A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 12-11

With both of her hands encircling his neck, Gu Yun lightly climbed on Su Ling’s back again. Her face showed an innocent little girl’s expression. She took advantage of the moment to conceal his bloodied back.

Su Ling’s muddy body stiffened. Her soft body was in such close proximity with his back. His nose smelled a light fragrance, warming his chest and causing his icy cold back turn to fire (in translating and editing world, N: Su Ling is a pervert >0<, R:  Su Ling is definitely having a dirty thought :3). Su Ling was entranced. He had never experienced this kind of feeling before. Was a female body supposed to be this soft?

Su Ling’s breath became significantly heavier. Gu Yun thought it was due to the wound worsening.

“Useless troops (虾兵蟹将, Shrimp soldiers and crab general), you still dare to presumptuously clamour, go back and report to your leader. My husband says, within ten days, you must tighten your den’s security. Have your leader cleanly wash his neck and wait!” (to get prepared for beheading).

This sentence made the opposite party swear even more fluently. Gu Yun slightly smiled. Yan Ge made himself look like a fool by throwing a fit in such circumstances.

Meanwhile, upon hearing her calling him “husband,” Su Ling’s brows wrinkled even more. It was unclear whether this was due to disgust or anxiousness. In short… his heart felt strange, but he couldn’t recognise the cause.

If Su Ling’s wound was not treated immediately, he would collapse due to the blood loss. Su Ling was still standing there, looking like he still wanted to pursue. Gu Yun lightly whispered in his ear, “Let’s go.”

Su Ling regained his focus and strode away.

Yu Shi Jun confusingly looked at his back figure. Wasn’t the General dissatisfied with Madam? Then, why today did he suddenly become so affectionate? Patting his head, Yu Shi Jun scolded himself as meddlesome. It was a problem between the couple, how could he, a bachelor, surmise?

Thousands of people exited the Crow’s Valley.

A black figure on the old banyan tree was looking at the troops who gradually disappeared into the forest, “What a good Su Ling.” The husky and velvety laughing voice made the birds fly away. His eyes suddenly flashed brightly. It was too fast, preventing people from deciphering the meaning of the flash.

Only half a mile out, Gu Yun quietly said, “Yu Shi Jun, quick! Help me get down.”

Yu Shi Jun didn’t understand, but he still helped Gu Yun. He used his hand to support Gu Yun’s arm. This time, Su Ling didn’t stop her, and Gu Yun quickly jumped down.

The blood had been long soaked through the dark red war armour, even Gu Yun’s black clothes were covered in blood. The rock residues from the collision with the canyon wall were still stuck on the clothes, attesting to the strength of the collision before.

After enduring for so long, once Gu Yun stepped down, Su Ling helplessly half-knelt on the ground. Yu Shi Jun and Gu Yun quickly supported him.


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  2. thank you very much—-!
    wah, gu yun, nice quick thinking! ahaha, su ling was definitely interested lol! so innocent,rofl! also, way—- romantic!


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