A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 9-6


I received some help for editing from Remy. Please join me in thanking Remy for her time, editing this translation and making the logic flow better (more easily understood). From now on, she will be editing all the translation. I knew that my English was really bad :(. While reading the edited version, I realised that I have such skill in communication. I am really grateful for all the readers who are being very understanding, regardless of mistakes that I make. Thank you all. Btw, I just realise I misspelt the website address when I created it :). What a silly girl I am~~~

I knew that I cannot do the novel a justice with my translation, but please cope with me.

P.S. Feel free to comment about my grammar or silly mistakes (I am especially prone to make silly mistakes 🙂 ) and I am going to try to fix it.

P.S.S. As I said before, I will write short parts (500 words) every day instead of write a longer part every week (just to get myself work, or else, I will procrastinate more than translate). Therefore, please bear with me, I am not as capable of producing a longer part. If you are dissatisfied with the length, please just check the blog every week instead of every day 🙂 (It should be the same length as the previous translation’s chapter part).

Sorry for a lengthy housekeeping thing. Please enjoy 🙂


“Your subject is here.”

A 40-year-old man came forward, inspecting the wound on Ge Jing Yun’s arm. His face instantly sank and he quickly ordered, “Help him to get into the tent!”

Seeing Ge Jing Yun was sent inside the tent lessened Gu Yun’s worries. Only then, she could feel a burning pain on her left hand. Stroking her arm, Gu Yun frowned, she originally assumed at most, it would be bruised, but she did not expect it to bleed!

Su Ren sharply noticed her bleeding left arm, “Big sister-in-law, you are also injured?”

Gu Yun lightly nodded, “My injury is not life-threatening. Let’s go in before we talk.”

Entering the main camp, an older military doctor stopped by Gu Yun’s side, holding his medicine box. He used a scissor to carefully cut her sleeve. When the slender arm was exposed, three swollen red wounds were bleeding non-stop. This made some of the men in the tent frown. However, as it was impolite to stare at a woman’s arm, Su Ren and Lou Mu Hai looked down while Yu Shi Jun quickly turned his back.

This kind of wound, even though was not severe, but it was still very painful. The old military doctor took a medicine and carefully said, “Mistress, now I will apply the medicine and the dressing. Please endure the pain.”

Gu Yun gently smiled, nodding her head, “It is okay, just treat it.”

As he gently sprinkled the medicine onto the wound, a sharp pain radiated from her arm. Gu Yun could no longer endure the pain, “En…..”

The old doctor’s hand paused in the air; he did not dare to move. Although the medicine was very good, it was also… very painful. Gu Yun took a couple of deep breaths and weakly said to the doctor, “I am okay, please proceed.”

Her forehead was been covered by cold sweat, but she did not say anymore. The old doctor very carefully wrapped the wound and softly spoke, “Mistress, the medicine needs to be applied every day onto the wound. After half a month, it will go back to normal. I will try to find a way so that it won’t leave a scar.”

Gu Yun smiled, “Thank you, as long as it is cured, it is okay.”

She really did not care whether the wound would leave a scar or not. The old doctor secretly relieved. For such a good young woman, he would find a way to prevent the wound from scarring.

Although Gu Yun did not know his intention, she slowly took out her arm, stated seriously, “Han Shu is kidnapped by the rebels, they want Su Ling to come into the forest alone in three days. If within three days they do not see Su Ling, they will throw Han Shu’s corpse in Crow’s Valley.”


20 thoughts on “A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 9-6

  1. Thank you for picking up the translating.
    And honestly don’t see anything wrong with the logic flow in the previous parts
    Last but no least, thank you Remy for your willingness to edit


    • Thanks, but the reason I chose to translate is to improve both my english and chinese, so I would like to learn the grammar and everything more and Remy kindly provides me the lesson.


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