A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 10-12

After giving his order, Su Ling strode and left the place. Gu Yun gently rubbed her wound, coldly staring at his back. This man… to say he was overbearing, he was a little bit overbearing. However, he was a good leader. His mind was clear, and he was also quite bold, but… That arrogant attitude was really annoying.

When Su Ren returned back, he saw pairs of eyes that were full of admiration and worship. The object of their eyes was that slender and delicate figure. Su Ren was a bit anxious. In the soldiers’ heart, she was a resourceful and benevolent leader. In addition, she sympathised with the soldiers and was unafraid to defy strong authority. If this continued, before long, she would become one of the persons in the Su Army that big brother could rely on. However, looking at the current situation between the two, he was unable to predict whether… it was good or bad?!

At night, the camp’s bonfires were lighting the inside of the main tent. It was already Xu hour (7-9pm). Su Ling who was sitting on the leader’s chair (throne??) displayed a cold face, but the eyes were gradually heavier. Su Ren knew, if Yu Shi Jun did not come back soon, his brother was expected to explode.

“Reporting, Deputy Commander Yu has returned.” At that time, a report arrived. Su Ren secretly released his breath.



A “mud man” entered the tent and quickly kneeled before Su Ling, “This subject could not return before Xu hour, please punish this subject.”


Su Ren urgently asked, “Deputy General Yu, did you encounter the rebels inside the forest?”

Yu Shi Jun lowered his head and answered softly, “No”

No? Su Ren didn’t understand, “Then, how come you look like this?” His body was full of mud and had an embarrassed look, as though as he had a fierce battle.

Tilting up his head, Yu Shi Jun’s face was full of embarrassment and shame, “About one hour after this subject entered the forest, the forest suddenly turned dark. The fire had been extinguished by the rain while the vegetation was similar, making us unable to pinpoint the direction. Looking around, it was an uncoordinated forest. The topography was complicated and messy. This subject at first wanted to keep going, who knows… This subject got lost in the forest. It’s fortunate the mistress advised this subject before departure that this subject was able to go in the right direction.”

That afternoon when mistress had advised him, he did not pay much attention. He thought it was only to observe the topography, draw a bit while exploring and then return. With the map in his hand, he wouldn’t be lost. Who knew it would really happen?!

Su Ren curiously asked, “What did she say to you?”

“Mistress said if for some reason I get lost, do not go randomly. Instead, go in the direction following the water noise. Following the water flow, I could get back to the Crow’s Valley. This subject used this method to exit the forest.”

Su Ren nodded. Following the direction of water would surely lead to the way out of the forest. Su Ren’s brows were knitted and he muttered, “I remember in Hao Yue, there is no big rainforest. How can she be so knowledgeable about it?”

This also made the perplexed Mu Yi suspicious. He looked at Su Ling and asked, “Ling, did you ever look at her background?” What kind of fortune made a noble lady have this kind of ability?”

Su Ling rolled his eyes. When did he become so thoughtful about a woman’s problems, he did not have time. If she had quietly stayed at the manor, he would have forgotten her existence by now.

Mu Yi understood and smiled, “Leave it to me. I will give you the report within 7 days.”


9 thoughts on “A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 10-12

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  2. Ugh my Yaoi sense is tingling and I want to pair up Su Ling and Mu Yi just cause I dont want them anywhere near GY!
    I hope this changes since I really want a likeable pairing!

    (Btw, commenting here in your site is so easy with no long logins. Thank you for posting this! I am immensely enjoying this C novel!)


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