A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 10-17

Hi Everyone, I hope you had a good weekend :). My schedule is a  bit hectic. I hadn’t started to pack even though, I am flying home on Wednesday. Due to this, I will post 3 chapter parts today, but I couldn’t guarantee that I can post another part this week. Wish you have a good week ~~~

Gu Yun was not long-winded and quickly replied, “My suggestion is to not enter the forest. Lou Mu Hai has been there for many years, but he still cannot suppress the rebels. If you want to fight inside the forest, we would have to stay there at least half a year, then, we will have a chance to succeed. Therefore, the best way is to lure them out.” Seeing the look Yu Shi Jun gave just now had proved they didn’t have combat experience in the rainforest. Wanting to fight with the rebels in the woods was really seeking for their own death.

Su Ling’s expression had restored back. However, the words he said still carried the smell of gunpowder, “They are not idiots. How can they abandon their good barrier and go out to fight? Even if they go out, the gold is still in the forest; we still need to go in.”

His words were implying who was an idiot?! Gu Yun coldly stared at him.

Those two people looked like they would have another fight. Su Ren quickly said, “Big sister-in-law, Big Brother’s words also make sense. Big Sister-in-law, can you teach some rainforest combat techniques to the soldiers and let them be able to fight in the forest?”

“I cannot.” Gu Yun didn’t even think and just bluntly refused.


Su Ren’s mind blanked for a while. Even if she hated Big Brother so much, she shouldn’t transfer that hatred to the Su army. This was really out of her character.


Gu Yun then continued and explained the reason why she refused, “Without three months of training, there will be no doubt we will die if we enter the forest. I will not teach them.”

So it was like that. Gu Yun’s attitude was very firm. It would be hard to persuade her. Su Ren thought for a while and helplessly said, “The emperor’s decree gave us a month. Now, more than ten days have passed. We only have 10 more days. We cannot defy the emperor’s decree. Not speaking of the rainforest, even if it were a dragon’s pool or a tiger’s den, the Su army would have to enter.”

Gu Yun’s face changed slightly. Su Ren continued, “If you don’t agree to train, then, it is better to not fight this battle. However… The number of people who will die will increase.”

“Enough.” Gu Yun said, “You do not need to explain. How many days do they have till engagement?

Su Ren’s heart darkened, “5 days.”

“How many out of the 500 new recruits that I trained came here?”


Sighing, Gu Yun bitterly smiled, “Select 500 elites and those 300 new recruits. Tomorrow noon, they must gather in the camp.”

“No worries!”

At the end, she finally agreed. Su Ren was smart. He was holding her weakness: she couldn’t disregard lives.


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  1. Thanking you for an update. I hope you have a good week too also not to forget to take care of yourself in this holiday seasons.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy 2016 New Year to you if or before you get a chance to update another translation. 😀

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  3. thank you for the new chapter!
    haha, su ren’s cunning, huh, he’s the strategist among the brothers, though that has indeed been established earlier!


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