A Generation Of Military Couselor Chapter 19-14

***Warning do not read this part if you don’t want an overhang, this story will continue for another 5-8 chapters as far as I new, so read it at your own risk!***

P.S.: sorry for the previous messed up orders, wordpress is playing on me. Any suggestion how to fix it?:)

Under the hazy moonlight, in a charming little room lit only by a soft lamplight, a beautiful and dignified woman was standing before a baby cradle. Her face filled with tenderness and love. Gently rubbing the baby’s pink cheek, the woman gently coaxed her baby to sleep. A maidservant who was standing behind the woman advised her, “Madam, it has passed the Zi hour. The young master has fallen asleep. You should also go to sleep. This servant will be here and take care of the young master.”

The woman slightly frowned, her eyes didn’t move from the little life inside the cradle. After a while, she reluctantly said, “En, you must be careful when you are taking care of the little master. If there is a problem, call me immediately.” This child was the old master and her long awaited baby. He was their lives.

“Yes.” The maidservants nodded.

Gently pulling the blanket up, the woman unwillingly stood up. She had just gone to the window to close it, when she heard the window smash against the wall because of the wind, and a dark shadow suddenly appeared in the room. Under the moonlight, the big figure stood in front of the crib silently. He wore black clothes and his hair was silver. His presence made the entire room deathly cold. His back was facing the moon so others couldn’t see his face but they could still feel his cold aura. The woman panicly asked, “You… who are you?”

The man didn’t reply and just took the baby. Because of the noise, the baby started to move anxiously. Seeing that, the woman became more panicked. She rushed forward while hysterically shouting, “What are you doing, put my son back!”

The man indifferently turned back. The silver strand on his eyes sparked under the moonlight. The dark figure went out through the window.

“Stop! Give my son back!” It had always been a mother’s nature to protect her children. The delicate and weak woman quickly rushed to the window grabbing the man’s clothes. The man’s eyes flashed, merciless swayed her hand off. Like a broken-line kite, the woman fell and hit the nearby screen.

“Ah!” Her forehead hit the screen edges, bubbling with flowing blood.

The blood awakened the stunned maidservant. She quickly stepped forward and helped the woman. She anxiously asked, “Madam! Are you alright?”

The two sat on the ground, hugging each other while the dark figure disappeared into the night sky. The child cried because of the noise. His crying sound become more and more distant, piercing his mother’s heart. The madam didn’t feel her forehead bleeding. At that moment, her heart had been mercilessly torn to pieces. She cried continuously, “My son! My son!”

The maidservant was grabbing onto the fallen woman while screaming with panic, “Someone come here! Quick, someone come here! The young master had an incident!”

The shout quickly attracted the house retainers. Soon, a fifty-year-old middle-aged man rushed in. Just when he arrived, he was shocked by the mess and blood in the room. He anxiously asked, “What had happened?”

The male voice finally made the woman jolt into consciousness. She tightly grabbed his hand and hysterically cried, “Sir… Sir, please save our son. The silver-haired man abducted him! Save him! Save him!”

When he heard ‘silver hair’, the man’s hand which was holding the woman shook uncontrollably. A silver-haired man! Why was it a silver-haired man? Thinking of what happened these days, the middle-age man’s face ashen.


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    go gu yun! she’ll be off to find the baby, huh? really, who is this silver-haired man?!incredibly suspicious!


  4. I have a question. You said this story continues another 5-8 chapters, then there were 5 more parts of chapter 19, or is it still going to continue on in chapters 20-27? Because chapter 20, I noticed, was not related to this scene in this part, although at the end it did mention that there were already several cases that are framing Ao Tian. I just wish to have that clear.


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