi Yan who was by her side, puzzlingly asked: “How come you came back really early today?” Did he not say that he would come back really late this afternoon?

“Still early?” Lou Xi Yan’s thin eyes slightly raised, looked outside the window for one glance to see the pitch dark and quiet lake, she unexpectedly resented that he came back early? It seemed that he needed to work harder to make her miss him more, all right.

Zhuo Qing looked towards the outside window, only then she realized that the sky was already dark, she thought that she was lying on the window frame for only a short moment, that was all, who would have thought that it was already this late. Somewhat embarrassed, Zhuo Qing gave a hollow smile, raised her head to avoid looking at Lou Xi Yan’s gloomy face.

She was somewhat strange tonight, Lou Xi Yan was concern and he asked: “What is going on with you? Feeling uncomfortable? Or, what are you worrying about?” She and Yan Ru Xuan were talking alone this afternoon, Jing Sa had already reported it back to him. Originally, he did not want to ask because he believed that she could deal with her. But she had this preoccupied appearance now, and it made him feel sorry for her.

Perfunctorily shaking her head, Zhuo Qing swayed a piece of paper on her hand, and answered: “Nothing, Qing Mo gave me this piece of paper today, she said that this was Yang Liu’s valuable stuff before he died, maybe there was a connection to the gold case. I studied it for half a day, but it did not come up, I thought for a long time, and was somewhat entrapped, nothing more.”

Sure enough, as his expectation, she was still not willing to say it, no longer questioning it closely, Lou Xi Yan laughingly said: “Can you let me look at it?”

Dan Yu Lan already reported and requested to reinvestigate this case, continued to pursue the gold’s whereabouts, the Emperor gave his consent immediately, it was after all one million liang of gold! But this gold case was definitely related to the important ministers in the Imperial court, he was afraid that any development would be bloody and fishy.

Taking the paper on her hand to give it to Lou Xi Yan, Zhuo Qing’s heart was filled with expectation, she asked: “You say whether or not there is some code word? Maybe it is some secret code? Have you ever studied astrology?”

Lou Xi Yan broke into laughter: “I am not proficient in astrology at all.” Even though he really enjoyed her adoration expression, it was a pity that he really did not understand astrology methodology. Unfolding the paper, he only saw the words ‘front front back back left left right right’ on it. These words, no wonder she was confused, he also did not understand when he saw it.

Looking for a good moment, Lou Xi Yan was also unable to fully grasp, taking the paper to return it to Zhuo Qing, Lou Xi Yan lightly smiled and cautioned: “Have you thought it, Yang Liu was only a Lieutenant General at the General’s manor, he was only an ordinary military man! The stuff that he left, could it be related to astrology, code word or secret code?”

Zhuo Qing made a striking sound with her finger, smilingly said: “That is right, how come I have not thought of it! We might make things too complicated, in fact, what he wanted to express was the most superficial thing.”

Lou Xi Yan approvingly nodded his head, but Zhuo Qing’s face suddenly looked defeated again, distressingly sighed: “But what is the most superficial thing anyway?”

Feeling sorry about her worry appearance on her face, Lou Xi Yan pulled her hand to stand up, comfortingly said: “Well, you have thought about this for one whole day, do not think anymore, rest early, ok. Maybe there is a flash of divine light tomorrow, and you can get it.”

Zhuo Qing gave a supercilious look, which flash of divine light could be easy like this, but it seemed that she really had some reason. Taking the paper and putting it on the pocket inside her belt, Zhuo Qing generously answered: “Very well, go to sleep.”

Crossing over the screen to enter the inside room, Zhuo Qing suddenly discovered that there was a small bed next to Lou Xi Yan’s big bed, just half the size of the big bed, Zhuo Qing strangely said: “Why are there more beds in the room?” She did not discovered this in the afternoon?!!

Lou Xi Yan finally said to her: “You know now that you have made yourselves to be fascinated a moment ago, ok.”

They just brought it in?! Heaven, she was unexpectedly absent minded at this stage!! Even if she was dead, she would not admit it, Zhuo Qing hurriedly shifted the subject: “Your bed is already so big, why do you still want to bring in another bed?”

Finished asking afterwards, she thought that she was really stupid, sure enough, Lou Xi Yan was somewhat helpless, somewhat flirting, and with a somewhat teasing’s smile, he said: “You sleep in the big bed, I sleep in the small bed, I am afraid if I share a bed with you, I can not wait until our wedding night, then I will take a hold of you……”

His words had not yet finished, but the meaning was already clear, he was actually, for the sake of himself also, shared a pillow with his beloved woman, but could only see. This was really an enormous torment, he was afraid that his self control would eventually unable to resist the temptation!

Zhuo Qing was laughing, she naturally understood what he meant, but as a modern person, a premarital relationship with the person whom one loves was a very common matter. She did not think that there was any problem at all, facing Lou Xi Yan’s fascinating phoenix eyes, Zhuo Qing lowly laughed and said: “Nobody wants you to wait anyway.”

Lou Xi Yan’s body was stiff, he obviously understood that this was Zhuo Qing’s invitation, under the candle light, her figure was graceful, eyes like fire, forcing a mouthful of saliva, Lou Xi Yan staggeringly retreated one step, then urgently said: “It is not early anymore, sleep, ok. Good night”

Finished speaking, he laid on the small bed by the side extremely quickly.

Zhuo Qing stared blankly and stood there, not knowing whether to laugh or cry for a moment, what should she do…… She gave him a permission, but he still did not want to take it?!

This was injuring her self esteem?!

Or in theory, he needed a little bit of stimulation…….

Chapter 75: Su Mu Feng

Chapter 77: A Minor Incident That Sparked A War

Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 75: Su Mu Feng

Disclaimer: Translating musical instrument or the name of the songs in this chapter is very difficult. 😂😂😂  Do you all know this zither instrument, right? I suppose it’s the ancient time version of a piano but zither is using strings instead. Let me know if you have never seen a picture of the zither & I’ll see if I can find any. Over 3,000 words.

This chapter was translated for only. And only for those people who don’t mind reading unprofessional translation that was being translated FREELY using the translator’s and editor’s own free times. So rude & entitled people aren’t welcome to read this translation!!! So GO AWAY….


One perfect final rhythm to end the song, the wonderful sound of the zither, Lou Xi Wu took a long time to recover, separated by the light muslin, she did not know when Zhuo Qing who was quietly standing at the side, entered the inside of the courtyard, Lou Xi Wu called out: “Why did you come?” Did she not go out earlier?

Zhuo Qing mockingly shrugged her shoulder and answered: “The music was so pleasant to hear, I came to to enjoy it.” Even though she did not understand it too much, but it did not prevent her to appreciate it.

The white clothing man put down the zither in between his knees, slowly got up to look towards the person behind him. Zhuo Qing was also curious and looked back at the man, he was standing against the ray. Zhuo Qing slightly narrowed her eyes to see his face clearly, this one glance already made Zhuo Qing’s eyes to stare blankly for a moment……

On this land under heaven, someone could seriously grow up like this?! The face was clean as if a clear cut jade ice sculpture, colorful plump lips like plum flower, deep eyes as if the calm deep pond water, could practically drown someone to die, perfect facial features (five sense of the organs), distinctive upright, the rising white clothing emitted a magnificent jade on him.

Lou Xi Yan always wore white clothing too, but the atmosphere that he gave to people was out of the ordinary feeling, liked an elegant and respectable manner, gentle as jade. But this man gave someone this kind of pure, cold and graceful, to become indifferent feeling.

The man was also calmly looking at her, Zhuo Qing slightly nodded, introduced herself politely: “I am Qing Ling.”

With regards to the alarmed admiration’s line of sight, the man seemed to be used to it long ago, his complexion was tranquil like water, but when he heard this Qing Ling’s name, the indifferent face flashed through a trace of great waves, he asked: “Qing Ling of Hao Yue?”

Speechless….. The Qing family sisters’ reputations were so resounding! Zhuo Qing awkwardly answered: “It….. should be, right.”

The man did not continue to say anything either, he simply nodded slightly and said: “Su Mu Feng.”

Su Mu Feng, the name was quite pleasant to hear, Zhuo Qing liked to look straight at the other people when she was talking so Zhuo Qing suddenly discovered, his eyes were unexpectedly black with a hint of silvery light color, dazzling eyes that one could look at unconsciously, after looking carefully, that silver grayish eyes were like a vortex that made people unable to move their line of sights.

She was looking too excessively, ok!! Lou Xi Wu was unable to bear it in the end, lifting the light muslin to come out, she called out: “Hey, you have looked enough, do not think that my brother is not here so you can be unrestrained!”

Being yelled by Lou Xi Wu, Zhuo Qing finally recovered, looked at her threatening gestures, Zhuo Qing suddenly said towards her with a surprise face: “Jing Sa, how come you are here too?”

Hearing the name of Jing Sa, Lou Xi Wu got panicky completely, hurriedly turned her head, behind her was only the lovable flower pavilion, where was anybody’s shadow? Becoming aware that she was being played with, Lou Xi Wu was ashamed into anger, loudly called out: “Qing Ling! You unexpectedly dare to deceive me!”

Just loving to see her vixen’s look, spreading out her hands, Zhuo Qing with a crafty smile, said: “Lou Xi Yan is here, I am also like this and not like you, Jing Sa is not here, you just change into a small stray cat la!”

“You!!” Not knowing whether it was anger or ashamed, Lou Xi Wu’s complexion was slightly red, staring at Qing Ling for one glance, she groaned and said: “Go out, do not hinder my learning zither!”

Studying zither? Zhuo Qing looked towards Su Mu Feng who was calm all along and standing on the side, she asked: “You are a zither’s teacher?”


He did not resemble like one, his temperament did not resemble like a zither’s teacher should be, strictly speaking, maybe, his personal perception should not merely a zither’s teacher. Getting curious towards him, Zhuo Qing retreated for several steps afterwards. Leaning towards the cold pavilion stone on the side, Zhuo Qing smilingly said: “You all continue, I will listen on the side.”

Who would let you listen ah 😈, Lou Xi Wu still wanted to flip out, another gentle female’s voice came through from the outside of the courtyard faintly: “I do not know whether or not I can also listen?”

Everyone looked to only see the meager and beautiful’s shadow, that came walking graciously.

Yan Ru Xuan still had that light yellow cheong sam (long skirt) on her, but there was no bamboo hat anymore, her complexion was slightly white, it looked somewhat haggard, frail figure, with the help of a palace maid, she slowly walked and made people to take even more pity on her.

Zhuo Qing observed quietly this so called rival in love in front of her eyes, the first time she saw her, she was wearing a palace maid’s clothing, her head was always slightly lowered, she already knew at that time that she was beautiful. Looking at her today, even though she was haggard, but it did not lose any of her beauty, young face, eyes liked hazy water, a touch of sadness on her countenance. If she was a man, it was reckoned that one would love her dearly, right.

Yan Ru Xuan slightly raised her head to look towards Zhuo Qing, Zhuo Qing generously nodded to give courtesy to her, Yan Ru Xuan only left her line of sight silently, she did not know how she should face this woman’s gaze.

Lou Xi Wu was very disgusted by her sickly look but arrogant appearance, perfunctorily gave courtesy, she said: “Pay respect to Princess.”

“Xi Wu, there is no need to be too polite between you and I.” She did not understand why Xi Wu did not like her, it was like this from childhood, no matter how she expressed goodwill, she was always complexly ignoring her like this.

How did you say this, Lou Xi Wu was impolite, directly over did it, she did not feel to pay attention to her.

How could she be this rude towards the Princess, Xiao Lan’s anger was about to flare up, but her sleeve was pulled lightly by Yan Ru Xuan, the fire in her stomach could only be swallowed back.

The atmosphere inside the small courtyard was very awkward, until a clear, cold and muffled of a male sound echoed: “Pay respect to the Princess.”

Yan Ru Xuan hurriedly looked towards the man who was wearing a white clothing on the side, slightly bent over, smilingly said: “Su Gongzi, I trust that you have been well since we last meet.”

Su Mu Feng indifferently smiled and answered: “Su mou is always well, thank you for Princess’ concerned.”

Looking towards the two people who were talking, it seemed that they were actually familiar with each other, Zhuo Qing lightly knitted her eyebrows. Yan Ru Xuan was still saluting him unexpectedly, this person’s identity really made people to be suspicious.

“The sound of Gongzi’s zither is tranquil from a distance, every time I hear it, it can make people’s head to feel peaceful, I do not know whether or not today is a fortunate day that I can still listen to Gongzi’s song, Yun Chang Su.” She just heard the melodious zither sound, so could come over, he also played Yun (cloud) Chang (skirt/lower garment) Su’s (tell) song in the past, but she did not understand or appreciate it at that time, after growing up gradually, she just knew the artistic concept within the song.

Su Mu Feng lightly shook his head and answered: “Because of Princess’ mood today, it should not listen to this song, Su mou will play another song for Princess, ok.”

He already said it like this, Yan Ru Xuan could only nod her head and answered: “Good.”

Su Mu Feng sat down cross legged, he put the zither on his knees, supported by the fresh and green lawn, both hands were caressing the strings, his slender fingertips were on the strings, conveniently, the beautiful three octave zither sounds played out lightly, excellent skill. Zhuo Qing was listening and did not understand, but she could still listen to the melody smoothly and easily.

The front part of the musical composition was like flowing water, the middle part was passed on completely and suddenly with slow moving bass, every string’s voiceless consonant seemed to able to enter into people’s hearts. Listening to the people’s mood that were somewhat depressed, Su Mu Feng’s left hand suddenly nudged the strings, the tune turned from low to high once again, along with his tune, the mood unexpectedly became tranquil and slowly changed to calm and joyful. The ending of the harmony was like a water drop stone that was soft and melodious.

The end of the song, everybody who was inside the small courtyard had not recovered, they were still immersing in that beautiful music, for a very long time, Yan Ru Xuan lightly sighed and said: “Many thanks, Gongzi. I do not know what the name of the song is.”

It seemed that her appearance was really bad, even Su Mu Feng, himself, could see her worry, ‘Yun Chang Su’ was a sad melody, he went to play a winding music for her, nevertheless, she could feel peaceful with the music at the end. He was still the same and could understand people’s inner hearts.

Su Mu Feng got up one more time, smilingly said: “Qin (seep) Xin (heart) Song (ode).”

Was it Qin Xin Song?! Yan Ru Xuan forced a smile and said: “It is really a good name, Gongzi is playing the music even better.” He was also the only one who could play the music with this vitality, right.

Softly taking the zither to put it inside the red sandalwood case on the side, Su Mu Feng picked up the wood case and said towards Lou Xi Wu: “The time is not early anymore, today’s school will end here, ok. Su mou will take my leave.”

“Su-er, send Gongzi off.” Lou Xi Wu could only nod, her heart was secretly cursing Yan Ru Xuan again, if it was not because of her disturbance, she could still learn a little bit more, could invite Su Mu Feng to spend a lot of hard work on elder brother!

“Gongzi, this way please.” Su Mu Feng was following the maid to leave the courtyard, suddenly stopped his footsteps to look towards Zhuo Qing and said: “Miss Qing, if there is another opportunity another day, Su mou will ask for advice about the zither to Miss.”

Finished speaking, he did not wait for her response, turned and left at once, Zhuo Qing was confused and looked towards Lou Xi Wu, she asked: “What kind of person is he?”

Lou Xi Wu turned around and gave a supercilious look, she answered: “He is the fourth son of the temperament aristocratic Su’s family manor. He appeared to have an extremely high artistic attainment in music since he was a child. It is not impossible that he knows how to play in every kind of musical instruments, nothing that can not be played by him, especially zither, xiao (a type of flute), as long as people have listened to his song, everyone will become intoxicated without exception. At 16 years of age, he played a song, Feng (phoenix) Hai (still) Chao (nest) at the celebration festival, his skill was startling the whole world. The Emperor bestowed him Qiong Yue’s first musician on the spot, therefore he was indeed Qiong Yue’s youngest, the most famous musician. How many Princes and Princess, high ranking officials and dignitaries, all want to use up any method to invite him to teach the zither.”

Zhuo Qing understood and nodded her head: “So, it is like that.”

Zhuo Qing looked like she was dreaming at first but then becoming aware, and it made Lou Xi Wu laughed heartily: “You should already listen to his taboo name just now ah! Why are you still expressionless like this!” Su Mu Feng’s famous name was not known to everyone, only the country’s aristocrats and famous or influential families at the minimum, but his reputation was indeed very resounding.

Zhuo Qing answered boldly and confidently one more time: “I have amnesia.”

Always forgetting about this matter, Lou Xi Wu secretly cursed to herself for not having any brain, her mouth was talking endlessly, Lou Xi Wu suggested: “Next time when he comes to teach at the manor, it will be good that you also come to ask for guidance to him,”

After listening to this, she shook her head at once: “Forget about it, after I lose my memory, I do not have any expression on this completely, I reckon that I can not learn it either, just do not torment him.” Should not torment her either!! With regards to musical composition, she only knew the difference between pleasant to hear or not pleasant to hear, that was it……

Lou Xi Wu did not give up either, she continued to walk and say: “Maybe, with more contacts, you can remember it, your zither skill is also well known in the six countries ah, it is a pity if you forget it like this.”

As it turned out, Qing Ling’s zither skill was this much high, no wonder when Su Mu Feng said, he wanted to ask for advice with her…… Firmly shaking her head, she was not really familiar with reading music staffs, offering a treat to an unappreciative audience was still not nice!! Giving a couple of hollow laughs, Zhuo Qing relaxedly answered: “Forget is just forget, right, everything is according to the predestined affinity.”
Investing so much time in learning the zither, and now she could just say to let it go, how many people could say it like that? Yan Ru Xuan, nevertheless, admired Zhuo Qing, but she did not know in this matter about zither skill that Zhuo Qing had never even picked it up…….

“How destitute oh, I will return first.” Extremely nervous that Lou Xi Wu still wanted to chant in her ears, Zhuo Qing stretched her waist while saying and walking out of the courtyard.

“Please stay.” Zhuo Qing only took one step, but somebody called out to stay, but the person who called out to her was not Lou Xi Wu, it was rather Yan Ru Xuan.

Zhuo Qing stopped her footsteps, looked towards Yan Ru Xuan, for a very long time, then she said in a low voice; “Miss Qing, I want to have a chat with you alone, is that possible?”

What did she want to say to her? What could they say between them? Zhuo Qing’s heart thought it was funny, but she did not refuse her either, generously answered: “Ok ah, go to Lan Yue building, ok.”

After finished speaking, she took a lead to walk out, Yan Ru Xuan hesitated for a moment, then followed her out.

Lou Xi Wu was staring at Zhuo Qing’s relaxed back, originally, she could still listen to what they were saying, who thought that crafty woman would not let her listen to them unexpectedly! Humph!
The two people, one was in the front and the other one was on the back, entered Lan Yue building, Zhuo Qing did not enter the house, just sat down on the rock bench in front of the pond to guard against other’s intention. Even though Yan Ru Xuan looked as if she was gentle and weak, who knew whether or not she would harm herself, she would be framed to assassinate the Princess at that time, then even if she plunged into the Yellow River, she would not be washed clear either.

Also maybe Yan Ru Xuan’s clever way to blackmail Lou Xi Yan to marry her, or else just wanted to have her small life for her own.

Her brain was enjoying these subjective ideas in every kind of TV play’s common plots, Zhuo Qing concluded in short, she still had to be careful as well!

Yan Ru Xuan sat down directly in front of her, she said to Xiao Lian who was on her side: “Withdraw, ok.”

“Princess?” How could she leave the Princess? What was to be done if this woman was harmful towards the Princess?

“Withdraw.” Yan Ru Xuan’s tone was slightly cold, even if Xiao Lian was unwilling, she could only withdraw, she walked away to leave the two people until there was some distant. Xiao Lian stopped, she would not be able to hear their conversations like this, but she could see what they were doing, if that woman dared to act recklessly, she would definitely not spare her!

The palace maid had already retreated, there was nobody except them inside the courtyard, this Princess slightly lowered her head to look at those lotus flowers that were just blooming a moment ago. She did not say any word either, Zhuo Qing had waited for a good moment, she was really somewhat impatience, she said: “What do you want to say, just say it, ok.”

She was really curious, what did Yan Ru Xuan want to talk to her after all?

Chapter 74: The Gold’s Hiding Place

Chapter 76: Between Laughters and Tears

Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 74: The Gold’s Hiding Place

I’m soooo sorry…  I posted the wrong chapter earlier!!! This is the right one. Ao Tian is a man with a few words but a lot of actions… I can see why some of the readers like his character… Over 3,350 words.

This chapter was translated for only. And only for those people who don’t mind reading unprofessional translation that was being translated FREELY using the translator’s and editor’s own free times. So rude & entitled people aren’t welcome to read this translation!!! So GO AWAY….


Gu Yun entered Lan Yue building, only saw Zhuo Qing’s loose hair was dropping on her shoulder, she supported her cheeks, a tired looking appearance on her face. Gu Yun sat down in the stone bench, mockingly said: “You did not sleep good last night.”

“En.” At first, she thought to refute it, unexpectedly, Zhuo Qing generously nodded, depressingly groaned and said: “The next few days, I think there will be very exciting stuff.” Zhai Xing pavilion was really close to Lan Yue building, she was afraid that seeing the Princess frequently would really be awkward. She could not move and abandon Lou Xi Yan regardless, hey……

Gu Yun lightly knitted her eyebrow, oddly said: “What did I miss?” Was it not that she was saying sweetly that she wanted to get married last night, then it underwent a change of weather first thing in the morning?

Zhuo Qing shook her head, looked towards the side of Zhai Xing pavilion, smilingly said: “You did not miss anything, this was just staging a good show!”

Following her line of sight to look, as it turned out it was formerly Qing’s Zhai Xing pavilion courtyard, there were four tall and strong men were standing, distinguish long waists, outside of the room. Furthermore, there were two young girls who were dressing as maids and guarding at that place. Gu Yun asked: “What is the situation?”

Zhuo Qing mockingly shrugged her shoulder, helplessly said: “Hard to explain in a few words, a simple saying is the Princess from Qiong Yue is secretly in love with Lou Xi Yan. When she heard that he was getting married, she tried to kill herself at the Imperial palace. After she was rescued, the Empress Dowager wanted to make Lou Xi Yan to marry her daughter, but he refused, so she arranged for the Princess to recuperate at the Prime Minister’s manor. I reckoned that she intended for her to be in close proximity first, perhaps she was hoping that the rice was cooked or like a drama, ok.”

Finished listening, Gu Yun laughed heartily: “The meaning of your words is that you have a love rival.”

Gu Yun laughed brashly, Zhuo Qing could not help to laugh lowly on her own either: “You can consider it like that, right.” The first time that she fell in love with a man, who would think that she would complicate the issue deliberately, it was not supposed to be like these twists and turns.

Zhuo Qing’s smile showed a trace of bitterness, Gu Yun comfortingly said: “Lou Xi Yan is so outstanding, it is normal that you have a love rival, what is the most important is his approach.”

Zhuo Qing nodded, and said with self mockery: “He has said that he only wants one wife, it seemed that it should be me at the present time.”

“Then it is alright, but you still need to be careful, the power of hatred caused by love is big and can make someone is so terrifying.”

She had seen so many cases like this, the deeper the love, the bigger the power to devour, especially when the other part was a Princess, she was somewhat anxious for Qing.

“I will.” Quietly smiling, and did not want to make Gu Yun to be anxious because of her, Zhuo Qing asked: “You come here to find me today, is it because the case has a new progress?”

“En.” Taking out the slip of paper that Qu Xin handed over to her yesterday, Gu Yun passed it on to Zhuo Qing. Zhuo Qing stared at it and put it in her hand to look at that slip of paper for a long time, suspiciously asked: “What is this?”

It was not that she wanted to ask this kind of vain question, but the note was filled with ‘front, front, back, back, left, left, right, right’ on it, what did it have anything to do with the case.

Gu Yun explained it: “According to Qu Xin’s words, this was Yang Liu’s careful treasured thing over the last years. I think it has something to do with the gold case, but I do not understand what the meaning of these words, I want to listen to your opinion.”

She was seriously studying the piece of paper on her hand one more time, and hoping that she could find some rhythm, but the outcome was still blank. Zhuo Qing shook her head: “I am not that clear either, I will study it again carefully in the evening, ok, when are you going to look at that rock cave place.”

“I am going in a moment.” She and Dan Yu Lan made an appointment to meet at noon at the gate of Ying Tian Government Office.

“I am also going.” While talking, Zhuo Qing braided her long hair quickly, Gu Yun lightly laughed: “Are you sure that you want to run around all over the place during this unusual moment now?” The other person was pressing in from the inside of the house.

Zhuo Qing turned over to give a supercilious look, coldly groaned and said: “Do I have to stay behind to play the eyes staring game? I do not have any spare time.” Pulling Gu Yun, both of them hurriedly went out of the Prime Minister’s manor.
Zhuo Qing, Gu Yun and Dan Yu Lan met together afterwards, with Ao Tian’s lead, the delegation of people finally arrived at the rock cave near the suburbs of the capital. During the examination of each of the exits of the cave, Qu Ze’s location was indeed the most convenient place to enter or exit the rock cave.

They did not find anything at the outside of the cave, several people walked into the middle of the cave again, the interior of the rock cave was accessible from all sides, but the lane was narrow. The deepest cave was half the size of a soccer field in dimension, the inside was damp, the water was still seeping out from the top of the wall frequently, one could clearly hear the sound of running water. Looking carefully at the side of the cave, there was an underground river about 7-8 meters wide.

Gu Yun crouched at the side of the underground river, lightly tapped on the side of the hard rock, slightly narrowed her eyes to look towards the fine sand and stones that was at the bottom of the river, inside the cave, one could find this kind of small stone. Grabbing some of the fine sand and stone on her hand and lightly kneaded them with her fingers, the stone produced a rustling sound afterwards, and they disintegrated slowly on her hand. Gu Yun looked at the fine powder on her hand, she called out in a low voice: “All of you, come over to see.”

Hearing her calling out, a delegation of people encircled to come over to see that she was crouching in front of a stack of tiny sandy soil. They were watching attentively and earnestly at the grain of rock on her hand, Qian jing did not understand and asked: “Some sand and stones, that is all, what is the problem?”

Inside the prison, he heard all along that this woman who just called out, Qing Mo was very good, he did not understand and even had his disdain that a person like Ao Tian seemed to change and admire her. He came over to follow them today, just for the purpose to see how she would judge the case so amazingly, but what could be so suspicious about these pile of sand and stones?

Lightly patting to remove the thin rock from her hand, Gu Yun pointed at the thick layer of sandy soil from the inside of the underground river, and answered: “The problem is, here is the solubility rock that receives erosion from water after it forms the rock cave, it should not have this type of fine sand and stones, furthermore, it appears that there are too many sands and stones.”

“The meaning of your words are, these sand and stones are deliberately transported here by someone.” Dan Yu Lan narrowed his eyes, even though the light ray was not so good, but he could still see that the section of this body of water, compared to the section of the river that was in front of the cave entrance, the riverbed was higher by a lot.

Carefully looking, just as Gu Yun was saying, there was a big cave on the side of the underground river, there was many tiny sand and stones, it was clearly difference with the upstream of the water. Qian Jing crouched on the side of the underground river, and talked to himself: “This remote rock cave like this, what are they transporting the sand and stones for?”

Gu Yun’s heart already guessed the whole story faintly, smilingly said: “You all thought that it was strange, right, there were so many men and horses who searched the place at that time, unexpectedly, they could not find the chariots that transported the gold. There would be nothing that could disappear without any trace on this earth, everything was merely diversionary tactic.”

Next to the sound of flowing river made Zhuo Qing’s eyes bright, she answered: “The stream in the underground river here is plentiful, the drainage system is flourishing, this place can definitely be used to hide and store the gold.”

Gu Yun nodded her head: “Correct, as long as the gold are dumped to enter the underground river, then use the sand and stones to bury them, then wait until after the event to dig out the gold again and transport them, it will naturally be top secret. Looking at this, the wagon marks at that time were not used to transport the gold out, it was rather to transport the sand and stones to enter the cave based on this evidence.”

Dan Yu Lan crouched down, grabbed the spongy stone on the ground, but it felt soft to the touch, perhaps, there was some truth in her analysis, this way, it could be explained how the gold disappeared from everyone’s investigation, but where was the evidence?

Qian Jing appeared to have the same thinking as Dan Yu Lan, turning around, Qian Jing said: “You simply guess, that is all, even if it is true, it has already been three years, the gold should be transported out long ago. Some fine sand can not be used to prove your opinion.”

Gu Yun did not start talking either, she already got into the small hole by the side, roaming to inspect next to the smiling Zhuo Qing, Zhuo Qing smilingly said: “That will not be necessary, that much gold to be dumped into the underground river, it is impossible to dig them out cleanly. And this underground river, the stream is plentiful, some small gold will follow and roam down the stream, we should still be able to find some gold.”

Qian Jing patted his thigh, and called out: “Looking at the downstream now, we will know whether or not there is gold.”

Zhuo Qing nodded her head immediately, smiled to look at Qian Jing, she answered: “That was what I meant.”

What was that in her expression…… It gave people goose bumps, Qian Jing lowly called out: “You are going to make me go down to check it?”

Zhuo Qing’s hands were still on her chest, the corner of her mouth raised lightly, groaningly said: “Do not tell me that I have to go?”
It was cold in the underground river, not to mention a woman, how long could a robust man stay in the river, Qian Jing already knew the rhetorical answer himself, curled his lip embarrassingly, removed his jacket unhurriedly, took off his shoes and socks…..

“Pu tong.” (Splashing sound when somebody went in the river).

Qian Jing was still dilly dallying, he just heard a loud splashing sound from all around, Ao Tian’s dark silhouette already entered the underground river.

Qian Jing’s shoes and socks were already taken off, he was just standing at the shore to look somewhat embarrassed. Zhuo Qing looked one glance at him, then all of her gaze was focused at the middle of the underground river where the black clothing with silver hair silhouette was.

Putting the clothes back on now would be too humiliated, Qian Jing lightly coughed and mockingly said: “My swimming ability to reach the deep downstream is better, then I will go to look for it.”

Nobody paid attention to him, Qian Jing disappeared instantly to pass through the small cave and entered the downstream of the underground river.

Ao Tian was already roaming and diving in the water for a long time, just now he floated up, Gu Yun urgently said: “How did it go?”

Ao Tian’s complexion was very dark and did not say anything, simply shook his head silently.

Zhuo Qing and Gu Yun looked one glance to each other, could it be that they were wrong?

Dan Yu Lan actually had confidence and said: “Look for it again, the thin rock cave seems to be relatively easy to leave the gold.”

Ao Tian submerged in the river one more time, the black dresses was rippling, one was almost unable to see where he was, luckily, the shiny bright silver hair reflected out a little rays of light, so one could still know his position.

This time was even longer, just when Zhuo Qing was somewhat anxious if there was an accident, Ao Tian finally came out of the water again.

“Did you find it?”

Ao Tian was gasping for air and did not answer, he only took and threw out the stuff that he found to the shore.

The bright orange yellow flowed out after, then the ticking sound of a metal rolled out, several people encircled it to see, sure enough, it was a broken size of big and small gold.

These pieces of gold should be the ones dumped into the river for a period of time, so it was disintegrated into small pieces.

Dan Yu Lan checked out the surface of the gold carefully, he could see half of the government letter on the corner of the gold ingot, it should be the seal of the government money. Putting the gold into the pocket, Dan Yu Lan looked towards Gu Yun and said; “It is really the gold, moreover, it is the government money, your guess should be correct.”

They really used this method to hide the gold in the underground river during that time.

“Hey, come over quickly, look what I find out.” Several people were still studying the gold, Qian Jing’s excited voice came through from the downstream.

Several people went to the downstream, just to see Qian Jing’s happy smile and lifted out a shining gold ingot from his hand, loudly called out: “50 liang of gold ye.” Who could have thought that there was really gold in the underground river. Taking the gold ingot and put it on the shore, Qian Jing excitingly smiled and said: “The water here is clearer than the front, it should still have gold, I will go to look for them again.”

The water in the underground river was ice cold, he was already staying in the water for a period of time, his lips already became somewhat purple. Looking that he wanted to go down and dive again, Zhuo Qing hurriedly said: “No need, these are already enough proof, you come up, ok.”

Qian Jing opened his big eyes, unhappily answered: “There are gold but I can not pick them up, it is very unfortunate, ok.” 50 liang of gold, ye, he had to catch several people for that money, there was 50 liang of gold ah. 😈

Strictly speaking, he wanted to go down and dive again, Zhuo Qing was half annoyed, lowly roared and said: “Qian Jing! You want money but do not want your life la! These gold are the government money, they will not be yours even if you pull them out, you come up quickly.” He was already beginning to tremble when he was speaking, he unexpectedly did not agree to climb ashore either, he really liked money so much!!

Listening that the gold would still be transferred to the authorities, Qian Jing was disappointed and curled his lip, finally climbed up the shore,

Dan Yu Lan collected the gold ingot that Qian Jing found, this piece was quite intact, so he could see clearly at the bottom of the gold ingot to see the seal ‘State Treasury Government Money’ on the stamp, this was definitely the gold that was lost during that time.

Taking the gold and hold it in his hand, Dan Yu Lan slightly low voice said unhurriedly: “Since there is a clue in the gold case, I will report to the Imperial household immediately, this will be investigated thoroughly again.”

This meant that the Dynasty would be necessary to experience the wind and rain. (Trail and hardship).
Dan Yu Lan returned to write the account book, Su Yu seemed to sustain injury during the army training, Gu Yun returned to the General’s manor hurriedly, Zhuo Qing overcame her boredom and returned to the Prime Minister’s manor. The time was still early, Zhuo Qing intended to return to Lan Yue building to catch up on sleep.

Walking to the lane at the Prime Minister’s manor, her ears heard the vague melodious zither sound, it was a little gloomier when compared to the zither, the mellow sound was pleasant to listen also, as if one soft hand was stroking your thought. The sound of the zither had the same kind of popular feeling to appease the strength, Zhuo Qing did not understand any stringed instrument and she was not a music expert either. But she could be captivated by this type of low chant of the zither, her feet unconsciously went to the direction of the place where the zither sound was.

The zither sound came from Lou Xi Wu’s courtyard, who would have thought that Lou Xi Wu unexpectedly had this skill to play the zither, she was sure enough a famous family daughter, she really admired her.

This was also the first time that Zhuo Qing entered Lou Xi Wu’s courtyard, the bright and beautiful Indian Azalea flowers were planted everywhere inside the courtyard, just in time for the flowering season, the color of the delicate flowers that decorated the courtyard was splendid and magnificent.

There was a big pavilion in the middle of the courtyard, there were thin light muslins floating in the all four sides, she could vaguely see Lou Xi Wu’s beautiful silhouette. Zhuo Qing sniggered, this young girl could still create this type of atmosphere, it looked like there was no appearance that resembled a noisy, rude and unreasonable girl like in normal time, she was rather classy.

Approaching to look again, she discovered that there was still another white silk silhouette in front of the courtyard, his back was towards her, the white snowy clothes, black hair as if it was black ink, free and at ease. Accompanying and sitting on the ground, his knees were supporting the dark red zither, slender and delicate forefingers were wandering on the stringed instrument, the beautiful melody was flowing, as it turned out, he was the one who was playing the zither!

The ink hair with the white clothes, the view of the back of this person, but he was already appeared clean, tranquil and with calm personalities, she could not see his appearance. Zhuo Qing nevertheless, already determined in her heart that this person was certainly indifferent and peaceful, a person with elegant and refined manners, she just had this feeling but she could not tell what the reason was.

Was he the person inside the Prime Minister’s manor?

The inside of the Prime Minister’s manor unexpectedly still had this kind of person, who…… was he?

Chapter 73: The Princess Arrived

Chapter 75: Su Mu Feng

Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 73: The Princess Arrived

Over 3,600 words.

This chapter was translated for only. And only for those people who don’t mind reading unprofessional translation that was being translated FREELY using the translator’s and editor’s own free times. So rude & entitled people aren’t welcome to read this translation!!! So GO AWAY….


In front of the door of the spacious Prime Minister’s manor, one big azure color chariot was parking, more than ten Imperial bodyguards were guarding in between the chariot. They were tall with well built statures with strict and threatening eyes, one would know that they were the experts with only one look.

There were also a group of people who were standing outside of the Prime Minister’s manor, Lou Xi Yan and Lou Mu Hai were standing in front, Lou Xi Wu and Xue Xian Xin were standing beside them. Comparing to Xue Xian Xin’s overjoyed appearance at the turn of the event, Lou Xi Wu seemed to be lacking with any interest, even with some impatience.

One 50 some years old momo walked to the side of the chariot, lightly lifted open the hanging covering veil on the chariot, a pair of well maintained hands extended out from the inside, old momo hurriedly supported with her hands, the respectful person who was inside, came out.

The West Empress Dowager came down from the chariot gracefully and calmly, the ornaments on her body were still lacking as before, but the magnificent dark purple chang pao set off the noble threatening atmosphere.

Following behind the West Empress Dowager was Princess Chao Yun, a touch of light yellow cheong sam made her look even more gentle and beautiful. Two intelligent palace maids were lending their arms to support her left and right hands, perhaps, she did not want to let people look at her thin and pallid look. She was wearing a muslin hat to block the line sight of all of the people.

Looking at the wind seemed to be able to float up the clear shadow, Lou Xi Yan’s brows wrinkled, it was not even half a month, how could she completely torment herself like this?!

Through the muslin covering, Yan Ru Xuan was also seeking that gentle man who made her to follow him for so many years. The Imperial mother told her today that Yan gege entered the Imperial palace for her last night, and he requested that she would recuperate at the Prime Minister’s manor. She simply did not dare to believe her own ears, she thought that he already did not want her, as it turned out, he was still concerned about her.

“The Empress Dowager, long live, long live, long live. May the Princess has a thousand good fortune and peace.” The unavoidable respect to salute, but the Lou family was a flourishing family after all, the West Empress Dowager hurriedly lifted her hand at the gate of the manor, smilingly said: “No need to stand on the ceremony outside of the Imperial palace.”

Looking towards Lou Mu Hai, the West Empress Dowager delicately laughed and said: “General Lou, have not seen you for many years, you are still the same strong and healthy as before.”

Lou Mu Hai laughed candidly and heartily, with a clear sound, he answered: “The Empress Dowager is over praising, time does not spare anybody, Lao Chen (this old official) is more and more inferior than before.”

For the past many years like this, she was already used to the sound volume of Lou Mu Hai, the West Empress Dowager did not mind at all, lowly sighed and said: “Now is the world of the young people, Xi Yan is capable like this, it is really the pillar of the country, you should also believe in the good fortune.”

Sweeping over one glance at the calm Lou Xi Yan who was standing beside him, Lou Mu Hai secretly forced a smile, in this life of his, perhaps he did not have any opportunity to enjoy this good fortune.

From the beginning that she was a concubine, she did not have any opportunity to see the Empress Dowager all along, once the Empress Dowager got down from the chariot, Xue Xian Xin hurriedly welcomed right away. Taking the West Empress Dowager’s other hand, she extremely ingratiated herself, Lou Xi Wu unbearably turned around to roll her eyes, no bone was just no bone!

The West Empress Dowager took advantage to pad Xue Xian Xin’s hand, smilingly said: “Xian Xin ah, this days, Xuan-er will disturb you at the manor, please take care of her properly even more.”

The Empress Dowager unexpectedly remembered her name! Xue Xian Xin was very joyful, repeatedly answered to say: “How can the Empress Dowager say that, the Princess can recuperate at the Prime Minister’s manor is naturally our family’s good fortune. I will surely take care of the Princess properly, and raise her until she is plump.”

“Then, it is good.”

Lou Xi Wu was bored to death and lowered her head to wait for this boring dialog to pass hurriedly, who would have thought that the West Empress Dowager suddenly walked in front of her, she lifted up her chin, smilingly said: “This is Xi Wu, right, it has been quite a while that you have not entered the Imperial palace to visit Aijia. Aijia almost did not recognize you, you already grew up as a young lady, really full of life.”

Feeling awkward and retreating one step, Lou Xi Wu embarrassedly answered: “Thank you for the Empress Dowager’s praise.” She never liked the West Empress Dowager in the past, even though she was always smiling with her narrow eyes.

Yan Ru Xuan’s thin and weak health made people to be anxious, he always treated her as another younger sister, she turned into this appearance, Lou Xi Yan’s heart was very guilty, with a low voice, he said; “Cui Xin courtyard has already been tidied up properly, that place is quiet, secluded and tranquil, very suitable to recuperate. Princess is tired from the journey, just rest inside the courtyard, ok.”

The West Empress Dowager recovered herself, smilingly answered: “Aijia as a visitor speaks patronizingly or Xi Yan is considerate to other people’s needs.”

Cui Xin courtyard was located at the most distant part of the Prime Minister’s manor, the environment was indeed elegant and cozy, but nevertheless, it was not the place that the West Empress Dowager had in mind. At the time when she passed through Zhai Xing pavilion during the walk, the West Empress Dowager suddenly stopped her footsteps, quietly said: “Zhai Xing pavilion! This name is really good.”

Finished speaking and no matter who was behind her, she just entered the inside of the court.

Lou Xi Yan’s expression slightly flashed out, he also walked slowly to go in.

Looking at the inside of the courtyard afterwards, the West Empress Dowager happily smiled and said: “This courtyard is really not bad, there is a lake up front, and still can look at the new lotus pond.” The most important thing was it was next to Lou Xi Yan’s Lan Yue building, this was a so called closer proximity and easier access, Xuan-er should live here in this place.

Walking to Yan Ru Xuan’s side, the West Empress Dowager asked in a soft voice: “Xuan-er, there is the lotus that you love the most, live in this courtyard, ok?”

Yan Ru Xuan slightly raised her head, looked at the small building not too far away, that was exactly Lou Xi Yan’s Lan Yue building. Thinking that she could live with him so close, Yan Ru Xuan’s heart was very delighted, but she still answered with some reservation: “The Imperial mother can make the arrangement.”

Nodding satisfyingly, the West Empress Dowager laughed towards Lou Xi Yan and said: “Xi Yan, just do not go to Cui Xin courtyard, let Xuan-er live here, ok.”

Hearing the West Empress Dowager’s words, Lou Xi Yan’s complexion was the same, contrary to what one might expect, Lou Xi Wu mumbled on the side: “Someone already lives in this courtyard.”

Even if Qing Ling was hateful but comparing to Yan Ru Xuan, this person who pretended to be a noble and virtuous woman, she looked a little pleasing to the eyes.

“Xi Wu.” Xue Xian Xin firmly stared at Lou Xi Wu one glance, this young girl did not really understand any rule! If she provoked an anger from the Empress Dowager, she would take any responsibility!

“Is that really?” The West Empress Dowager slightly knitted her eyebrows, smilingly said: “So it turns out there is already someone who lives in there, Aijia is actually not considerate.” She did not need or want to know who was living inside, she already decided that Xuan-er would live in this courtyard now!

Xue Xian Xin hurriedly ingratiated herself and said: “The Empress Dowager does not need to say it like that, the Princess likes this place so make that person to move out, ok, the Princess is certainly more important.” Qing Ling, that terrible girl, this would finally destroy her authority!

“What does Xi Yan think?” The West Empress Dowager threw out the question to Lou Xi Yan, she wanted to see until what extend he could defend Qing Ling.

Lou Xi Yan was silent for a moment, the West Empress Dowager was not anxious either, she looked at the lovely lotus pond that was not too far away to wait for his answer.

At this time, the door at Lan Yue’s building suddenly opened, everyone looked at the direction one by one, just to see a girl who was wearing a plain clothing with a sleepy face, walking out. She was dressing neatly, nothing inappropriate at all, but her long hair was still flowing down on her back, her eyes were half opened, all of the people saw a lazy appearance. As long as one was not blind, one could see that she just woke up recently, additionally, she surely looked like she did not have a good sleep last night…… When Zhuo Qing was on the bed with Lou Xi Yan, listening to his sudden rapid and sudden slow breathing sounds, his body was stiff and motionless continuously. She did not know how long she was sleeping either, she was hearing somewhat disturbance sounds from outside in a daze. She did not expect that once she walked outside the door, a group of people were staring at her ceremoniously.

Being stared by those people like this, she could not walk over there either nor could she go back, Zhuo Qing could only wave her hand lightly and ignore all the expressions of surprise or resentful or contempt or longing, she greeted as usual: “Good morning everyone ah.”

Lou Xi Yan broke into laughter, it was almost wushi (between 11 am-1 pm), it was still early! Her waking up and coming out was really in time. Lightly waving towards her, Lou Xi Yan raised his voice to say: “Ling-er, come over.”

Xiao Lian could feel that from the moment the woman whom Lou Xi Yan called ‘Ling-er’ came out of the Prime Minister’s room, the Princess’ body was trembling violently, in between the muslin covering, she could see clearly that the Princess was biting her lower lips tightly, her complexion was as white as a paper.

Zhuo Qing slightly narrowed her eyes, she finally could see that the delegation of people who were standing in front of Zhai Xing pavilion, was the Empress Dowager and the Princess, right, generously walking pass the zigzag bridge to arrive at the side of Lou Xi Yan, Zhuo Qing awkwardly bowed slightly and said: “May the Empress Dowager, the Princess, have good fortune and peace.” This saying was correct, right?

“You may rise, ok.” Qing Ling was really favored, but the West Empress Dowager had already seen the knowledge about any kind of thriving favor earlier at the Imperial palace. Every spoiling and cherishing was only for a period of time, her complexion was restored as always, the West Empress Dowager lightly smiled and said: “Aijia is still puzzled a moment ago, how come Aijia does not see Ling-er. Xuan-er wants to live at the Prime Minister’s manor, the two of you have the same ages so you can take care of each other, to relieve boredom, the two of you have long days to be fond of each other later.”

This was regarded as a hint for her? Or she showed her initial strength? Zhuo Qing indifferently shrugged her shoulder and answered: “But the Princess is highly respective, I just like to play with dead person’s bones, I am afraid that I will scare the Princess.”

Zhuo Qing said it gracefully, nevertheless, Yan Ru Xuan’s feet were soft, she listened to her explanations behind that layer of curtains the last time, she was almost fainted at that time, how could there was a woman who liked to play with dead person’s bones on this earth?! It was extremely scary!

Not only Yan Ru Xuan was scared until her legs became weak, except for Lou Xi Yan, all of the people’s complexions were stiff.

Lou Xi Yan did not say to her either, he only shook his head lovingly and asked: “Ling-er, the Princess likes this courtyard, she wants to recuperate at Zhai Xing pavilion, you move out of the Zhai Xing pavilion and give it to the Princess, ok?”

He made her move out? Lightly knitted her eyebrows, Zhuo Qing did not refute on the spot, generously answered: “You are the Master of the manor.”

It was best that he gave her an explanation, otherwise…… Zhuo Qing gave him a warning expression and he indeed saw it clearly. Without making her waiting for a long time, Lou Xi Yan lowly smiled and said: “Jing Sa, order people to pack up immediately, take Ling-er’s stuffs and move them to Lan Yue building, and let the Princess to go and rest early.”

“Yes.” Jing Sa accepted the order and left.

Originally, it was regarded as satisfying to hear Lou Xi Yan’s answer, hearing that one sentence afterwards, the West Empress Dowager’s complexion became gloomy immediately. And the cheeks of the frail countenance behind the muslin covering were already streaming with tears for a long time. She did not understand, since he let her to recuperate at the Prime Minister’s manor, why did he bother to make her heartbroken again?

Swapping the bitterness in her heart, Yan Ru Xuan said: “Imperial mother, you return to the Imperial palace first, ok, I am tired and want to rest, everybody withdraws, ok.” Finished talking, Yan Ru Xuan exhaustingly entered Zhai Xing pavilion.

After Yan Ru Xuan departed, the Empress Dowager did not conceal her displeased heart either, walked to the front of Lou Xi Yan, she said with a cold voice: “Take care of Xuan-er properly, do you understand?”

Lou Xi Yan was still smiling lightly as before and cupping his fists to salute, he answered with a clear voice: “The Empress Dowager can be at ease, Chen is sure to strive my best to take care of the Princess’ health properly.” But it would only be taking care towards an official and a member of the royal family, and unrelated to any male female’s feeling!

The Empress Dowager secretly clenched her teeth but did not say anything, she turned around and went out of Zhai Xing pavilion.

Lou Xi Yan, this was your final chance, if you did not treat Xuan-er properly, you must not blame me for being ruthless!!

The Empress Dowager departed in a rage, Xue Xian Xin hurriedly followed on her back, urgently said: “I will send the Empress Dowager off respectfully.”

Lou Mu Hai simply looked one glance at Zhuo Qing coldly but did not say anything either, then went out of Zhai Xing’s pavilion. Lou Xi Wu watched this good show and extended her thumb up towards Zhuo Qing and ran out giggling.

Zhuo Qing stretched her waist innocently and lazily, all of the birds that woke up early could eat worms, unfortunately, she was the worm that got up early and was already eaten up by the bird, what she was going to do waking up this early with nothing to do…….

She could only dare mumbling to herself either, the midday sunshine was dizzying people’s eyes, so it really could not count as early.

Her hand was covered by a cool palm once again, Lou Xi Yan was leading her hand to return to Lan Yue building.

The Empress Dowager left behind several Imperial bodyguards and palace maid for the Princess, in the middle of the courtyard, a pair of eyes were looking. Zhuo Qing was somewhat uncomfortable, but Lou Xi Yan did not pay any attention at all, she had nothing to fear and allowed him to lead her along, both of them were walking shoulder to shoulder to go through the zigzag bridge.

“Did you sleep good last night?” Lou Xi Yan asked in a low voice, when he woke up in the morning and saw that she was sleeping peacefully, he did not have the heart to wake her up.

Not good, but Zhuo Qing could not say it out loud, she answered casually: “Ok.”

Lou Xi Yan suddenly had a long sigh and answered: “I did not sleep too well, I was somewhat anxious at the time.”

Zhuo Qing stared blankly and asked: “What happened?” Did he have an outbreak last night? She unexpectedly did not discover it.

“I was afraid……” Deliberately pausing, Lou Xi Yan leaned closer to Zhuo Qing’s side, and said in a low voice: “It was not the wedding night yet, because of this, I would be lacking of sleep or too excited and collapsed.”

“You……” Finally understanding what the meaning of his words were, Zhuo Qing did not know whether to laugh or cry!

Finally arriving at Lan Yue building, both of them sat down on the stone bench in front of the lotus pond, Lou Xi Yan grimly said: “I suddenly want to change the plan to take you as a wife before the celebration.” He could faintly feel that the Empress Dowager would not give up at this point, he really did not want to lose her, and it would also prevent him from getting too many long dreams at night by getting married earlier!

Zhuo Qing shook her head, smilingly said: “You are very busy at the moment, do not distract yourselves thinking about this, as long as we want to be together firmly, as far as I am concerned, whether or not we are married, it does not make any difference, I do not care at all.” Getting married was merely an outer appearance, nothing more, even after they got married, if their relationship could not bear any trial, they would have to separate in the end. She was not a fool, the Empress Dowager’s intention was very clear, Lou Xi Yan wanted to get married now, she was afraid that he would step on a tiger’s tail, she did not want to let him fight without having any weapon! (Meaning that he should be prepared if he wanted to fight with the evil ED).

Taking her hand and put it on his hand tightly, Lou Xi Yan frowned and answered: “I care about it.” He wanted her to be his perfectly legitimate wife!

Slightly raising her thin eyes with serene affection, her hand that was grasped was somewhat painful, she could feel his intention, returning to grasp his hand, Zhuo Qing asked: “Are you going to leave home?”

Understanding that she was deliberately changing the subject, Lou Xi Yan did not force her either, and answered: “En, I will probably come back at night time these days.” First, it was because of the celebration that would start immediately, there were many different kind of affairs. Second, he intended to avoid Yan Ru Xuan, in order to not have any other issue, it would be good if he met with her less.

Nodding understandingly, Zhuo Qing smiled and said: “I understand, you are busy with your stuff, ok, I will not make myself bored.”

As if her words were echoing the sentence that she said, Mo Bai’s tall silhouette came from the outside of Lan Yue building hurriedly, and said: “Miss Qing Mo pays a visit.”

She would really not be lonely.

Lou Xi Yan lightly released her hand, smilingly said: “Very well, I am leaving, you and your younger sister chat nicely.”

“En.” Gu Yun came to look for her, it should be that she had a new progress about the case, right.

Chapter 72: Forced Marriage (Part 3)

Chapter 74: The Gold’s Hiding Place

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Ok, I think I have said it in the previous chapters before that I actually feel sorry for Yan Ru Xuan, but I have a change of heart reading this chapter. Can she really be this oblivious??? I know that she’s always pampered but she doesn’t seem to have any intelligent at all even though in the previous chapter, she is supposed to be smart. Or is she just totally blind that she doesn’t think that her mom is the one who’s forcing this whole thing??? She knows that LXY likes ZQ and there is no way that he will offer her to recuperate in his manor without being forced by somebody. Arrrgggg… It’s so frustrating reading this chapter but it’s also so satisfying hearing LXY’s response. I just feel so bad for Xuan-er but she just doesn’t get it!! ‘Sighing…’

ZQ always forgets that she’s living in ancient time and not modern time. Hehehe…. She thinks like some of the modern women who don’t care whether they’re married or not. Plus the fact that our foxy LXY has already promised that he won’t do anything until their wedding night, how can he agree not to get married? Hahahahahaha…

That two paragraphs in the middle when ZQ showed up from LXY’s room was just priceless. Shove it to the evil ED once and for all!!! 😍😍😍 Xuan-er could take Zhai Xing’s pavilion but she wouldn’t be able to take ZQ out of LXY’s life…

Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 72: Forced Marriage (Part 3)

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Aijia would just betroth her to you today, good or not?

Although she used this ‘asking’ sentence, unfortunately, the West Empress Dowager did not actually inquire his opinion, bestowing a marriage was the primary purpose of summoning him to enter the Imperial palace tonight, right.

Already expecting this earlier, Lou Xi Yan was not surprise at all, only got up from his seat and walked to the middle of the palace hall, cupped his one fist on the other hand and slightly bowed his body, he answered faintly: “Thank you for the Empress’ good intention, Chen already has a wife, does not dare to cause the Princess to feel wronged.”

The Empress Dowager had already foreseen this early that he would speak like this, she raised her head and with a devoted face, she smiled and soothingly said: “You can be at ease, Aijia is not an unreasonable person. Qing Ling, that child, Aijia also likes her very much, the pray for blessings celebration event is almost here, after the event celebration, you and Xuan-er’s wedding first. As soon as you have completed the wedding, you can bring Qing Ling into the manor, although it feels somewhat wronged to her, but you also know Xuan-er’s personal character, she will certainly not make things difficult for her.” According to Lou Xi Yan’s temper, he should not take another concubine, one wife and one concubine, Xuan-er would also unlikely to feel very wronged.

“Answering the Empress Dowager, Chen’s marriage affair with Qing Ling has already been reported long time ago in the public, family and older generations. Chen has also informed a group of officials at the Imperial palace banquet, she is already Chen’s wife, how can Chen take other wife?” He would surely persevere in regard to this matter to the end.

The West Empress Dowager just stared blankly, answered ridiculously: “You have not married officially, it cannot be counted as being a husband and wife, how is it taking another wife again? You are the Prime Minister of one country, how can you decide a matter of taking a wife carelessly like this?! It is not that Qing Ling is bad, but she is a woman from a foreign country, how can she deserve to be your official wife?”

Standing for a long time, Lou Xi Yan’s breathing was already somewhat unstable, serene for a long time, Lou Xi Yan with a clear voice said again: “These words that the Empress has said are wrong, the Emperor has bestowed her to this small official, she is no longer Hao Yue’s woman, she is rather Chen’s woman. Chen and her are definitely a husband and wife, besides Chen has promised to marry her as an official wife. Breaking a promise of marriage now, it is really going against the righteousness, if Chen is really this kind of a person who changes at once on seeing something differently, the one who reaps as the consequences of one’s words, the Empress will not feel relieved handing over the Princess to Chen, right.”

In the eyes of everybody, Lou Xi Yan and Xuan-er were already a couple, this matter was known to everyone early, the Emperor bestowed that woman to him, it was not to be censured too strictly, this kind of thing was in their position as men after all. Who did not have three wives and four concubines, she did not feel like controlling this matter, but she had not anticipated this that Lou Xi Yan who was always gentle would unexpectedly look for an excuse to refute this marriage! It was not surprising that Xuan-er could not stand it and committed suicide!

It looked as if Lou Xi Yan was crazy about Qing Ling and lost his soul, not letting him to take her as a wife was impossible. She did not want to have an acrimonious falling out with him either at the moment, the West Empress Dowager’s complexion changed slightly and pushed down the anger in her heart, she said with a cold voice: “Very well, so Prime Minister Lou persists in trust and justice, Aijia also admires your behavior completely and will not make things difficult for you. Xuan-er and she can enter the door together, her status will be the same as a wife, there is no difference, this way should not cast her aside and also does not go against Prime Minister Lou’s promise, right?”

One woman’s status from a small country could not be distinguished with the Princess, she was already considered taking the most setback, if Lou Xi Yan still failed to appreciate her kindness, then just could not blame her!

From ‘Xi Yan’ to ‘you’, then to ‘Prime Minister Lou’, the West Empress Dowager’s patience was nearly exhausted, and Lou Xi Yan’s chest was also stuffy and it became more and more obvious. After breathing secretly for a long time, Lou Xi Yan was still speechless.

“Prime Minister Lou does not say anything, Aijia will just take it as you have agreed?” Knowing perfectly well that Lou Xi Yan wanted to refute, the West Empress Dowager was still obstinately clinging to her curse. She already lost one son, she could not lose another daughter, absolutely could not!

Slightly gasping for breath, Lou Xi Yan could feel the pain on his chest, then without any mood to withdraw from this problem, Lou Xi Yan said bluntly: “Between Chen and the Princess are only a ruler and her minister and it lacks the male and female’s affections. It is very likely that Chen can not take care of the Princess properly and interfere with the Princess’ lifelong happiness, Chen really does not dare to support the Empress Dowager’s good intention.”

“You~~.” He unexpectedly declined this marriage openly, the West Empress Dowager’s teeth were nibbling, just about to get angry, the always grim but not speaking’s Yan Hong Tian suddenly started talking: “Xuan-er’s health has not yet recovered, we will discuss the matter of the wedding later on again, it is late, you should return to rest first, ok.”

Xi Yan was not in a very good condition, he should usually respond with skill and ease (not being so blunt) with this kind of matter, but he seemed somewhat impetuous now. There was thin sweat on his forehead, excessive muffled voice that revealed that he was enduring pain, his illness would not just recurred again, right!

The Emperor was sure enough still standing by Lou Xi Yan’s side, but Xuan-er was his younger sister! Seeing with her eyes that Lou Xi Yan turned around to walk out, the West Empress Dowager’s expression was dark, she suddenly struggled to talk: “The Emperor, there are many people who talk various things inside the Imperial palace, Aijia does not know what is being said about the matter this time, Xuan-er, this child is also too sensitive. The inside Imperial palace is actually a harmful place for Xuan-er to recuperate, according to what Aijia can see, the Prime Minister’s manor is a quiet and secluded place, it is very fit to recuperate, it will be better to let Xuan-er to recuperate at the Prime Minister’s manor, right.”

Stopped listening, Lou Xi Yan’s feet were motionless momentarily, he said urgently: “Chen thinks that it is inappropriate.”

The West Empress Dowager who always had a good natured face, her face became cold immediately, lightly humphed and said: “Why, Xuan-er is a country’s Princess, she can not recuperate or fit in your manor, right!”

“Chen does not dare. But it will be harmful to the Princess’ reputation like this, the Lou’s family has another courtyard to stay, it is very fit to recuperate there, the Princess can proceed forwards.” If he let the Princess to recuperate at the manor, he would not be able to explain to Ling-er. He was afraid that the West Empress Dowager would contradict at a future time that the Princess was staying at the Prime Minister’s manor for a long time, it would damage his reputation and compel him to take responsibility, then he would not know how to evade at that time!!

The more he did not let Xuan-er to go, the more she wanted to let her to go, it was best when the rice was cooked (what’s done is done)!! The West Empress Dowager sneered in her heart, but on the contrary, her face showed a cold appearance just now, lowly smiled and said: “Xi Yan does not need to worry about this, the Prime Minister’s manor does not have only one person who lives there. Xi Wu and Xuan-er are the same ages, letting Xuan-er to have a partner is also good, and then, you say that you do not have any male and female’s affections with the Princess, then you can take advantage in nurturing it during these days nicely. If it still can not make your heart to cherish each other, Aijia will not force you anymore.”

Finished speaking, the West Empress Dowager, intentionally looked at the side towards Yan Hong Tian, she asked: “What does the Emperor think?”

Yan Hong Tian pondered for a moment, he was finally disregarded Lou Xi Yan’s chilly cold rays from his eyes, he said with a heavy voice: “Granted.”

Xi Yan was his best friend, his best official, and also his best opponent. He could not have forgotten, when Xi Yan’s mother passed away during childhood, Xi Yan had already said to him that he promised his mother, he would love and get married with only one woman, he would only have one wife in all of his life. He always thought that Xi Yan said it casually, but today, it seemed that he was not. He still wanted to see how long he could persist in this matter now!

Xuan-er was his dear younger sister after all, he also felt distressed when he was looking at her pale face and lying on the bed a moment ago. He still hoped that Xi Yan could like Xuan-er and became his younger sister’s husband, but according to his understanding towards Xi Yan, he was afraid that it would be very difficult.

The West Empress Dowager’s mind was happy, she said: “At down tomorrow, Aijia will personally send the Princess to enter the Prime Minister’s manor, it is already late now, Prime Minister Lou can go back to rest, ok.” She just could not believe that her daughter could not compare to that woman whose face was damaged, even if she could not really compare with her, she would also let her to have her wish fulfilled.

“Chen asks to be excused.” Everything was already a foregone conclusion, Lou Xi Yan, himself knew that he could not oppose this. Leaving behind his cold words, Lou Xi Yan’s meager back disappeared rapidly before their eyes.

Yan Hong Tian’s eyes flashed thorough a trace of light, Xi Yan was angry……. Interesting.
The moonlight tonight did not seem too bright, the lake appeared to form a dense mass, did not have the azure and pure daytime yet, this kind of vast on the contrary, made people to look somewhat afraid. The water in front of Lan Yue building already carried a dense of lotus leaves, the lotus was only a very small flower bud. One could not see their dainty appearances during the night, just listening to the wind that passed through the lotus leaves with a rustling sound.

The night wind was stroking lightly, the lotus leaves were charming and gentle, Zhuo Qing leaned forward on the shine table. There was slightly sweet smelling grass, her mind was still very clear headed, but her eyes did not want to open up.

That Lou Mu Hai’s sentence was echoing in her ear continuously– ‘you will cause trouble to him.’

Perhaps, she would really cause trouble to him, right. But if he wanted to ask her whether or not she would let go of his hand, she would not hesitate to answer clearly– NO!

She despised every conduct about not putting up great effort and just gave up!

“Did I not let you to sleep early?”

Immersing in her own train of thought, a somewhat helpless and pampering, low and gentle sound lightly echoed, Zhuo Qing swiftly opened her eyes and saw Lou Xi Yan was standing on the side. His hand naturally brushed over the hair on her back, his fingers were fiddling with it, he was especially fond with this habit now, as long as they were together on their own, he would surely stroke her hair.

Standing up and turning her own hair around, Zhuo Qing held his hand and answered: “I am not sleepy, your complexion is not good, go to the inside of the room to talk, ok.” His appearance now, was exhausted that made people to feel sorry for him.

Lou Xi Yan allowed her to lead along, both of them returned to the inside room.

Holding and pulling him to the bedside, she pressed her shoulder to let him sit down, Zhuo Qing quietly said: “You have returned so I feel relieved la, rest early, good night.”

After she finished talking, she turned around to leave, suddenly her waist was tightened, she was confined into Lou Xi Yan’s embrace again, she stood still while Lou Xi Yan was sitting. Looking at him from this angle, the shape of his face was even more perfect, also more and more handsome and bright, his slender hand was supporting her waist softly. Zhuo Qing heard a thumping sound of her own heartbeats once again.

“You do not want to know what the Empress Dowager has said to declare me to enter the Imperial palace?” Slightly raising his eyes to watch attentively at her bright eyes. He wanted to know what she was thinking.

Zhuo Qing nodded candidly and answered: “I want to know. But your health is more important in my heart.” Did he not know that his own face was white and almost like transparent? Perhaps, she should try to find time to research a traditional Chinese medical science, and maybe she could combine the western medicine to treat his illness…….

He really liked her candidness and honesty so he did not want to deceive her either, Lou Xi Yan pondered for a moment, then said concisely: “The main reason that Princess Chao Yun tried to kill herself was because of me, the Empress Dowager asked me to marry her as a wife.”

Zhuo Qing lightly knitted her eyebrows, she basically already anticipated this.

Zhuo Qing did not say anything, Lou Xi Yan hurriedly continued to say: “I declined.”

Zhuo Qing merely nodded her head to show that she got it, Lou Xi Yan did not clear whether she was happy or angry but he still wanted to continue saying: “The Empress Dowager issued an Imperial decree to let the Princess to recuperate her health at the Prime Minister’s manor. The Emperor already granted it so I could not decline this.”

Zhuo Qing nodded her head one more time and asked: “Are you finished talking?”

“En.” Lou Xi Yan slowly nodded his head, although he had concealed his eyes really good, Zhuo Qing could still see that he was nervous.

Lightly patting his handsome face, Zhuo Qing was still smiling as before and she said: “Rest early.”

Her speaking voice was still waning off, the hand that was encircling her waist tightened again, Lou Xi Yan was very rarely glaring at her.

Zhuo Qing was laughing, as it turned out, he could not have any control either, it was confusing time ah. Using her hand to embrace Lou Xi Yan’s neck, the bright eyes looked towards his vast as the open sea and deep eyes, Zhuo Qing said in a low voice: “I am not angry, I know that you already strive your hardest for our own future, if she wants to come just let her to come, it is fine. I am not a silk flower, I do not need to adhere to a tall tree to survive, I do not need to hide behind you either. Let you to cover up the wind and escape from the rain for me (shield her from the trouble), I want you to stand together with me, do you understand the meaning of my words?”

“Ling-er……” He chose to tell her so he was prepared to accept whatever reaction she would give him, it was also normal if she was angry. He was already very exhausted tonight but he was also prepared to try to appease her attentively. But he did not anticipate that she would reply him like this.

I wanted to stand together with you……

Using his head to lightly lean against the side of her body, breathing the faint fragrance on her body, Lou Xi Yan was not clear what kind of mood he had at this moment, but his hands were more and more tightened up and just brought her closer to his embrace. This woman was going to accompany and walk with him for the whole entire life, he would not let go of her hands eternally.

His head position was right on her bosom, Zhuo Qing was feeling a little awkward, turning to move twice, his hands were even tighter, his face was snuggling on her bosom and the palms of his hands were caressing lightly, Zhuo Qing had a hundred year rarely seen red face on her face.

The name that he called out from his mouth was not her name, this made her somewhat uncomfortable, she did not desire that every time they were intimate, his mouth called this other woman’s name forever! Thinking about it, Zhuo Qing quietly said: “Call me…… Qing, ok, my childhood name.”

Lou Xi Yan slightly raised his head and asked: “Did you regain your memory?”

Darn it, how could she forget about amnesia because she enjoyed this, she was not really good at telling a lie. Shaking her head, Zhuo Qing hurriedly said: “No, it was Qing Mo who told me that. I am familiar with this Qing’s name and also like it.”

Lou Xi Yan nodded his head and answered: “Very well, ok, Qing-er.”

Not arguing with him intelligently, Zhuo Qing tried to move her body again, awkwardly said: “It is really late, your health is just a little better, sleep, ok, I will leave first.”

Her face was slightly red and she was anxious to run away, this made Lou Xi Yan’s mood was extremely good, his eyes flashed through a trace of craftiness, he lifted his head once again to show a pitiful face, Lou Xi Yan lowly mumbled: “Are you not afraid that I will suddenly develop an illness in the evening?”

Boo hoo (crying), how he could use this miserable expression to look at her, this would not do, she could not be softhearted, he was a fox. Deeply breathing, Zhuo Qing did not open her eyes and she answered: “You have Mo Bai by your side.”

“He requested a leave of absence tonight.” Lou Xi Yan said it with a sincere face, Zhuo Qing was in difficulty, Mo Bai and him were always inseparable, this time when he fell ill at the moment, how could he request a leave of absence! This excuse was extremely rotten!

Standing outside the door, Mo Bai’s head filled with sinister lines, he thought that he, himself was very superfluous, the meaning of the Master’s words, was it or was it not to make him disappear tonight…….

Looking at his pale complexion, his hands were still settling on her waist, Zhuo Qing lowly smiled: “Then, what do you want?”

“Stay and keep me company.” Lou Xi Yan was practically blurting it out, after he finished speaking, he also felt that he was somewhat impudent, putting forward this request was really somewhat excessive.

The meaning of his sentence was not the meaning that she was thinking, right…… (Remember ZQ always has ‘yellow’ thought according to GY 😜). One could not blame her, as a modern woman, the meaning behind this sentence was self evident.

Zhuo Qing was in daze watching attentively at him, Lou Xi Yan lightly sighed and said: “You can be at ease, I simply want you to keep me company by my side, nothing more, before the wedding night, I will not do anything on this matter.”

“Are you certain?” Zhuo Qing raised her eyebrows.

Lou Xi Yan firmly answered: “I guarantee.” In order to express his own sincerity, he also released his hands at the same time.

Zhuo Qing cried piteously, she was afraid that she could not guarantee……

Deeply breathing, Zhuo Qing removed her shoes and strode over to go on the bed immediately, lying down on the inside of the bed. Looking at Lou Xi Yan who was still sitting on the bed, Zhuo Qing said: “Sleep, ok.”

Lou Xi Yan finally recovered and lied down in a daze, Zhuo Qing turned her body around, faintly said this sentence: “Good night.” Then, calmly closing her eyes.

Her sleeping posture while she was lying down was pretty, a wonderful and graceful figure that showed more alluring, as if a seaweed with that gentle and beautiful long hair that was draping over her shoulder and scattering by her side. The faint fragrance lingered on the tip of his nose, Lou Xi Yan only heard his own hoarse voice to answer: “Good…… night…..”

This…… was his own regret…… Could he still obtain any sleep tonight?
Ministry of Justice’s Prison

Inside the dark prison, there were only several ‘pow pow’ sounds from the torch (like crackling sound from a burning torch) on the pavement, under the slightly red light ray, there were two women, one was sitting and the other one was standing, coldly looking opposite each other.

“What do you want to talk to me about?” Gu Yun looked inside the prison, at a calm’s woman face. The both of them were fighting in the past, she lowly said this sentence by her ear: “I have some words that I want to speak to you alone.” So, she came.

Qu Xin’s back was on the stone wall, lightly humphed to say: “You can be at ease, I will not make you to plead for leniency for me. Whatever I have done, I am very clear, I have killed someone so I have to pay for my own life, I do not have anything to complaint. But I am not willing as my elder brother has been treated unjustly, I want to request to you all to help me search the real murderer behind the scene.”

“You can feel relieved, there are a lot of people who have already died because of this matter, I will certainly not let the master behind the scene to get away with the crimes.” Even though the murderer for this case had been found, but she would not stop at this point either.

Watching attentively at Gu Yun’s firm and persistent eyes for a moment, from the inside of Qu Xin’s strong black clothing, she pulled out a piece of an extraordinary neat slip of paper, and handed it over to Gu Yun. Gu Yun took it and asked: “What is this?”

Both hands on her chest, Qu Xin explained: “I could kill Yang Liu at any time but nevertheless, I chose to endure with him, it was because I wanted to find the real master behind his back. But these past years, except for Li Zhi, he did not have any other suspicious person whom he was in touch with, and his most treasured object was exactly this piece of paper.”

Gu Yun opened it to look, there were numerous characters that were written on it closely together, but the whole thing was ‘left left right right, front front back back’ several characters, were being repeated again and again, could not see completely what the meaning was. Could it be that was similar to the morse code or the same as the signal code word, or it still needed to combine for example the five phases of Chinese philosophy bagua (wood, fire, earth, metal & water), mysterious method to unlock?!

“I already discovered this piece of paper a year ago, but after thinking for the whole year, I still did not understand what the meaning was, perhaps, you were capable to grasp it fully.” She studied it for a very long time, but it was not useful, she could only hope to entrust it to this intelligent and sharp woman who was in front of her.

Gu Yun looked to be confused, she also did not understand what the meaning was, perhaps, she could ask Qing, her mother was a Chinese’s national culture professor, she might be able to understand it.

“You go, ok.”

Gu Yun lifted her head, just saw that Qu Xin already turned on her back to lie down on the stone bed, she was not willing to chat with her anymore.

Gu Yun did not have anything to say either, also could not say anything, nobody could comfort her, what she could only do was to break this case as quickly as possible.

Chapter 71: Forced Marriage (Part 2)

Chapter 73: The Princess Arrived

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LXY is a fox, but ZQ is definitely a small fox. Hahahaha…. Very smooth indeed when she asked him to call her childhood name “Qing”. They are really made for each other.