A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 10-11

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Gu Yun had already thought about it, so she said, “For every soldier that passes through, all will have a rope attached to the waist. After rescuing Han Shu, we will tie a rope around his waist, and pull him back. The ability of the rebels to come and go like a shadow relies on that particular forest. As long as our soldiers do not enter the forest but stay at the Crow’s Valley to fight, our chance of winning is really high.”

Hearing that her only intention was to rescue people, Lou Mu Hai’s face changed, “If at this time we abandon this opportunity, won’t it be such a pity?!” He had been stationed in XiBei (Northwest Region) for so many years. Even in his dreams, he had always wanted to destroy those rebels. How could he let go this rare opportunity?!


Gu Yun turned to face Lou Mu Hai and coldly stared at him. With an equally cold voice, she said, “Old General Lou, you had been dealing with them for years. You must’ve known the greatness of the forest. The fighting skill of Su army is good and so is their bravery. However, it will only useful if there is an open confrontation with the enemy troops. However, the situation this time is different. A military strategist once said, ‘To know one’s own strength and the enemy’s is the surest way to victory*.’ Our soldiers know nothing about the woods. If, by any chance, the rebels use Han Shu as a bait to lure you further into the forest, and then cut us in the middle. At that time, the innocent soldiers will die. That is the real pity.”


It was okay if ordinary people did not know the situation well. However, he knew the dangerous side of the forest. Yet, he was still short-sighted; he really was not worthy as general.


When Lou Mu Hai’s suggestion was blocked, he was speechless. His face was red and his eyes widened. He yelled, “Ignorant woman! There is no reward without risk. Soldiers should always obey the command accordingly. Don’t say that you place more importance on the lives of soldiers than the common good! You are merely a woman…”


Lou Mu Hai’s words hadn’t finished when a cold voice was heard, “Being a soldier, it is a given thing to obey the rules without terms and conditions. However, even if they are ready to sacrifice for you, it doesn’t mean you can bully them. They are soldiers who charge forward in the frontline. They are not things to use for proving so-called moral courage!” It wasn’t quite strikingly loud, but every word was resonating and powerful.

This reasoning almost made Lou Mu Hai’s head explode. He pointed his finger to Gu Yun, “You!” for a while, but could not say a word.

Thousands of soldiers at the back were whispering, gradually becoming restless. Su Ling finally said, “Enough! The question of whether we will pursue into a forest or not will be discussed after Yu Shi Jun comes back with the map.”

Su Ling was really worthy of being a commanding general. Once he spoke, all the soldiers did not dare to speak anymore

The eagle eyes once again swept through Gu Yun’s direction, only this time, it was focused on her wounded arm. Gu Yun lowered her head, just to discover the wound was open again. Although the blood stain was really faint on her black clothes, Su Ling somehow could see it.

Su Ling turned around to speak to Su Ren, “Ren, order the blacksmith to make hooks. 500 of them must be ready before departure. In addition, choose 500 elite soldiers to practice the sliding skill, so that we won’t lose the battle.”



* 知己知彼,百战百胜 is an ancient Chinese idiom that was written by Sun Tzu in his book, The Art of War. It is more famously translated as ‘know thyself, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victory.’

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  1. support Sun Tzu’s art of war! soldiers are to be obey the command but not for them to survive their lives pointlessly.

    Ditto to arucchi and kirindas, thankful enough for you to post 3 chapters at once


  2. thanks a lot!
    it’s great that gu yun isn’t afraid to say that the lives of the soldiers are important, and they shuodn’t be underestimating the forest!


  3. Syntax / Grammar corrections:
    – in the lives of soldiers -> on the lives of soldiers
    – it is given -> it is a given
    – Lou Mu Hai head -> Lou Mu Hai’s head


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