A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 11-5

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Everyone was surprised and disgusted while Gu Yun looked satisfied. She squatted and took a live frog. She said, “It is really abundant, isn’t it? Inside the rainforest, there are actually many foods. However, the question is… Do you dare or not dare to eat it? Do you know or not know how to eat it?”

Eat? When all soldiers finally heard all of the clues, their faces changed. She wanted them to eat those disgusting things?!

Gu Yun took out a dagger from her waist, gently slid the dagger from the frog’s mandible. She poked a gap and neatly skinned the frog. Her hand movements were fast and the skinned frog was still moving. Gu Yun looked up and walked to the first row of the troops. She showed the just-skinned frog in front of a soldier and smiled, “This frog’s skin isn’t edible, but the meat is really a good food.”

Luo Yan didn’t take the frog. His eyes met Gu Yun’s. Gu Yun smiled, “You don’t like frog? Snakes and termites are also not bad. You can choose whichever.”

Gu Yun’s slightly ridiculing tone made Luo Yan increasingly unhappy. He icily looked at Gu Yun. The words were already at the tip of his tongue. However, the strict military discipline during his service prevented from him talking carelessly. Therefore, he didn’t speak a word.

Gu Yun had always been good at observing people’s expression. Although he didn’t speak, she knew what was on his mind. However, she needed him to speak it out loud. Gu Yun inquired, “What are you thinking? Speak!”

Getting Gu Yun’s approval, Luo Yan straightforwardly said, “We can bring dry food to rainforest. Even if we’ve finished the dry food, this forest must have many fruits. Why should we eat those horrible things? The military order cannot be violated, so even if Madam asked this subject to drink poison, this subject will not hesitate. You do not need to test us like this, humiliating us.”

Gu Yun’s smile slowly disappeared. Her gaze held a bit of resentment, helplessness, and disappointment. She slightly raised her voice, “Do you think I asked you to eat these things to humiliate you? In order to establish my superiority?”

No one dared to reply, but Gu Yun was not irritated. She calmly explained, “Bringing dry food into the forest will not last long as it will become moldy soon. Regardless of how many you bring in, there, you will run out of food within three days. This is a fact. For the fruits that you mentioned, I advise you not to eat them. You don’t have any idea which fruits are edible, which ones aren’t. The fruits in the rainforest more or less are mildly toxic and not very suitable for eating. Most importantly, solely relying on fruits will slowly make you weaker and you’ll lose your strength for fighting. For this matter, eating one frog will give you more energy than eating 10 fruits.”

Liu Xing secretly frowned. Boss couldn’t just reply like that. Those who were questioning her would say  even if there is no good fruit to eat, they could still eat any fruit and just endure the bitterness. They would rather be dead than be in pain.

With the already-dead frog in her palm, she asked, “Do you really think that this kind of thing is not edible?”

Rubbish. Who would want to eat those things? Don’t just speak without action! If you had the capabilities, you would eat it yourself…


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  1. Yay! Thank you… Argh! Can we get the chapter where they have to eat it? HahHaha. Here its maybe too early but i am wishing you “Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2016”. Take good care of yourself and See you next year 🙂

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  3. thanks a lot!
    oh please! if gu yun wanted to humiliate you! she’d get you to fight her and show how much better she is at fighting than you are! it’s true meat is important for energy…


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