A generation of Military Counselour Chapter 12-1

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A bit of housekeeping message. Things are slightly better than I am expected, so I am able to post more chapter parts as a Christmas gift. By the way my one and only computer is going to be fixed. It will return to me next year, so I am unable to translate as fast as before (I am at my sister’s mercy because I am using her laptop to translate temporarily).

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Daytime in rainforest was much shorter than the outside. For most people who walked in, they would have felt the inside was really dark. Gu Yun, this time, didn’t joke around. Later, she would still need to go to the Crow’s Valley, so she answered to the point, “People cannot live without water. Although we don’t know the exact location of the lair, it will surely be near a water source. Therefore, drawing the water points inside the rainforest will give you an estimation of where the lair is located. It is useless to talk more. Today’s training program is to draw the water lines in the rainforest. I’ve said a lot about how to survive in the rainforest, so you better remember it. Now, make ten groups! Your responsibilities are to draw the places surrounding a water point.”

Gu Yun looked at the team captain, who was also the person who swallowed the worm yesterday, Luo Yan. She said, “You will be responsible for the grouping.”

“Yes.” Luo Yan had been in Tiger troop for five years; both his combat and organisational skills were strong. Within less than half an hour the grouping was done.

10 bags, which were filled with plant ashes, were given to Leng Xiao. Gu Yun said, “Leng Xiao, give them the items.”


Leng Xiao was handing each team leader a bag while Gu Yun was explaining, “Inside, there are paper and charcoal. Use them to draw. However, every time you finish your drawings, put them inside the ash bags to keep them dry all the time. Or else you are only wasting your time. Understood?”

“Understood!” Hearing they would formally enter the forest, everyone’s spirit was quite elevated.

Although Gu Yun’s facial expression was clearly not as good as yesterday, but facing vibrant faces in front of her, she said, “Before you go, I have three demands/requirements for you. After you enter the forest, you must obey them. If you disobey them, it means you disobey the military order and you will be discharged immediately without the right to appeal.”

Immediate discharge without appeal?! Leng Xiao puzzledly looked at Gu Yun. Boss has never given this kind of deathly order. What kind of demands were they?

“First, your task is to draw the water points. You must only go alongside of the waterflow. At most, you can closely observe the surroundings. You cannot selfishly or randomly walk. The second demand, if you encounter rebels, you must not chase after them. You just need to take note of where they appeared or disappeared. The third one …” Gu Yun paused for a while and loudly said, “Open your eyes a bit wider. Increase your alertness. Inside the forest, there more than just rebels after your lives. I don’t want to see a single one of you lose your lives there.”

Gu Yun’s stern and serious tone revealed her care for them, and so their hearts were warmed by her words. They loudly replied, “Yes.”

“At Xu hour, I will be here, waiting for you! Now, go!”

Five thousand soldiers rapidly lined up by groups. Each group went towards their own direction. Watching their figures disappear, Gu Yun’s heart was high on her expectation of them. Four days. There were only four days left. She was forced to employ such a method to let them observe what was the real rainforest. Hopefully, they could remember what she had taught them yesterday and would be able to exit the rainforest.


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  1. Yay! Thank you Nutty : D This is my favorite story to turn to when I’m in procrastination mode.
    Hopefully they meet her expectations, (and her hubby steps up to the plate and takes care of her instead of being snooty >.>)

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  3. SL can observe why LX prefers to be under G’s command.

    woohoo…hooray to your sister’s generosity!!!
    Early Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays to you too!


  4. Thankies for the new updates~
    And if I were your sister, I would demand for ice cream everytime you use the computer. LOL. Thank her for us~

    Her past in the rainforest must have been quite a trauma for GuYun/QingMo…

    Happy holidays~


  5. some details i don’t get/understand.. on the earlier chapter when they kidnap Han Shu they said SL need to go to forest in 3days or else they will kill HS.. but in this chapter 4days left? what is it really?


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