A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 10-14

“Report! Mistress said…” A soldier who was sent to call Gu Yun entered the tent. After a moment of hesitation, he replied, “She was not free right now and asked for General to… wait.”

There was a simultaneous silence echoed inside the tent. Some of the nearby men actually lowered their heads to hide their smiles, staring at the unclear drawing on the desk. They did not dare to look up to observe Su Ling’s expression. They saw a pair of hands clenching so hard until it looked like a vein was going to burst out.

As a wind passed through, everyone looked up. There was still a shadow of Su Ling in the tent. They looked at each other and laughed really hard.

Hearing laughing sounds from the inside, Su Ling became more furious. He asked the soldier, “Where is she?”

The soldier was frightened and quickly replied, “Madam is at the slope training the soldiers.”


Was she still at the slope? Knowing that she didn’t intentionally provoke him, Su Ling’s fury gradually reduced a bit. However, it couldn’t completely dissipate as he wasn’t used to people disobeying him. If he went back to the tent now, those rascals would make him angrier. Su Ling decided to go to the slope.




On top of the hill, the soldiers were still training under the dark sky. Su Ling wasn’t as angry as before. He looked around to find Qing Mo but couldn’t find her stature. He randomly asked a person, “Where is Qing Mo?”

Seeing Su Ling, the soldier quickly corrected his posture and answered, “Reporting to general, Madam has just gone back to the camp.”

Su Ling frowned. He couldn’t just leave now, otherwise, people would think that he was especially looking for her. Observing the soldiers training before his eyes, he asked, “How is the training?”

A soldier strengthened his back and replied, “Please be reassured, general. Under madam’s careful instruction, the soldiers have mastered the basics. With more practice, it will be perfect.”

He strongly patted the soldier’s shoulder. He was satisfied. He really liked this kind of attitude. His laughing sound was heard by some soldiers. When they realised it was Su Ling’s, their eyes brightened. Their tired state was washed away.

By chance, Leng Xiao looked up and his eyes met Su Ling’s. They were staring for a while before Leng Xiao looked down and continued to tidy up the fabric. Su Ling raised his eyebrow and said, “You! Come here!”

Leng Xiao hesitated a bit before going up to meet Su Ling. In a low volume, he said, “General.”

“You are called Leng Xiao, aren’t you?” He remembered how she called this person.


“New recruit?” Su Ling has never met him. However, judging from his performance today, he did not look like a new recruit. He was calm and smart.


This kind of indifferent attitude towards compliment or scolding gained Su Ling’s respect. Su Ling smiled, “Good! You will report to Tiger troop tomorrow.”

Leng Xiao didn’t answer this time. His eyes were bleak. He didn’t look happy at all.

Su Ling curiously asked, “You don’t want it?” In the Su army, the Tiger troop was the elite force(s) directly under his command. Whoever entered the troop would get easily promoted. It wasn’t easy to enter the troop. Everyone who got offered wouldn’t refuse it. He actually didn’t want it?!

Leng Xiao remained calm and replied, “Thank you for general’s intention, but Leng Xiao prefers to stay at Madam’s side.” ←- So sweet~~~


30 thoughts on “A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 10-14

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  2. thanks a lot!
    lol—-! gu yun telling him to wait! ahaha! only she would not care about his status or position, lol! though she does respect him, hahaha! also, lol, the guys hiding their smiles, then laughing at su ling! woo—su ling went to find qing mo herself! wah—-! leng xiao really respects gu yun! really, really sweet indeed! aw—-!


  3. I think Leng Xiao believe he learn more from Gu Yun then with Su Ling’s Tiger Group. That to say it’s an honour to join SLTG but no thanks.

    Can’t wait for more interaction between Gu Yun n Su Ling.

    Thanking you very much for latest post. More please. 😀

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Thanks for the update. LX made a good choice. Looks like SL will be at a loss why the soldiers prefer to stay at madam’s side, while he has so much to offer.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. “Thank you your general’s intention, but Leng Xiao prefers to stay at Madam’s side.”
    The next chapter will be soooo spicy… I’m salivating. XD

    Thank youuuu!


  6. Oh my! I am liking Leng Xiao even more. That was very sweet of him 😊 I wonder what the General’s reaction would be lol, he looks like a very temperamental guy.


  7. Grammar / Syntax corrections:
    – He didn’t look a happy -> He didn’t look happy
    – Thank you your general’s intention -> Thank you for your general’s intention


  8. Whoaaaaaa, Leng Xiao you know how to say “NO” sooo cool! As far as I know, in military world, rank and pride is everything but you chose something just as worth it by being with boss!


  9. Lol! 😂
    The rug is slipping under his feet. It’s like a coup de etat lead by his not-wife. Soon he will be an arm candy General with the title (& handsome face) but everybody would just follow GY!
    I am proud of Leng Xiao! You loyal puppy you!

    I love this!
    I keep commenting just to show my appreciation and that even two years after you translated this, people are still enjoying this!
    My biggest thanks to you!

    Liked by 1 person

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