A Generation Of Military Couselor Chapter 19-2

The inner room’s decoration was more comfortable than outside. Comfortable padded seats lined two sides of a square wooden table. There were about 4 sets of tables and seats. The distance between one set to another was quite far, making them look like independent rooms/spaces. Two forty-year-old women were selecting goods. Behind them, there was also a blue-uniformed staff person.

“Please wait, Miss.” The staff went to get the things. Gu Yun chose a seat closest to the door to sit.

Propping her cheeks with her palms, Gu Yun waited there. She secretly sighed. A leisurely day like this was really boring. Yesterday, she had slept in General Manor a whole day. Today after passing half a day, she already felt bored to death. Not very far away, two married women were gossiping. It looked like selecting goods was their secondary aim, while gossiping was their primary aim in coming here. The inner room was much quieter, so even though Gu Yun didn’t want to eavesdrop, she vaguely heard their gossip.

The woman in purple lowered her voice, pretending to be mysterious, “Have you heard? A daughter of the Fang family hanged herself last night.”

“What? No way!” The woman in yellow beside her anxiously said, “I’ve seen that girl. She was gentle and quiet. She was also sensible and well-behaved. How could she hang herself?!”

“You don’t know this? I will tell you but you can’t spread it.”

The woman in yellow beat her chest and said, “Calm down, calm down! I’m not that kind of person. Just say it.”  

Gu Yun was dumbfounded. They were speaking in this place yet they wanted to keep it a secret? She was afraid that these two women were anxious to pass the gossip more extensively!

The woman in purple looked around, then with exaggerated expression and tone she said, “Some time ago, Mrs. Fang’s father died due to illness. Mrs. Fang brought Yi Jun to attend the funeral. They wanted to stay a night there and quickly come back on the next day. Who knew they would encounter accident at night!”

“What happened?”

Moving closer, the woman in purple replied, “She met a rapist.”

Moving closer to the other person, the woman in purple responded, “Met a flower thief (rapist)!”

“Ah!” The woman in yellow shouted, “How could this happen! Where did she meet him?”

The woman in purple made a silent motion and sighed, “Please lower your voice! 50 miles outside the capital. I’ve heard the man is a skillful martial artist. Seven or eight retainers were not his opponent. He quickly abducted that child. When the retainers found her again, that child…” The woman in purple sighed and didn’t continue.

Like the storyteller, everyone knew what happened next. Gu Yun, who had seen so many evil crimes, didn’t need to guess what had happened next. She knew the result.

Sure enough, the woman in yellow had also guessed it and whispered, “She got ruined?”

“It might be or it might not be! Who knows what happened, but her clothes were torn and she was naked in the wilderness, fainting! Fortunately, she didn’t die. However, being a woman (who is not married), how can she live well after encountering such a thing? Last night, she ended her life.”

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