Record of Washed Grievances Chapter 21: Exchanging Blows

While I was doing some editing on chapter 23, I found out that there were at least two online versions of this novel out there. I was using the one from 19lou and apparently Din2 was using the one from bestory. I don’t think there’s any major difference in these two online versions. So far we only found a couple of things that the version from bestory actually had slightly different details than the version from 19lou. Again this was not major and did not change the story at all. For consistency, both Din2 & I will stick with the version from 19lou.

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Zhuo Qing was puzzled for a time, the door inside the small storied building was suddenly opened. Mo Bai’s tall figure appeared at the door, the original indifferent face, showed even colder now. He was slightly rude to a 30 year old female to ask her to get out, the female was not willing and turning around repeatedly. Mo Bai’s thick and broad shoulder blocked her line of sight, the female ferociously glared a glimpse at him and angrily walked out. Behind her, a black clothing elderly man with worry on his face also walked away from the small storied building, the door was tightly closed again.

Seeing the elderly man came out, Lou Xi Wu immediately met him up, anxiously spoke: “Imperial Physician Yang, how is my elder brother!”

Yang Mu shook his head, sighed and answered: “Prime Minister Daren’s old illness recurred a little bit earlier this time compare to the previous years, additionally it was rapid and serious, this small subject also did not have the ability, could only let Prime Minister Daren to take the same concoction of medicinal herbs like in the previous years. Waiting for this subject and the other Imperial Physicians to consult together and detailed references afterwards, after that we would decide to use a new medicine.”

Listening to Yang Mu’s words, the female who was still angry a moment ago, once again raised her voice: “Fortunately the Princess delivered the medicine today. Somebody comes over here! Quickly go to prepare the medicine!”

“Yes.” The servant who kept watching at the side answered hastily and went hurriedly towards the outside of the courtyard.

Yang Mu turned his body around towards the two youngsters, softly and hurriedly said: “You two, hurry go to invite Imperial Physician Liu, Imperial Physician Li, Imperial Physician Fu to come to Prime Minister’s manor, quickly!” If the Prime Minister had any mishap, the Imperial Dragon Yan (aka the Emperor – dragon was usually associated with the emperor in ancient China) would be furious, not only a few of them would probably be buried!

“Yes.” The youngsters nodded, broke into a run to go out. An ice-cold voice echoed timely: “The two medicines that should help, I will ask somebody to send them quickly.”

Yang Mu lifted his head to look, precisely speaking, the housekeeper of the Prime Minister’s manor, Jing Sa, there was a common saying among the people, the servant girls at the Prime Minister’s manor were over seventh ranking officials. Not to mention that the other person was nevertheless the housekeeper of the Prime Minister’s manor. Yang Mu cupped his hands to greet, turned around and said: “This will inconvenient Head Housekeeper Jing.”

Jing Sa slightly nodded to return the greeting, facing the gray clothing man behind him, he muttered a few sentences, the man rapidly moved out of the courtyard.

Inside the room, there were severe gasps of breathing sound from time to time, Lou Xi Wu’s pair of large eyes were anxious and they were watching the small storied building anxiously, her heart was worry. She was unconsciously snapping her own fingers, her slender fingers were red and swollen, it seemed that she had not become aware of it, the tears were in her eyes. Lou Xi Wu was pleading in a low voice and said “Imperial Physician Yang, I want to go in to take a look at elder brother.”

“This….” Yang Mu hesitated in a moment, the female next to her was not patience and lowly shouted: “Xi Yan is feeling unwell at the moment, what do you want to do to go in, you are also unable to help him and will only be in the way.”

Not accepting and glaring at her, Lou Xi Wu angrily said: “And yet, you could go in!”

The female slightly raised her head and with an arrogant face, answered: “Are you and I the same? I am Xi Yan’s mother, with me by his side, I can let him feel relieved a little.”

Mother!? At first, enjoying to watch a bustling scene and feeling happy, Zhou Qing started to be alarmed, her eyes were almost fell to the ground. How did she take good care of herself? Could it be that a sarcastic person could feel easily to feel cheerful, therefore she looked young?!

Zhuo Qing was casually thinking of the subjective idea, Lou Xi Wu could not bear it and roared: “Second Mother, I am elder brother’s sister! When it comes to let him feel relieved a little, it should also be me, this younger sister to wait next by his side, not you, an outsider!”

Xue Xian Xin’s complexion changed momentarily, one group of servant girls were watching, was unable to punish her today, she still had no sense of shame, coldly groaned, Xue Xian Xin loudly reprimanded: “More and more outrageous, I am this family’s mistress, I am not allowed to go in!”

In normal times, Xue Xian Xin was also a tyrannical abuser, but she did not mind it. But she did not even let her to see elder brother today, Lou Xi Wu young lady’s bad temper also flared up, she did not care that the courtyard was filled with a lot of people, scolded: “You… are just a concubine, small concubine, nonsense about being a mistress, for which reason do you not let me to go in!”

Oh… As it turned out, she was a concubine ah, she totally forgot that having 3 wives, 4 concubines was often the case in this era, only blaming that this concubine was too arrogant, so it caused her to misunderstand. Zhuo Qing softly yawned, once again was sleepy, although there was a pretty good show before her eyes, but her stomach was really hungry now. Zhuo Qing decided to go find something to eat first.


Zhuo Qing stepped across to go out one step, only to hear a clear and loud sound, Zhuo Qing stared blankly, then turned her head to see, Lou Xi Wu covered her face, eyes were amazed and humiliated, tears were falling down. Directly in front of her, the hand of the person who was hitting her was also trembling violently, the eyes were moving restlessly, the voice was also trembling unconsciously: “Do not think that Master is not present in the house all year around, Xi Yan is also pampering you, you can exaggerate your own opinion, older sister died early, I… I am this family’s mistress, nobody disciplines you, I will take care of it!”

The courtyard was full of people but nobody dared to speak out, it was silence.
Oh… The conflict escalated, but Zhuo Qing decided to stay behind to watch the excitement of the reason, as a matter of fact it was not because of this, but because of that one who continuously stood on the sidelines. The ruthless and powerful Head Housekeeper Jing ever since Lou Xi Wu was beaten afterwards, his eyes were raging in anger, nearly could burn a person in a whole.

“You dare beat me!” Only hearing a roar, Lou Xi Wu already rushed out, grabbed and pulled Xue Xian Xin’s hair in a fit of confusion. Along with strength, Lou Xi Wu laid to sit on Xue Xian Xin’s body, practically punching and kicking… “Ah…” An intense yelling and crying out in alarm shouted: “Somebody comes, somebody comes ah, quickly grab this insane girl, are you all also against me?!”

Not knowing if Xue Xian Xin ordinarily behaved with integrity or extremely lacking in behavior, or the people were really terrified, after a moment, they just “woke up”, were stepping forward to help Lou Xi Wu up and advised: “Miss, calm down!”

Everyone dragged Lou Xi Wu who had not resigned, once again was kicking a few kicks, then struggling to get free from people at her side, crossing her waist to scold: “Let go, Xue Xian Xin, you dare to beat me, I tear you!”

Extremely stylish, Zhou Qing would almost applaud, this girl had temperament, she was fond of her!

However Lou Xi Yan was also able to restrain himself, outside could result in somebody’s death quickly. If he was feigning illness, whatever the outcome was, he could also make a sound, or… his illness was really serious?!

Secretly considering, Zhuo Qing decided to go in to take a look at what exactly Lou Xi Yan was doing in the end.

Xue Xian Xin stood up with great difficulty, messy hair, tilting clothes, neck had a few strips of scarlet paw prints also to show that there was an intense battlefield situation a moment ago. Well you, Lou Xi Wu, you really think that this old woman (she’s calling herself 老娘 – laoniang) is afraid of you, if I do not lecture you today, just do not call this old woman’s surname Xue!!

Taking a deep breath, Xue Xian Xin turned her body, no longer looking to face Lou Xi Wu, with clear sound shouted: “Jing Sa.”

Jing Sa, with coldness in his eyes, stepped forward one step, coldly answered: “Second Madam.”

Looking at Jing Sa, Xue Xian Xin in a quite awe-inspiring manner brightly said: “The Lou family does not have any rule, it may be said, a daughter can hit a mother, Master is outside all year around, Xi Yan also possesses serious illness. Head Housekeeper Jing, I will ask you now, according to the Lou Family ancestor’s rule, this way to offend one’s superior, what section of the law should be used to punish the rude children?!”

Jing Sa’s complexion was the same, nevertheless his heart sunk, Xue Xian Xin no matter how repulsive, she was still Master’s wife, what Miss did today, according to the rules, she would be flogged with a stick 50 times and had to sit while facing the wall in meditation for 10 days.

Jing Sa kept silence, Xue Xian Xin also did not press, she wanted to see how long he could keep silent!

One person who did was the one who withstood, she hit her, what to do!? Just receiving punishment! Not having a heart to see Jing Sa was in a difficult situation, Lou Xi Wu clenched her teeth. Just about to open her mouth, there was a relaxed, joyful female voice echoing faintly: “Lou Xi Yan has not died yet, but I suppose he will die in anger quickly. How can everyone have a good mood to discuss the family rules, it will be better to go in to quarrel properly, whatever the outcome will be more lively.”

Everyone gasped, she was the first person who cursed at the Prime Minister to die at the Lou’s manor.

“Who are you? Where do you come from?” Before everyone’s eyes, a female suddenly appeared, the whole body was covered in white clothing, hair was not bundled, not caring about her appearance and incomparable with the surroundings, especially that hideous ugly face, looking at the strange and scary person in the depth of the night would rather frighten people.

Both hands on her chest, Zhuo Qing was pretending to reflect for a moment, leisurely smiled and said: “According to your logic just now, I should be this family’s new mistress…”

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