A Generation Of Military Couselor Chapter 19-1

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From this April-(possibly) End of June, the updates for this story will be VERY SPORADIC. It is the time of the year where I have many assessments (and I should probably try to start writing my thesis 🙂 ).




Qiong Yue’s capital city was indeed busy. There were building with three levels on both sides of the street. Shops were abundant and human voices were everywhere. The quartzite-paved road was smooth and flat, faintly showing the country’s prosperity. It was probably because of the upcoming celebratory event, every place was covered in red silk and lanterns. Looking at this place from afar, it was somehow garish.

The autumn’s sun couldn’t be as warm as the summer’s, especially at noon when the sunlight was blinding people. Qiong Yue’s people were quite open-minded; there were many women walking alone in the streets. However, within the colorful scene, there was an obvious black colour.

This was the first time Gu Yun walked in the streets of the capital since she had arrived in this world 4-5 months ago. It was because if she wasn’t training the soldiers, she was competing. If she wasn’t investigating a case, she was fighting the rebels. Now that she was idle, she didn’t know what to do. In a few days, it would be Qing’s wedding day, she needed to find something for Qing. Unfortunately, after walking for more than 2 hours, she couldn’t find the right gift for Qing!

Not very far from there, there was a busy store. In front of its entrance, there were two jade pixiu (Chinese mythical animal that looks like a lion/tiger?). The entire store was decorated with unique and simple, but elegant ornaments. There were “Jin Yu Liang Yuan”, these four words written very large on a big black jade sign (金玉良缘 JinYuLiangYuan. JinYu means as valuable as gold and jade. Liang Yuan means happy match. It can be interpreted as a precious happy match?). Gu Yun’s lips raised slightly. Encountering such a good name store, she should go and take a look. Upon entering the store, a staff person wearing blue clothes immediately went to greet her. He secretly observed Gu Yun and smiled, “Miss, please come this way. This store sells many treasures, you could just select them.”

Gu Yun looked around the four corners. At each corner, there was a half-human-height jade statue looking very grand. In the middle, there was a ring-shaped showcase. There were a lot of jade ornaments on the display. Gu Yun didn’t really understand jade, so she just glanced through them. Nothing was fancy. When she prepared to go, the staff person stepped forward and smiled, “What kind of style do you like, Miss? This lowly one will recommend some good stuff for you to look at.” This Miss looked very simple, but her aura was not ordinary. She looked at the grandness of the shop which was full of good stuff, yet she only glanced through it quickly, like nothing was attracting her attention. In his opinion who had spent so many years attending to customers, this woman was not as scrubby as her look.

There was still an inner room? At this time, she couldn’t think of anywhere else to go, so she decided to take a look inside. Gu Yun casually said, “I want something jubilant or exquisite.”

The staff speculated, “Do you want to send it as a gift, Miss?”



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  2. Thanks for your hardwork in translation! Are u a science PhD student as u mentioned experiments and committee meetings before?


  3. thank you—-!
    all the best with your assessments! don’t worry, it’s understandable, life makes people busy…
    heh, the shopkeeper’s skilled and observant, being able to tell that gu yun’s different from the rest!


  4. could it be Qing is already settling in to marry the Prime Minister without returning back!!?

    good luck with your thesis paper!


  5. Thanks for your work so far. No matter what anyone says, RL is more important than translating, so make sure to fully focus on your assessments.

    Good luck!

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