A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 11-7

At night.

The sky was clear. The bright crescent moon shone through the spacious camp. Under the gentle moonlight, one desolate shadow was standing there. The petite and weak figure was stretched long by the moonlight, giving a feeling of frail desolation.

At a distance, Su Ling kept looking at this woman ever since returning from the forest. Su Ling strode to Gu Yun’s side. A deep baritone voice asked, “Was that one thing you said this afternoon true?”

Gu Yun didn’t turn her back and weakly asked, “Which sentence?” She had spoke a lot this afternoon, how could she know which one he was referring to?

“Why did you need to survive in the forest for a month?” Gu Yun didn’t reply to him. He unexpectedly believed her words. Although she had been suppressing her feelings when she spoke about her experience locked in the forest for a month, he still could see through her.

Gu Yun’s back stiffened. After a long time, she replied, “I don’t have the mood to talk about it today.” Being in the rainforest this afternoon had brought back many of her memories. She seemed further and further away from the modern era. She missed the city that she’d been living in for 29 years, her parents, her teammates… She… really wanted to go back.

Su Ling was there beside her; she should be asking about that golden bagua. However, she felt really tired and didn’t want to fight with him.

Gu Yun silently turned her back, leaving. Su Ling wasn’t used to this side of her. He felt her shadow showed inexplicable of sadness.

“Qing Mo.” Su Ling didn’t really understand what he wanted to say, but he had opened his mouth.

Gu Yun’s step stopped. Opposite against the moonlight, she was unable to clearly see the man’s expression. He rarely took initiative to call her. How come he did so tonight?

Greeting Gu Yun’s puzzled eyes, Su Ling didn’t know what to say to her. It was fortunate that the night was hazy. His crumpled and awkward face could not be seen. After a while, Gu Yun started to get impatient. Su Ling then finally spoke up, “Tomorrow, you just train the soldiers here. You don’t need to go to the Crow’s Valley.”

She almost forgot the ‘rescuing Han Shu’ mission for tomorrow. Gu Yun replied, “When will it start?”

Su Ling frowned and coldly replied, “You don’t need to know.”

Gu Yun pressed, “When will it start?”

Su Ling didn’t even answer her question, only giving her that cold arrogant look.

This man’s arrogance was truly annoying! If he didn’t reply, she could always ask someone else! Gu Yun’s eyes lighted up and smilingly she said, “I only want to see the capability of the rebels. Don’t worry! My hand is still injured, I won’t take the spotlight from you.”

This woman couldn’t really tell good from bad! Su Ling coldly replied, “You are an absolutely annoying woman.”

Gu Yun lightly raised her brow and smiled, “How many women have you met?” She remembered in the manor, there was not even a single female mosquito, let alone a woman. In addition, looking at his attitude towards women, she really doubted many women would dare to appear beside him.

Su Ling didn’t think that Gu Yun would ask this question. His face showed a surprised look, and he glared at Gu Yun.

Gu Yun shrugged and sympathetically gazed, “Well, don’t think so hard. I understand.” After speaking, Gu Yun turned her back. She sighed heavily and then went into the tent.

“Qing Mo!”

Hearing the roar behind her, Gu Yun mouth unconsciously twitched. The colour of the moon tonight was really beautiful and her mood was not that bad anymore.


26 thoughts on “A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 11-7

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  2. Thanks for the chapters ^^, Gu Yun is indeed the best female MC ever, the way she anoy him is so fun, wanna se more of her abilyts and her background, i wonder what happen in the rain forest.


  3. Bahahah!!! You know what they say, “short girls are so mean because they are closer to hell.” Seriously she’s one little devil! The way she can play all those men like a pro. I adore her! She would definitely be my bff! Thanks for the update, not a day goes by that I don’t snoop around here. Merry Christmas to you too, wish you wonderful holidays:!


  4. even though SL original good intention didn’t work, GY’s mood lightened up while he exploded with anger after their bickering

    happy holidays and a happy new year!!!


  5. thanks!
    ah…gu yun’s homesick! -sobs- so sad for her—-! lol, su ling cheered her up by being his normal self, and with her annoying him, ahaha!


  6. Thanking you for three wonderful updates.

    You have a wonderful n safe Christmas and New Year of 2016.

    I like Gu Yun’s question….”How many women have you met?”….hahahahahaha….Su Ling made Gu Yun’s smile…cute..


  7. Thank You so much for translating this novel…after I begining read this novel..I am hooked by it…now I am even getting impatience for waiting the update…I really…realllllyyyyyy hope you will updating real soon….cant wait to know what sweet scene between gu yun and su ling…Again Thank You so very much for Translating….Good luck on your everyday life…because it will effect the process of translating…hehehe…dont be mad…XD

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