A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 10-10

This man’s eye expression was able to freeze people. It’s a pity Gu Yun wasn’t one amongst them.

An iron hook was hung on the rope and connected to a fabric. This fabric was fastened onto Gu Yun’s waist. She also didn’t speak a lot; she preferred using action to prove the truth.

Leng Xiao came forward and whispered, “Boss, just tell me the way, it’s better if I do it.” The injury on her arm had not healed properly yet. Sliding-over relied on arm strength, hence, it would worsen her injury

Gu Yun’s heart warmed, and she smiled assuringly, “There is no need. Just stand by me and observe the main points.” The wound on her hand was only superficial. She wasn’t that fragile.

After checking the fabric on her waist, Gu Yun said, “Go, help me to take some wild grass from here.”

“Yes!” Leng Xiao doubted, but he still went and obeyed her instruction.

One of Gu Yun’s hands was holding the fabric while the other one was grabbing the grass. She smiled, “I am off.”

She ran a bit, sliding her body across the distance. As the inertia increased, the velocity increased and so did the tight knot of Su Ling’s eyebrows. If she couldn’t stop, she would crash into the forest. When that happened, the injuries would not be light.

Just when everyone’s back was full of cold sweat, Gu Yun used the wild grass in her hand to grab the rope above her, gradually decreasing her velocity. Finally, she stopped near the big trunk. Single-handedly she grabbed the rope, disentangled the hook off and lightly jumped off.

Just as her feet touched the ground, the soldiers cheered loudly on the other side.

Walking back to Su Ling’s side, Gu Yun patted away the grass. She met his gaze and smiled, “Please use the brain to solve the problem. A little bit of wild grass can solve the thing that you’ve been worried about.”

Lou Mu Hai’s spirit increased; laughingly he said, “That is really great! In this case, we can attack at an unexpected area!”

However, neither Su Ling nor Gu Yun paid attention to him. Both people were glaring at each other, refusing to lose the eye contest. One was a fierce and swift tyrant, the other was high in spirit.

Su Ren lightly coughed and smiled, “Big sister, tomorrow’s aim is to rescue Han Shu. This sliding method will be unexpected by the enemy. However, we don’t know the amount of rebels there. What will happen if the soldiers we brought were not enough? After rescuing people, how will we return?”


13 thoughts on “A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 10-10

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  2. thank you very much—!
    i positively grinned when i saw that this was updated on my wordpress following page! yes—! gu yun for coolest and probably best female lead ever—! woo, so awesome, ahaha! those sparks, though!

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  3. Thanks for the excellent chapter, I also want to read chinese books but i have a limited vocabukary. also i hope you can translate princess weiyoung after this project :) seems interesting


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