A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 13-8

Bing Lian in her hand began to shake. A bright cold light and chilly breeze followed its every shake. The long whip bounced. The woman and Gu Yun both took a step backward simultaneously.

The surrounding became quiet. Only the snake’s hissing occasionally broke the silence. Both women were staring at each other, not fighting anymore.


From behind Gu Yun’s back, noisy footsteps indicated that Leng Xiao had brought a group of people.

The woman didn’t even bother to look towards the upcoming (hundreds of) soldiers. It seemed like their existence were completely irrelevant. Moving her attention away from Gu Yun, the woman took her long whip and retreated.

Leng Xiao and the others were ready to chase after her. Gu Yun said, “Don’t go after her.” Her instinct told her that Leng Xiao wouldn’t be able to chase her.

What kind of a person was that woman? Was she a partner of the rebels? Or were there other people living in the forest besides the rebels?


The main tent.

The night curtain was just dropped. Tens of torches were placed around a big table, making the table very well-lit.

In front of the table, Yu Shi Jun took out some small drawings and laid them out accordingly on the table. He carefully looked at every detail on them. Su Ren’s hand was holding a brush, marking all the intersections. Both people’s full attention was on the papers. They were so focused that they didn’t notice two people entering the tent.

Su Ling’s black eyes were secretly looking around and slowly walked to Yu Shi Jun’s back. Perhaps his footsteps were too loud, it surprised Yu Shi Jun. Yu Shi Jun looked back to find Su Ling and Han Shu standing behind him. He exclaimed, “General! Vanguard!”

Su Ren tilted his head to look and saw Su Ling and Han Shu whose bodies were covered with bandages. He put down his brush and pointed at the chairs, urgently saying, “Quickly sit. Why did you come here?”

Su Ling didn’t even bother to look at the chair and icily replied, “I am not that weak!”

Moving to the table’s front, Su Ling studied the completed water map on the table. His eyes looked surprised, but his mouth didn’t say anything. However, Han Shu curiously asked, “What is this?”

Putting back all ten small drawings, Yu Shi Jun smiled, “Madam asked the soldiers to follow water sources and to draw the water system. Having this, we will be able to guess the den’s most likely location.” As expected, Madam had found a way. In less than ten days, Yu Shi Jun was already convinced of the petite madam’s resourcefulness and martial arts.

It was unknown whether it was the admiration in Yu Shi Jun’s eyes or Gu Yun who hadn’t returned that made the great general worried. In summary, Su Ren keenly observed that older brother of his. He found that Su Ling’s face was pale and sunken. Smilingly he said, “She said she will return tonight. It is Shi hour now, she should be coming soon.”


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