A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 11-6

Luo Yan was still complaining in his heart. The next moment his calm appearance disappeared. He was so surprised that he couldn’t help himself and widened his eyes.

She… She, she… She really…

Not only Luo Yan, everyone else was also shocked when they looked at Gu Yun. This included Su Ling and Mu Yi. Both of them were blankly staring for a moment.

In front of the troops, Gu Yun calmly stood. She took the frog in her hand to her mouth and calmly bit it. Her face showed no expression when she chewed it.

Just when everybody’s surprised face showed either panic, curiosity or admiration, Gu Yun swallowed the frog. Then she opened her mouth once again, “I relied on these things that you call not edible and survived living in the rainforest for a month before finally coming out alive. I’ve never forgotten the humidity, nor the terror of the rainforest since then. You and I only have 5 days time. I have not and will not talk about the war strategy. I will only tell you how to survive at any time in the rainforest. If you think that I am humiliating you, I won’t hold you and please leave this instance.”

The clear sarcastic voice was not that exciting, but it echoed around with the silence of the forest.

Everyone’s heart in the troop faltered. However, no one dared to expressed it out loud.  In the silence, Leng Xiao just stepped forward when the man, who complained to Gu Yun previously, stepped out faster than him. He strode to the terrorising pile, took out a fat worm and didn’t hesitate to put it into his mouth…

The yellowish green coloured innards bursted out of his mouth. Although Luo Yan tried to control it, his body still slightly shook.

He actually chose the worm, which most of people wouldn’t dare choose. Gu Yun secretly smiled and admired. This man was really impulsive.

Behind Luo Yan, there was Leng Xiao. He took a small snake, skinned it and also bit it.

Someone took the lead. Regardless of if they really admired Gu Yun or got forced, everyone ate more or less a mouthful. After this, Gu Yun finally said loudly, “Enough! These things are best when roasted. When possible, you don’t need to eat it raw. Now, I will teach you how to ignite fire.”

“Yes.” Everyone was relieved. Fortunately, she did not use any more bizarre training methods.

Gu Yun’s words almost made Mu Yi laugh out loud. Actually, it was better not to eat raw. Yet, she forced all the soldiers to eat it?! This type of blow was really cruel. This woman… really was…

The first day training experience had been unforgettable for a lifetime. Even in the next 10 years from now, they would still complain over and over again when they talked about what they’d been through today.


7 thoughts on “A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 11-6

  1. Thanks for the new chapter! ‘Even in the next 10 years from now, they would still complain over and over again when they talked about what they’d been through today.’ Burned into their minds for eternity. XD

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  3. thank you—!
    woah, she really eat it! indeed, since she’s done it before, she wouldn’t have any qualms doing it again! gu yun so cool—-!


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