A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 12-3

The Crow’s Valley

The sunlight was very dim in the valley. Black clouds and gales rapidly enveloped the Crow’s Valley layer by layer, making it appear extremely dangerous. At both sides of the canyon, the two forces were standing face-to-face. On one side, there was the Su army wearing armour while the plain-clothed rebels were standing on the other side. Continue reading


A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 12-2

The Military Camp

Since early in the morning, seven thousands soldiers had lined up nicely in front of the camp. Su Ling’s face was pitch-black. He was a bit stupefied when he heard Su Ren’s report about Gu Yun leading the troop at dawn to enter the rainforest. Yesterday, she also insisted in going to the Crow’s Valley. How could she, after a night, give up? This was really out of her character. Continue reading

A generation of Military Counselour Chapter 12-1

Hi Everyone,

A bit of housekeeping message. Things are slightly better than I am expected, so I am able to post more chapter parts as a Christmas gift. By the way my one and only computer is going to be fixed. It will return to me next year, so I am unable to translate as fast as before (I am at my sister’s mercy because I am using her laptop to translate temporarily). Continue reading