A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 12-4

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Sorry, I’ve been slacking. Let’s continue the hard work this year. Thanks Remy for your help last year~~~ and Thanks to all of your comments that keep me motivated. Although I didn’t have time to personally reply every one of them, I’ve been reading every single one of them. The most question I got is whether I would like to translate the other book, A mistaken marriage: Record of Washed Grievances. Until now, I don’t have the intention to do so, but I will reconsider it after this project is finished. Btw, if any of you unaware of zazajunnie is translating the second sister book (A mistaken marriage Match: Mysteries in the Imperial Harem, click here). Please head over and support her. 🙂

Su Ling’s straight eyebrows wrinkled. The blue-clothed man, who was clamouring, wasn’t easy to deal with. Meanwhile, the grey-clothed man who was silently observing was most likely even harder to deal with. Han Shu was tied onto the big rock. Even if the soldiers were able to cross there, they might provoke the rebels. If they did, not only would they be unable to rescue him, but they would also cause his death.

Su Ling was reticent. Yan Ge’s black eyes were wandering around. Unable to find the person he was looking for, Yan Ge’s eyes flashed and loudly he said, “Su Ling, where is your little madam? Why don’t you bring her along? I really long to see her again.”

Su Ling’s eagle eyes became colder. He was still about to reply when a clear elegant female’s slightly ridiculing voice was heard, “Do you really miss me that much?”

Everyone looked at the treetop, where the voice had originated. They were only able to see a hand which gradually pushed aside the thick foliage, revealing a pair of slender legs. Su Ling was secretly annoyed; this woman had unexpectedly hidden in the tree. He didn’t even feel her presence, damn it!

The dark shadow jumped down from the tree and stood at the canyon side. Gu Yun smilingly looked at the arrogant Yan Ge and said, “Do you think that losing the battle last time was still not bad enough?”

Yan Ge’s facial expression changed and he shouted, “You better not fall into my hands! Or else…”

Not waiting for him to finish his sentence, Gu Yun smilingly replied, “Or else, you will be out of luck! The new whip is not bad, however, I don’t think you have enough whips that you can afford to let me break it!”

Upon hearing about his golden whip, Yan Ge was frustrated because he couldn’t vent his anger. He pointed at Gu Yun and loudly swore, “Disgusting married woman! You are really arrogant!”

“Enough!” Su Ling impatiently interrupted and said, “I will go with you, so release him now.”

Yan Ge was still too hot headed. How could he willing to give up?! He said, “That woman also needs to come over!”

Wu Ji wrinkled his brows. The less trouble the better it was for them. Just when he about to protest, Yan Ge continued, “You cannot bring that evil sword over.”

It looked like Yan Ge’s was still thinking about his broken golden whip. Never mind, without the sword, this girl wouldn’t create any trouble. Furthermore, she might be useful later as a hostage to stop Su Ling later on. These kinds of thoughts ended Wu Ji’s attempts at another protest.

Gu Yun lowered her head and thought for a while. Then, she put Bing Lian on the ground and said, “There is no bridge or ladder here. How do you think we are going to cross over there.”

Yan Ge icily smiled, “If Su Ling cannot even cross over to here, then you are not worthy of meeting our leader. You just collect the corpse and return.” Moreover, it was said that Su Ling didn’t only have high intelligence, but also possessed unfathomable martial arts. If he really couldn’t cross over, then it would show that this person was not Su Ling. Or was it only a false rumor? If that was the case, then did they really need to probe the actual situation?!

Then, Yan Ge took out a dagger that was stored on his waist side. He really wanted to slit Han Shu’s throat.

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  1. thanks a lot—-!
    woo, finally the confrontation! as expected, gu yun definitely went, lol! well now, gu yun’s using her sharp words at someone else besides su ling! so hilarious! and it’s actually quite satisying, ahaha!


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