A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 10-15

Hearing his response, the soldier beside him quickly gave him a jab, but Leng Xiao didn’t bulge.

This person was really weird. He was willing to follow a woman, instead of entering the Tiger troop?! Su Ling wasn’t angry. Instead, he smiled, “I’ll give you a chance to consider it. After we finish suppressing the rebels, give me an answer.”

After speaking, he didn’t wait for Leng Xiao’s reply and went back to the camp.

As Su Ling’s figure diminished, the soldier beside him impatiently scolded, “Leng Xiao, why were you so naïve. If you enter the Tiger troop, your future will be bright!”

Looking like nothing happened, Leng Xiao squatted on the ground and continued tidying up the fabric. The soldier beat his chest; he entered the Su army two years ago and was still a normal soldier. Why was this great opportunity not given to him!!


He didn’t realise he was in front of Gu Yun’s tent. Why did he come here?! Imagining that arrogant face of hers, he wanted to turn back when he suddenly heard Old doctor’s voice from inside, “Madam, your wound is not life-threatening but it’s still quite serious. You must carefully maintain it so it won’t leave a scar.”

A familiar warm voice with a hint of mocking said, “Thank you for your consideration. I will try to be as careful as possible.”

“It can’t touch water and also cannot be opened again like today.”

After a while, Gu Yun carelessly replied, “Uh… I will try as much as possible.”

As much as possible? Why did a woman need to boast about her strength?

He quickly opened the curtain and entered the tent.

Seeing the arrival of Su Ling, Old doctor quickly stood up and greeted, “Greetings to the general!”

Gu Yun was a bit perplexed, why did he come? Remembering the soldier who went to call her, Su Ling was likely to come for that reason. She smiled, “I will go there once Old Doctor finishes applying the bandage. You don’t need to be this polite to personally come here.”

It was unclear whether he was used to Gu Yun’s mock praise or because of clearly seeing the swollen and bleeding wounds, Su Ling did not pay attention to her words. He asked Old Doctor, “How did it happen?” This afternoon he had already seen her black clothes were stained by a bit of blood, but he didn’t realise that it was this serious.

Old Doctor replied, “Madam’s wound was caused by a whip. Although it didn’t affect the bone, it’s still hurting a lot.” Su Ling’s complexion darkened, making Old Doctor’s heart sink. He anxiously replied, “Don’t be too worried, general. With good care, it will definitely heal.”

The bandage was opened, and the medicine was half applied. Once this man came inside, she could not get the medicine to apply properly. Gu Yun could not resist anymore and said, “Doctor, he doesn’t worry at all. Could you quickly apply the medicine, please?”

“Yes, yes, yes.” Old Doctor regained his focus and quickly sat on a chair to help Gu Yun to apply the medicine.

The wound had actually closed a bit, but today’s strenuous exercise made the wound re-open and become bigger. The medicine application time was more painful than the first time. Gu Yun secretly bit her lips and didn’t make any sound. However, the sweat on her forehead clearly explained how painful it was.

Under Su Ling’s micro-observation, Old Doctor sweated a lot. After some difficulty re-applying the bandage, he sighed, “It’s finished. Madam, please be careful. Tomorrow, this subject will come again to re-apply the medicine and change the bandage.”

Gu Yun smiled, “Thank you.”

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  2. thanks a lot!
    lol nice, leng xiao. doesn’t care a whit about su ling’s invitation. lol,su ling going to the tent and checking on gu yun…kind of! poor doctor getting pressure from su ling rofl! ahaha, nice!


  3. Craving for these two to at least talk and have a moment to savor XD
    Thank you for an update! Been hoping we would get to see the conclusion of this kidnapping sooner than later from you.


  4. Syntax / Grammar corrections:
    – He quickly open -> He quickly opened
    – Su Ling was likely to come to -> Su Ling was likely to come | Su Ling was likely to come to her
    – finished applying the bandage -> has finished applying the bandage | finishes applying the bandage


  5. These two are perfect for each other ! omg ! I wish i could buy the book ( in english version ) i going crazy that i cant read the whole book !!!!
    the publisher shock get the book translated in english , its a internationale language ! so a Lot of poeple will be able to read it !!!
    it such a pity !

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