A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 13-6

The soldiers didn’t really care about embarrassment at the moment. They quickly brushed their sleeves and pulled up their pants. One by one, they stretched out their mud-covered arms and legs in very pitiful way. Most of them just showed signs of mild irritation, their skins were swollen and inflamed. However, quite a lot of their wounds had started to develop into ulcers. The milky pus was flowing out from the wounds. Seeing the sorry states of arms and legs in front of her, Gu Yun shouted, “Doctor…”

She had miscalculated, two doctors were not even close to enough.

Busy the whole night, the doctors’ tired hands were about to be cramped. After all the wounds were tended, every soldier was waiting for the order to go back to the camps and to have a good rest. However, they instead heard Gu Yun’s order that they were to stay the night in the rainforest. This news caused the soldiers’ hearts to sink. Their bodies were covered in mud. In addition, the mosquitos’ bites started to get itchy and painful. Their ears heard many types of weird voices and sounds. Adding to all of this, the air was really hot and humid, making people anxious, impatient and restless.

What Gu Yun wanted was this lesson: inside a rainforest, despair and fear were the biggest enemy. They just stayed a day in the rainforest. If they couldn’t endure this, how could they talk about having a battle here?

Yesterday, Gu Yun had taught them what to be cautious of when staying a night in a rainforest. She quietly stepped aside and sat, objectively observing their arrangement. After the commotion, under Luo Yan and Leng Xiao’s coordination, thousands of soldier immediately moved. Some were assigned as night watchmen, some looked for places to rest, some looked after the fire, etc. They did everything according to what Gu Yun had said before. Gu Yun’s lips slightly raised, she could be said to be satisfied with their performance.

Leaning on a trunk, Gu Yun took out ten of the drawn maps, sorting them based on order. While marking the drawings with charcoal, she was studying the maps. After a while, Yu Shi Jun’s voice was heard, “Madam, just take a nap for a while.”

Gu Yun tilted her head, looking at the sky. The sunlight was starting to show up. A night had already passed like that. Seeing the soldiers who had just closed their eyes, resting, Gu Yun didn’t immediately order them to line up. Gu Yun put all of the drawings back into the bag and replied, “I’m fine. It’s almost morning. Go and bring these ten drawings to the camp and give it to Su Ling. Let him draw a bigger map based on those. Tonight, I will go back to the camp. Then, I will discuss with him the rebels’ location.”

“Aye.”  Tying the bag at his waist, Yu Shi Jun walked two steps before looking back and asking, “Madam, do you need dry food to be sent here?”

Gu Yun shook her head and said, “There is no need.”


27 thoughts on “A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 13-6

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  2. I really do enjoy the time travel stories where real knowledge from their time is used as opposed to some stories where the time travel is used just to send the MC back.
    Thank you so much for the chapters. Impatiently already awaiting the next chapters!


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