A Generation Of Military Couselor Chapter 19-13

Su Ling nodded and replied, “When encountering the most dangerous situation, there is a need to use this force. I want a capable and trustworthy person to train them.”

A capable and trustworthy person? Was he talking about her? The more Gu Yun listened to him, the straighter she felt her hair stand up. Gu Yun didn’t speak a word. Su Ling continued, “I will give you 300 liangs monthly. Are you satisfied?”

Although Gu Yun wasn’t really clear on the value of 300 liangs, she knew it was definitely not a small amount of money. She had guessed the purpose of Su Ling’s trip tonight so she snorted and said, “What are Han Shu’s wages?”

Why did she ask this question? Su Ling hesitated for a moment. Under Gu Yun’s straight eyes, he finally replied, “200 liangs.” Did she actually see through his disguise?

Just as Su Ling worried about her stubbornness, Gu Yun readily replied, “At the beginning of training, let me have the same wages as Han Shu. When we do achieve something, I will ask for a raise.”

It was not like she didn’t need money. In addition, what she would take was the benefit… Su Ling’s intention did not matter to her. As long as she took his money, she would give him a service equivalent to the sum of the money. Moreover, she also missed those days when she trained Leng Xiao etc. Perhaps with their company, the days here would be slightly better!

She agreed! Su Ling’s hanging heart could be put down now. He replied, “Within three days, Su Ren will come back to the Capital. After that, you can select any soldier in Su army that you need.” Now, he had a bit of an expectation for the special force that Gu Yun said. He recalled a fine man called Leng Xiao. Leng Xiao would rather give up an opportunity to enter tiger troop to be on her side. Maybe, she was really worth it.


“This special force doesn’t need to have too many people. I only need a hundred of your most refined soldiers.” One soldier that could beat thousands. She had spoken to Han Shu about this before, and now it was about to be realised.

“Okay.” Because he had given the responsibility to her, Su Ling didn’t intend to interfere. Under the moonlight, two shadows, one tall and one short, were standing side by side. Her originally beautiful face looked more charming. Her eyelashes were like crescent moons, decorating a pair of bright and clear eyes. Unexpectedly, a woman’s eyes could be so beautiful.

Su Ling’s profound eyes kept on staring at her. Gu Yun suddenly felt uncomfortable and embarrassed. She asked, “Anything else?”

“Nothing.” Coldly leaving the sentence, Su Ling turned around and exited Yi Tian Court. Seeing the tall figure hurriedly leave, Gu Yun felt strange. Why was he staring at her?


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  2. thank you!
    ah, so exciting—! i’m really looking forward to it! hopefully, she will take back some of the previous people she trained, lol! leng xiao’s a must, ok!
    haha, su ling was entranced by her! her eyes, huh? they do say that the eyes are the window to the soul!keke!

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