A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 13-9

“I…” Su Ling embarrassingly coughed.

He just wanted to reply and say ‘who cares about her?’, but Su Ren had cut him off and laughed, “I know, Big brother, you did not want to know what time she will return. I just said it randomly. Just take it as if you didn’t hear it.”

His eagle eyes opened furiously. Su Ling didn’t know how to vent his anger, so he just glared at Su Ren. Han Shu and Yu Shi Jun’s faces were red. However, they didn’t dare to laugh out loud at this time. If they wished to stay alive, they would not joke now.

The atmosphere in the main tent was not good. Fortunately, a soldier from the outside said, “Reporting! General Zhenxi (It is a title, given to Lou Mu Hai. The literal meaning is the western town general) is asking to meet.”

Su Ren promptly replied, “Quickly escort him in.” He just randomly said some words. It looked like he had said what his big brother wanted to say. No wonder he looked like he would explode soon.

Lou Mu Hai was unaware of what happened before. In addition, he didn’t pay attention to the weird atmosphere when he entered, so he brightly greeted Su Ling, “General Su.”

Su Ling restored back to his icy composure. He nodded lightly and greeted, “General Lou.”

Lou Mu Hai’s expression was tighter than before. After exchanging the greetings, he continued to report, “General Su, the Emperor had decreed to finish this matter and take back the gold within a month. The time was not much. If we can’t ambush them within next days, I’m afraid it will be hard to ambush again in next half-month.”

“How?” Su Ling didn’t understand.

“Why?” The tent’s curtain was open; a clear and beautiful female’s voice was heard.

The woman was wearing a black attire. However, her sleeves were damp and her hair was a little bit messy. Luckily, she looked like she neither cared nor felt uneasy about it.

Gu Yun entered the tent and saw Su Ling whose shoulder was covered in bandages. Getting such serious injuries, and he still didn’t rest properly! She silently criticized in her mind but didn’t speak a word. She was not his ‘anyone’. This person liked to look for trouble, why did she need to care!

“Madam, you have returned?”

“Madam, you’ve finally returned.”

Looking at Gu Yun, Han Shu and Yu Shi Jun smiled at each other simultaneously; their speeches were hinted with eager respect. This act not only made Su Ling frown, even Lou Mu Hai also showed some displeasure. When he came in, he needed to ask for permission to enter the main tent. Yet how come when Qing Mo came, she could so easily rush in?

“Well, Old General Lou, please continue.” Su Ren secretly chuckled, but at this moment they should talk about more important stuff!

Why did he need to compare himself with a little girl? Lou Mu Hai cursed at himself, as he got older, he was becoming more muddled. He immediately continued, “According to my observation over the years, the rainforest has waves of rain patterns. In 12-13 day intervals, there will be 7-8 days of continuous rainfall. It will be like this until September when the rainy season will finally end.”


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