A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 12-9

Hi, everyone! As I promised, this is another part! I can’t speed up the translation as I have to push my work because I took 3 weeks off last year.

Warning: This going to be a cliffhanger (again) and most of the chapter parts until chapter 15 will be a cliffhanger. I couldn’t do anything as the author wrote it that way :). Please tell me if you want me to post a chapter at once (but I think the post will be much less frequent, I’m talking about a chapter every one-two month)




“Ah…” Together with the broken ropes, Gu Yun’s petite body was thrown towards the rushing river below.

Just a moment before the rope was completely broken, Gu Yun caught the front end of the rope. The force of gravity and the tension of the broken rope increased her falling acceleration. Her hand was really pained due to frictional burn from the rope, however, in her mind, Gu Yun only had one thing: she absolutely could not release the rope, or else she would definitely fall into the river.

Su Ling heard the voice and looked over, only to see the moment the rope broke. Gu Yun’s small body was falling like a kite whose line was cut.

His heart was suddenly startled. Su Ling hadn’t fully understood why his heart felt pain, but his body had already moved by itself. He strode to the canyon side and jumped.

This was the time!

Wu Ji’s eyes slightly squinted, and his lips gradually formed a cold smile. Once again, his arms raised the short bow and aimed for Su Ling’s arm. With full force, the arrow sped and directly hit its target.


Gu Yun felt a figure rushing towards her. The rope swung while her ears captured a low moan. She looked up. Half a body’s length above her, there was the great figure of Su Ling. What did he want to do?! Why did he jump?!

Falling into the river was an extremely dangerous matter because the current was very strong. If they couldn’t get a hold of themselves when they were in the water, they would easily get swept away. However, if they didn’t fall into the water, the rope would swing them from one side of the canyon to another with a large inertia. The power would be enough to break some of their ribs.

With her feet stroking across the water surface, Gu Yun was secretly relieved that the water was not too deep. She didn’t need to worry about being swept away. However, looking at two people who almost hit the uneven surface of the canyon wall, which was made of very hard rock, Gu Yun could only hope that her current rich maiden body could withstand the blow.

As the distance got closer, Gu Yun forced her body to toughen up. Her hands were tightly gripping the rope and her eyes were closed in anticipation for the pain.

Her shoulder suddenly started hurting. Gu Yun could feel her body being carried by someone. Her waist was tightly gripped. She opened her eyes, only to see Su Ling’s dark red war armour. Before she was able to ask why he had jumped, Su Ling quickly adjusted the position and turned around in the middle of the air. Gu Yun was stupefied. Don’t say that he wants to…


The sound was echoing. Su Ling used his body as a bumper and heavily hit the rock wall. Gu Yun was tightly enclosed in his embrace so she didn’t suffer any injury. Although she was held really close to his chest, she could still feel the force’s impact. Even with his protection, Gu Yun’s head was still spinning. Since his back bumped into the wall, he must have suffered internal injuries!


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  2. thanks a lot—!-
    wah—-! su ling jumped to save her! woah—! lolol! it’s confirmed now, she’s gotten into his heart for sure! -nods- wah—-oh, the river’s shallow anywy? ok, that’s great!


  3. Ahhhhhhh My precious OTP! You must survive to have all the babies I have planned for you! *crying suddenly turns into maniacal laughter in anticipation* Thank you for the chapter ^^

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  4. Thank you for all your effort of translating even though u r busy with real life as well.

    Personally I prefer you translate partly at least we still get something instead of waiting for the whole month.

    Thanking you again for picking n continuing translating this novel. 😀


  5. I just have to say that you are doing such great service for all of us readers. I deeply appreciate everything you are doing and I understand that there are other things that are going on in life that may delay the chapters. And, while I am not too fond of cliffhangers, I appreciate everything that you’re doing. Please don’t take your readers comments to heart because you are doing a great job!!! Just do your thing! ^_^


  6. Thanks. I like the mother in law comment. I vote for partial translation so that we can read. Can wait. Please do what is necessary Nutty.


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