Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 60: Zhuo Qing’s Suspicions

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Not knowing what tricks that Yan Hong Tian wanted to play, Zhuo Qing told herself to be calmed and observe his change, to be calmed and observe his change!!

Her shoulder that was held by him looked as if it was gentle, in fact he was using a fixed forced that made people unable to move a single step, Zhuo Qing could only hold her head to the side.

Unfortunately, Yan Hong Tian was not a good person to deal with, pinching Zhuo Qing’s chin to make her head turn over. Yan Hong Tian lightly sticked his lips to her ear, a muffled man’s voice and burning hot breath echoed softly: “Why do I see that you are so nervous, are you afraid?”

What did he believe he was doing?! When he was happy, he wanted to be with you, but when he was not happy, he wanted your life! Zhuo Qing ignored the burning hot sensation on her ear, coldly answered: “My neck was weak.”

Still holding a grudge ah! Sensing Zhuo Qing’s anger, Yan Hong Tian laughed heartily instead and said: “Be at ease, I am still not willing to want your little head now.” Because you had a new function.

He was still not willing now? The idea that he was saying that his mood was not good on that day so he wanted the other person’s life!! It was good if he did not say it, this answer made Zhuo Qing who grew up under the rule of society law was even angrier, coldly snorted and said: “Then, I still have to really thank you lo! Excuse me, I must leave.”

Regardless of how tight his grabbing on her, Zhuo Qing determined to struggle free from his hand. Yan Hong Tian did not force her either, he allowed her to go, but he laughed towards her back and said: “Zhen came wanting to let you know about one good news.”

Zhuo Qing remained unmoved and continued to move forwards, Yan Hong Tian did not block her path either: “I had already investigated and found out that everything was because of Hao Yue’s officials’ negligence. They caused you to have amnesia and delivered you all to the wrong places. You and I can forget and not bear any recrimination, as far as Qing Feng………”

Yan Hong Tian deliberately halted his speech, Zhuo Qing’s footsteps stopped after she heard Qing Feng’s name. Turning around to look towards the face of a complacent man, Zhuo Qing groaned and said: “What do you want?”

Yan Hong Tian was fixing his eyes on her but not willing to say any word.

Darn man!! Zhuo Qing was cursing while walking to his side, looking at her giving in obediently, Yan Hong Tian’s mood was joyful, smily said: “Be at ease, I will give an order to release her, she will be bestowed a title as____ Imperial concubine Qing today. How is that?” (See below).

She did not know how high rank was the Imperial concubine ‘pin’ title in the harem, as long as Qing Feng did not have to worry about her life, she would be at ease, she consciously nodded her head. Yan Hong Tian suddenly took out one block of a slightly larger than half of the palm, a little golden token from his sleeve, handed it over to Zhuo Qing.

Zhuo Qing was somewhat hesitating but she still accepted it, one side of the token was engraved by the instruction words, the other side was engraved by a pair of dragons. The middle of the dragons had an impressive three dimensional Yan’s word, fiddling with it for a moment, Zhuo Qing asked: “What is this?”

“I bestow you this token, if you have this, you can enter the palace at any time.”

When Yan Hong Tian took out the token, Jing Sa’s eyes flashed through a touch of different color, Gao Jin breathed a mouthful of cold air, but Zhuo Qing concentratedly put the stuff on her hand and did not pay too much attention.

Listening to Yan Hong Tian’s explanation, Zhuo Qing merely made an “Oh” sound. She would basically not enter the palace after all, in theory, this Imperial token was basically useless for her.

How many people would seek but could not get the token that he bestowed to her, the supreme and glory of the Imperial token, she unexpectedly had this facial expression?! Yan Hong Tian’s complexion was dark: “You seems to be not happy!”

What did he want her to think? Feeling overwhelmed and weeping by his favor or falling down on the ground to wish him and shout thank you for the Imperial favor, or else giving him a shameless face?! Unfortunately, Zhuo Qing had never used to kneel and bow down to the western style underpants, so taking the Imperial token and hanging the rope conveniently on her wrist, she raised her head and put a trace of smiling expression, Zhuo Qing answered: “Thank you.” She asked one question that she was concerned about at the moment: “Do I have the freedom to enter and exit the Prime Minister’s manor?”

“Of course, you can.” Approaching Zhuo Qing, Yan Hong Tian mutteringly said: “Where do you want to go, Zhen is willing to accompany you.”

I was not willing!

Even though Zhuo Qing wished that she could go out immediately but looking at Yan Hong Tian’s overflowing mood, she hurriedly answered: “I did not want to go anywhere, only casually asked.”

“But if Zhen wants to go to a place, you can accompany Zhen.” Simply not Zhuo Qing’s desire, Yan Hong Tian was holding her hand, then walked over towards the outside door.

The hand that was held tightly and dragged by Yan Hong Tian, Zhuo Qing could only shouted: “Hold on, hold on!”

Yan Hong Tian finally stopped his footsteps, his serene and calm eyes were gazing at her.

No matter where he wanted to take her, Zhuo Qing did not have any interest, but it would bring her own bad luck if she provoked him. Lightly lifting up both of their hands that were holding together, Zhuo Qing deliberately bowed her head to take a look at her own simple and tasteless green cheong sam (long skirt), mockingly said: “This.. I have to freshen up and make myself presentable, I have to trouble you to let go of my hand first.”

She might be able to drag this for a period of time, right! Zhuo Qing’s heart cried piteously_____ Lou Xi Yan! How could you still not return ah ah………. (๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚) The eagle eyes slightly narrowed, glancing at Zhuo Qing up and down, Yan Hong Tian not only not letting go of his hand, but actually he was holding her palm tighter, laughed heartily and said: “Zhen is very happy that you care so much at Zhen’s foresight that you want to please with your own appearance, however, it is not needed because Zhen feels that you are very beautiful like this at the moment.” Green color really suited her and also her name compelled the ingenuousness of people.

The only feeling that she had at this moment was her desire to weep but she had no tears, she was almost dragged to walk all the way out of the manor. Zhuo Qing turned around to look one glance at the silent Jing Sa, he was trying to open his mouth but still closed it at the end. Jing Sa was unable to save her, should she shout for Lou Xi Yan Yan? Still wanting to make him in a confrontation with Yan Hong Tian because of her once again, Zhuo Qing hesitated.

While she was hesitating for a moment, she was already pulled by Yan Hong Tian to the outside of the Prime Minister’s manor.

Gao Jin had already prepared a chariot ahead of time, respectfully said: “The Emperor, the chariot is already prepared.”

Yan Hong Tian swept a glance at the back of the spacious and luxurious chariot, but he did not enter it and just passed by it, he rather walked to the front side of the caravan to fancy one pure black fine horse. Agilely turning over, Yan Hong Tian already got on the horse, extended towards Zhuo Qing’s hand and said: “Come up.” (Deng it, where’s LXY??? ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚).

Zhuo Qing was startled, she had never ridden a horse!! Moreover, she also did not want to cram on the horseback with Yan Hong Tian like that!

“I do not……. ###.”

One fierce strength lifted her up, the strength was big that it could snap her hand off, Zhuo Qing had no choice in order not to completely handicapped her hand. She could only follow this strength and spread her legs to sit on the horseback.

This man really did not know anything about having any tender feeling with a woman!! Zhuo Qing was kneading her arm while she was cursing, only heard a sound by the side of her ear: “Sit properly.” She was on the horse and it felt like an arrow was flying from a bow string!

The fine horse was running wildly for the whole journey, the speed was quick, Zhuo Qing almost could not open her eyes. Yan Hong Tian’s hand was encircling Zhuo Qing’s waist tightly, his scorching palm was sticking close to her abdomen. Unfortunately, Zhuo Qing basically did not have any mood to feel this kind of perception of ambiguous attitude to give her a shock heart, she used her entire energy to balance her body as to not making her fall down from the horseback.

The severe jolt made her want to vomit, it appeared that they had gone for a long time, Zhuo Qing felt pain in her waist. Yan Hong Tian grasped firmly on the rein, urgently braked, the horse stopped in a second. Zhuo Qing breathed deeply several times and opened her eyes slowly.

Seeing clearly the scene before her eyes, Zhuo Qing breathed a mouthful of cold air.

Extremely quick and wildly running made the sturdy fine horse gasped for breath of puff air, suddenly and urgently stopping made it agitated incessantly to trample on the four hoofs. And ahead of it was________ ##.

The side of the stones cliff as the horse’s hooves was urgently stepping on, tumbling down from time to time, one could hear a drop of pattering sound of stones that echoed with a weaken sound. However, one was not able to hear the sound that fell to the ground all along, it could be seen clearly how deep this overhanging cliff was. Zhuo Qing’s heart was eager and anxious, the speed was so quick a moment ago, if the horse was unable to stop slightly, in that case, she and him already died horribly, she experienced this man’s arrogance one more time or_____ fearless of dying!!

Zhuo Qing was still afraid, but a calm and composed man who was behind her, asked: “Do you like it?”

Zhuo Qing recovered, followed his line of sight to look towards the distant place, she started to admire the scene before her eyes again. The steep cliff was as far as the eyes could see, ahead was the verdant and lush peaks of the green jade mountain range, even though the sun was already set in the west, there was still lingering clouds and mist. The afterglow of the setting sun was still as powerful as the red clouds that invaded the clouds and mist, the green plants filled the eyes, the horizon appeared to be influenced by the same lingering from the clouds and mist and looked like a countless of fiery dragons that were playing with the green jade mountain like appearance. The scene before her eyes was aggressive, boundless and yet did not lose the charming and gentle scenery!

The cool breeze was blowing, the current beautiful scenery, it appeared to place oneself on the outside of the painting, also appeared to be trapped among them, it was really a beautiful experience for oneself, Zhuo Qing had never experienced this feeling. Nodding her head, Zhuo Qing’s sincerely praised and said: “En, it is very beautiful.”

Becoming aware that the person who was behind her lightly jumped, Yan Hong Tian settled to stand by the side of the cliff afterwards. He stretched his hand, Zhuo Qing could not have any argument this time, hurriedly grabbed his palm to conveniently come down from the horse.

Taking a deep breath, sure enough, he could still realistically give her even more sense of security.

Zhuo Qing wanted to retake her hand, but Yan Hong Tian did not agree to let go, his domineering’s eyes swept across the horizon, slightly raised his voice to her ear with a clear sound: “As long as you like it, the thing in this whole world, no matter if it is a treasure and distinguish beast, or many evening stars on the cloud, Zhen can make all of them belong to you.”

Zhuo Qing lightly raised her eyebrows, the man who was beside her approached people aggressively, the perfect shot from the side as if a carved stone with the distinct edge and corner. Not too far away, three rows of strong Imperial bodyguard squadrons guarded against them who were in the middle, the heaven and earth seemed to respond during his bold and visionary words. He was the King of Qiong Yue, the master of the whole world, standing at this highest level, his domineering way might be justified. Zhuo Qing had to admit that he was really attractive at this moment.

But……. ###.

Zhuo Qing was an absolute materialist, lightly shook her head, she could not help to smile and say: “Was your arrogance born within you?”

The woman who was beside him had a disapproving face, Yan Hong Tian’s eagle eyes slightly narrowed, coldly snorted and said: “Do you not believe me?”

Here we go again, he was liked a time bomb that could detonate whenever and at any time, Zhuo Qing shrugged her shoulder, perfunctorily answered: “I believe you.”

Yan Hong Tian’s eyes that were dark at first, suddenly caught a trace of smiling expression, she basically did not believe. Even though she was perfunctory, she would not be stingy to change and appear like this direct. She really was not afraid of him one bit, this discovery made Yan Hong Tian feel very interesting.

Whirling Zhuo Qing’s hand, Yan Hong Tian smily said: “The first time that Zhen saw you, it was also the time when the sun set in the west like this, a small rabbit sustained an injury on the roadside and it caught your attention. You were so timid but kindhearted at that time, made Zhen unable to imagine that you could still cut open a corpse at the main hall, at that time, you were so……… Yan Hong Tian had a smile on his face and was looking at her, did not continue to speak, Zhuo Qing unconcernedly continued to say: “Cold blooded?” He always emphasized that Qing Ling was so kindhearted, then, in other words, she was very cruel to do dissection.

It was not like there was nobody who had said that she was a woman and also a forensic investigator, it would make people think that she was cold blooded. Unfortunately, she always took exception to it because she always firmly knew what she was doing. Exerting herself to pull back her own hand, Zhuo Qing’s cold voice answered: “I am sorry, I forgot what kind of person I was before.” She was not Qing Ling.

His little beauty was angry, just before Zhuo Qing had enough time to resist, Yan Hong Tian already encircled her to his bosom. Both of the tip of their noses were sticking tightly, each other’s breaths seemed to blend together, Zhuo Qing wanted to retreat but the hand that was on her waist was even more tightening up: “It does not matter, Zhen will surely make you fall in love with Zhen again.”

The muffled voice was not loud and clear, the strength on her waist, nevertheless, reminded Zhuo Qing clearly about this man’s determination. Zhuo Qing held her breath, did not dare to move once because she was afraid that her breathing would exert a little bit of strength, then their lips would touch together!

Just when she did not know what to do, there was a rushing horse’s hoof sounds came from a distance to come nearer, Zhuo Qing hurriedly raised her eyes to see, she could finally see that meager silhouette. (Yay!! About time ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜).

Lou Xi Yan’s appearance made Zhuo Qing’s heart indescribably settle a little, her relaxing mood made her to ignore Yan Hong Tian’s corner of mouth that had a trace of profound smiling expression.

Yan Hong Tian was looking at that envious silhouette who came around and chuckled, he came very quickly!

Yan Hong Tian slightly raised his hand, the Calvary immediately let that one person to come into the gap of the entrance, Lou Xi Yan urged the horse to enter the open gap.

Stopping in front of Yan Hong Tian, Lou Xi Yan dismounted gracefully, his gaze had already swept through Yan Hong Tian’s hand that was still not letting go of Zhuo Qing’s waist. Lou Xi Yan’s face did not change, lowly narrated: “Chen, pays respect to The Emperor.”

Yan Hong Tian’s good mood secretly mocked and said: “Xi Yan also came, really coincidental.”

Lou Xi Yan lightly smiled, calmly answered: “Chen was worry for the Emperor’s safety.”

“Really?” Worry for his safety?! Yan Hong Tian narrowed his eyes, besides Lou Xi Yan, he could only see Mo Bai who was not too distance. Obviously rushing over hurriedly after he received the news, but he still said shamelessly that he was worry for him.

Ck, ck, Xi Yan really set his heart on this small thing! Interesting, this game would be fun!

Pressing close to Zhuo Qing again, he whispered on her ear and said: “Take a good care of your Imperial token.”

Finished speaking, Yan Hong Tian let go of the hand that was encircling Zhuo Qing’s waist, put his hands on his back, a clear sound smiled and said: “It is already late, return to the palace.” Yan Hong Tian straddled on the horse and it ran quickly, did not look one glance at Zhuo Qing and Lou Xi Yan again. Zhuo Qing, however, was watching at the back figure that was in a far distance, did not move away for a very long time.

Lou Xi Yan’s eyes flashed through a trace of annoyance, but it was actually concealed excellently, faintly asked: “What are you thinking?”

“I have this kind of strange feeling.” Zhuo Qing had not regained her line of sight either.

“What kind of feeling?” How was it possible that she already had feeling so quickly for Yan Hong Tian?! Lou Xi Yan’s face looked the same as usual, but his own heart had this kind of strange feeling.

Zhuo Qing shook her head, smily said: “I do not know how to say it.”

Looking at Yan Hong Tian’s back, she suddenly had this type of strange feeling, if Yan Hong Tian really liked Qing Ling so much, why did he not take the person to enter the Imperial palace immediately, and still wanted to let her live together with this one subject? If he did not like her, why did he want to spend time to dally with her?! And he still gave this thing?! Recalling Yan Hong Tian’s words before he left, Zhuo Qing lightly raised her hand, the gold token was suddenly shown on her hand and asked: “Is this thing very useful?”

Seeing clearly the thing on her hand, Lou Xi Yan stared blankly, he unexpectedly gave the Imperial token to her!! What did Hong Tian want after all?!

Detecting Zhuo Qing’s probing expression, Lou Xi Yan faintly answered: “This is the Emperor’s special Imperial token, if you have this Imperial token, you can enter the palace at any time, you will not be subjected to the palace’s restriction. All levels of the officials who see the Imperial token will also have to show courtesy to some degree to you. As far as I know, Qiong Yue only has a total of six Imperial tokens like this currently.”

“So, it is actually like that.” How precious? No wonder that Xi Yan’s eyes flashed through an amazement just now.

Fine, I would take a good care of this first, maybe it would be usable later.

Taking the Imperial token into her waist pocket, Zhuo Qing suddenly thought of Qian Jing, raised her head and asked: “Can you let Mo Bai to send me to Criminal Prison Division’s office? The General manor’s person was killed and the suspect who committed the crime was Qian Jing. I want to see the corpse as quickly as possible.”

Qian Jing……….

Lou Xi Yan pondered for a moment and recalled this person, he had saved her. Lou Xi Yan did not say anything and pulled the reins, he answered: “I will accompany you.”

“You are very tired today, it is ok if you just let Mo Bai to send me there.”

“It does not matter.” Lou Xi Yan already straddled on the horse, then stretched his hand towards her.

Riding a horse again~~ Thinking that her stomach had that churning feeling a moment ago, Zhuo Qing unconsciously frowned but she did not say anything. Grasping Lou Xi Yan’s hand to leverage strength to get on the horseback.

Her body was stiffed to maintain the balance, Zhuo Qing took a deep breath to prepare to meet a challenge well!

Lou Xi Yan was looking at the tensed body of the female who was in front of him, and could not help to break into laughter. Leaning his body forward, Lou Xi Yan lightly kicked the horse’s abdomen, the white horse was running slowly.

The horse’s speed was not quick at all, Lou Xi Yan’s two hands were holding on the reins, half encircling her on his bosom, Zhuo Qing’s tensed heart was slowly letting go in the end. Looking at her relaxing in the end, Lou Xi Yan’s speed was somewhat accelerated, the horse was somewhat bumpy. Behind Lou Xi Yan’s warm embrace, Zhuo Qing’s body was tensed one more time. Lou Xi Yan used his free hand helplessly to embrace her waist lightly, helped her to settle down on his bosom, and concentrated on riding the horse.

Leaning comfortably and lightly on Lou Xi Yan’s bosom, Zhuo Qing conceded that riding a horse did not seem to be a bad matter, but her clear’s heartbeat sounded from the sleeveless garment to come through. She felt her own heartbeat was chasing along with his speed, kept accelerating.

Lou Xi Yan’s eyes stroke across a touch of extraordinary splendor, the corner of his mouth was unconsciously perked up.

Following them closely, Mo Bai discovered that the Master’s horse seemed to go slower and slower, he was afraid that they would not arrive at the Criminal Prison Division’s office until dusk, ok.

Chapter 59: Qing Mo vs Gu Yun

Chapter 61: The Throwing Knifeโ€™s Mystery

Sian’s notes:
I think there are different levels for these women that live in the back palace/harem (ๅŽๅฎซ-hougong). I can’t remember them all but the title that YHT is using is a ๅซ”-pin, which is translated as Imperial concubine. I think this title is kind of in the middle level. There’s a ๅฆƒ-fei which is higher than a pin. Anyway… Just a little something about this level of concubines.

I’m also kind of confused when YHT gave the imperial token to ZQ. I thought YHT gave the imperial token to QF so QF could give it to ZQ. Hmmmm??? But why would he give the token directly to ZQ or QL in this chapter? Also the timing seemed to be off or way too early also. I thought the token was given to QF after a lot of things had already happened between these two people and not right away after YHT found out about the mixed up. Oh well…. ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”

Lastly, Mo Bai, be quiet. I’ll be willing to accompany you riding a horse. Hehehe…


Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 59: Qing Mo vs Gu Yun

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Looking at the shining silver needle on the table and taking a look at the delicate woman who seemed too easy to be broken with a touch in front of her eyes again, Zhuo Qing was anxious, what should she do next?!

Holding the silver needle on her hand, Zhuo Qing said softly by the woman’s ear: “Yun, if you are still not waking up, I will certainly push down this needle!”

She already called Gu Yun’s original name, if she was Gu Yun, she should wake up. Watching attentively at the tiny woman who was still motionless on the bed, Zhuo Qing was somewhat disappointed, was she really not Gu Yun? The hand that was holding the silver needle hesitated for a moment, Zhuo Qing still advanced to prick Qing Mo’s arm.

Just before the long needle almost pricked the arm, Zhuo Qing’s wrist was grabbed by a slender hand, the woman who was on the bed suddenly opened her eyes, leaned half against the bed curtain and glared at Zhuo Qing, she lowly scolded: “You really want to prick ah!”

Zhuo Qing lightly raised her eyebrows and answered: “What do you think?!” She was finally willing to wake up!

Before her eyes was the woman’s extremely long hair that reached her waist, snow white skin color, and cute face. The two scars seemed especially unattractive, even Zhuo Qing saw the scars on this woman this much and felt a pity. Her round eyes looked like small rabbits’ eyes but the midstream of that expression was sharp and firm with radiance, they made Zhuo Qing’s heart to relax. That was indeed Gu Yun’s right expression but this face…… Heaven ah, it was really too adorable…..

“Yun, is it really you?” Zhuo Qing still could not help wanting to be certain.

The woman excitedly shrugged her shoulder, indifferently smiled and said: “I do not mind to take a big test!” She, herself, was surprised about this face when she had just woken up.

Propping her chin, the woman was sizing Zhuo Qing up and down, with craftiness on her face, she laughed and said: “Let me think, the most favorite drink that you like is Hawaiian kona, the most favorite cake is tiramisu, the most favorite thing to do is dissecting corpses, the most favorite game to play is the game of zombies, measurements are 34–24–36…….

“Stop! That is enough!” Zhuo Qing filled her head with sinister lines, she was 100% sure that the person who was in front of her was that darn woman! No matter how many sweet outer appearances she had, the temperament was the kind that was not adorable at all!!

“Do you believe it now?” Gu Yun looked like she had not yet finished talking.

“I believe it!” Zhuo Qing gnashed her teeth, why did she not prick several needles ferociously a moment ago!! Regretted it ah……….

“I am starving, do you have any food?” Gu Yun turned around and got up, her movement was flexible, she did not look like she had not eaten anything for two days and two nights. Zhuo Qing could not refrain from laughing: “You were really ‘sleeping’ for two days and two nights?”

“I estimated to sleep for three days, I had never thought that they would bring me here after only two days.” This youngster, Su Yu, had usually irreconcilable differences between the two of them. Who would have thought that during the crucial moment, he still brought her here.

Walking to the outside screen and taking a few cakes from the table. Zhuo Qing stuffed them into Gu Yun’s hand, shook her head and said: “You can really endure.”

Taking the cakes, Gu Yun was just eating them, indifferently answered: “Not bad, before the time that we ambushed the drug dealer, I did not die when I did not eat nor drink anything for three days and three nights, sleeping for two days was a piece of cake.” Fortunately, those physicians were not like Qing who did not have any humanity and wanted to use pincushion!

Both hands were still on her chest, half leaning against the screen, Zhuo Qing admiringly smiled and said: “According to your talent, is leaving the General’s manor difficult? Why do you still at the General’s manor up until now? Or you are actually enchanted by the icy arrogant’s General Su?” She could not help to say that Su Ling was indeed a very attractive man, Yun liked him was not strange either.

Clearly glancing at her, Gu Yun unbearably and lowly shouted: “after I arrived at the General’s manor, I only saw him twice altogether, ok?!”

Zhuo Qing was looking at this adorable face that was exploding at the moment, could not help to continue to tease her: “That is so called love at first sight, meeting only once is enough!”

She bit him the first time, both of them were trying to kill each other the second time, if this could be called as love at first sight, then it was indeed sparkle all around! Gu Yun drooped her head to focus on eating, Zhuo Qing suddenly stepped forward one step, lifted up her chin, with an evil smile on her face, she asked: “Honestly speaking, you have or have not……….” Not letting her to finish, the intention already finished, Gu Yun stared blankly to recall the first time she met with Su Ling, her complexion flashed a trace of blushing, firmly slapped Zhuo Qing’s hand, Gu Yun scolded and said: “I have not! You, this woman whose brain is filled with yellow (pornographic) thought.”

“I have yellow thought?” Zhuo Qing could not ignore her face that looked unnatural, faintly smiled and snorted: “I have not seemed to say anything yet, is this or is this not the legend about confessing without being pressed?”

“Zhuo Qing____”

Zhuo Qing could hear the sound of someone’s grinding her teeth, hurriedly exchanged the subject: “I am very curious, the General’s manor really does not have any woman.”

Gu Yun impatiently answered: “Indeed, there is none, even the mosquitos are all males!”

Zhuo Qing lowly smiled: “I have not seen you for only two months, you have a lot of humors!”
Gu Yun casted one glance at her, sneeringly said: “I see that you like to gossip!” How come she had not discovered this characteristic before!

Zhuo Qing did not get angry either, excitedly raised her shoulder, smily said: “There is nothing to do, it is boring.”

Boring? What kind of crafty answer was this. Not bothering with her, Gu Yun got up to find water to drink, her bare feet were stepping on the long feather carpet, Gu Yun walked to the round table to get a cup of water for herself. Suddenly, there was a sound of a hard to constrain laughter from behind her, Gu Yun turned her head around, only saw Zhuo Qing who was bracing on the wall, with convulsed laughter, she said: “You said that my 163 cm height was a dwarf during that time. May I ask, if your 158 cm height is called a midget now?!

The heaven really had eyes ah~~!!”

Gu Yun’s face was black, coldly said: “One minute.”

Looking at her own petite woman’s shoulder, looked thin like a bean sprout, Zhuo Qing laughed more ridiculously, reversal of the wheel of fortune. Yun was always proud of her own 175 cm height and also suffered a beaten for a moment!

Gu Yun’s face was more and more black, getting close to one minute time, Zhuo Qing finally restrained from laughing, if Yun really got angry, it was not fun anymore.

Gu Yun coldly snorted: “Did you laugh enough?!”

Zhuo Qing could only nod, otherwise she was afraid that she could not help to laugh out loud again.

Staring at the corner of mouth of that woman who was twitching, Gu Yun was somewhat helpless and saying: “Our time together is limited, do you still want to continue on this trivial nonsense or discuss properly on what to do next?”

Zhuo Qing pressed down his smiling expression, finally seriously answered: “You speak now, I will hear it.”

“Actually the reason why I have not left the General’s manor immediately is because of two reasons. First, you have already seen it, this body is actually very weak, I need time to make her strong and flexible. Second, I have discovered this at the General’s manor.” Finished talking, Gu Yun took out a piece of white paper from her waist and opened it on the table.

Zhuo Qing moved closer to look, before her eyes was a bright paper: “This….. looked like our unfathomable mystery bagua plate that we saw before we came here?” The diagram of the bagua plate, every detailed line was extremely alike, they felt newer than the last time they saw that one.

“Correct, I guess that we can return to this place, it is most likely because of it. If we want to go back, we will still have to depend on its ability.”

Zhuo Qing muttered to herself and said: “It is a collection at the General’s manor?”

Gu Yun shook her head and answered: “I only saw the portrait of this diagram at the General’s manor. It is said that this is Su Ling family clan’s emblem, where is the collection at, only the Su family’s eldest son, Su Ling and the old clan’s elder know. I still remain at the General’s manor at the present time because of this.”

“Is there any clue?”

“No.” Even Su Yu, Su Ren were not clear, it was estimated that she could only start from Su Ling to find the place. Gu Yun sighed and said: “I heard that Qing Feng was at the Palace banquet doing autopsy, I guessed that it was surely you, therefore, I pretended to faint to see you. I had passed these days like this, how about you? How is the situation?”

Zhuo Qing’s appearance was very gloomy, faintly answered: “The situation is complicated……”

Gu Yun was somewhat startled, what matter could cause the always capable forensic investigator to be completely gloomy like this?!

“This body of mine is not Qing Feng at the moment, rather it is the Qing family’s elder sister, Qing Ling. Because Qing Feng and Qing Ling’s looks are very similar so the officials have delivered the wrong people. Qing Ling originally, should belong to Qiong Yue’s Emperor, Yan Hong Tian, moreover, it seemed that Yan Hong Tian and Qing Ling had friendly relations in the past. Yan Hong Tian is an extremely arrogant and blood thirsty man, he believes that Qing Ling is deliberately plan to impersonate Qing Feng. He almost choked me to death, so I had no choice but to pretend to have amnesia~”

“Amnesia?” Gu Yun broke into laughter: “Good idea.”

“Since we started it, we must carry it through whatever happened, I lied to him by saying that I was already Lou Xi Yan’s woman, who would have thought that Lou Xi Yan did not expose me.”

Gu Yun blinked, colorfully asked: “Did you really lie to him?”

Zhuo Qing’s sharp eyes flew over, Gu Yun mockingly said: “Fine, please continue.”

“Finally, Yan Hong Tian said that he wanted to investigate this matter thoroughly. Under Lou Xi Yan’s protection, I am able to stay at the Prime Minister’s manor but is forbidden to go out. Unfortunately, Qing Feng was sent to enter the Imperial prison.” With regards to Qing Feng, that stubborn person who made people feel sorry for that woman, Zhuo Qing was always unable to let go.

Having never met Qing Feng, Gu Yun actually did not pay attention, but she was worried about Zhuo Qing, nothing more: “In other words, Lou Xi Yan and Yan Hong Tian are vying for you now?”

Zhuo Qing sighed: “Precisely speaking, they are vying for Qing Ling.”

“Yan Hong Tian is vying for whom, I do not dare to be certain. Lou Xi Yan has not seen Qing Ling in the past, he is vying absolutely for you. This situation at the moment, it is best that you stay by Lou Xi Yan’s side, he is the only one who can protect you.” This time that she was staying at the General’s manor, she understood a little bit about this ancient era. Even though she unexpectedly admitted that within these six countries, if Yan Hong Tian wanted a thing, it would really be rare that he could not obtain it.”

“It can only be like this.” Zhuo Qing was clearly understood at this point.

Looking at her somewhat dejected manner, Gu Yun lowly smiled and said: “Did you not say it was boring, you could still do other things conveniently.”

Zhuo Qing could not even forced a smile: “What do you want to talk rubbish about.”

“I do not want to say any rubbish ah, I only think that Xi Yan is really not bad.” She heard inside the Hua Ting pavilion a moment ago but it was not very clear!

This woman would still hold a grudge!! Deciding not to be at odds with her big talk and thinking about Qian Jing’s matter, Zhuo Qing seriously said: “I want to ask for your help about one matter.”

Gu Yun refreshingly answered: “Say it.”

“The guard at the Lieutenant General at the General’s manor was killed by a man named Qian Jing. I am also not clear on the specific of the situation, I will look for an opportunity to do the autopsy. I hope that you can help me investigate this whether or not he is the real murderer in this matter.” Gu Yun’s investigation case, the logic was clear, the thoughts were meticulous, examination was fine and detailed, she had more confidence in her ability to handle the case.

“I pretended to pass out for two days so did not know what matter had happened.” With an astute eyes that were sweeping Zhuo Qing’s rather worried face, Gu Yun asked: “Why do you want to help him?” Qing’s manner did not look like it was just an ordinary case.

Yun still had the same sharp mind, Zhuo Qing did not plan on hiding it either, she answered: “He has already saved my life twice, I owe him a favor. Moreover, I can not say that I’m helping him now either, if he is guilty, I have nothing to say. But if he is not guilty, you do not wish for one innocent life to die in a tragic circumstance either, right?” She simply could not let any miscarriage of justice arose on her hand, this was not only her own standard, but also Yun’s standard. She believed that Yun would agree to her request.

Sure enough, Gu Yun nodded her head and answered: “I got it.”

Jing Sa’s muffled voice echoed from the outside of the door: “Miss Qing, the Imperial physician has arrived.”

Zhuo Qing frowned, a deep sound answered: “I am right in the middle of the needle treatment, do not come in to disturb me.”

Through the window paper, Zhuo Qing could faintly see that Su Yu was still outside the courtyard waiting. Two people looked one glance at each other, Zhuo Qing said: “I see that Su Yu will not let you remain here, wait until I go out to explain that you have already woken up but you must do acupuncture every week. Otherwise, the injury will be life threatening, this way we can exchange information every week. It is best that we do not act blindly without thinking comparatively at this present situation.”

“Good.” Gu Yun also thought that it was the best like this, even if they both escaped now, it would be useless, they would be caught again very quickly.

“Take care of yourselves.”

“I will, you also take care of yourselves.”

Both people’s mutual understanding was smiling at each other, only faintly and mutually saying to be careful, did not say anything again.

Gu Yun put the cup that she was using back to the original place properly, her hand moved the empty plate and placed it inside the partition underneath the round table, then she used the table cloth to cover it up properly.

Looking at Gu Yun was getting busy, afterwards, she returned to the bed rapidly to lie down. Zhuo Qing lowly laughed, Yun was indeed cautious comparatively.

Gu Yun gave her an ok gesture, Zhuo Qing walked and opened the door.

“How was it?” Zhuo Qing just walked out of the door now, Su Yu already strode forward to come over, his whole face was anxious. Zhuo Qing’s expression slightly flashed, this did not look like an attitude between a brother in law’s treatment towards an older sister in law!

Covering up her radiant eyes, Zhuo Qing answered: “She has already awaken but her body is still relatively weak. She must have an acupuncture every seven days, after the next ten treatments, it should not recur during the year.”

Su Yu urgently said: “What kind of illness does she have after all?” Seeking several good physicians could not make her wake up.

What kind of illness? Zhuo Qing said without thinking it through: “Congenital interstitial cell of cajal hyperplasia with neuronal intestinal dysphasia.” See 1 below.

What…. What…. What…? Su Yu did not even understand one word that he had listened, turned his head to look towards the Imperial physicians on the side and asked: “What is this?”

“Eh….. this…… this old subject……”

The sweat on his forehead came out quickly.

Gu Yun who was laying down pretending to be weak almost spurted laugh, suddenly turned over to roll her eyes, she could still break it off!

The Imperial physician was stammering and could not say the reason why for a long time, Su Yu impatiently looked towards Zhuo Qing and said: “Forget about it, I will send her back here after seven days.” As long as the treatment was good. Finished speaking, Su Yu crossed over Zhuo Qing to go to the inside of the room, soon, the four member of the soldiers carried Gu Yun once again.

Separating the light muslin, two people’s eyes met, passed on an expression to take care of each other, then moved away respectively.

Su Yu walked to Jing Sa’s side, cupped his hands and said: “Head housekeeper Jing, I take my leave.”

“Please, General Su.” Jing Sa followed Su Yu’s party to go out of Zhai Xing pavilion.

Besides asking about Gu Yun’s condition, Su Yu only looked one glance at Zhuo Qing from start to finish. After that she was considered as a nobody, the corner of Zhuo Qing’s mouth lightly raised, it appeared that the General manor people’s disregard of women had already reached to a certain degree. How did Gu Yun live among these group of men, really curious…….


Zhuo Qing turned her head around to look, the old Imperial physician was still in a daze and standing behind her, with sincere face, he asked for guidance: “Can this old official ask for guidance, that….. what… is… the abnormal illness?”

Zhuo Qing broke into laughter, lightly coughed and answered: “This…. is very complicated, you go back first, ok, it is already late.”

Zhuo Qing was unwilling to speak about the matter too much, the old Imperial physician did not ask again. Bowing to salute afterwards, he went out.

Stretching her body, Zhuo Qing’s mood was rather good, she finally saw Yun, her worry’s heart could finally be put down a little. In this different world, she felt that one person would move forward together with you, made people feel relieved by a lot.

Narrowing her eyes, the sunset was gradually leaving behind the red clouds on the whole sky, one bright day had already passed. Zhuo Qing was just preparing to go to Qian Ting pavilion to have a meal, she still had not taken any step, and just saw Jing Sa’s dark face coming over towards her. Zhuo Qing’s mind was immediately alarmed and she asked: “It can not be that there is somebody who is coming again, right?”

“The Emperor has arrived.” Jing Sa’s cold voice answered Zhuo Qing’s guessing heart, Zhuo Qing thought that she, herself, went crazy.

What good day was today after all……. still had not completely finished….. Deeply breathing, Zhuo Qing asked: “where is Lou Xi Yan?”

“Master has not returned yet.”

Recalling Yan Hong Tian’s violent and impetuous’ manner on that evening, Zhuo Qing waved her hand and said: “Then, you just tell him that I am sick, almost dead, I can not meet him.”

“Who is sick, almost dead?” A muffled man’s voice had a trace of displeasure echoed at the gate of the Zhai Xing pavilion.

This voice…….. No need to see to know who the person who came.

Zhuo Qing felt as though her head could explode, Lou Xi Yan was not here, Yan Hong Tian had already heard her lying, this time she could only suffer.

“Pay respect to the Emperor.” Jing Sa stood sideways to salute, crossing over his shoulder, Zhuo Qing really saw that violent figure walked over towards her straightforwardly.

Being pragmatic, ok! Zhuo Qing was just about to salute, Yan Hong Tian’s big hands already gripped her arms, lightly supported her to get up, extremely natural and lightly seized her shoulder, lowly smiled, lightly roared and said: “Xiao Ling-er, Zhen (see 2 below) has not come to see you since I have been relatively busy this time, you are not allowed to be angry.”

His intonation was really gentle but the substance was still the same overbearing, Zhuo Qing was rigid all over, Mister…… It seemed that we….. we were not actually very familiar, ok?!

Yan Hong Tian could appear at this time, surely after observing the opportunity. Zhuo Qing had already prepared mentally that this could not be good, but Yan Hong Tian’s face was concentrated with serene and his eyes concentrated with doting on her. Zhuo Qing firmly swallowed a mouthful of saliva, started not knowing what to say….. Yan Hong Tian, this was….. so terrible??

Chapter 58: Accident

Chapter 60: Zhuo Qingโ€™s Suspicions

Sian’s notes:
Ok, I thought Gu Yun was supposed to have low EQ, that was why it took her a looooonng time to realize that Su Ling liked her. I know, she was so stubborn too just like Su Ling. But she knew right away that LXY liked ZQ since he had not seen Qing Ling in the past. ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”

1. ๅ…ˆๅคฉๆ€งๆฐ้–“่ณช็ดฐ่ƒžๅขž็”Ÿๅˆไฝต่…ธ้“็ฅž็ถ“ๅ…ƒ็™ผ่‚ฒ็•ฐๅธธ. The raw for the sickness that ZQ said was that words. Google translated it as Inter’s congenital intestinal stromal cell hyperplasia and neuronal dysplasia. When I put the whole Chinese raw on Google, there was a disease called Congenital interstitial cell of cajal hyperplasia with neuronal intestinal dysplasia. Anybody has a medical degree (I think Natalie should be familiar with the term ๐Ÿ˜ƒ)? Because I’m not going to attempt to explain what that disease is. ๐Ÿค” If you’re curious, you can read it from here,

2. The actual raw was using ‘Lian’ word (่”) & we couldn’t figure out what the word meant but we thought it seemed to be a third party calling & was similar as Zhen, but we were not sure what the difference between the two. Then we compared the Lian word with Zhen word (ๆœ•), it turned out to be very similar so we were wondering if it was actually a typo. Chapter 60 used a lot of this Lian word also and we had decided to translate it as Zhen because this was how YHT addressed himself through out the previous chapters. Does anybody know if this Lian word can be used as another appellation for YHT? Maybe it’s a more informal way?

Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 58: Accident

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Zhuo Qing knitted her long eyebrows tightly, Dan Yu Lan was secretly observing her expression, muttering to himself for a short period of time, he asked: “Do you know him?”

Zhuo Qing looked towards Dan Yu Lan, lightly nodded, evasively answered: “I had met him twice, nothing more, I happened to see him playing with this kind of weapon at that time.” She did not lie, it was just that, Qian Jing happened to save her life in those two times. But she did not intend to let Dan Yu Lan know about these, after all, if she had too much relations with a suspect, it could make Dan Yu Lan questioned her professional judgement.

While observing the thin edge of blade in her hand, Zhuo Qing consciously pretended to ask: “I hear that he is a bounty hunter, is the deceased a court felon?” If it was a court felon, it was possible that he got killed when he was trying to escape and resist arrest. Acting as a bounty hunter, Qian Jing’s crime should not be too big.

Dan Yu Lan continuously was paying attention to Zhuo Qing’s expression, he faintly answered: “He was not, the deceased was a Lieutenant General who was responsible to protect the General’s manor.”

General’s manor? How come it was related to the General’s manor? This case might be complicated. If the General’s manor was unwilling to forgive this matter, even if Qian Jing really did not have any ulterior motive, it would also be difficult to escape from death.

Even more worried about Qian Jing’s circumstances after thinking about Dan Yu Lan’s words. It was impossible to guess, Zhuo Qing straightforwardly asked: “Can you tell me the details of the case?”

“I am sorry.”

As if she already expected it, Zhuo Qing evidently laughed and said: “It is ok, I understand. I want to take a look at the corpse.”

Dan Yu Lan actually did not oppose to her suggestion, only somewhat awkwardly said: “Do you want to go now? I am afraid that the corpse can not be preserved too much longer.” He had heard earlier that one of the Qing family’s sisters went into the Imperial prison, and one was forbidden to go out of the Prime Minister’s manor. He was very doubtful that she could go out of the manor.

Of course she could not go now, Zhuo Qing was somewhat gloomy, pondering for a moment, she asked: “How long did the matter happen, where was the corpse stored at now?”

“It happened yesterday night, the corpse was stored inside the icehouse. But the Imperial icehouse is not big so after the corpse’s examination is finished, it has to go into a coffin and uses lime to seal it up, it is stored at the cemetery.”

Storing it at the icehouse was not bad, she wanted to rush before the corpse was being moved out of the icehouse, but she had to go out first. Otherwise she could wait until it arrived at the cemetery to examine it, but many crucial evidences would already be vague. But how could she go out, asking Lou Xi Yan’s help now would make things difficult for him, right!

Zhuo Qing was in a dilemma when Jing Sa lofty’s voice appeared inside the pavilion again. Zhuo Qing raised her head, puzzlingly asked: “Is there another matter also?” If there was not any, he would absolutely not appear in front of her.

Without having any expression on his face, Jing Sa’s cold voice answered: “The people from the General’s manor came.”

“What?” The General’s manor? They were also looking for her? Zhuo Qing kind of had a mixed feeling suddenly, today was really lively ah….. Hearing the General’s manor, Dan Yu Lan’s eyes flashed but did not say anything, only silently stood on the side.

Cold eyes swept across Dan Yu Lan’s serene face, Jing Sa did not refrain from anything, immediately answered: “Miss Qing Mo fainted at the General’s manor. The Imperial physician has looked at her but she has not woken up for two days. She has said before that her illness is a perennial problem from her childhood. You are the only one who can cure her so the people from the General’s manor have brought her to the Prime Minister’s manor. They are waiting inside Hua Ting pavilion.”

Qing Mo? The rumor of the coward and timid’s third sister might be Gu Yun! Zhuo Qing’s heart was nervous without any reason.

Dan Yu Lan slightly cupped his hands and answered: “Madam is busy, you can hurry first, ok, this small official (xia guan) takes his leave.”

Dan Yu Lan was just about to go, Zhuo Qing suddenly said in a low voice: “You hold the corpse inside the icehouse first, I will think of a way to look at it once in the next few days.” She did not believe that Qian Jing would kill a person, he would not kill anybody without no reason at the minimum!

“This…..” Dan Yu Lan hesitated for a moment, finally still answered: “Fine.” Finished speaking, Dan Yu Lan cupped his hands one more time and left Qian Ting pavilion.

Zhuo Qing also impatiently said to Jing Sa: “Go to Hua Ting pavilion.”

If Qing Mo was really Gu Yun, then it was really heaven’s blessing, but what to do if it was not? She did not know what special drug could treat Qing Mo’s illness? Zhuo Qing walked energetically all the way, her chest was nevertheless in a mess, very quickly she finally arrived at the front of Hua Ting pavilion.

“Are you Qing Feng?”

Zhuo Qing’s feet just stepped on the inside of the pavilion, an arrogant and uneducated’s voice echoed coldly.

Zhuo Qing raised her eyes to see a young male, not quite in 20 year old’s look. His complexion was clear and bright, arrogant eyebrows, eyes flashed through a strong brilliant rays, he had somewhat an imposing manner, unfortunately, Zhuo Qing was disgusted by the absence of his manner.

Directly glancing at him, Zhuo Qing swept her eyes once through Hua Ting pavilion, there was a stretcher that was similar as a shelf in the middle of Hua Ting pavilion. Supporting the top was a small sail and the outside was separated by a layer of muslin curtain, the light muslin was swaying gently, she could faintly see one female’s silhouette. Besides the young male, there were still four people who wore stalwart dressing inside Hua Ting pavilion, respectful faces, even though they did not wear body armors and helmets, it would not make any person to mistakenly recognize them as soldiers.

Not seeing Su Ling’s silhouette, Zhuo Qing lightly frowned, it seemed that Qing Mo had not received Su Ling’s favor at the General’s manor. She already lost consciousness for two days, he unexpectedly did not even appear?!

Looking at the pair of gentle and soft eyes, Zhuo Qing was somewhat smiled unnaturally and said: “Xi Yan, you are still here?”

“I heard that your younger sister fell ill, I came over to take a look.” Very good, she discovered his existence finally, it was clear that his great effort was still not enough~

Facing Lou Xi Yan’s overly gentle expression, Zhuo Qing was very embarrassed, heaven~! Looking at an extremely handsome male was really a disaster, both handsome and gentle’s male was exactly a disaster within a disaster!! Did he think that all the people who were in this big pavilion dead?!!

Zhuo Qing was clearly somewhat anxious and superfluous, the several soldiers were simply gazing fixedly, and the young male was gazing at Zhuo Qing with a thoughtful face, he simply did not pay attention to the two people who were ‘flirting with each other’.

Lou Xi Yan lightly raised his eyebrows as if his ‘Ling-er’ was still not used to his ‘gentleness’, it did not matter, he would make her used to it. Withdrawing his line of sight, Lou Xi Yan looked towards the young male, he introduced and said: “This is General Su Ling’s third younger brother, General Su Yu.”

Facing the male’s inquiring eyes, Zhuo Qing coldly nodded her head, immediately walked towards the stretcher and lightly lifted the muslin covering veil. Seeing clearly the female on the stretcher, Zhuo Qing flashed out an expression for a split second…… Qing Feng and Qing Ling looked extremely alike so Zhuo Qing believed that Qing Mo should also look similar. But seeing the female before her eyes, Zhuo Qing finally understood why she did not miscalculate. Qing Mo had a delicate small face, plump forehead, long eyelashes, small and exquisite lips, this person seemed unimaginably young, did she even reach 15 years old?! This was simply one ‘cute girl’!

This person….. was likely to be Gu Yun!! Zhuo Qing thought about this, there was a collapse of the heart…… Even though her heart turned around a thousand time, besides her original amazement, her face still had that cold expression. Reaching for Qing Mo’s wrist with her hand, Zhuo Qing observed her face.

With regards to Zhuo Qing’s rudeness, Su Yu did not take it seriously either because…… he was used to it!

The first time that he looked at this woman, he was still somewhat unconvinced that she was Qing Mo’s elder sister. But after seeing her manner afterwards, he was convinced…… They were surely siblings, the same condescending attitudes, the different was that one was icily arrogant, the other one was….. Zhuo Qing withdrew her hand, put down the muslin covering veil, Lou Xi Yan was concerned about it and asked: “How is it? Do you or do you not want to look for several Imperial Physicians to come over and look?” Looking at her eyes that flashed through a trace of loss a moment ago, Lou Xi Yan was worry that she forgot how to treat her.

Zhuo Qing shook her head and answered: “It is nothing, bring her into my room first, allow me to prepare the silver needle, if I am not really able to do anything, then I can ask the Imperial Physician later on.” She wanted to seize this opportunity to be alone with Qing Mo together this time. If she could not manage to wake her up, then she would invite the Imperial Physician, ok!

When Su Yu nodded afterwards, the four high ranking military officers took the stretcher up, the delegation of men walked to Zhai Xing pavilion. Qing Mo was laid on Zhuo Qing’s bed, Zhuo Qing turned her head and said to Lou Xi Yan: “Xi Yan, you can go and take care of your business, let Jing Sa stay with me to help, it will be fine.”

“Very well.” Without saying anything, Lou Xi Yan turned around to go out of Zhai Xing pavilion.

Helping Qing Mo to cover up with a quilt, Zhuo Qing’s back was toward Su Yu who was standing on the outside of the screen, she said: “General Su, the acupuncture will not be done in a short time, it will be better that you return to the manor first to wait until she wakes up, then I will have someone to send her back to the General’s manor.”

“No need to be inconvenient, you begin with the treatment, I will be waiting outside.” Su Yu’s firm voice was very loud.

Zhuo Qing rolled her eyes and answered: “It is up to you.”

Very quickly, the door was closed with a bang (loud) sound.

Looking at the shining silver needle on the table and taking a look at the delicate woman again who seemed too easy to be broken with a touch in front of her eyes, Zhuo Qing was anxious, what should she do next?!

Chapter 57: Asking For Guidance

Chapter 59: Qing Mo vs Gu Yun

Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 57: Asking For Guidance

Very cute chapter at least half of it… ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ But foxy LXY is still a foxy LXY.

This chapter was translated for only. And only for those people who don’t mind reading unprofessional translation that was being translated FREELY using the translator’s and editor’s own free times.ย So rude & entitled people aren’t welcome to read this translation!!! So GO AWAY….


Zhuo Qing’s heart was guessing the reason why Dan Yu Lan was looking for her, it should be related to the autopsy. Looking at him to show an enthusiastic and dedication towards dissection that day, she already knew that he would surely come to look for her, but did not expect that it would be this quick.

Walking towards the front hall unhurriedly all the way, not too far away, a light blue graceful silhouette was walking over, the rock garden obstructed the image of the person who came. But that tall body shape and unhurried temperament, Zhuo Qing already guessed who the person was, lowly called out: “Lou Xi Yan.”

Soon, Lou Xi Yan raised his faint and light smile, walking towards her.

“How come you are at home?” He always left early and retuned late for the past few days, right?

Lou Xi Yan did not plan to answer this question, rather lightly coughing, he conscientiously said: “Ling-er, do you not think that it is somewhat not proper to keep calling my surname to address me all day long?”

What was not appropriate? Zhuo Qing felt that it was really normal ah! But looking at him pretending with that conscientious’ attitude, also with a voice that made people had goose bumps, ‘Ling-er’, Zhuo Qing decided____ to reciprocate!

Pretending to ponder over for once, Zhuo Qing said: “Then, I should address you as….. Prime Minister Lou?”

“Too polite.”

“Lou gongzi?”

“Too strange.”

“Xi Xi?” She actually preferred this name!


Lou Xi Yan was still keeping his graceful’s smile, but the corner of his mouth was somewhat twitching clearly. Zhuo Qing was bursting with joy and continuing to try hard!

“Yan-er?” Did he not like adding this ‘er’ character for other people frequently, right?


Lou Xi Yan secretly sighed, this woman who was unable to recognize his good intentions and petty, apart from calling her, when did he ever address other people this intimate? The conclusion was still ignored by this person?!

Looking at him with his head that was filled by sinister lines, Zhuo Qing could not help to laugh heartily. Her laughing was absolutely unrestrained, Lou Xi Yan could not get angry either, was only somewhat helpless and lightly shaking his head. Letting her make a joke on his own name, that kind of faintly spoiling addiction, just liked the early summer’s breeze, it was warm and the heart was blowing the slightest ripple on the lake.

Restraining her smile, Zhuo Qing generously asked: “Xi Yan, are you going out?” She naturally knew that he wished to be addressed as to what name for himself. In fact, calling it out was not difficult either, not denying, she was also very satisfied with this appellation.

Lou Xi Yan already guessed from the beginning that Zhuo Qing would call him this name, but really hearing her clear voice calmly called out, his heart would unexpectedly perked up with a touch of indescribable joy, only because of this ‘Xi Yan’ sound? It seemed that he could not control his own heart, in this case, this heartbeat’s racing should not be felt by him only.

“I have just returned from the morning Imperial court, I’m going to leave home again for the same thing.” Finished speaking, Lou Xi Yan suddenly stretched out his hand, his fingertips carelessly went across her neck. Her neck felt cool and was somewhat numb, he obviously did not touch her, but Zhuo Qing was rigid for no reason. He slightly leaned over to step forward, Zhuo Qing only felt that every cell on her body became exceptionally sensitive at this moment, the hair slightly moved. His gentle and soft eyes were gazing at the back of her neck, Zhuo Qing knew that he was surely tidying up her clothes but that handsome face let her heart trembling right in front of her eyes. In addition, the faint sandalwood fragrance on his body made Zhuo Qing unable to control her racing heart.

A moment later, he took out a dead leaf from her hair, Zhuo Qing wanted to cry but there was no tears, very good old fashioned show. If someone would tell her in the past that she would raise her heartbeat consequently, she would surely curse that mentally disorder person, but what was she doing now?!

Heavens, she would rush to thirty people quickly ah~~~~ With his gentle and soft’s gaze, her face would get hot inexplicably!! Heaven knew that she had already forgotten about what a blushing and heartbeat’s racing were for 8-10 years!!

Let her drop dead, ok!

Zhuo Qing was lashing on her own, Lou Xi Yan’s eyes flashed through a trace of fascinating smile, what kind of expression did she have….. Even if she was not shy, it was not as bad as this much suffering, ok?

With an awkward and gentle sigh, Zhuo Qing forced a smile and said: “Then, I will not delay you, I do not know why Dan Yu Lan is looking for me, I will go and look.”

Official Dan came to look for her, he naturally knew about it. Without his permission, Dan Yu Lan would not be able to see her, but Lou Xi Yan still pretended to be surprised and said: “Did Official Dan come? Then, you go, ok.”

Zhuo Qing nodded and hurriedly turned around to leave. Lou Xi Yan lowly’s humming voice echoed one more time: “Oh, by the way, I have somebody from the bookstore to deliver a few medical books, the books are in the study room. If you are interested, you can look at them.”

He bought them because of her? Lou Xi Yan’s forever gentle and soft attitudes were so just perfect, Zhuo Qing hurriedly left a “Thank you”, her feet were increasingly speeding quickly.

Looking at the desolate and fleeing figure of her, Lou Xi Yan’s corner of mouth was lightly raised, Ling-er, where did you think you could run to?!

This confrontation, Zhuo Qing was gorgeously and completely defeated……

Walking away from Lou Xi Yan’s line of sight, Zhuo Qing finally slowed down her footsteps, what did she run away for?! Extremely humiliated…… Zhuo Qing’s depressed mood made her somewhat careless, entering the Qian Ting pavilion. Dan Yu Lan put down the already cold tea and got up to say: “Taking a liberty to pay you a visit, please forgive me, Madam.”

Madam? Zhuo Qing suffered from frustration one more time! Looking at him one glance, straightforwardly asked: “What are you looking for me for?”

Zhuo Qing got right to the point, Dan Yu Lan did not beat around the bush either, and asked: “Dan mou has some questions, wants to ask Madam Lou for guidance.”

“Say it.”

“The deceased’s mortal wound is a murder weapon that runs through the chest, pierces through the heart until the person dies. The question that I want to ask is, the average person’s heart will appear how many retractions after death? And how long does this retraction happen after death? If I want to compare the murder weapon, which aspect do I have to consider?” Her dissection knowledge on that day, he went back afterwards and could not be calm for a very long time, her knowledge about human body was unexpectedly already reached that kind of level!

As expected, it was concerning autopsy, Zhuo Qing’s heart due to Lou Xi Yan’s chaos calmed down slowly, by comparison, she liked this more that she could sufficiently control her own circumstances.

Zhuo Qing lowered her voice and answered: “The average person’s heart will whither a little after death but it is not obvious. The wound puncture of the myocardium will appear to shrink, the surface of the wound will have to be much less than the murder weapon. If you want to do the comparison for the murder weapon, it will be best within the twelve shichen (24 hours) because the internal organ of that person will appear dissolving after death, it will influence your judgement at that time. If you can store the person inside the icehouse, it will delay the self dissolving and rotting of the circumstances.”

Dan Yu Lan nodded clearly and answered: “I understand, the deceased also has other stab wounds but going through the examination afterwards, I find that the deceased’s wound on the chest and other areas are a little bit different. I wish to pass through the myocardium and pectoral muscles to have the comparison to confirm the murder weapon.”

“En.” Zhuo Qing suggested: “This is right, the best way to do the comparison is to tear the clothing off. The clothing will not shrink basically.”

As far as the myocardium was shrinking, Dan Yu Lan did not really understand either, and modestly asked: “With my verbal explanation, can you issue the judgement?”

Zhuo Qing candidly shook her head: “I can only give my opinion according to your verbal explanation in this circumstance, you must have seen the corpse to be able to have the most accurate judgement.”

But she could not get out of the manor now, it was impossible to do autopsy personally. Thinking, Zhuo Qing asked: “Do you have the picture of the murder weapon?” Wanting to do this careful comparison, that murder weapon was surely somewhat special.

Dan Yu Lan took out a stuff that was wrapped up by a handkerchief from his sleeve, handed it over to Zhuo Qing.

He still really trusted her and brought over the murder weapon unexpectedly. Opening the handkerchief, there was one silver glitter throwing knife inside, the blade was light, the length was about two inches, sharp double edged blades, looked like a leaf. The most middle part of the blade looked the same as a sunken leaf. This throwing knife…. seemed familiar….. Zhuo Qing’s complexion slightly changed and asked: “Is this the weapon from the suspect?”

Dan Yu Lan also saw her abnormal complexion but still answered: “Correct.”

“Then, the person is or is not called Qian Jing?” Although the throwing knife was special but Jiang Hu was big, it was not necessarily him, right! Zhuo Qing’s heart survived luckily, but also understood on her own, the chance was remote.


Dan Yu Lan firmly answered, let Zhuo Qing’s heart to cool down, it was really him……..

Chapter 56: Paying A Visit

Chapter 58: Accident

Sian’s notes:
Wow, what a surprising turn of event!!! Why do I have a bad premonition on Qian Jing? How is it possible that he becomes a murderer

Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 56: Paying A Visit

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Boring to death!

Zhuo Qing really felt like a worthless criminal.

During the time of work previously, waiting for a three days vacation, it was extremely difficult. There were forever cases that could not be finished, she really wished to sleep at home for three days and three nights instead of taking care of her cases that had so many problems! It was good now, if she wanted to sleep, she could sleep until she was dead. But she was uncomfortable all over, just liked if she had countless small insects in her body. She began to cherish the day when she slept less than six hours in her life…… Seven days, from the day she returned from the palace until now, seven days had passed.

Nothing had happened either, maybe strictly speaking, if anything had happened, she did not know either.

Yan Hong Tian did not come to trouble her, Lou Xi Yan left early and returned late every day. She could do whatever thing inside the Prime Minister’s manor, except going out….. But what could she do? Books with regard to autopsy were practically not in existence here, she adjusted to poetry and song, history was not her interest either so her method of idling away at this era every day was______ staring her eyes at the vast lake that was in front of her, lost in thought……… “Hey, you were usually at home just standing and being lost in thought to pass a day?” A clear and cast body of water could really make people’s mood feel good, but please excuse her profanity, looking at the beautiful scenery for a long time again could also be fatigue, ok.

Propping her cheeks sluggishly for a very long time, Lou Xi Wu finally recovered, lowly shouted: “You are still lost in thought!”

Ok, I was not lost in thought, that was only thinking about ‘spring’. (See below). Zhuo Qing lowly laughed, it was very difficult to have somebody who would accompany her to speak, she could not make her run away. Zhuo Qing modestly asked for guidance and said: “What do you normally do?” She was really curious, staying at home everyday, what were they doing?

Lou Xi Wu continued propping her chin, lazily answered: “Practicing writing characters, practicing zither (musical instrument), playing chess, painting, plenty of things to do.”


Zhuo Qing could not help to patronize and say: “I can not see it that you are a very talented girl!” Sure enough, the rich young lady’s life was not that easy ah!

Her good intention was to praise, but the outcome was still getting a lowly roar and protest from Lou Xi Wu: “Do not be too much, I know that I do not have your outstanding talents, the four arts (Zither, Go, Calligraphy, Painting) are fine but you do not need to speak sarcastically at other people like this!”

Zhuo Qing stared blankly, incessantly forced a smile, she was not really trying to speak sarcastically! Because she could not do any of the four arts at all!

Shrugging her shoulder, Zhuo Qing innocently answered: “I have amnesia and do not remember anything. You have said about those talents, but I totally forget about them. I am far worst than you, how can I be entitled to speak sarcastically about you?!”

“I….” Looking at how calmed she was when referring to her failings, Lou Xi Wu felt somewhat embarrassed: “I did not say it on purpose.” She understood how difficult to practice that talents and needed to invest how much hardships and great efforts. Now that she had forgotten about them, it was already pitiful, but still had to expose the sore spots to people on her own, she did not need to say anything!

Speaking the truth, she liked Lou Xi Wu who made threatening gesture more. Zhuo Qing hurriedly changed the subject: “It is nothing, we chat about other things, ok.”

Looking towards her, Lou Xi Wu asked: “Chatting about what?”

“I hear that you are familiar with the Emperor?” In any case, she was bored, seizing the opportunity to ask about this was also good.

Lou Xi Wu felt embarrassed and laughed, she answered: “I am not really familiar either. When I was small, I and my elder brother entered the palace to accompany our paternal aunt to relieve boredom, so we could see Huangdi (the emperor) gege, nothing more.”

“When I entered the palace last time, I felt that he was vicious.” Zhuo Qing sounded out a complaint.

Repeatedly nodding, Lou Xi Wu with a sorrowful heart answered: “I also feel that his temperament was very inferior, once he gets angry, he will frighten dead people, but he actually does not get angry with my elder brother too often.”

“Why is that? Because your elder brother and him are cousins?” She also felt that Yan Hong Tian appeared to be particularly patient with Lou Xi Yan.

Spouting, Lou Xi Wu proudly answered: “It is not that, he is extremely vicious with his other brother, certainly, it is because my elder brother is intelligent and capable.”

Feeling speechless!

She still believed that she could find out about some inside story. It seemed that asking this girl, she would just sing her praises about Lou Xi Yan. Thinking about it, Zhuo Qing continued to gossip about another person: “Are you familiar with General Su Ling?”

“He?” Lou Xi Wu frowned her brows, with disgusting look on her face: “I do not know, only hear that he is a cold and proud person, self righteous person.”

“Why did you say it like that?” The cold and proud person, she already saw it that day, but it was not necessarily self righteous, ok!

Lou Xi Wu had a trace of mysterious appearance, lowly said: “In his eyes, women represent inconvenient and superfluous, even more abnormal, he does not have any woman in his home.”

“What? Impossible, right!” That big General’s manor did not have any woman? Zhuo Qing unbelievingly asked: “Inevitably, there will be servant girls, right. Can it be that he does not have a mother, younger sister, wife, young concubine, and so on?!”

Lou Xi Wu firmly answered: “He does not have any!”

Sure enough, chatting and gossiping were the easiest way that could let people to interact intimately, regardless of whatever era was the same! Lou Xi Wu was still shouting noisily towards Zhuo Qing a moment ago, she had already gotten along now, lowly said: “His father died in a war in his early years, his mother also fell ill and died afterwards. Only the three brothers, they do not have any wife completely. The home does not have any servant girl, does not have any elderly lady, only men. He is almost 30 years old this year, therefore, Huangdi gege would bestow your younger sister to him ah!”

“No way…….” Zhuo Qing filled her head with sinister lines, there was still this type of man?! Really somewhat abnormal……. Then what to do with Qing Mo who would be living among all of those males??

Zhuo Qing asked about two men in succession, Lou Xi Wu finally reacted, with clear understanding and self righteous smile, she said: “What, you finally feel that you are very fortunate, your family’s three sisters, only you have the best luck following my elder brother.”

Here we go again…….. Blindly worshiping was not a good thing but she would not deny her point of view this time. Comparing to both men, Lou Xi Yan was the most normal man!!

While the two people were chatting, one tall silhouette appeared by the lake, walking towards them steadily.

Lou Xi Wu’s mouth pouted, annoyingly turned backwards, he finally came to look for her! Humph!

Zhuo Qing lightly sighed, smily said: “I am thirsty, I am going to drink some water.” She did not have any desire to be the unwanted third guest.

Zhuo Qing got up, Jing Sa actually walked straightly towards her, with cold voice said: “Miss Qing, there is a guest who pays a visit in the Qian Ting pavilion.”

“Looking for me? Who is it?” Zhuo Qing lightly stared blankly, looked towards the person’s uglier complexion who was beside her, a pair of angry eyes from a woman, Zhuo Qing broke into laughter.

“Criminal Prison Division, Dan Yu Lan.”

Him? What did he look her for? For the purpose of the autopsy’s matter? Anyway, she was just boringly staying idle, meeting him was also good. Zhuo Qing raised her feet to walk towards the outside of the courtyard, Jing Sa was following her.

After walking for two steps, Zhuo Qing stopped her footstep, smily said: “I am ok going on my own, Xi Wu has a stomachache, you take a look at her, ok.”

Jing Sa’s expression was flashing, Lou Xi Wu was already unable to turn around, she loudly roared and said: “How can I have a stomachache?’l

“You drink how much vinegar all day long, it will be strange if it does not hurt!” Zhuo Qing leisurely walked towards the outside. Her mocking laughter could be heard all the way, the only person remained, Lou Xi Wu’s embarrassing face while she was stirring the corner of the lower hem of her jacket.

Chapter 55: Anxious

Chapter 57: Asking For Guidance

Sian’s notes:
That ‘spring’ was not like the spring season. ZQ was implying that she was thinking some dirty thought. Hehehe… Spring usually associates with being in love. The actual words were ๆ€ๆ˜ฅ-si chun which was similar to ๆ€€ๆ˜ฅ-huai chun (to yearn for love – for girls). ๐Ÿ˜‰

Also that last paragraph, remember that eating vinegar implies to somebody is getting jealous so ZQ is teasing LXW about drinking too much vinegar because of jealousy so she has stomachache.

Wow, what’s up with all these male characters who are almost 30 or approaching 30 in these series and still singles??? LXY is 31 & SL is almost 30. Hehehe… Most of ancient novels that I have read, most of the males are pretty young too.

Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 55: Anxious

We’re finding out in this chapter on what was the “thing” that both YHT & LXY liked at the same time for the first time years ago when they were both kids. Over 2,000 words again!

This chapter marked the end of volume one.

This chapter was edited by Din2.

The chariot finally went out of the Imperial palace and went straight back to the Prime Minister’s manor. The vehicle speed was somewhat quick and slightly bumpy.

Inside the chariot, Zhuo Qing was looking at Lou Xi Yan who was beside her and pondering in the chariot from when he entered the chariot, her heart was still somewhat ashamed and uneasy. If it was not because of her, he did not need to offend Yan Hong Tian, right, after all, that was the Emperor.

Zhuo Qing lowly sighed and said: “If you want to ask me something, just ask, ok.”

Lou Xi Yan recovered, looked towards her, softly smiled and said: “You have amnesia, if I ask, can you still be able to answer?”

“I…. can not.” She had so many things that she could not explain to him. Lou Xi Yan lightly shrugged his shoulder, this being the case, there was no need to ask too many expressions. Once again leaning her head, Zhuo Qing called once again: “Lou Xi Yan, I have questions that I want to ask you.”

Lou Xi Yan was quietly looking at her, waiting for her to raise the questions: “How long will Qing Feng be in prison? According to your understanding towards Yan Hong Tian, how will he punish her?” Just before leaving, watching that Qing Feng’s smile, it always made her heart frightened and anxious. If something would happen to her, she could not feel relieved either.

“Making a round trip from Qiong Yue takes at least half a month, if the case is investigated clearly then she will be able to come out freely after about half a month. As for whether or not she will receive any punishment, I do not know.” Yan Hong Tian always handled matters based on his mood, he would not know what kind of mood he would have at that time. Maybe Qing Feng would die, maybe she would be given away, also maybe she would continue to stay at the palace.

At least half a month……. Staying inside the prison for half a month was a horrible matter. Zhuo Qing hesitated for a long time, she still said: “I know that this request will somewhat put you in a difficult situation, but I still want to say it.”

Looking at her awkward and remorseful appearance, Lou Xi Yan already knew what she wanted to say, mildly smiled and said: “I will use up my ability to make her life a little well while she is in the Imperial prison.”

Lou Xi Yan’s consideration of her need made her grateful: “Thank you.”

Lightly shaking his head, Lou Xi Yan answered: “I may not necessarily be able to help, she is inside the palace after all.”

Deeply breathing, Zhuo Qing lowly said: “I thanked you for taking me out of the Imperial palace.” Confronting Yan Hong Tian, that kind of man, needed too much courages. She admitted that she was somewhat scared. When Lou Xi Yan was pulling her hand to leave, her heartbeat went very fast, maybe because she was touched emotionally, maybe because she separated herself from danger, again, maybe because her heart was moved.

Lou Xi Yan had a heavy appearance, Zhuo Qing discreetly closed her mouth, her head was leaning against the window, closing her eyes to rest and no longer disturbed him.

The great waves on her eyes were very beautiful, he finally saw them but thinking about Yan Hong Tian’s words a moment ago, he sank into anxiety once again. Because the first time he said that he liked a certain thing, the conclusion for his liking was the end of the life of that certain thing. It was during that very same year when the Late Emperor wanted Yan Hong Tian to be adopted by the Empress who had not produced any heir. This Empress who happened to be his paternal aunt, Lou Su Xin. As a result, he often entered the palace to accompany his paternal aunt. He and Yan Hong Tian became good friends, just like cousins (่กจๅ…„ๅผŸ- biao xiong di – male cousins via a female line).

Afterwards, he also had several important minister’s sons and was able to have access to study with the Princes together at the palace. There was one year that The Late Emperor bestowed a newborn white tiger as a reward, the Imperial teacher would draw up the theme of discussion, the scholars would have competition. Whoever was the winner, he could receive that white tiger. Numerous Princes were eager to give it a try, this was in front of The Late Emperor to display their own’s great opportunity, anybody also did not want to give up.

But he was only interested with the small stuff, the white tiger was not even one month, it looked so simple, honest and adorable, snow white’s fur felt so soft and comfortable on his hand. He really liked it and remembered at that time, Yan Hong Tian also draped over his shoulder and asked: “You really like that white tiger?”

He exerted some strength to nod.

The competition began soon, the first round was chess skill competition, second round was poetry composition competition, and third round was archery competition. Not unexpectedly, after the first two competitions and entering the final round, there were only two of them left.

Archery was never his strong suit but he was always tranquil and even tempered fortunately, the arrow would settle quickly and evenly and hitting the center of the target was not a difficult matter. His head looked one glance at the side of Yan Hong Tian, he was exceptionally excited towards that small tiger’s warming eyes. In determining to be a winner, Lou Xi Yan hesitated for a moment, even if the small tiger was adorable but his health was not good. His father would probably not let him to keep the animal. Yan Hong Tian seemed to like the small tiger also, if the small tiger returned to him, it was also good. This way the Late Emperor would also praise Yan Hong Tian, if he entered the palace, he could also see it frequently.

His heart hesitated for a moment, the arrow on his hand was naturally unstable, he could shoot within the range of the red center target but comparing to Yan Hong Tian’s right in the center of target, the outcome could already be seen.

Next, the people at the scene were all stunned at once, Yan Hong Tian suddenly pulled up a long arrow and aimed at the small white tiger that was on the ground walking just a moment ago. The long arrow quickly and fiercely pierced the neck of the white tiger, the red blood washed away the pure white fur. Yan Hong Tian threw down the bow and arrow from his hand, ferociously glared at him one glance, he did not say anything and just ran away.

That year, Yan Hong Tian was 10 years old and he was 11 years old. The past event was like a tide, he did not understand during that time, the only thing that Yan Hong Tian wanted was to win at all costs during a confrontation. Therefore, when he believed that he did not want that reward, so the conclusion for it was__ dead.

Slowly leaning his head, the woman who was next to him was breathing evenly, her complexion was peaceful. What would be her ending this time?

Would he harm her or help her?!

Lightly holding Zhuo Qing’s hand, Lou Xi Yan already decided that he would not let her to have any harm this time because he liked her. She looked at his expression just now.

Zhuo Qing’s eyelids slightly moved, she allowed Lou Xi Yan to hold her hand.

The chariot was still speeding towards the direction of the Prime Minister’s manor.


The purplish red light muslin curtain, layer upon layer was hanging down on the outside of the screen, the night wind was gently blowing to raise the layer of ripples. The faint smell of an incense filled the interior, the pounding of the wooden fish was making a thumping sound, echoing deeply into the night, it was especially clear. A married woman who was kneeling on a brocade praying mat can be seen vaguely inside the hanging screen, one hand was striking the wooden fish and the other hand was turning the red sandalwood Buddhist prayer’s beads.

The old elderly lady stood before the light muslin, hesitating whether or not she should enter in, hesitating for a moment, she still did not dare to say anything, just about to withdraw to go out, a conspicuous female voice sounded impatiently: “What happened?”

The old elderly lady hurriedly advanced for one step, respectfully answered: “The Emperor and Prime Minister Lou were arguing today.”

The married woman’s eyes were slightly closed, as if she did not pay any attention, lowly asked: “Because of what matter?”

“Because of a woman.”

The hand that was striking the wooden fish stopped in the middle of the air, the married woman’s eyes that were always closed, slowly opened, full of interest, she asked: “Who has that much charm?” Her eyes swept past a trace of amazement, a trace of curiosity, it was more so than as if she was happy.

Not daring to have any trace of hesitation, the old elderly lady made some inquired about the affair one by one and said: “It was the woman who was delivered from Hao Yue, Prime Minister Lou brought her to the Palace banquet tonight. She stole the show, the Emperor made use of her idea, after the end of the banquet, inside the palace hall, the Emperor got angry several times. I heard that it seemed that they delivered the wrong person to enter the palace, originally, Qing Ling was supposed to be delivered to the palace but at the end she was sent to the Prime Minister’s place, the one who was in the palace now was her younger sister.”

There was still this kind of matter? In that case, the Emperor had already seen Qing Ling before, therefore he was suddenly angry. Nevertheless, appearing to devise a plan to use something as a pretext to make a fuss? The married woman laughed grimly, sure enough, even a hero still had a weakness for the charm of a beautiful woman.

“Continue talking.”

“Afterwards, the Emperor and Prime Minister Lou had a private discussion for a half shichen (1 hour), but did not know what they were saying, however, Qing Ling was still taken by Prime Minister in the end. Her younger sister, Qing Feng was sent to the Imperial prison.” Able to make discreet inquiries, only these, the old elderly lady was silenced and standing outside of the curtain, waiting for the order from the person inside.

For a very long time, the married woman finally spoke, only faintly said: “Withdraw, ok.” The old elderly lady did not dare to stay anymore, quietly withdrew to go out.

In a moment, the thumping wooden fish sound echoed again, the married woman closed up her eyes one more time and the corner of her mouth seemed to have a sarcastic laugh. Her attitude was not well matched while she was quietly meditating inside the Buddha’s main hall and with the calm and unhurried sound of the wooden fish.

Chapter 54: Qing Feng

Chapter 56: Paying A Visit

Sian’s notes:
Yikes, I seriously thought that I would have a change of heart in term of being misunderstood in YHT’s real character. I should have known that he really was a ferocious person. He would rather kill that small white tiger. No wonder the title of this chapter was anxious. LXY would be anxious on what YHT would do to ZQ since they both were fighting for the same “thing” (in this case a woman) again.
Hmmmm… Who is that married woman??? So mysterious. I’m guessing that she is YHT’s mother, the West Empress Dowager???

On another note, I found out that a lot of the chapters in volume 2 were very long… The average chapters in volume 1 were between 2.5 – 4 pages long and occasionally the chapters would be longer between 5-6 pages. However, starting chapter 59, the chapters were between 6-8.5 pages long. Some chapters were almost 4,000 words. It was crazy translating these long chapters and I could not produce as many chapters in a week as I used to. So I’m not sure if I can continue to post 3 chapters in a week. I want to ask for your opinions on this. You have essentially two options: A. Keep posting 3 chapters in a week but I will split the long chapters into 2 parts or B. Reduce the posting to 2 or maybe even 1 a week and keep the long chapter in one whole chapter. Which one will you prefer me to do?

Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 54: Qing Feng

Sigh… This was a sad chapter. I’m always sad with anything that is related to Qing Feng. I feel so sorry for her life… But I think Qing Feng is the strongest sister compare to Zhuo Qing & Gu Yun. That’s why even though I’m not fond of reading book 3, but I force myself to read it for Qing Feng.

This chapter was translated for only. And only for those people who don’t mind reading unprofessional translation that was being translated FREELY using the translator’s and editor’s own free times.ย So rude & entitled people aren’t welcome to read this translation!!! So GO AWAY….


Outside The Palace Hall

It was almost midnight , the moon was already misty and did not have that magnificent and noisy feast. Even though it was still inside the imperial palace’s courtyard, it was also difficult to stop the erosion of the night. The moonlight was bleak, hiding behind the precious forest but it was still mixed with the traces of the moon. The chilly night wind was somewhat cool, but just enough to blow people’s mind to be awaken.

In front of the palace hall, two women with similar body shape’s appearances were looking face to face mutually. One person’s expression looked excited, her eyes were filled with sorrow. The other person looked somewhat awkward.

“Elder sister, you…. really do not remember me?” Looking at her elder sister’s eyes whom she had not seen for half a month, Qing Feng felt pain in her heart. Looking at her sister’s eyes that were bright and calm, she could no longer see the faintly pampering and the warm tenderness like in the past.

“I….” Zhuo Qing opened her mouth wanting to speak something, but she could only change into three words at the end: “I am sorry.” Even though it was not her wish to occupy someone else’s body, but it was already a fact that could not be changed.

Responding to Qing Feng, Zhuo Qing’s heart was more anxious with Lou Xi Yan who was inside the room. She could not hear any sound so it meant that she did not know what happened inside, Zhuo Qing’s heart was in a mess.

Looking at Gao Jin who was standing to guard the gate of the palace hall, Zhuo Qing was somewhat puzzled because he did not hand them over to the Imperial bodyguards rather he let them stand at the corner to wait. Thus, they were able to have the opportunity to talk, did he do this intentionally or unintentionally?

“I was the one who should be sorry to you, if it was not because of me who insisted on killing ourselves, it would not cause you not to remember who you were.” Elder sister was cold and detached towards her, it was because of her own’s sin. Just thinking when Qing Ling woke up not knowing who she was and helpless, Qing Feng was bursting in self guilt once again, losing her memory should be so terrifying?!

Zhuo Qing recovered, the woman who was in front of her did not have that stubbornness and icy arrogant like the one inside the palace hall a moment ago. She was blindly blaming herself and it made Zhuo Qing somewhat looked to quietly comfort and say: “Do not blame yourselves too much, the matter has already happened, the most important thing is that I am alive and well now, right?” Even though I was no longer the original person.

Qing Feng was still as before lowering her head, she had thought about this foolish attempt to commit suicide once, Zhuo Qing reminded her again and said: “But this killing oneself matter can not be done again in the future, only the weak will choose to escape and surrender. You should not be this kind of person.”

The weak would choose to use suicide to escape, was it right? As it turned out, all along, she seek to pursue integrity and with unyielding character, unexpectedly, it was just a sign of weakness!

Slowly raising her head, Qing Feng was staring at the direction of the inside palace hall, coldly answered: “You can feel relieved, I will not kill myself again because the person who should be dead is not ourselves!” It was Hao Yue’s incapable ruler who caused the death of their parents, and that instigator who was inside!

Her bright eyes were bursting out some hatred, it made Zhuo Qing slightly stump for words, Qing Feng’s vicious currents on her body made her uneasy, unfortunately, it was only for a brief split second, she recovered as before once again.

“By the way, have you seen little sister?” Since she could come and enter the Imperial palace, it should be easier to see little sister, right.

Zhuo Qing shook her head: “I have not.”

She was somewhat disappointed and somewhat concerned, Qing Feng sighed and said: “That General Su does not look like a good person, I am worried that little sister can be bullied by him, she is still very young.”

“Be at ease, ok. Su Ling as a General, his cold and uncommunicative natures are also very normal. Even though he can not be regarded as a scholar but he also is not an impertinent husband.” Briefly interacting at the main hall, she actually felt that this person, Su Ling was not bad. There was an existence of the military leader’s spirit and also did not lose to the cultural official’s poise, his words were not often for the whole evening but he was actually paying attention to everything.

This kind of man would not think of doing something unworthy and make things difficult for a woman, certainly, if that woman was more violent than the man, that would be another matter………. Qing Feng was not as optimistic as Zhuo Qing, Qing Mo’s nature was timid, ordinarily they would protect her, helped her to make a decision, what should she do since she was all alone now?! Why were their destinies always being manipulated by other people?!

Breathing deeply because she was afraid that her elder sister would be anxious, Qing Feng repressed her raging emotion, tried to calm down and said: “If Prime Minister Lou is able to persuade the Emperor to take you away, you go immediately to follow him, it is totally better than two people to go to the Imperial prison together, also, do not enter the palace to come and see me in the future.”

“Why?” She was not Qing Ling, originally, she had never had any plan to enter the palace again, but Qing Feng was deliberately confessing, Zhuo Qing thought it was somewhat fishy.

Qing Feng was slightly alarmed, could it be that elder sister saw anything? Telling herself to calm down, lightly shaking her head, Qing Feng deliberately and consciously explained: “Because the Emperor harbors evil intention towards you, if you go out, it will be better that you do not go walk right into the trap again. You do not need to worry about me, I will take care of myself properly. If your health recovers, just let people to bring me the verbal message, that will be enough.”

Something was amiss, her eyes were flickering, expression was deliberate, her mind surely had a plan. She did not know what she wanted to do after all, Zhuo Qing could only warn: “Qing Feng, be sure to consider it carefully before you do anything, an impulse action will not have any advantage at any time.”

Zhuo Qing sharpness and penetrating’s personalities made Qing Feng amazed endlessly, this person, was she really her elder sister?! Could amnesia really change someone this much? Was it good or bad that she changed like this?!

Qing Feng was still in doubt, but the male voice from the inside of the hall that could make people’s heart were frightened echoed again: “Somebody comes, bring the two of them to come in.”

Gao Jin looked towards them, both of them did not make any difficulty for him, obediently walked towards the inside of the palace hall.

Entering the inside of the palace hall, Zhuo Qing immediately discovered that the atmosphere was somewhat amiss.

Yan Hong Tian’s complexion was no longer dark, in between his eyebrows was still carrying a trace of dubious smiling expression. Looking at his expression also changed more and more strange than just when he was possessed and angry, it made her have even more goose bumps……. And Lou Xi Yan’s expression was still tranquil and calm, but his forehead seemed to have a heavy load in his mind, what did they discuss after all a moment ago?

“Qing family’s sisters, your matter about the identity exchange, Zhen will investigate it clearly later. Naturally will give you all the final conclusion, considering that Qing Ling is possible to have amnesia, this matter is pardonable. Zhen will allow Prime Minister Lou to bring you back to the manor to be looked after, before the truth is clear, you are not allowed to go out of the manor.”

Yan Hong Tian unexpectedly agreed to let her return to Lou Xi Yan’s manor?

What was going on after all? What did Lou Xi Yan do that could change Yan Hong Tian’s decision unexpectedly?!

She was very curious.

Looking towards Qing Feng, Yan Hong Tian coldly groaned and said: “As for Qing Feng, even if the officials from Hao Yue have made the mistake to deliver the wrong person, your mind is clear. Entering the palace and still assuming somebody’s name and taking her place, it is already a criminal to deceive the monarch, so you will go to the Imperial prison immediately and stay there until the truths about the investigation is clear later, and then you will be convicted.”

Go to the Imperial prison!

Qing Feng appeared to be prepared, deeply breathing, she was still standing proudly, neither ask for forgiveness nor crying.

The Imperial prison was absolutely not a good place. Although she and Qing Feng did not have feeling as sisters, but her heart really admired her. Could she really not able to save her? Zhuo Qing thought deeply. Lou Xi Yan’s clear and moist voice lowly echoed: “The Emperor is wise, Chen asks to be excused.”

“En.” Lightly waving his hand, Yan Hong Tian unexpectedly did not really make things difficult for them.

“Go.” Pulling Zhuo Qing’s hand, Lou Xi Yan shook his head lightly. Zhuo Qing understood clearly that she should not act blindly without thinking. Lou Xi Yan rescued her and it was already not easy. Turning around to look one glance at the meager woman who was standing at the main hall, she also happened to turn her head around.

Facing Zhuo Qing with a slight smile, Qing Feng completely turned her head around, no longer looking at her. Accepting the matter, she needed to bear this alone.

Yan Hong Tian, it would be best that you did not let me live, otherwise….

Lou Xi Yan was leading Zhuo Qing to leave, her brain had this lingering feeling, about Qing Feng with that same gorgeous fireworks and momentary smiling expression. For the first time, Zhuo Qing profoundly realized that she was too powerless in this different era.

Chapter 53: Secret Battle

Chapter 55: Anxious