A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 11-2

Su Ling tightened his grip on the reins. If he insisted on continuing to ride on horse, wasn’t he admitting out loud that he had enjoyed the comfort so much, hence, he was spoilt?! It was nothing. Anyway, it had been a long time since he ran on a march. Jogging was not really that bad. Su Ling let the reins go and joined the march.

Gu Yun secretly laughed and also ran to catch up to the march. Su Ren was dumbfounded for a while. At last, he also let his reins go and jogged together.

The great general was jogging, how could he still ride a horse?!

Mu Yi widened his eyes and gently stroked the back of the horse. He smiled, “It’s okay, I am more suitable with the pampered lifestyle.” Ling didn’t realise that he was being controlled by that lady. Following Su Ling’s example, Su Ren innocently jogged. Mu Yi shook his head. Indeed, the all-men household wasn’t good (complete?).

To the professional elite forces, the 20-mile distance didn’t really count as anything. However, within the last 5 miles, they had entered the forest. Their feet were covered in mud while their bodies were sticky and moist. Arriving at the place Gu Yun designated as a target, the troop arrangement was messed up. However, the five thousand soldiers quickly returned to the formation while still breathing heavily.

Gu Yun secretly adjusted her breath and then walked to Leng Xiao and Liu Xing’s side, who had been waiting beforehand. She asked, “Have you finished preparing ‘that’ thing?”

Liu Xing looked at two big bags on the ground and gulped. He nodded quickly. Leng Xiao calmly added, “They are ready.”

Gu Yun smiled brightly, “Thanks for the hard work. Both of you, go and join the others.”


Gu Yun turned her back and saw the red-clothed Mu Yi looking at the bag. He looked really curious. Gu Yun was wondering. The horse couldn’t enter this dense rainforest so far, hence, he would have traveled on foot for quite a long distance. How come his red attire was very clean and neat, free of mud?! And also, Su Ling who had been running along the way didn’t lose his breath nor did he look tired. Is this so-called neigong* self-healing?! This really made one feel stuffy. Her heart was full of doubt.

However, seeing the eyes that showed firm resolution and willingness to learn in front of her, she quickly refocused her mind. She told the soldiers, “The fact that you can appear in here means that you must have understood the responsibilities you bear. Every one of you was chosen from the Su army to form an elite team. I have absolute belief in your fitness and strength. If you have an open battle with the rebels, you absolutely can defeat and subdue them. However, your biggest obstacle this time is the rainforest and then the rebels.

“The circumstances inside the rainforest are different from its outside. The humidity is high and also very stuffy. Don’t you already feel some shortness of breath?” Gu Yun asked. No one answered. All of their faces showed resolve and no emotion.

Her brows raised. Being a so-called elite was not that good. She prefered people with blood and meat (with emotion). She crossed her arms on over her chest and lightly smiled, “There are only five days left. To be honest, the training contents will not be a lot. Today is the first day, so it won’t be really hard.”

After hearing her words, the new recruits who had been training under her before gasped. We’re doomed! Last time she also smiled and said it wouldn’t be too hard, but the result…
Those elite forces who didn’t understand the real meaning of the words kept calm and remained expressionless. In their hearts, they were unhappy. They’d been picked, chosen, and harshly trained fighters. No matter how tough it was, they won’t even crease their eyebrow.


22 thoughts on “A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 11-2

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  2. Thankies for the triple parts update!

    At last, Su Ling will see the fierceness of Gu Yun/Qing Mo. I wonder what his reaction would be. LOL.

    In this training/torture, I slightly bet Gu Yun’s trained recruits would perform better than the elites (cause they have an idea what’s coming). Hahaha.

    Have a safe trip!

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  3. -insert evil laugh-
    The poor men who know nothing of GY style of ‘not really hard’ training.
    They’ll be dying and SL will get to see more of GY fierceness and skills!

    Thank you for the update! Enjoy your trip and we’ll all be waiting right here for you to return with a chapter!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. By not really hard, she meant that by the end of the training they either become minced meat with no bones or survivors with trauma hue hue hue. I can picture her ordering them to climb the trees with bare hands or a piece of clothing. Learn how catch and eat snakes, frogs, and insects. Run miles until they are adapted to the environment. Make a tent out of plantation’s leaves and twigs, make hidden traps with sticks and vines, and net traps hidden under the decaying leaves on the ground. LET THE BLOODY HELL AND SADISTIC GAME BEGIN!!! XD

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  5. thank you very much!
    oh, su ren’s running along too? haha, nice! mu yi’s smart lol, he knows what gu yun’s doing. and anyway, he’s nt involved! no matter how much training you’ve done, i don’t think you can compare to gu yun’s training….lolol!


  6. “After hearing her words, the new recruits who had been training under her before gasped. We’re doomed!”

    Wait for it guys, wait for it… FROG JUMPS IN THE MUD XD

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Seriously they are doomed
    May their souls rest in peace
    I wish I could see their faces
    That would certainly be hilarious
    Thanks for the update


  8. haha….elite forces, just wait and see, you guys will meet your personal demon trainer !!
    thanks for the update!! 🙂 this is so exciting!!


  9. LOL I bet after this training, these soldiers will wish to murder the rebels over and over again in order to release their stress built up from their training from hell.

    P.S. In the previous chapter it was mentioned that she wants to gather her 300 new recruits and 500 elite soldiers. How come here it said 5000 elite soldiers?


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