A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 11-7

At night.

The sky was clear. The bright crescent moon shone through the spacious camp. Under the gentle moonlight, one desolate shadow was standing there. The petite and weak figure was stretched long by the moonlight, giving a feeling of frail desolation. Continue reading


A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 11-6

Luo Yan was still complaining in his heart. The next moment his calm appearance disappeared. He was so surprised that he couldn’t help himself and widened his eyes.

She… She, she… She really… Continue reading

A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 11-5

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Everyone was surprised and disgusted while Gu Yun looked satisfied. She squatted and took a live frog. She said, “It is really abundant, isn’t it? Inside the rainforest, there are actually many foods. However, the question is… Do you dare or not dare to eat it? Do you know or not know how to eat it?” Continue reading