A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 10-16

After Old Doctor retreated, Su Ling still remained there with his gloomy expression. Gu Yun gently rolled down her sleeves and turned back to say, “Let’s go.” They specially called her to the main tent, indicating there was more serious matter.

Her face was full of sweat, with pale face plus bitten bright red lips. It was unpleasant to see. Su Ling was slightly angry and said, “Your hand has a wound. You shouldn’t have done the demonstration today.”

Originally, her arm had been really painful. Su Ling’s words made her unhappier. She stepped forward and stood opposite of Su Ling. She coldly said, “General Su. Are you actually criticising me? Or being considerate of me?”

He didn’t know why, hearing her calling him general all the time made him feel angry. Just when he was about to reply, Gu Yun spoke again, “If it is a criticism, I don’t think I did anything wrong. The idea came from me. It was appropriate that I actually demonstrate it. This small wound should not affect my overall performance. If it is concern…” Her words were cut in the middle. Gu Yun laughingly continued, “It is a big impossibility. I will have goosebumps.”

“Qing Mo!” 

Under candlelight illumination, the soldiers outside could only see a tall muscular man and a slender petite woman facing each other. What a loving couple, ah! No one wanted to disturb the couple’s moment.

However, in reality, that wasn’t the case. Just by looking at Su Ling’s arm veins which were about to explode, it was clear.

The tent’s door was opened. Gu Yun went out. Her facial expression didn’t look great. However, looking at furious Su Ling behind her, her facial expression looked not that bad anymore.

Once these two met, it was either tit for tat or fight*. Were they really a couple?! Su Ren doubted. Or were they like the people in the legend of the destined couple who should not meet each other**?!


Su Ren was still analysing when Gu Yun looked at the awkward Yu Shi Jun. Just by seeing his appearance, she knew he had just returned from the rainforest. She smiled, “How was it? Was the rainforest trip enjoyable?”


Yu Shi Jun was embarrassed and bowed his head. He replied, “This subject is ashamed.”

Gu Yun replied, “There is nothing to be ashamed for. You could actually exit that kind of cursed place. This proves that you are really capable.” Seeing the blurred drawing on the desk, Gu Yun asked, “What is this? Why you put it here?

Yu Shi Jun sighed and awkwardly said, “The map.”

Mmm… Map?! Gu Yun really wanted to laugh, but it would be too impolite. She must endure! Must endure! She lowered her head to hide the urge to laugh. She then nodded, “Understood.”

There was only Su Ren and Yu Shi Jun in the tent. She didn’t see Mu Yi or Lou Mu Hai. She kind of guessed what they want to say. Sitting down, she didn’t press to ask.

Su Ren looked at Su Ling. At the end, it would be better if he asked, “The woods are the hardest obstacle in suppressing the rebels right now. Although the Su army is strong and brave, they’ve never fought in this kind of situation. This will also be the first time where they are clueless about the conditions of the battlefield. From your actions and opinions, we can see that you are familiar with forest operations. Tonight we called you to hear your suggestions.”

*互摆脸色 (hubailianse) to be honest I don’t the meaning of this idioms, I just guess it means they fight a lot. Can anyone help?

**冤家不聚头. Once again I don’t get the real meaning of this proverb. I have a very limited knowledge regarding Chinese idioms.

23 thoughts on “A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 10-16

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  2. Thanks!

    For *, maybe “fight like cats and dogs”?
    For **, maybe “destined mortal enemies”?

    Gu Yun always puts Su Ling in his place….but it looks like he’s falling for her since he’s upset about her injury.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Tit for Tat already means fight. I think Hù bǎi liǎnsè is supposed to mean they both look worse for the wear? Hù = both of them, bǎi = a ton of things, but maybe ‘show’? and liǎnsè = dark expressions. So they both end up with a bad attitude/bad mood/bad expressions.

    No idea about the second.


  4. Thankies for the update!!!
    It’s okay you don’t know the proverbs’ meaning, you have very good alternatives. We really appreciate how easy it is to understand your translations. Keep it up!


  5. She ain’t afraid of pain, and the guts of this woman are out of this world(maybe her world?) !!! anyways I always like strong and clever MC’s ❤ and thanks for the chapter!!!! ^_^ /


  6. thank you very much!
    ahaha, so funny, people mistaking them as a loving couple from the outside, lol! well, their facial expressions say it all! yes, it is time for them to ask gu yun about her skill with forest operations! let’s go—!


  7. It is so funny when she said that it gives her goosebump if SL show his concern over her wound. SL is very patient with GY. Cheeky girl actually enjoy provoking him.

    When did SL or GY aka QM falls for one another?

    Thanks for the translation. 😀


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