A Generation Of Military Couselor Chapter 19-14

***Warning do not read this part if you don’t want an overhang, this story will continue for another 5-8 chapters as far as I new, so read it at your own risk!***

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A Generation Of Military Couselor Chapter 19-13

Su Ling nodded and replied, “When encountering the most dangerous situation, there is a need to use this force. I want a capable and trustworthy person to train them.”

A capable and trustworthy person? Was he talking about her? The more Gu Yun listened to him, the straighter she felt her hair stand up. Gu Yun didn’t speak a word. Su Ling continued, “I will give you 300 liangs monthly. Are you satisfied?”

Although Gu Yun wasn’t really clear on the value of 300 liangs, she knew it was definitely not a small amount of money. She had guessed the purpose of Su Ling’s trip tonight so she snorted and said, “What are Han Shu’s wages?”

Why did she ask this question? Su Ling hesitated for a moment. Under Gu Yun’s straight eyes, he finally replied, “200 liangs.” Did she actually see through his disguise? Continue reading

A Generation Of Military Couselor Chapter 19-12

Gu Yun naturally didn’t know that he had her discuss military matters because Su Ling only wanted to find some work for her, so she seriously gave him a suggestion, “Actually you have been leading the Su Army for quite a long time and have been fighting in many wars. Your main mode of fighting is to put two troops in the frontline. There are tens of thousands soldiers in the Su army. If you want to give each of them special training, you will need to spend a hell of a lot of money. You could choose 30,000 elites and specially train them so that they can fight calmly and deal with the enemy in any sort of circumstances. They can fight together with the army and also perform independent raids like sieging.”

Gu Yun finished speaking and paused for a second. She looked hesitant. Su Ling saw her hesitation, so he took the initiative to say, “Please continue.” Continue reading

A Generation Of Military Couselor Chapter 19-11

Yi Tian Court.

Perhaps because no one had lived here for a long time or that the courtyard was never designed to have chairs and tables, in this huge courtyard, there was not even a single place to sit at all. Under the moonlight, a woman sat on the floor. Her hands were holding a long white sword. Near her feet, there was a pile of…. ice?

“Bing Lian, please behave for me. Don’t release such a cold air anymore! This is the third towel that you have frosted. If you keep on doing this, I will not clean you again in the future!” Holding a wet towel, Gu Yun severely warned, even though her opponent was a sword. Continue reading

A Generation Of Military Couselor Chapter 19-10

Gu Yun’s face was firm. Su Yu couldn’t help but curse, “Could you not be so awkward? If you wanted the General Manor’s money, just go to the accountant and take it. Why are you making up problems when there are none?!”

Gu Yun ignored him and kept asking, “In your Qiong Yue, how could a woman earn money?” To be honest, she still wasn’t clear what women in this era could do.

“Why you are so stubborn? Did you not understand my words?!” Su Yu stood up and turned his back to her. He didn’t speak to her again. Continue reading

A Generation Of Military Couselor Chapter 19-9

“Oh, yeah.” Gu Yun thought about her second aim in coming here. She pulled out a pale green box from her sleeve, gently placed it on Su Ling’s table and smiled, “This is not my order. I give it back to you.”

Su Ling coughed lightly. He was a little bit uncomfortable to say, “It was yours.”

Gu Yun puzzledly looked at Su Ling who now looked down at the diagram. He said, “I gave it to you.”

Gu Yun raised her brow and smiled, “Why are you giving me a gift for no apparent reason?” Continue reading

A Generation Of Military Couselor Chapter 19-8

“Stop.” Hearing that she would go borrow money from Su Yu and return his money, Su Ling became angrier. He pushed the IOU and coldly said, “Take it back.”

“Wait until I borrow money from Su Yu to pay you back, then I will take it back.” One hand gave the money, one hand took back the IOU. This was fair.

The fairness in Gu Yun’s eyes angered Su Ling, “ Qing Mo! You are now living in the General Manor, so you are a person of General Manor. You using the General Manor’s money is natural. You don’t need to make IOUs, understand?” Continue reading