A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 12-10

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Thanks for Remy’s speedy editing, I am able to post the rest of chapter 12 tonight. Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee I will post some of chapter 13 anytime soon within this week :(.

P.S. Majority voted for frequent chapter part, hence, I will post chapter parts min. 3 parts a week and I will announce if I change my commitment.




Gu Yun quickly looked up. Su Ling’s calm face didn’t show many signs of pain Only his face appeared a bit livid and his brows were taunted with his forehead a bit wet. It was unclear whether it came from his sweat or moisture.

Just as Gu Yun wanted to ask his conditions, she heard Su Ling’s restrained lower-than-usual voice, “Let’s go up! I will carry you on my back.”

He must have suffered a serious injury from the last blow. Gu Yun shook her head and answered, “There is no need. I can do it myself. You just go first.”

Gripping the rope, Gu Yun wanted to lower herself to allow him to climb up. However, the hand on her waist tightly gripped her, encumbering her movements. She looked at those deep black eyes in front of her in a strange manner. In his eyes, she could find anxiousness, and even his voice carried a little bit impatience, “Don’t talk nonsense! Quickly go up!”

His breath was short. His eyes were red. Gu Yun acted decisively and didn’t fight with him. Judging from Su Ling’s personality, saying more would get her nothing, even the peaceful time would get destroyed. Therefore, she chose to shut up and would continue arguing when they were at the top of the canyon again.

She used Su Ling’s hand to help her climb onto his back. She could clearly see there was an indentation full of blood on his dust-covered back. She couldn’t help but be stupefied, “You…” The crimson blood followed along his scapula. He had lost a lot of blood! Gu Yun’s brain quickly recounted that Ge Jing Yun’s previous injury was also the same, where the blood continuously flowed.

The short silvery arrow could be seen in the injured site. Damn it! Did he really not want his life? His back was already injured with the arrow, yet he used his back to proof the shock! That kind of large force made the short arrow fully embedded!

Gu Yun used one of her hands to grab the waist bag. Not caring about her dishevelled clothes, she tightly applied pressure on his continuously bleeding wound. The soldiers at the top began to pull them up. Not long afterwards, they had arrived back to the top of canyon side. Yu Shi Jun went to greet them. He was pulling Su Ling’s right arm while urgently asking, “Madam, are you alright?”

Gu Yun shook her head “I am okay, but Su Ling isn’t.”

Having arrived at the canyon side, Gu Yun wanted to climb down from his back to ease his burden. However, she found her calf was tightly grabbed by Su Ling’s big hand. The rebels on the opposite side were seriously glaring here. Yan Ge was getting even angrier. He threw the remnant of the whip and yelled, “If you have the capability, don’t escape! Come back and fight again!”

Su Ling piggybacked her and arrogantly met the opposition’s eyes. His eagle eyes glared at the ever calm and indifferent Wu Ji. Under his glaring, Wu Ji was a bit shocked. Su Ling didn’t get hit by that arrow?! Impossible! However, if he did, how could he effortlessly look at him and still carry the madam?

Gu Yun lowered her head. Su Ling’s right shoulder had covered the back of the war armour with blood. He must not want the rebels to know how serious his wound was!


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  2. Thank you guys so much for this, both the translator and editors. Appreciate you guys for your hard work and time. Wondering how many chapters for this novel?


    • There are 42-43 chapters in total. I divided the chapter in to 13 parts usually (which is equivalent 2 pages of Chinese or 500-600 English words). Generally, if I have a break, I can finish translating a chapter in 2-7 days. However, I have other commitments, hence, it usually stretches to 2 weeks plus extra days for editing. I have a goal to finish this novel before July, because I have to start writing my thesis and preparing for defense thesis. Sorry, it’s a bit lengthy and all over the place. I hope I answer your question 🙂


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