A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 12-5

“Stop.” Su Ling roared. “We’ll go with you!”

After saying this, Su Ling walked to the canyon’s side, near the rock wall where there was a tree. He raised his right hand and forcefully hit the trunk. The trunk creaked once and then the tree fell off towards the other side of the canyon. Because it was palm strength, a part of the bark was still connected to the tree. The gap between two sides was too wide, and the length of the tree could only cover half of it. However, Su Ling possessed qinggong, hence, this kind of thing was nothing for him.

Gu Yun was stunned. He … was too strong. Next time when fighting with him, she must remember to bring Bing Lian along!

The rebels on the opposite side were also stunned. What strong power! With just one palm-hit, a tree could be chopped down. Then, to him, chopping people would be as easy as turning his hand.

Wu Ji was secretly frightened. It was no wonder that he could dominate the world for so many years. It was unknown how many people had been scared by it.

Gu Yun walked toward Su Ling and whispered, “Later, when I distract them, use your Chi Xue to break the chain.”

Earlier while still on the tree, she had noticed there were people behind the rock, waiting to ambush. The wind in the canyon side was not weak. Even though the tree trunks were completely still, it could be seen that there were people above them. Also, the amount of people was not few. If the soldiers went over, they would face very a dangerous situation. They definitely couldn’t stay long. The chain on Han Shu’s body must be broken immediately. It must be Chi Xue or Bing Lian, those kinds of weapons! She originally didn’t want to make an appearance, but if Su Ling went there alone, she was afraid that he would entangle with the rebels and be unable to rescue Han Shu.

Su Ling was startled. It turned out that she was provoking the blue-clothed man on purpose. She wanted to come along with him to rescue Han Shu. Grasping her waist, those two people jumped onto the trunk. Su Ling whispered back, “You rescue the person! I will deal with them.”

She rescue? She grew somber. Look at the thickness of the chain! Without Bing Lian, how could she rescue Han Shu! This was ridiculous! As she only focused on rescuing the person, she didn’t pay attention to the physical distance between them. Su Ling’s heart was beating hard. How could she be so skinny? To the point where if he used a little bit more force, her waist could be broken up. This kind of delicate body, how could it endure the battle. He seemed to forget that they had had a battle before.
When he saw Gu Yun’s ferocious sight, he regained his focus. He lightly coughed. Su Ling whispered in her ear, “If Bing Lian has really recognised you as its owner, as long as you call it, it will be back to your side.”


8 thoughts on “A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 12-5

  1. thank you very much—!
    lol, a single palm strike hitting the tree! woah, really powerful lol! well—- gu yun’s planning is really good! also, hilarious how su ling noticed her waist and stuff, rofl! well, a guy like su ling who has little to no contact with girls…it’s not surprising, but it’s still really cute—-! oh, that fact about bing lian and chi xue is interesting!


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