A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 10-9

Hi everyone, it’s almost weekend! Yeay! It means I have more time to translate and read c-novel! Hopefully my experiments work so I don’t need to come on the weekend (Fingers cross). Recently, I got hooked up with another c-novel (The Bastard Daughter is Poisonous, which will be aired in 2016 as Princess Weiyang). I am kinda contemplating whether I should translate this story or not (Yes, yes, I know, before you start swearing at me, I am a bit distracted). However, let’s finish this novel first before even thinking to start new project! :P.

Please tell me if it is not logical. Geography and Physics are not my strong points, translating it from one non-native language to another makes it even harder. Things like momentum, inertia and velocity are driving me crazy. 😦



Su Army Camp, City of Pei.

Beside Tian Ran’s small slope, there was a small dense forest. There was approximately a 10 feet distance between the small slope and the small forest, approximately the same size in width as the river in the Crow’s Valley. The only difference between the two was that there was a strong water flow current below the Crow’s Valley, readily killing whoever fell down, while this place had only sand. This location would be used to practice the best method to pass the valley.

Gu Yun was standing on the slope. Beside her, Leng Xiao was holding a battered old four-clawed hook. A long rope was connected to the hook. Su Ling and the gang were standing on the right side, impatiently waiting for her performance. The ones in the back were trying to peek by craning their necks.

Gu Yun did not let them wait for long, whispering to Leng Xiao’s ear and then loudly yelled, “Toss!”

The four-clawed hook that Leng Xiao picked was flung vigorously. Relying on inertia, the hook swung across the ten feet distance, circling twice on the solid tree. Leng Xiao took the rope and tightened it around another tree 5-6 times. In a short time, both ends of the robe were tightly bound to the trees on opposite sides.

Seeing their actions, Lou Mu Hai seemed to gain a bit of insight into what Qing Mo had up her sleeves. A bit disappointed, he said, “You want all the soldiers to climb on the rope to pass through? I think this is not good. What if they climb halfway, the rebels suddenly shoot arrows? At that time, not only will we not be able to pass through, there will also be many casualties.”

Everyone could think of such a method. It’s a pity it could not be used.

Gu Yun’s hands firmly tugged the rope and was satisfied. Very strong. To the question behind her, she mindlessly said, “Climbing will be too slow. Of course, it is useless. However, sliding through is not the same.” Those rebels won’t have time to shoot; people would have already reached the other side.

29-ff-arial-upload-ready <- If I were to imagine what they did.

“Sliding through?” Lou Mu Hai doubted. How could people slide through? What did you use to slide through?!

“Both cliffs on sides of the Crow’s Valley are not very high. The one next to us is higher than the other side, making the situation much to our advantage.” She pulled out all kinds of steel hooks and smilingly said, “I’ve found a bundle of hooks that the soldiers used to transport food in the barn. With a little modification, we can let the soldiers use it to pass through to the opposite site. This method is fast and easy.”

Su Ling was a bit disdained and asked arrogantly, “The speed of sliding is definitely fast. However, how are you going to stop the momentum upon arrival at the opposite side? If you can’t stop, you will crash into the big tree.” She wanted to use the soldiers’ weight to glide through. He had thought of using this method in the battlefield a year ago. However, after practicing, he discovered the speed was too fast, making it hard to stop the movement.

Gu Yun not only remained calm, she even smiled, “It is easy to tackle this problem.”

Easy? What arrogant words. Su Ling no longer spoke and just observed her, suppressing the upcoming emotion.


20 thoughts on “A Generation of Military Counselor Chapter 10-9

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  2. Thanks for the update. Can’t wait for GY to show her off. I was kinda going to read the Bastard’s daughter using Bing translate. But I am still considering. Natasha, how many chapters are there? Can you give me some heads up. When she was given a second chance in life? I am asking all these as I cannot read Chinese.


  3. Syntax / Grammar corrections:
    – What if when they climb halfway, -> What if they climb halfway,
    – not only we will not be -> not only will we not be
    – It’s pity it could not be used -> It’s a pity it could not be used
    – He had thought to use this method -> He had thought of using this method


  4. thank you for ur fast translation really appreciated all ur great efforts and time to do this aside with your other busy activities and to do another new trans (the bastard daughter is poisonous) thats really really awesome….only when u have the extra time…


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