A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 12-3

The Crow’s Valley

The sunlight was very dim in the valley. Black clouds and gales rapidly enveloped the Crow’s Valley layer by layer, making it appear extremely dangerous. At both sides of the canyon, the two forces were standing face-to-face. On one side, there was the Su army wearing armour while the plain-clothed rebels were standing on the other side.

From the outside, there appeared to be only several hundred people standing on the other side. However, their hearts were clear that this was just a camouflage.

Su Ling squinted his eyes to see further. It seemed like there were two men leading the opposition’s troop. One wore a bright blue attire. His braided hair reached his knee while his hand held a long silver whip. He emitted an arrogant aura. The other one was plain-clothed. With hands held behind his back, it could not be seen what kind of weapon he had.

Those two appeared to have an imposing aura but neither looked like a leader. It was clear they were playing to be one.

“You are Su Ling?”

Su Ling was observing them. Yan Ge also fixed his eyes on the man who looked majestic and powerful, studying Su Ling for a while. A dark red war uniform coupled with a tan complexion made him look extraordinarily valiant. Satin black hair was tied behind. His eyebrows were sharp and straight. His face was stone-like, making him appear domineering and unhibited. Coupled with those pair of cold eagle eyes, it made Yan Ge slightly frightened.

Su Ling didn’t reply and just asked, “Where is he?”

Although the person (Su Ren) that Yan Ge met last time was not him (Su Ling), it was undeniable that this person was Su Ling. His body emitted a murderous aura which could only be possessed by those who had managed thousands of soldiers and experienced bloody battles.

Wu Ji lightly tilted his head. Dozens of people on the right side separated into two sides. Behind them, there was a large stone. A body full of blood and bruises appeared in front of everyone’s eyes. His hair was messy and his face was covered with blood, making his countenance unclear. He was tied by two thick chains over his shoulder to the rock, unable to move.

Yu Shi Jun couldn’t help but shout, “Vanguard!”

That person stirred, looking up with difficulty. He looked at the opposite side of canyon. Immediately he regained his full consciousness and shouted, “General!”

Su Ling’s heart tightened. They had tied Han Shu like that to a stone! Even if the soldiers were able to move there, it would be hard to rescue him. He had to find a solution immediately.

Su Ling slightly raised his head and asked, “What do you want?”

That person immediately called him general. He was definitely Su Ling. Yan Ge replied, “My leader wants to meet with you alone. Come along with us and I will release him. If you don’t agree, just help us to collect his corpse.”

Once Han Shu heard it, he immediately said, “General, please don’t take that risk! They have definitely laid an ambush!” Even though he had drifted off a couple of times, he had still been able to feel that there were quite a number of people in the cave.

Yan Ge strongly whipped the wound on Han Shu’s chest. This kind of pain almost made Han Shu faint. Harshly slapping Han Shu’s face, Yan Ge loudly said, “I don’t have much patience. You better be quick.”


20 thoughts on “A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 12-3

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  2. I wonder if Gu Yun will really stay away from this rescue effort. I doubt it, however there’s also her trainees in the rainforest. She’s most likely to stay with them, worrying of their survival.


  3. Could you please translate the story of the second sister?
    (AMMM: Record of Washed Grievances)
    The last person translating it released ONE chapter in the last EIGHT MONTHS.
    What a shame. These stories go hand in hand and help expand their world so well.


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