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The General Only Fears The Maiden’s Escape Chapter 9

Over 2,580 words.

This chapter was translated for only. And only for those people who don’t mind reading unprofessional translation that was being translated FREELY using the translator’s and editor’s own free times. So rude & entitled people aren’t welcome to read this translation!!! So GO AWAY….

By Ye Shuang

Chapter 9

The dragon and phoenix candles were facing each other at a distant away, the first time when she got married, her father was not present and she was bullied and humiliated. If it were not for Chai Zhe Xia, she was afraid that she would ruined by Wu’s landlord, that old dried meat long ago. Now, doing the ritual wedding ceremony again, her dad was sitting upright in front of the main hall, but her husband was not actually here in this world. Looking at her dad’s tearful eyes, Cui Miao He could only raised a trace of smile faintly. She adorned herself beautifully that made people so touched, and with a smile that could ruined and overturned the state.

Her tears were steadily concealed deep in her heart, she could only smile from the moment that Chai Mu Xiu took the memorial tablet and continued smiling.

She wanted to let him see her smile, so that she could let him be contended in his heart, under the nine springs (hades).

These days, she had not set her foot in the Cui’s family, when her father came to the Chai’s family, he found out at that time that she wanted to have a ritual wedding ceremony with Chai Zhe Xia’s memorial tablet. He actually did not say anything, only calmly nodded his head, and even used and gave all of the dowry that her mother had set aside for her.

Surprisingly, the amount of that dowry was big, having these silver taels, the Cui’s family did not have to worry about any money at all.

She would like to return the silver taels back to her father, but father said that silver taels were set aside for her by her mother, so she could be at ease receiving them.

Looking at her dad’s face that seemed to age a lot in an instant, although she had a lot of resentments in her heart, but Cui Miao He let the resentments go at this point.

The Buddhist term said that one had to return evil for good, be merciful and accumulate merit, even if one had to die in tragic circumstances, one’s ability would be able to ascend to heaven shortly.

She wanted to accumulate good fortunes for Chai Zhe Xia, so she could only take part of her mother’s dowry as a keepsake memory for her, and the rest of the dowry was given as a present to Liang Yu Xia and Cui Yun Xiu.

An impoverished family would not be able to find a good husband’s family (I supposed that she’s thinking for her 1/2 sis), she disregarded her former hatred and did not want Liang Yu Xia to be embarrassed even more.

Since then, she exercised restraint to blame anything to Cui Miao He, and sincerely treated her as her daughter. But it was a pity that Cui Yun Xiu’s jealousy towards her was very deep, even though she arranged a good marriage in secret, the two people still did not have any sibling relationships just like before.

“First, kneel to heaven and earth!” Holding Chai Zhe Xia’s memorial tablet on her hands, Cui Miao He followed the the ceremony official’s voice and slowly knelt and bowed down.

“Second, pay respect to the parents!” Cui Miao He and the memorial tablet knelt and bow down again.

“Pay respect towards the married couple!”

Cui Miao He was staring fixedly at that cold memorial tablet, her tears that she endured silently for a long time, finally could not be held anymore and they fell down.

She wanted to pay respect, but she was shriveling all over and unable to move.

That willful and reckless appearance suddenly appeared in her mind, if she would have known about the conclusion of today, she would let him have his willful way on that day.

Her broken heart had not yet gone, suddenly, there was a sound of horses’ hoofs that were galloping quickly from a distant place, and it was mixed together with a sharp voice from the Imperial secretary who was shouting. “The Imperial edict has arrived!”

Hearing the voice, Miao He’s refined and long eyebrows were slightly wrinkled, she only wanted to complete the marriage with Chai Zhe Xia who was already passed away, why did the Emperor happened to come in excitement?

Her heart did not understand it at all, but Cui Miao He still looked at Chai Zhe Xia’s memorial tablet to kneel and bow down.

After the sounds of long live the Emperor, long live the Emperor, raised up, everyone lied low on their heads, then the man who announced the Imperial edict came…..

“Receive the mandate from the Emperor, the Emperor summons and speaks, there is a woman from the Cui’s Shi (clan name or maiden name), who is loyal, righteous and can be a role model, her loyalty is beautiful…..” A familiar voice suddenly entered into Cui Miao He’s ears, and it made her shivering from all over, a train of thought in her heart was in chaos.

How could it be possible?!

It would be impossible for her to be mistaken to recognize that voice that was deeply domineering.

Thus, she did not care about anything and suddenly raised her head up, to see that he was perfectly standing in front of everyone and announcing the Imperial decree.

“Bestowing her as the first rank Madam, bestowing her a thousand gold taels, bestowing her a residence, bestowing her several hundred servants…..”

But what was the importance with those rewards? Cui Miao he was stupefied and she was looking at him who was standing straightforwardly in front of her, an indescribable anger emerged in her heart.

How could he use this kind of way to deceive her?!

This kind of action was extremely disrespectful towards the Emperor, she suddenly got up, and hurriedly walked right in front of him. Chai Zhe Xia who was just reborn from death, just about to raise a smile. But she suddenly lifted her hand, then heavily slapped his cheek that was showing a glorious and handsome smile.

Not only Chai Zhe Xia who was staring blankly because of this slap, but also all of the people who were kneeling because of the Imperial decree, were staring blankly.

Everyone could only foolishly looked at Cui Miao He who took of her red and amorous wedding dress angrily, then she stormed off in a huff.

Looking at that figure that moved out of his sight rapidly, Chai Zhe Xia whose cheek felt heated up and hurt, could not recover after a good while.

“Hey, you are still not chasing her quickly!” Chai Zhe Xia still did not understand the situation clearly, but immediately after he heard Ju Su Sheng’s reminder, he understood where Cui Miao He’s anger came from, so he promptly called out.

“I am chasing after her…..” Once he replied these five words, Chai Zhe Xia recovered, and hurriedly abandoned the bewildered people in the room, then he chased after her.



He….. was still alive? How was it possible? If not for her hand that was still hurting, Cui Miao He simply did not dare to believe what she had just seen.

The person whom she thought was dead all along, actually came back to life, so looking at this memorial tablet that was on her hand, was even more ridiculous.

She was not clear whether she was angry or at ease in her heart, because she was definitely not clear about this, so she wanted to escape.

Being in a closed room by herself, even though she was in a rage inside, his smiling expression that he had on his face just now, was still floating before her eyes from time to time, and disturbing her mind.

He was so repulsive, how could he play with people’s feeling like this?

Cui Miao He was still very angry, but at this moment, she heard some heavy footsteps from outside the door and then a sound of a knock on the door.

Still not knowing what kind of attitude should she use to meet him, Cui Miao He was simply hiding inside the room and she would pretend as a tortoise, no matter how he yelled out, how he knocked on the door, she would just not open the door for him.

She thought that she could have this tranquility for this short period of time like this, and let her to think carefully how she could face this person who just came back from death. But who would have thought that the person outside the door was extremely lacking in patience, the door was only knocked three times, then it stopped.

She was just about to step forward to check it out, who would have thought that her leg had not moved yet, but her ears could hear a sudden burst and loud noise, the sound scared her and it felt that her heart was hanging on her throat.

Then, Cui Miao He who was scared witless, could only stare blankly at Chai Zhe Xia who came through a smoke and dust (from the broken door).

One step, two steps, three steps….. she was looking at him who used the quickest speed to come to her side, then, took her closely and embraced her into his bosom. Passing his warm body through his clothing to warm her body, she felt like she just woke up from a dream, recalled everything and felt that she should struggle away from his embrace.

After he broke her heart so much, how could he not give her an explanation and think just to embrace her, or he just wanted to talk out of it.

Even though she had many thankfulness in her heart that he was alive, but her anger in her heart had not been dissipated yet.

Just like that, the two people were confronting each other, the first time in all of his life, the extraordinarily strong General was unexpectedly without any strength or method to deal with a woman.

Because of her plumb abdomen, he was afraid to hurt her and the child if he wanted to use any force, so he could only carefully temper his pestering.

“Miao He…..” He softly mumbled the name that he had been calling out countless of times in his dream during the night.

Even though that soft calling was filled with love and regret, Miao He slightly stopped the struggle, but she still did not want to submit willingly and easily.

“I am sorry…..”

Finally, that simple three words made her to stop her struggle completely, this kind of him who was a pride man, unexpectedly did not have any apprehension to admit his mistake to her, how could she not be moved?

Finally seeing that she was willing to properly hear his words, so he cleverly and promptly said it. “Faking my death was the exchange condition that I and the Emperor had agreed to, I used this method to make the opposition’s hundred thousands army to lower their guards. Then, I could do another secret arrangement again, and moved to defeat them, and he also promised me that after I returned victorious, he would be bestowing an Imperial decree to give you a title of a first rank Madam.”

She simply did not dare to believe what she heard, this was because he wanted to give her a first rank Madam, that false reputation. He would unexpectedly use the method to feign his death, make her broken hearted, and also make his parents broken hearted like this.

Her bright eyes were burning with rage when she was glaring at him, Cui Miao He could not help to regret that her own slap back then was extremely light.

“I understand that you want to give me this Madam’s title, but I do not wish for the common people to have more unfavorable rumors towards you. This is the only thing that I can do for you.” Once the words were spoken out, Cui Miao He was staring blankly at him, a thread of loving suddenly bursted out.

As it turned out….. everything was still because of her in the end! The overflowing anger immediately disappeared, she was looking at him foolishly.

Even though this man put his body in a risky condition, but it was still for her wholeheartedly, how could she still be able to criticize him?

This fool!

“I forgive you this time, but do not ever repeat this.” Raising her head to stare at him, she had tears in her smile, but she did not forget to use a warning voice.

This kind of piercing pain that split one’s lung, once was enough, she did not want to experience this kind of darkness in her lifetime again.

“You…..” Because of the easy forgiveness that she gave him, Chai Zhe Xia could not help to love her dearly, this woman was always like this. She would make threatening gestures, but she actually had softer heart than anybody.

Obviously saying that she did not agree to marry him, but she was happily guarding his ice cold memorial tablet alone for a lifetime.

Obviously being annoyed by him in her heart, but he only said ‘I am sorry’ sentence, and her heart was already soft again, and she forgave him.

Just looking at her soft heart, how could he dare die earlier than her, he did not want to be under the nine springs (hades), and still had to watch her being bullied by the other people.

In order to be able to legitimately protect her, Chai Zhe Xia suddenly pulled her hand, and said. “Let us go!”

“Where are we going?” Cui Miao He was puzzled, she still had not recovered from her happiness knowing that he came back to life.

“Ritual wedding ceremony ah!”

This time, even if the sky collapsed, he would completely finished the proper wedding ceremony with her, then he could legitimately put her under his wings.

“Did we not just finish the wedding ceremony just now?”

“You just had the wedding ceremony with the memorial tablet, it did not count. You have to have the wedding ceremony with me this time.”

It was impossible to make him do this perfunctory thing like this in the past!

Since he found out at the beginning about her plan to have a marriage with his memorial tablet, he actually ran several horses to die so that he still had time to return from the frontier. If he did not even do any wedding ceremony in the main hall, that would be a big waste, right? Following his hurried paces, Cui Miao He could not help to raise her lips to smile because of his willfulness and childishness.

This man ah, where was the cruel side that was known by the people, she should ask him properly about this in the evening, in regard to the terrifying news about the tyrannical death of the concubine and how did the rumor about him being gay come about.

Her husband was really good, he treated her like a treasure, it was because of that, how could she be willing to bear the false rumors (about him), and let the other people continue to have these type of beliefs. So this time, she would exchange her method of thinking to redress this injustice for him.


Chapter 8 Part 2

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The General Only Fear The Maiden’s Escape Chapter 8 Part 2

Next week will be the last chapter for this novel as Chapter 9 only has 1 Part. Then I will start posting Destined Marriage With Fragrance aka Happy Days Tied With A Knot. I will post the new novel every Mondays & Thursdays. I’m going to post the new novel from the beginning even though I know that the other translator has posted up to chapter 4 of this novel, as I’m using a different raw version. The version that I’m using has a slightly different details than the version that the other translator was using. And the length of each chapter is also shorter than the other version (each chapter still has about 5-6 pages so it’s not that short of a chapter after all). Thus, the version that I’m using has a total of 151 chapters (I believe) versus the 91 chapters (plus 2 extras) from the other version.

Over 3,350 words.

This chapter was translated for only. And only for those people who don’t mind reading unprofessional translation that was being translated FREELY using the translator’s and editor’s own free times. So rude & entitled people aren’t welcome to read this translation!!! So GO AWAY….

By Ye Shuang

Chapter 8 (Part 2)

The distinguished sound of a wooden fish was always echoing since the sun rose up, Cui Miao He who moved to the Buddhist temple to pray for blessing due to the Imperial orders, was kneeling everyday in front of the Buddha to pray that Chai Zhe Xia who was in the front line of the battle, could be safe and sound.

The symbol of the Buddha calmed her mind, but it could not stop her continuous concerned.

Suddenly, a burst of nausea rushed forth in her throat, her eyebrows were immediately wrinkled, she was too late to ponder it, the Head of the Buddhist Abbot came over suddenly with a dignified complexion.

“Is the female benefactor’s body unwell?” Looking at her pale appearance and thin figure everyday, the old Abbot was actually really concerned in his heart.

This Buddhist temple was predestined with the Imperial households’ affinity extremely deeply, so much so that there were many Imperial concubines from the previous Emperors came to this place to be Buddhist nuns, one could say that this was the Imperial Buddhist temple.

He remembered that when this young lady came that day, there was a secret Imperial decree, and she quietly handed over to him so he could take care of this female benefactor properly.

Even though he did not understand why the Emperor was concerned for the female benefactor’s safety, and also why she had to be punished by eating vegetarian diets, chanting the sutras to pray to Buddha, but as a monk, he should have mercy in his heart so he was especially concerned about Cui Miao He.

“I have made Master to be anxious about me.” Enduring silently her abdomen that was surging with nauseousness, Cui Miao He raised a trace of smile strivingly. She was thinking to confirm that she was alright, but suddenly, another burst of nausea came again.

She was too late to say anything, when a female’s mocking voice echoed and came from outside the main hall.

“Master, I see that she will vomit endlessly, she looks like a broken flower (fallen woman) who has this kind of condition, it clearly shows that she is pregnant. This Buddhist temple is quiet and peaceful, Master will be better to report to the wise Emperor so she can be expelled outside of the Buddhist temple ah!” Cui Yun Xiu who came especially to this Buddhist temple, her person had not yet arrived but she already opened her mouth to say those sentences first.

Since those days, when she was disturbed by that matter, Cui Yun Xiu who was always proud and arrogant, was really frightened by Chai Zhe Xia’s cruelty at the manor on that day, so she did not dare to look for Cui Miao He for troubles.
Until today, she passed her father’s study by chance, and happened to hear when her father was talking with several ministers who came to visit. She was curious for a while and stopped walking to hear the conversation and happened to hear one startling secret.

After knowing this secret, she could not wait to come here and stand in front of Cui Miao He, who would have thought that it unexpectedly made her to be able to run into Cui Miao He who was having morning sickness.

The General’s Madam, appellation as the Emperor’s adopted sister, even the child who was in her belly, all kind of glories, wealths and happiness, should all belong to her.

If it were not for that day when Chai Zhe Xia kidnapped the bride that was seen as an object of ridicule, her mother’s matter that was trying to sell a daughter would not be abuzz either. How could she still be the talk of the other people, those things finished the family so there was nobody who was willing to come to propose marriage to her.

Thinking that her own lifelong happiness was destroyed, Cui Yun Xiu really hated it until her teeth itched.

“There is unexpectedly even a child at this quiet Buddhist temple, you, while you are reading the prayer, you are really filthy ah!” Seeing that Cui Miao He did not pay any attention to her, she spit out these sharp and unkind words one more time.

The moment that she promised Chai Zhe Xia that she would stay, she had already decided that she would no longer make it a big deal even if they laughed and cursed at her. Looking at Cui Yun Xiu’s expression that was filled with obvious disdain, but she did not even care one bit.

Chai Zhe Xia had already gone for two months, Cui Miao He was longing for him in her heart, she was tossing in bed every night but could not place her yearning anywhere.

She did not think either that their own child was already inside her abdomen, she was carrying his flesh and blood.

Thinking of this, Cui Miao He’s heart could not help to burst with happiness and excitement.

Seeing her happy expression, Cui Yun Xiu said disdainfully and coldly. “Master, this young lady is here at the Buddhist temple, but she does not follow the rule, should you not expel her out of the Buddhist temple?”


Facing Cui Yun Xiu’s aggressiveness, the Master was feeling awkward. Finally, Cui Miao He who had her own happiness, recovered and opened her mouth to speak. “I am practicing Buddhism here at the Buddhist temple because of the Emperor’s decree, and I want to support and substitute for Chai Zhe Xia’s crime and pray for blessings for the many military men. What are you doing to come here and make the Master feel awkward?”

“Ah, I almost forget that the Emperor wants you to pray for blessings here, but the Emperor is regarded as a ten thousand figures, it can be regarded that you are an inauspicious person. Due to your coming here to pray for the blessings, you actually cause trouble for the many military men, and also cause harm to General Ping Yuan, it may be assumed that the Emperor must regret this himself now.”

Even though she was fully aware that Cui Miao He was the Emperor’s adopted sister nowadays, the status was not simple nor ordinary, but she was always a selfish and arrogant young lady. So once she set her heart to hate someone, she would not take any considerations at all, and she even brought up more firearms in her speech.

Having heard what was said, Cui Miao He’s mind was startled, her speech clearly had more meanings, why did she say that she caused harm to the Imperial court’s army? And she still said that she was an inauspicious person? Could it be…..?

Some guesses flashed through in her heart, Cui Yun Xiu proudly said. “Hey, do you still not know it?”

“What matter should I know?”

Cui Miao He’s mouth showed her boastfulness, but her restless heart suddenly raised up, if this was not a big event, based on Cui Yun Xiu’s personality, she would absolutely not look for her with this kind of great fanfare.

What would she want to say after all?

Cui Miao He wanted to open her mouth to ask the question, but Cui Yun Xiu already said it impatiently. “The army that was headed by Chai Zhe Xia, was just ambushed at Yan Men Guan (based on my experience watching historical drama, this place, Yan Men Guan is usually a border in between the two countries). Nobody knows clearly whether Chai Zhe Xia is alive or dead…..”

Then, Cui Yun Xiu continued saying something, but Cui Miao He could not hear at all, a buzzing sound came into her brain, full of the news about whether Chai Zhe Xia was alive or dead.

No….. this was impossible!

Not only that people thought that General Chai Zhe Xia was a heroic deity in the military, he could also block hundreds of people, the elite troops were also brave and fierce experts, how could they were gone like this?

This was certainly Cui Yun Xiu’s fabrication to cheat her with her lie.

Cui Miao He breathed deeply and in great strive, and tried to resist the trembling coldness from her heart.

“You naturally can, not to believe in me, but wait until the Imperial edict to come and let you leave this Buddhist temple at once, after all, the people have died, what can you still pray for good fortunes?”

But looking at Cui Miao He whose mouth was mumbling that she did not believe it, however, she could not miss the color of her face, Cui Yun Xin knew that her words entered into her mind a little.

“Impossible….. impossible…..” Cui Miao He was still mumbling to herself, but when her line of sight passed through Cui Yun Xiu, she saw Che Yuan Yu’s distressing face. There was also Zhangsun Cheng Yun’s heavy expression on his face, even though she wanted to say ‘impossible’, this one word could not be said out loud.

The buzzing sound in her braid was louder and louder, her three immortal and seven mortal souls (I supposed Daosim believes that one person has 3 immortal & 7 mortal sounds in his/her body) were drifting away.

Wait for me to come back….. She still remembered these words before he left, he said that if he could not find the person, even if he had to fly the heaven and drill the earth, he would also catch her back…..

He made her wait, so she was waiting here obediently for him.

She was waiting wholeheartedly for him to come back in triumph, then they could rely on one another, how could she know that this wait would be actually wasted viciously.

“Liar, liar…..” The hurt feeling like it would tear her heart and crack her lung, started to explode inside her, she did not dare to believe, but also could not, not to believe.

Finally, her slender body collapsed, Zhangsun Cheng Yin who was sharp-sighted saw it and suddenly stepped forward with big strides, and supported her.

Seeing that Cui Miao He received a big blow like this, Che Yuan Yu who was always loved her as her younger sister, was immediately angry. She stepped forwards in small quick steps, and slapped Cui Yun Xiu’s soft cheek with all her strengths.

“You dare to hit me?”

“It will be best that you ask God and worship Buddha for Miao He’s blessing and safety, even if Chai Zhe Xia will not come back, do not think that you and the Cui’s family will live peacefully.”



Looking at the inside General’s manor that was filled with white fabrics, it would be impossible even if Cui Miao He wanted to deceive herself.

Her torrential tears were already dried up, her heart was numbed from the pain, her hand was stroking her belly lightly. If it was not because of the flesh inside her abdomen, she wanted to follow him to go so much.

Because of love, who would have thought that she would have this love that was already permeated inside her bone, she could no longer strip it off.
She had to do something for him, if she could not do anything for him, she would go crazy.

Thus, she came to the General’s manor with a firm mind, she was kneeling and not getting up to beg to see the old General and his wife.

There was his child inside of her abdomen now, she would use this child to comfort the Old General and Madam during this mourning and painful time, it was the only thing that she could do.

She had already determined earlier that if Chai Zhe Xia really died, the day that the child in her abdomen was born, would be the day of her death.

She believed that the Old General and his wife would be able to love this blood grandson dearly, and then she could accompany her husband who was alone in the nine springs (hades).

“Young Madam, get up quickly, ok, you are pregnant. If there is any mishaps, how can these slaves assume any responsibilities?”

“I want to see Madam, please notify her on my behalf!”

“This…..” The message had been passed on several times, but they still had to pass it on ah?

“How about if you give this sentence to Madam on behalf of me, just say that I wish to follow Chai Zhe Xia in life or death. But I come here now to wish that they will shield the unborn child who is in my abdomen now.”

If Chai Zhe Xia died, she would not live alone, but she could not let her unborn child to not have any parents either.


The young servant boy who listened to this, was staring blankly, and he still had not recovered to pass on those sentences again, when a sound of the door was heard along with Ruan Gui Lin’s impatient voice.

“What kind of reckless words are you, this girl saying ah? Are you going to make my precious grandson not to have a father and mother?”

Hearing Cui Miao He’s deep emotions towards her son in her own ears, Ruan Gui Lin who was just mourning the loss of her son sorrowfully, all her angers and resentments immediately disappeared, and they were replaced by a strong feeling of sorry for her (CMH).

Hastily stepping forward to help up Cui Miao He who was still kneeling, any criticisms would be too late to say, but Cui Miao He was just like a withering flower, so she fell in her bosom.

Alas, no wonder that her son did not care about anything because of her, she could really make people to love her dearly ah!

“Foolish girl, you do not eat any meals again.”

Hearing the voice, Cui Miao He suddenly disengaged herself from her longing feelings, she slightly raised her head to see Ruan Gui Lin’s depressed face that was supported by a servant girl, when she approached earlier.


That day, when she woke up at the Imperial Buddhist temple, she was not really concerned about anything and coming to the General’s manor. She knew and heard about the news of Chai Zhe Xia’s death in the battle, the Chai family’s Master and Madam would surely feel as depressed as her. The only thing that she, who was a thousand miles away, could do, was taking care of these two elderly from the Chai’s family and her unborn child. Otherwise, how could his spirit be comforted?

“Foolish girl, did you not sleep good last night?”

Last night, he came into her dream, when she was awoken later, she secretly shed tears until dawn, so naturally, she did not sleep good.

But facing her mother in law’s concern, she still pulled out a soft smile, then she said casually. “The sound of thunderstorm startled me last night, wait until after noon, I will make up for my sleep.”

Looking at the dispirited eyes of the girl, how could Ruan Gui Lin not know that her sentences were only to comfort her. Seeing that her abdomen was getting bigger every day, but the person had become thinner, she actually felt anxious and powerless ah!

Towards this daughter in law, she had already rejected her from the beginning, and refused to meet her in person, until she was moved by her sincere heart. Additionally, the unborn child who was in her abdomen, the mother and child were the only spiritual props that she and Laoye had now.

If it were not for their existences, both of these elderly people would mourn sorrowfully, how would they be able to pass it through.

“Girl, I and my son’s father (I crack up laughing translating this word, but that’s exactly how it’s written in the raw, haizi de die 😂😂😂 instead of using my husband) are not actually stubborn people, these few days, I and Laoye have discussed this, since Zhe Xia has gone, we do not want to waste your time. We will wait until you give birth to the child properly, then we want to find another marriage on your behalf, is it alright?”

Even though she did not get along with this daughter in law, she already considered her as her daughter in law at an earlier time, she loved this good and honest child from the bottom of her heart.

Recalling that she, herself, unexpectedly believed the previous rumors and did not allow her son to marry her, it caused her son to provoke the Emperor’s anger, then again, causing this girl to be a widow ineffably, she always felt guilty in her heart.

Therefore, she consulted with Laoye before, they would wait until the child was born, then they would accept her as their adopted daughter. She would be able to find someone whom she could depend on in her life, she believed her son who loved her, would agree what she wanted to do.

Hearing what was said, Cui Miao He’s expression was not waving in motion at all, she was only staring to look at her mother in law. Then she suddenly bent her knees to kneel down, and said it with a firm tone. “Mother, this daughter in law’s life is the person from the Chai’s family.” Her heart in this lifetime belonged to Chai Zhe Xia, it was impossible to give it to another person.

Even more, her early plan was to wait until she gave birth to the child, then she would follow Chai Zhe Xia to go.

“But you and Zhe Xia have not done the ritual wedding ceremony yet, it is not proper not to get married according to the law, why do you want to go down with him?”

She could not endure it ah! Even though she already accepted Cui Miao He a long time ago, and also allowed her to call her mother, but Ruan Gui Lin did not agree and recognize them as a married couple all along. If she recognized it, she would cause more harm to her for as long as she lived ah!

“Mother, even if we are not a married couple under the law, but I and Zhe Xia are really a married couple long ago.”

“But…..” seeing her firm manner, Ruan Gui Lin was broken in her heart, but she still did not say anything.

Not saying anything, that was because she knew that she could not be able to change Cui Miao He’s decision on her own, the only thing that she could do, was to protect both the mother and child according to her capabilities.

“Mother….. there is one more matter that this daughter in law wants to ask Mother to make the decisions.” Cui Miao He suddenly opened her mouth to say this.

“Whatever the matter is, there is no harm in saying what you think, Mother will definitely make the decisions on your behalf.” Cui Miao He who was never asked for anything, could finally say it with great difficulty. Ruan Gui Lin had not asked her clearly what she wanted her to do, and just hurriedly gave her consent.

“This daughter in law wants to ask Mother to let me and husband to formally have a ritual wedding ceremony to get married.” Just like what her mother in law had said, it was not proper not to get married according to the law.

Chapter 8 Part 1

Chapter 9

Sian’s note:

Ok, Ruan Gui Lin is actually calling Cui Miao He “ya tou”. This term can mean girl or servant girl. So it depends on the relationship of the people who use this appellation. If the relationship is between a master and a servant, the yatou, is used to call a servant girl. However, in this context, Ruan Gui Lin is using the term yatou as an endearment as Cui Miao He is her daughter in law even though she doesn’t like her at the beginning.

The General Only Fears The Maiden’s Escape Chapter 8 Part 1

This is actually my favorite chapter. I love the interactions between Zhangsun Cheng Yin and the Emperor. It’s rather funny… Over 3,320 words.

This chapter was translated for only. And only for those people who don’t mind reading unprofessional translation that was being translated FREELY using the translator’s and editor’s own free times. So rude & entitled people aren’t welcome to read this translation!!! So GO AWAY….

By Ye Shuang

Chapter 8 (Part 1)

Inside the Imperial Study was filled with people’s breathings, it was with great difficulty that after sending more than ten decrees down, Chai Zhe Xia who just came now, was kneeling on the floor.

The Emperor, whose face was in a rage and sitting on a high seat, was also staring down at him, it seemed like he (LZY) wanted to make a few holes in his body (CZX).

“Chai Zhe Xia, do you know your crime?”

“This official does not know it!” Chai Zhe Xia was a determined man, even though he was facing the Emperor, he did not change from his own cold and firm’s characters.

“You still do not admit your guilt, you have kidnapped a bride in the middle of the street, and disturbed the Imperial clans continuously, you obviously know that you participate in all of these reports?”

“This lowly person only sees a gap and sticks in a needle (making use of everything that’s available), does the Emperor believe it? Cui Daren has promised to marry Cui Miao He as this official’s wife, this official has a token to prove it, why can I not allow to meet my wife?”


Even if Chai Zhe Xia was right in dealing with this bride kidnapping matter, but it really gave him a headache, and he did not know how he should deal with the tides that were rushing forth, was it really right?

“The Emperor…..”

With a raging temper, Long Zi Yuan was just about to open his mouth to punish Chai Zhe Xia for his large disrespectful crime, but unexpectedly, he saw Zhangsun Cheng Yin and Ju Su Sheng entered the Imperial study. When both of them appeared, Long Zi Yuan’s complexion changed even heavier.

With regard to these three people, he indeed had love and hate (relationships), they were members of his inner circles. They were brave, smart in schemings and helpful in order for him to have a stable country. But they also stirred up many matters, those old officials from the previous dynasty, were waiting anxiously and looking for him to punish them.

“What are you two coming here for?” Long Zi Yuan’s complexion was ugly when he was staring at the three people back and forth. He also wanted to know whether these two people entered the Imperial palace, because they wanted to plea a leniency for Chai Zhe Xia.

“Reporting to the Emperor, this small officer has an important matter to present.”

“What is the important matter about?” Long Zi Yuan who was still angry, raised his head to ask without thinking.

In his heart, he still did not understand, because of one woman, why the General who was normally attacking the enemy in the battlefield, would unexpectedly did something like this due to one woman, and made him being ridiculed by the other people.

For him, this monarch, his harem of 3,000 beauties were only places where he could release his pressures, they were not worthy to have many troubles.

Chai Zhe Xia was obviously a man who knew that a woman was like a scorpion, and who also knew when his heart was touched, he would dare to do any world-shaking events, he looked like a demon.

“This official has just received an urgent report from General Mu who is guarding the border just now, that the different tribes near the borders are assembling the troops, it seems that they wish to invade the Imperial court’s territories.”


Suddenly, whatever feelings in between children, and the battle of wits between the officials, were all thrown off far away. Long Zi Yuan’s expression was cold, and he was looking pensively at Chai Zhe Xia who was still kneeling on the ground.

“The Emperor, actually, General Chai is not necessarily guilty in this matter, those cabinet ministers only want you to condemn somebody without any pretext!

But looking at Long Zi Yuan’s eyebrows that was filled with murderous spirits, his anger was not small clearly, Zhangsun Cheng Yin did not beat around the bushes, and immediately cut into the important point.

Deviating from his original plan, and looking at Long Zi Yuan who had an irksome presence, he also saw the dragon eyes that suddenly narrowed. There was a trace of radiant and envy that shot out, and his lips were pursed up but he did not say anything.

“This official courteously asks the Emperor, why do you summon General Chai to enter the Imperial palace.” His words were humble, but on the contrary, there was not a tiny humbleness in his tone.

“Zhen looks for him to come, is naturally to punish for his crime, do you think it is to play chess or have a heart-to-heart chat with him?” Long Zi Yuan said it unhappily.

“What crime does the Emperor think that General Chai should be punished for?”

“Punish him for …..” Long Zi Yuan looked somewhat distracted at once, although there were two marriage sedans that were fighting for the person, but Chai Zhe Xia took out the promise token, so taking the bride to enter the door was proper and expected. But recalling the other officials’ declarations continuously, he was distraught with anxiety, and also felt exasperated.

“Punish him for not disciplining his army, their behaviors are not restrained.”

“En, the Emperor is really wise.”

Hearing what was said, Ju Su Sheng was about to send out his words urgently, but Zhangsun Cheng Yin pulled back his sleeve to block him.

“This loving official also agrees with Zhen’s punishment for Chai Zhe Xia’s crime?”

Hearing Zhangsun Cheng Yin’s words, Long Zi Yuan’s eyes shined momentarily, he clearly did not dare to believe that Zhangsun Cheng Yin would approve his punishment that was given to Chai Zhe Xia.

“This is natural.” Staring fixedly at the Emperor, Zhangsun Cheng Yin nodded his head very seriously.

“Then, good, immediately draft an Imperial decree from Zhen, staring today, Chai Zhe Xia will enter the Imperial prison, so he can reflect upon himself properly.”

Having heard what was said, Zhangsun Chen Yin nodded his head again, he even moved forwards for a couple of steps. Then, he turned around and said to Long Zi Yuan. “The Emperor, how can this official not know that the Emperor’s great aspiration is to lead the troops into the battle ah?”

“How can Zhen lead the troops into the battle?”

Anyone who had a day-to-day life that was comfortable, would not want to go, but going to the border to lead the soldiers to fight a battle, the Imperial court endowed many taxes every year to support these civil and military officials, was it just for fun?

“The Emperor is about to send the West General to enter the Imperial dungeon, these million soldiers do not even have the General, how do they fight the battle without the General? If the Emperor does not lead the troops into the battle, then who is going to fight the battle?”

When Zhangsun Cheng Yin did not even say any schemes for Chai Zhe Xia, Ju Su Sheng was really anxious, but after hearing this, he finally understood the meaning of Zhangsun Cheng Yin’s words, his handsome face showed a trace of dazzling smile.

Looking at the two people who had these foxy smiles on their faces, Long Zi Yuan’s proud expressions suddenly changed. “You….. Zhen…..”

“Actually, even if the Emperor does not go, how about we send General Yuan to go?”

“That youngster’s garrison who is guarding the Imperial city can still go to fight the battle at the frontier fortress since the battle is still early.”

“How about that General Wei Guo?” Clearly playing with Zhangsun Cheng Yin’s intention, Ju Su Sheng followed with his recommendations.

“Does he have Chai Zhe Xia’s military glories and brilliants as a General, who only needs to raise his well-known roars that can intimidate those different tribes to be scared witless?”

Hearing their recommendations, Long Zi Yuan did not even bat his eyes, unexpectedly, his original courage and conviction disappeared like a ball of gas, he did not have any confidence at all.

“Since the Emperor really needs General Chai, why not just open one eye and close one eye in regards to the chaos that he has created earlier?” Seeing that the Emperor was thinking about Chai Zhe Xia’s benefits, the fortunate timing was ripened, Zhangsun Cheng Yin immediately put forward the suggestion.

“However, if Zhen does not punish this big matter with a big punishment, how does Zhen stop the mouth of the numerous court officials?”

Originally, this was not a major event either, but looking at that reports that looked like small mountains, Long Zi Yuan really felt agitated, so he was angry. But hearing Zhangsun Cheng Yin’s opinions just now, it appeared that he did not think the most important situations for the country, and was very small-minded.

“Is this not simple? As long as the Emperor requests Chai Zhe Xia at the Jin palace hall to lead the troops to guard the border station tomorrow, and give him the opportunity to bear his crime and establish a meritorious service. This can also give warning to those outside individuals who have begun to stir things up, if they really start the war, General Ping Yuan can also establish a heroic contribution for the Imperial court.”

“Hey!” How could this stressing matter that he had, but yet, it was easily solved by Zhangsun Cheng Yin’s opinions, and it seemed that it was not even worthy of his worries?

Since he was able to suppress a group of officials’ angers, and he could also save his trusted General, so this would satisfy both ways, how could he not think about this?

“This official also thinks that the Emperor can still do one more thing, which is a favor for somebody at a little costs.”

“What favor for somebody at a little costs?”

“The Emperor can recognize Cui Miao He as an adopted sister, then issue an Imperial edict to bestow the marriage, so the Emperor will help them as a couple. This can make the Chai family’s Master and Madam to admit this daughter in law sincerely, so General Chai does not have to worry about his family matters, and the Emperor can even strive to the utmost even more, even after death.”

Long Zi Yuan’s eyes were immediately bright after he heard this ‘even after death’ words, these three letter words made him happy. But he carefully thought about it again, he always thought that Zhangsun Cheng Yin’s method was good, however, it would make him accumulate and swallow many melancholies. He was not someone who had virtuous intentions in this lifetime, so how he could easily explain the solutions on this.

“But, this can unavoidably make that arrogant youngster to have too much comfort, right.”

Accompanying the Monarch for many years, Ju Su Sheng also knew where the Emperor was going, so he followed through and put forward a suggestion. “The Emperor, it would be better to bestow the marriage later, use this opportunity to make Miss Cui to reside at the Buddhist temple to pray for blessings temporarily, to the green light of the ancient Buddha. Unless General Chai returns victorious, they are not allowed to see each other, this can also be regarded to make them experience the yearning of their sufferings, a small punishment but a big warning.”

“This method is good!”

Turning his head to look at Chai Zhe Xia who was still kneeling below the golden stairs, Long Zi Yuan whose heart was originally filled with anger, his anger actually drained out by a lot now.

Fine, he would just do what Cheng Yin and Su Sheng were saying, just opened one eye and closed one eye on this matter. Anyway, he was merely angry for a short time, and he did not really want to break the couple up.




“Imperial edict….. has arrived!”

Early in the morning, the day was not completely bright yet, Cui Miao He was awoken by a sharp voice outside the door.

“Imperial edict.” These two words scared her that she promptly jumped out of the couch, and she still had not dressed properly when Chai Zhe Xia was already pulling her into his bosom.

“Lovely wife!” Chai Zhe Xia definitely did not care with any disturbance from outside the door, he pulled the person into his bosom, and stole her sweet fragrance without restraint.

“You…..” He was simply infuriating, could it be that he did not hear the Imperial edict’s loudly shout from the outside?

She was going to reprimand him for being impetuous, but his lips were lifted, and she was kissed head-on by the person.

“You seriously do not want your life anymore.”

So he was a person who despised the Imperial decree’s announcement, what if he was being reported to the Emperor by the other people, was it not setting off a burst reign of terrors?

“Let me get up.” Cui Miao He who was not originally shy but seeing his arrogant figure that was still lying on the couch comfortably, she could not help to roar at him.

When she was angry, both of her cheeks appeared to be attractive and flushed red, looking at that flirtatious appearance, Chai Zhe Xia’s lower abdomen could not help to surge to catch fire and heat up with desire.

But after carefully looking at her angry and shining eyes, he who was always reckless, actually did not dare to be reckless either. He stopped his movement to steal the sweet fragrance, but he would still embrace her in his bosom and his hand was not willing to let go yet.

He was staring at her, and acting shamelessly to demand a promise. “Promise me, do not think of leaving me again, otherwise I will not get up.”

“Refusing to receive the Imperial decree is indeed a capital offense, can you not act willfully like this?” Avoiding to look at him, Cui Miao He did not want to promise since this was an impossible matter.

Today, the Imperial edict would be issued at this courtyard, she was afraid that this would be related to the matter about the bride kidnapping. She was afraid that her own existence would influence his future prospects, and her hands were nervous and sweating.

Accompanying one’s sovereign could be like accompanying a tiger, although his army was glorious and had achieved meritorious deeds, but when the Emperor was provoked in anger, there was only a dead end!

“If you do not promise, I will not get up, the Emperor likes to punish whatever punishment, he wants to punish.”

How could he not know that she would cater to other people against her own happiness, but he could not dispel the thought that she would leave all along, so he must seize this opportunity to force her this promise for him.

He knew that he was a rascal for doing this, taking and forcing her with several dozens of human lives, but since it was this way, he also wanted her to stay by his side.

“Hurry get up, do not let gonggong waits for a long time, or there will be more rumors that are being transmitted to the Emperor’s ears again, do you really have the heart to let the whole Chai’s family to run the same misfortune as you?”

So regretful, how could he use his own life and the Chai family’s fates to force her?

Cui Miao He tried to speak some senses to him, but there was suddenly a sound of knocking from outside the door, there were frightening and trembling sounds from the always calm courtyard.

“Are you going to promise me or not after all?” For her, he could not return to the General manor for a good while, he only wanted to be inside the courtyard with Cui Miao He everyday, and enjoyed the day to be with his partner.

Thinking that she should understand clearly about his heart, but he did not expect that she was still thinking of leaving in her mind, how could this not make him angry?


Getting to the heart of the matter, today could be regarded that she was attracted to him, if he insisted on sharing the happiness and disaster with her, how could she still hesitate?

These days, she also knew that the Old Chai General and Madam were not very understanding to her, Madam Chai specifically wanted to see her in the courtyard several days ago, but Chai Zhe Xia was simply too stubborn and he kept hindering by standing outside the door.

For her, he actually offended the Emperor, the court officials and his parents. This kind of deep and serious feelings, where could she have the qualifications not to promise him?

“I promise you!”

Finally, Cui Miao He loosened up her mouth, she was gazing at him, and taking the initiative to grasp his hand, then looking at his eyes to say. “Let us hold hands, and grow old together, if we can not spend our old lives, then we will be together in the after lives.”

That promise was a lifetime’s pledge, each line of the sentence was engraved in Chai Zhe Xia’s heart, how could these several simple sentences make him who had never impressed with thousands of men and horses (the whole army), raised up traces storms and ripples in his heart?

Both of their whole lifetimes!

So, as it turned out, this person who had killed and attacked countless enemies, achieved meritorious deeds, but was actually demanding this simple sentence as a pledge ah!

“Quickly get up, ok.” Unable to bear her deep emotions anymore, Cui Miao He could only blink the tears that would be tumbling down, and raised her voice to urge him not to be willful anymore.

Combing his long hair to roll it up on a knot, even though both of them did not speak any longer, but the atmosphere filled with sweetness, and permeated in their own hearts.

Enjoying the taste of the soft and warm’s fragrant jade, Chai Zhe Xia looked like a kitten who just stole a fish. Perfectly satisfied, he opened the door to take care of the matter from the outside and let the palace eunuch to come and announce the Imperial decree.

“Accept the Mandate of Heaven, the Emperor speaks…..”

The person steadily read the Imperial edict out loud, Cui Miao He was looking at Chai Zhe Xia’s sight, there were gradually unbelievable feelings.

When did he do this thing, he unexpectedly requested the Emperor to accept her as an adopted sister. He did this to make those many people to close their mouths, also to seek for her status, and to tell his mother not to make things difficult for her.

How could he….. do everything for her quietly, and yet he ought to travel to the border to fight the battle?


She lifted her slightly trembling lips, but Chai Zhe Xia reached out his hand to press against her lips, and changed his usually loud voice to say gently. “You have promised me, that you will wait for me here until I come back, do not make me unable to find the person when I come back!”

“En.” A cluster of tears suddenly slipped down, she could not even say anything, and could only nod to give her consent.

This lifetime, regardless whether she was dead or alive, she would definitely follow him. Getting this person, she did not have any regrets in this life!

For him, despite all of the rumors and embarrassments, she would not be afraid any longer.

Chapter 7 Part 2

Chapter 8 Part 2

The General Only Fears The Maiden’s Escape Chapter 7 Part 2

Over 2,650 words.

This chapter was translated for only. And only for those people who don’t mind reading unprofessional translation that was being translated FREELY using the translator’s and editor’s own free times. So rude & entitled people aren’t welcome to read this translation!!! So GO AWAY….

By Ye Shuang

Chapter 7 (Part 2)

“What are you saying?” Suddenly hearing her earth-shattering’s words, Chai Zhe Xia’s reaction was somewhat at a loss, he really looked at her and looked like he did not completely understand the meaning of her words just now.

“Thank you for saving me, but I do not love you, so I cannot marry you. I have promised my mother that I will only marry a man whom I love in this life time.” She did not know how much efforts that she had to use, that she could speak out these words calmly and with no ripple.

Cui Miao He concealed both of her hands that were held in fists inside her wide sleeves, even though her tender palms were pinched and hurting, she did not dare to loosen up her hands.

Because, only that painfulness could remind her what she should do.

No love, but this was only for her own justification to deceive him and herself, because she could not bear it if there was no him in her heart.

“It is alright if you do not love me now, we have plenty of times to nurture our own feelings.”

Because of her temperaments, Chai Zhe Xia was shocked, as he was looking fixedly at her with his cold eyes. Everyone behind him was taking precautions fully, as to prevent him to raise up a reckless temper. But Chai Zhe Xia did not get angry surprisingly, instead he showed a trace of smile.

Looking from his sharp eyes that looked like a double-edge sword, Cui Miao He was able to know that he was a very proud man, but he was willing to retreat and disregarding his own pride.

“Love is not something that can be discussed like a business transaction, it is also not like you love me a little bit, I can somewhat pay you back with things. Since I do not love you, so it is impossible to marry you, otherwise it will be insulting to you.”

Slowly raising her head that showed a clear & light smile, Cui Miao He seemed to grow up instantly, and seemed to shed her original childishness. She looked straight into his eyes when she had finished talking, her hand that was originally clenching a bright red ribbon, was loosened up to allow the connection between the two people to be released.

“You…..” This kind of act would be insulting towards any man, it was naturally also insulting to Chai Zhe Xia.

“Towards your loyalty in helping me, I, Cui Miao He will engrave this in my heart for the rest of my life, but no matter what, it is impossible for me to give my heart to you.”

She said these words only for Chai Zhe Xia to consider, but her eyes were actually looking at everyone. She knew that those people who were here, were all his close relatives and friends, so she said these words because she wanted to let them be at ease.

Finished speaking, Cui Miao he wanted to turn her body around to leave, but after she took a few steps, a burst of dizziness suddenly attacked her, so her body was immediately swaying. It was too late for her to have any reactions, Chai Zhe Xia who was originally still in a rage, flew to grab her body.

Looking at his face that was originally in a rage, rapidly changed into anxiousness, Cui Miao He’s heart was even more painful.

This kind of him was really foolish!

Her red lips that just looked like a water-chestnut was moving, she wanted to open her mouth to inform him that she was actually not worthy of his anxiousness.

But that wave of dizziness rushed forth, so it made her powerless to open her mouth to speak.

Finally, her eyes that were lacking in strength closed up, in a moment, her own self was swallowed up by a trace of serene and darkness.




The heart of the gentleman was always hard to fathom, therefore, accompanying one’s sovereign everyday could be like accompanying a tiger for everyone since ancient times, and Long Zi Yuan, this Emperor’s profound mind was even more difficult to figure out.

He was staring at an account book (report) that was in front of him about the immature Chai Zhe Xia, his two eyebrows were practically and completely wrinkled together.

He did not understand, why this high ranking official whom he was fond of, was not willing to let him to have worry-free. Did the Imperial matters not enough for him to be busy? But each one of them would be infected and provoked by this emotion and love, and also provoked a big dispute.

Thinking of this, Long Zi Yuan was angry profoundly, his angry appearance would make the palace eunuchs who were serving him, were entirely vigilant and frightened, and cautiously felt like treading on a thin city wall.

“Somebody comes ah!” Long Zi Yuan suddenly shouted loudly, it ripped off the quiet and stagnant situations.

“The Emperor!” The voice just barely left off, a quick-witted’s Huang gonggong (appellation for a eunuch) was standing under the golden steps in a blink of an eye, and waiting to hear the Emperor’s words.

“Go to Chai Zhe Xia, that youngster, and order him to enter the Imperial palace to see me.”

“This…..” Of course, once the Emperor opened his mouth, Huang gonggong should hurriedly accept the order and go, but he had served the Emperor for a long time so he also understood the Emperor’s character, so he was still looking courageously and standing on his original place without moving.

If he did not go, he would provoke the Emperor’s anger, but if he went, he was afraid that the crazy and unruly, General Chai Zhe Xia would turn his (gonggong) head into a stool for him (CZX) to sit.

“What are you still staring blankly at, Zhen permits you to go and summon Chai Zhe Xia to enter the Imperial palace.” Long Zi Yuan bowed his head to look at Huang gonggong who was still not moving, and he could not help but getting even angrier when he asked.

“The Emperor, this slave has already let someone to go and announce it earlier, but General Chai has not entered the Imperial palace yet.”

Having heard what was said, Long Zi Yuan could not help to be angry abruptly, he said with a loud voice. “Is this not rebelling? Zhen is the Emperor, and he is the official (subject). Zhen wants to see him, is it difficult to find the time?”

He suddenly stood up from the Imperial throne, rapidly stepped down on the golden steps, and straightforwardly walked out of the Imperial main hall.

“Ai yo (have no idea how to translate this interjection, maybe oh my), the Emperor ah, where do you want to go ah?” As a slave, how could he dare to block, Huang gonggong could only follow a trace of that bright yellow back, and urgently cried out.

“Zhen wants to go and visit that Cui Ming Yuan, what a good daughter whom he has raised after all, that she can make the current dynasty’s General so crazy about her that he does not care losing his face, when he kidnaps the bride in the middle of the street.”

Actually, it was not strange that Long Zi Yuan could be in a rage like this, his grand General kidnapped a bride in the middle of the street, this could make the other numerous officials to seize this information to be used against him (CZX). If this whole source could suddenly participate, even though he had never liked the court officials to gang up on personal interests, but Chai Zhe Xia was really too much this time.

That one report could cause someone to die, this type of losing dignity could provoke the Imperial court to be anxious in this matter, how could he not be angry.

If he wanted to get married, or if he wanted a woman, could he not be surreptitious about it?

Now, with this mess, even if he wanted to punish him, he could not, but he also could not, not punish him, so could it be that he could not go to visit that immortal beauty who could make Chai Zhe Xia who always showed respect to a woman from a distance, unexpectedly could be this crazy going around and around!

“The Emperor, this slave requests that you do not go at this time to tread in a muddy water, but then again, you are indeed the Emperor, how can you surrender your dignity like this? This slave will assign someone to announce it again, will it still not good enough?” Huang gonggong’s voice seemed to sound like an ammunition.

Everybody knew that General Chai’s temper was tough, if both of these people were resolute, then what good it would do ah?

“Fine, you go and announce it now, if he does not come, just let the Imperial guards to have him kidnapped to come to Zhen.”

The subject of the court could behave willfully, could it be that he, as the Emperor, was not allowed to be willful?




Faintly waking up, Cui Miao He just opened her eyes to meet an object in front of her, it was a familiar object, a copper mirror, the makeup dresser, the arrangement of the five cabinets inside the room was the same as in the past. Even that curtain that was hanging on the top of the door was exactly the same as the one at the Cui family’s house.

This type of familiar feeling, it unexpectedly made her to have a momentary misperception to think that she was still that carefree’s eldest daughter from the Cui’s family.

Feeling muscles ache from all over reminded her that every anxiousness that she felt, was actually real, and she was also certain that she was not at the Cui family’s house. Because at this moment, she could not have any footing at the Cui family’s house anymore.

So every thing that was in front of her now….. Was Chai Zhe Xia taking care of her? When this way of thinking came out, the rims of her eyes could not help having those floating layers of misty tears. Who would believe that the person who was called a ravage, and violent by the other people, was unexpectedly a considerate person like this?

The emotional movements in her heart did not disperse for a very long time, Cui Miao He lied down quietly for a long time. Waiting until that traces of her emotions would slowly subside, then she slowly supported her weak body to sit up.

It seemed that she was really sleeping for a long time, the daytime had changed into the night.

When she sat up, she saw Chai Zhe Xia’s tall and sturdy body who was leaning on the side of the couch and falling asleep while watching her.

This fool! He was obviously an impressive hero, but he was completely doing things that could scare people. But this kind of gentle and soft personality to her, made her not able to have a fierce feeling in her heart even if she wanted to.

For the first time, she was able to carefully examining him under the moonlight, earnestly looking at him.

In fact, if one looked at his face, he did not look ferocious at all, but he had been a General for a long time, he always had an impatient face that would scare people, so everyone would flee and distance themselves from him.

This kind of him….. was he lonely?

Cui Miao He was sitting on the couch for a while, quietly looking at him, even if she was looking at him for one or two shichens (2-4 hours), and her waist would be aching, but she would not be tired of looking at him.

Finally, she seemed to look enough, and after she carefully carved his face in her heart, then she quietly turned over to get down from the bed.

But no matter how gentle her movement was, it still aroused the person who was guarding the side of the couch.

When she saw his eyes serenely opened up, his face flashed through a trace of alarmed, until he saw Cui Miao He’s figure, then he could relax.

But looking at her who were unexpectedly wearing her embroidery shoes, his heart was suddenly tensed up.

“Where do you want to go?” A thread of anger and explosion rose up on his forehead.

She should not even think about it, his somewhat crude hands reached out to pull her thin waist forward into his bosom. Cui Miao He who was completely weak, could not compare to his strength, her whole person fell into his bosom as his anticipation.

Two bodies, one majestic, one slender, but they were indescribably conforming to each other, as if she should belong to him.

“You….. do not do this…..” This posture was too intimate, and it made Cui Miao He’s heart to suddenly feel nervous.

She was trembling all over her body, her rationality wanted to open her mouth to block his movement, but she was unable to follow her selfishness and to just rely on him to her heart’s content, even if this memory was only for a short time, it would be good.

“You are mine, so do not think of escaping!”

Chai Zhe Xia pursed his lips, this formidable General who was a tough and angry person changed into a child in a moment, he seemed to be angry but also did not dare to be angry.

Leaning on his chest, she could feel his heartbeats, the rhythms of Cui Miao He’s heart were pounding.

As it turned out….. this was exactly what her mother was saying about being moved (in her heart)!

Softly sighing, her originally tight closed lips, suddenly relaxed, then she impulsively moved her head to kiss his cold and thin lips.

This was a compensation to thank him for everything that he did.

If she was destined to have a man in this life time, in that case, it would absolutely be him.

So, at this moment, she was not thinking about any male-female’s boundaries, any reputation and integrity matters, she just wanted him, this impatient and who looked like a foolish butterfly. She was not even afraid of the consequences, completely throwing herself into the fire, and seeking that moment of brilliant.

Chai Zhe Xia who did not expect completely that Cui Miao He would be this passionate, he thought that she would fiercely push him away. But she actually did not, and even raised her head to kiss him.

Chai Zhe Xia whose character was candid, was also wild with joy in a flash, he sincerely believed that she already changed her intention to leave.

Even though they had not completed the wedding ceremony, but he already viewed her as his own wife earlier.

Reaching out his hand, he pulled out her hairpins, allowing the long and satin black hair to flow down like a waterfall. Like a dragon and phoenix candles that were swaying with glimmers, he turned over and slowly put her on the couch.

A gentle and fragmented bit of kisses were like raindrops that were dropping on Cui Miao He’s forehead, the tip of her nose, lips, necks…..

That gentle and delicate kisses liked cottons actually ignited a person’s flame, and pressured her to gasp for breaths repeatedly. Even though she wanted to start escaping, but she was also reluctant to leave.

Ultimately, rationality could not beat any surging from one’s whole heart, Cui Miao He surrendered and threw herself into his firm embrace in the end!

Chapter 6 Part 2

Chapter 7 Part 2