A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 11-4

Back at Gu Yun’s location, those five were full of sweat. They didn’t think the fog and mist would be that thick, that even the tree trunks were dripping water.

Gu Yun smiled, “Now, you can try to ignite the fire.”

The five quickly recovered from their thoughts and took out the houzhezi. They tried to start the fire, but it wasn’t successful. They whispered amongst themselves, “How come the huozhezis are wet?!” They had been really careful to place it on their chests, but it still got wet?!

Gu Yun secretly smiled. It looked like they didn’t understand the power of humidity. At this time, Leng Xiao finally understood the use of plant ashes inside the bag. They took away all the moisture and kept the huozhezi dry.

Those five people revealed a defeated look and went back to join others. Gu Yun smilingly continued, “Are there any of you who want to try it?”

This time, no one dare to raise their hands. Before they were too impulsive, now when they thought it again even if the huozhezi  didn’t get wet, all of other things that they brought would still get wet, which meant there would be nothing to feed the fire and keep it alive. How could they build a fire then?!

After waiting for a while, as no one was speaking, Gu Yun loudly continued, “Building a fire in the rainforest needs a skill. I will teach you this skill.” After looking at the bags on the ground, Gu Yun’s eyes flashed with excitement. She laughed, “However, before this, I think there is something more important thing to learn about.”

Since they were so full of self-confidence, it wasn’t her character to not give them a ‘blow.’

Many of them still had a little hesitation in their hearts. They secretly waited for what was the important thing that Gu Yun talked about.

Gu Yun lips were crooked. With an exceptionally gentle voice, she said, “Without fire you could live for about 7-8 days. Inside the rainforest, you need to consume a lot of energy to travel. Without food, you will probably die within three days. Therefore, I think the most important lesson for today is to teach you what kinds of food you can or cannot eat inside the forest.”

Eat?!! Liu Xing had goosebumps. Boss didn’t really want them to eat the things inside the bag, right?! No way!

Leng Xiao was thinking the same thing at the time. His facial expression was not quite right.

“Leng Xiao.” Gu Yun winked at him. Leng Xiao walked beside the bag and opened it.  All of the things inside the bag were poured out.

At once, there was a stack full of dead snakes and maggots on the ground about as high as half a man’s height. Snakes of all lengths and colours were there. In addition, there were frogs and termites. Some of them were dead, but some were still alive. However, the most disgusting thing were not these things, but the fat blood-sucking worms, which were as big as an index finger. Their plump body squirmed, making people feel itchy and their hairs brittled. Even those elites who had seen many hard things couldn’t help themselves and involuntarily frowned. Meanwhile, the younger new recruits helplessly took a deep breath.

Mu Yi who was standing in front of the troops was even more obvious. He stepped a bit further out. In all of his life, he had been clean and happy. He was unwilling to get too near those disgusting things.

Su Ling and Su Ren looked at each other. Both of them didn’t really understand what she really wanted to accomplish, but they still maintained their composure and coolly observed.


23 thoughts on “A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 11-4

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  2. Ahahaha!! Gu Yun, what a perfect girl XD
    I wonder how long they’ll keep their composure ahaha!

    Thank you for the wonderful chapters 🙂


  3. thank you very much!
    haha, food? oh my— this’ll be interesting! well, the army back then wasn’t trained for forests, huh…they had supplies like dry food…well, mu yi so hilarious!


  4. Uwaaa~ I wonder if she’s gonna join them in their new diet like she did with her trainees last time. Lol I can just imagine her proclaiming that the punishment for vomiting would be 1000 leapfrogs XD


  5. Haha I was right when I said that she will force them to catch and eat snakes, frogs and insects. If Bear Grylls and the multiple native tribes that live in the Amazon rainforest can do it, they can do it too. I tasted frog and some bugs before, but never had snake. I wonder if it will taste like chicken :p


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