A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 11-3

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Without analysing their expression, Gu Yun could guess their thoughts from their manner. She kept on smiling and lightly said, “The energy to walk in here for one hour is equivalent to the energy consumed when running for 3 hours under normal circumstances. Furthermore, the bushes and trees grow wildly. The ground is also wet and slippery. In addition, you need to be mindful of poisonous insects, snakes, ants and leeches. If everyday you can walk 100 miles, in this rainforest, you can only walk… 10 miles.”

Ten miles? It was impossible! Here was already forest. They had just spent two hour walking for 5 miles, how could one day’s time only be equivalent to 10 miles!

Most of the people had heard of this madam’s actions; they were really curious. Seeing her today, she was really different from the imagination!

Regardless of whether they were listening or not, Gu Yun still used a ‘do as I say’ style of speaking, “Your objective of entering the rainforest is to look for the rebels’ lair. The rainforest is very big and spacious. Once entered, one must prepare to stay for 8-10 days. If you cannot build a fire, it will be disaster. Without fire, you will be suffering at night. Not being able to eat warm food and cook things are small matters. The most important thing is inside rainforest, your feet will start to fester. You will be really close to dying.”

Su Ling was standing at the back the whole time, watching the skinny and weak woman who seemed almost drowned in the sea of the group. Even though she only said couple of sentences, Su Ling was already convinced. She had broad knowledge about rainforest. Or else, she wouldn’t be this relaxed and confident. However, what kind of circumstances shaped her to become the woman in front of him? This was the first time in his life, he was… interested in a woman.

Gu Yun had noticed the inquiring eyes that kept gazing at her. She wanted to ignore him, but it was not that easy. That man really had a strong presence that could not be disregarded easily.

Gu Yun no longer thought about it and continued, “Therefore, build a fire now for me to see! Who wants to be the first to try?”

Gu Yun had just finished her sentence, and many hands were already raised up. It looked like many of them were confident that they could build a fire. Gu Yun’s brow raised and randomly chose several people. She said, “Let the five of you do it.”

Gu Yun took the bag at her waist and threw it to Leng Xiao, “Leng Xiao, give them the huozhezi ( 火折子, a tool to ignite the fire).”

huozhezi ( 火折子, a tool to ignite the fire).

Leng Xiao opened the bag. The bag was full of huozhezi,which were buried in the plant ashes. He took several of them and gave it to those 5 people.

Those five took the huozhezi and tried to ignite a fire. While they were trying, Gu Yun suddenly spoke, “Wait a minute. Place the huozhezi somewhere you think it won’t get wet easily. Then from here, run to the biggest tree over there and return here. Go!”

Everyone looked to where there was. Approximately, it was 1 miles distance from their current location to that tree. The team of five didn’t understand Gu Yun’s intention, but they still didn’t dare to disobey  it. They put the huozhezi in between their outerwear and innerwear and ran towards the tree.

Not too far away, their speeds were getting slower. The corner of Gu Yun’s mouth raised. As they neared the tree, the number of branches and vines increased, as did the humidity. The huozhezi would most likely be useless after returning back.

Su Ling’s eyes narrowed. The two miles journey from here to there and back again took more than half an hour. This was only the rainforest periphery, if it were the center…



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