A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 12-12

“General!” Yu Shi Jun didn’t realise that the general was badly injured! Damn it!


“This subject is present.” The accompanying doctor quickly presented himself.

Gu Yun urged, “Quickly look at him!”

“Aye.” The doctor didn’t dare to be neglectful and quickly examined the wound on Su LIng’s back. After examining it, his eyebrows creased deeply and he replied grimly, “The general’s wound is very serious. That short arrow had fully penetrated into the right shoulder. It is definitely impossible to take it out here. We need to treat it in the camp.”

“For the moment, just stop his bleeding.” If his blood continued to flow like this, he would be dead before arriving at the campsite!

Su Ling was still fully conscious and tilted his head with labored breaths. After several acupoints, his complexion had grown slightly better. He asked, “How is Han Shu?”

The doctor carefully handled the wound while replying, “Please be assured, General. Even though the Vanguard’s injuries are not light, his body is very fit. There isn’t any danger.”

“I’ve sealed the acupoints. Let’s return to the campsite before we talk again.” Secretly releasing his breath, Su Ling used Yu Shi Jun’s shoulder as a support to stand. He didn’t look at Gu Yun beside him. With Yu Shi Jun’s arm support, he stubbornly headed back to the camp.

Looking at that bloodied back, Gu Yun’s heart became inexplicably irritated.


The sky was completely dark. The bonfires in the campsite were lighted. Outside the main tent, a pair of male and female figures walked to and fro. Over time, they became increasingly anxious.

Gu Yun’s face showed a worried expression. Su Ren comforted her, “Sister-in-law, don’t worry. Big brother’s body has always been strong. This little injury won’t matter for him.” Although his mouth saying those words, in his heart, he was secretly worried. It had been more than two hours. Besides the pots that went out full of blood, there was no news! How could he not worry!

Gu Yun was also not in a mood to speak to him. She was very worried about the well-being of the man inside the tent. Moreover, she was more worried the enemy might take advantage of this situation. Gu Yun quietly spoke, “You should increase the guards in the campsite. I’m afraid they will know about Su Ling’s injury and attack here.”

“Don’t worry. I’ve already organised everything. If they actually came, it will be much better. The battle in here will be much more beneficial to us than a battle in the rainforest.” Since he was left behind in the camp, he had organised everything earlier. Now, he just hoped for big brother’s safety.

Speaking of rainforest, Gu Yun remembered there were still 5,000 elites in the rainforest! Damn it, her brain wasn’t really working today. “Su Ren, how many doctors came along in this expedition?”

Why did she ask this? Su Ren was uncertain, but he still replied, “Eight, why?”

Gu Yun just smiled, “Could you give me two of them?”

Thinking for a while, Su Ren nodded, “Of course, has something bad happened?” Today’s battle at Crow’s Valley didn’t have many casualties, basically everything was settled. Why did she need two doctors?


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