A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 12-6

So magical?! Gu Yun’s elegant eyebrows raised. Both of them had stood on the trunk for a while, looking like they were flirting with each other. Yan Ge impatiently yelled, “Both of you, what are you dawdling for?! Quickly come!”

“Hold tightly.” Su Ling once again tightened his grip, pulling Gu Yun onto his chest. He stepped on the trunk, and with several light jumps, he reached the end of the trunk (what used to be the tree’s top). Gu Yun could feel Su Ling’s breath. With no effort, he jumped over the wide gap. Finally, both persons arrived at the other side.

Although Gu Yun believed in Su Ling’s capabilities, her heart couldn’t help but feel perturbed.

At last, Yan Ge could clearly see the woman who could forcefully oppress him. She was actually a very young woman! Not only that, she was also ugly! He had lost to her once. As he thought about it, he was getting angrier. He glared at Gu Yun and cursed, “It turns out it is a little silly girl.”

Arriving at the other side, Gu Yun was no longer provoking him. Her clear eyes narrowed, secretly analysing the people and surroundings around Han Shu. She ignored him. Yan Ge lost his interest.

After Su Ling set his feet on the canyon side, Wu Ji’s eyes never left Su Ling. He had a gut feeling that this man was not so easy to deal with.

Standing opposite to Su Ling, Wu Ji lowered his voice and said, “General Su, please come with me.”

Su Ling secretly observed the man in front of him, who looked calm and indifferent. This person was self-possessed; it wouldn’t be easy to guess his intention. It was a pity that he became a rebel. Smiling to himself, Su Ling didn’t move at all and said, “If I was able to be suppressed by you, your leader won’t want to meet me.”

That arrogant aura made Wu Ji secretly surprised. From the beginning Yan Ge’s temper was not that great, so he smiled and said, “You don’t want his life anymore?!” If Su Ling really didn’t care about his subordinates, then he wouldn’t come at all. Now that he came, he still played at an upper hand!

Yan Ge faced the rebel beside Han Shu and winked. The rebel pulled out a big dagger and held it to Han Shu’s neck. The dagger left a trace of blood on the neck.

Su Ling icily looked and replied, “It is given that I want his life back. You all will also stay alive.”

After talking, Su Ling took out a blood-red sword from his military cloth. An ear-piercing dragon humming was heard in the canyon. The blood-thirsty sword was emitting a red light. Yan Ge immediately took out his lash. The whip and the sword intersected, creating fire every time they met.

The moment the sword was out from its sheath, Wu Ji had already felt a heat wave. He quickly told the men behind, “Kill him!” Today even if they couldn’t bring Su Ling home, they absolutely could not let him rescue Han Shu.


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  1. thank you very much—-!
    lol at ‘looking like they were flirting’! ahahaha! adorable—-! hm hm, i also like the line about gu yun being confident in su ling’s abilities! they trust each other—! -screams- well, time for a battle to save han shu! go—!

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