A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 13-7

Apologies in advance, guys! The release of chapter 14 parts would be delayed by minimum one week. I am posting the rest of chapter 13 tonight. Have good week 🙂


Yu Shi Jun was a little bit surprised. He didn’t know before this that a persistent and determined woman could be so attractive. General was really blessed!

Hiding the cloth bag, Yu Shi Jun sped up.

Let them rest for another two hours.

Gu Yun half-leaned on the trunk and closed her eyes, resting for a bit.

After half an incense time, Bing Lian in her hand started to move. Gu Yun opened her eyes, quickly got up and carefully observed the surroundings. Everything was so quiet. It looked like nothing had changed.

Gu Yun was doubtful and looked at Bing Lian. It still shook continuously. What did it actually mean?!

She tighten her grip on Bing Lin and carefully inspected all of the surroundings. When she walked towards the east, Bing Lian’s shaking grew stronger. She carefully stepped further for approximately one kilometre, when Bing Lian suddenly stopped moving!

Gu Yun again looked at the surroundings. However, there was nothing but bushes! Why? Screwing around with her! Gu Yun glared at Bing Lian. Just as she was about to swear, an emerald shadow attracted her attention. Gu Yun loudly shouted, “Who?”

There was no movement from afar. Gu Yun strongly clenched her grip on the sword, taking out Bing Lian from its scabbard. A hissing sound, accompanied by an icy light was observed.

Just as she was prepared to go there and investigate, the green shadow slowly appeared from behind the tree.

Gu Yun was somewhat alarmed. It was actually a beautiful woman. Her ink-like long hair was grown down to her knees. There were no extraordinary ornaments on her hair. It was only decorated with green vines knotted together with her hair into braids. The long emerald-green skirt was very simple. There was no layer of shawl straps, exposing her crystal white shoulder with only an emerald ribbon hanging on her shoulder. Wait! It was not a ribbon. It moved! Gu Yun squinted her eyes to focus. It was a small green snake! With approximately a bit over one metre in length, it was slithering around from her shoulder to her wrist. Its blood red eyes were glaring at Gu Yun. Occasionally, its small tongue stuck out. The woman and her surrounding were strangely blended in harmony.

If she wasn’t an atheist, Gu Yun would have believed she saw a mountain spirit. With her hand gripped tighter on the sword, Gu Yun asked, “Who are you? Why are you in the rainforest?” Even though she looked holy and harmless, Gu Yun could not underestimate this woman who could survive in the rainforest!

The woman was just silently looking at Gu Yun, speaking no words. Her eyes were so deep and peaceful, Gu Yun couldn’t read anything on her face. Gu Yun continued asking, “Are you a local (Aborigine)?”

Hearing the word “aborigine,” the girl’s eyes changed for a second. Gu Yun didn’t have enough time to analyse the expression when suddenly a green emerald whip directly attacked her. Gu Yun quickly used her sword to defend. The sword and the whip collided. Gu Yun was surprised because the whip did not break. A closer look revealed the whip was made of snakeskin. The emerald green and inky black pattern on the skin made it look like a living snake, vibrant and lively. Gu Yun subconsciously looked at the small green snake on the woman’s shoulder, only to find it was looking at her and sticking out its tongue, ready to attack anytime. .”


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