Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 48: The Murderer Was You (Part 1)

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A serene and cold’s female voice interrupted his words, Yan Hong Tian’s complexion was dark, did this woman really want to set herself against him?! She was obviously the one who made the conclusion on her own just a moment ago, and yet, she said that Xu Xun Si could not be the murderer now!?

Dan Yu Lan believed what Zhuo Qing would say, she had her own reason, but the Emperor’s displeasure was already placed on his face, Dan Yu Lan immediately asked: “Since the pincushion that entered the back of the head was deadly to the deceased, it was the Third Prince who approached the Princess a moment ago, why did you say that he was the least likely person to commit the murder?”

Lifting up the muslin curtain, Zhuo Qing held a porcelain plate and came out, used her hand to pass on the stuff to Dan Yu Lan, Zhuo Qing answered: “Because during the time that I sutured the brain cut, I found this.” At first, she believed that the wound on the back of the head was where the pincushion was directly entered by the murderer and stayed behind, as it turned out, it was not at all.

“This was……” Dan Yu Lan looked towards the porcelain plate, there was one root that was slightly thicker than a hair on the plate, one black thread that was approximately about an inch in length, carefully distinguished it for a long time, Dan Yu Lan hesitatingly said: “This was the silver needle?”

Xu Xun Si was also curious to look at it, this stuff would appear to resemble like a contaminated silver string.

Zhuo Qing nodded her head and asked: “Who has this capability to come near so close to the deceased, could hold this thin silver needle and prick about an inch of it into the back of her head, without injuring her skull?”

Looking all the way around the main hall, Zhuo Qing held her vision to stop at Su Ling, because there would be nobody who could compare to this General in martial arts within this main hall, right.

Dan Yu Lan took the silver plate and carried it to Su Ling, Su Ling only looked one glance, without even knitting his brows, candidly answered: “I can not do it.”

Zhuo Qing shrugged her shoulder, she did not have any false explanation, even this General Su could not do it, Xu Xun Si was even more impossible to accomplish it. If he was using a concealed weapon to injure the Princess, it was even more unnecessary for him to run away quickly to avoid suspicion because Xu Yan Yun would undoubtedly die from the poison injection.

Her excessive confidence in herself appeared extraordinarily dazzling! Yan Hong Tian overbearingly asked: “So do you know who the murderer is?”

“I do not know.” Zhuo Qing replied straightforwardly: “The only thing I can do is an autopsy, not solving a case, next is his task.” She was only a forensic investigator, had never believed that she herself was omnipotent, the important general calmly admitted that he was not capable, what was she afraid of.

Zhuo Qing retreated behind Lou Xi Yan’s long table, wanted to sit and rest for a moment, but the hidden bitterness of somebody’s vision was watching her tightly and attentively. Zhuo Qing’s back was cool, she forgot that there was still Princess!

Feeling reluctant to return to her old own place which was next to Mo Bai’s side to stand, and leaning against the pillar, Zhuo Qing was minding her own business by massaging her legs, she did not pay any attention to the main hall where there were still a group of people who were at a loss.

Lou Xi Yan shook his head and broke into laughter, she did not know that being so laid back like this, other people would seem to look like she was a brash?! Softly coughing, Lou Xi Yan faintly smiled and said: “If you want to find the murderer, it is actually not difficult. Official Dan should already think who the murderer is.” This sentence was successful to attract everyone’s attention to Dan Yu Lan.

This person really held a grudge, he only let his woman to come out to be in the limelight for a while! Dan Yu Lan clenched his teeth and answered: “Prime Minister Lou is really flattering this small official.”

Fortunately he really had a suspect in his heart, Dan Yu Lan’s was holding the porcelain plate, a pair of sharp eyes swept across everyone, a clear and bright’s voice echoed in the inside of the main hall: “If you want to use this thin silver needle to shoot the Princess in front of a packed civil and military ranking officers, the murderer’s hand must have a concealed weapon to assist him, and he is surely still inside the main hall.”

Who was it in the end?

This was everyone’s question in their hearts, in all cases, the trembling sound like there was thousands of mosquitos’ buzzing sounds, listening to it felt agitated, also could not clearly hear what they were talking about.

Dan Yu Lan walked to Hu Xi Ang’s side, with a cold voice asked: “The wine that the Princess drank did not have poison, from when the Princess put down the cup until she died, only General Hu was the one who touched the wine cup. Could you or could you not explain it, the wine that was on your hand, why would the test come out to be poisonous?”

“What was the meaning of your words!?” Hu Xi Ang faced Dan Yu Lan, stamped with fury, cursed and said: “How could I know why the wine would have poison, if the murderer could murder the Princess from a distance, it was also possible that he could put poison from a distance. Bringing about the false appearance that the Princess drank a deadly poison wine, I was only anxious to know the Princess’ cause of death so took that cup of wine, nothing more! This way you just determined that I was the murderer? It was rather too much of a trifling matter, right!”

General Hu’s words were actually reasonable, in this way, the determination was indeed a somewhat trifling matter.” Dan Yu Lan looked towards his wrist, pretended to be puzzled, he asked: “In that case, General Hu, whether or not you can say it, the stuff that you always carry on your wrist, where is it now?”

Hu Xi Ang’s bracelet on his hand was very special, he was paying attention in the beginning to the end, but that stuff was completely gone for no reason after finding the silver thread, this was very strange, right?!

Dan Yu Lan was obviously suspected Hu Xi Ang, Xu Xun Si already felt it, but he did not say anything, Hu Xi Ang’s back slightly raised and stared blankly, his expression was dark.

A moment later, he took out about an inch wide bracelet that was embedded with previous gems on the top from an embroidered pouch on his waist, unhurriedly answered: “My mother left this remnant for me, but it was only an ordinary bracelet, nothing more. In our Bei Qi, the bracelet is a symbol of wealth if a man wears it. The Third Prince also wears a bracelet on his hand, this is not that strange, I only put the bracelet in the pouch to save it a moment ago, nothing more.”

Zhuo Qing lightly raised her eyebrows, this man was rather complicated, his behavior looked like an impertinent man a moment ago, but he looked very calm now.

If it was really that simple, why did he want to conceal it? Dan Yu Lan, with a heavy voice asked: “Is it possible to lend it to me so I can look.”

“Here it is.” Using his hand to pass on the stuff to Dan Yu Lan, Hu Xi Ang’s face was calm and indifferent.

Taking the thin bracelet and looking at it, the wristband was very delicate, both the inside and outside had a thin slender fine thread and secret small crack, the bracelet had a little thickness, the feel was rather heavy. Using this as a concealed weapon was also not impossible, lightly pressing the top part of the precious stone, he did not find any peculiar. Trying to push the top of the precious stone, the embed was also very firm, he also did not find any mechanism that could stick out or cave in all around the bracelet.

Hu Xi Ang with a cold face, shouted: “Did you look enough, return it to me.”

Was it really not him? Dan Yu Lan sank to ponder one more time, there was not a lot of people on the second layer of the main hall, the person who could be near the wine cup was even less. He also did not find any other silver thread on the cup or any suspicious stuff, so it was possible that Hu Xi Ang took advantage to pick up the wine cup to put the poison at that time.

But what stuff did he use as the concealed weapon after all? If the bracelet was the concealed weapon, how could he prove it?!

Could it really be no other way?!

Chapter 47: There Was Only One Truth

Chapter 49: The Murderer Was You (Part 2)


Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 47: There Was Only One Truth

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That high status person with complete majestic presence carried on the overbearing and overtaxing atmosphere was coming towards Zhuo Qing straightforwardly. Zhuo Qing welcomed his dark and gloomy eyes, also could no longer evade, he rushed to come for Qing Feng, right? If he liked the Qing family’s three sisters, why did he not keep and use all of them, still wanted to give them away. Now that he gave the sisters away, it seemed like the other people would owe him.

She unexpectedly dared to stare at him?! Very good, her courage increased after not seeing her for three years!

Walking in front of Zhuo Qing, Yan Hong Tian suddenly said: “You are the one who has suggested to do the dissection, we will just follow you, Official Dan will only provide an assistance to you. (YHT actually used these characters to call DYL, 单亲家, 单-Dan 亲-qin (relative) 家-jia (family). I’ll keep the Official Dan for consistency). He still wanted to see what additional progress did she have for these last three years!

Dan Yu Lan was worry and looked at Zhuo Qing for one glance, only saw her indifferent appearance, Dan Yu Lan answered: “Yes.”

Yan Hong Tian and Zhuo Qing were having contest with their expressions, Lou Xi Yan’s gentle voice echoed timely: “The Emperor, Chen is worry that she will be nervous, not sure if it is possible or not to allow Chen to enter along?”

Yan Hong Tian’s eyes flashed through a trace of displeasure, but before he could answer, there was a distinct mutter echoing: “Chen has not seen this type of dissection autopsy either, also wishes to increase my knowledge, does not know if it is possible or not?” Once these words came out, everybody was smiling again, what was up with today? The always grim and silent’s General Su was also following to join in the fun ah?

Covered by Su Ling’s pair of cold eagle eyes that were looking at him, Xu Xun Si felt even more pressure, the general who was always victorious in the battlefield, his imposing manner was really out of the ordinary. Thinking on how he should turn it down, Hu Xi Ang who was on the back took the initiative to talk, removed his awkwardness: “General Su’s words were heavy, although the Princess had just passed away, she was still a female after all, afraid that it would be extremely inconvenient, ok.”

Zhuo Qing turned over to roll her eyes, autopsy was not a show anyway, what did they want to look at!! Pointing at the two men who looked eager and interested, coldly leaving a sentence: “The two of you are not allowed to go in, if you want to see, just see from the outside of covering veil.”

“Hurry up to start.” Bringing up the subject, Zhuo Qing took the lead to open the muslin curtain first and went inside.

Dan Yu Lan softly lifted the muslin curtain, Yan Hong Tian lifted his steps to enter, Xu Xun Si was soon after, Hu Xi Ang also wanted to follow in, but Dan Yu Lan blocked his path, curled his mouth. Hu Xi Ang was standing close to the curtain and could still faintly see the corpse on the ground.

Lou Xi Yan looked one glance at Su Ling who was next to him, he was under the impression that he would return to his seat, who would have thought, he unexpectedly was just like himself that he had decided to stand outside of the curtain covering veil to watch the situation inside with great interest.

Looking at the three people who had already decided to stand, Zhuo Qing put on the gloves and inspected the equipments, while asking: “We can start, ok?”

The corpse on the ground was laying down stiffly, the skin was completely greenish black, the eyes sticked out, she was not beautiful at all, it could be said. No one would look at this kind of corpse and would still have other ideas, one could just feel frightful and ferocious, she could still manage to act this naturally, quietly as usual, Yan Hong Tian’s heart somewhat admired her.

Slowly nodded, Yan Hong Tian answered: “Begin, ok.”

Zhuo Qing placed the knife under the deceased’s throat first, slowly went down to the thoracic cavity, the measurement was not very big, the bleeding volume was not a lot but the smell reeking of blood still filled the entire main hall instantly. Looking at the person’s thoracic cavity that was cut open in front of him, Xu Xun Si felt a sense of nausea came up, the person who was laying on the ground was not another person, but his sister. He looked away for several times, he could not continue to look anymore.

From the start to finish, Zhuo Qing was entirely focused on doing the matter that should be done, while dissecting, she was also explaining clearly, in order to be recorded. Just the same as the countless autopsies that she had done in the past.

“The inside of the deceased’s thoracic cavity accumulated a little bit of fluid, the color was dark red, the surface of both the pleural cavities (part of thorax that contains lung) and the chest wall were sticked together, thymus (lymphoid organ). Each thoracic organs was normal. The heart clearly dilated, the color of myocardium (the middle and thickest layer of the heart wall) was dark black, the presence of phenomenon stem, aorta wall was smooth, coronary artery was extremely hard, the inner membrane of heart was bleeding a little, myocardium was stiffed, left and right ventricle (heart) muscles were swelling, kidney was greenish black, enveloped membrane skin exfoliation. Pair of lungs were shrinking, the surface appeared to be brown with red blood spots, the section color was dark black.”

A clear and cold’s female voice echoed inside the main hall, and the reeking smell of blood, was somewhat frightening, not unexpectedly, Zhuo Qing heard several sounds of vomiting, very normal, not everybody could bear it.

If she could do one spinal cord and cell in the laboratory test to look at the follicle and bone marrow to see the extend of the changes, that would be better, Zhuo Qing sighed one more time, did not have any equipment was extremely inconvenient. Zhuo Qing’s heart was silently cursing, just in time to prepare to examine the respiratory tract, a pair of pure white gloves were handed over to the side of her body: “Exchange the gloves, be careful with the poison within the blood.”

Zhuo Qing raised her eyes to look, it was Dan Yu Lan who handed over the gloves to her, his eyes immediately were watching at the corpse on the ground attentively. Zhuo Qing was familiar with his eyes that were heating up, the time when she just started working, she was also like this excited with regards to every learning experience. It seemed that the opportunity to do dissection was not too many for him.

Dan Yu Lan’s heart beat rapidly, he had done many dissection autopsies on his own, but the examination this time was so meticulous, it was also his first time, moreover, her technique and level understanding towards the corpse were absolutely above him, he must ask her where she learned and who was her teacher in the end!!

Zhuo Qing exchanged the gloves over, continued doing the matter, but her movement was slower this time, every step was strived to let Dan Yu Lan to see it clearly. “The deceased’s esophagus mucous membrane did not have corrosion and bleeding appearance, stomach content was rare, mucous membrane sticked together a little, stomach wall was not bleeding, necrosis, perforation and other changes, did not have abnormal odor.”

Switching to another knife, Zhuo Qing placed the knife on the cranial cavity side once again, continued to say: “Multiple hematoma within the cranial cavity, because of the pinhole that was at the center, muddy color (blood color), smelled fishy.”

Examination was practically completed, Zhuo Qing finally raised her head, looked towards the three different looking men and said: “The deceased’s heart, lung, kidney were corroded by poison clearly, I could determine that the deceased was poisoned to death. Esophagus, stomach and other organs did not appear to have any trace of venom corrosion, the wine that she drank was not poisonous. The lead cause of her death was the wound at the back of her head, the venom passed through the pincushion and directly entered into blood circulation, causing a myocardium paralysis within a short time, kidney’s failure and died. Is there any objection?”

“No.” Dan Yu Lan responded first, Yan Hong Tian only nodded coldly, he was really shocked with her performance a moment ago, she had really changed in the three years time. Xu Xun Si hurriedly nodded afterwards, could not stand it anymore and dashed to go out.

No objection, then she could stop working! Once again neglecting them, Zhuo Qing began to suture the cut conscientiously, Yan Hong Tian’s expression looked at her one glance complicatedly, not saying anything, he came out of the curtain covering veil. Dan Yu Lan also followed closely from behind to go out of the curtain covering veil.

Yan Hong Tian returned to the Dragon Throne, the Empress was frightened and biting her lips tightly, her breath was unstable. Yan Hong Tian’s brows slightly knitted and he lowly snorted: “You are afraid, then return to the palace.”

The Empress recovered with great difficulty, with trembling, she answered: “Chenqie…. Chenqie is ok.” (Chenqie is the same as I when the empress or concubine addresses themselves when speaking with the emperor).

With disgusting and vicious heart, Yan Hong Tian turned his line of sight, and looked down at the pale complexion of Xu Xun Si, with a cold voice, asked: “Third Prince, since the Princess did not drink the poison wine from my Qiong Yue, rather it was someone who used a pincushion to hit the back of her head, what did you want to say?”

After seeing the scene inside that curtain a moment ago, Xu Xun Si’s inner heart had not yet calmed down, Yan Hong Tian asked this question, made him also unable to ask a question with a cold voice: “The Qiong Emperor’s meaning was that this small Prince killed my own younger sister!?”

“Whether or not it was the Third Prince, of course, it would still necessary to continue the investigation, but the Third Prince was the most likely person to commit the murder at the present time…..”

Yan Hong Tian had not yet finished his words, inside the curtain covering veil, Zhuo Qing was looking at the thing that she just found out on her own just a moment ago, with somewhat surprise and somewhat sighing voice, she faintly said: “He should be the least likely person to commit the murder.”

Chapter 46: Autopsy Clues (Part 3)

Chapter 48: The Murderer Was You (Part 1)

Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 46: Autopsy Clues (Part 3)

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“You.. You, you are simply repulsive!!” Hearing Zhuo Qing’s words, Xu Xun Si could not help to be in violent rage in the end, accompanied by the roaring emotion, Xu Xun Si’s tall and thin silhouette approached Zhuo Qing: “Ridiculous!! How can I harm my own blood’s younger sister?!”

Zhuo Qing only felt her shoulder was warm, Lou Xi Yan lightly pushed her body to the side, his distinct clear and sleek voice echoed on the side of her ear: “Third Prince, please calm down.”

Xu Xun Si took a deep breath, pressed down his unhappy heart, was unwilling to take part in any open conflict with Lou Xi Yan, turned his back and held his hand to stand, his tone was incomparably unyielding: “In short, she is already dead, you all want to do this cruel thing to her, make her suffer this kind of humiliation, she also can not be peaceful after death, this Prince (Ben wang) will absolutely not agree!”

The atmosphere was deadlocked for a time, Dan Yu Lan’s honest face, appeared to be rarely anxious in the end, Princess was or was not dead because of the pinhole on the back of her head after all, everything was still merely her guess. If we could not move forward one step in doing the examination of the corpse, just could not inspect and verify. But Third Prince’s attitude was firm, they also could not do the dissection by force, after all, a Princess from one country already died, how was this be good?!

Zhuo Qing turned around to look one glance at the body behind the light muslin covering veil, she recalled that person’s unforgettable beautiful dance, looked at her laying down on the ice cold floor, she already began to gradually become stiffed and her vague beautiful image. Zhuo Qing softly pushed away Lou Xi Yan’s hand that protected her, he was puzzled by her expression, she went towards Xu Xun Si.

She stood in front of Xu Xun Si, refusing to acknowledge his disgusted expression towards her, Zhuo Qing pointed at the curtain covering veil, coldly narrated: “Your younger sister’s death was not normal, in other words, it was caused by somebody, she died unjustly, the murderer however, could get away with it. This kind of death for her would be humiliating, you would let her die with remaining grievances, she would not be peaceful. Autopsy or dissection of the corpse, it was not being disrespectful and insulting to the deceased, contrary to that, it was rather to help her. Speaking that she wished to say some words, she used her body to tell you, why she died! And as her elder brother, you were not protecting her now, rather you prevented her to speak the truth about her death!”

The indifferent voice was not passionate, but enough to let everybody in the main hall listened to it clearly, and also at this time, did not know whether it was a coincidence or there was really a somewhat supernatural being that was speaking, Zhuo Qing’s speaking voice hardly finished, a sudden burst of cold wind came to attack from the gate into the main hall, the whole rows of candle flame that were on the two sides of the main hall along the long golden rug were extinguished, the only candle flames that had not been extinguished were the ones located on the second layer platform where the corpse was, the light muslin covering veil was also blown away violently by the wind!

The sudden situation that came, made many palace maids scare to hold their heads, tightly closed their eyes, the Empress’ complexion was also scarily pale, her fingers were uncontrollably trembling slightly. Those so called cabinet ministers, there were also many who were scarily shivering.

Everyone was fearful incessantly at the main hall, Zhuo Qing just stood there with a cold complexion, she was actually in a daze, what was this situation?! She had done autopsies for many years, she had heard about this bizarre thing, but she had never experienced this on her own. She was an atheist, only believed in science, believed evidences. Even if there was really any demon or ghost that died unjustly, she did not dare to make a false and unwarranted declaration to put excessive fear in this environment, but also was not in fear if they appeared acting up. She would carry her knife down to all of the corpses with unknown cause of deaths, how could they attack her once again after she was acting as their redress of injustices for the people.

The extremely cold wind that was bursting had passed, the tranquility was once again restored very quickly in the main hall, but everybody’s complexion was entirely not serene, especially Xu Xun Si. His handsome face was slightly white, brows were even more profound and tangled together, eyes were staring at the delicate image who was inside the light muslin thin covering veil, expression was complicated.

Dan Yu Lan turned towards Zhuo Qing to send one meaningful glance, this time would be the best opportunity to persuade the Third Prince. Zhuo Qing immediately looked at him without doing it excessively, passing through that chaos just a moment ago, everyone looked at her with incomparable strange expressions. Zhuo Qing was no longer speak intelligently, she was a forensic investigator, was not a fake fortune teller, she already finished talking on whatever words she ought to say.

Zhuo Qing completely ignored him, Dan Yu Lan had no choice, could only advance on his own, stood behind Xu Xun Si, lowly said: “The death of the Seventh Princess was a sorrowful matter for both Qiong Yue and Bei Qi. We can investigate and find out the cause of death and give the Princess a justice. This is the most important matter now, Third Prince, please consider it.”

Xu Xun Si was silent for a long time afterwards, he still had a firm attitude to oppose a moment ago, it seemed to change in the end, powerlessly waving his hands, sighed and said: “Do the examination, ok.”

Zhuo Qing rolled her eyes, it seemed that the supernatural beings were still more convincing than speaking in the ancient times! She should really express gratitude at the unfathomable muster of the chilly wind………. Turning around to lift opened the thin curtain, Zhuo Qing’s incomparably and naturally instructed Dan Yu Lan to prepare the equipment for the dissection: “Dan Yu Lan, I need three different dimension of sharp blades, one small scissor, several strips of clean handkerchiefs and several porcelain bowls, needle and thread, one basin of drinking water. In addition, a new pair of gloves.” The circumstances here could only have these kinds, put up with it, ok.

“Can you do the examination?” Dan Yu Lan who was behind her was really frightened at this time, there were no more than ten coroners in the whole Qiong Yue who could cut open the abdominal cavity for an autopsy like this. And she was a female, unexpectedly could also do it?!

Zhuo Qing turned around, she personally did not think that dissecting was a strange matter, she did several times everyday before, naturally, there was no way to understand Dan Yu Lan’s surprise, softly shrugged her shoulder, indifferently answered: “If you want to personally examine her, you can, I am only a spectator.” She had never seen the people from the ancient times on how they would do dissection, and the dissection of the modern times had a big disparity, she could compare it carefully.

She still wanted to be ____ a spectator?!!

Zhuo Qing said randomly, but did not know that a group of older men heard the sinister lines, strictly speaking, this was dissecting a corpse now, this was a reeling of blood and terrible thing even for men, and her face became exhilarated (in high spirit), their common aspiration only for her this time…… Was she or was she not a woman after all?

Zhuo Qing automatically ignored them again, entering the middle of the curtain covering veil, she turned her body to caution: “I personally propose a dissection’s time when there is the closest next of kin and at least one higher level than the official position of your staff to supervise, in order to be conspicuous and fair.”

Her thinking was actually very considerate, but within the whole entire main hall, the position who was higher than his high position was only a few, who would wish to supervise!? Dan Yu Lan secretly sighed in his heart, but he had never thought, that Yan Hong Tian who was sitting at the high position suddenly said in a loud voice: “Good! In order to show fairness, Zhen will personally supervise.”

Yan Hong Tian’s speaking voice was off, a group of state officials were frightened, one another was falling on the ground: “The Emperor, please consider it three times!”

The Empress finally recovered, urgently said: “The Emperor, this is a matter of blood contamination, extremely filthy for the Dragon’s body, you must consider it three times ah.”

Extremely filthy?! Zhuo Qing frowned, she had a bit more disgusted with this Empress, she would be best prayed secretly for a natural death for herself so she did not need to experience this ‘extremely filthy dissection!

Yan Hong Tian had a trace of hesitation as well, not because of the Empress’ mediation and a group of state officials who were kneeling. He suddenly got up, tall and straight silhouette that carried an overbearing and overtaxing atmosphere was walking towards Zhuo Qing immediately. He wanted to see until when she could still play this role!

Chapter 45: Autopsy Clues (Part 2)

Chapter 47: There Was Only One Truth

Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 45: Autopsy Clues (Part 2)

This chapter was translated for only. And only for those people who don’t mind reading unprofessional translation that was being translated FREELY using the translator’s and editor’s own free times. So rude & entitled people aren’t welcome to read this translation!!! So GO AWAY….


“Hold on.” The clear and cold’s voice of a female voice echoed one more time, a touch of bright and shine from Zhuo Qing’s eyes, carefully lifted open the hair on the back of the head, Zhuo Qing continued, tranquilly said: “There was about an inch of an upward thread on the deceased’s back of the head bun, discovered a tiny pincushion wound, the edge of the wound was even, all around the scalp appeared to be greenish black, there was a little black pus blood that spilled over.”

How could the back of the head have a pinhole?

There were trembling discussions sound inside the main hall, and the few people who were standing next to the curtain covering veil nevertheless remained silent, each was considering to some extend.

Dan Yu Lan was curious, where did her teacher come from? Looking at her autopsy’s steps, narrative and careful examination to the extend of the distinctive body features, she absolutely did not lose to any outstanding coroner, even him!

Yan Hong Tian was bewildered, the female who was inside the light muslin faced the corpse with calm and concentration, was she that same beautiful woman whom he recognized from near the water?! He really recognized the wrong person?! No, this was impossible! These past years, her appearance often lingered in his mind, he could not recognize the wrong person! But this person at present, was so strange and yet she was still full of charms as before!! How many faces did she have in the end?!

Comparing to Yan Hong Tian, there was one more person who was even more doubtful, that was Qing Ling (the real QF but again at this point nobody knew except YHT about the identity mix-up). The three of them grew up together from childhood, they learned poem and how to paint together, learned to dance and write in ink together, but she never knew that she could still do autopsy? Moreover, speaking so clearly and logically? What was going on after all?!

Lou Xi Yan calmly stood outside of the curtain covering veil, but his mind had not been put to Zhuo Qing, rather falling into the abnormal expression that Yan Hong Tian had today, his dark, gloomy, serene and hidden’ eyes displayed too many complicated moods. This made Lou Xi Yan’s heart raised this one kind of a bad premonition, concerning the Qing family’s sisters, surely there was still some other secrets in this.

Yan Ru Xuan was staring at the female who was inside the curtain covering veil without blinking her eyes, her hand was tearing apart the corner of her skirt, she could feel that her own heart was shaking, but did not understand, whether it was because of scared or brokenhearted. Why did Yan Gege like the woman who was fiddling with the corpse? Why did he not choose her? Was it because she did not have enough courage?! Why………. The same person who was sinking and contemplating was Su Ling who finally laid down the wine cup. This female must be Qing Feng (again the name was intentionally “wrong” since nobody really knew about the mixup yet), right!

Interesting! One tried to assassinate the Emperor, words were sharp, one was an autopsy’s expert, extraordinarily calmed. Recalling that one person whom he had only met once and forgotten at his residence, the Qing family’s little sister, he apparently also had a trace of interest!

“Silver needle.” The clear and cold of the female’s voice pulled back everyone’s consciousness once again.

One palace maid’s hand was clasping a wrapping cloth and passing it through the curtain muslin, she used her hand to deliver the thing to Zhuo Qing.

Zhuo Qing took out one long needle, avoiding the dirty blood that was oozing at the outside, softly pierced the needle in, she took it out soon, the silver needle changed to black. Putting down the long needle on her hand, Zhuo Qing calmly analyzed: “The silver needle was entered into the wound and rapidly darkened, clearly reacted to the poison. According to the location of the wound and the poison characteristic presented in an open view, I suspected that the cause of death was not poisoned wine, rather this wound that was on the back of the head, the poisoned wine was merely a diversion, nothing more.”

Xu Xun Si snorted disdainfully, and asked: “Simply discovered one pinhole and you had already concluded like this, was it not rather arbitrary?”

What autopsy, basically, Qiong Yue wanted to avoid the responsibility!

Taking off the gloves on her hands, Zhuo Qing walked away from the curtain to meet Xu Xun Si who had questioning eyes, a clear voice answered: “First, every wound on the deceased’s body is very important, there is a possibility of mortal wound, especially in the case like death by poisoning. Second, I have yet to conclude that this wound on the deceased is deadly, I am rather suspicious, therefore I will propose to do the next further step in an autopsy.”

Zhuo Qing’s complexion was as usual, not angry, also not uncompromising, the neither servile nor overbearing answer made Xu Xun Si not knowing what to response momentarily, Lou Xi Yan’s woman, sure enough, should not be underestimated.

“How do you want to do the next further step?” Yang Hong Tian, the one who always sat on the high position, and did not let other people to think over, finally said.


Zhuo Qing said tranquilly, a lot of people did not understand her meaning, Dan Yu Lan’s brows were already knotted! Lowly sighed and said: “You want to cut open the abdominal cavity to do the examination?”

Cut__ open__ abdominal__ cavity__??

All of the people who heard it, understood it this time, gasping of cool’s voices could be heard again and again…… Xu Xun Si was at the end of his anger and said: “Impossible! I will absolutely not tolerate you all to treat my younger sister’s body like that!! Do not push your luck!!”

Dan Yu Lan thought about this, and suggested: “Can you or can you not use another method to inspect and verify it, like do the test by pricking the silver needle.”

“Out of the question.” Zhuo Qing shook her head, persistently answered: “The toxicity was already spreading, along with the blood circulation, the deceased had died a while ago, the muscle on the body and the blood, all already had toxicity, otherwise it was also unlikely that the whole skin appeared to be mildly bluish green color. The reaction of the silver needle was very sensitive to the poison, as long as there was the existence of the venom, it would just turned to black, furthermore could not proof what caused the fatal death, whether it was due to drinking the poisoned wine or the pinhole at the back of the head.” Depending on several silver needles to get a conclusion was lacking a rigorous character! She would absolutely never allow this to happen for her professional career.

Zhuo Qing’s voice was just trailing off, Xu Xun Si raised a question again: “Since the whole body is already poisoned now, even if you do this so called dissection, you can not proof anything either!”

“Of course, I can proof it.” Zhuo Qing was very patience and carefully explained: “Within the snake venom that causes the death of the deceased, there are heart and kidney that are extremely quick for organ failures and deadly. If taking the poison orally like a medicine causes the death, because the venom enters from the oral cavity, in that case, the throat, esophagus especially stomach are where the venom stays the longest time, the venom will be corroded, there will be distinct injuries in the internal organs when the venom passes through, maybe even corrosion burn marks. If the pinhole at the back of the head causes the mortal wound, the venom just walks through a strip of nerve line, the stomach and esophagus will not have this particular distinct of marks. Dissection is the obvious way to inspect and verify which method the poison enters the deceased’s body and causes the fatal death in the end.”

Dan Yu Lan was amazed again that she understood every aspect of the deceased’s internal organs, but even if she said the truth, in this entire Qiong Yue, cutting open to examine the corpse like this way, it would also not happen a few times in a year, after all how many family member could bear this? Sure enough, as he already anticipated, Xu Xun Si rose in revolt first: “No matter what you say, I will absolutely not let you all touch my younger sister’s one hair!”

After speaking, Xu Xun Si just lifted open the cloth to enter the curtain covering veil, one slender hand blocked his body, Xu Xun Si did not understand and looked over, Zhuo Qing’s complexion was as usual, but the voice was ice cold and did not have any warmth, she said: “Third Prince, in theory, if your younger sister was not poisoned by the drinking wine, rather she died because of the needle on the back of her head, the first person who hurriedly embraced her was you, then there was a major suspicion, as a suspect, you should not approach the corpse.”

“You.. You, you are simply repulsive!!” Hearing Zhuo Qing’s words, Xu Xun Si could not help to be in violent rage in the end.

Chapter 44: Autopsy Clues (Part 1)

Chapter 46: Autopsy Clues (Part 3)

Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 44: Autopsy Clues (Part 1)

Finally, the autopsy…. But what did she find?? Darn Qian Lu!!! How dare she keeps giving us this cliff-hanger!!! 😡😡 Btw, I may be frustrated with the author here and there because she likes to drag this novel but I definitely won’t give up on this novel. So please rest assure that we’ll see this novel to the end. 😃

Ok, I just remembered that some of you have not read book 3 of the series and might be confused on how YHT could recognize ZQ as the real Qing Ling or with some of his thoughts in this & next chapters. In book 3, it was explained that he saw QL while he was on a trip to Hao Yue 3 years ago. He saw her by the water. The real QL was supposed to have a soft and kind heart but afraid of any blood so when she saw an injured rabbit, she wanted to help it but was afraid to touch it. This scene was the first time YHT saw the real QL & fell in “love” (whatever definition of love for an emperor who always has a lot of women in his harem 😁). It was probably more that he wanted to conquer this beautiful & talented woman. That was the reason why he wanted QL to be his woman and was willing to use any trick to press Hao Yue’s emperor to “gift” her to him. He always wanted QL for him so when Hao Yue’s emperor gifted the other two sisters, he bestowed one to LXY and one to SL. He always knew that the woman who was living in the harem was not QL, only someone that looked a lot like QL but he didn’t know that she was the woman who was supposed to be given to LXY (or the real QF). This mixup will be explained in ch 50ish, I think. There will be a long scene between ZQ & YHT in ch 60 when YHT recalled their meeting for the first time (well, the meeting between the real QL & YHT). I hope this explanation helps with some of your questions about YHT and QL’s past.

This chapter was translated for only. And only for those people who don’t mind reading unprofessional translation that was being translated FREELY using the translator’s and editor’s own free times. So rude & entitled people aren’t welcome to read this translation!!! So GO AWAY….


Why did Prime Minister Lou madam’s complexion like this? This style of her dress? Also why did she appear inside the main hall? Everything made people doubtful, but the two people were holding hands at the main hall. Prime Minister Lou was gazing at the female tenderly, not leaving his gaze for a moment. Even if Xu Xun Si’s heart had more doubt, he also could not question the status of the woman.

Prime Minister Lou’s madam would do the autopsy for Seventh sister personally, what could he still say? Xu Xun Si could only answered: “Since it is Madam Lou, Ben wang (I) naturally did not have any objection.”

Slowly releasing Zhuo Qing’s hand, Lou Xi Yan’s soft voice said: “Go, ok, I will wait for you.”

This much ‘gentle and soft’ expression of him, she still could not bear this!! Zhuo Qing nodded quickly and walked to Dan Yu Lan’s side and asked: “Where do I examine?”

Dan Yu Lan was just about to open his mouth, Yan Hong Tian’s impetuous and overcast voice coldly echoed: “Just examine inside the main hall.”

Good! Very good! Extraordinarily good! This darn female unexpectedly pretended not to recognize him!! He wanted to see, how could that woman who was afraid of a dead rabbit for half a day do an autopsy!

“Someone comes, pull the curtain covering veil.” Yan Hong Tian faced the palace eunuch who was at the side and muttered a few sentences, the palace eunuch hurriedly nodded, hurriedly ran out.

Inside the main hall……. to do an autopsy?

The many state officials were choking, but the Emperor’s capricious way, who would dare to be so talkative, even Xu Xun Si was also staring blankly and forgetting to oppose. Reacting after, four palace maids were already holding one block of two feet tall white raw cotton silk and walking to the main hall. The four people encircled the corpse of Xu Yan Yun, surrounded in all four directions, but the cloths could only cover half a person’s height, barely enough to cover the corpse that was laying on the ground.

This curtain covering veil was a little too short, ok? Everyone’s heart was wondering, several palace eunuchs once again held up a pair of light muslin (cotton fabric), eight people pulled open the light muslin, encircled the four palace maids to cover the outside of all the four directions, the light muslin was held up above people’s head, two layers to separate it, they already could not see the corpse that was laying on the ground.

Zhuo Qing stood outside of the layer upon layer of curtain covering veils, with a gloomy face, what did they do? This was an autopsy, and not an open masquerade party, to be able to use this much elegant?

Zhuo Qing impatiently lifted open the first layer of the light muslin, Dan Yu Lan’s voice echoed from behind: “Miss Qing, please use these.”

Zhuo Qing turned around, at Dan Yu Lan’s side stood one servant, his hand was carrying a tray, one pair of white gloves and an iron scissor were on it.

She just thought about this problem a moment ago, did not have any medical glove to use, she was in difficulty concentrating on how to do an autopsy. Picking up the plain white gloves, soft and tough texture for her satisfaction.

Behind Dan Yu Lan, there was a small table, one servant who dressed as a young male was holding a pen and paper on his hand, waiting for her.

Zhuo Qing lightly raised her eyebrows, Dan Yu Lan was indeed hateful, but he was also a professional, sure enough, everyone’s success was entirely not without any reason!

Taking the tray, Zhuo Qing lifted open the light muslin, stepped across about half a meter of the tall cotton cloth fence, she finally was in close range to look at the corpse. Half squatting, Zhuo Qing carefully opened Xu Yan Yun’s clothing with a scissor.

The light muslin curtain was down, Zhuo Qing’s complexion was tranquil and cold, could not see any trace of fluster. Everyone also knew in the end, why they wanted to do this two layers of draperies, there was a raw white cotton cloth separation, nobody could see the corpse that was on the ground, but the thin light muslin absolutely could not be used as any barrier, Zhuo Qing’s every movement could be seen clearly by everyone at the outside.

After finishing to remove the clothing, Zhuo Qing’s bright sharp eyes concentratedly watched in front of the corpse, clearly and slightly cold voice echoed in the main hall: “The female’s deceased, age between 16 to 22 years, the livor mortis had not yet appeared and rigor mortis was at an early appearance, time of death was approximately at half a shichen (1 hour). The deceased’s complexion was blueish black, eyeballs were protruded, the mouth was slightly opened, mouth, nose, eyes, all had purplish black bloodstained.”

Lightly lifting up the corpse because she formerly used her hands excessively to exert her own physically and they were stiffed. Looking over afterwards, Zhuo Qing also turned to examine the feet for the first time, she did not let off every little spot, after for a very long time, she said: “The deceased’s skin presented a mild bluish green, fingers and fingernails appeared greenish black, two legs and toenails were mild bluish green. The deceased’s throat had a distinct greenish black stripe, abdomen looked normal.”

Strange, generally, taking poison medicine orally to die, the deceased’s hands, feet and toenails colors would definitely identical. Moreover if the poison appeared to surface on the body’s appearance, besides the throat, the esophagus (food pipe) and the stomach would be the places where the poison stayed for the longest time, so there should be more obvious appearances that surfaced on the body! Could it be that the red scarlet worm’s venom was relatively exceptional? She did not have any toxicology analysis report on her hand, so troublesome!

No real evidence, Zhuo Qing could only guest in her heart, the hand also did not stay idle, lightly turning over the corpse, Zhuo Qing with concentration, carefully examined the corpse’s back every tiny spot of the skin afterwards, continued to answer: “The back did not yet appear abnormal, the skin’s surface did not have any distinct injury.”

Preliminary determination, the snake venom’s neurotoxin inhibited the respiratory center and vascular center, which caused the respiratory and circulatory failure, cytotoxic (toxic to cells, cell-toxic, cell-killing) caused red blood cell lysis (lysis refers to the breaking down of the membrane of a cell), tissue necrosis (a form of cell injury which results in the premature death of cells in living tissue, is caused by infection, toxins or trauma), resulting in the death of the deceased in a short time. But Zhuo Qing always felt somewhat fishy, half squatting next to the deceased, Zhuo Qing lightly untied the deceased’s hair that was in a high bun, took apart the golden hairpin on her head, used her ten fingers to extend among the deceased’s hair, pushed aside the hair a little bit to examine the skull.

Looking at her not speaking for a long time, Xu Xun Si was somewhat impatient and said: “Are you done examining?!”

Unfortunately, there was no one who replied to him in the entire main hall, everyone’s eyes were rigidly watching attentively at the vague, serious and beautiful shadow who was inside the light muslin curtain.

Nobody paid attention to him, Xu Xun Si embarrassingly coughed and said: “Fine, since you all finish examining, Ben wang wants to take away Seventh sister’s corpse.”

Xu Xun Si’s speaking voice had just left, inside the curtain covering veil, the bright and shiny eyes played across, a clear and cold’s female voice echoed one more time: “Hold on.”

She finally found it…..

Chapter 43: Who Exactly Was I?

Chapter 45: Autopsy Clues (Part 2)

Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 43: Who Exactly Was I?

I feel sorry for you all so here is a bonus chapter. But sorry, still no autopsy yet!! 😂😂😂 Next posting will start the autopsy.

This chapter was translated for only. And only for those people who don’t mind reading unprofessional translation that was being translated FREELY using the translator’s and editor’s own free times. So rude & entitled people aren’t welcome to read this translation!!! So GO AWAY….


“A female?” Xu Xun Si tightened his eyebrows, asked: “Qiong Yue has a female coroner?”

A female coroner? These words came out, the whole audiences were frightened, which female had done an autopsy before?!

Zhuo Qing’s heart immediately raised a bad premonition, her body unconsciously withdrew behind Mo Bai’s tall back, almost disappeared behind the pillar and wanted to hide between the long screen.

Lou Xi Yan’s eyes flashed through a trace of peculiar, extremely tiny that no one would discover.

With regards to Xu Xun Si’s problem, Dan Yu Lan did not emphatically replied, only persistently asked: “Third Prince only needs to say if she can or can not.”

It seemed that they must really do this autopsy, Xu Xun Si was thinking, finally nodded his head and answered: “Ok, if it is a female, she can substitute to examine.”

Obtaining a definite answer, Dan Yu Lan turned his body around to walk towards Lou Xi Yan’s seat. Lou Xi Yan’s forefinger was lightly flicking, his face was leisurely calm, but he lowly cursed in his mind, darn it, unexpectedly was discovered by him!

All of the people were waiting for Dan Yu Lan to find who the female was to come for the autopsy, or he secretly accepted a female disciple. They only saw that he bypassed Lou Xi Yan, walked to one tall male with blue eyes, lightly clasped his hands to greet in front of him, said: “Miss Qing, I still have to ask your help to examine the Princess.”

Looking at Qing Ling who was suffering hardship, she showed her impetuousness, not only that she resembled Qing Ling very much, but also was by Lou Xi Yan’s side. Although that time inside the prison, he could not see her face clearly, but he could be certain that she was Qing Feng, who gave him a big shock as a youngster on that day!

In the main hall, there was a commotion once again, that was obviously one big male, where was this young lady ah?!!

Zhuo Qing’s heart secretly cursed at Lou Xi Yan, why did he not say anything at this time?! With her back was leaning slightly on the cold pillar, she decided not to pay any attention to him.

As if he already saw through Zhuo Qing’s way of thinking, Dan Yu Lan also no longer advanced, only clearly narrated: “If we can not verify the Princess’ corpse today, we can not find any new clue and evidence. Everybody who is involved in this case, will be unable to escape the criminal charges to put poison and conspire to murder Bei Qi’s Princess, it will be more difficult to escape from death.”

Darn it, he was warning her, if he did not examine, Qing Ling would die!

Ironically, she still believed that he was an upright, plain spoken, open and candid person at one time, so actually, he would also play with this type of nasty person’s trick!

Dan Yu Lan’s hands were on his back, also no longer speaking, not too long after, a clear and cold female’s voice that was somewhat resentful furiously echoed: “I will examine.”

Following this voice, one slender silhouette came out from behind the tall man.

That was one person who wore the Prime Minister Lou family’s female clothing, that was right, a female, even though her long hair was combed in a bun. She was wearing a loose robe, but after carefully looking at her, that person’s fair and beautiful face, there was no doubt that she was a female.


The sound of a cup that fell on the ground echoed, everyone was facing towards the area where the sound appeared, only saw the Emperor who was in front of the long table, the cup already fell on the ground. The good wine dripped along the table and splashed on the golden rug, the Emperor’s pair black eyes were firmly staring at that female who suddenly came out, a group of the state officials were secretly guessing the identity of the female. Only because the Emperor looked at her with expression that contained an excessively complicated state of mind, as if it was unbelievable, also seemed to show full of deep emotions, but then again, it could also be an obvious anger that anybody could see.

Zhuo Qing had goose bumps being looked at by Yan Hong Tian, why was he looking at her like this?! Did she recognize him? Wrong, did Qing Feng recognize him?! Zhuo Qing looked towards Lou Xi Yan for help, his face was actually rarely this calm and collected, with thoughtful eyes.

What should she do now ah?! Zhuo Qing was on fire, simply not opening her eyes, did not look at that man who sat at the highest position, faced Dan Yu Lan and lowly shouted: “Still want to examine or not to examine!?”

Dan Yu Lan recovered and said: “Miss Qing, please.”

By passing Dan Yu Lan to walk towards the golden rug, Zhuo Qing lowered her voice, regretfully narrated: “You won!”

Dan Yu Lan stared blankly, could not help to force a smile, it looked like he committed an offense against this Miss Qing today, let her find the opportunity, she certainly would not let him have an easy time, right! But the Emperor showed a somewhat provoking thought a moment ago, looking one more time, the palace eunuch crawled on the ground to clean the wine stained. Yan Hong Tian also already withdrew his line of sight, picked up another cup of wine again, it seemed that everything just as if nothing had happened a moment ago.

Zhuo Qing walked to Seventh Princess’ side, Xu Xun Si looked her up and down, asked: “She is?”

“This is…..” Dan Yu Lan looked at Lou Xi Yan one glance, only then continued to say once again: “Prime Minister Lou’s relative, she will do a few simple autopsy methods for the Princess, does Third Prince have any objection?”

“Prime Minister Lou?” This female was very beautiful, but she was wearing an Imperial bodyguard’s clothing, her right cheek was damaged, could she really be Prime Minister Lou’s relative?

Xu Xun Si looked towards Lou Xi Yan to seek confirmation. Lou Xi Yan magnanimously got up, walked to Zhuo Qing’s side, lightly grasped Zhuo Qing’s hand, with the usual gentle smile, affectionately looked at Zhuo Qing and said: “She, was certainly Lou mou’s wife.”


Zhuo Qing was filled with sinister lines, putting on a play also did not need to strive his hardest like this, ok~

Su Ling stopped holding his wine with his hand for only one moment, then continued to drink his own wine once again.

Dan Yu Lan’s face was pondering…..

Yan Ru Xuan who was half kneeling on the ground almost fell to the ground, one pair of eyes straightforwardly were staring at Lou Xi Yan and that female who were holding hands and standing on the back, when did he have a madam?! Then what about her? What about her?!

The forehead of the palace eunuch who was pouring wine to the Emperor had a layer of sweat, his hand also could not control the light trembling, because he was the only one who saw that the Emperor clenched the wine with a sudden distinct blue veins, the wine cup that was clenched by him was making a creaking sound….. Wife, anybody could not just use this word!! The civil and military officials suffered several excitements again and again tonight. They only heard that the Emperor gifted a beauty to Prime Minister Lou, when did Prime Minister Lou have a madam?! Looking at each other, the main hall sank into deathly stillness again.

Chapter 42: Palace Banquet (Part 6)

Chapter 44: Autopsy Clues (Part 1)

Sian’s notes:
I can’t believe ZQ still thinks that LXY is still putting on an act after declaring to the whole world (pretty much) that she’s Lou mou’s wife. Aaaahhhhh… So sweet… That’s the best love confession, at least in my book.
Oh, oh…. Another man is jealous… I can’t remember who said that just about every man in this novel is fancying ZQ. 😉