Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 34: Finally Saved

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Hot Spring Garden (Zheng Hall)

“Xi Yan.”

Lou Xi Yan lost in thought and was looking at one direction, complexion was a little heavy, hand tilted the tea cup that was almost spilled out. Qi Tian Yu called out, he unexpectedly was completely lacked of awareness, Qi Tian Yu knitted his eyebrows, shouted once again: “Xi Yan?”

Lou Xi Yan recovered, looked towards Qi Tian Yu, asked: “Is there any news?”

When did he ever see Xi Yan felt uneasy like this? He was nervous about Qing Feng?! Unable to guess Lou Xi Yan’s thought, Qi Tian Yu did not say anything, only shook his head, answered: “There is no news, your tea is cold.”

Lou Xi Yan slowly lifted his hand, he put the tea cup that was on his hand on the teapoy (see below explanation), calmly with not even a little embarrassment, it seemed that his absent mindedness a moment ago was simply Qi Tian Yu’s vague and unclear vision, nothing more.

“Master.” Jing Sa entered Zheng hall, with heavy sound, he made a report and said: “Bei Qi Country’s diplomatic envoys are already outside Huan Yang city about 10 li (unit measurement about 1/2 km). They are camping to rest there tonight, wushi (between 11 am-1 pm) tomorrow, the Emperor will receive them at Qian Yang palace hall. A banquet is set up to entertain Bei Qi’s diplomatic envoys tomorrow evening, the palace’s Gao gonggong (a calling for a eunuch) has come over to inquire whether or not Master’s health has improved, is it possible to participate?”

Lou Xi Yan pondered for a moment, asked: “Who is the Ambassador?”

“Bei Qi Country’s third Prince Xu Xun Si, seventh Princess Xu Yan Yun, General Hu Zhang Yu’s eldest son Hu Xi Ang.”

Third Prince, Seventh Princess, General’s eldest son? Lou Xi Yan softly raised his eyebrows, this time’s Bei Qi group envoy, was really a complete good faith. If he did not guess mistakenly, Seventh Princess should be this time’s tribute, rumor said that Bei Qi’s Seventh Princess was not only pretty but also an outstanding beauty (the original words were idiom 国色天香-guo se tian xiang, the literal translation was national grace, divine fragrance). Her dancing skill was above average to watch, too wonderful for words, extremely skillful level. Bei Qi sent her to come, the goal was already obvious. It was just that, Hong Tian, could it be that easy to confuse the great monarch? Lou Xi Yan lowly laughed and answered: “You go and answer Gao Jin, just say that I will clearly attend the evening party.”

“Yes.” Jing Sa bowed to leave.

Qi Tian Yu looked at the color of sky (to see what the time was), said: “Almost midnight (the actual words were 三更-san geng, the third of the five night watch periods between 11 pm-1 am), how about you go and rest for a moment, then return to the manor at early dawn, you have to prepare for the feast at the palace in the evening. I will continue to help you look for Qing Feng.”

Softly shaking his head, Lou Xi Yan indifferently answered: “Wait a little longer.”

Lou Xi Yan reached for the new brewed tea, holding the lid, lightly and leisurely stroking the tea leaves, complexion was normal. Qi Tian Yu secretly pondered, he was nervous a moment ago, could it be that it was him who really misjudged just now?

“Master.” Mo Bai’s footsteps were steady, stepping across to enter Zheng hall and walk to the front of Lou Xi Yan. On the one hand, he presented something to his Master, on the other hand, he said: “The great mountain was practically rummaged through, still had not found Qing Feng, but we found a trace of fighting in the forest at the back of the mountain, we were searching behind the mountain now.”

Lou Xi Yan laid down the tea cup, took the stuff that was on Mo Bai’s hand, examined it carefully, it was one throwing knife. Lou Xi Yan’s narrowed his thin pupils: “This is… Qian Jing’s weapon.” At that time, Qian Jing was playing with this on his hand, the knife blade looked like a half moon shape, the cutting edge was sharp, the thin throwing knife was extremely rare, it could be used by even fewer people, right! If the person behind the mountain was Qian Jing, he would be fighting with whom? Qing Feng was missing no more than 3-4 shichen (6-8 hours), she was not within the great mountain, extremely possible that she would be behind the mountain……… Lou Xi Yan suddenly got up, Qi Tian Yu urgently said: “Xi Yan, where are you going?”

Draping over a robe on his shoulder, Lou Xi Yan was walking out while also answering: “Going to the back of the mountain to take a look.”

Qi Tian Yu was stunned, anxious and said: “But it is already very late now, moreover your health…..” He could be certained now, Xi Yan really cared about that woman, extremely care about her, this Qing Feng had what magic power after all, made Xi Yan care this much towards her?!

“I am all right, if I can not find her behind the mountain, I will return to the manor immediately.”

Lou Xi Yan’s footsteps were as usual, did not have the least stagnation. Xi Yan already decided about the matter, he would absolutely not change, Qi Tian Yu could only helplessly answered: “Very well, we go together.”

The delegation of people went out of the hot spring garden, walking over to the back of the mountain.


The sound of footsteps were getting closer and closer, Zhuo Qing also heard a slight different sounds, the nerves braced again, Zhuo Qing rapidly observed all around, she practically could not find any place to hide. Even if there was, also could not be less than to contain three people! If they went out now, they could only walk right into the trap, Zhuo Qing secretly sighed, she could only pray at the moment, that they were not evil people who came!

Zhuo Qing was nervously watching, her wrist was suddenly tight, bowing to look, laying down on the ground, Qian Jing was half propping up his body, pulling her hand, saying: “Help me up… to sit.”

Zhuo Qing retreated to Qian Jing’s back, both hands were pushing his shoulder lightly, let him to sit down. Qian Jing picked up two throwing knives and fastened them in between his fingers, whispered behind Zhuo Qing’s back: “When possible… If you have the opportunity, you just run, do you get it?!”

Zhuo Qing stared blankly, restrained her eyebrows to ponder for a moment, nodded and said: “En.” As long as there was someone who could run to go out, there was a hope!

After listening her answer, Qian Jing was somewhat felt relieved. Ru-er’s lower lip, hands were shivering, yet still firmly held the wood stick on her hand, the three people were all holding their breaths, their two eyes rigidly watching.

Almost did not hear the sound of the footsteps, but the lightly shadows were moving to appear at the location, Qian Jing’s complexion was strict. The martial arts of the arriving people were not weak, if there was really evil intention, none of them could escape. Clasping the thin edge of blades on his hand, he could see clearly the shadow of the reflection of the double edged sword from the head of the people who were coming. Qian Jing used all of his strength, advanced toward the dark shadow, the thin edge of blades flew and shot out, the arriving person leaned on one side to brandish the soft double edge sword, two weapons were fighting together (the original characters were 短兵相接-duan Bing xiang jie, another idiom that can be translated literally as short weapons soldiery fight one another), could only hear a ‘ding!’ sound. The throwing knives flew, straightforwardly embedded in between the stone wall, next to the exposed portion of the lowly humming of the crying insects. He could only use the thin throwing knives to enter the stone wall like this so they could clearly see his big strength!

Zhuo Qing and Qian Jing were all frightened, at the same time, the arriving people also came into the cave. Looking clearly at the direction of the big tall silhouette, Zhuo Qing was pleasantly surprised and shouted: “Blue eyes?!”

Woo hoo, woo hoo, heavens really opened one’s eyes! Zhuo Qing almost burst into tears…. Sweeping a glance at the circumstances inside the cave afterwards, Mo Bai slightly moved sideways, Lou Xi Yan’s meager silhouette appeared at the entrance of the cave.

Flame shined upon, facing each other, that pair of eyes that were always gentle but they appeared to be deep and hard to fathom at this moment. Zhuo Qing’s heart jumped, he…. why did he come?

Chapter 33: So Bad Luck (Part 3)

Chapter 35: Really Was An Expert

Sian’s notes:
It’s very surprising to find out that LXY really knows about Mo Bai’s tendency. Remember in the previous chapter when he was going to tell LXY that ZQ was missing, LXY knew it that there was something wrong even before Mo Bai said anything. Then, in this chapter, LXY heard Mo Bai’s steady steps that were approaching him and he somehow knew or had a feeling that Mo Bai had some good news. It’s very cool the way Qian Lu put these “between the lines” relationship among her characters. I love it!!!

According to Wikipedia, “a teapoy is an item of furniture. The word is of Indian origin, and was originally used to describe a three-legged table. By erroneous association with the word “tea”, it is also used to describe a table with a container for tea, or a table for holding a tea service.”
I was going to use just coffee table but Din2 insisted of using teapoy as there was no coffee table in the ancient period. Hehehe…


Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 33: So Bad Luck (Part 3)

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Looking at the throwing knives that fell to the ground completely, the big person laughed willfully, a very ear piercing like sound, then withdrew the iron chain, the big person pushed Zhuo Qing to one side, pointed at Qian Jing and laughingly said: “Young brats, Laozi will send you to meet your Maker (die)!”

The big person was waving the ball, hitting towards Qian Jing. Qian Jing half squatted to dodge the ball, a move that swept across the dead leaves, the foot kicked the side of the edge of blades to stand up.

Wanting to get the weapon, but it was not that easy, the big person regained the ball, the iron swept, the majority of the throwing knives were swept outside of the cave, only a few fell at Qian Jing’s hand. Knowing in his heart that this was an inauspicious time, Qian Jing was shouting at Zhuo Qing: “Hurry go!”

Zhuo Qing covered her neck and stumbled to get up all the way, then turned around to see, in order to withstand the ball, Qian Jing already used up all the throwing knives that were on his hand. Beckoning that he was in more and more difficult situation, he was almost hit by the ball several times, outside the cave, the thin edge of the blades that flew outside were faintly shining in white light.

In a flash, Zhuo Qing picked up ten throwing knives from the ground, once again ran back to the cave to face Qian Jing’s direction to throw them over, and shouted loudly: “Qian Jing, catch.”

The big person absolutely did not think that Zhuo Qing would come back with this trick, turning around, as if it was sort of like rain of the thin edge of blades were advancing towards them. The big person waved the iron chain to try to cut off once again, unfortunately Qian Jing already took advantage of the situation by catching many throwing knives.

With more weapons, inside the cave, the big person’s long chain clearly could not compare to Qian Jing’s flexible throwing knives. Haggling for several times, his body was already hit by several knives.

“Stinking woman!” (I think these words 臭娘们 technically can be translated into stinking b****, but I’ll make it softer and use woman instead). If it was not because of her to throw and give the throwing knives to Qian Jing, how could he sustain injuries! The big person casted an angry look at Zhuo Qing, changed direction, the hand that had the ball turned towards Zhuo Qing’s direction to attack.

Qian Jing was shocked, the wrist moved strongly, the hand with the throwing knife aimed at the big person’s wrist and threw it, the throwing knife’s power penetrated crushingly (the original words are 千 (thousand) 钧 (30 catties) – it’s an equivalent to a 30,000 thousand catties. According to Wikipedia, one catty equals to 1 1/3 lbs so you can figure out how much strength that QJ is using), immediately pierced through the wrist, did not enter into the big person’s abdomen. The big person suffered a great pain (the original words are 吃 (eat) 疼 (pain), the hand’s strength was already loosen, but the ball was still flying towards Zhuo Qing’s face.

Zhup Qing retreated one step, knocked against the stone wall, unable to retreat anymore. Zhuo Qing subconsciously lifted her arms to protect her face, the ball hit somebody and a sound echoed. Zhuo Qing, however, did not feel any pain, put down her hands, just saw Qian Jing’s tall body stood in front of her.

“Qian Jing!” Zhuo Qing ran in front of his body, but one long iron chain dragged on the ground, the ball impartially hang at the position of his heart. Looking at the sharp barbs on the ball, Zhuo Qing’s heart tightened, hurriedly supported him, Qian Jing stumbled one step, two people stumbled to sit on the ground, the atmosphere, the strong reeking of blood smell made Zhuo Qing’s heart to jump frantically.

Zhuo Qing only thought that her brain exploded with heat, she did not know what to say: “Why did you…” She really did not understand, this man whom she only met three times, why did he want to get hit because of her?!

Why did he save her? Qian Jing also did not know why, he had said once that even if she looked for him, he would not look for her again, was not so?! But he simply did not think too much just a moment ago, his body was quicker than his reaction to throw himself quickly, he did not know for what reason, maybe simply did not want an innocent person to sustain injury, nothing more.

Looking at Zhuo Qing’s appearance who was perplexed and with guilty conscience, Qian Jing was gasping lowly and mockingly said: “You are already…. ugly enough, if you are even uglier, you will scare a dead person….”

Why was this man forever not being serious, had he not seen that the blood in his chest was pouring out?! Zhuo Qing really wanted to scold back, but the voice was stuck in her throat.

Looking a glance at the big person who struggled on the ground, Qian Jing pushed away Zhuo Qing, said: “You go…. Help Ru-er up, we leave quickly….”

This push made Zhuo Qing recovered eventually, pushing Qian Jing’s body to make him half laying down on the ground to ease the gravity of the ball downward, carefully examined the depth of the wound. There were three barbs that pierced the left side, luckily the injury was not deep, there was no injury to the thoracic cavity organs (rib cage and associated skin, muscle, fascia). However, pulling the barbs by force, not only the wound surface would be big, the muscle would also be torn excessively, the injury could reach the internal organs.

Zhuo Qing raised her eyes to look at the outside of the cave, the sound of dripping rain was echoing again, lightly pressing, did not let him to get up, Zhuo Qing heavily said: “Out of the question, it is raining outside, your wound can not handle it, not even half a shichen time (one hour), you will die because of losing too much blood!”

Touching a few acupuncture points, Qian Jing shook his head, persisted to stand up: “I have already sealed the acupuncture points, I will not die, we have to go, he is very dangerous, I am now… not able to protect you again.”

Sealing the acupuncture points would not make him die? Then she could immediately lose her job! Zhuo Qing did not believe his arguments, but looking towards the ground, covering the wound on his abdomen, the incessantly shouting from the big person, Zhuo Qing was also somewhat anxious. The way he was now should not have any threat, but could not rule out that he would wait to strike and go all out to risk his life!

Lowering her eyebrows to ponder for a moment, Zhuo Qing suddenly got up to pick up the most thick tree stick on the ground, walking to the big person’s side, the big person started to open his eyes big. Zhuo Qing without demur, grabbed the tree stick, aimed it at behind his neck about three centimeters and ferociously stroke it down! This was quick, accurate and fierce, the big person could only groan, and it was over.

Zhuo Qing crouched, inspected one time, confirmed that the big person indeed fainted and threw away the tree stick on her hand, lightly patted her hands of the sawdust, Zhuo Qing turned around to see towards the half laid down person on the ground, Qian Jing who had this strange facial expression, unhurriedly asked: “Will this be ok?”

Qian Jing was stupefied, this woman…. Recalling their first meeting, she also caught him off guard when she threw out a big person who was double in strength than herself at that time, it seemed that he underestimated her. Qian Jing shook his head, forced a bitter laugh and said: “I have never met…. a woman like you who was this violent and barbarous.”

Violent and barbarous? Fine, Zhuo Qing indifferently answered: “You have seen it now.” He was indeed ignorant and narrow minded, if he had the opportunity to meet Gu Yun, he would know what the real violence and barbarous was.

Walking to support Ru-er to arrive at the side of the bonfire, and then sit down, Zhuo Qing softly said: “Ru-er, you help me set the fire up a little.”

Ru-er nodded firmly, this young woman’s courage and insight made people admire endlessly.

Walking for a couple steps, Zhuo Qing picked up the tree stick from the ground once again, handed it over to Ru-er, said: “Hold this, if he wakes up, you just give him another hit.” Her main fear was, if at that time she was halfway treating his wound, the big person woke up, it would be troublesome.

Ru-er took a bigger than her arm stick, then looked at the big person on the side who remained unconscious. Looking at Zhuo Qing’s cold and firm face, secretly swallowed a mouthful of saliva, with challenge, she answered: “Oh…. I…. got it.”

In her heart, this was somewhat difficult for her, but she had no choice under the current circumstances. Zhuo Qing walked back to Qian Jing’s side, supported him to lie down, said: “I will help you to treat the wound now.”

Qian Jing grabbed Zhuo Qing’s hand who was just about to undo the front part of his jacket, with a suspicious face: “Can you do it….?”

Zhuo Qing softly raised her eyebrows, she indeed possessed a surgeon qualification. Moreover the way she moved the knife was absolutely better than any other young surgeon, and towards the flesh of the body, bones, internal organs’ research, an average surgeon was by far inferior! This small operation for her was as easy as turning her hand, so to speak.

Zhuo Qing stretched her hand again, Qian Jing shouted again: “Hold on. Help me take…. out the medicine bottle from my waist.”

Rummaging through his waist to try to find it for a moment, Zhuo Qing found one small porcelain bottle, opened the wooden cork, a faintly smell of the medicine dissipated out, emptied out the bottle, but there was nothing inside. Handing over the medicine bottle to him, Zhuo Qing indifferently said: “There is no more.”

No more? Qian Jing cried piteously, why there was no more medicine at this time, could it be that the heaven wanted to extinct him!!

The smell of this medicine, was very familiar…. Zhuo Qing bowed her head to try to find a hidden pocket inside the belt for a moment, took out one small pouch, carefully opened it, poured it out and looked. Zhuo Qing secretly rejoiced, she handed over the small pill from her hand to Qian Jing, Zhuo Qing laughed and said: “Lucky for you, fortunately it does not get soaked, eat it, ok.” At that time, he said that this medicine was something to staunch a bleeding, frightened repose, detoxify fever/cold, a good elixir medicine! Hoping it was really that good…

“This is…..” Qian Jing received and looked, this was the medicine that he gave her last time, as it turned out she did not throw it away…. Picking up two thin knife blades, Zhuo Qing examined carefully, the cutting edge was very sharp, the thickness was also appropriate, finally she chose one knife. Her back was facing towards Qian Jing, she held the knife and placed it on the fire to sterilize it. Zhuo Qing whispered: “You let me preserve this life properly, you owe 100 liang now.”

Looking at the beautiful reflection of her back that was facing him, Qian Jing’s heart secretly filled up with strange feeling, lowly sighed, Qian Jing said: “Ok, let us begin.”

Holding the intended temporary surgical knife properly, Zhuo Qing walked to Qian Jing’s side, comfortingly said: “You have to tolerate, very quickly.”

“Let us do it!” Qian Jing unafraid of dying’s appearance made Zhuo Qing dumbfounded, he would still feel relaxed and play a joke at this moment!!

The blood already stuck on the clothing and skin together, Zhuo Qing carefully torn open the front jacket. Using the flame, Zhuo Qing carefully researched the position of the blade afterwards, then she started without the slightest hesitation: ” En, ah…” Without anesthetic, forcibly cutting the wound, one could imagine the pain. Although Qian Jing’s endurance could already be regarded as astonishing, but the pain caused by muscle contraction and unconsciously violent resistance caused her difficulty to continue with the knife, Zhuo Qing tightly knitted her brows. Sure enough, she did not suit to do a surgery! By comparison, she still liked dead bodies more, because they absolutely would obediently allow her to do whatever she pleased.

Accurately cutting open the adhesion to the muscle tissue, it only took 10 minutes, the whole barbs were taken out, the lethal weapon was thrown to the side. Zhuo Qing looked towards Qian Jing, he was holding firm both of his fists continuously, the flame shined down, his complexion was dark red, beads of sweat fell on his cheeks and to the ground, he was gasping a big mouthful of air disorderly, lightly patting his cheeks, Zhuo Qing heavily narrated: “Qian Jing, already done, you relax.”

Although the lethal weapon was taken out, but there was no disinfectant, even more, no suture tool, fortunately, comparing with the same surgery, Qian Jing wound’s measurement was surprisingly small. Could it be that in martial arts’ novels, sealing some acupuncture points, the blood could temporarily stop, this thing was real!? This was extremely magical, she could actually research it properly!

The current problem was what she could use to wrap his wound in order to prevent infection, she could not tear her clothing again, otherwise, she would be naked!

“Hiss….” Zhuo Qing was still worried, the sound of a clothing that was being ripped up echoed. Zhuo Qing went back just to see Ru-er was snatching a big chunk of clothing, handed it over to her, and said: “For you.”

The sides of her legs were exposed, Ru-er was really not used to, she pulled back her legs desperately, but the hand with the strips of the skirt still firmly handed them over to Zhuo Qing. Zhuo Qing took the clothing, thankfully smiled and said: “Thank you.”

Ru-er felt embarrassing and shook her head, she did not help them with anything, if they did not save her, she would already…. Zhuo Qing took the clothing and tore it into strips, connected them together, gently helped up Qian Jing, rapidly wrapped up the wound, after the sharp pain, Qian Jing’s brain was more clear headed. Looking at the busy and skillful Zhuo Qing who was wrapping his wound, Qian Jing narrowed his tiny phoenix eyes, lowly gasping to ask: “You… are a doctor….”

Qian Jing secretly pondered her identify, facing blood and fierce wound, she was cool and calm, with a knife was steady and without hesitation, an agile skill as people had no choice but to admire. She would be unquestionably a medical expertise, but she was quite familiar with treating the wound like she had already treated numerous times of similar injuries like this. An ordinary doctor would just feel the pulse at most, then boil medicine. The opportunity to access this kind of knife injury was not many, especially she was still a rich young lady…. Doctor? “You can consider it like that.” Forensic investigator was also a doctor, right~~ wrapping up the wound properly, Zhuo Qing released a long breath, she was tired and slumped on the ground, and said: “You rest for a moment, at dawn we will….”

Qian Jing’s phoenix eyes suddenly trembled with fear, complexion was gloomy, grasped her wrist firmly, softly said: “There is someone!”

There was someone!? Zhuo Qing relaxed her neves just a moment ago and had to brace once again, impossible, ok! Looking at a disabled person, then she looked at herself whose clothing was not even covering her body, battered and exhausted, Zhuo Qing cried piteously, this night still did not have enough frustration, how many bad lucks could one person have after all?!

Chapter 32: So Bad Luck (Part 2)

Chapter 34: Finally Saved

Sian’s notes:
I just realized when I was reading the latest update of book 2 of the series, that Qian Jing was called Gan Jing. This is the characters for his name, 乾荆. The first character 乾 can be written down in pinyin as either Qian or Gan. Based on my dictionary, a surname with this character should be written as Qian, however google translate actually used Gan. Throughout the novel in the previous chapters though, we know that ZQ is mistakenly called him with a wrong character ‘money’ which is written in pinyin as ‘qian’ also. ‘Gan’ usually means dry, clean, foster, to ignore, adoptive. So I’m pretty sure that his name is Qian Jing. But I just want you to be aware that Qian Jing in book 1 and Gan Jing in book 2 are the same person.


Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 32: So Bad Luck (Part 2)

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This chapter was translated for only. And only for those people who don’t mind reading unprofessional translation that was being translated FREELY using the translator’s and editor’s own free times. So rude & entitled people aren’t welcome to read this translation!!! So GO AWAY….


Zhuo Qing still had not figured out what to do, just heard a strong wind flashed through the side of her ears, followed by a loud sound of movement. Staring to look at, a fist sized rock rolled all the way forward, Zhuo Qing’s back went cold, she obviously did not move that rock, where did the rock come from?!

“Who is that?!” Inside the cave, an alert male’s voice lowly roared.

Zhuo Qing’s heart was panicky, hurriedly retreated to squeeze into the bushes on the side, suddenly one pair of big hands grabbed her shoulder. One hand was covering her mouth, while she was dragged to the side. Zhuo Qing was shocked, struggling with all her might, then her ears heard both familiar and unfamiliar male sounds, lowly echoed: “I will draw him to go out, you go in to save the person.”

This voice? It was…. Qian Jing? Zhuo Qing no longer struggled, the hand that grabbed her also let go at last. Zhuo Qing hurriedly turned around, hazy rain fog, towards a pair of deep like peaceful eyes, the person who came was indeed Qian Jing. But this time, his eyes were solemn, and as different as they could be than his ordinarily sloppy’s appearance, Zhuo Qing was absent minded for a split second.

Qian Jing lightly pushed her to the side of the cave near the back of the mountain rocks, he ran towards the pole, and stood outside. Qian Jing put both of his hands on the hips, while his mouth shouted: “In broad daylight, clear sky, unexpectedly and violently snatched a woman from an ordinary family, Xiao Ye (he’s calling himself Xiao Ye this time) could not just watch and do nothing, still did not come out to accept your death!”

Zhuo Qing immediately filled her head with sinister thought, it was obviously clouded and covered with dense, moonless night and high wind, where did the broad day light come from, clear sky, he was really that hooligan whom she was familiar with! Feeling apprehensive in her heart, Zhuo Qing was sticking closed to the rocks’ wall, carefully hiding herself. Suddenly, a light flew out of the cave, Qian Jing jumped side way, had barely dodged it, afterward, a silvery light unexpectedly returned to the cave once again. Zhuo Qing was fearful secretly, what kind of weapon was it.

“Immature and inexperienced small child, watched it that Yeye did not chop you up!” Along with a rude roar, one tall and robust big person showed up, the strong and muscular’ body could somewhat scare people. Zhuo Qing carefully looked at the weapon on his hand, discovered that his arm was twisted with several thin iron chains, underneath the iron chains were hanging a ball smaller than a fist, the surface of the ball was densely packed, flashing coldness barbs. If it hit you, you were sure to be mutilated badly.

Zhuo Qing held her breath, curled up her body tighter, only heard Qian Jing sneered: “Then just look who will die first!” The throwing knife flew out advancing towards that big person. The big person stroke the ball out, a bang bang sound, the throwing knife and the ball stroke with a trace of spark. The big person did not take it lying down, waved the iron chain with his hand to attack Qian Jing, Qian Jing flew backwards. The big person pursued the retreating enemy, the two weapons came into contact, the sound of plants were swaying more and more distant. Zhuo Qing lifted up her long skirt, agilely ran to go in.

The cave was quite big, there was a burning fire in the middle, a small corner, a disheveled and ragged woman was curling up on the ground, she was frightened and staring at her, the thin body was shivering repeatedly.

Zhuo Qing stepped forward, urgently said: “Stand up quickly, follow me.”

The woman not only did not stand up, she was also still afraid and withdrawn, Zhuo Qing pulled the woman’s arm to support her to stand up, at the same time explained: “You are Ru-er, right, it is Qi Tian Yu who makes us come to save you, do not ask too many questions, we will leave now and put off this discussion until later.”

It wasn’t easy to pull the woman to stand up, she was nevertheless still leaning on her closely and trembling repeatedly, motionless. Zhuo Qing was anxious, still did not speak, the woman concealed the glistening teardrops from her eyes, miserably looking at her, with a trembling voice said: “I can not move my leg….”

You could not move? Zhuo Qing raised her leg, a burn flame reflection, Zhuo Qing finally saw clearly that the woman’s right leg had a distinct open fracture unexpectedly.

“Darn it!” Zhuo Qing lowly cursed, the wound cut was unusually big, the bone calf was severely exposed, the flesh was ripped apart, too late to treat and fix it, this servant girl’s leg would be crippled, so to speak, the wound was too large and already started an infection that could take her young life! No wonder that man dared to leave her by herself in the cave, he already broke her leg at an earlier time, let alone tried to run away, she could not even crawl out of this cave!

Looking at the circumstances of the wound surface and the woman’s somewhat apathetic expression, this injury was certainly more than 12 hours. She could not carry her, if she dragged her, afraid after walking not too far, outside was also full of weeds and dried up branches, if there was one more infection…. Zhuo Qing judged the circumstances rapidly, supported the woman to sit down, ran to the side of the bonfire, looked for two dry branches, returned to the woman’s side. She was tearing her skirt to make some strips of clothes, while saying lowly: “You must endure it!”

Ru-er still did not response, Zhuo Qing already grabbed her calf, the technique to set the bone straight up was fast and accurate.

“Aahhh…..” The pain from the restoring of the bone made Ru-er nearly fainted, slowly coming back with great difficulty, Zhuo Qing already helped to use the branches to fasten the wound properly, a long sigh of relief, Zhuo Qing supported her to stand up again, and asked: “Can you move it?” Everything was entirely a stop gap measure, the strips of clothing were rotating around the right leg tightly, could only ensure that she would not suffer a second fracture, without the disinfection, the infection was inevitable, just wished that she could withstand to go!

Lightly moving the right leg, still hurt, but could already use strength! Ru-er lowered her lips, exerted strength to nod and answer: “I can, let us go, ok!”

“Let us go.” Zhuo Qing was supporting Ru-er to go to the outside of the cave, her heart secretly exclaimed in admiration, one tenacious and smart woman.

“Go to which direction?!”

Two people walked away, the big person’s black and robust silhouette appeared, somewhat complacent, laughed heartily and said: “Thinking to lure an enemy away from his territory, how many years you regarded Laozi to muddle along in Jiang Hu, entirely and clearly in vain!”

Ru-er’s body could not help trembling, Zhuo Qing’s heart raised to her throat, this was the first time that she clearly felt her own frantic heartbeat. Supporting Ru-er, they both retreated all the way, until the ice cold of the wall rocks, no space to retreat anymore.

The fire was burning more and more, Zhuo Qing’s skirt was already torn into a miniskirt, inside the pants that she was wearing was also so thin. The big person’s expression was dark, his gaze was looking up and down at Zhuo Qing: “Ck, ck, ck, the heavens treat me better ah… This woman is more exciting!”

The big person approached step by step, just in time when his hand was going to grab Zhuo Qing’s shoulder at once, one frivolous edge of blade was flying to attack, the big person promptly dodged his hand. Zhuo Qing also seized the opportunity to drag Ru-er to run to the other direction, who would have thought, after running out for a few steps, Zhuo Qing’s neck was tightened, one fierce power grasped to pull her back. In a moment of desperation, Zhuo Qing could only let go, and pushed Ru-er’s sleeveless garment firmly, wanted to push her outside the cave, just in time time for Qian Jing to come in and catch her head on.

Dragging Zhuo Qing to stand in front of himself, the big person fearlessly shouted: “Young brats, you and I do not have any grievance and animosity in the past or today, I do not want to kill you, you seem to be in a tangle, do not blame me for being ruthless.”

With her neck was covered and pulled by the big person’s iron chain tightly, Zhuo Qing was nearly breathless, with flushed complexion, Qian Jing’s cold phoenix eyes, helped Ru-er up. Qian Jing turned around, with cold voice answered: “You and I indeed do not have any hatred and desire for revenge, but one person’s wealth is also another person’s calamity, if you really have the ability, just fight with me alone, only can take a woman as a shield, mouth shows off as vicious and fierce, are you still a man!?”

“Using this negative remarks method to spur Laozi into action is useless!” The big person used his strength to pull the iron chain. Zhuo Qing was breathing sluggishly, breathing deeply became extremely difficult. Looking at Qian Jing clenched his hand into a fist momentarily, the big person knew that he caught the right person, with a stern voice shouted: “It is best that you obediently throw away the throwing knives that are in your hand, otherwise I will snap her throat!”

Wishing to cry but there was no tears, it was already sufficient to describe her feeling now, ever since she came to this terrible place, she just walked into misfortune continuously, her neck repeatedly suffered a calamity!! Exhausting her full strength to keep on breathing, Zhuo Qing originally thought that Qian Jing would be the same as last time to pretend to take things less seriously and continue to infuriate the big person, then trying to find the opportunity to counterattack, in any case, he already rescued Ru-er.

Who would have thought…

Bang, bang, a clear and loud sound echoed, leaving behind silvery lights of the thin edge of the blades that were thrown away to the ground. Zhuo Qing was staring at Qian Jing, was he crazy?! Did not have the throwing knives, how could he fight with the big person? How he could do it, not only he was unable to save them, but also would have to indemnify for his own life! Or, he still had other hidden throwing knives somewhere else?

“You should also throw away the throwing knives that are on your waist, do not think to play trick on me!” Obviously the big person was also anticipated this point. Qian Jing hesitated in a moment, the big person tightened the iron chain one more time. Zhuo Qing who was in pain coughed.

Must not throw away ah! Disregarding the pain on her neck, Zhuo Qing was staring at Qian Jing firmly, by all means, you should not throw away!! The four eyes were staring for a short period of time, with serene and deep eyes, Zhuo Qing could not see what he was thinking in the end, her ears simply heard a few more sounds, a few thin edge of blades already fell to the ground.

Chapter 31: So Bad Luck (Part 1)

Chapter 33: So Bad Luck (Part 3)

A Generation of Military Counsellor Chapter 21: She is mine

Hi everyone, I am not fully back yet. Anyway, this is the update. Btw, this chapter was edited by Remy 🙂 L3D had posted part of the chapter in here. I found she/he actually is doing a great job (in my opinion, the translation is much better than mine)! make sure to check his/her translation. 🙂

PS: I need to solve a statistical problem whereby X~binom(n,p)*gamma(shape,rate). I was given empirical x deciles (0.1,0.5, and 0.9) as well as the mean. Do you guys have any idea how to predict the rate of the gamma distribution? SOS oOo



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Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 31: So Bad Luck (Part 1)

This chapter was missing from 19lou’s version so I used bestory’s version in doing this translation. Another cliff hanger in this chapter…

This chapter was translated for only. And only for those people who don’t mind reading unprofessional translation that was being translated FREELY using the translator’s and editor’s own free times. So rude & entitled people aren’t welcome to read this translation!!! So GO AWAY….


As the night fell, the moon was on the top of the tip of a tree branch, already haishi time (between 9-11 pm), the inside of the Zheng hall was still brightly lit. Lou Xi Yan sat at the owner’s seat, his forefinger was tapping the wood chair lightly, kept tapping, the voice was not loud, but inside the quiet Zheng hall, it seemed exceptionally clear. Lou Xi Wu slightly raised her head, secretly aimed a glance at Lou Xi Yan. Elder brother did not say anything and also did not scold her. She also could not see his facial expression whether he was happy or angry. It rained heavily a moment ago, so she was all wet from her head to her legs. She was cold and hungry at the moment, shivering with cold. But Lou Xi Wu was still well-behaved and lowered her head, did not even dare to say one word.

She left a letter and ran away at that time, it was also an impulsive moment, she regretted it afterwards, but could not let herself to comeback, right. She guessed that Jing Sa and elder brother would try to find her very quickly, it was a proven fact that it was indeed very quickly. But if she had known earlier that this wretched day would pour down this much rain, elder brother would be liked this frightening person now, she would not go out even if she died….

“Mo Bai.” Lou Xi Yan’s muffled voice suddenly echoed, frightening Lou Xi Wu a little, stealthily aiming once again, discovering that Lou Xi Yan simply did not look at her, only quietly saying something at Mo Bai who was on his side: “Go inform them, Tian Yu and Qing Feng, we have found Xi Wu. Let them look no further.”

“Yes.” Mo Bai walked pass by Jing Sa’s side for a moment, gave him the ‘keep calm, do not get excited’ expression, then hurriedly went out.

Looking at Lou Xi Wu who was trembling like dead leaves in the wind, Jing Sa originally wanted to say something, but because of Mo Bai’s expression, he swallowed it at the end.

Zheng hall was suffocatingly quiet once again, half a shichen later (an hour), Lou Xi Wu really could not stand it, if he wanted to hit or wanted to scold, in all cases, she still had to listen soon afterwards, right! She could not receive this kind of torture anymore, lifting her head, Lou Xi Wu started talking: “Elder brother….”

Unfortunately, once she spoke this one word, Lou Xi Yan suddenly and faintly raised his voice to shout: “Somebody comes. Help Miss to return to her room to rest, without my order, she is not allowed to go out of the door one step!”

The imperial bodyguard who was outside the door came in, standing behind Lou Xi Wu, looking face to face one glance, still advancing to support Lou Xi Wu to walk out.

“Elder brother!! You can not be like this shutting me up?!” Lou Xi Wu recovered and argued noisily and loudly. It was a pity, from start to finish, Lou Xi Yan did not even face her directly nor did he look at her one glance.

Lou Xi Yan’s face was undisturbed from beginning to end, did not even have the slightest anger in appearance. Jing Sa, nevertheless already knew too well, his anger was not light. Jing Sa advanced one step, heavily said: “Master, this matter…. was entirely because of me as well, not related to Miss. Please punish this subordinate….”

Lou Xi Yan lightly raised his hand, preventing him from saying anything, faintly answered: “My own sense of propriety, you should also withdraw and rest, ok.”

“Yes.” Master did not want to listen to his words, Jing Sa’s heart sank down, could only bow and leave.

Jing Sa rigidly turned around to leave, even his back entirely revealed stubborn and chilly personalities. Lou Xi Yan helplessly shook his head, Xi Wu liked Jing Sa, he already knew it. Jing Sa was also not totally uninterested towards this girl, he really was not a pedantic person. If they really had an affinity with each other, could marry each other, it was also a wonderful thing. Dealing with Jing Sa’s tough character, who held the master and servant’s belief, even if he personally gave them approval, Jing Sa would also not agree, in order to prevent Jing Sa’s difficulty, this matter was treated as if he did not see it all along. Contrarily, Xi Wu was this impetuous, not sure if her constant perseverance would yield any success. (This was an idiom 水滴石穿-shui di shi chuan, literally means dripping water penetrates the stone). He was not immune with this problem.

Lightly massaging his temple, Lou Xi Yan got up, ready to return to his room, nevertheless, he saw Mo Bai hurriedly came, footsteps looked somewhat urgent, this premonition of indescribable bad feeling raised up, without waiting until Mo Bai opened his mouth, Lou Xi Yan asked: “What happened?”

“Qing Feng is missing.”

Missing?! Lou Xi Yan raised his head, eyes slipped off a trace of great waves.

Lou Xi Yan did not need to ask, Mo Bai already answered: “I have searched this entire hot spring garden, can not find her shadow. All of the people in the manor went out to try to find Miss Xi Wu this afternoon, nobody knew how she went missing.”

Could it be that she run away? Extremely impossible, she could not be that stupid. If she wanted to run away, she could find other opportunity, should not choose this desolate valley. Moreover, how could she run away, it would be more difficult to see her sisters. Perhaps, she was kidnapped?! Thinking here, Lou Xi Yan’s complexion was dark, his voice seemed somewhat urgent: “Summon all the bodyguards to come over and rummage through this great mountain to search for her.”

“Yes.” Mo Bai’s brows unconsciously knitted slightly. This Qing Feng, apparently could already affect Master’s state of mind.


She is a pig!

She is merely an idiot!

She is merely an extremely stupid pig!

She is merely an extremely and incurably stupid pig!

Why did she want to care about Lou Xi Wu’s fate, why did she not leisurely wait for the news in the small garden, why did she want to look for her at all of the surrounding around the small garden when she did not have to, why did the heaven suddenly send a torrential rain, why did she lose her way?! Right, she lost the way, the first time in her life that she lost the way, she who had this super ability to remember, could lose the way unexpectedly!! @#$#%…..

Zhuo Qing was scolding herself in her heart over and over again, footsteps nevertheless did not dare to stop a tiny bit. The rain fog was curling up after the heavy rain in the mountain, one side was completely covered by the uneven height of the bushes, all four sides were surrounded by a dense mass, there was no visibility at all. She could only fumble to move forwards, she should still be on the hill of the hot spring garden, and thus meeting large wild animals would be very unlikely. There was a hot spring here, certainly would have running water, so long as she found running water, she could go out.

The night wind was chilly, she was cold and hungry, did not know how long she had been walking in the dark. Finally, there was a faint flicker of flame in a distance place, Zhuo Qing almost wanted to shriek! If there was fire surely there would be someone!! Zhuo Qing sped up her footsteps, she walked over towards the square shaped origin of the fire quickly.

Getting closer, just when Zhuo Qing was thinking and hoping, a loud roar shook her and she did not even dare to move: “You shut up, if you cry, I will slaughter you!”

Zhuo Qing was rigid all over, heaven….. She had so many bad luck ah, with great difficulty she saw hope, in the end it was desperation…. Zhuo Qing went away from the flame and passed on the nearby cave, fearing to disturb the people inside. Zhuo Qing took a deep breath, after calming herself, she raised her legs to use the lightest steps to go back.

Only stepping out a few steps, that coarse and violent voice of a man was swearing while he talked: “Your, Qi Family, he was good for nothing, opened a casino and extorted Laozi’s money, must not think that Laozi could be easily bullied, also did not ask around about what kind of person Yeye was! (He called himself Yeye which could be translated as paternal grandfather but I’m keeping the pinyin words as it should only be a nick name for him). It will be best that you pray that the Qi Family can be obedient to take money to redeem you, otherwise, just do not blame me for being vicious and merciless!”

Qi Family?! It could not be this coincidental, right!! Could it be that this person was the one whom Qi Tian Yu asked Qian Jing to catch? Actually, this person was not stupid, Qi Family would not think that he was actually hiding at their own house and right in front of their eyes, moreover with this much dense like jungle, hiding one or two people, was extremely easy.

A muffled female voice, was sobbing and panicking, saying: “You must not kill me, my elder brother will take money to redeem me!”

This girl could not be regarded as stupid either, did not expose her own identity who was actually a servant girl, otherwise the bandit would get angry, her young life would be finished. Zhuo Qing raised her legs to move forward again, mentally and secretly praying that she could leave smoothly on her own. The girl’s intelligent would let her persevere for a while to wait for her to look for people to come and rescue her.

Zhuo Qing’s self comfort had not finished, the girl’s frightened yelling already echoed: “You, what do you want to do!? Go away!!”

“You can feel relieved, kill, I will not kill you, this smooth skinned, (again an idiom, 细皮嫩肉-xi pi wen rou & can be translated literally as soft skin and tender flesh), Laozi has not tasted this daughter of a rich family, what the taste is!”

Shoot! The vulgar language made Zhuo Qing’s goose bumps raised up! The next thing that would happen, just used toes to think and one would also know!

“If you injure me, my…. my elder brother will not give you any money!” This girl used the best effort, wanted to appease the man at all costs, unfortunately the man could not be persuaded, spit and scolded: “Do not give? Do not give just let him receive a corpse, ok!”

“Begging you! Begging you, do not do it!”


Then a tearing sound of a clothing, a woman’s wailing sound, a man’s wantonly laughter, everything was a rasp, grinding Zhuo Qing’s heart. Her mind flashed through countless females’ corpses because of the deadly rapes, Zhuo Qing’s hand was grasping tighter and tighter! Darn it, darn it, darn it! She was anxious as if she was in an impossible situation, if she ignored the girl to walk on her own, she reckoned that she would not be peaceful for a life time, but if she rushed to go in, the outcome would only be more messy! What to do, what to do…. Quickly think, quickly think….

Chapter 30: The Little Girl’s Hurt Feeling

Chapter 32: So Bad Luck (Part 2)


Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 30: The Little Girl’s Hurt Feeling

Rethinking over about Jing Sa’s age, I think he’s probably in the early 20s or maybe even in his late teen. According to ZQ’s estimation in the previous chapter, LXW is about 15-16 years old so JS can’t be too much older than her.

This chapter was translated for only. And only for those people who don’t mind reading unprofessional translation that was being translated FREELY using the translator’s and editor’s own free times. So rude & entitled people aren’t welcome to read this translation!!! So GO AWAY….


“Go away, I do not want to eat!”

After the shrieking sound, there was a sound of a falling bowl of dish.

The young servant girl who delivered the food was standing at the side shivering not knowing what to do. Zhuo Qing waved her hand towards her to let her leave. Sweeping a quick look at a completely messy floor, splashing food on the cabin. Zhuo Qing’s hands were on her chest, coldly answered: “If you want to starve yourselves to death to let your Jing gege to have a guilty conscience and feel sorry for you, then you still need to work a little harder, do not merely not eating food, the best way is you must also not drinking water, persevere for 5-6 days, then you will not be far away from being dead.”

Lou Xi Wu smashed a pile of things, while gasping for air, she was also scolding: “You, this bad woman, even if there is no me, he will also not like you!”

Not bad, not eating for one day, she still had strength to scold people! Zhuo Qing avoided the wreckage on the floor and sat down on the chair at the side, dismissively replied: “In the eyes of other people, your darling is merely a grass, nothing more. You are the Lou’s family daughter, he dares to reject you and gives you an embarrassment. You can give him a hard time and make him suffer terribly. You are the owner and he is the servant. You want to do what just do it, what is the point to get angry like this!”

“That is enough, enough!!” Lou Xi Wu was hysterical and continued to cry and shrieked: “What owner ah, what servant ah. I have never regarded him as a servant!! He just wants to use this as an excuse to avoid me!”

Zhuo Qing used hands to lightly press her ears, was unable to endure the shrieking sound and answered: “Maybe it is because of a status that he does not dare to accept you. You can test his sincerity towards you ah! You are blindly barking out a sound like this for what!!”

“How do I test?” Lou Xi Wu did not shout. She was staring at Zhuo Qing with swollen eyes as big as walnuts due to crying all night.

Zhuo Qing turned and rolled her eyes, the entire water pipe, the tears were released way too easily, ok! Thinking, Zhuo Qing casually answered: “Usually observe him more, whether or not he is nervous about you, care about you, especially when you are in danger or the time when you have a headache and fever, in the midst of the calamity, the truth will appear.”

Lou Xi Wu finished listening, her head dropped down, dis-spiritedly whispered: “Even knowing that he likes me can also do what, he is a big stone (stubborn), he will determine that his status does not fit with me. No matter how hard I work, he will not admit that he likes me!”

This was also correct, according to her very few knowledge about Jing Sa, she could also see that. He was absolutely a block latrine stone, both ruthless and firm! Thinking, Zhuo Qing indifferently smiled and said: “When necessary, doing ‘what is done is done’ is also possible.” (This is an idiom 生米煮成熟饭-sheng mi zhu cheng shu fan. The literal meaning is the uncooked rice is completely cooked. ZQ was implying if necessary LXW should ‘go’ for it to ‘force’ Jing Sa to accept her).

Uncooked rice…. Lou Xi Wu’s face blushed all of a sudden, she was red from neck to forehead, a pair of eyes were in a daze staring at Zhuo Qing. It seemed that she was the same as a freak, with a clever tongue that could also strike a knot: “You, you, what nonsense did you say ah! Nonsense, nonsense!! Simply… Simply shameless!!”

This was called shameless? She thought that her own wording was already refined enough. Lou Xi Wu’s blushing face was soon burning up, hating that she was unable to glare her eyes to come out of the holes. Zhuo Qing simply got up to withdraw to the outside door, answered unbearably: “Fine, I am shameless, then you cry slowly, ok! Remember not to drink water, you can starve yourselves to death and the whole world will be at peace!”

“Qing Feng, you, get lost!” A ‘bang’ sound, one porcelain cup was thrown towards Zhuo Qing, it broke into pieces on the ground. Fortunately, she ducked out of the way quickly, otherwise even if there was no blood, but the skin would still be broken.

This was a so-called wealthy daughter, ok. The young lady’s bad temper was actually not small. Zhuo Qing shook her head, decided to look for Qi Tian Yu to request a change of the courtyard. She dared not to provoke and had better avoided her.

Walking and stopping to go around the circle, she discovered just now, this hot spring garden was quite big, exquisite and elegant, especially this courtyard in front of her eyes, the babbling sound of running water, clusters of pale pink azaleas, looked delicate, supple and sentimental. Feeling shy, Zhuo Qing narrowed her eyes for a moment, it seemed that it was Lou Xi Yan’s courtyard up front, right, did not know whether or not his asthma was better.

Zhuo Qing was still thinking, Lou Xi Yan’s clear, raw and soft voice echoed from behind: “You came.”

She was just thinking about him, he appeared right away. Zhuo Qing was somewhat embarrassed, smilingly said: “Did your health a little bit better?”

“Much better.” Under the warm sun, Lou Xi Yan was walking slowly, his long gown was flustering, eyes were smiling, somewhat feeling lazy, walking to Zhuo Qing. Lou Xi Yan lightly smiled and asked: “Did you come to look for me for some matter?”

Was there some matter? Calculating, Zhuo Qing nodded and said;”: “I do not want to rush you, but I want to see my sisters as soon as possible. I…. really miss her.” She and Gu Yun saw that one strange bagua board (the eight divination trigrams) together and fainted afterwards, it was reasonable to say that, she surely also came to this world. They were already separated for half a month, she really wanted to confirm quickly, whether or not there was Yun within the Qing’s sisters. If there was not, how would she look for her? They had already changed their appearances, undoubtedly, it would be like finding a needle in the haystack!!

Although he had not seen it clearly whether or not there was a letter ‘Feng’ on her chest yesterday, but Lou Xi Yan’s heart already convinced that she was exactly Qing Feng. After all, not too many people in this world had a tattoo that would appear because of the raising of her body temperature. Recalling her urgent appearance to rescue and give him medical treatment yesterday, Lou Xi Yan’s heart was warm, with a deep sound answered: “I will think of a way, I and General Su are responsible for the civil and military positions. We normally do not have much contacts, I will find a way to let you meet with your elder sister first, ok.”

“Fine.” Seeing one was ok, right, maybe that elder sister was exactly Yun, could not say it for sure. Suddenly recalling Qiong Yue’s Emperor, that pair of eyes that were similar like eagle eyes, Zhuo Qing was somewhat anxious. That emperor was absolutely not a person who could be provoked, Yun was originally a short temper person, absolutely a fiery lady…. Zhuo Qing’s heart was reckoning secretly and Lou Xi Yan did not disturb her. She wore a light yellow skirt today, her long hair was still carelessly knotted in a braid. Standing quietly in the middle of the azalea flowers, lightly and elegantly knitting her brows, eyebrows were a little cold, a trace of melancholy. This kind of her was unexpectedly and exceptionally beautiful, she had nothing to do on this beautiful looks, temperament dictated.

Recovering and feeling that Lou Xi Yan’s gaze heated up excessively, the two people were standing face to face, Zhuo Qing was somewhat embarrassed. Recalling that the room still had the angry Lou Xi Wu, Zhuo Qing asked: “How did the young Jing Sa become the Prime Minister manor’s head housekeeper, did he follow you since he was young?”

Lou Xi Yan stared blankly, did not understand why she suddenly asked about Jing Sa, but nevertheless lightly smiled and answered: “Yes, originally his father was our family’s housekeeper.”

So, actually, it was like this, in other words, Lou Xi Wu and Jing Sa might be childhood sweethearts?! (The original characters were 青梅竹马 – qing mei zhu ma. The literal translation was green plums and bamboo horse. It could also be translated that both LXW & JS grew up together). In that case, did Lou Xi Yan know that Lou Xi Wu was secretly in love with Jing Sa, maybe Jing Sa also liked Lou Xi Wu? Somewhat curious, she had nothing to do anyway, Zhuo Qing smiled and said: “Then, do you know whether or not he has a sweetheart?”

Lou Xi Yan’s heart flashed through an annoying thought, still smiled, intonation slightly raised: “Is Feng-er interested in him?”

Zhuo Qing’s brows wrinkled again, with also a cold voice: “We are just talking over, can you not call me Feng-er!”

Lou Xi Yan lowly smiled, with a puzzle look, answered: “You do not like this name? I think it sounds very pleasant to hear.”

I think it sounds very unpleasant to hear!! Zhuo Qing was just about to discuss seriously and throughly about this important relationship issue with Lou Xi Yan, Jing Sa’s strong dark figure suddenly appeared inside the courtyard, with an unusual and urgent voice said: “Master.”

“Miss left a letter and ran away.” Even though he strived to cover up, Lou Xi Yan and Zhuo Qing could see what his frenetic eyes’ could not conceal.

No way! Zhuo Qing was flabbergasted, and asked: “Left a letter and ran away? What did she write?”

Jing Sa’s complexion was cold, ultimately taking out a small piece of paper from his sleeve. Zhuo Qing hurriedly took the piece of paper, a few written characters on the top…. I am gone, you do not want to see me, just no need to be afraid that I will bother you, I will not bother you anymore in the future!

Maygod! (I thought it was funny that the author really used that word. Not sure if she intentionally misspelled it though). She was only casually saying something a moment ago, she would not really put herself in the middle of any dangerous situation, made Jing Sa anxious and nervous about her, right!! What did this girl want!

Slipping the piece of paper to Lou Xi Yan, Zhuo Qing sighed and said: “Your younger sister is a strong child, we should better try to find her separately, ok.” Otherwise she did not know what matter would come out.

Lou Xi Yan only swept a glance at the piece of paper that was on his hand, then just grabbed it with his hand, did not have any anxious expression on his face, serenely said towards Zhuo Qing: “You stay at the hot spring garden to try to find her, Xi Wu may simply hide to scare us, I and Tian Yu will arrange people to try to find her in the vicinity.”

Looking at Jing Sa’s nervous appearance, he absolutely already tried to find her in this residence once, a moment ago before coming to report. Lou Xi Wu could not still be inside the hot spring garden. Zhuo Qing knew that Lou Xi Yan did not want her to go out, she just took advantage and answered: “Good, you all go, ok.”

Lou Xi Yan took Jing Sa along and departed hurriedly, Zhuo Qing lowered her eyebrows to think deeply, where would Lou Xi Wu go after all?!

Chapter 29: Qian Jing

Chapter 31: So Bad Luck (Part 1)

Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 29: Qian Jing

Hmmm… Did our dear and sly PM eat vinegar in this chapter? (Chinese’s saying for being jealous). Hehehe… This was one my favorite chapters. I couldn’t stop laughing reading it. I just love the bantering between ZQ & QJ. Awesome!! By the way, we have reached a quarter of the novel at this point.

This chapter was translated for only. And only for those people who don’t mind reading unprofessional translation that was being translated FREELY using the translator’s and editor’s own free times. So rude & entitled people aren’t welcome to read this translation!!! So GO AWAY….


Hot Spring Garden (Zheng Hall)

Charming and passionate moonlight, hot blowing wind night, refreshing fragrance of flowers, misty green grass, sound of running water, curl of smoke, tea’s fragrance was permeating the inside of Zheng hall, brightly lit candle. Everything was very beautiful, but the atmosphere was somewhat anxious, awkward and strange…. Lou Xi Yan and Zhuo Qing already changed the wet clothings. Lou Xi Yan sat at the guest’s seat, he was holding a cup of green tea. The corner of his mouth was still lightly raised, slightly narrowed his eyes to stare at the floating and sinking tea leaves on his hand. He kept silent, but was unable to see if he was happy or angry. Qian Jing was half-leaning to the patio, hand was flipping a thin like cicada wing’s throwing knife, felt boring with impatience face. Mo Bai stood next to Lou Xi Yan, a pair of blue eyes took precaution to stare at Qian Jing’s sharp blade on his hand. Zhuo Qing was sitting at the furthest seat on the side, one hand was holding a pastry and the other hand was holding green tea. She was eating eagerly and drinking to enjoy herself quietly, completely ignoring a group of men who were competing secretly in the room.

Qi Tian Yu swallowed his saliva, looked at this, once again looked at that, was thinking that it would be more awkward if he did not say anything. In any case, he was the host, softly coughing, Qi Tian Yu got up to walk in the middle of Zheng hall. Looking towards Lou Xi Yan, he laughed and said: “This is Lou Xi Yan.” Inconveniently and straightforwardly saying Xi Yan’s status, Qi Tian Yu hesitated in a moment, then continued to say: “He is… my good friend.”

Looking towards Qian Jing, Qi Tian Yu thought, finally vaguely said: “This is Qian Jing, also my good friend.”

Lou Xi Yan slightly raised his head, indifferently smiled and deeply said: “Many thanks, to Qian Gongzi (an honorific call for a noble) to come to help just a moment ago.”

He is Lou Xi Yan?! That man who was grace, sensitive to people’s need, well-known in the six countries!? Qian Jing secretly cursed, this man was also too fake, he was exactly this kind of face at the hot spring a moment ago!! Skimpily cupping his hands to greet, Qian Jing mockingly said: “I do not deserve your praise! Prime Minister Lou is really not the same person as his famous reputation!” That ugly woman was following after him, cheated to death, also did not know how she herself died!

Eh… What hatred did the two of them have?! Qi Tian Yu had no idea what was going on, but also was not stupid enough to immediately ask, hurriedly pointed toward the side, to Zhuo Qing who was unconsciously and happily eating, he smiled and said: “This is Miss Qing Feng from Hao Yue’s Country.”

“One of the three pretty women of the Qing Family?” Qian Jing suddenly straightened up, he was staring at Zhuo Qing tenaciously, for a good moment, with a desperate face, sighed and said: “Ck, ck, rumor can not really be trusted, eh, no, absolutely can not be trusted…” He listened to countless people that said how the three Qing’s sisters were graceful, elegant and outstanding beauties, what refine and outstanding, what gentle and graceful, he once thought to go to Hao Yue to take a glimpse at the beautiful face… Now it seemed… Fortunately, he did not go!

Softly putting one hand on his back, the sharp blade on his hand was already hidden somewhere, Qian Jing touched his nose and said: “I would better leave.” Otherwise he did not know what type of person would appear to come out? Jiang Hu is dangerous ah, ah, ah… Qian Jing strode over to go out, Qi Tian Yu anxiously became aware and chased: “Hold on! Brother Qian do not urgently leave ah! We have not discussed about that one matter properly yet, correct?”

Qian Jing stopped, waved his hand, impatiently answered: “Ok, ok, you look for me to manage the matter, I will manage it well. As for the price, I will calculate exactly according to the professional price, I will not extort you.”

After considering it also, Qi Tian Yu nodded: “That is also ok!”

Tian Yu was rarely in such a hurry, Lou Xi Yan’s brows gently knitted and asked: “Tian Yu, what difficult matter that you have not told me? Strictly speaking, I will not come to disturb you.”

“No, no, Xi Yan, actually it was nothing major!” Looking at Lou Xi Yan who got up, Qi Tian Yu was also anxious, afraid that he misunderstood what the urgent matter was. Qi Tian Yu immediately said: “Well, the matter was like this, an unknown person came out of nowhere to my family’s grand casino to gamble for three days, he lost more than ten thousand liang, he firmly spoke an allegation that the casino cheated, wanted me to give back the money to him. This was an impossible matter, a trouble afterwards, he unexpectedly sneaked into the family’s home, it was reckoned that he wanted to kidnap Tian Xin to threaten me. The conclusion was that he kidnapped Tian Xin’s personal maid, Ru-er. It had been 2 days, Tian Xin was very noisy with me everyday, making the whole family could not feel peaceful, I just wanted to seek Brother Qian to help me find that kidnapper, save Ru-er and save me the trouble from Tian Xin.”

There was such a thing? Lou Xi Yan knitted his eyebrows and asked: “Did you report the case to the authorities?”

“I did report it, your health is not good, you also hold an important position with many different kind of affairs, I will not trouble you in this sort of trivial matter.” Originally, he wanted to say to Xi Yan, that he was still considering if he wanted to tell him about this when his chronic illness recurred once again, how could he trouble him then!

“Did the government office have any news?” He estimated that there was not any, otherwise Tian Yu would not find someone for help.

Sure enough, Qi Tian Yu answered fidgety: “There was not any news at all.”

Originally, Qian Jing wanted to leave but hearing this here, he groaned disparagingly and answered proudly: “If it is not because of the authorities who are not able to accomplish this, otherwise what are you doing still looking for me.”

Lou Xi Yan lightly raised his eyebrows, looked at the man who was facing the outside door. The Qi Family owned and managed the casino, even at the capital, they had to request an assistance from somebody, in the end, what kind of person? Furthermore, he and Qing Feng seemed to be old friends…. Since Qian Jing seemed to not refrain from his own identity, Xi Yan had also an interesting appearance. Qi Tian Yu brightly smiled and said: “Brother Qian is the most famous bounty hunter in Qiong Yue, Brother Qian is able to arrest and bring justice to a lot of people who can not be arrested by the authorities. He seeks to arrest the murderer in this aspect, is really awesome.”

Bounty hunter! Qiong Yue definitely had a lot of bounty hunters, however the ones who could receive famous reputation’s praises, there were only two men, ‘Ye Mei’ (Night Charm), and ‘Ao Tian’ (Rambling Sky). He had not heard Qian Jing, or he was, ‘Ye Mei’ or ‘Ao Tian’.

Lou Xi Yan was reckoning secretly, one clear sound of a woman’s voice that was not light nor heavy sneered: “Indeed very awesome, to arrest a criminal who is also able to let him run away, awesome ah!” Zhuo Qing patted her hands to get off of the crumbs of pastries, and with disapproval look on her face.

The original proud face was motionless all of a sudden, glaring at Zhuo Qing, Qian Jing angrily said: “Woman, you do not need to be too arrogant, pay back the money!”

Zhuo Qing was laughing: “You are indeed Qian (money) Jing (extremely-fine), want money like crazy, when do I owe you money. Alzheimer’s disease flares up?”

What Alzheimer’s disease?! But it was not a good thing, Qian Jing stepped across to go inside the living room again, casted sidelong glances at Lou Xi Yan, and was scolding Zhuo Qing again: “You were wounded last time, I gave you the medicine that was valued at 50 liang!! 50 liang!! Return the medicine money, you are the Prime Minister’s woman, surely can afford 50 liang!”

“When did I become his….” Woman!!

Zhuo Qing had not yet finished talking, Lou Xi Yan’s cold voice unhurriedly echoed: “Many thanks to Qian Gongzi who decided to help at that time, these silvers should equal to the medicine fee.”

Lou Xi Yan’s voice dropped just now, Mo Bai was already taking a stack of banknotes and walking in front of Qian Jing. Qian Jing looked up and looked, oh wow, very big style in spending money, this stack had at least 200 liang!

Qian Jing had not yet reached out to accept it, one fair hand already took the stack of banknotes from Mo Bai’s hand and ran!

There was money but no place to spend it, would be better to just give it to her, why wasted it! Zhuo Qing was in front of Qian Jing, took the money, and tucked it inside her sleeve, grimly laughed and said: “You dare to mention the injury’s matter to me, then I will give you the calculation properly.”

Lightly raising her head, the scar from the knife on her neck was faintly discernible, Zhuo Qing slowly and clearly said: “You arrested the criminal and hurt me, the wound still hurt up until now, my physical and psychological harms that were caused by this injury were tremendous, furthermore it might leave behind some residual effects, thus you ought to pay me money for medical fees for any other injury that would appear later on. Lost on income fees, nourishment fees, mental loss fees, etc. In retrospect, considering that you had consciousness to help, I just charged you 100 liang, ok. You could deduct the so called medicine money, then you gave me 50 liang, I would not be arguing with you anymore.”

Standing in front of Qian Jing, Zhuo Qing stretched out her hand agilely, spit out a few words: “50 liang! Pay back… the money!”

Medical fees? Lost of income fees? Nourishment fees? Mental loss fees?? Qian Jing was a little stupid, but hearing 50 liang, he sobered up immediately and shouted: “50 liang, you extorted money ah.”

Zhuo Qing leisurely answered: “One lousy pill that you did not know where it came from, you wanted 50 liang, who was extorting money after all?”

“What lousy pill, that was indeed a medicine from that strange Doctor Xi Mu!! 50 liang was cheap for you!” As expected, this woman was speaking unclear rational!! Waving his hand irritably, Qian Jing firmly answered: “Forget about it, forget about it, I am too lazy dealing with this type of childish ignorant woman’s long winded talk.”

Childish ignorant woman?! Very good, Zhuo Qing lightly raised the corner of her mouth, and raised her head to plaster a fake smiling expression, sneery said: “Well, even if that lousy pill of yours is valued at 50 liang, then you also owe me 50 liang, return the money!”

“You!!” He already did not want to argue with her, she was still unwilling to spare him!! Qian Jing opened his eyes widely, the angry voice was somewhat trembling: “Regard me to have bad luck!! Woman, do not let me see you again!!” Next time she was looking for him, even if she would kneel to request him, he would not seek her!!

Groaning lowly, Qian Jing did not answer and rushed out of the living room. Zhuo Qing’s hands were on her chest, looking at the desolate and fleeing view of his back, arrogantly laughed and said: “Remember to return the money next time!”

The devil sound winded on his ears, Qian Jing lowly cursed, never next time, absolutely never!! He would not want to see this ugly woman anymore!

Looking at Zhuo Qing’s back who was laughing heartily, Lou Xi Yan’s expression was gloomy. What was the relationship between her and Qian Jing after all, in front of him, even though she was arrogant, arguing sharply, but yet having less of the normal calm, arrogant and guarded, like she was not approachable…. Was it Qian Jing, he, would remember…

Chapter 28: Positively Identified

Chapter 30: The Little Girl’s Hurt Feeling