A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 11-1

In the midday summer, the sun was like a ball of fire, hot and shiny. 5000 soldiers were lining up in front of the campsite. It was so hot out there that even one minute standing under the sunlight could make the soldiers sweat all over their body.

The soldiers were waiting in high spirit, but Su Ren was still a bit anxious. The appointment time almost came, but he hadn’t even seen her shadow. Big Brother really hated unpunctuality. Yesterday, Yu Shi Jun came at Xu hour. Although he had a reason for being late, he was still given 20 flogs as punishment.

While Su Ren was still worried, Gu Yun suddenly appeared in the centre of the camp. Su Ren secretly sighed and smiled, “Big Sister-in-law.”

Su Ling stood proud and lofty in front of the troop. He coldly stared at her. Gu Yun pretended she didn’t see him and greeted Su Ren, “I am not late, am I?”

Seeing the sundial in the camp’s center, the time was just right. Su Ren was relieved and answered, “No, you came just on time.”

Gu Yun saw the back of the slightly angered Su Ling. Although Gu Yun didn’t speak a word, her face clearly showed ‘you need to cope with me’. This made Su Ling’s anger increase. Unfortunately, he couldn’t vent it out.

Gu Yun’s mood was not bad. She kept on grabbing the fabric bag that was hanging on her waist and said, “Let’s set off.”

Su Ren asked, “To where?”

Gu Yun laughed and replied, “To get familiar with the rainforest, of course. We need to enter the rainforest environment. If not, how can the soldiers know what they are going to face?”

Her words were logical. Not waiting for Su Ren to issue the order, she just directly yelled, “Target… 20 miles to the forest’s direction. Run forward!”

“Yes!” They shouted in unison. They even jogged forward in unison. Gu Yun secretly admired, they were worthy of their name, elite forces. They were really different from those bunch of rascals.

While Gu Yun silently criticised, Su Ren had already led a black horse and said, “You just ride this horse, ok?”

Gu Yun turned her head and glanced. Su Ling and Mu Yi, each of them, also led a horse beside them. Her mood slightly changed. Gu Yun shook her head and loudly said, “It is very close, we don’t need to ride a horse. Or… has the great General Su has enjoyed such a high position and lived in comfort that he can no longer run that far?”
From the beginning, she had already planned to jog there. How could she resist not pulling him into the water (means to jog with the rest)? The great general and all the soldiers jogged together. This matter, if it was spread out, would make a good story. She was helping him!


8 thoughts on “A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 11-1

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  2. thanks a lot!
    haha, since they have a bad relationship, she’s going to force him to suffer whenever she can! it’s true that it’ll be good for the reputation, though!


  3. Syntax / Grammar corrections:
    – he was still got -> he was still given | he still got
    – has the great General Su has enjoyed a high position -> has the great General Su enjoyed such a high position


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