A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 13-10

Yu Shi Jun was surprised, “You mean the army came here at a time when there’s less rainfall?” Impossible! If less rainfall was already like this, what would it be like when there was heavy rain?

Lou Mu Hai firmly nodded, “Yes, within 3-4 days, there will be a new round of rain coming. At that time, it will be raining for a minimum of 20 hours a day.”

Minimum? Yu Shi Jun was completely stunned.

Gu Yun’s facial expression was not too good either. She said, “It is already hard to fight in the rainforest, adding rain to the complication… the soldiers’ spirit and energy will be halved at least.”

Su Ling’s pair of black eyes was staring at her from the moment she entered. Being stared at that way, Gu Yun felt weird and icily said, “Don’t believe me? Great General Su should go out and see your so-called elite forces. What do they look like after staying a day in the rainforest?!”

Gu Yun thought he was about to explode. On the contrary, she found there was a touch of helplessness and concern in his slightly narrowed eyes? She must have stayed too long in the rainforest! She somehow became a little bit dull-witted. Just as Gu Yun wanted to reconfirm, Su Ling had recovered to his indifferent state and said to Su Ren, “Once you found the den, quickly get ready.”

She was indeed wrong.

“I have painted the watering system. Therefore, we should be able to identify the approximate location of the rebel’s camp. Our army has 30,000 people. As long as we are able to find their hideout, it will be much easier to sweep it off.” Looking at Han Shu, Su Ren asked, “You have stayed in the lair for three days, did you find out anything? What were the surroundings?”

“Oh please, when I was captured and entered the lair, I was unconscious. Later on, I was locked inside a cave for three days, without any sunlight. Those rebels were very disciplined. I was thinking to prey on them, but they didn’t even pay attention to me. On the way to Crow’s Valley, I was blindfolded. When they set out, the sky was still dark. I think it was about 10-12 hours before we arrived at Crow’s Valley.” Han Shu’s voice was originally loud, now when complaining, it was deafening.

“10-12 hours?” Gu Yun scratched her ears. Seeing his ‘lively’ state, his injuries were not heavy. Gu Yun smiled and replied, “According to this water map, their hideout should not be that far. It seems like they took a long way around to fool you.”

After listening to Gu Yun’s words, Han Shu’s hands tightly clasped together. He couldn’t wait to skin that rebel’s boss. He urged, “Then, according to your analysis, where is their hideout?”

Walking to the side of the table, Gu Yun pointed to two adjacent places on the map and said, “Here and here. The right side of that area is not very far from three rivers. Therefore, even if it isn’t the rainy season, they wouldn’t need to worry about water supply. In addition, Leng Xiao and the others saw the rebels at the pond. It is most likely that their hideout is there. In contrast, the left side…” Gu Yun paused for a moment and smiled, “I suspect that is the location of the gold.”


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