A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 10-15

Hearing his response, the soldier beside him quickly gave him a jab, but Leng Xiao didn’t bulge.

This person was really weird. He was willing to follow a woman, instead of entering the Tiger troop?! Su Ling wasn’t angry. Instead, he smiled, “I’ll give you a chance to consider it. After we finish suppressing the rebels, give me an answer.”

After speaking, he didn’t wait for Leng Xiao’s reply and went back to the camp.

As Su Ling’s figure diminished, the soldier beside him impatiently scolded, “Leng Xiao, why were you so naïve. If you enter the Tiger troop, your future will be bright!”

Looking like nothing happened, Leng Xiao squatted on the ground and continued tidying up the fabric. The soldier beat his chest; he entered the Su army two years ago and was still a normal soldier. Why was this great opportunity not given to him!!

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