A Generation of Military Counsellor Chapter 12-8

Hi everyone, I got a lot of scoldings/complaints (hahahaha) because I gave you cliffhanger yesterday. Well, I’m going to warn you ahead this is going to be a cliffhanger again >o< Read it at your own risk. Check next week for the 12-9 as the other parts weren’t ready yet. Please hang there while we are slowly editing it to give it a better flow and logic >o<. Have a nice weekend.


The rebels were distracted. Some of them went to fight with the tiger troop. Gu Yun finally got a chance and charged to the big rock side. She swung her sword and immediately the thick chains crashed down. Due to losing the chain as his support, Han Shu fell. Gu Yun didn’t go to help him and immediately went after the rebels who were coming. Gu Yun yelled, “Han Shu, are you able to stand up?!”

“Yes!” Tightly gripping onto the rock as a support, he slowly stood up. Even though his eyes were still blurry, because General and Madam risked their lives to save him, he must not drag them down!

The trick was indeed good! Su Ling was worthy of his name (Su means long-standing while Ling means rise high)! Wu Ji calmly said, “Capture them!”

Obeying his order, the rebels’ part of the canyon started to shake. Gu Yun eyes widened. We were doomed! Their camouflaging skills were good. More importantly, their organisation skills were comparable to the army troops. They had hidden there for so long. Without orders, they didn’t even move.

The green-clothed rebels crept out from the ground, as far as the eye could see; they came from everywhere!

The first batch of soldiers had arrived at Gu Yun’s side. Gu Yun didn’t say too much and pushed Han Shu to their side. She urged, “Take him and go!” The rebels at this side were plenty. Even if they brought all the 7000 soldiers here, they would all die. It was better to retreat now.



The ropes were cut off. Gu Yun looked over. They wanted to cut all the ropes. Su Ling also looked at the situation in front of him and ordered, “Retreat!”

“Yes.” Getting the order, the soldiers who had been escorting Han Shu had arrived on the canyon side. The soldiers on the opposite side began to pull the ropes on the soldiers’ body, pulling them back again. At last, Han Shu was successfully evacuated to the other side.

Gu Yun used Bing Lian to defend herself from the rebels. Bing Lian was very sharp and its icy breeze also compelled people, however, she was heavily outnumbered. She was becoming more and more tired, but the number of rebels coming kept on increasing. If they didn’t leave, they wouldn’t be able to get away. Moreover, her arm was still injured. Su Ling slayed the rebels beside Gu Yun and shouted, “Go first!”

“Okay.” Gu Yun took the opportunity and quickly turned to the nearest rope. Without her, it would be easier for Su Ling to get out.

Her movement was rapid; she had already climbed the rope. It looked like she didn’t have any intention to stay at Su Ling’s side. Were they even a husband and wife?! Wu Ji was astounded. In his heart, he had decided he would stop her from escaping.

Gu Yun had put the hook on the rope. Wu Ji used the short bow in his hand, aiming for her sleeveless arm. When he was about to shoot, he looked at Yan Ge who was cornered by Su Ling to the canyon side. He was indeed courageous! Yan Ge’s whip had been burnt down to half. Wu Ji’s eyes flashed, he changed his target to the rope above Gu Yun’s head and shot.

The short arrow was shot across the air, and without any mistake, it pierced the rope. The rope violently moved as it was cut off.


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  2. Another cliffy. I was not scolding for the cliffy yesterday for it was a small one.. And you drop this mountain rock! Nutty, you are mean 😦 thank you.. Hahaha not scolding you but just that cliffy is so.. Aii


  3. thanks a lot—!
    ahaha, don’t care about the people who talk about the cliffhanger, they are just letting out their emotions! you just translate at your own pace, no problem!
    lol, anyway, yes, they rescued han shu—-! great job, everyone! oh no—! gu yun—! -screams in horror-


  4. Why do I feel she’s going to pull a Lara Croft Reboot move and start free climbing with a dagger? Also I think she made a wise decision to to leave quickly so Su Ling could quickly overwhelm his opponents to save himself. It was funny to his (Wu Ji) thought process that as a wife she has stick around to save him. She knows better.


  5. That goes to show Nutty’s translation is amazing.. Otherwise how the feel? Where am i gonna vent for Gu Yun now since it is cliffy and i have to wait for next week.. Thank you for the chapter, Nutty 🙂

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      • Lol cliffy torement untill chapter 13 is good. We can all keep guessing on the what next and only praise and worship the translator and editing team. Hope your pc is fixed. Thank you for the trans nutty.


  6. Thank you so much for the update. You are playing with our feelings. Ah, the curiosity of ours to push you for more updates. Appreciate your hard work!!!


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